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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana • Page 20

The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana • Page 20

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:

THE IXDIANAPOLIS STAR, S4TURDAY, MAY GIBSON Refrigerator Sale A good Refrigerator In your Itmtlt us a bunk. to Discount SPECIAL Refrigerator Family Size Ice Chests As Low as Terms, $5.00 Tor Mouth. I I nt' 1 i food o-ik i i i i i 1 i i i i I i i 1'T i h'-f ice i i Furnhure Block East of Court House, North Side of --Idle Money- never made a fortune for any one. Put your dollars to work, at a good rate of interest, in a savings account here. Farmers Trust Company 1(50 Kast Market Strept. Each Bottle Brings Health' UST make a regular hab- it of drinking Weber's milk and you will see far yourself the decided change in your health. Doctors and health officials prescribe it for body building. Our only caution to you is that you make sure the milk you get is pure and this you will find by getting your milk from us. Weber's Cottage Cheese Creamed and Seasoned to Taste Phone DRexel 0548 I URGES HARMONY: IN Chief of "Disabled Veterans 1 Warns Against Petty Jealousy Rows. Ex-Hooiier Honored BURGLARS CRACK SAFE a i a a i i i i i a i at i i a of i i a i i a i lo dun i I of i a i It- i a of i i i 'on as fd i I I a i i i i of he War a Ion htis i a a Mi i or if i i i SJi i i a a i of poor i i i i a a i ins Thieves Get $62 From Bearings Service Stolen From Room. After a rest of one robbers wro 1 i i i I "I do not a a i a i wh (he- i i- 1 I a a 1 I to The Indianapolis Sfar.l A May Guy II. Wll- hoii, a of ih' 1 department of educa- i at Iowa State at Ames, has a i to fill a i of elu- i i i i i iu Host on i i i Dr. "Wila i i courses i psychology 10 i a ni iUM mf-rual a a and i if i glv I i on i the ro- i i i for i of a I Wilson has a cases for i a a i school fit A 1,0 i a of the de- yoinr tr Rost university Wilson ion of the 'ij at 1 1 of Or Wilson i Vocational Training. i T'pclarlnK a many men who to take up his now work, Ir of vocational a i i schools are not successful and are nn Marx asserted that th i from governrnml mil i days a leave school should be discontinue "The of the United a has done more to help i a and VOM i never a a i a when you i i 1'ncle Fnni." he a i i "The i a i which the I of i i world war will be med nut a i a flower nf A i a manhood to i rail and WHS damaged to i nf OOO.flOfl 1 American I i i he proud pay for i a i I firmly believe are Tint only i i hut jrhid to do no Onf i honest can harm of summer Washington. lived In county, Judge i Indlajia, for many He war practice superintendent of school? of He-ndricks county, I i a a for five from 1903-1908, and was superintendent of the schools cf Connersvllle. from 19081912. His mother, Mrs. Mary E. "Wilson, now lives at Frankfort. Ind. entered a garage and an automobile service company and knocked the com- Mna'ton from a in each place Thursday nlgbt or eeurly yesterday morning. At tha office of the Bearlngi Hervice Company, 621 North Meridian Ktreet, the burglars obtained about J62 I from the safe. They failed to get the safe at the Conrad Shelly garage, 32H North Illinois street, although they broke off the combination knob. Enter Rear Window. At the former place the burglars entered by the rear window of a shed opening Into the office. In leaving, thfty Y-rokp i way out a rear door. In addition tttkjnfi about W2 froro ttie safe thpy forced a cash register, but obtained only G7 Stamps and checks were not touched, Mrs. M. Wheeler, 31 North Meridian street, told police who were called to the robbery that she aaw two men leave the rear door early in the morning She was unable to say whether thev 1 i or negroes. At the garage the robbers pushed the pafe from the office into the rear of the g-arag-e, whero they lifted it from the Moor by means of a block and tackle. They broke oft the combination, but were unable to force open the door. Thieves Break I Restaurant. James Demas, owner of a restaurant at 22 North Delaware street, reported to police that thieves entered his place In the night, by breaking the glass from a front door They forced a cash register and got away with $6.25. A second-story worker entered the room of John Allfle, 322 CofTey street, and escaped with $110. Joseph Nelson, 3R2'J West Michigan street, reported his chicken house entered and 116 chickens, valued at $116, carried away. Two freight cars in the L. E. railroad yards at Twenty-first street, were broken open in the night. A quantity of furniture was taken from one and nix cases of canned goods from the other. BROAD RIPPLB PARK Plans B. B. B. Wardrobe Trunks can stand the hardest usage This manufacturer of Pittsburgh has been making hU famous B. B. trunks for the theatrical protemlon tor years. Naturally KUC trunks mars than ordinary and durability and must be so built as to keep expensive wardrobes In the "pink" ot wearablllty. These trunks are now on display on our Third Floor, each one a Double Fiber Bound Wardrobe Trunk of First Quality Remarkable at even more remarkable prices Ranging, $45 to 110 A Few Bargains in Wardrobe Trunks to Close Out 2 Scward Steamer Wardrobes, eaqh 1 Seward a Wardrobe, 922.50. 1 Selkirk Steamer Wardrobe, 926.00 2 Sewtrd 3-ply quart i wardrobes, each, 92B. 2 Seals Selkirk wardrobes, $30. Charles Mayer Co. 29-81 West Washington Street SEARLES GIVES FIGURES Following i good i a a Prnnk K. TJv- comma nf the or- pokp The visitors of F. and a theaterp i session. A paradf was 1 a Com- mttt'''. 1 wero a i a a a i i a pelrct parmanent a a was pnggeflted a he a a be in Tn- a a i A dance nt the Hotel Lincoln a i concluded the flrst day's proprarn Officers wll! he plected and the report of, the headquarters committee will be heard today, BARS HIGH TENSION WIRES FROM MOORESVILLE SECTION A temporary order restraining the I liinnapnlis bight anl Heat Company from maintaining hlKh tension wires in swHlons cif Mooresvllli- was Issued yesterday by Judge Harry O. Chamberlln if Circuit court on petition of the I i a a Bell Tdephcne Company. Tho order was granted without notice and will remain In force i May IS. when a hearing on the petition of the telephone company for a permanent In- i will be held. The or-ler provides that Indianapolis Llirht nnd Heat Company Is not to a i a i high tension wires from a point a short distance northeast of Mooresviile near the intersection of the Indianapolis pike and the Pennsylvania railroad south to the ajley between Mam and Harrison stree'B. thence west alonff the alley to a point near Indiana street, in the i of Mooresviile. OIL BURNING SHIPS SPOIL BEACH GIRL AND LOBSTERS A I May -The bathing beach girl and lobster have suffered alike from pollution of navigable waters by oil ships, the House foreign affairs revealed today In a report on a resolution requesting the President tu call a conference of mari- i tuitions i 1 from fire huzard resulting" from the i i up of oil waste along the docks, the report showed a on the A a i Pacific and the urn If, lobsters, and lleh of all sorts were being deal roved to an alarming 1 exfent a a bathing beaches had been greatly damaged because of the pollution. High School Graduates And Under or Over LiPten tc tlie appeal of Think of the rich opportunities it In ptore for you. Just make speciflr preparation, and huslneps will readily and eagerly 1 you. Onrp you are a It will aur- rounrt you i dully Influpiicr-s a i compel ihe very best development on your pai t. That husinosp-collr-ee moans so much. It foiTns the cuiiiiprtlng i It the rtgrht start poRsible. There's always a a a business-college Rraduatos. Attend Indiana Business College at Marion. Muncie, Logansport. Anderson, Kokomo, Colum- hus Richmond, "S'incpnnps. a a ivru or I mil arm pol iff. rhas. C. Cring Is Prfpldent and fiutz. (inn. Mpr. This schpol in session the ypar round. No a no no interrnptions Enter now and a i i your course Is completed and you accept a position. Get In touch i the point you wish to attend, or see, write or telephone Fred Case, Principal. Pennsylvania and Vermont--Vlrnt Ioor North T. V. C. Indpls a Improved A Features. A petition for articles of incorporation was filed yesterday at the office of the secretary of Btate by the Broad Ripple Amusement Park Association, which proposes to purchase the Broad Ripple Amusement park from the Union Traction Company. The transfer of approximately $200,000 said to be involved in the sale. Terms of the purchase were not made public. While the deal has not been completed. officials of both companies said yesterday that it had rflaehed such a stafire that the negotiations would be completed BO that the newly organized company wrflild take possession some time next week. Plan The corporation will be capitalized for $50,000, all of which will be common stock, and none of it will be placed on the market, the entire amount beinff taken by men who are directly interested in the transaction. The board of directors is headed by James H. Makin, operator of the Ma-Lo Chicken Dinner house at Fifty-ninth street and Keystone avenue. Others Included Jn the board are: Denny Sullivan, T. Hurley, Christena and Roy Byers. The park consists of more thaji forty acres, The Improvements planned by the company Include the erection of comfort stations for men a.nd women and'a rest room for women, equipped for. first aid service; merry-go-round, children's slide, a baseball diamond, athletic fields and other features. Arrangements to keep fresh water flowing i a through the swimming: pool will be made, and the pool will be emptied and cleaned twice weekly. TELL CITY MEN, UNDER BOND, TO BE ARRAIGNED MONDAY Ellsworth Cunningham, Jesse Cunning-ham and "William Fuqua, who were arrested yesterday at Tell City, charged with violation of the prohibition law. will be arraigned in Federal court Monday. The trio was placed under $500 bond each by TnKed States Commissioner Charles E. Harmon at Evansvllle. The three men are, said to have been implicated in the theft of eighteen barrels of whisky from the Krogrnan distillery warehouse at Tell City. Insists in Letters to Senators and Congressmen Miners' i in 1921 Averaged Only 700 Ellis Searles, editor of the United Mine Workers' Journal, who has been tn "Washington since the coal strike began more than a month ago, has sent a letter to each senator and congressman, insisting that bituminous mine workers In 1921 in tho union mine fields parned only an average of STOO. Mr Searles's communication follows: Established 1840 Men' Furnishing Specials for Today Men's HQS Pure silk, in plain colors. Special-- 49c Grenadine Knit Four-in-Hands Special-- 59c Scouts desiring credit for service medals may work at the Red Cross headquarters today or after school next week. A reorganization meeting of Troop 71 will be held at Westminster Presbyterian Church Uonday evening. Theodore Greatbatch and David Clark were admitted to Troop 10 last evening. At the meeting of Troop 46 fast evening Boyd Rollln was presented with When Meet Sterling Cafeteria A different menn dtilj. Illinois at 11th Broken grade. Soft Collars standard Special-3 for 4Sc Silk Gloves "There have been so a i i the Gold Eagle" badge, and misrepresentations in regard Ross McKay and Howard Curry were of bituminous coal enrolled in Troop 05 last evening. to the earnings miners that 1 want you to permit me to give you some facts on that subject. Although the coal operators signed written agreement In New Tork March 31, 1920. a they would meet with the miners fn a joint conference prior to April 1, 1922. to work out a new wage agreement. flatly and refused to live up to that agreement, and one of the reasons they gave was a the miners would demand an increase in their wages. Wilting to Chance Old Scale. "The fact is the miners did not demand an increase and they are not now demanding an increase. They ask that present scale of wayes be continued in effect for another two years. They did not parn a living- under the nresent tn 1921, but they are willing to i the chance with It for another two They pin their faith to a hope for a revival of Industry and business in the next two years that will aJtord them steadier employment and thus enable them to make a living. "Bituminous mine workers In the union fluids were emploved only an average of about 125 days In 1921. This Is about 40 per cent of full time. As nearly H3 it can be ascertained at this time, earned an g.v«nige of approximately STOO in 1921, which is about $13 50 a week. person who has to buy food, clothinpr and everything" pise for a family at present prices knows It is impossible to KOCD a family above the poverty level on $13.50 a week. Slx-Ycir Avertgs $873 "Tn the six-year period from. 3 to 1918 (and In 1918 more coal was produced a evw before and all records were' broken) the average annual earn- Ingtt of bituminous mine workers throughout the- country were 1873.74. Surely, it can not be said miners are earninp ton money at the rresent scale nf wages or that they earned too much from 1913 to 191S. "There IF something wrong with a basic Industry In which the emploves arc employed only 125 days a vear and in which they oan earn only $700. "This la a In which Congress, representing the American public, has a vital Interest." Rehearsals of the Scout drum and bugle corps will be held at the Marya land street armory today. The senior division will practice at 10 o'clock this morning and the Junior section will rehearse at 1:30 o'clock. Telfair Torian is a new member of Troop 4, who was given patrol awlsn- ment last evening. A hike for members of the Harrison and Rainbow districts will be con- ducted by Deputy Commissioner Bishop at 2 o'clock thia afternoon. Ralph Jacobs is a new member of Troop 52, which was reorganized with headquarters at Woodaide M. E. Church. The Firecrafters, who will have an overnight outing at the Scout reservation, will meet at the east entrance of the fair grounds at 2:30 o'clock this afternoon. Leon Lrfvl la entitled to membership in Troop 66. DENTIST'S WIFE DIES. ANDEHSON. W. MUthtwi. 40 oia. wire of a local dentlit, died suddenly lut night at a hoi- pltal. She wai promineiri In social and club clrclai. GIRL ACCUSED OF BANKING LAW VIOLATION GIVES BOND Naomi Cochrane, charged i violation of the national banking laws. who was arrested yesterday by Deputy I'niteci State Marshal Frank S. Ream, was released on bonds of J3.00fi, signed by Charles and Edward A. i Moore One bnnd a for $2,000 and the other for Miss Coohrane was formerly in a local hank as teller. She was charged in 1 Ind i i i of $337. the i i alleges comp i i CMareiu-p a i a i 1 10 in fees roller ted i a Two A Jamep i and Rpiri I 1 Icr. HI-" also umler i i for i i a offonsps Commencement Is Near Give Jewelrr for graduation presents. It is the most lasting sift that you can buy. Our store Is of appropriate pieces for commencement. May -we show you? May we Wedding Rings W-W Watches Diamonds WM up J. P. A I. 8. ATRES Street Floor. TODAY'S SPECIAL A regular $1.50 Athletic Union Suit, 1C at (3 for A Real Soisette Union Suit. Regular $2.50 QC value, suit (3 for $5.25) 100 Dozen Silk and Knit Four- in-Hand Ties. Regular $1.00 values (2 for $1.25) 'BOY RIDES HIS BICYCLE INTO POLE; EXPECTED TO DIE of "Keller's for Music and Magazines" MRS. JOHN E. KELLER. Classical and Popular Sheet Music FASHION AND FICTION MAGAZINES 25 K. Market St. Lincoln 8521. Kobfrt 10-year-old son T7 Ken more road, was i i i a a yesterday a i i I'HTI i bicycle i a pnl" A a i a i a i i nml a i a of the A i i i-ddt 1 a i a avenue a i i A i lost 1 nf i i fuiil the polo. a i hi.s hfMid i it was snH his i i For Mothers' Day Note our showing of pictures of especial appropriateness, framed texts in illuminated lettering and greeting cards of exceptional beauty. The H. Lieber Co. 24 West St. Give Your Clothes a Chance Use an-- Electric Washing Machint Doubles the life of your linens. Takes all the labor out of, your wash days. Hatf ield Electric Company 102 South Meridian Btnti. RESINOL 5oothinq fad HuJinq for a dear compkxion? Resinol Soap and Ointment heal sick skins Their regular use" tends to overcome blotches, roughness, excessive ouiness, other defects. Unexcelled for tender slqn Sold by jour Whan chtldwn fur frvm home, what binds more than photographic with all their character and personality North Floor. Kahn Bide. TAXICAB MAin 0805 INDIANA TAJU CO. FrlatUf Meta TROUSERS lattit iprim itylw now fn. Match your coat THE PANTS STORE CO. Start. Full of Putt Ohio St. lit Ohio st MEAL TIME PLEASURE A LUNCH" MONDAY. i Depends. Upon Teeth I a nf i 'nrnmpr'-'' a be nn a i I I i i a i Flu I Hi" I 1 nd1 i i i I i ii i i r- 1 i i is ii '1 jvit I (act- i i i a i i i a a LAMP SALE (TnnritoitR) 25, 40 and 50-Wutt All new--Guaranteed i-t a I Rood F.u] a A I I Krt 5 for $1.20 EXTRA SPECIAL dO-Watt, 29c B.E.W. Electric Co. Lincoln S242 36 Virginia Are. your roof weather. They are mttrartlve nomlcftl and durable. 'Yon can as worK proeresses." THE PEOPLE'S DENTISTS fj, 16 WEST WASHINGTON STBEET. DEPUTIES TO PATROL Try Another Dish of BROWDER'S ICE CREAM Good for the Whole Family 9 i'pM PHONE 5SB8 Uncijln 3674 i I i a i pfttrol a i i nlKht. In order break up from speeding to a i i hnoxp Sheriff ra(A a i i to aasigninir dflpntitit to pa- I i rond. he will personally 'tempts, to put A to law pioln- I Noon Chinese and American Restaurant 11 MONUMENT PLACB HAtn rBONB! MAU MM Buy Cheese of a Cheese House Operating Factories" To Lighten the Burden of Spring Home Gleaning Urn KNOXALL SOAP For 26 Years the Housewives' Favorite 'Soap for Cleaning Woodwork, Hardwood Floors, Furniture, Carpets Draperies and Hard Finished Wall Paper. BETTER THAN EVER For Sale by all First-Class Grocers, Druggists and Hardware Stores. Manufactured by THE H008IEB MANUFACTURING Indianapolis, Ind. Be Good to Yourself Get Your Teeth the Expert Dental Attention Available Here. Doing this promptly may the means of prolonflnj your life, for yon know much serious Illness comes from bad teeth. Anyway, It will make you feel better and look better. It will your thlnkery and Increase your Joys In life. DONT HURT A BIT To have teeth extracted here, take nitrous oiJde ras. Just quiet. rentle sleep; you feel nothing. Any other method where a needle Is bound to hurt some. Why be hurt7 EITELJORG MOORE, Dentists Comer Market St. Circle. Ground Flow. iJidy Attendant. Buy Tour Furniture THE RELIABLE WAY At Greatest Bargain Headquarters. RELIABLE FURNITURE CO. 11-86 Sooth Illinois St. BIVIN BAGGAGE AND TRANSFER Inc. BAGGAGE AND COMMERCIAL TRANSFERRING Day and Night Service No Charge for Picking Up Yow Baggage Main Offlce, 515 N. East St. Branch No. 1, 403 Ave. MAIn Auto. 0608 MA1A Circle 7478 The Indiana Catarrh Institute, 1486 North Illinois Indianapolis, Ind. Dear mall to me In plain -wrapper, full particulars about your method, local references to cured people and your TRIAL REFUND GUARANTEE PROPOSITION. Name R. F. D. or Street Number Town State Catarrh Asthma Hay Fever A Home Treatment That Cured Thousands of Softer-era Last Year. If you suffer with chronic catarrh of the head, stomach and bowels, nasty, disagreeable, embarrassing and dangerous hawklnc and spitting; continuous, annoying dropping mucus In the throat; clogged up head, ears and nostrils; asthma or hay fever, no matter how severe or long standing; chronic cough or bronchitis; frequent severe colds' chronic catarrhal Indigestion and constipation catarrhal deafness and head noises, or any old "run down." tired" condition due to chronic catarrh call In person or write for full particulars about our New Method home treatment, which cured thousands of people last year. This treatment Is sold on trial basis only. Use It two weeks and If not satisfied It costs you nothing. You the judge. Send no money. Write today for free advice. Hundreds of local references to home people cured, whom you can talk to. can and will be given. Call In person, write or mall the coupon below; CAM. MAIN Wft-tTAH WANT ADt INEWSPA'PERf SiEWSPAPES.1

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