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The Somerset Herald from Somerset, Pennsylvania • Page 3

Somerset, Pennsylvania
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the Somerset Herald. E. KTLL. Editor. TsrrrAT Xwcnbe v' -rr3 tl M.

Tredwell Co jay tT candles go to Mahlon Eii.Tj i0 's Dew gastroBonii- is 'jr an Snyder" rvirU! at SI. V. TredweOi T. -r s-bo-is it preparing their Cbriit- 4 ta and oar'-y ciloP Gabion ration of ironing black stockings UJe rapia.v. for choice J-u looacco and tie that the national etke cae.

r.r of t'cbreliiS at Sirs. K. B. riaj cts to 'X'. i'CMo rears Mexico tat caa i-nts.

oa- Urgency and one tiovcana warrac-leo, po to J. -at's Hardware Store, Sumeraet. anJ warrarted, ro to J. tiie il-jod- a etc- SI. mas Raby SC.

Tkiiiwell I i ber?" i a question impecunious youse man, as i wr rirar. I i I veterans are a-maiice tee -jof the Mjunt SlacGregor Louse, eJ. A K- I'hl RinJ'ser" I r. Thursday and ws-k. iiss of Frasklin a convention in Cbanibers- A.

I'ti special Handker-iiic us Wednesdiiy. Tiiursday and 'k. turkey should not in Sale ft. x. arr.yaatiy.

A frw more eka, nr puiled. too. cu com aiiu cj-au a -i is oo tand f'loar. Feed a Mabion and Orain for Xasa: Oatlineil Art tie po. Art eiika fur Cusb-i jf---- i-'e Corera.

Baby Afghans j.ry ck-- to be rk. M. TaEPirm. i Co. i is cure a rich Lan- i-ruer caliwi CO physician f.r recftit! d.ei, and reases, to tnedioai for anotber of d.btberi.

7:. of tae "Qi'binj suoce' is in i li-a ini.a. Toe most aooessful I. 3 aaa iw in curing diseases of me i id heace its wos JcrfJ fopoUr.ty. "-i-n.

mui-Ler of Decna Otlea. -n --u'g. catnrr ery near t- oa VWiaesijy. Ler fire from an open grate i 3 as working. are soSenng from weat eyes or 5 tt"

call at J. S. Sny3r' drug I oe '-ted glatses sua your Voa cannot a2Urd to neglect your I ar es Cunuingtarn, the twenty-year-old ii nr.clter. was dander tui at Tcardy fr rob-i i a. S.

Mruia. of ftare. of Ohio Pyie. and iS.J.Jk kjn. of it same prase.

He the are brojat f--r spite. No on er yn paraxon tb bair has ever -ri than Aye Hair It tue ar.t nsi to faled and (tray aai imparts that natural glo and -laeas, eve-yorie rnicb a -I -aires. lis million i. jr'. j-wii.

cos imifcioners of -h a-e to distribute carp fry. catMns can be rov to H. Fori. Vie street. r.

Powell, Harn-t S--ranua K-ie: G. H. Weiiboos. P.ttsburj Srt Ojjth La received and i rea iy display her mas g'Vjds, i u.rj. 2ils of all sizej and l-'Io cushions, ooiome.

furs, Cail and see, xrc weiome. Er. in anwer tj an inquiry I' isale ha.rjaan of the Pro -i pa-y. a to wcetber tae art of Jun cai.eJ the BaiI i ut: exprvssn-s tiie pinion -a a.t ia onfl.ct toe Cfia sec v. "i'-ciariiion of 11 gits," and "is and yoiJ and of no iigai ur a of ire Hekvld bauM not rrar if tne uracist.

can fit tbeir in a- weii aa any 0ticix -a or ix years experience in i It lasx-a. dtxisijn by JaAw Krtbs. county, county cjrumiraionen i-'i fun is necessary to keep pxij conJ.iioti. when tbe art usable to coliect the req-liaite 1 uf r.iJ taxes. This may lead to -er te of aolvicg tbe -i7ru -ilea.

5 iuren's Undervests, Corsets, ciua iJii. A dree PerfuoK -y, Hand i'in t'arhions. Booklets etc I rBEDTSE Co. j. UiM (truu Uti3 i-t-ra.

s--i to ir.jiire all tne izts. tue xecutive nan-ion i. bave ra -eo. aijti stae Tie ituMandit.g tbe libra -y are val-t-jul insurance De aliuiit fl. arcidect happ-ned at Latrobe iy by wLicb Harry and uf Marshal Wauaer, will io Jose their Uvea.

Tuey were -i-S-i i.ictien wbea one of the legs a knocied out and the store -1 Taj of bo.ling water fell aud tuey were severely a u- rti-enaii-ed mat tbej r. Tue aoy e-peciaily i n-ffcr- i P-ns, Sjarf Pins. Hair Titj a Nek.etr- etc M. SI. TwtiJ.

Co. vi -p aako lb very t-jrtrajui ol Cot 1 Vefpacci tne Aiuau -'-iirriu tie aian bo gave it to those wbo areuii Janua-- tne i'jmn J--" r-u ar ia nasera ol ty it-e ts are ua t'11 ar.J are cattaJ fje tue' room. and reai.e eikb-, aud tae o. jear. 4 Lart a r-Air emils or any ocber -u- iUoiiid Lave a fiimiiy jta in wv lo aiij Prit; the aciers, Sumeraet, Jfa.

A f- can pive Li oang aon do bettar liit a rear readiur of the Ita oti-Lts lrd tbe Ld tue fiaib of ttw-ugLi, arxi it 'm a aiji.e, Le'il turret fcj-ce account, ad if be baa -vetLveof Bi-iLa-ijcal torn ot mind. saper aSV-J him more ro terrain nMrftij iformaikio, than be eiartthe-e. Coya of lbi paper this oSioe and aUr-ription Pries-, $3 a year, weekly. atd oa titers are etiii jam fail uvtr XliUinery, a.1 latest 'vle -tN E.bbooa, Jet. FeLbera, Birda H.

M. Tuwau. Co. 1 A remor entrant no tb streets that one Waterman, Sjr a number of years a tocsorlm arJat in rb. died at viile a i cays A half-doi-n Jofcrustown merchanta were arreted Sunday while in a frame of poker.

Tbe otrieer, of this town -don't mind Qcb liule Bar-teat Welrley informs us that a draft of "ie Dorrxiga atowiDg tbe pmpysed yem of wattxpipeK iu be placd on exhjbuioa at Snyder drug atore during tbe prejtct week. Tbe real estate of Henry Walter, dee of Somerset township, was aoid at public on Saiarday last by Jas. L. Path. a jmicistrator of Loum Walter, f-r We are requested lo asnoance that Eev.

J- D. McFadcai preach at the Tnmt nming bouse, Sunday morning iJevt ruber i lj o'clock. Salisct, ia5iei eiiiy a r' VI r. Harry Beenta is the ttirl la-of this town to eufitr from a broken wri. ibis winter.

She a.irpe-1 on tte ice covered paveraent on Turkey foot ire--. Monday evening, and in Calling broke ber ltft wrist. This wi.l be the first term of court for m--J years at which the eierilTof the cocn. ly has not t-xposed a air.Ie tract of real es-tx'-e to puoiic saie. Several wnis were piac-ed ia tbe hand but a.1 hare either been iaijitiad or slaved.

The citiiec" of connty, the ocly coucty jn the wiih'jot a rai.road within its Limits, are Lilking cf bui.dirg an eiec-Iric tine over the raouutaia into Fr.tikiin Coniity, where a cocfcection can Lt made with tae Cu-cbcriand Valley E. II. Tbe indications are iux text week's court II attract a very small crowd. litnct Attorney folhom has b-tmeea twenty and thirty criminal cases to lay iw grarid iry, only one of hn h. an action for perjury, will consume cure thin two or thr-e hoars ia being tried.

The Johnstowa llmdi author.ty for tbe rumor thai is to bave telephonic commanicatioa with the Long iMstance Telephone syitem recctlly introduced that city. It is proposed string the wires aior.g th. S. C. II.

E. polea. When the telephone comes to people here will be able to ta'k with persona in Pniladeiphia-New Yore, Boton and other eastern cities. The speculators at the quiet town of Bedford have created quite a serration by refusing to bear the kuata-ced in the graia cuarket- J. H.

Campbell, a broker of Pittsburg, bad a branch c2--e there an 1 bad been doing a good bu-iL-ess, but the dVal in November corn caught them baily and they t-jueaied. They bave f-ied an it junction restraining Mr. Campbell frora taking his money oat of a FiUsarg batik, some of which they say ia theirs by riztits. John P. wn.i has been a pa-tenl ia the I'mversity H-jspii.

at Philadelphia, andc-going treatment or a nerrous has been rapidiy irapri'vicg, and bor-a to send him home cured the later part of the present week. There is no truth ia the rum ir that Mr Scott i- aril cted wuh a serious chronic tie lias kimply been toe past two ur tnrte yeir- and on the ad-ice of his pt-VMCisa. L'r. wnl to tbe in-utatijn waere he d-jw is fr the par-pow of gecnr.n; eir- rt professional alien-tioo and oumpiete quiet and ret The ab-jve will be weicorne news to hia huidrrds of friends throughout the county as it baa proven to be to thoe home. Mr T.J r.ekingtook departure this ertMoa for SoturrseL ta Musday Le will proceed to Terra Alia.

W. Va, where, oa Wednesday raornisg at o'clot k. te aad Mis Laura A. B-gs, of Terre A ita. will be united ia marriage, which they wjl taae a trip to the eastern cedes, arriving ia Juhnstowa shout December JOih.

Taey will remain here a t-w days and then proceed to Terra Alta, where they wiii reside, and where Mr. Picking has obtained aa interest in a wool-o mid now owned by the bnde father. Je3 will be iuis-d from Johnstown. He has been a popular resident here for several years, aid te will carry -rub him to his new nie the b-t w.jheaof ail wbo know iim J-J Triuar. living ia tae vicias.y of Livans-vilie, lour west of this plar, were shocked aft''-noon oa learning that Mrs.

Countryman, widjw of the Jac.b CoUDtrymaa, bad t-eea fjund dead in the yard in front of ber door. Mrs. Country man was alone in the house, and it is presumed that she feit a suddenly cum mg upon ber and went iuto the u' 1 fjr the purpose of ringing the farm bell in order to summon her son, wio at work ia a field Borne distance froai tne bouse. Neithbjrs answered the bell, arriving at the house before the fn Ld iound tbe ccfor.unaie woman lying oa the ground, ate had expired before as.s aace reached her Mr. Countryman was abjot years of ae and as highly esteemed by a.1 of her

Friday eight thieve- entep-1 the home of Harry Byts. a venerable farmer, resid.rg oa the Johnstown pike two and one half miles uorta of town, and s'oie f-'o-' Te bouse was occupied by Mr. ar. Mrs. B-yt and a little rri.

r- tL'-y all thiuk they must bave been draped or otherwise thry would have beard the li.ieves. who c't raided a reer window aad n-moved a naaiber of fiiwer pots Iroiu tue window sill, and then CadiDg that they cwiid not enter the bouse thPJUgh the window to the front of the building where they fjand it an easy luat--r to open tbe front djor by one cf the rascals inserting bis a-m throach a br ken irdow pane a3.t Jinirg tae rand aabfilt-ing lock. the moming ail of tr drawers and closets in the hou-e were fjnrd open and iLt mrtrtits tca'tf red pn.aiis-ea-.u.-!y anocn-I the xr. A wallet,"-"J. wiich had been concealed beuiud a looking giw.

was tbe orily thirg thai was missing. Mr. and Mrs. B--yts Bre nl strained in -ears and Una are constant sufferers frora and in-s-jmnia and can understand wi.y they ahouid bave slept soundlv, Fri'iay eight, unies aieep was prLaced by the u-e of cbioroforai ad-Btiiirret by the Iheives PoliceaiaD G.ibert aud ihree or four men, wtoa. be cal.ed to hia aasisiaace, Ui-ed, puiied aid wresuued with R4x-rs, of for ci'-re than an hour St-urdy afternoon before they mrceeded in ia-iding bi-o ia the borough lockup.

P.ob-erts-wbowas i.ed' tip with whiskey, was envied 'a picaitg with a yut.g man from town oa Palr.ot street when toe policeman appetreJ and oim ao itr arrest. Koberts and a fcw tuinuies later was jjial by "Bu-iy" Savior, wno attacked the F.oberts is a powerful youtig fellow and tuht ail the wai. taak'ng threats atian st the The poiiceaiaa ca led Jor trd it-uggle buta yourg men were piaoe.i ia ceils ia the loctop. Laierin ibeday tbepo.aman went before a ju-iice ma.te iuforavaUoa afa-n-i Eui rru lor re-arfirg an t-ffieer and for surety of tiie jwace. A cx.mmua.nt made oat and delivered iMier.ff;d woo wetit to ibe lovku? for bis prisoner shortly after dark.

were piaoed on K-JOerw nU nl wked quietly at the side ontU they arned at the jail gate; wtn tberbenirswpt.i to ojjeo tae S4Ue -berts sod ie-d around and 4wa awa sirect Taa Stewart tiberi pursted tuun at fell tpeed and wtea jtit aotti iay Ua Uaad tpon toe imng prisoner. awmD-ri aad fell a.8 hi feet be cociuuued tbe chase to tfce atatioa where be ion aigbt of the pn-ooer. to tae jaii the Saenif raried two ur Uiree en in pur-uit of Eotwns, bat up to this Hne be ta not been reaared. Tbe rihenfl, wbo we1gb i Iba wa oadiy atiien upcy the long run and for several boon re'uraicg to ha ofiioe waSered I. ax- lor from a vary tu.

leased upon 'the payaituii of cae An lmprcticb! La Croat Complaint Against It. Tbe Impracticable registry law phased by the )st Legislature provided fjf two registrations each year. One of these registra-tione ia begun in May, and completed in September. Tbe other is begun oo tbe first Monday in December and completed the Allowing week. Accordingly, tbe Asessors of Somerset county began the week of taking a new registry of voters for tbe February elec Cod, on Monday.

Next Monday, December 14th. the law requires tbe Assessor to hang one completed cf voters at tbe polls, and to return duplicate list to the County Commissioners' office. Tbe Assessor sits at the polls on the following Wednesday and Thursday, December and 17th, between tbe hours of 10 a. and nu, and 6 p. and 9 p.

to register those wbo are le-caliy er. titled to be registered On tbe day following Friday, December 13'h. the Aa senior makes final return to tbe office of tbe County Coasmrmionerr. Great complaint is justly mate ajaiast tbe prvL-ijiis of the new law. It is a physical iuipcb.Hty for any man lo da tbe work reiuired ia tbe time given in oearlr all of tbe rural districts cf Somerset county.

The law is crude and impracticable, not to fay absurd, and besides a beavy and ueirs expense. The sooner tiie Ugisla-ture reiieeuis itself by repealing this registry act. the tn tier. A Pointer To those wbo are stadying whut to bay fur Christmas gCs we would sugcat a few thinjs for yocr mother, wife, daughter, sister or sweet-heart, a family bible, band bisle, pSotc-grapa album, somegd books or set of books, toilet cae, manicure set, work-toi or backet. Christmas card or art novel tie parse, mirror, music roil or stard, ink -tand, easel or a nice steel engraving, etching, pasted water color, oil painting or chromo.

as nothing makes a room look more cheerful than a nice picture. For the gen-l a-a a shaving set, nuuking set. traveling case, cuff and collar box, pet.s, or a fountain ia For the children, toy books, game, d-unis, trumpets, sieds, doil doll carnages' toy dishes, maitic lanterns, steam engines, g'ic. safe-, music pianps, tool chests or something in this line. All of the above aad counties other articles can be bad at Pritt A Kantner's Book Store.

Weather According to Hicks. Ev. Ira Hicts, in fcis paper, IIW and makes tbe following meteorological forecast for December: "About tbe llih the cold will relax progressively from west lo east, shift at atmospheric pressure causing southerly currents and faiis rain and snow. An energetic high barometer with cold will slip in behind these disturbances, lasting up to next regular storm period, which runs from the I'lntoiJih. Tae culmination of Winter sjistice is at this exact period, about which time very hard Winter storms are almat certainties.

Prepare for Ihem and for dangerously cold days to follow. Must pans of our continent will have cold or soow both to the northward at Christmas. About the 2va will come a rise ia temperature, tbe forerunner of nactioEary storms about tbe -Win a id with renewed cold following up to about ti-e th. Oa that date wli fall a second new moon for Deeuu jer, a'o the beianicgofa regular sfirrn period which runs into Janmtry. The month will go out warmer, wuh sorai advaaciug from the west.

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The cash in the sicking fuad ta been reduced during Ibe rnoota from S7 75 to 123 lie Terence, havirg been expended in purchasing the bond due uext Febmary. 'Ibe gross debt of the Sia'e ia now about the net or actual debt being a decrease of s7 ace Muv last. Mrs. A. E- Uhl.

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A. E. rL The following named letters remaining in the PostofSce at Somerset wilt be sent lo the Dead Letter Office if not called for ia 10 days from this date, Dec 9, laitl. Bow-w. Steli tner, Ida Dca, H.

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His name is tj tn i bis maser says thai he i just as ufu' a d.ig would be. Water Works for Somerset. A of the voters of Somerset ho have expressed themselves on the waee wwk-ques'ion, is pwtoi in Fisher's Bxk This list sihiws 1' fo- water works and airainst. This is a clear mj rity of 100 p-o-vided tiie list ia and do one weakens Jjut whether the list is reliable or not, one thliig is pertain, and that ia that tbe hand-stMueat ad largest line of bolidar good to be found in tbe eocnty can be Sren at risHxa book s-rcaa Books in sets, single volnmes. fc buck bo.

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You will find their core chuck fall" of the prunes go-t yon ever saw and at price that wiil astonish you fur tbeir cbespresa. boons for Faary shades and prices. Wk, ail wid-hs. Taoacu, 4 Co. STILL TALKING WATER.

The Cood-Natured Warfare Con tinues Around1 th Store Stove Tbe views expressed around the store stove," as published In the Hcsaxo the past two weeks, have excited not a little interest among tbe people of this town, and have given a new impetus to those ia favor of th borough issuing bonds for th purpose of constructing water work as well as those wbo are hostile to tha proposed measure. Polls of tbe vote of th borough are made al most daily by enthusiasts on either side. and to day both sides are claiming a ma jority. '-What's this I hear about the borough school board's indebtedness said the venerable gentleman with tobacco-stained beard. and then paase-1 to adjust his false teeth which be accomplished by a movement of the tocgae.

before proceeding. "I eaa'l get tt through my bead that the 'academy' building is not pa for yet." "Ob, don't worry about such a trine." said the craker-barrel man. "A debt cf $4.0" 0 or is n-xhicg to onr school board- Why, this is ene of the richest town in the State. Tbe prospects are that you wiil have another school tax elephant on your bands before tbe 'academy' is paid for. Some (bits say that tbe school board bave lost tbeir 'score' aid don really know what tbe school indebtedness is.

But that don't make any difference: we've got to bars a new kebool bouse next summer, aad with the extra labor that will be forced upon the board, I shouldn't be surprised if taey would vote tbeir secretary a salary, as I understand i me wanted to do a year ago. Bat, a I said -fore. Somerset borough is ricS aad can afford to pay its bills but not aa it People tell me that tbe 'academy' cost over ThiLk of it! And tbe directors who were elected to build it were elected with a special view to tbe economy they would enforce. I don gainsay that the building is cot a good one, but there most be come defect or they wouldn't hare to ad journ school every cold day. vie tcusn economise on our school buildings, since the Stale Las appropriated for the improvement of our schools but what are our taxes going to amount to?" "Oh, I guess we can bear the expense without much grumbling," said tbe young man with the cracked voice.

"The 'aoademy' only cost one-half as much as the proposed water works are to cost, aad when we get water the surplus revenue derived from that source will relieve as from i other farms of borough taxation. Give as water, and let us bave a taste of the plessere Meyersdale enjoys. "I haven't taken any part in this dispute," said a gray bearded gentleman from tbe west ward, but if there is a man ia town wbo has reason to vote for water it is me. The well at my place has been dry a powder-born fur at least three months. I am of the opinion thai a town meeting should be called at which this question can be discussed by the people whom the introduction of water will directly affect.

I have labored all my life ia order to buy a lillie property, and if a meeting is called I want to make a few remarks It is claimed that this election is to be held merely for the purpose of get! id an expression from tbe voters as to whether they are willing lo bond the borough for the purpose of introducing water, aad will be in no sense an endorsement of the Kimberly run scheme. That's all well enough but it means a d.g-iou sight more than thai. If water carries, il will toean that the people of this borough have empowered tbeir burgess and town council to accept any proposition that they choose aad to Usne bonds to tbe amount of $27 Oud to pay lor it- That's what it means, aiid can't mean anything else. I haven't a complaint to niter against tbe present borough racers and believe that ibey are acting in perfect good faith, but in considering this saHect il must be remembered thai we will elect a new burgna and one member of cbe town council in February, and wbo ia to say what views they will bold on tbe water work qaeitioa No, sir-ee let's know what scheme were voting for when we go to the polls, and don't let's aad-dit ourself with a debt before we know what t's for." "Thst's a view of the case I never heard of before," said the nail-keg man, as be opened the stove-door and drew out a hot poker and applied it to tbe end of bis toby. "As a matter of course, the town council and bursts are committed to the Kimberly run scheme.

Didn't they have the engineer come here and make a survey, and when bis estimate of was considered too high, didn they bave him come back again and go over the ground a second time and obtain au estimate at one-third less cost If water can be brought from Kimberly ran, that's where it will be brougbtt from, and don't yoa forget it. Tbe town authorities, so far as I ran learn, refue to consider any other method." "Oh, that can't be true 1" said wbi er. after he Lad lauded a worn oat chew in the centre of tbe puddle of tooixuspitin front of him. These men certainly haven't con-eluded to go ahead and let contracts frr a water supply from Kimberly ran, in event the question carries. Wby, there ain't one of you feiiows sittin' 'ronrid this stove that doo't know that thai water in't fit to drink Wby.

that water drains through a swamp of black mud lor miles, and is never fit to drnk unless during high water If you don't believe me, ask some of the older men mho bave traveled around Kiniberiy run. AnotUrr ibiag, and I'll state my life oo it ttere aia't water eaooga in that creek to cw'r the town. Yon all know that Dave Ca-vbeer can only ran bis raw mill tor about three months in tbe year, because be can't get enough water. Pshaw talk to someoody else about that creek furnishing water for Somerset. I know a blamed sight better." a Taxes is prvtty buzb in this town now," s-tid bow legs, and I don's know bat that I aid have lo be exonerated next year bat something must be done lo improve Ibe sanitary condition of Somerset There will be some interesting developments in regard to this matter at next term of court, when a ncmber of property owners will bave to answer for maintaining a nuisance.

Something's got to be done lo improve tbe sanitary condition of our town, aid if water will do it, wby. let's have it, no matter how high the taxes go, or bow soon our homes are sold for taxea" Weil. I am surprised at such a speech coming from yoa said tbe cracker -barrel man snspping his jack-knife shut, after having finished picking hi teeth with tbe I.Mig ba.te. Do yoa really suppose tbst tbe inirtidudion of wster will relieve tfce f.ul condition of the gutters, drains and sinks of thi town? Taa-'s too sb-urd to talk aSout Think ti moment, and then tfli roe what is to bee me of tbe water tbat ill he u-ed by the people on the bid You the condition of the gntters in the H-tt and Writ wards now. and what will they Me after water i introduced Sewerage Is wha town wants, aud what it oia have, oat I gi-st the borough 1 bardyl able to lare both sewrrage and water at the same lime, to say Doming of a new school bou-e." "Since I hsve taken tin to otk into this water works question carefully," said spiodie shar.ks I have made op my mind thai if a rm company wants to put in wa ter works firS they sh mid be per-mttfd to di ii i of the solides uet in this town told me last evening tha' knew a party who would pat in water works for us, and woalda't ak a cent from the borough as an inducement.

Wby nbonMn't be be granted tbe franchise of the street Then only people who want water need Uke it. It would bedeciV4-ly cheaper all around. If it afforded fire pMerrim tbe borough eoald pay for it, if it wanted it. Tais wouid give Somerset wa as cheap a Meyersdale gets it. and that appears to be the point the water talks are for.

Let a stock company fam-Ub tbe waurr. and th borough will bars as much is it can Jo to pot in sewers I'm opposed to company." said tbe boom (own Bin, and think it would be the gva't mistake this town could saake to grant fraoebie to any person or company. If there is one thing abort another that shoo id be choan, ia water, and the taxpayers of Somerset will rear and swear forever more if they place themselves at tbe mercy of stock com pan Oh, ccme ofT." said tbe cracker -barrel man. No one need tak water frora a stork cemj any cults they wanted it, and were willing to pay tor it It would not in' crease their taxes, and they would have no bonded indebtedness. If a stock company expected to make anything tbey wonld hare to make tbeir rates within the reach, c' everybody.

Bat laying all this aside. I think the stock company talk is all a bluff. I don't believe such a thing has ever been thought of, and I don't believe that it would pay per cent on the investment." Bat suppose the botoagh does build tbe works and oar taxes are said tbe squint-eyed man, look at the reduction we would get in our insurance rates. I am told that insurance rates in Meyersdale have been reduced at least 17 per cent." Ho, bo, ho 7 croaked the cracker barrel man. Tbe entire yearly insurance prertn nms in Meyersdale amocnts to about in round numbers.

Tbe redaction in premi nms since tbey nave cad water, is snout $7o0 The great Metropolis" of the county pays $of a year for the tire protection the water works afford, so the actual saving to tbe taxpayers wbo carry insurance is proper-lv the -'ifference between $75) and $ooi), or $250, and the per cent ol reduction is properly in the relation that 2Y stands to 5.. Now can yoa figure 17 per cent out of that And notwithstanding ber water works, in surance rales are higher at Vieyersdale to-day than tbey are in Somersrt. We have a su perior clsas of buildinirs, the reason. We can't ask for a mnch lowrr rate insurance in this town than we have at present. I thick the insurance agents wilt bear me out in the assertion tbat the average rate in this town is one-half per cent, per year, or S5 A on the thousand," "Now.

If yoa all keep quiet for a minute," said the sawed -off man, "I'd like to give you th water rates as assessed la town where tbe municipality owns tbe water works." Agreed," answered all bands, as soon as they had emptied their mouths of tobacco pit. The sawed off man drew a small pamphlet from bis pocket and began to read Dwelling houses (5 rooms or less Baroer saop slcuair) 6.u Bath tub Blacksmith shop (1 tire)- 5 Oo Ba'cber shop. iu.oo Drickioc saloon 3o oo Ealing saloon 30 Fountain flowing hours per day during season lo io Filling private cisterns, each ti me 1 Oo Hotels and boarding bouses, first leu rooms 2f" Each addinoiial room 1 1 Street 8pnnkhng. 25 feet I-m. inctad ing washing store fronts 500 spnckling lawn Livery stables, each stall Private stable, 1 borse Each additional borse 3.oo i oo to 2uoo 6.UU Photograph galleries rnnune cfaoea Steam engines, per horse-power Stores.

4i ij lo 15 Water closets 'pnvate? S-Vi Wa'er closets (public) 5.1" Expense of tapping main 13 Tbee are the rales charged in a town about thrc-e times the siae of ours, and I understand their water supply didn't cost a great deal more than ours are to cost." Meyersdale don't pay no such rates as those," spoke op oar nail-keg friend. Well. I shoald guess not." said tbe cracker barrel man. Only a few families over there have more than one spigot, and no matter bow much water they o-Csume tbe cost is tbe same for the first spigot and I GO for each additional one. While I've got tbe floor I want to say this aad I know what lam talking about, too.

Meyersdale water stock has never drawn a dividend exceeding 6 per cent. The company bave wisely created a reserve fund with which to meet accidents and extend and improve their plant. If tbe borough owned the works tbey would bave lo levy an additional tax to meet every thing of this kind. But what's the use talking' It seems that all these water people would rather have the tax collector come around once a year and say your water tax is so-and-o. and your additional uz for water repairs is so-snd so-much more, to knowing for a dead certainty that tbeir water will cot them so much a year, and if they don't want it they don't need to pay for it.

"Now lock-ee here, Mr. Cracker-barrel" said the man wearing one gum boot, "Til have to call yoa down on a statement yoa made awhile ago, and give you a mite of cheese to nibble at in return. Yoa said the academy building cast over $11,.. Now. yoa know that isn't true, and that it only cci between $7,0 aad and what's the sense in loggia' the school question in wits tbe water works I'll answer your last question first," re.

plied tbe cracker barrel man, as be helped himself to a wad of sailor's Joy." I did tnat rimply to illustrate bow oar taxe are increasing. Perhaps the academy baitd ing only did cost 'aj, but a handsome fence waa pat around the entire square, a heater was put in ibe building, a well dug on tbe lot, down almost lo China, and from which it is almost impossible to get drop of water, because il was dug three times as deep as it should hare been. The whole square is covered with trees and shrubbery, planted so close together tbat they can't grow, and several other Items of expense bave swelled the original cost or HX'V. know teat i cave been paying a building tax for years, and that tbe debt lias not been diminished, and I like to know by what aatboity that money Las been turned over lo employing new teachers? these si a iters ought to be all set right, so tbat the taxpayers may know just where Uiey stand before they assume a $27 u. debt for water works." ro opposed lo bonding the borough for water works," said the prvpery owner look icg for a job, 14 because my taxea are already too high, and the ocjusinesa of this election is bothering me good bit, but I don't see how tl is lo be avoided.

The fellows wbo are loudest for water are fellows who own no property, and pay no tax. What have tbey to vote taxes oo rue? Then, again, there are number of people temporarily res-ding in this town, who want to vote a water tax on us property owners. By what method of reasoning should ibey be permitted to rote on this quesiiooT And again, a large percentage of the taxable real estate in Somerset is owned by women, who will have no right lo vote on the question, but who will bave to bear lb burden of iucr.a-'ed taxation, simply because a lot of non residents and Don-taxpayers want, as they say "all tbe com torts of home' Well put, well pat, indeed:" said Whiskers, choking in a wild attempt lo revive tne k.umhenug spark in bis toby. Tbe-e feiiows msy bave a legal right to cast their votes oo this question, but what moral nghl bare icey. I uke to know T' auto others as yoa souid be done by, poked in the cracktr-tarri man, "even if it is to curuul tne ot a widow, aud piace man gage oa her home for ibe sake ot a pleasure yun will never ei joy." "It is preposterous idea." aaid the lawyer, tor tbe people ol ibis town to vote an iodctxneaa ol and ibca place it a the disposal of the burgts aud town council to xpei.d aa they tee fit by can't the) aukc a statement over their own signature showing what they hate done and what ieaous ibey have lor thinfciiig that water system can be introduced from Lbat abumin-sate mud ho, Kimberty ran.

Talk about a few interested parties sstagucicng a scheme through selfish motives. Bah! ibe people who pay the taae are me per.cs wno are moat interested aud I would cau tioo tbera to look welt to tbeir interests woen they Vote on this question. A Dunirstr oi plana lave been suggested, any one of which I regard as feasible, but the town council refuse to consider them, while we are asked to aulborixe tbera to create an indebtedness of large dimensions witboot knowing what system will be adopted. Let tbe voters look at this a business men ard there will be no doabt as to the result of the bailou." "Yes, bat yon are against progress." said the booao-town man. "Yoa woald sit idly by and 1st all tb world laugh at Somerwt for 'ft her cuiaeus lack enterprise." "Enterprise be hanged retorted the lawyer.

"Here is a proposition from one offering to pot in electric lights if granted a franchise of th street, without asking a cent from anybody. Ob, say the pow ers that govern the municipality, if any thing is to be made out of electric lights the town should be the besfSciary, and in any vent the wires must go Here come another and says. 'I'll pot in svsiem of water works if yoa sract me the privilege of yoar streets, and woc't asi one cent guar antee. Oh, ia the reply, 'we can't place ourselves at the mercy of Talk about progress about standing in yoar own light while you are striving after im possibilities Away with yoa." "This water talk mal es me sick." said the shop-keeper, as be began shoveling coal into the stove and preparing the fire so that it woald keep throughout tbe r.iirht, "and I wish all yoa fellows would go somewhere else lo loaf onlem yoa can find something else to talk about." "Tbe tariff" a tax," croaked the erscker- barrel man, "and so are public schools, and public roads, and ali other public institutions, bat maybe," aad he wicked the ether eye, "water works in Somerset will be self-sustaining, free trade, as it were." And thus the talk continues from night to eight around the store stove, while the great fire within ccrakles aad laughs at the views expressed by the sturdy citizens until tl is finallv smothered by tbe good shop keeper, who longs for an opportunity to as quietly Strang! the water debate and torn the attention of tb "argySers" to raising ducks. See Where You Can Do the Best.

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Quinine aad favorite cocgh sytups afford no relief. The remarkable fact about it is tbat this tjwa has always been noted for its uniform good health. While neighboring eomrcuni lies have beea scourged with epidemics, Somer field bas been singularly exempt from everything cf the kind. Such diseases as typhoid fever, dyseatary, diphtheria, etc bave never beea known to prevail here, and while the grip reveled ia iu work in the surrounding country last year, there was cot a well deflaed case in this place. Much speculation i icdulred in as to the cause of the present As it is popular just cow to lay ail sickness in cities a no large towns lo tae water that is used, some of the knowing one charge it ail op to the well-water of the town.

But others uke no stock in this theory, on tbe ground that no purer water is to He found anywhere than is pumped irom their wells, and that while impure water might be a factor in producing diseases mere is no rea-on to think il ia an aency ia la grippe. X. Now Ready The largest and most complete line of Christmas and every cay tn Somer-t. Don't to see our China aad Japanese gia-sware, opal war, vases, etc Lamps of the season, at prices bound lo take Christmas presents from 1 cent up in the dollars. Call earl and get the choice bargains.

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they discovered tnat Use doiuu was a coun terfeit Frank Meyers, whs 'ii-s with Mr. Coiemaa, started, ia panruit of the counterfeiters and followed them to town. About half peal lour o'clock Meyers dav covered oo of the men in Coleman's eating boose, In the act of passing another dol lar. Siepping op to the counter Meyers said, That a counterfeit doiiar." "I know it is," was the reply. "Yoa are tb nun wbo gave the woman a counterfeit dol lar at Grandpap Coleman's this continued Meyers, and I want it back." At this the man bolted out of the store and down tbe street towards the railroad station, closely followed Meyers.

He passed the station and hurried into the office of tbe Mechanical Works, aai when Manager Snyder looked cp tbe man raised his hand and exclaimed, "for God's sak doo't say anything." and dropping into a chair, palled off his boot. His stocking and drawer leg were filled with bright dollars, all of which he cast Into the stove in a twinkling. Before Mr. cy der could End time to re monstrate, th stranger had replaced his boot and stocking, and had the second one off. At this juncture a seep was heard the door, and the frightened man threw his stocking, in which were a cumber of dollars, into Ibe stove, aad was in the act of drawing on his boot when Meyers appeared.

I want that dollar hack yoa look from the women this morning," said he, and another dollar for roaring after it." I have no counterfeit money about my clothes" waa the reply; "yon can search me. It was the other fellow who had the money. All I have is a dollar and seventy cents, and yoa can take that." Meyers took th proffered money and left, and moment afterwards tbe stranger disappeared in the dartness. Mr. Snyder recognised th stranger as a tramp foandryoian, wbo bas visited this place oo several accasiona.

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Beahrau; that Ibe ehikf aJarntr.e- emxlition bad be-eoese possible in spate of tbe sseuicice rt cad taea. 1 reasoned that sorb ifaslirt wotod be cf a tTaJ- Having a part of a bottle ol Cherry Pectoral hi the house. I gava the chad three doses, at short interval. aa4 anxiously waited results. ts the aw-we-si the J-e-torul was given, the rkir brera jij crew easier, and a short lane tt waa slev.

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tAroieQi, aud Til's tavie cim.m or 4r- tor BAii'lli. artiist srce prer-eu; them dille two st.J.-:r- ft eate-mrnt lOe at e-; th lrf: ire? A oneU ta- tini-mep t- I 1-rt r--r rr. in KrrHiiersrt Tp stunlay. i nr. re i t-t-must -isj, titweea It l.

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M. xji-cuu novK A 1M I ITK ATU NUIICE. zmmU of Aar.T nw of Tp 14.. -L, lTteT svi oa ti.e mtmKtKMVi jstr n.rf hr-Trw :1 pATfeHrQi, n't A Mftw wi.l r-aTii irm la.y aces. Sr? to lb A Jntusvr7, at iti of frt-- I Ai.HL.Kr itaT, AMKRICAX HOTEU S.

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71 1. People's Bank, Mercantile POLLS CLOCKS. A LB CMS. NOVELTIES. BKIC-A-BKAC.

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