The Athens Post from Athens, Tennessee on April 17, 1863 · Page 3
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The Athens Post from Athens, Tennessee · Page 3

Athens, Tennessee
Issue Date:
Friday, April 17, 1863
Page 3
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A Ik, rs4ar. April I T ISCis. Athens Poajt-Offlce. We re requmleJ by tha rot master to give notice that there u Urge number of letters in hi office, which, if not called for soon,, rnusl, in accordance with instructions, t& forward ed to the Dead Letter Office, RichDiond. . Confederate Bonds. The "Act to provide for the funding and further ifuue of Treasury notes," appear in our advertising column by order of the Secretary of the Treasury. The attention of purtic having money, to invent is particularly iuvited to the provisions of the act. We published lust week a wire-fully prepared tynopeU of the law, copied from a Richmond paper, and huvp, upon several occasion, urged the advantage to be derived by the purchase of Bond. We can now only reiterate the opinion that the investment must prove Highly profitable, besides improvingthe currency and helping to relieve the country "in the unequal struggle in which it is engaged. 'The lav will appear in our columns until the first of August,and we shall take occasion to call attention to its provisions from time to limo. Gov. Harris. A letter from Gov. Harris, in relation j to the coming leoUoua in IhiaSUte, will be found on tho ouUiUe of our paper. The Governor asserts that the elections will occur at the proper time, and thinks there will be no great difficulty in the way lie suggests that but one candidate be run for each elective office, and thereby we can secure good and sound men. We cordially endorse the suggestion, and do hope there is patriotism enough and a spirit of self-sactifice sufficient to adopt and carry it into effect. Why should there ' be a scramble for office now, when there is a struggle on hand in which the very existence of our institutions is involved? The army is open to all, and there is a broad field where men anxious to serve tho "dear people" may enter and win distinction, honor, fame and a glorious sepulchre. An individual who at this time has no higher ambition than to fritter away his vigor and manhood at the political hustings, must bo a "poor shoat" indeed, and will be so regarded when the crowning victory is won and the country emerges from the conflict, dripping at every pore, to take its stand among the great powers of the world. Financial Affairs at the South. A Charleston correspondent says money is tighter there than at any time since the war, and that the withdrawal of so ' very large amount of bills fundable in 8 per cent, bonds has reduced the circulation, and caused a contraction in the bank accommodations. He Says: This was evident at the last sale here of bank stook and other securities. We learn also that cotton has felt it seriously there being a marked decline in Augusta, and in some other interior towns in Georgia, amounting to 4(ii)5 cents per pound, or $25 per bale. .We.fe ,mtui-. prlsfii ilt'tliis, Tor cotton lias attained a rediculou and hazardous height. What prudent banker will loan money to speculate in cdtton at 30 cents per jiound, or what sane man who can obtain 7 percent. Confederate bonds would in preference invest his money in cotton at such prices quoted as above? We find among honest men an earnest desire that the Confederate Tax bill should, become a law imme- diately, and go into effect on the 1st of May. Nothing that Congress can do will go further to Benefit the country, restoro confidence, and give a tone and strength to our paper circulation and place the currency on a sound basis. Confederate States Bank in London A preliminary prospectus (witiiout any name being attached) of the Loudon and Confederate States Bank, is published in the London journals. The capita! is fixed at X2.000.000. The prospectus points out tl'ie certainty of the ultimate recognition of the Southern States, and the desirability of having banking facilities ready for tLe redemption of that trade which will be carried on through new and independent channels. Tho Manchester Examiner and Times says: The object of this bank is distinctly stated to be to render the South able to carry on their financial and export operations entirely independent of New York. Cattle Dying for Want of Salt. The Fincastlo Express says that in Craig county, Vu., the cattle are dying by scores from not having had salt during the past year. One farmer had lost fifty head, another forty, another thirty, and all cattle own org had sustained some loss. Sheep and hogs are also dying rapidly from the same cause. Skedaddler's from Tho Draft Letters have been received in New York from St. John N B., announcing that crowds ot young men are daily arriving at various ports of the British Provinces from the United States in order to avoid the impendingdral't. One steamer arrived with two huudered passengers, and another with six hundered. There is no employment for them at present in tho proviuoes, and unless they are provided with the means to live they will find it necessary to return to tho United Stats. From Tampa Bay. We are permitted to make the following extract from a private letter, rereived by one of our merchants yesterduy, from CapUn J. Pearson, dated Tnmpa B:iy March 2(uh! "Tho Yankees are hard down on us here, I had a fight with them on the 27th. Nineteen of my inon met twenty-ix of them. We killed twenty-four, In-- chiding an officer, and wounded the other (wn, Wrt shot timlr boat ull to pieces. Wo bait iid them with negroes some of my Men. .blacked for the occasion. Wo gavo thetn titiand uo mistake. The particular you will probably see in .ray report. Siu. Republioin, 7'A. A Foriwi llkvt is Two Hoc it. A Rold speculator at New York, who jumped in od out, at the right time, during tbo day when the "yellow fever' Tiged most Horcoly, and thoro were the grtet fluctuation in gold, qctde ne, icc of W'', !.: i'com Uo iopra - by Confederate Cavalry. A d;ej.-:ch from Cincinnati, dated the 2d in:- tart: . On Monday lust (March 30th,) Jen-kin' rebel cavalry dashed into Point Pleasant, Vs.. at the mouth of the Kanawha, gained osesion of the Court House, filed (even houses, plundered others, and burnod several thousand bushels of Government corn. Volunteer aid arrived from Galliolis, Ohio, and the rebels were driven otf with the loss of five killed and thirteen prisoners, who were relused parole and taken to Gallipolis. Telegraphic communication is cut off along the Kanawha from Charleston to Point Pleasant. The Government steamer Victor No. 2 was fired into at Hall's landing, forty miles above Buffalo, on the Kanawha. One man was killed. The boat was completely riddled bv mmketiv fire. The Victory No. 2 and General Meigs finally succeeded in reaching Galliolis. The Victor and B. C. Levi are still U the Kanawha, and it is rumored that they are captured by the rebels. Cincinnati, April 2. Tho into attack on Point Pleasant Va , was made by 250 of Jackson's cavalry. They ransacked several houses and Btorea, and burned 7,000 bushels of corn belonging to the Government, nnd were finally driven out, afier a conflict which lasted several hours. Northern News. n:.-',mon I. April 12 Tie Whig has Northern dates to the 11th. A large meeting of the Democracy of New York, on the Glli. at GV5oMr Institute, adopted a plntM-pi expressing opposition to the polled of'tlttY Aiimiiiislraliuii. as being hostile to the restoration of the Union not cal ciliated to subserve the Constitution, hut lull of oppression to tho people. It di- I imunceslhe measuiesof last Cor. L':e.i-. re pugnant to every principle of justice, ami calculated to strengthen Southern States and permanently to establish the so-called "Confederacy." It declared that the war as conducted by the Administration has been a failure, (loud applause) and that the immense resources of men and money so freely given by the people had been dissipated without lavorable results. Resolved, That under these circumstances we declare for peace (great cheei ing) that this Administration cannot con quer the South if they would, and would not if they could; it was proving uustic- cesstul tor peace. Conciliation is the only moiio loll to restore the Union, &o, Fernando Wood was the first sneaker, He said "if asked what a Democratic suc cessor of London should do, he would an swer, cease hostilities and obtain u con ference officially or unofficially." John S. Carlisle, of Virginia, said "The South can never be conquered. llio war can only end through the ex haustion of both sides." Passengers from Memphis, arrived at Cairo on the 7th, report two important expeditions on toot, the ohjeet ot which are not made public. The Herald's Washington correspondent says the President and party who accompanied uiui to ine army ot the t'o tomac will return on Tuesday or W edits day. The municipal elections :n Maine and Columbus, Ohio, went in favor of the IU- publicans. A special dispatch to the Philadelphia Press, from Reading, Pa., speaks of the arrival of n numerous mob of the Knights ot the Golden Circle in that town to rescue the conspirators against the Govern ment. , Difficulties of no ordinary chaise ter were apprehended. Gold hiNew York 1981. i" Ctmmt88aTiefl and Supplies'.'" ' We Hod the following article In the Vicksburg Whig, of 2d April: nr. naitnrt me Knoxville Rcgitttr baa got iniorniauou mat me army at ttiia ptnee is iu most destitute and slurring condition, anil con-tends that tho Cninmisaary must be grossly at fault, since contracts can easily be made and supplies in abundance obtained. ' -The readers of the Hajiiter aro doabtless Interested in the welfare of tho gnllnnt men who are defending Vickaburg, aud we bog to assure theui that although during a season of unusual high water, bud roads, and the chaos of ruilroud transportation thoro was some temporary grounds of complaint, yet that has given way beforo the better wuathor, ami energetic application of tho officers charged with the responsibilities of the supply department. We thiuk every division hits been cared for and Iheir necessities attended to. This we know to ho truo of (Ion. Stevenson's, who, himself, has wen golden opinions lu all circles hereabouts, and will lcavo a bright record when the history of this campaign is written, and who probably, never would have heard a soldier complain had Major Gillespie, his division commissary, been left untrammelled to complete his plans for obtaining supplies from Tennessee and other places t he tlvuhitr has beoa informed "that the Commissary department is to blame." If it be so of any ono, it is not so of Major 0., and his Knnxviil friends may rest assured that he has no superior in efficiency or success. lie is eminently fitted for his position and will con tin no to grow in the esteem of his superiors, nnd the army gone! ally, if he pursues the same course of manly duty and devotion to the labors of his department. Hive us a few more suoh inon in every position and oBioc, and a new day will soon dawn on us. A LOOKER ON. Fall in Rice. We learn that rice was offered yesterday nt 18c, but mot with no sales. We presume the low rate ut which Mr. O. II. Lamar is selling it to soldiers' families, 10 cts., had something to do with it. At all events, if it has a disposition to tumble, "let it slido" within the reach of the poor. It is stated that tobacco is also falling, but no quotations are stated for "rosam." "Walk jnwhnne" a good titneis coming. $avamian.Ji,p.'H, Heir A Washington dispatch, published in the Philadelphia Inqtiiier, announces preparations on the part of the Government to traft 200,000 men to fill up the ranks of tho old regiments. Nothing is said about the! right, of the old regiments to return home. Departure or Dratted Men is Chains. The De'roit (Michigan) Free Press says: Another departure of di alled men took place on tho 3d inst., some of them in chains. Tho tendency of these men to skedaddle has compelled the authorities to be verytriot with regard (o them. Hence we noticed that, some of thetn with wild eyes and dishevelled locks, and seedy garments, also woro iron bracelets upon their wrists. MekisCountv. Circuit Court for Meigs county will commence at Decatur next Monday. FoRTT-Tuihii TsNNtssii, We received last Friday morning a list, of fifty Tio, subscribers, members pf the 43d Tennessee, money aocompanying. We now have the names of ninety five members of IJiat gallant regiment upon our subscription hooks. Bully for the Forty-Third. HjjT We sis sgsyi indebted to lion. Wm, G. Swi.v for vafyabn rloouruoptssnd TeUgraphi) r.rr'.u. .VoMf, April 10. An official dispatch slates that the entmy four hundred in number, iiirMly coi.truiutud troops. laml-ed at Pascagou'a yesterday. They were attacked by our cavalry 2nd repulsed with a loss of 15 killed. Our loss was 1 lieutenant, 1 private, and 5 slightly wounded. The Yankee gunboats put back tofelnp Islunu with their wounded. Reinforcements have been sent to the scene of action. Itodnry, Mitt., April 10. Yesterday Maj. Harrison moved up near the enemy above St. Joseph's, La., and opened with twelve and six pounders. The enemy re- filied with one piece, which was soon si enced, and the enemy withdrew. Sev eral shells from our batteries exploited in ttie midstof the enemy. No casualties on our side. CliaUanonqa, April 10. We laave nothing additional from the front today. Eighteen prisoners, captured by Von Horn, near Franklin, reached here today. Parties who came through the Yankee lines report that the Conlederate prisoners were liberated from their guards by the citizens of Mount Sterling. Indiana. ISurnside is at Louisville, with twenty thousand nu n. Chiittauovija, April 10. Van Horn's cavitary have succeeded in capturing one gunboat and two transports on the Cumberland river, near Paimyra, which were burnt. A grand review took place to day- at Tulluhomn, Jiirinon, April 11th. Intelligence from Greenwood says that tiie enemy in Muck Buyou are retiring towards the liver laying even thing waste through the whole country. Intelligence from Grenada Rays the river is patroled by seven gunboats, l ive tnnspoiN with cavalry passed up the Mississippi on the 7th inst. Ali nine tr iusporis with infantry, and 80 freight boats loaded down. The enemy are reinforcing all the depots on the Memphis and Charleston Railroad. A wagon train of tents went east from Mem Ji is. Giant has reached Memphis. A special to the Appeal from Senatobia says thirty boats inn! twelve gunboats have gone up from Memphis to operate on the Cumberland. Heavy shipments aie made on the Memphis and Charleston Railroad from Corinth. The merchants are shipping their goods North, or.d the sutlers are soiling their wagons. A great strategical movement is on foot. Richmond, ApilH.--TlieSenate was chiefly oeupied today in discussing the bill to con fiscate, lease, hold, interest and shares in stock abandoned by alien enemies in the telegraph lines. Further consideration of the hill was postponed until tomorrow. The tax and exemption bills are now pending before the committee of confer-enee. The House passed a joint resolution declaring that martial law in tiie sense of arbitrary suspetision of all tho laws and civil jurisdictions cannot exist within the Confederate States, nor in any sene, only by virtue of legislative authority. Also pas-ed a bill to regulate newspaper postage. Jaokm. April 14. A large fire occurred last night nbnve Vicksburg, supposed to be a Yankee transport. ' A special to the Appeal, from.Mur-flreesboYoT 8lh,"says WiMer's brigade returned with many forces. Sixty contra bands were shot and hung, several of them being clothe! in lankei! uniforms. Charleston, April 14. All quiet to-night. The enemy occupy Coles Island, Kiawah Island and Seabrook's Island in considerable foroe, and is protected by a few gunboats. All his trausports have left this vicinity- llchLmj, April 14. All quiet here today. One transport with troops has left. The fleet left this morning. Many tents mid a dozen transports are still in sight, Jitcfotm, April 14. Grant and Sherman left in a flag ship yesterday. The enliro Moon Lake expedition has gone down the Mississippi. Forty transports, containing mostly cavalry left Memphis since the 4th inst. Cairo, April 8. The gunboat Cincinnati has been disabled. Stegal's bi.ttalion arrived in Washington on the 8th. Fears are entertained of an invasion of Maryland. BUgf" A late copy of the Louisville Journal announces that Surgeon Johnson u younger son of Andrew Johnson, wap thrown from his horse in tho streets of Nashville, a short tine since, and instantly killed. JfaS Provisions are very high in Nashville. Eggs are retailed ut 40 cents per dozen, sugar at 3 j cents per pound, cof-feo at 50 cents per pound. RAGS! RAGS! "RIGS! Wo will pity Cash for all tho eluuu Cotton and Linen Rugs that may he olTcied. Without Hags it will bo impossible horvaflor to obtain an ample supply of Printing Tper. So we are advised by the Papor-muker. Tribute of Respect. Hiwasske Loik, No. IRS, ) Calhoun, Tenn., April II, lHfl.t. J At a regular meeting of suid Lodge tbo follow ng proceedings were bad, to wit : Wiikiibas, It has pleased tho Allwise Ruler of tho Universe to remove from I hi transitory ex Islence our worthy brother, William Mki.tos, who departed this life on the 28th day of February, lHn.'l, in tho 25th year of hia ago. at Vicksburg, Miss., of sioull pox. Urothor Melton joined Capl. W. L. Lafforfy's Company on the ldih day of July, Iss2, and has offered up bis lifo as a sae-riflco upon tho altar of his country, lie loavos a wife and child to mourn bis loss. Urothor Melton was a consistent. uiomhorof tho Melbodist Church. Iltiulmd, That in tL doalb of bro. Melton this Lodge has lost a worthy hroiher, and the community in which be lived an upright and good cilisen. Ritoh'd, That In condolence for our deceased brother, tbo members of this Lodge wear the usual badge of mourning Tor thirty days. AWnrf, That a copy of these resolution! be sunt the Athens Post for publication, and that a copv also be forwarded tbo family of our departed brother. W. I. 'IM VLS, Sn'n ma Inn, IlKAnVfARTKllS HOTll TkK!. Vd.S. I fanp nenr Vicksburg, Miss., Jan. tj lttfi3. ( EJilnr tai Sir: Allow a eomrjtdo in arms to pay a last tribute of respect to a deceased soldirr through year coi'imnf. Private Wit. Haiuiison win bofn and' raled near Philadelphia, Teun.t enlisted In September last In Capt. Griihb'i Cn. ((,) Col, Jtowan a (Beth) Regiment Tennessee Volunteers. He was killed on Sunday, the 2lh ult., in the fearless dlsrbarge of hit dutias. IU wmi model aoldiet. ever ready and prompt to perform hi duty-i-llsed by all who knew b.lm. It will be some consolation to bit friends lo know that bafell gallantly fighting, with hla fare to the foe. No mnre noble spirit bat yielded and breathed Its last upon tbe blnod-rtalned battle Balds of tbia revolution, than Wm. Harrison's. Ha ll. cn 'oin bed upoa tbe lielfbti ererlneking be (real i'hrf waters, foms three miles frr-oVhksWg. K, we' '-' C:i.f4.vy.:y.Aiirt BY THURSDAY'S MWL To Provide for the Funding and Farther Iisuc of Treasury Note. Fectio 1. 7 kr Cvnyit tf Ikr ("oaVA "lie Utatt if A neut-.i tio; That ail Trwury Doles sot bearing iLlernel issued prevwue u lue Drat day of December, eighteen hundrei and sixty two, shall be fundable in eight percent, bonds or stock, until the twenty setvnd day of April, eighteen hundred and aiity-thr; ibat from thai date until the first day of Augiul, eighteen hundred and lixly-tbree, tbey ahall be funded in seven per cent, bonds or slock, and after the aaid Brit day of Aup-ist, tbey shall n longer be fundable at the pleasure of the holder, but ahall be receivable in payment of publie duea, except Ike export duly en cotton, aud payable six snoutbt alterlhe ratification o' a treaty of peace, a specified en Ibeir face. All Trcury notes not bearing interest, issued after the tut day of l)a-ceitVir, eighteen hundred and sixty-two, and witbin ten dsyt after the passageoi Ibis act, shall be fundable in seven er cent, bonds or stork until the (nt day of August next; ar.d after the aaid irat day of August, shall be fundable only in b nil bearing interest at the rate of four per cent, per annum, and payable at any time nut exceeding thirty years trom the date thereof; and all such notes not funded shall be receivable in payment of all public dues, except tbe export duty on cotton, and shall be payable six mouths alter Ibe ratification of a treaty of peace beiwecn the Confederate government and the United States. All call eertiticates bearing eight per cent, interest, shall, with the accrued interest, be fundable on or before tbe first day of July, eighteen buu-Ircd and sixty-three, into bonds of tbe Confederate States, bearing interest at the rate of eight per oent. per annum, and payable at any time not Xf-usding thirty yeara afier beirdate: Wirferf, That the acrucl mp-ren aforesaid mny. at ibe option of the bolder, be paid instead of being funded. All call ceruhcati-soi every description, iisten-riM- ihe fiit day f Jul eighteen hundred and sniy Ihrco, hall, after that date, be deemed lo be bonds bearing an annum intercut of six per cent., and payable at a dale not exrocding ihirry.venr from tbe said SrM day of July, eib-temt bjSHdiU sixry-tlirer. 2. lu lieu of the power heretofore given by law to tbe ScereUry of the Treasury, to issue Treasury notes, he shall be authorised to issue monthly, an amount of such notes, bearing no inieresi.nol exceeding fitly millions of dollars, which shall bo receivaide in payment of all public dues, except the export duly no cotton, and payable within two years after tbe ratification of a treaty of peace between tho Confederate States 4i. d the United tiiates, and fundable at Ibe pleasure of tbe holder, during twelve uionlhl from the first dy of the month of their issue, in bonds of tbe Confederate States, puyahlo at auy time not exceeding thirty years ul'i?r dato, and bearing rr-tel of inlerot na follows: It funded within twelve months from the first day of tbe month of ibeir issue, tbe bonds shall bear six per cent, inters.-! Hir it ii n ii in ; if funded after that period they shall tie fundi! hie iuto bonds bearing four per cent.' inlet-nit per umiinn. These notes shall bear upon iheir luce the month and year of their issue, and if not funded, ahall be paid at the lime specified op their face without intorest. Ski'. 3. After the passuge of this act, the authority heretofore given lo issue call eertilieutes hall cease, but the notes fundable into six per cent, bonds may lie converted ut the pleasure if the holder, into call certifivale. bearing interest at the rate of fire per cent, per annum, from Ihe date of their issue. That every such certiticato shall hear upon its face Ibe monthly date of the oldest of the notes which it represents, and Iw convertible into like notes nt Rny time within six months from the first d.iy of the month of its monthly date aforesaid idit every certificate uot reconverted within six months from the drtt day of Its monthly date, shall be exchanged for n bond payable at tiny time not exceeding thirty years from the expiration of the said six lui'iiths, und bearing interest nt the rate of six per centum per unnuni. Treasury notes, which by the operation of this act become fundable into tii-niU bearing a yearly interest of four per cent., may lie converted, nt the pleasure of (lie holder, into call ceriificatcs bearing interest nt the rate of four per cent, per minimi, from their date until reconverted r paid; the said certificates being rccon-verlible at any t me by the holder into notes fu&dable in fuur per cent. boud. und payable ana receivable as heretofore prescribed, but the said certificates may be redeemed by tho government after six months from tho ratification of n treaty of peace between the Confederate States and the United Slates. 8 so. 4. That all bonds or registered stock au-tkorited lo ho issued by tbia a-t, shall he payable nt less :ben thirty yiMirs utter data; but r bull be redeemable five vuars after date, aj tbe, pliuiaucei. f toe yirnnnfrrv'inr'BTia stall" hY o"a,r raea conform to existing laws. 8bo. 5, The fieerottry of the Treasury ahall .... an sltanoaeble means in the Treseury, which can beappliud tn thaa imrposd wilboul injury to tho public, interest, to tbe purchase of Treasury notes bearing no interest, and issued after the passage of this act, until the whole umouut of Treasury notes in circulation 'hall not exceed one hundred nnd sovonty-fivo millions of dollars Sr.c (I. Tbo Treasury notes horehy allowed lo bo turned, shall be of any d 'nomination of not less than Geo dollars which is now authorized by law. that the Secretary of the Treasury my direct. Iho authority hereby given slmll cease at 'ho expiration of the first action of Congress, after the ratification of n treaty of pence, oral tho cud of two years, should the war continue so long. Skc 7. Iu addition to tho authority hereinbefore given to tho Secretary of tho Treasury to is-sue Treasury notes, he shall he allowed to issue notes of the denomination of ono dollar, and of two dollars, and of fifty cenls, to euoh an amount, as, iu addition to the notes of the denomination of one dollar, hcrotofoio issued, shall not exceed the sura of fiftocu millions ot dollars; and said notes shall bo payable six months after Ibe raii bullion of a treaty of poaco hotwoen the Confederate Staies und tho United States, and receivable in payment of all public dues except the export duty on eotlnn, but shall not be fundable. Skc. ft. That the Socretnry of tho Treasury bo authorized to sell bonds bearing six per cent, intorest per annum, and payable as hereinbefore directed, at par for Treasury notes issued since the first day of December, eighteen hundred and sixty-two, to such of the Confulernto Slates as may dosife to purchase the snme: or ho may sell such bonds, when guaranteed by nny of the States of tho Confederacy, upon such plan as may be determined by the Secretary ot tbe Treasury, for Treasurj notes on such terms as ho may deeia ud-risable. to tho highest bidder and not below par: I'rot'iilrtf, Ao,ceei-, That tho wholo uuieunt of pilch bonds shall not exceed two hundred millions of dollars: Ami prmiitnl, fwihtr, That tho Treasury notes thus purchased idinll not be reissued, if tho effect of such rcissuo would be to hierwise the whole amount of Treasury boles, bearing no interest, which are in cireu)lii-n, lo a sum greater than one hundred and seventy-five millions of dollars. And tho Secretary of tho Treasury is nhjo uuth irixed, nt his option, after the first of July, eighteen hundred nnd sixty-three, to issue and sell, St Hot less than par, us cstimuted in Treasury notes, coupon bonds of tho Confodcrute Stales, bearing six per cent, interest per annum aud payable as hflreinheloie directed. The aaid coupons to be paid at Lite pleasoro of the owner, cither in the eXirreitry In which Interest Is paid on other bonds of the Ceo federal States, or else in cotton ooriltfciirtee whioh pledge tbo government to pay Ihe same in cotton of Ihe quality of New Oilcans middlings. The said cullon lo be paid ut the into of eight-ponce starling per pound, aud to bo delivered ut any liuie tvilbiu six mouths after the ratificsliou of a Irouty of peace betwoen the ConfoiU-iiiie States and the Uniltd Slates, at nny or all ot the ports of New Orleans, Mxbilo, Savin, nab, Charleston or Wilmington, as the Secretary of tho Treasury may direct: Voci'uW, hmrri.r, Tlml ihe bonds, hereby authorised, shall not oxcecd one hundred millions of dollars, and shall be applied only to the absorption of Treasu ry nie;cai proscribed In this set. Sec. P. That it shall be tbe duty of the Secre tary of Treasury immediately after Iho posi-ago of this act, to make publication of a copy thereof in each Slato, In at least two newspnperi, published in I lie Stale, and to have said publication con tinned until Iho first day Cf August, eighleeu hundred and sixty-throe. Approved March 23, 1883. April 17-tdAug-7oO CONGRESS. ,74r We are authorized and requested to an nonnce tho name of Hon. SAM. A. SMITH, of llradley eoiiuty, as a candidate for Consrcai in this (the Third) Congressional District. ,tr Wo am nathorlrad to anouuiicu the name of Gun. JOHN C. VAUGHN a. candidate for Congress, to ropruscttt the 3d Coogseasiunal District, at election. We are aulhoriied and requested to an nounce Col. WM. L. MtKINLKY, of Meigs, aa a candidate for Cougress, for the Third District, tV Wa are author.ied and rociiiested to an nounce Mil. L. ft. HI RST, as a candidate for Joiut Reprosen la-tire for the district composed of the oounueaot Moigs, folic and .McAlton. Wt tre kejthorised and requested loan-, no'uoce PILAR 0. LATHAM as a candidate for Jilrt Repraaentat'.Te for tbe Dlitrte' snnnoied ef f j r-Mivr 'f ij. ifo.'t i.e. y.u.z2. NuLce 1 1 C sirLpfa aad Other. OmCK i JMM A.N OAXT U COXSt RII'Til. I Ksuxvitte. Ta., April ljvj. ' j I Persons ad litriu.:g cumainm-auMi,H u, tjlla I trice s-r to Department ai Kichmond, to In re-i ferred to this i-fEce aro n-i:ui-ate I iu ci,- ibeir poat vthce soar. Many aurb communication bare beta anaaswend rreue of Ihe wnurra' failure te ase this precaution. Prrtoai who hae lcu eurolled aa eonaerlpta are not allowed to join eompanie without first reporting themselves at tbia office and being regularly examined and assigned. Eurolled men who cannot he accounted for lo tbia office, are reported aa deserter, and will be treated a such, whenever apprehended. Subsiitutee for enrolled conscript cannot be received in regiments r companies without being first examined by Surgeons expressly appointed for Ihe purpose, nnd all enrolling officers are hereby d reeled bo I lo regard -discharges iVir having furnished substitutes, unless given in accordance with tdrse instructions. Until ibe first of May next, all enrolled men in Ea-t Tennessee who will report themselves at this office and tnoe iu .Middle Tennessee who will report themselves at the cempnf Instruction at Fayetterille, will be assigned to any of tbe old. regiments they may select. This does not exempt conscripts from liability to arrest in those counties alreadv called. By order of Lt. Col. E. D. BLAKE, Commandant of Cod scripts. T. S. W:n, Adj't, April 17 U -fV Tenuemef papers copy one week and send bills to Col. Clake. OFFICE OF C0M DT OF CONSCRIPTS, ) Kuoxville, Tenn., March 11, 1H?3. J Having been informed -that there are In East Tennes'ee a number of officers under the order of Oeneral Pillow, or Honcrit! Bragg,- to procure recruits this is to notify such officer thdt tbey will be held responsible fir any Interference with the operation of the conscript law, and enrolling officers are directed to report to me any interference on the part of such officers, and they will allow no pOTaotia onroU i conscripts u be traiiiiferred to miy other - than such officers as may have written ordere from me. 1 B. D. P.LA K B, Ll. Cel. C. B. A., Commandant of Conscripts. March 20, t8o3-5t74 Tenuessee pawra copy fire times and send bills to me. . Notice. All absentees belonging to Co. D, 16th Battalion Tennessee Cavalry, are hereby ordered to report to tbo undersigned at Sweetwater, on Sunday, the 19th day of April, IHR3; and also Lieut. Montgomery, of Co. A, wilh the absentees belonging to snid Company, on the day and date above mentioned. You are ordered to be prompt in your attendance. The Kuoxville Daily Kcgistor and Cleveland Banner will please copy three times and send charges to the undersigned, st Sweetwater. I). I.. HASSLER, Capt. Commanding Co. D, Battalion Tonn. Cav. April 8, 1S63 3t OFFICE OK DEPOSITARY, 1 Kn-oxvii.i.k. Ten., March 20, lM. J . I am otilhoriied by the Secretary of the Treasury to givo public notice that all Trensnry cotes not bearing interest, and dated prior to December I, 1SH2. are entitled to be funded at this office in eight per cent, coupon bonds, up to the22d April ensuing. Notes which bear date subsequent to December 1, 1SC2, con bo fundod in bonds at the into only of seven per cent., or in stock certificates bearing a like interest. Iutorost bearing miles of f 100 each will still be exchanged for Ibe 20, $ iO, and $100 issues uf tho lloyer i, Ludwig plates. jP-'V East Totnessi-o papers copy to April 22, and send duplicate bills to this office for payment. J. G. M. RAMSEY, March 27, ISfiJ-757 Depositary. OBITUARY. Col. Stasto.h W. Lkuty departed tail life nt his residence, in Rhea county, Teuuessee, on Sub-hath cvoning, April 6th, 1H63. He was born February 14th. 1 it2 1 united in marriage to Miss Harriet 0. McDonald Nov. 21st, 1850. Col. Lculy was a kind husband, a good neighbor, a firm .Southern rights man, and a most kiud end affectionate father. Ho has left a widow and four interesting children to mourn the irreparable Iom, but they mourn not-ss those who have no hone, for he (ought with many prayers and tears the pardoning love or Ubnat unring nis laat -illness, and about two weeks bviorn his dotih,-oa ide?4'b (tl Uaralv ia Wm ! wrt re, be "W. powerfully umwl. mtut minb-ad in thai u which pacseth knowledge. On the Stat March, bejvineU ihoCbureb, saying ha ought to have doste o yeara ago. He manifested a great desire to get well for a few days after bis conversion, if it were ihe will of Ood, 'saying be might do some good yet in the world; but his constant prnvcr was "Thy will bo dono, not mine, 0 Lord." When he saw be was going, be called his relations to him and gave them tbe last farowoll, asking them to meet biui in beavon. llodid not linger long after iuis. iu answer to too question, is Josus with you now in this trying hour? he raised his hand and waved it in triumph. He laughed in cestacy not uiuro than ten minutes before he died, and then uttered the last words which evor came audibly from his lips, which were "Jesus has blessed uy soul." He retained bis reason to the lust, and desired that I should warn his friends not to put off a preparation for death as he had done, to a sick bed. T. K. Mtissiv. Sulphur Springs, April 9, 18B3. SALES COTTON YARNS. MT. VERD COTTON MILLS. THE DAYS, WEDNESDAYS AND FRIDAYS, ewnmenring at 9 o'clock, A. M. No variation to this rule, except wuen parties bring provisions to barter. KING 4 ALEXANDER, April 17, 1863 31-760 OCOEE ACADEMY. TIIETRUSTEUS'OP THIS INSTITUTION If Ol V FuUilp hid nrviwi w a 1J. IVllLBORn, A. I)., for tbe Session commencing April 13th, IK:t We have Iritul thn .uid Mllhnrn tr .1....1 eigjit yoari, and can say to the public that he is a uoiupuivii. .iuii Kfi instructor, ana noons no pafBog from us. Tbero aro hundreds of young men who can and do testify of hit nhility. Owing to tho state of offairs, wo bavo employed him to take charge of tho Fomnlo School, but will take in boys, Tuition, per month, 1st Class, $1,50 " " 2d Class,. ................ .... 2,00 " " Advanced Class, 3,00 lly order of the Rord. W. (1. WHITEHEAD, Soo'y. Benton, April 17, lsh3-8b-7H $150 REWARD! 7 ," flMlE FOLLOvVIXll PERSONS ENROLLED X as Conscripts In tho 3d Civil District, Khca oounty, Teuuessee, have failed to roport as required bv law t , REUBEN W. PORTER. ..37-yoars old, 5 feet 10 inches high, dark complexion, black eyes, light hair. , JOSEPH EATON...37 years old. 5 foet7.lncb- es biiih.fair romplcxi..n, dark eves, light huir. W. J. J'ORTKRY.,,87 veers old, 6 feet 2 inch- 61 high, dark complexion, blue eyes, black hair. . THOMAS 11UDI1EONS...23 yoaraold, 5 fect I inch high, fair complexion, grey eves, light bair. OKOItiJE W. MONROE... 23 years old, i foot 7 inches high, fair complexion, blue eyes, dark balr. . . ' A reward of t.lfl oaeb will be naid for fh an. prehension and delivery of tho above named deserters at tbe Camp of instruction at Knoxville. transportation turnished l y the Wovcrtiniorrt. ' liy order or Lt, Col. E. I). Blake. . , II. WASS0M, . Enrolling Officer 3d Civil District, April 17, 18i1.')-3t-7n0 State of Tennessee, Cumberland county. I.OI STT tOBIITT, ArWL SXSSIOM, 186.3. ' John 8. Brovlea, Flnaea Broyles, N. C. Brnvleu i,roy loyior ann n. n. tayior, nis wife, thaa. B. Eastluna and Sarah E., bii wife, ea. W. H, Stookdon and Emaline. bis wife. William rleeioi and Mary A., his wife, Q. M. Hill and i Ll ! r i.i . . . 1 ne, nia wtie, ana me neiri 01 Ira V. Brovlea, deceased. Villi In Sttl Latin1 anil ffrnrnt, 1 IT APPEARING TO THE CftHNTY COURT of taid county thai the defendants W. H. Stockdon and KmaUne, his wife. Willi am TtjLfin and Mary A., hlr wife, and Q. M. Hill and Jan, his wife, and tbe hrlrs of Ira D. Brnylea, deeeaai ed, are noo-reeldents nf tha St.u nr T.n .... ii i. irnninn ornerea ny in unort that publication bamade in the Athena Poat for four luccea; sive weeks, requiring said defendant to appear at the next term of tbe Cnnrt, to be bald In Croai. vllle, on tha first Monday in May, 1883, or tbe sama will baaaifoy hearing s pars as to tbeo. I JOHV B. NAIL, OUrk. FOUR NEGROES FOR SALE. VrAMLi OK Hil II NEiUiOto. t't'N-iur uf a Man, Woman, and two Hoy e ui.oieu, iur aad a. a yeara old, can Iw bought io. it applbauc b maite eouu. The man is 4.1 7ar onl and ie an excalleat wok and bouse servant ould suit a kotet er market garden. Tbe Wi""' l"4 weaker and iron at, .19 year) obi. The Bya, likely and h.aiihr. Enquire of O. r. tviaa. April IT, 188J-2t-T!0 COMMITTED JO JAIL, ttfONTHK Ut. INST., A NEQRO MAN", H Sboayi his nam!. Uwis; ssts he be-jja K'Bga to a man by the atn 0f Duncan (TV Oreebamt savs be livea ta Pi, eountv, aslaW Alabama. The owner is request. t coma lorwe'd, prove properly, pay chargea and take bim aay, or he will be dealt with according to law. WM. Bl'RK, Jailor and (sheriff. A beua, Tenn., April 17, lttM-tf-760 Extensive Sequestration Balo of REAL ESTATE. "IY VIRTl'K OF A DECRKK OF THBCON. ll r.l, nim RiMa Di.trirt Court for lb East ern District of Tennessee, tbe undersigned will sell lo the highest bidder on tbe list day of April next, at his office in Knoxville, Tennessee, aboai ' Sixty thousand Acres of Land, lying In tbe counties of Polk and Monroe, in the but of Tennessee, in tho Ooo L'litrie First, a large quantity in 2d township, rang 3d, Fad of Ihe basis line, and first fractional township, Sontb, same range, containing about twenty five thousand acres, formeily belonging to Edward Bnver t Christian Diettch, of New York. Also, afi undivided hair of about sixty tho. sand.aerua. lying in the Xd, 4th at.d 6tb rang Kuit, in Folk county, and the d, 4th and 6t range East, in Monroe county bcrof tbe liuidt belonging to Wm. 8. Wotuore, of Iew Kork, K, Sieiensou, Juo. M. Cess, aad the eatate of Aaron V. Brown, deceased, of Tennessee. 1 TbfcaeWd. abound te -anrnorais, and wr purchased by the proprietor, all Ben of excellent iu Igment, a a ! invaaiaaaniot capiial. Com pleto descriptions ran be leen at my oflce and will be exhibited on Ike day of aadf.v1- Teruia one Lair cah, and the bolaae In six and twelve months, with notes and Maturity and a lien retained on tbe lands till payment ta made. . Confederate Notes and Bonds taken In pay-men r. T. J. CAMPtlKLL, Receiver. March 13, 18C3-tds-7SD Kichmond Euquirer.and Atlanta Intelligencer, copy and send bills to me. ;' SEQUESTRATION 8 ALE. THE WETMORE FARMS. Magnificent Estate. T)Y VIRTUE OF A DECREE OF THE COX-J) federate Slates Distiict Court for the Eastern District of Tennessee, I will sell te the highest bidder on the 21st day of April next, at my office 01 in front thereof on Uay street, Knoxville, that splendid property known as the Wetmore Farms in Polk county, containing upwarda of four thousand acres, beautifully si'uated at tho base of Chilboweo Mountain, on the Hiwassee river, ten miles east of Charleston Depot, on tho East Tennessee and (ienrgia Railroad, and three mile distant from the Court House of Polk county. The lands aro a level plain, exceedingly fertile and in a high stalo of cultivation, whilat the water powor is unsurpassed fcv any in the Confederate Slates. The property is subject to a profitable lease of five yeurs, in excellent hands, and the lessee bound by written articles under penalties of forfeiture to take cc of tho property and return tbe same in as good condition us when leased. Terms of sale one half ensh, the balance in six and twelve months, with bond and security, and a lien retained on tho land. Confederate Notes or Honda taken in piyment. The property will b divided to suit purchasers If deemed advisable on Ihe dav of sale. T. J. CAMPBELL, Recoivcr. March 13, 18B2-tds-755 Notice to Ilorse and Cattle Grazers! ALL PERSONS ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED that Government cattln will be grated tbia year on the South-east side of Chilhowee Mountain, beginning oppoMto White Cliff Springs and extending from tbunee lo lr. Mauley's, thence to Pnnd Lick Log, and tbenco to Chestnut Spring, on Chestnut Mountain, including the ran go en Bhw'i Mill Creek and tributaries. And no oth-i,i. .vnrtewH be-parmtwee! to mb on aaid deacrik)-ed rstvge thts vear. R. II. WELLS, Ag't. ,:.AprttlO)lH.n3-3m-7n ' . " Insolvent Notice. THE INSOLVENCY OF THE ESTATE OF Ann B. tilovius, dee'd, having been suggest-to tho County Court, of Meigs county, this is to notify all persons having claims against said estate to file them, properly authenticated, within tbe time proscribed by law. E. L. HIGDON, Adm'r. April 10; 18633t7o9 More Likely Negroes for Sale. LATHAM t HOWARO ARE Jl'ST rN RE-ceipt f another lot of prime Negroes twenty iu number. Among them a likely family a man, his wife and tbreo children two or throo good aooks, and several first rate plough boyi. . At their old stand, at Mouse Creek Dopot, April 10, 18tJ3 tf 769 Ten Cents Eeward I "I)ANAWAY FROM TUB SUBSCRIBER, X) living in the 1st Civil District, McMinn county, on the 3d of April, 1813, a bound boy named WM. UNilKKWOOD. Tbe abovo reward will be paid for the apprehension and return of said boy to me; and ull persons are hereby cautioned against harboring bim. JAMES CARTER. April 10, 18fi3-3t-759 . NEGROES FOR SALE. rpBE SUBSCRIBER HAS FOR SALE, AT bis rosidenoe neai Mouse Creek Depot, a lot of Likely Young Negroes. L. R. HURST. Aptil 10, 18o:t-tf7:sp. NOTICE. : TREASURY DEPARTMENT, C. 8. A., ) RicHMosn, March 25, 1863. f To afford additional fr.eilitius for funding Treasury Notes, Depositaries have boen appointed in tbe several Slates, where the Notes can be exchanged for Bonds or Registered Stook. Tbe following are the ofiicers iu the State of Tennessee. ' :? Knoxville J. 0. M. Ramsey, Depositary. ChnttnhoOga Jesse 1 homas, Depositary. (Sijsed.) C. II. MlvMMINGEK, r. -. Secretary of Treaiury, April in, iniM im low 3TE6R0ES FOR SALE. I JtU1EN.C TO A DECRETAL ORDER M itbe Count dart of MeMinn oonnl. tnarfn iu tbo. April turm, 1S03, I will, on Saturday, tho 2d ibiy nf-AUy, -1803, oner for sale lo tbe highest biddnr. at tbo .Into residence of Allen Dodson, .A...' tj..rf.-'J CI-.!..- tt. - rll ! . " ."nfioil n tjiniiuil, iu. lUUOWIIIg UBlit- ed.XEtlJlfiEH, to wit: Dan, agod about 13 years, Jim.' nged Rbout 14 yours, for cash in hand, Maiildo, aged about 23 years, Tora aged abouii 4 vears.'aud Major, aged about 50 yeaia', all of which Allen Dodsnn (lied, soiled and pgsiauedV The lasi ihree mentioned will be told on a credit of twelvefcinntbs. Bcnir and approved security will be required and a lion retained upon said' negroes until tbo pun; hue money is paid. ... - ' ' WM. GEORGE, Clerk. April IU. 18c3(ils pri for, 750 750 State of Tennessee, McMin County. Hiram B. Brandon, vs. . . Attachment. 'James Wade." ' I IM THW CAUSE IT APPEARING' FROM Ihe allitgatiiin iu eomplninunta bill which is worn to, that the said James Wade has ninoved or ao Meaia hiueif, that tha ordinary procee of haw eajMiot be served on bim and hit ellsctiiW ing attached, It la therefore ordered that publication bo mode for four successive weeks in the, Athena Post, newspaper printed, id the town of ' Athen, Tenneaseo, rir tho purpose) of notifying said defendant to appear at my bouse, in the 2d Civil District onhe 13th day of May, 1883, and make dnfonce to complaitianti claim. or the lama will be Iskea ail oohfosiod a.d set Jut bearing arjsopfe as to bim. . K. M. KOUUEbS, J. F, April 10. 1863-tl-prs 15-759 . TRUSTEE'S SALE; BY VIRTUE OF A btXD OF TRUST EX. ecuteil is roe, hy J. B. Eidridge on the 18th day of April, 1881, for scouring a eerUii debt therein specified,-1 will expo to puhlio sala for ready money,. at-Rirebwood, Haniilt"n eonniy. Tennessee, on Monilav, the 11th of May n" T1IRER L1KELV NEGROES, to win en Wo- , man and two Children, aged about three and tea year. A right will be made to the parehew, vetting eneb till ai is oonveyad t m by aaid trust deed. J- ! Will, Trust. .yri :o, I3-t-r

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