Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 15, 1896 · Page 10
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 10

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 15, 1896
Page 10
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Gladness Gomes W ith & better_uriderstanding of the transient nature of the many phys- iBBlllls, which .vanistv bofore.prpperef' farU—jfcntlb effcrts-^pleaKant efforts— •JfhUy directed. There Is comfort In the knowledge; that so many forms'of ness are'not'due-to any actual- ; dis- ,-bnt simply to a constipated condi- of the system, which the pleasant Uy laxative, .Syrup of Figs, promptly removes. That is -\yliy it is the.qnly IWnedy with millions of families^nndis '•Wrywhere esteemed so highly by.all Who Value goodhealth. Its beneficial • meets are due to the fact, that it is the tnm remedy which' promotes Internal •fcanliness without .debilitut'-Qg the .flsmnson which it acts. It is therefore f important, in 'order .to get its bene- l effects,, to note when you pur- 6,' that yon have the pennine arti- », which is manufactured by .the Culi- JdrniaFig'SynipCo. only and sold by ,»llr«pnt»blo druggists. ' •'•• ' , ; II in the enjoyment of pood health, and the system 'is regular, laxatives or •Other remedies are then not needed. If jrfUcted with any actual disease, ono mmf be commended to the most skillful ••Aysicians. but if in.nvccl of a laxative, file should ha vo the best, and with the •JWlMnformed everywhere, Syrnp.pl J9In stands hiphrst imd is most largely —--1 and gives m« ^t general satisfaction. Keep Cool by Using THE KELLEY Slower Bail) RING . Hot Water . , . '.' Proof Hose (3 EiptfSS id, 860. Prevents Wetting Bead • yioor'or : Walls. flornlws Water CloaeU, Send for catalogue . ,. Proof: Water: ClCMti,' Self-Acting Water .ClOKtf. K*nj Slop and Waste Cock. THOS.-KELtV & BROS., No. agi, Madison Street, Chicago. . B. P. KLOTZ, PASTOR O. B CHURCH. ,t:,7f!.. . • • •. , , ind.,.8ept. 8,,188«. .. Pepsin Syrup Co.: i ' • , ; Dear '.Sir:— I have been afflicted orer twenty years ; wlth dyspepsia; or sour •tomach. I have tried different rem* ilea without much benefit. Finally 1 Mmgnt '8 iO-cent 'bottle of Syrup Pep>. fin and found that It benefltted me.'. 1 MB •convinced that It will.do what It ta recbmmeoded when -taken according it.dlMctlon*. i'ba™ taken nearly one bottle and feel like a different person. ,'••; B.. P. KLOTZ. For sale by B. P. -Keeallng; . Three' awolUtisr ; 'houses -ait ! : -Whiting. were struck by lightning iilgiWt 'before. last/and'-tlM 'catholic church at Scherer- Tille wne pamtlnily destroyed. _••••- .. 1: ' ••""'" """ . '.I Many a -' Say's , : work, ,1s loet^by.slck headache caused/; by; indigestion and •tomacb ;• troubles;' .peWitra, Little; Early -Risers, are tie moat effectual: pill for overcoming such difficulties.— Jno.i M. Johnston.- - '•••- '.•-'• •'. ' 1 Tt.C: Bowser of Elwoofl'lias an 'apple -free, -with). ripcaKsd.; s flruii.t . -on ', many. toranicllicB, .while,' :other branches : are ; covered, with bloom. • :• . "Boys will be boys," bnt .you.-can't afford to lose any, of them, Be ; ready: foir :the green apple season by having'- DeWltt's 'CoMc * Cholera Cure In tbe| honse.— Jno. M. Johnston. Poison Ivy, Insect bites, brnlsce, scalds, buniB, are^qnlckiy cured .by .De-, Witt'* Witch Hazel :Salye, the great pile CT|r«.- r Jno.M. Johnston. ' • The whole .system ,is drained and> undermined by Indolent ulcers and open \ •ores. D«Wltfs. Witch .Haart Salve speedily heals them. It » the best pile core- known.— Jno. Mi' JobnBton. , JVftlAT •AH *•• merit: of ; Hood's Sarsaparilla, Hood's Smaparilla.ielU because It •ccompllibes CHEAT CUMIt. StorieB Told, of the Father of : t6« Domopfatio Loader. V 'flow De Secured'» Confemlon from * Mot Thief - W»toheO_ Over_ by k ' Special DUpeuimtlon—Supreme Court W»» Wrong. . • . . .Judge. J. M..xDillv:pfBelleville, 111., an old friend of Judge Silas L. Bryan, father of. the brilliant y.oxiug.N.ebr.aekaii, -tell* this'Etoryd'f'.theoldgentJeihaji: "Many ycars...ago,.,when old Judge BrynA lived at Salem, 111., he.had.anian hvorklbg'for him by the name of Isabell. He was one of. thp»e..poor, no-account iort of : chaps, with' a'w'ife and ab'rood of rage*d chUdren.-and one night it 'came lo. pass that some one broke Into i'th'c judge's smilieho^'anaitole'ahdni and a side of bacon:-' The'judg'i WAa'very \vrathy at,first, butwh'en'-henjepan to In- vestignte he found-w.hu>. he considered julniost.positlvetprciof that'thjs .unlucky 'lienchraan had taken,,the stnff. ; So, on talking pver the;mutter..wlth hus good wife he concluded to tiay-uothingabout .the matter. Isa.bell came;to;>york that .morning, .but he.,evidently; had .something on-' his mind, and .linnlly, squirming round to. w.here the judge ,wiu», said: .'Soy, je.dge, .1! understand,, that your .smokehouse .war: broke into last evea' an' some side meat stole? Her yer any idea who tuk it?" ---. •' -• "-Isabell,': said the judge, in his eofi whisper-like voice, 'there are four people who know anythiug-n-boutthnt matter.. One is myself, one is my wife, one •is God Almighty—and' I guess you're I'he other one^'Isabeli:'" ,, Isabel! broke down when the nccosn- •tion 'was sprung on him in filils way, but'what was done in the mat.ter Jlr. Dill did not Buy. .The -told gentleman came into Sfr. Dill's office one inorning: and began n:-: follows: "I overslept myself thie rooming, and when I pot up I dressed In a hurry, nnc] in my huste put on another pair of pants-from the onfs I had bep.n wearing, and hurried to the depot to take the train from -Chester-to P.inck- neyville. I did just catch the train, and 'by and by I saw the conductor coming; I put my hand to my pocket 'JUDGE SILAS L. BRIAN. to get out the money for'my fare, wh<-n all. at .once. I: found that I'd .not a, cent. with me, having left all my cash in niy other pants: I was in -.a terrible quari- dary,!,and in' my. desperation I rose from my seat - and .walked down the nisle of 'the car quite to the end, and do you know that I suddenly saw a pocket-' book,'lying.on the :floor, which, when I'picked it up and opened it, contained Sufficient to ,pay soy. fare,.to. Plnckney- villc. You can..talki'.ajl,you. iwantto, Dill,-; there is a .special .dispensation; watches -over'people;when they'are iif trouble'."'' '.-' . .\..'.'.,'•• '... ','.'-;-''--!•'"•-' '•'. ,'!And then.V said Mr. Dill, "L asked, hlm-how about 1 the folks-that lost'tliej jiocketbook..that .you:found;,and.'.used; the .money. .Wwi.-no.speci'al providence; looking'.out'for'thom, too-? -' • •• ; '• -••; "He stopped 'for .a/minute' .and : an- : Kwered: TVell—no^r.T,', don't, .belley^ Providence was.looking'after.tbein that ; . Judge Brad well;..Nestor of the Chlcj*-; go bar, vouches for the•correctness of, the following:.8tory; which appeared In a local paper: (William J. Bryan, inated by -the democrats 'for . of the United Stnte«,:is » son 'of Silas L. Bryan; : who was'for.Bli-'y.e'arB circuit* judge' of'' the' Second-'circuit • In this* state.--- •• '-•'•'• •'-•:•'•"".<• •• •> -;'.'-' 1 "Judge Bryan wos'-in' 1 the habit of opening • his ' court with'prayer.' 'Ho" claimed :that the Lord directed.him' in^ making bis decisions/. He would some-; times,-when in doiibt- In ithe..mlidst'.of A' oil-kneel. down:iipdni.ihe'iberich-ani.li\ ..~lc Divine direction. A; noted: Peorto lawyer,"meeting.'the ;judge one; day rtn the; street :after the:court had reversed fcixofhiacases,said:.:':. r' - -'- ••>' i:; 14 'I see, judge, that the supreme court has. reversed;.the'I/ord in six oaseB. What" have 'you', got fo>ay about ii? /I thought you decided^ your coses, und?^ Divine'direction;?.', ,;.. - ; .! ...... ,;.-;- : "Thereupon the judge replied: . . , "The supreme court is.wrong.'" .-;• i: Bnll Fltbt«ioD'Bloy«l«». •'";"'•''.' The latest thing in Spanish bull figh'ts : ; is to put the matador on'a^lcycle in- : itcid of a horse, CarlosiHodriguez; a well-known cyclist; and : Badila, the picador of .the- Quaarllle -d«"MazzanOni;' both entered 'the nrena'latery i^MadrW; : mounted on cyblea. Rodriguez' soon' rnn away from the, Bull, 'but Badila, the picador,'stood his!gT6und p .and, ( notbe- Ing able^to turn quickily, enough, was j overtalcen",.,and'bothi,'machine and rider,, toisefl high.Jn' the air by,.the ,infurla(te<J.'. animal'.". .The/rifler. ;was not.hurt, but ; the 'machliw'^s wtiedted.'.beyond .»•• pair../ ..;.,..'• •.- ; -.--::! ',-.1 •••'.- : aod ; orlg*nil d««ig«i : .for btha- ' i 'pettarna; 'pi-lntoi pfcturw ;to. .W;' printed,': oaat;-'' 1 "worked In or on , , It Tirti 1 beeVnoted' tiiB^tnew BOB teen Bb ; drought' )n ! Southern "CaUfornfa ip" ie 'dl«trlc(» l iti&&j&eucsXyiM v. ! a.-j ';.•<-.-! .•:':•,•;://:<: s- '..!'-:"- •-' i:-".- -')'3 •> '^ vdennan, of Dlmon^jile^ Mlcir.;;'.^we are' permitted to make tils extract:'"'.'I have •no .hestltatlon In .recommendiiig (Dr. King's ^ 7 ew Discovery, as;'the• : re«iut». were almost marvelous In the case of my wlf e. ~Whlic"I' was "pastor 'oftlie' Baptist -Church.at : EIves.Junction she ^as brought dowtt wl'th'pne'umoniii succeeding la -grippe/" Terribler paroxysms* of coughing would last hours,with little • inteiTuptlbii and it' eocmed as 1 'if she' '•'could not survive them,; ;iA'frl arid "ri>5- ommende^' DrV ting's N.ew ; plscoTery, !lt was quick In-lts woi ; lt.arid;hlgblyjat- Isfactory. in r'qs.ults,'.',...Trial bottles.,£re.u iat B. ,F. 'KcesUnB'e di'ug.stor.e, . Regular ' .Special Bates yla Pennsylvania Lines "•:' vi : '/ for;Natio,nal''Bncatnpincnt. _,.:>', ^August SOtii and Sls^.and Sapteniber 1st ore'the daites upon which low rate •round-trip'tickets'to'St; Taul"wlU"bo sold•-,via Pennsylvania Lines, the ehort route througliCliitngo. Tickets w "jj?.® 'good'n^uTnin'ff until'"Septcmbor 15ti, •' Tue':.'T;W.enty-aigiit:h United' States tn- ifanitiy. (colored),liioid..!!,reiinJori at S"o- .btesvjiile. G:«xt-g'q,Dcjnpsey : , oif' tli'alt-idty, wsus electediprcstdaot, ;afflid:T. H. Jothu- eoo, o< Rockvlllle, socreitaiy.i '••:'. ''• ELECTRIC BITTERS. ' ;l ' : \ Electric Bitters 'Is a medicine' suited for any season, but, ; pcrDaps more gcn- .crally; needed when-,-, the. languid, ex- •hausted feeling prevails- wnen the liver le'-toi-pld and sluggish and'the need of a tonic and alterative Is felt A prompt use of this medicine has often averted long and perhaps fatal, bilious fevers. No ..medicine' .will act,more, surely In counteracting and freeing the system from the malarial poison. Headache, Indigestion, .constipation,';: dizziness, yield to Electric Bitters, 50c and $1.00 per bottle at B.F. Keeping's drug store. The Elwojod fodJeoiaitl^tt of labor Indorsed ' tlio aottoiQ .of . tibe strl-ktag, tin; plflite.\TOrkeis-ainil will staM by them in -tlmlir itiwiblc. -. and If deposited.,"with the Joint agent ait St. Paul on or before September 15, the return limit will be extended to Include Stptember.'SOtli; .The rates for this occasion ,w-Ill be excep- tlCually low via Pennsylvania Line,?, the only system ot railways over whlcb trains run from Western Pennsylvania, West-Virginia, Ohio and Indiana to Chicago Union Station-,! the"; natural gateway from those States to the Northwest. Dally trains.,from. Pittsburgh, Colmn- bus,.Cincinnati, Indianapolis and^Louls- vllfe make .convenient' connection-at Gliica-go-with' St. Paul tralis;;' 1 AFrorige- mcn'ts' may be ; made by G. A. R.'Poste or paramo)!.friends to travel toge.ther on special tral'ns or special cars that will go through from starting 1 ..poi'nt to the Encampment,withouit change, -If the number -justifies It.-.-Information on the subjeet,,wm be cheerfully furnished by representatives of the 'Pennsylvania Lines.' '';/,.- • ' . '. If you have ever seen' a'little child In the agony of Bummer complaint, you can realize' 1 the danger of the trouble and appreciate the .value of Ihstantan- . eouB,relIef. always afforded .by,DeWitt> M-EE/TING, .KNIGHTS. OF 1 PYTHIAS. •_•..-• . —.L— ~-— ™~- ^™-_i»,^ TJulforau Rank, Cleyolanfl, O., August 23 to 30, 1896. ; Tihe Wabash; wJli;.>ell tickets. August 22, 23,- and . land; at one .fane 'for tli'e'round trip," with .choice of. routes by rail or lake. Tickets; will be good to.-return' to and Colic & Cholera Cure.: For dysentery and diarrhoea-It is a reliable remedy; We could .not afford to -recommend this as a cure unless ft were a'cure.—Jno; >f; Johnston. Noali. Vemon, meor Ingalls, attacked bp bumWo-bees,' struck -nit them viith a toatchet, the blade Mtting:'hlni on the band amd niearly ieeverJing that member: CO^TVENTION Ot Young People's.'Christian Union; Omaha, Nt.b., .August 10 -to 24, ISOfii For this occasion, the Wabash' KM- road will sell tickets from all stations to .Oma'ha, Neb., and return, at one fare fon the round-trip; -Tickets on'sale August 17 and 18'Umlted Tor'rcturn to djindudlng August 24 and '25. 'For fuirpartlcidars,Inquire'of any Wabasb Ticket.Agent''.';_,.., ; -.; ' ; ;. : .-. ,.„•[ $8^00 CHICAGO'TO ST. PAUL AND •< • ;' •''.- RETURN, -.' •;;"' ••;• ; ; On account ctf.thVGl'A. R. Ericamp- ment The.'North-Western Line .(Chicago & •Xp'rth.-Western HallwayX-wJU on Aug- ust'Sl and September.!, 1896, sell excursion! ticket*, from 'Chicago <to St. Paul and'return at'rate ! of'|8.00'for the, round trip/good : for : return passage until Sep-, t'ember 15 : . with privilege,of.'further'ex-: tenslonrto .'September 30,- iSOie, T.ot tickets and full information apply; to agents of connecting; lines,-for address A-.oH.r Waggoner, .T,'P; A.,. T Jackson . ; EJimjer WilIottB,:a£ Andrews, employed as a. Wabaeb--rai;iiwa'y brpkeman, wnfc- strhct''by a'SfwkchriSjtanfl wWUfe holding to a^ car ladder, 'a^nd was 1 'severely, if not, fataDy, hint St Joseph to. a. most. delightful resort. during this extremely torrid weather. Fare for : the round .trip; f 21.00. Train. leay^s' Vandalla Btatlon ^^ at' ; 7:0b ; ;a. ! m;; evety 'Sunday. "';••••;:-"-;'':" ••-•.;, ,,Calyto- : , Armeti-opig,. the. defauittag- depuifcy trcasurcir of Tlptoa county, hav-; ing servod a term of Jmiprlfeoiinwnit,! has" gianie'tb'Jotn-hlB fajther'-im- Tennessee, '•'.' . It 'do'esn'.t. mtttter .'much ^whether slckj headache, blllousneBS, indigestion ; and : consUpatioo are caused by neglect --or' by ' nnayoldable ^clrcuinatances; ,,De-, Witt's Little EarrylRlseM-wJll Bp'eediiy" cure them ' all:— Jnbi^M.'JohMtbn. . .-. Hog' cholera. . prevails, . . fwn. /Many, faiimeiis, have lost entire dictvcs, .iwhll-e- others, . :dreadtog the: 6coutfgo;'thave tourrled their. hogs off- to mairket; ; - ••••••' ' "••'•• • -.• •''" '•'• ' : ; ';*:', Mrs. Fred : .N'atddrm'eyer, . of Posey! ooiuaty, "wMfc draiwing a bucket of .wa- ; motB -per ter, fell into ithe family cistern and was KeeaHng. ^ ; '• tlrowinied., ^ne : yai?' slityi years 'oid...- ' ''•' " — - . Subscrlbo if oi.Th<e. Journal. ~, TAKE TOUR VACATION NOW.. Go to the picturesque Macktnnc Island via the D. & C. (Coast Ltne).- It only costs $13.50 from Detroit,. $15.50. froin Toledo,' $18:00 from Cleveland for th« round trip, Imcluding rn«l'ls : and bertlw! Tickets good tor CO days, bicycles, car* rted free. One tbousairid miles',of'lake, and - lilyer rldlimg on .new .modern steel steamers for the above, rates.-:' Send 2c fqr Ulustrarteti pamphlets. - Address',-'A.' A. Schantz; G: P. A., Detroit.-- / •;; Augue t 81, 18iB6. 'For.".'full particulars 'Inquire of•'Wabash''.Ticket. Agent.'.-, '.',-: , -..' ,-';•;• • •; "BIG FOUR" TO ST. PAUL. C On'account of the"'Tlilrt:eenth,, f ED^ campment^G. A. R., at St-Paul, Minn., Sept. 1 to^i, the Blg^ iFoqr .route ; will sell tickets at one .cent: per mile from stations on Ite lines. Tickets^good going August 30 and 31 and September 1; e'ood returning until Septeinbejr 15,'wlth r privilege of extension until September 30,. 1806, •' See nearest, agent for. partlcu-: lars as to routes..: .-'•"' ' ! CHEAP EXCURSIONS TO WEST AND NORTHWEST. On August 4, 18,. September 1, '15,; 23,' : October 6 and 20, 1886,; The;.North« Western Line (Chicago & North-West-; era RJyj will /seU Home Seekers' excur^ slon tickets.at very low -rates to a large number of point* In the west and north-'; west. For' full Information apply' tu '• ticket, agents-.of^connectinglines, or, ad-; dress W. B; :Kniskem, G. P. :& T. A.,i Chicago, 111: • " •/ '. ' ;'; ; :! WABASH ix)w RATE;, . HomeseekeW! ExcurBl«n,-!Augiiet 18, September 1; 15, 29, arid October' « and 20, 1890. Tickets wlirbe '^. sold.: at one ifare for'the.'riciuiid tiip plus '!f2!0p from : Loga'nsport' to" polhtB'in tne. w ; est, south : and southwest. '/For-f-uU particulars ln- ^ quire of- ; WabOBh : ticket/agent; •-- /;- ;-•' 'EXCURSION-TO; NIAGARA; , On' Au'gust'lS.the 1 WaD'ash" ^H ' '' , . ; cqnipany; ' wBl''rnn, a clijaiix, excursion, •Niagara Falto, -by. special: train. - r B«tel ifrom-'i.Lpgoneport tentc($lb) idollacs f ot'l the rouna trip. Return'llmlt three days r i from date of sale. •''""•': , : :',.'. f:1 ' '."•';.• c. G. : NEWELT;, Agent. , . . r ..... ; /; -./.-. •• . ; .'• - ; i ; • . • l ' ; 'Don't trifle away time when you.^aye •cholera nrorbus . . or , ; diarrhoea;. . Flght- •them In the. beginning', with- DeWJtt'* :ColIc <& Cholera Cure. : You don't have' jto wait - for-reaults. '• They' ' ' are ; Instan- 'taneous.'.and; It '.leaves ^the; ' ;bowela In heaithy condltipn'.-rJno.'.il. Johnston.' v BUCKLEN f 'S . The best salve In .the ; world *oi ; eut«, rulgeg.irores, uicers^ -salt rbeuni.. fever;; «ore«, tetters,'chapped hands.-cfcllblaln corw and .all. skin eruptions'and posl ttrely cureaipJIesrorHnoTpaji'tequired :; tt ; JB guaranteed to ,glve .pi faction or•; money refnndojil: Price b«; For : sate'by ' B - ' ... . The •intense','itiihing ; »nd4mi^inK ind;-' dent to eczem^-tetUir. isJt-rheuaj'aricPotHet. diseases of the skin le instantly allayed ^5' " - 1 01 - ! - 'Thwriefl,.o;t ;cure.;tiiay: *e 'dtocutscd .at. jength-iby physicians, ibat'ithe wifferers. want; quick relief;' and One Minute •l Cough Cure will give It to^tbem. 'A' pafe ; cure, for children.""it/to ".the; only harmless renwdy that prbdncea :imm«di-.; M:"Johnston.'''- ; -." permsinentlT ; c , efficferrt-forltcMng 1 !)!] sd«rJfoifr»oilB-nif » It.. • j. JL .. i •"' icire or g ati BSiototiipBT bbr.r i. c ; $*%&*,-: ^ j^^,. nu . VH .—.—^«—ft in)6n4n bhd bo. : ' J TOPIC, blood 'purifier »n •^;S':'s' c:. : -.i--',-: •;.!' .- c -.f. EXCtTRSiONS FOR INDIANAPOLIS; i ;; '"' : "-;' : ; ; '': : :RACES:;,,-'.^, r .;..;^ i Auig. 8th—22d via' PenMylvanla lines. Low round''; .trip" raibes'i li»; effect from Ijpffan5t|ort' ; for tbie rajceiB at IndliBiia-, ,'return! 'coupons valid August 23,. Tie* v Fr«§ld«intUl Candld»t« iwail was born in Bath, M iii--5lS35i-! ! . ! Ile;bearihis three score years .M'lf-:-thcy .wcre-but-HS.'- ne is of medium height, rather stout build, :TU<3dy "faced; ^eWe'yecTBiid' "generally •well .preserved. f'iFrom.-th*.doya he left school, early ,in tlhe, ,'50,^.to tke-presec t Jie has^be devoted to shipbuilding. His father before him, William D. Sewall, opened, up his shipyards in Bath, Me., in 1825, and from the landing of (.he first chubby, little Diana In that year dowiu-tb the- time the great Btecl steamer Dirigo wan put afloat in 1804 the house of ARTHUR SEWALL. Sewall has led the couufcry in for merchant vessels, and to-day- the house of SewalJ & Soijs owns the largest sailor merchantmen afloat./ The. Sewalls are oii old. and, well- known family on botii sid<fof the water. The first American ScwoU camp to this country in 1G54.V Jnmes Sewall. grunOtather of the sliip-builder, fought in the revolution. He went fi-om York, Me., to Bath, in 1762, and purchased th<: t.ract of ln,nd on which to this diay is located - the- Sewall-ship-yards-and- the- houses of the Sewall family. It te now 71 years since the^Se.waJls began building ships, attd^or^igCthat time they have owned%5 of'tfiem; In politics Idf. Sewall has been a. lifelong 'democrat. He' •' never voted 'any ol.her ticket;:.and 'fbri tie"-past' feight years has been Mai.ne's representativa on tJie democratic national committee until » few days ago, when Dr. S.'H. C. Gordom succeeded him. He woe an' original Cleveland,,man-.nind^followed- the (vircer of the Buffalo titotesman. *jp until a couple of-''years-ago', notwlthi- standing tie fact that he shared something of the j,rotection,vjejv^-'of tijelfttc Sajiniel J.. Randall. 1 ljyig]5/gill.<!ej.' y jflw greenback victory which swept over Maine. Mjj, .Sewal] ,has,been o>,cjoae stu- dent'bf tne' financial q'u'cBtioi). ! J It w<as Mr. Sewall's free coinage pro- clivitieB'-which- led • his" feJlow'delegntcs to leave him off tJie national committee. ....,,.\.:r rf-.-^-: JT ',. x-'"v --. In 1859 .Mr;- Sewa.ll .'married - Emily Duncan Crookes, daughter of a prominent, citizen of Bath. Three children \vere>born. to them, Harold M. Sewall, {Miner consul-general to Samoa, William 'i>. Sewall, a junior member of the shipbuilding firm, aud Dummer Sewall. who died In infancy. Haj-oJd Bewail was'"sent to Samoa 'at the time of the RailJojUJ outbreak, by President Cleveland.'^ Later 'he became a republican a'iid->ai the recent • convention in St. Lou$s he headed a Reed republican club frbm T3»th. HIS FACE HAS CHANGED. CkVdidatc fftfao Doei Mot Look K*w •• .Phi is the new face of William Jen- ningB''Bryan,' democratic nominee for. president. It will not be recognized •very .readily v'by ^tboseVw.ho knew*, him, when;h'e!.wa«' : nota«ifamdus.asi)«-i»7to-r day. It is not the face he wore as con-; pressman. It is not the face he wore OB; editor. It Is the face that came to himj when he stood- up in .the-.Col!iw'um'an'dj ; kn*w that the climax of his life was at hand. The old-time smile, says Jthe; Chicago Times-Herald, left William 1 " Jennings Bryan forever when he began; to make ,:tbati, speech. -The softJines bf-l his kindly countenance were wiped. but, and in their place came those that; are here, topday.— those. that.mcan trag-', edy, seriousness and on 'entirely riewi life. Stern, unrelenting and almost: fierce ore the diffejrent.. expressions;. mingled InBfiJs-ntew fooevThareisnoth-; Ing left pf.the-boy pw»to r of the ^l*^The man Who' ha's seen his f aite has come; »nd tMfi»ew.'fa"c4gsuit3 hlm.;":. ! rh'l*l»>«j copy of the photograph of Mr. Bryan,; i 6Verfehic«jo^Jol: is. The famouB man was just starting:: Out to. faoe.. Jthe, men Knd...women.qverj ••h<Mn : ble"waut« to "rule. Be sat iin the; thne portpaiU of \tbe nominee, t JaJy a few weeKs-ogfbi'- ^ve' ,. The yeai* that are added n he fought a. b*ttl»J —. fads f^In f ^ **% A midicine'as iw.ell a»^n WVIIIW . oth«.tliing«,"-««id ••basy drugg-ist, "but the most Temarkable thlng'Tabouf"Hood's" parilla is that customers who try other remedies all coroo iback'.to.Hood's, and thli ia.vVfby the, enormou».wile*, of ,thi» great mediclno ••• keep up »nd continue the • ^\whole year round, steady • \^a» a clock^ "Why is ifrt" -"O/'simpl^btcaasa Hood'i,Sars«ptrIlla has~inore reaL-.cura- tive merit than «nyme<fJcIne'Tever8old." This ii of dally occurrence In almost every drag store. Hood's Sanaparllla has cored more sickness, and made wore happiness through restoration to health than any other medicine. Hood's Sarsaparilla Ii the itandard—tbe One True Blood Purifier.' Hood's Pills are the.«nlj.pilto to t»fc« 'A SHORT JOURNEY TO CA LiFORNIA IN. "•:';:•;•-:, FIRST CLASS STYLE The Southern Pacific Co. "SUNSET LIMITED" TRAIN. >*«• the Sunset Route—New Orteani to Lo* Angeles and San Francisco. Was discontinued April ICth. The uperlor accommodations given the «re»t number of patrons of the above rmln during the past tourist season, Warrants th« announcenaent of "pUM •r next season of finer iervlce with «galpment superior^.tp .anythlog;: yet ttoWn In tranawntfaeatsltnilnc.' - : ^ v Look for early re-toangnratlon of -'SUNSET LIMITED" tfili falL v For Home Seeskers. The Southern Pacific Oo. "Sunset 4onte" in; connectt^' >lth ^^r^oeep Mid Crescent Route" are running the ' Inly 'line of throngh ; tourtat Pullman sleeper*- leaving:; Cincinnati every rhnreday evening for Los Angeles and ^ • - \ excurslons.iarr sr>eclally con- meted, and the object Is tf. enable thpst »ho do not-care:.fo buy.;tbe.,flrst<Jaw ••innd trip or one way tickets, to enjoy . »., cpmfortablB..ride..jrlth, sleeping -car irlvlleges and no change of cars at the -jwy .low •B.econd-class rate., .. -Q .'i Kor~furtner"information, addrese W. 3. CONNOR, Commercial Agt S. P. ««., Cln w. G: s »•., Chicago, Illx Jo., New, Orleans,. f WIOT , WAY AT S SEPH. . 1- Beginning May'SSftb and continuing tntll about Sept. 30th the steamers- ot this line will make two trips each w*j. dally between St Joseph and Chicago; Cthe ^following scbediie: • ; - ; ~ v Leave St Joseph' at 4i80-" p-^v' »W' LOAD p. m., daily. Including Sunday. Leave Chicago at 9-^0 a. m. and 11 30 p. m., daily, Including Sundsy? Extra Wp8 on isaturday leave St Joseph at I a. m., aid 1 leave 'Chicago at ; 2 : p." m 1 / Banning time ;acrcs» lake 4 hours.:. . ' Tri-weekly steamers to Milwaukee, leaving St Joseph Monday, Wednesilky and Friday evenings. • . The equlpinent ofj this -Une^ Incfndes the side wheel steamen City of Chicago «nd Cltylpf.MlIWAiikee {the largest an« : •nest west of Detroit), and the newly.. rebuilt propeller City of Louisville. Service first-class. Connections with all Tandalla trains.' Tickets on sale at "air f andalla Line statlpM. Chicago dock , teot of Wabash- avenue. . r • ; .' •••'•; i -->•>-—- ...... j. H; GBAHAM, 'Pres.';' Beaton Harbor, Mich. loingFbrA L-ake ''''~ '"You'll fall • "If you take.t .'.KE niGHIGAlT AKD-vtAKE SUPERIOR liKliiiis, CkkMO iBd MMUne

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