The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 27, 1955 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 27, 1955
Page 16
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(la.) Upper Detr Moines Thursday, October 11', 1955 li wais the olher day 1 got a letter frbm Frank J. Stebritz and I sure got a kick out of that letter because on account of it contained a tongue twister and a good one at that. And here it is: "I read yoitr crazy stuff ifl the paper and even if it is crazy I enjoy reading it. Here's a short tongue twister; even if you can't use it you can read it; ~ Bill had a billboard, Bill also had a board bill and the bo-ard bill'bored'Bill, so Bill Sold his billboard to pay his board bill and so the board'Will no longer bored Bill." Yep, this really is a dandy tongue twister and thanks to Frank. It was one day las! week thai I signed up Marcella Lovstad, daughter of Mr and Mrs Emil IOWA'S WONDER SHOWPLAC! The SURF CLEAR LAKE , IOWA FBI.. OCT. 28th . ' Battle of Bands Continuous Dancing 9 to 1 DUDE RANCHERS vs. .> MALEK'S ACCORDION BAND SAT.. OCT. 29ih , SAMMY JENSEN And Orchestra SUN., OCT. 301h Halloween Special Young America's Favorite JOHNNY LONG And His Orchestra Adm.i 1.42 plus lax, tot. 1.60 WED.. OCT~ 2nd HENRY CHARLES St. Joe's Athleiic Benefit Coming FRI., NOV. 4th BOB WILLS And His Texas Play Boys Adm.: 1.20 plus lax, lot. 1.35 Lovstad, in the Amalgamated Association of Coffee Gulpers. Her membership number is 17890 and she is the youngest gulper club member out of the nearly 18,000 members. And I know she is deserving of the membership because ort account of she sure knows all of the 100 percent angles in loving and gulping ol coffee and though she is only ten years of age I am glad to have her a member of the coffee gutper association because on account of she has all of the qualifications and proper stances in gulping her cup of coffee, so to speak. II won't be long now unlil the 8th day in November and that is going to be a humdinger of a day in Algona bedause on account of that is the day when we residents of the Kossuth county seat elect a mayor. And with six candidates in the running it just looks like the vote on that day will be a humdinger too because the vote will turn out to battle for one gents election to the top office in Algona. Yes, I am going to vote for one of those gents, but they are all nice gents and maybe 1 should put their names in a hat and then draw out a name and so cast my vote. I have asked several of them were they paying anything for votes and how much, but they denied any intention of spending any money for marks on the ballot. At any. rate when the vote is counted one of them will start serving as the chief in Algona, and it won't make much difference which one, so I am told, because on account of those gents are all ol good mayorship timber, so to speak. —o— I have been asked by quile a few gents why didn't I come out for mayor? Well, that's easy ( to answer—because on account I'm a democrat and I'm told that Algona is republican in majority. And then another reason is this, that I'm most too dumb to take over the top office in this city. And one member of the council told me that an ordinance would be passed forbidding''the mayor to blow his mouth-harp In the city municipal building, and at no time would the mayor be permitted to carry a fiddle into the building. So you can see that as another reason why I couldn't be mayor. "I'm sitfe glad 16 heat ihtt President- Eisenhower is coming out O.K. from the heart attack he suffered several weeks ago. The president is a member of the Amalgamated Association of Coffee Gulpers. I signed him up when he was .a candidate the first time,: sent him a card and told him that I knew he loved his coffee aftd Wbuld be a good member in the gulper organization. But I told him I couldn't vote for him because on account of I was a democrat. And then several .weeks after he was elected his secretary, Russell, wrote that the president was glad to become a member of the gulpers • group b'ut'he also stated that the president said he didn't need my vote. And I guess he's got something there. And I note by the newspapers' and on the news casts of radio that the president can enjoy gulping his coffee, so to speak. I'm iold that Ihe duck hunting season is on and that the many good trigger pullers and good shots are out after the feathered goodness, so to speak. I don't know how come, but I've never been a good aimer or trigger puller and so I never did hit a duck and I sure love the wild duck steaks, so to speak. And so it is that I'm hoping that some good duck hunter will get the limit some day and then hand me a dead duck and I'd sure appreciate and appreciate and appreciate, so to speak. LAKOTA NEWS Billy Beemer of Morningside College, Sioux City, was at his home here for the weekend. Mr and Mrs Walter Schaumberg of Buffalo Center became oarents.of a son Oct. 17. The Schaumbergs are former La> kotans. ••,.-. Herman' Bosma has returned home after several weeks in the Buffalo Center hospital. Mr and' Mrs Mike Hippen of Buffalo Center, visited their son, William, and family Sunday and attended the Presbyterian Mission Fest. ,. • i. • Mrs Jennie Gutknecht entertained at a 6:30 dinner Monday. Guests were the Misses Emma and Lena Gutknecht, Emma and Louise Thaves, Mrs Ida Smith, Mrs W. E. Ley and Mrs Delight Golinghorst. ReceniBride AfOitosen Feted Oct. 21 Ottoeen — Mrs Eldon Hundertmark was honored at a shower Friday evening in the Presbyterian church parlors. Mrs Richard Kropf and Mrs Eugene Struthers sang a duet accompanied by Jaii* et Stone. Mrs Ralph Richards read several selections, Charles Welter played an accordian solo and Naomi Struthers gave a; reading. Mrs Richard Kropf and Mrs Cletus Hundertmark assisted with ooening the gifts. A tray lunch was served to about forty guests. Hostesses were Mrs Ralph Rich- ai'ds, Mrs Wattson Struthers, Mrs Sam Kropf, Mrs Richard Kropf, Mrs Eugene Struthers, Mrs Ralph Struthers, Mrs Charles Welter and Mrs Albert Thorsen. Ladies Rural Club ; The Ladies Rural Club* met Thursday afternoon at the homes of Mrs Roy Telford. Mrs Eugene Hofius read Scripture. This group recently sent 90 quarts of canned food to the Christian Home at" Council Bluffs. They voted to buy one dozen travs for thp commercial building. Mrs Sam Kropf gave' the lesson on Louisiana and Mrs. Edward Zinnel had chrage'of the recreation. Mrs Dean Telford and children were guests; The next meeting will be held Wednesday afternoon, Nov. 2 at the home of Mrs Eugene Hofius. . Nancy Hellickson of Marshalltown spent the weekend at the parental Howard Hellickson home. Sunday dinner guests at the Hellickson home were' Mrs Hannah Hellickson'of Hardy and Mr and Mrs Glen Hellickson and fornjly and Mary Ann Quade of Claire a roommate of Nancy's. The. dinner celebrated the birthdays of both girls. ' The quartet fronvthe local high school went to Spencer Saturday for try-outs for the Mass Chorus which will meet in Des Moines after Thanksgiving. The two from Ottosen were among those selected. Included in the groups are Wanda Jacobson, Marilyn Long, Billy Christiansen and Ronald Ellingson, Martha Usher, Judy Struthers, Bruce Watnem aftd Jerry Kinseth. '• A group frotfl^he PreBbytedM Worhlfi's drgatliaatiOfl;" W B W guests of the Plover Presbyterian Women's Organisation Thursday, In the group were Mrs Jesse va/1- Buskirk, Mrs W. a. Cooper, Mrs W. E. Hundertmark, Mrs Earl Long, Mrs Essie Cooper, Mrs. Caroline Telford and Mrs , Ralph Richards. '...,_• Presbyterian church members gathered Sunday evening for a pot luck supper in the church parlors at seven o'clock. Following the supper a congregational meeting was held. Rev. and Mrs; Rameriz of Pocahontas were present. Rev. Rameriz is the church moderator. Mr and Mrs Leonard Youngwirth and family and Mrs Frarik Henley of Emmetsburg were Sunday dinner guests at the Donald Cooper home. • , , . Mr and'Mrs MaDean Ludwig and family were Sunday dinner and supper guests at the .Hollis Cooper home. Saturday night Visitors at the Cooper home were Mr and Mrs Ralph -Jensen and family of Rodman. Sunday visitors at the Percj Watnem home were Mr and Mr? Stanley' Keith and-.boys of Pocahontas. .-'.'. ';. . :.-'? .;••' , . , , Mr and Mrs Oscar Oppedahl arid family and Mr and Mrs Knut Oppedahl family were Sunday afternoon and supper guests at the Bjame Oppedahl •home in Fort Dodge to celebrate his birthday which was that day. Mrs Maude Blanchard Or.Lone Rock visited over the' weekend at the Chester Alme- and Alfred. Schultz' homes. Sunday Mrs Blanchard, Mrs Alme and Mrs Schultz visited at the John.Sones home at Sioux Rapids. . Mr and Mrs Melvin, Ellingson and Mr and Mrs Ivan Evanson and boys attended the -wedding of Bonnie Lou Ellingson and James Goetz at the Bethlehem Lutheran church at Buffalo Center Saturday evening at. seven o'clock. Mr and MrsiOlaf .Burvik and Curtis were Sa'turday evening visitors at the home of Mrs Sophie Engstrom-in Humb'oldt.. Eldon HUndertmarJc. is confin*. ed to bed with a yirus/.infectiort. Mr and Mrs Henry Olson, Mrs Elizabeth Anlicker and, family of West Bend, ,Mr and Mrs Wallace Underberg of Fort Dodge and Mr and Mrs Olaf Bruvik and Curtis enjoyed an oyster stew Sunday evening at the Ted Underberg home. Mr and Mrs Paul Watnem and Mr and Mrs Percy Watnem and Randy Were Tuesday evening silp- per guests ai the Ed Nessert home ;8 MFafid MfiA fifc flgflife^^ Sunday ditinef guests *! "J 6 holrt( r of Mr and Mrs Donald Gross at Fort Dodge. CharleftS Benson spent Saturday evenijig at the parental'H. D. Benson home. Mr and Mrs Mike Coyle visited Sunday at the Dallas Coyle home at Fairnidnt, Minft. 4 ,.'•., Mr and Mrs Donald Usher and family Were Sunday dinner guests at the Arthur Winther home at Osage. Sunday evening visitors at the Usher home were Mr and (Mrs Orlando Grefstad of Bode and Mrs Heleri Rasmusert. ' Mrs Oliver Lee and Mrs Willis King and-daughter'Vickie visited Saturday afternoon at the Elmer Schriber home at Livermore. Friday evening visitors at the: Lee home were Mr and Mrs Maurice Halsrud and family of Bradgate. . Mr and Mrs .Olvin Haug^and family and Mr and Mrs Oliver Kinseth visited Saturday evening at the Robert Naeve home at Dakota City. . Mr and Mrs Fred Kafnpen and 'amlly were Sunday dinner guests at the Hans Kampen home at Laurens. , ' t • :.; '' . Mr and Mrs Howard Hellickson ™rt Carol were Thursday evening visitors;at the Roy Ernest, home ,. canboJdt. Mr and Mrs Oliver Kinseth Vis- •'ted Saturday afternoon at the M. O. Kinseth home in Algona. TEST-PROVED Priced at less than ', J as much, but par- sta •!• orm1n f«e«n«f equal to 6 «rfii«k«in>ou. competitive aid* • averaging $268! COMI «'«« TfST OfTAtW DEMONSTRATION & PERSONAL SHOWING Algona Hotel Tuesday/ Nov. 1 9 a.m. to 12 Noon Batteries and service for most makes — You are Invited io come in. •' IOWA AUDIPHONE CO. 16 Years 611 Fleming Bldg. 6lh & Walnut Sis., D. M. Auihdrized Zenith Hearing. Aid Dealer Mr and Mrs Wallace Vridetbef g of Fort Dodge called at the Louis; " icobsdft - h.o|ft« -SUMfty^; evlmftl. :• Sunday - dlhrter "gti^ts^ai the Roy Telford hotte were Mr .and Mrs Loran Lafsdn 6f Irvingtott, former residents of ttilft cbitwnufi* ity. In the afternooft Mr attd Mrs Edward Zinnel and teslie Ahn were visitors at thVTelford h6W6. Mr and Mrs Eaftliofcg and; Mar*, ilyn' were at thS -Ralph Cooper home at Sutherland .SUMday td celebrate the v 4Bth wedding an* niversar&Sftf racket's Pffnts: Mr and Mrs Charles Spurtock Wso of Sutherland. Mrs ;Es9ie, Copper was also there" haviftg gone ther| on Friday. Mr and Mrs Arnold Bratland and family of Bode were present as were five cousins, • the Rosma'n family from Harlan. Mi-s Earl Olson and Mrs Marlyn Pflibsen and daughter Jeaftnie of Bode visited at the Fred Benjamin home at Bradgate Friday afternoon to see the new baby of Mr and Mrs Darrel Jones. Sunday afternoon Visitors at the Antone Waechter home were Mr arid Mrs. He'hry,'Dahlhauser aftd' faml» 6f West Beftd and M* and Mrs Henry Deafens, Jr., and IN LOW COST EASY TO FIED PELLET FORM BALLROOM WHTTTEMOHE, IOWA Friday, Oct. 28 VIKINGS Sunday/ Oct. 30 EDDIE ALLEN Friday, Nov. 4 KENNY HOFER Sunday, Nov. 6 BOBBY LINDEMAN Wednesday, Nov. 9 Hard Time tiance FRANK BUHR No Advance Booth 'i Reservations Doors Open at 8:30 Tta advAntagfrs of molac* '$« and higher protein make Wayne Sugarin* "22" Beefmaker » mo»t suitable supplement Jfftfg balancfngj y^urVfirmV; grains..'.the high hiola*.^ ses content stimulates appetites and tap* c«*Ut pn fe«d, v . .tat t*ln N Way** S«goriiie "IT let* ••IMC. . ROWNSON PRODUCE Wesfey WAYNE Algona FEIDS UICK m The 1956 Buicks Will Hit Town in Just One « - So NOW We of Cars lor Yes! $15,700 at Book Value To Be Sold in This Final Sale For $12,500! 1954 BUICKS - 1954 PONTIAC - 1954 DE SOTO - 1953 OLDSMOBILE 1953 BUICK I*** „___ « ««c 1953 PLYMOUTH '52 CHEVROLET $ $ $ You Save $ $ $ (AND OTHERS) WE FINANCE B D A Ik JI»^Bk BUICK Courthouse Square Phone 80 One week to go!... and in one week we are out to offer you, the car buyer, the giant-sized values that will clear our decks for the appearance here on November 4 of the 1956 Buicks! We are dlsre« garding "book value" to accomplish this job ... and you, the car buyer, are the one who benefit!, Brandt Buick has a reputation for having at all ti mes /7 top quality" used cars, and that is why this extraordinary one week sale is even bigger news! Take notice of the tremendous over-all reductions we are making on these cars - then come and look at the individual car you are most interested In. Get the full story on the saving - and let Brandt Buick put you in that "better cor you want. Come in now and see for yourself what a whopper of a car SA16 we are staging for ONI WilKI One week only, sale ends Nov. 3 OPEN ANY EVENING BY APPOINTMENT ~ Phone 80 and Harold, John or Dick Will Be ©lad to Show You These Cars Any Evening, 1949 BUICK (AND OTHERS) • WE TRADE • BRANDT ^^B(PB(^^ ^WHBB^ ^^^w ^^B^PI^ w^w ^^^^P Courthouse Squqre — Phone 80

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