The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 27, 1955 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 27, 1955
Page 9
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That's the Way Hog Bieed Association Publications Desciibe the Interest Today in... MEAT-TYPE HOGS •wm EVERY BREED ASS'N URGES PORK RAISERS TO RAISE MEAT-TYPE PREMIUM PRICES FOR MEAT-TYPE Western Buyers Is Paying Premium Prices For Meat-Type Hogs. Call Us — Phone 107 Algona — We'll Come To Your Farm And Tell You You r Amount of Premium — And We Take Delivery Any Day of The Week. * THE ALGONA AREA, BY THE WAY/HAS 2 OTHER BUYING STATIONS FOR HOGS .... are ... JACOB E. DECKER & SON 1008 N. Main — George Balluff, Mgr. — Phone 535 ...GEORGE A. HORMEL & CO. Highway 18 — Perry Byam & Everett Baldus — Phone 1080 We Just Thought We'd Mention It! $5,000 IN CASH PRIZES WERE GIVEN LAST WEEKEND AT WATERLOO IN THE 10TH ANNUAL MEAT ANIMAL SHOW The carcass qualities of all on-foot entries were given special emphasis. There was a special hog class In which the awards were made on the carcass after slaughter instead of on the live hog. This "kill sheet" award Is of special importance. The "kill sheet" tells the final story on just what type of a hog you raise. In the near future WESTERN BUYERS will present you with a typical kill sheet of one of our shipments to processors to show you just how it works, and what It means. FOR PREMIUM PRICES ON MEAT-TYPE HOGS PHONE WHAT EXPERTS SAY ABOUT MEAT-TYPE Stan TerrUl of University of Illinois says, "Live back- fat measures mean more if most animals in the herd have been probed at 200 pounds after a full feeding program." Then he goes on: "Body length is closely related to high carcass value. Look for a long body. And a gentle slope from midline to loin edge as hog is viewed' from rear. Tlat topped' hogs tend to have thick backfat." "Be sure to consider feeding and management differences if you are comparing boars from different herds," he adds. There are other indications of meat type, too, A trim jowl is one. Firm, smooth shoulder is another. Trim, firm middle without creases also indicates heavy muscling. Meat type hogs need a deep, plump ham, too, Carroll Plager, packing company representative sums it up this way; "You have to add up a lot of factors. Like a coach tiling up a prosepective athlete." L. M. Winters of University of Minnesota says, "It i* almost impossible to do a really good job of picking a meat type boar on the basis of conformation alone." "But we can select boars of good meat type on basis of breeding if we take inbred strains where type is pretty well set. Boars of these strains regularly produce meat type offspring." mpw ^^^ff ^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^^^^W ^^^^ ^^^^p ^^^ ^^B ^BI|HB|^^^ ^^H^^^ wBBP VRMRPIIRMM BHBP IBBHS ^^PB^^^ ^ SEUINO TO QVf R 200 PROCESSORS OP PORK PHONi 107 * AIQONA, IOWA aigona tapper Bes AL6ONA, IOWA, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 27, 1955 VOL. 92 - NO. 43 Kossuth Farmer Has Unique "\ "Dry Well" For Drainage conservationist with the Kossuth county district, is more or less responsible for the success or failure of the project, having engineered the "dry well." Briefly, a "dry well" is about the same as an ordinary well. Only instead of supplying water from the grounds, the purpose of a dry well is to drain surface water into the subsoil. Soil conservation engineers call them "drainage wells." Unusual Drainage Well — Oliver S. Carlson, farm manager md soils engineering specialist, is pictured with his son on top of ihe drainage well he engineered this summer. It is located on the eorge Harrison farm near Galbraith in southeastern Kossuth county. The well should make it possible to farm 60 acres of a 90 acre slough • » * Kossuth County, like other sections of the midwest, is un- dei'mined with a vast network af underground tile drainage lines. Most of them empty into drainage ditches or large tile outlets which in turn empty into creeks and rivers. Without this drainage system, water would stand in many fields after every rain and entire sections of land would revert back to the mud-sloughs of a few decades ago. Experiment Works ,,In ; Southern Kossuth county, ijere's a great deal of comment these days about a new drainage vfenture on the George Harrison farm in Sherman township. ..The Harrison farm is located hear -'the cross-road town of Gal- b.raith, 10 miles southeast of Al- gbna. The unique drainage program on the Harrison farm makes for an interesting subject of local conversation. The farm is tenanted by Harry Thilges, with owner Harrison now living in rfunsmuir, Calif. Specifically, the drainage question concerns the merits of a rather expensive dry well, which was drilled on the Harrison farm this summer. A -"Dry Well" Oliver Carlson, a former soil which was not drained before because, there was no satisfactory tile outlet. Twenty-eight acres had already been broken up from blue-grass sod when this picture was taken. (Cut courtesy Fort Dodge Messenger). ' "The drainage well near braith js.notjhe firjst one^in r suth ! county, but it has attracted a ,'lot 'of interest because it is* a new approach to an old surface water problern on the Harrison farm." Carlson pointed out. "Ninety acres of the 320-acre farm have been too wet in the past for successful crdp farming and water often stood in spots. It was never drained because there were no satisfactory nearby drainage outlets," Carlson explained. "The new drainage well is 2(53 feet deep and is lined with arr eight inch steel casing to a depth of 170 feet. It has 6,000 feet of six inch tile emptying into it and should be able to drain between 400 and 600 gallons of water a minute into the porous, rocky sub-strata," he believes. • HANDS Well Cost $1800 "The cost was approximately $1,800 for the well, plus $2,000 for the tile and the usual engineering fee. This cost is considerably less than the $6,000 to $8,000 it would have taken just to connect onto the nearest outlet which would have meant crossing two farms and two roads. Neither would this price have included the cost of field tile nor the laying of it. "Since the well was drilled, 28 acres have already been reclaimed • futd*32 acres- more can be drained. "Thirty acres of the slough wHl not be drained for the present because it is impounded, and we don't want too mueh surface water in the well for fear of plugging it although there is a silt trap. Also, we don't want too much .water draining into the Well .qntil its efficiency can be tested next spring when the rains begin." While referred |to as a dry well, the drainage well actually has water within 50 feet of the top. : ..'..• "If a new supply of water is ever needed for livestock, all Harrison has to do is hook a pump on'it and he should have an almost limitless supply of water. In 'that event, the well would serves two purposes, drainage and u "water supply," Carlson concluded. Hi Jinks -K * * -K Devoted to "Behind The Scenes" Items From Algona High School. Traditional styling and fin« craftsmanship by Orange Blossom at prices you'll appreciate. Recognized everywhere for exceptional quality and value. INTERLOCKING for finer display on your finger. fbgfcfavd Jecoeikr ~ American Gem Society ALGONA, IOWA AJ AHS, as everywhere, the days are neither all good or all bad, although at times they seem to tend toward the latter. Some day, though, maybe ... • * « 8:35 - 9:25—Mr Guster commends the eoneert band on its splendid sound, cuts band practices down to one every two weeks, because the band is nean its peak. He is especially impressed with the professional sounding cornet section. 9:28 - 10:05—Mr Waller reports to his speech class that the junior class play is coming along beautifully, with all lines learned letter-perfect. 10:08 - ll:03-lstudy hall an- 1 IF IT'S NEWS WE WAWT IT nouncements of interest: 1. Annual sales have passed the 1,000 mark. 2. As part of a new program being introduced on a trial basis, there will be no semestet tests this year. 3. There will be no school Friday afternoon, Nov. 11, because of the opening of the Pheasant season. Students who, wish to hunt will be excused from III period classes at 11:15. There will be a special school bus-*leaving the school at noon. Those pf .you who so desire may; '• hunt' with this party. However, all 12 'teachers who are planning to go are quick, deadly shots, and you may find it difficult to get a bird, * * * .11:06 - 12:00—Mr Legler announces in government class that scores of the senior.class on the. Ohio State Psychological test; were on the same percentile as those of college juniors, expresses his disappointment that the class had not measured up to previous expectations. * * • 12:45 - 1:20—Mr Carver reads a letter to the mixed chorus from Fred Waring, who reports that he played our recording o£ "Twas the Night Before Christmas" to his group in hopes that it would give them an idea of the kind of sound he wants. * • » 1:23 - 2:05—Mrs Kalar congra- luates the three latest members of her English Literature class to have their stories published in the New Yorker, presents each with the coveted apple award. * * * 2:08 - 3:03—Gym class is spent swimming in the school swimming pool. * * « 3:06 - 3:45—Dictation in shorthand class is taken at only 90 words per minute. Students are urged to study harder or the goal of 250 words per minute by the end of the year may not be, reached. * * * 3:45 - 4:00—At the pep meeting, Mr Legler cautions the students not to cheer so loud, as some of the plaster in the auditorium has been shaking loose, and people living near the- school have complained that the tumult wakes up their children every time there is a pep meeting. * * • Needless to say, Algona won the game, 107-0. We can dream, can't we? —S3. VOTE FOR FRANK VERA FOR MAYOR OF ALGONA I Believe In Progress For Algona Without Overburdening Taxes Common Horse Sense In City Government I 43-44

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