The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 27, 1955 · Page 15
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 15

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 27, 1955
Page 15
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Tidttftf : ;ftom Evelyn . This stery U about a little-fel- low'who watched his grandfather |ut:off a Chicken's , head, .and Tvhen the bird was tossed to the fcrotind to bleed r as everyone knows who has .S6en such an in- f iddnt, the fowl jumps arid hurls Itsetf in the air. The lad seeing Ihese contortions- ran in fright Jo the house where he'demanded ixcttedly, "Grandma, give me the Ihopper quick." Grandma knew lie meant cleaver so she asked fcim why he- wanted it. "Oh," he laid breathlessly, "i want to take It to grandpa. He's having an Iwful fight with thai' d Ihicken." .;'•.. Mr and Mrs Chester Schoby e about to take '6ff .'. for the. iuth west where Chester will tend a dairy 'meeting , at hoenix, Ariz. There are many Jx L Algonans there.. Here we are ,eaded toward winter and Arba )ee Taylor has written friends Ibout.her sw/eet peas abloom. No •onder many see'k ; ; sunnier, armer climes. Mrs Maude Nelm, mother of > Bernice,. who ..akes her home yw.lth the Sch- bys is going to be guest of Mrs arfie Bourne during their ab- mce, but the. home will be oc- ipied while they are gone. * * * Members of the Delphian club ent to Des Moines last week 'uesday. They were taken on a uided tour of the Art Institute later had tea at the Governor's .arision. Unfortunately the ioeghs were- In New Orleans so iey didn't have a chance to meet ie ''first lady." There were many iostesses however and the wo- report a most enjoyable Do You NEED WAREHOUSE PRICES! 'FoRT DODGE IRON & METAI.O PHONE 2-2941 FORT DODGE, IOWA , o o T i •"> o ) o : time. Mrs Hoegh is a sister of Mrs Willis Bradley. The women look enough alike to be twins. Very pretty womeh I might add. * '* * '"•**' Wilh two lively boys like Rickte and Re* Post in the family, there's seldom a. dull moment. This time it's Rex who rates a line or two. He is his mother, Lavonne'S shadow and when she Was cleaning the bath room recently, when her back was turned and she was busily engaged in her work,,Rex climbed into the stool where he blissfully stamped in'the water, shoes artfl all, till hastily dislodged from his unusual playground. » • • . Whaf a wonderful world ii would be if it didn't take so long to unwind red tape. It seems to be a very difficult matter to prove one was born. Too bad records were not kept as carefully years ago ago as they are, now. It took two hospital letters and; high school graduation record to- clear up my birth date, though I must say I got.rapid results. Not so the case of Mrs Chan Dalley. She had such difficulties getting any records she decided to go into it more thoroughly when she was in- her home town,' Springfield, 111., a few weeks ago. So far' she has had no results and she wonders if she can ever prove she actually was born. , ., • . •*. • * * • ••' • Harold Siephenson phoned me the other day and said he had a message from some one I had known years ago. He was on his way to the Veterans hospital at Des Moines and'a traveling companion who introduced herself as Mrs .NObie of.Eagle .Grove,when- she learned he was from Algona asked 'him./if, he knew.Evelyn Cady. • She explained that .years ago in,her first year of training at . the Presbyterian ' hospital, Chicago, she had met me and was an. assistant nurse. Yes indeed I/remember her. She served'as niirse : in World War. I and has since lived at Eagle Grove. -'I'. * * ' * • - ' • • : Elmer Phillips took a postman's holiday and drove.-many,many miles to Colorado Springs, Colo,, the ; Bad /Lands,-: Black. .Hills,-,. Science Shrinks Piles ffew Way Without Surgery ....' Finds Healing Substance That Doea Both— Relieves Pain—Shrinks Hemorrhoids N«lf York, N. Y. (Speelil) -For the first time science has found a new healing substance with the astonish- iii'g ability to shrink hemorrhoids arid to relieve pain— without surgery. '. In case after case, while ggntly- relieving pain, actual reduction (shrinkagef took ' ' .Most amazing, of all — results were •• .thorough tpat sufferers' made astonishing 'statements like- ''Biles : have ceased a problem!"'; '. ; The^secret is, a neiw healing, .sub- V stance : (B,io>pyne*) — discovery 'of a .world-famQus research institute. • " ; - •••; This: substance is now available iri ' suppository or ointment form under : i&tne^Prffp'arStran Hi* At>your ' ' '• 'druggist. Money back' guarantee: ' •'•'-"' ' "Be«. U.S. Pit. .Off. thenc£ to Minnesota arid home via Ajbert, Lea.' He drives apptp*!- mately 700 miles each week on his ; job .,with" tho Post transfer frcta 'here'vto : Mason City five days pet*.wifek, and he's been oh the job over 25 years. Just figure the mileage. : . * - * - * One dflhe 6ld6st clubs in town is a birthday club which now has but six .^members, Bernadine Allen, Zelbft Brown, Esther Helber^, Myra* Ostrum, Elizabeth Post and Nellie Van Allen. The late .lTeTn ttardgrove and Mary OUderian of Phoenix, Ariz, were members when the club was or- ganiz&i over 30 years ago. It has met regularly and at first cards were played with great enthusiasm. As the years have passed, cards have given way to just sitting-around and visiting after the slk o'clock dinner. -..:•''* * ' * Here's more news back in 1908 -^Dr. Kenefick (M. J.) has let the contract-for painting the hospital (present Masonic Temple) to George Platt. (Father of Howard) Etic Strom is doing the mason Work and Conrad Herman is to cdmplete'.'the carpenter Work— MISS Louis McCoy and Miss Carrie Durant, who have been marking examination papers in the state superintendent's office : at Des Moines, arrived home Monday. (Both were,popular teachers here a number of years ago.)— Word came from Wisconsin last week that the mother of J. F. and Frank Nicouliri had broken a leg and Mrs'Frank Nicoulin left immediately to help in caring for Her. The J. Fi-, Nicoulins were parents'of Fernely, and the Frank Nicoulins were ' p a r e n't s of "Chuck." Monson, Wesley, On Maneuvers . Camp Polk, La.—Pvt. Oscar M. Monson, 22, whose wife, Vivian, and parents, Mr and Mrs Albert E. -Monsbn, live in Wesley, la., is scheduled to take part in Exercise f Sage Brush, .' the largest Army-Air Force maneuver since World?War II. 1 The exercise will be held in Louisiana Nov. 1 - Dec. 16. Some 110,000 Army troops will test the latest concepts of atomic bacter- iolfcgical,; chemical and electronic : Warfare", -"v ^Private Monson, a wireman and 'driver'iff Battery S of the 720th : F,iel'd" Artillery Battalion, is reguferly stationed at Fort Lewis, Wash. He entered the Army last February and completed basic training at Camp Chaffee, Ark. Most prior-service men an the Air Force are impressed by the stress upon community life and the opportunities for social gatherings among married Airmen on Air Forces bases. BROKEN ARM .-.» Jbe'J YVinsand, farmer living nortHe'ast ; ''t*,'Dakota City, suffered a broken' a.rm; recently whilo cranking a'tractor ^p'h .his farm. Hurt Woman Has Operation, Remove Goiter Burl — Alvin Baurngard took Mrs Baumgard to the Lutheran Hospital in Fort Bodge, Sunday, where she had surgery on TUBS* day for removal of a goiter. Mr and Mrs F. L. Pratt spent Sunday of • last week with the Frank VanBorstons in Armstrong. Herman Bussie who has been a patient at the Hospital in Fort Dodge the past few weeks is now improved and is at home. The Otto Bussies of Galesville, Wis. visited here recently. Mrs Gertrude Ackerman spent Thursday in Algona with her aunt, Mrs Carrie .King. Roger Steward spent the week- eiid with his parents, the Walter Stewards. Roger is attending college in Fayette. Sunday visitors at the C. M. Gfoss home were the son-in-law and daughter, Mr and Mrs Glenn Ctfouse and Children of Fort Dodge. Mr and Mrs John Snere and sons are moVing soon to Algona. Mr Snere is the Depot Agent for the Milwaukee Road in .that city. Mr and Mrs Charles Schrader with Mr and Mrs Bill Hellman were in Minneapolis Thursday where'they visited a sister of the women who has been hospitalized following surgery. Mrs Joe Loos of Buffalo Center who has been in Minneapolis for several weeks returned to her hom^ with the Schraders and Hellmans on Thursday. Anne Reimers is having a vacation from her duties in the telephone office this week, • The Methodist Circles' met Wednesday afternoon last week as follows: Hope," with Ruby Hinckley, Minerva Curtis assisting. Fifteen women attended. Faith, met at Lulu Hawcott's but Elizabeth Kennedy'' was hostess. Fourteen members and three guests were present. ;Loye, met with Elsie Lockwood with some twelve women present. The Birthday Circle will-: meet Thursday afternoon with Beula Batt. Lottie Isenberger will'have devotions and Ella SigsbeV the program. This is election 'of officers. .•>' The first of a series of,. ; card parties will be given in November, at the VFW Hall by', this auxiliary. • • •• Visitors Wednesday and Thursday at the Art Leason home were Mr and Mrs Vernon Sewjck -of Waterloo -and Mrs Sewick's sister, Mrs Harold Nelson of Jessup who were enroute home -'from northern Minnesota. Mr Sewick is a jcousin of Mrs Leason, jwhorri she had not seen for' some 17 years. '-';• David Rasmussen is out of sdHoW-'with scarlet fever;' His younger sister is staying with her cousin, Linda Fairbanks. .-'••, Social Security talk Here Nov. 1 Kossuth County Farm Bureau wbmen will hold an Open meeting for discussing problems of social security for farmers aMhe Firm Bureau meeting room la Algona, Tues., Nov. 1 at 2 p.m. George R. Replogle, field representative of the Social Secur* Hjr Administration will be present to hold a discussion and answer any problems .that any one might have in regard to the payment of the social. security tax that will be due on Jan. 1, 1956. ST. JOE By Mrs Syl Wagner COUNCIL MINUTES The City Council met October 13, 1955 in adjourned session with the Mayor and all Councilman present. Cutting the. parking on North Hall Street and resurfacing East State street from gantry to Phillips Streets was discussed. \ uXTlie City Engineer, Playground Committee Chairman and City Attorney were directed to draw plans and specifications for new filters and rccir- culation' system for the swimming pool. Builder's permits were granted to Cooperatives Make Savings For You Many of your neighbors know the value, of ,co<?perative membership, They share in the savings of the cooperatives they do business with, FELCO members profit two ways: I.—they share in the cooperative savings; and 2—^they get top production from their livestock arid poultry with FELCO feeds. Stop in this week, and learn about the double advantages of becoming a FELCO member, You get the best feed you can buy; and you share in the cooperative savings. Hqiw can you lose on a deal like that? Stop in today* Let's talk about it! * Fajmws Cooperative Society. Wesley Suit Cooperative Elevator, Buirt Lone Rock Cooperative Elevator Co.. Lous Rock Weft Bend Elevator Ce., West Bend WhUtempre <?oope»a»»v» Whitleraoie The Firmer* Etevato*. Sod« Farmers Cooperative Elevator Co., Swea Ci|y Fenton Cooperative Elevator Co.. Fenton «, ,, III DO BUSINESS WITH YOURSELF" Roman Arend, Mrs Nick Arndorfer and Ronnie Arndorfer drove to Ames Sunday. Marlene Arndorfer, sister of Ronnie went from Stqrm Lake to Ames where she and Ronnie were sponsors at the baptism of their niece, Jan Gail, born Oct. 12 to Mr and Mrs Bob Hardcopf, Jr. of Ames. Mrs Hardcopf is a sister of Marlene and Ronnie. Friends and relatives of Mrs Caroline Grandgenett of St. Benedict were sorry to learn of her having had a light stroke Saturday. A 8 Ib. 14 oz. baby boy was born Oct., 18/to Mr and Mrs;Ed. Foertsch of hear St. Benedict. He will be. named Daniel Edward. Mr and Mrs Lee Blum and two children of Earlihg, Iowa and Mr and Mrs Albert Bormann were .Sunday dinner guests of Albert's parents, 'Mr and Mrs Matt Bormann of Algona. Mr and Mrs John Bormann and their son Norman were afternoon guests Sunday at the Matt Bormann residence. ; The Lee Blum family of Edrl- ing and the Donald Bormann family were supper guests at the Matt Bormann home.. Duane Jens*n. M. A., f. E. and Max Bartholomew. Leo Aulich. John Crowell, .Thomas Frank!. Albert Fosnaugh, K. S. Cowan, F. K. Sawy«f, Oale Stockwell. Robert Kfiudsen, J. P. Smith, Jack Hernon, Wm. Detrlck, Champlaln Refining Co. and C. M. WhitehlU. A Resolution was approved accepting a quit claim deed from Leah Rose Banwart to the City for a strip of Innd containing S.lp acres for $1310.00. Employing an Engineer for the storm sewer project In the eastern part of Algona was discussed. A resolution was adapted ordering storm sewer construction and fixing Ndvembef 3rd at 7:30 p.m. as the date for hearing and taking bids. An Ordinance was adopted providing for the compensation of officers and employees. . A Resolution was adopted fixing th» salaries of several police offers as. follows: Chief Albert Boekelman $300.00 per month. Assistant Chief Raymond Krebs $290.00 per month and Albert Wcishaar $280.00 per month. The following claims were allowed. General Oo»«rnm«nJ Fund Nancy Sands, salary — . 67.16 L. K. Ferguson, salary 16.77 Iowa State Bank, tax 32.30 la. Emp. Sec. Commission, tax— 75.06 la. Public Emp. Retirement, tax—127.68 B. P. Richardson, expenses 36.00 R. R. Hutzell. expenses 36.00 John Carroll, expenses 16.50 Matt Parrott & Sons, supplies ... 37.01 Advance Publ. Co., publ. 43.77 Beccher Lane Appliances, mdse... 88.00 Street Fund Jess Lashbrook. salary 125.29 Albert Pergande, salary 123.62 Glenn Burtis. salary 108.87 Richard Frambach, salary 8229 Raymond Metzen.' Jr.. salary .. 89.87 Jack Mears, salary 97.29 Donald Prcw, salary 101.59 Kenneth Frankl. salary 99.87 L. K. Ferguson, salary 132.30 Reakus Helmcrs, labor 57.6-) Reiner Helmers. labor 30.24 George Weig, Jr.. labor 18.19 Clarence Helgeson, labor 37.21 Iowa State Bank, tax 58.00 la Emp. Stc. Commission, tax...348,78 la. Public Emp. Retirement, tax.-537.32 Sandy Stebrttz, mowing 60.00 Clarence Fraser, sidewalk 80.05 City Clerk, adv. cash 6.30 East End Foundry., mdse. 23.37 Sanitation .FuncT mdse 126.38 Botsford Lumber Co., mdse. 40.65 Algona Implement Co.,-repairs— 7.77 Greenberg Auto Supply, repairs— 39.47 Hilton's Service, supplies 13.J8 Kent' Motor Co., repairs 10.13 Mergen & Webster, signs 6.44 Swartz Hdwe., supplies 8.83 Council Minutes ThuMdny, October 17, 19SS AJflona (la.) Uppaf DM MaliKM-7 Taylor Implement Co., repairs 2.10 Continental Oil Co., gas —123.20 Public Ssfoiy Fund Albert Boekelman. salary .462..17 Raymond Krebs. salary .124.29 A. C. Wcishaar, salary 143.07 Richard Grocn, salary 147.83 Leo Counlev, salary 143,32 Wm. Kuhn, labor 3.98 Ben Potter, labor 3.68 Paul Newsome, labbr 3.68 Leo Steven, labor 3.88 Robert Steven, labor 3.68 Walter Steven, labor 3.68 Ernst Thlel, labor 3.88 Iowa State Bank, tax' 41.40 la. Emp. Sec. Commission, tax —194.23 In. Public Emp. Retirement, tax..339.89 Albert Boekelman, expenses 19.80 B. P. Richardson, badge 10.00 Kent Motor Co., repairs .119.96 Struecker's Service, mdse 115.02 Ira Kohl, salary 20.00 Algona Fire Co., service 382.00 Algona Co-operative Creamery, S as - 3.65 ton's Service, mdse 87.52 Sanitation Fund Harry Ward, salary — 88.04 Reakus Helmers, labor 71.82 Reiner Helmers, labor ...118.18 George WeU, Jr., labor 66.15 Clarence Helgeson, labor 79.38 Eugene Helmers, labor 9.80 Max Helmers, labor 10.29 Morris Harbour, labor 15.19 George Miller, labor 58.80 In. Emp. Sec. Commission, tax . — 187.91 la. Public Emp. Retirement, tax..302.77 Hilton's Service, supplies 13.07 Botsford Lumber Co., mdse 348.54 Concrete Products Corp.. pipe 753.48 Advance Publ. Co., publ. 33.40 James Egll, salary —14U.38 Fred Gronbach, salary 88.03 Iowa State Bank, tax 12.40 A. L. Fisher, hauling 6.00 R. J. Funk, repairs 2.41 Hall-Strahorn, supplies 1.70 Pratt Electric, supplies 2.27 Skelly Oil Co., oil 77.32 Harris Janitor Supply, mdse 57.75 Leah Rose Banwart, deed 1310fO Recreation Fund Ta. Emp. Sec. Commission, tax.,102.71 Norton Machine Wks., repairs.. 35.94 F. S. Norton & Son. supplies 2.10 Municipal Enterprise* Fund Algona Cemetery Ass n, tax 692.45 Airport Fund Municipal Utilities, water 3.00 Algona Electric, mdse 80.15 Cresco-Unlon Electric, elec 25.W Sorcnscn Grocery, supplies 2.34 Parking Meter Fund Ernest Hutchison, salary 15IV25 la. Emp. Sec. Commission, tax. - 40.06 la. Pub. Emp. Retirement, tax— 11.67 Meeting adjourned. Byron P. Richardson. Mayor Attest: Ivy D. Scuffham, City Clerk 6/ond-O-LoG PIG TEE n* LIQUID Hog Wormer NOTHING TO MIX ... no special feeds to buy! Just pour Gland-O-Lac's new Pio TEE in drinking water or slop to rid pigs of roundworms or nodular worms in one dayl On Sale At ROBINSON PRODUCE Algona Wesley UFT \J JL^ JL Good telephone manners are just as important as choosing the right spoon for the soup. If you're on a party line, listen briefly before you begin a phone call—hang up quickly and quietly if the line's in use. Other tips for good party-line service: space out your calls, replace the receiver carefully, give up the line for emergency calls. Remember, party-line courtesy is catching. Northwestern Bell Telephone Company. What you see here is automobile history in the making. For this is an actual on- the-scene shot of a camouflaged '56 Chevrolet shattering the Pikes Peak record in. v a, dramatic, top-.seqret. run*, supervised and certified by NASCAR*. Here's record-breaking proof that this '56 Chevrolet has the power, cornering ability, and sureness of control that will make your driving safer and more fun'. And you can see and drive it soon now. Just wait! •Holfonof Atiocloffon tor Stock Car Aulo Racing wfioia offfc/ofl timid and cerli/itd Iht pirtormonci ol Mi prtproduclion modtL A RECORD-BREAKING NEW CHEVROLET FRIDAY, NOV. 4 The hot one's even hotter! KOSSUTH MOTOR COMPANY Pi SQUARE PHONE 200

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