Edgefield Advertiser from Edgefield, South Carolina on April 9, 1840 · Page 3
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Edgefield Advertiser from Edgefield, South Carolina · Page 3

Edgefield, South Carolina
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 9, 1840
Page 3
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EDGEFIELD C. H; THURSDAY, APRIL 9; I - " Syke," is received,-.hpjtwe.beg leave to decline its publicationi. The Edgefield Philosopheal Society,. will hold its Monthly.-Meeting in ihe Court House, on Monday evening hext, at 7 o'clock. We have -ieceived from tfie Hon. F. W. Pickens, a copy of the Circular of the lion. M. A. Cooper, a member (if Congress. from Georgia, to his constituents. The editor of the Charleston Courier will find in our paper .today, the last editorial article which he requested us to publish. We have now done the Courier ample justice, by publishing all its editorial on the subject of ;ie "Tribute to the memory of General Hayne." Heaven forbid that we should ever meddle in the personal controversies of other editors again? The President has recognized J. A. Van Couth as Vice Consul of the Netherlands, for the Port of Charleston. We publish to-day, some extracts from the Speech of the Hion. F. W. Pickeus, on the Cumberland Road." The arguments of this gentlemant, - gntin-tt the hill, are strotg and forcible. clearly showing, in the language of a- cons temporary, ' the progre i of that imimense fraud upon the Contitution, and exposinig the deception which has beet practiced, io excuse and clon;k the lenching oif the Treasury. to bribe the peophl.'' The President is opinssed to it. upmn consttntional grounds. We hope that he will still continue so, and that he will neves suioer himself to hgenajoled. by his iretended friends, iito its support. We are indebted to the Hon F. W. Pickens, for a pamphlet copy of a letter from the Hon. Geo. W. HOpkins, member of Congress from Virginia, to'Col. J, 11. Piper, of that State, declariig his Politiel opinions. Mr. Hopkins belonged fl'rmerly, to the "Conservative" party, but has now abandloned it, and returned to his old associates of the Democratic paty. .-He sets forth his reasons at icigth, for this change in his political sentiments. It will sulticegto say, that they are as " plenty as blackberries.'! Upon the whole, his letter is an able and manly one, and does him great credit for its sincerity and straiht-forwardness. Edward Hall, (Whig,) has been elected Mayorof M oble, over J. B. Hogan, (Adin.) the vote being 'all, 912, H ogan, 722. Mr. James Wood, on trial for the murder of his daughter, in Philadelphia, has been acquitted by the jury, (who were otly out about twenity minutes,) on the ground of insanity. The Hont. George H-ull declinss' bemug a candidate for re-electiuon as Lieus. Governor of Massachsusetts. He was noinated by the Whigs. S. W. Paitmer, hass been appoitnted Post Master, at'Pdu seville, Charleston Iutstrict. S. Carolina, The Insurance Comspanies of N. York, are inserting a clause in their policies, providing for a contingenscy of war wish England. SOUTH CAROLS 'rA FEMALE IxsTITUTE. Dr. Elias Marks, late Principal of the South Carolina Fetmale Institute, which was in operation during the past year, at Barhamnville, ntear Columbia, gives notice that the duties of this Institution will be resumed on the 1st of October, 1840, under the direction of himself, and the Rev. Wellinsgton H. Tyler, of she Amherst University. In the mean time, Dr. Mlarkv will receive into his family, a select clas% of younig L~adies, until October, next. WtT. are highly gratified so perceive this notice. Dr. 31., as is well known, was for some years, an able and successful instructer of young ladies, at Columbia. Actuated by a highly coommendable public spirit, and desitntus of raising. the standard of female educatton in South Carolinghe spared no pain, in procuring te best teachters to stid him itn his nolile employment. A fler teachinig for some time, in she Academy at Colombia, with great satisfarions to te commnuntty. generally. he remnovedi his school to a place about two miles di'stnt from that townt. This place is culled Barhasmville. Jt is situated itn a haltihy reginn of etsuntry, sttfficienttly remuot, from the "' popuslom< city," anid wtith nio temptation Iso exrrasvagance, or idleness. At the sme time, it is sufficiently near Columnbin, to enjoy n'l its advantsages. At thsis spot, he reared,. at his ownt expenme. n seendid, and spa. cious wioodenz struesore. Is i.< comosit.ed of a centre lsnilding, with double porsicoes. andI very extensaive winigs. The buildling contasins a considerable snmbter of hitlmc nd runms. an~d is in ovcfy ro. pect, well adapted for a r emute Acudemy. A wide, and lengthened avenue of handsome trees, extends from the road, along a slight elevation, to the Academy. There' are other ornamerital trees and shrubbery around the building, which give it a tasteful and beautiful appearance. Dr. M. fitted up in the Academy, a costly Philosophical apparatus, and provided every thing else suitable for the instruction and accomplishment of the yourg ladies, who were placed under his charge. In this classic retreat, sacred to the Muses and Graces, Dr. Mlarks imparted the best instructionlo riltmerous daughters of South Carolina, Georgia, and other Stares. The benefits which our ovn.State particularly, has reape i fiom his hands, are very great. We'know of no individual in South Carolita, who has done more for the cause of female education. None have labored more zealously, to place it on that proud elevation which it so justly deserves, but has too often failed to attain. It is scarcely necessary to say, that Dr. Ml. is an accomplished scholar, and gentleman. and we hope. that he will receive ample patronage in his renewed enterprize, from a discerning and enlightened public. LAWS OF NATIONS. - In the -Senate of the United States, March 13, the fillowing resoltions, subimitted by Mr. Calhoun on the 4th of' the satme nonrh were taken up: Resolcd, That a ship or vessel on the -high seas, in time of peace. engaged in a ;;Ivf-l voynge, is, arceirding to the laws of nations, under the exclusi ye jurisdiction ft~be.Stare to which her flag helongs, as if e'onsriuing a part of it.- own domlain. Resolved. Tim if S4CI: ship or vesel shon l tip forced. by Ktre-oc iof werather or otier vunavoitable cani,e. into the port of a friendly power. she %% wild. under 1 ie saime Jlws, fast none fi t li rights appertairinig to her on the high -ens. tiat,. onl the cuntrary, she and et r eargo; and persotns ott board. wth I t heir personal relations, as etablisiei try the hr .vs of tie State to wich they bi-loingr. would ie inder the .prot-erion which the laws of natio.s exti-ned to the ufirorturnaie under such cirResolred, That the brig Enterprize, vhich was itreed unavoidably by stress ofI weather into Port Hamiliton. ermudai 1l.and, while otn a lawfut vov;rge otn the high sents from one part of tire Union to anotier cories within the priciples embraced in the foregoing resolutisont and that the seizure aid detention f athe negines on board by the local amhorities of the island wal.s. ai net in, violation of the Iaws of nations. and highly cinjust rt our citizenls to whomi they bel0on2. Mr. Calhouo suibmciited hic views at lenogth on the re-olutiotns. and after some remarks fron Messrs Grundy and Kinu. Otn motion of Mr. King. the resolutions were referred to the Committee ota Foreignt Affairs. We have received from the Hon. John C. Calhoun, a pam pilet copy ofthis Speech on the above resolutions, utad will publish i. at art early day. Great Britain and the United States.We rbgret to have to inform ilte pablic, (says the Alexanidria Gazetre of the 26th ult.,) that the dispute bet ween the United States and (real Britain, in relatui to the North Eas.ternt boundary, has for the present, assumed an unfavorable aspect. It is unrderstwod ncr Warshintonut, thait Mir. Fcix, tire Britishr Ninisrer, hans resprectftrly declinred any further correspondenrce witha thre Secrerary oaf State, until he receives furtiter nidvices fromi Iris governiaueut, anrd trat tie lars writtenr hcmre-, ina no pleaisaint mroodt, for in~strucctionrs as to his furure course. Ir wilt ire remrembrered that the hast note. thant passed betweent Mr. Fox atnd Mrt. Forsyth. were rather tart, anrd left rthe diplomanntists cotrptetely at issue as to mar~tters of fact. Ina the rmen time a resiment of U. S. A rtillery has been ordere ed oin to .Maine, whticha is now reu its in-areb to tire fronitier. It is also knawn thrat somec Membi ters of Ccongress, inrtirratcly acuainted witha thre suibjeci, harve exprressed their seriotus arpprprehrensicirs of itmmtiediate difliculty. Ir is piriper tha lire pubtic should be mtadle acqiuricnted wvith the farcts of thre case, but we stiti hopie thant justice, moderationa anid peace, nmay lirevari. CuAaLxsToN, Atpril 3. Robbery of thec Georgetown Post Ojfice. -An individutal by thre namte of James Scanderlina, wits airrested iin this city, last uighat, under a charge of robbinag, cir uiig arnd abettirng a Clerk in the Post Ofice in Georgetowna, S. C.. in riabbing the matil, or in abastracrting a letter containing money. The Post Master, in this city, had received inaformatioin thratsuchr a lerrer was miss ing, arnd the comrrmunity are indebted to thre activity arid energy of Marshal Moses for the prrotmpt actionl, iebc has resuiltedt itn the carpture of tire supposed depredator. The snimt stolen was near $300, part of ofwhicha has been recovered.-Pafriof. Tire Hlouse.-Thae [Honuse continued in stessiont frcomr the hour of mreeting~ yesterdarv tintil nenarty five P'. M1. to-day. Tire Opposition were deterriieud to "defeat a vote on thre iltl to providte suipplies to meet their iowtann atpropriau~tions, and, if possiblte. udisgrace, try discreiinrg the Governmnent. After sirtirng twi dlays and a niichn, threy nrere~d that i' the frienits oif the Aciniristrationt would cirnent to aiijoiur n, thcose oppoaise~d to it woittultallow tire viore to Ibe taken no-cr orrow. We will rive tire proeedingsc oifth extrarintary sesiun at hirire - f'a~sh. ulobe of 'W'arch 25. rThe New Orthans True Ameirrican of news fromn Rtankin i-crunty, iiissipipi, is exceitinig. rThe piecople hiave ri~u'n en masse andt arrestedi the proreress cof alt sates oif proiperty, for eold andr sitlver. 'iThey will pray tacihitng but thre currenrcy of the Stater. Te Union Bank was gettinig ready to rederem its piost tnote cirerniationa of the 1st of~ April. in thre Stare Dondis."' From the Augusta Cnstitutionalist. AUGvUSTA, April 2. Cotton.-During the past week our market has been very quiet-neither sellers or buyersshowing the least inclinatioin to operate. -Within the last. two days, however, there has been a little enquiry for the better descriptions. and - holders having submittied ro a slight decline, the greater part of the sales reported below were. made. Our receipts continue very light. for the season, owing no doubt to the bad state of the'roads, and the small inducement held out to planters to forward the articles to market. Our stock. is much about the same as reported on the 1st of last month, the greater part of which is held on planter's account, who are holding on and sell only when they are compelled to raise money. The sales from warehouses so far as they' have come to our knowledge reach only 718 bales, as follows: 2 bales at 6, 11 at 6j, 27 at 7, 52 at 7j, 227 at 7j, 100 at 74 98 dt 7A, 147 at 7t. 43 at 8, and '19 at 8 cts. We quote as the extremes 5 a 8 cents-renarking bowever, that there is very little'to be had at the former quotation. and it must be a rancy lot, in square' packages, to bring the atter-in round bales7j was the highest hat could be obtained yesterday. Groceries.-Our Grocery market renains without change. rhere is no scarlity of* any article that we hear of, and here is a good stock orgoods on hand.l'he business at present transacting is limted, and mostly by retail with the country. Freights.-Our river is in good boating >rder, but the quantity of Cotton going brward being limited freights continue lull both to Charleston and Savannah, at ;irier quotaions,.viz: to Savannah; SI ier bale; to Charlesion, 30 cents per 100 h. fortsquare. and 40 cents for round bales --otton). Napolean's houe at Longwood is now i harn-thlie room ie died in a stable, anid vhere the imperial corps;e lay in state may )e seen a achino, 1r griudi ng cort.rt wallw are covered with nhtIttudinous imes. The oik it- planted now shadows lie library. Illis bath is still in the new ionse which he never lived to enter His :hess board is in he possession of the ifficers ofoist, which regiment is stationed mi the island. Receipts for Subscription. The Publisher acknowledges the Receipt omin the following persois, to the tiie pit lown to their respective ntames: Branuion & Mundy, March 1, 1841. 3,-o. bHoswell, July 4, 1841. Jaines %lenchum. Feb. 8. 1841 Simeni Mathews, March 7. 1841. Jas. Rainsford. leh. 8, 1841. Jas. Al. Walker, April 2, 1841. I Y-11 EN E A L. The silken tie that binds two wcilling hearts. MARRIED, In Greenville District, on Thursday the 26ih tilt.. by the Rev. Win. HIloi ard, 31r. %L. 1. Jones, of Founiain lon. to Mliss %targaret. daulihter of Mr. Win. Mclc1aan,~ ill of Greeiville Disirici. In Greenville District, on the 31st tilt., )y Brasher le'ndersin, Esq.. Mr. Daniel Rounbree. of Edeefield Disiriet. to Miss Elizabeth Dojrothy, of G repnville. OBITUARY. ' Death has been busy at his appointed work." DIED. In Sparta, on the 14th March, Mr. Nathan Leeds, a naitive of Ma ;ssachtisetts, anod for~ a numbter of vears a resident oftthis Village. R I. JA MES H MURRAY tcenders his pro. fessional services to the citizens of Hait. burg and the vicinity. IITf0ice at H. R. Cook & Co.'s Drug Store. Hamburg, Mlarch 20, 1840 8 3m state of South Carolina. EDGEFIELD DISTRICT. Avory Blanid, vs ) Forecloseure of Wiley Milton, i Mort gage. Avory Bland, ' H. Frazier, and tForeclosure of John S. Jeter, vs ~'Mortgage, Ban order from thte Court of Common Pleas, I shall proceed to sell at Edgefield Court House, on the first Monday in May next, that well known tract of Land conttaitning five thousand aeres, imore or less. lying on big Horse Creek. on which is a valnable set of Saw Mills. adjoininig John Wise, Charles Lamar arid others. -Terms of Sale, one third Cash, thte balance on a Credit of six mionths. The title to be signed, bitt not delivered, util all the pur:hase Money be paid. And if the Cash portiotn oft the purchause Money benot paid whlen the premiises be sold, or the balance not paid when duie, the premises will be sold immediately for Cash, at the fortmer purchaser's risk. S. CHRISTIE s. a. D. Aprdl8, 1840 d 10 :'tate of South Carolina. EDGEFIELD DISTRICT. Treumiund Breithranpt, Foreclosure of vs. Morris Johnrsoni. 5 fortgage. I N obediece to the order of the Court of Cotnmoin Pleas, in this case, I will sell at Edgefield Court House, on the first Monday in May next, the ti act of land on which the defeiidaut now residles, containing seven hundred rind eighteen acres, moore or less, adjoiining lanids of Jarrett Wise. J. Diukley, Williaun S. Howard. aind others. Terms ofsale,six mimoths :redit, except for so mouch ans will pary the costs, which must be pauid in cash. The title to be signied. bitt tnot delivered ntil the trnoney be paid. niecotring to the tertms of sale; aind if the imirchtase tmonrey be not paid when due, thre premises will be rc-sold at the risk of the fortier punrchaser. for cash. 8. CISTIE, s. E. D. A pril 8, 1q40. d t0 Notice. SLIL Persons arc caurtionied from trading for Sa Note ofhlatid, given by me to Johni Sintletont, or bearer, for one hunrtdredl arid twventy ave dotltars. pavtnble oii the twenty fifth of Dec. ir the first of Jtanary niext. As I am deter. riined tnot to pay said note except comipelled qy law, CALEB HOLLA VAY, sen. April 6. 1840 * e 10 Georgia drankeen. ACase of thre above Goods just received and for sale by the piece.or smaller guan-. lin. l' C. A. DOWn. List of Letters, R EMINING in the Post Office, at Edefield Court House, S. C., on the 31st of March, 1840. B&C Bland, Catlin & Co. Bones, M rs. Maria. Burkhalter, John Bryant, Bradley Boyd, John Berry, Rich John, or Wm. Barronton, Niisha Brooks, Zvch. S. Berry. Richard, or Nancy Steadhun, Bonam, M. Bailey, Richard Butler, Mrs. Browning, Wiley Bausketi & Wigfall, Carroll, James P; Coursey, James R. Cockran, Berry Collins, Miss Sarah Cliig, Holloway Cox, Jesse Commis. of the Poor, Coleman, .Jesse J. Collier, Hillear M. Colley, Miss Mary. Chapman, John Cealir, Mr. Vancy Couch, Jeptha D. E & G. Deloach, Capt. Thos Dodd, Wm. E. 2 Dunton, Miss M. L. Dohy, Wm. C. Derrick, Rev. D. 2 Dorsey, James B. Daniel, William Ellwell. Albert N. Earle, Mon. B. J. Glover, Wiley Gray, M. Esq. Grice, Wilson Gillen, John H, J & K [larringion, H. L. Holstein, Kindred Hardin, Sarah Holloway, G. W. Harrison, James 11. Holloway, Miss it Holden. Mrs. Anna Hobbs, B. E. Esq. Higley, Pomeroy Htjrris, Mr. John L. Jeter, John S. Johnson, Wm. S. Johnson, C. K. Keesley, Sherwood Kirkland, Moses Key, J. C. G. 2 Key, Richard, Key, John Kinu. Mary Ann, 2 L, M & N Louis, Mrs. Matilda Landrum, Reuben 2 Loveless, Mrs Susan Lee, A. Loag, Wn. 31eDonald, 1. F. 2 McDnffic, Gen. Geo. McCall, Rev J W 2 Mitchell, Caleh 2 Moragne, Isaac M. Mitchum, James 2 MNatheev, Nath;nael Moss, Wn. H. Esq. Martin. Mrs. Jane Mitchell, Joseph Moore, Nicholson Nicholson. Miss Eliz. Nance, Draton Neal. Thomas Napper, Nathan 0, P & R Oilhy, John G. Oliver, Mrs. Parham, Miss C. C. Pinckney.Rev C.C. Prothro, Wim. Prothro, E. D. Proctor, Wn. Perrin, Josiah P. Pickens, Mrs. F. W. Ronion, David L. Ravhorn, Wm. Ryan, S. B. Roiertson. Win. S & T Spencer, Miss C. Smith, Wm. Stroither. Mrs. Stone, Edwar1 W. Seibles, Mrs. M. J.2 Sharpton, Alex. Scurry, Thos. Searles, Pleaant Styroi, Thos. A. Stark, Miss Eliz'th Scarborough, Wm. H. Tax Collector, Thompson, J. M. 2 Timniermani, Mr. Tompkins, Maryan Toland, Hugh W &-Y Wardlaw, F. H. 3 Wigrall, L. T. 2 Wigfall, Arthur 2 Ward, Richard 2 Walker, James 11. Wright, Jacob Weaver, Sarah Watts. Robert Yotnblood, Caroline M. Persons wishing letters from the above list will please ask for adverrised letters. B. A. WALLACE. P. M. March 231, 1840. LUtters 133. c 10 List of Letters, R EMAINING in the Post Ofice at l ilamburg, S. C., on the 31st day of March, 1840. A, B & C Anderson, Allen 2 Adams, Nancy Anderson, John M. Adams, John Brady, James Brown, William Bailey, James Bettis, Mrs. Lucy Brainard, Cornelius Barket, R. Boyee. E. Bland, Catlin & Co. Boyee, John Collison, E. E. 2 Carlove, P. Cochran, Robert 2 Cheek, Alex. Carpenter, P. W. Collier, Edw. sea. Chapman. J. Clark, James Cooper, Mrs. Grace Cox, Madison D, E & F. Davis, Mr. Edney, Wrfnsn Foster, William Fuller, S. R. Fat, 0. H. P. 2 G, IH & J Gearty. M. Gauf, James Gary, P. R. 2 Hundley, Thos. 3 Horton, W. F. 3 H alliwvell, Robert 0. Hughes, Isaac Harcher, Mary 2 Harris, Wma. S. H ancock, Nancy Holcombe, A. D. Jerome, N. & C. 2. K, L & M Keliner, Washington King, J. D. Kennedy. J. J. Lamar, Mrs. M. L. L anham, Josiah Lane, Urial Lewis, John D. Lazarus, Louis Lee, James WV. Lamar, Geo. Lloyd, William Mobley, Whit. Moore. J. Morris, Sidney Mofli, Phoneas Miners, John F. Moore. John Martin, WV. TI. Mosely, James & Co McBrydes, John McCormick, Benj. McCloskey, Dennis, 0, P & R Oliver, Miss M. C. Ogilvie, P. S. $. Perdue, Mrs. Sarah Peck, Epephrodlitos Patten, Maria V. Powell, Win. 11. Prothro, Miss K. Pressley, Geo. WV. Perdue, George Roumns. Cyros S, T, WV & Y Sullivan. Miss C. Scott, Samuel C. Samuel. Musco Sturzennegger, John Sturkie, V. D. Y, Sellers, Ormnan Sheahan, Michael Sainsimnon. S. 3 Tribbles, Mary Tolen, Mrs. ElizaE. Taylor, Jonathan Tucker, John Williams, Jos. WV. Wardla w, F. H. Williamns, Travis W attson, Samn'l WV. Watlker, Nat. Young, James M. Persons enquiring for any of these letters, will say that they are advertised. J. WV. YA RBOROUGH. P. M. Hamburg, March 31, 1840. Letters, 103. c 10 Tan-Yard & Shoe Shop opened, O N the F.dgeficld Road near Mt Vintage, where good Cow Hides will be bought, or taed on shares-one half for the other; and fine Shoes, Boots, and Negro Shoes will be made otn na good terms, and of materials inferior to nonte in the State. Waggon Harness made, and Carriage Harness trepaired. Any articles made wvill be exchanged for good Cow Hides. From applica tion to busintess, and the best of Leather, the subscriber hopes the public in general will pa. tronize his new effort to accommodate this District, and will call and see his work and judge for thetmselves. MICHAEL GEARTY, Near Mt. Vintage, S. C. M.,A, 2't. 1nt40d 8 ATTENTION CAVA.LRY. T HE Edgefield Sqaadron of Cavalry, is I hereby ordered to parade at Edgefeld Court House, on Saturday, the 18th inst., armed and equipped for Drill and Review. J. P. CARROLL, Lieut. Col Edgefield Squadron S. C. Mf. Edgefield C. H , April 4, 1840. b 10 Fashionable Summer 4eo6ds. BRYAN 4 AINOR, &MRICHJNT TaIlLORS, H AVE just received a general assortment of Goods for Gentlemens ware, of the latest and most fashionable style. Consisting in part of London Cashmere, French and Thibet Cloths. French Bombazin Gamabroona. Honey Comb, Striped, and Ribbed Linen Drillings, for Pantaloons. London Weltings, Ciallies, Plain and Fig'd Satin Vestings. A complete assortment of Gr.ovEs, HosiERY, STOCKS, CAvATs, SHItTs, COLLARS and BosOMs. Also,a good assortment of FASHIONABLE HATS. With many other articles, too tedious to mention. To which they invite their customers, and the public generally to call and examine, before purchasing elsewhere. Edgefield C H., April 6, 1840. d 10. Sherif's Sales. Oliver Towles, Ordinary, Fi. Fa. vs. John B Covington. The same, vs. Fi. Fa. John H. Fair. B Y virtue of levies made in the above stated cases, and with the consent of the Defendats, will be sold in the town of Hamburg, on Wednesday, the 6th of May next, within the legal hours of sale, that well known and valuable town property, called and known by the name of the Uovington & Fair Warehouse, including the Wharf 1.ots adjoining it. The sale will be made on the premises, on a credit of one anud two yeats in several instalments, with interest from day of sale. Possession to be given iminediately. Bond, good personal security, and a mortgage will be taken to seCore kthe purchase money. Costs and Sheriffs commissiuns to be paid cash. S. CHRISTIE. s. E. D. April 7,1840. d 10 State of' Soiuth Carolina. EDGE FIELD DISTRICT. Win. Daniel, vs A Win. Salter, ttac ent U NDER anbrderof the Court, in this case I will sell at the house of Mary Watsono, the 23d ofrApril instant. Six head of cattle at< sonic household furniture. Terms Cash. S. CHRISTIE. a. E. D. April 7,1840. b 10 Strayed or Stolen, A T Edgefield C. H., on Tuesday, the 241 of Mlarch. a Bay (forse, three years old both hind feet white, and a star on his fore head, a sear on one side of his nose, caused by a kick of a horse. I will pay all expenses t any oiie who will bring the horse and thief, o either of them to me. Any information res peetitng said horse will be thankfully receive< bySSAMEL 1POSEY. Edgefield Dist., A pril 6, 1840) d 103 NOTIbE. A N Election will be held at Edgefield Couur House, on Saturday the 11th of Apri next, for one Warden to fill the v'acanc-y occa sioned by the remuoval of A. V. Motgomery Managrs-Wm.J. Glover, George A.Addi son, James H. Mints. A. B. A DDISON, Intendant of the Towen of Edgefield. March 28, Itr40 b 9 Trax Collector'%Motice. I W~ILL attend at the following~ places to col lect Tatxes, for the year 1k39 viz: On Saturday A pril the 4th at P'owels. "Monday, 6, " Iatcher's Pond "Tuesday, 7, " Ridge, "Wednesday, 8, " Williams' "Thtursday, 9, " Mt. Willitrg, SFriday, 10, " Perry's, "Saturday 11, " B. llfichardsons, "Monday, 13, " Churchtill's, "Tuesday, 14, " D. Richardson's "Wednesday 15, " Aliens. "Thursday, 16, " Smyley's "Friday, 17, " Dunton's, "Saturday, 18, " Sheppard's, 4a Moniday, 20, " Moseley's, "Tuesday, 21, " Liberty Hill, " Wednesday22. " Tucker's. "Thursday, 23, " Collier's. "Friday, 24, " C. Ponds. "Saturday, 25, " B. Island, "Morrdy, 27, " Hambur,, and onm Monday, May the 4th, at EdgefieldC.H After which time my books will be closed foi the present year. By tin order from the Comptroller General no money will be received for Taxes bu specie, or the notes of specie paying Bank' oft this State. By an Act of the Legislature those returning Real Estate will be re, quired, in addition to the quality, to give in on oath the actual value of their land, B. F. GOUEDY, T. c. z. n'. Hamburg, March 25, 1840 c 8 To Dealers in Druirs, Medicines, &c. V UHE Subscribers having recently purch~ased~ Sthme Stock of DRUGS, MitEDICINES, PAINTS, OILS, GLASS-WARE,&c of the Estate of James Leverich, deceased, take thiu method of informing their friends and the publicegenerally, that they have on hand and are constantly receiving fresh supplies of all articles usuall keptin their line of butsines, which they ii dispose ofon reasonable terms. All orders addressed to thema will meet with promot attention, and exectuted with neatness and idispatch P. 5 Purchasers are particularly reguested to call and Examine our Stock and Prnces-be< fore purchasinigelse whbere. SAMUEL D. CLARK, &Co. Hamburg March 25,1840 8 2i The Greenville Monntaineer and Pendletos Messeiger will publish the above one mont each, and f'nrward their aeeount., to this oacm Phoenix Stone Ware Fa esojy; TO MAERCHANTS AND THE.PUBLIC IN GENERAL. T he Subscribers' having been engaged in the manufacturing of Stone Ware at Pottersville, in Edgefield, S. C. for many years and from long experience, and former owners of that establishinent, have located.bcmsial at the Phcnnix Factory, ShaWs CreeIkiite To miles from Edgefield C. House on the .nai d Road leading from Newberry, Union, and the upper Districts to Aiken, for the purpose of manufacturing Stone Ware in all'its vanoe branches. They have procured .the best of workmen and are constantly making up, and have a large stock on hand. Their assortment. is the most complete ever before ofTeredfor'iW in this market, to which they would call the.at.. tention of Druggists, Merchants and-Planters, and all those who wish to purchase any ihing in their --line. Among the many articlet of which their stock is composed, are the follow' ing viz: Jars ofall sizes from 4 gallon to20 gallons. Jugs of all sizes do. 4 do. 20 do. - Churns of all sizes 2 do. 6 do - Bowls or pans of all sizes, from J do. to 5 dds Butter Pots of all sizes from' A do. to 3 do. with W covers. Pitchers ofall sizes from i do, to3 do. And leds neatly made for jars and churns- i' desired.' Stew Pots of various sizes, &c. &c. All of the above is inferior. to none made. in the United States. Orders addressed to us at Edgefield Court House,S. C. will be promptlj attended to, -and delivered to the Merchant'. door, any. distance under one hundred "nd fy; miles. Charleston merchants can have their ware delivered at the depot, in Aiken, at 124 cents per gallon. .np o MATHIS & RHODES. Arill, 1840 . f 9ie The Charleston Cour. will publish 3 *times, weekly, and forwardiaccount to this Office. Concord Academy. T IE Subscribers announce to the Public. that the above Academy will be opened on the second Morday in April next, under the immediate superintendance of Mr. Jons Kox. It is deemed unnecessary to say any tbing, with regard to Mr. Knox's qualifications,-as he; has been long known as an experienced add successful Teacher. Hundreds, we doubt not, are now enjoying the benefits derived from' h*. instrueltion. The Academy is situated in a healthy section of country, near Leesville, Lexington District.' S. C. Boarding can be had in families, con venient to the Academy, on reasonable terms. The Rates of Tuition will be as follows, viz:pr. qr. Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic, $300 EnOlish Grammar and Geograghy, 5 00 Latin and Greek Languages, . 7 50 The Theory and Practice of Surveying, 10 00 ABRAIHAM JONES, MICHAEL BARR, AMOS BANKS. E. H. NORRISS, - 1H. H. SPANN, *.March 2,1840 - HOT ICE! HOT ICE!! WOULD inform my friends and the pdblic, that I have added the HARD WARE Trade to my Tin and Shect Iron Ware Manifac. tory, and will be pleased to supply those wishing articles of Hard Ware. Also, just received Two Thousand pounds Goshen Butter and Cheese, aflrstrate article. Also, For Sale a good Span of Northern HORSES; sold for no faultJavmg.no usa for them they arefive years old, only. All the above for sale loo for cash, to suit hi times. N. B Jobbing, Roofing, and Guttering, promptly attended to, as usual. Now, please call and see, Your humble servant, A. B. C. A. B. CHURCH.Hamburg S.C., March 19, 1840. ' d -8 Carriage Making. HE Subscriber will make and repair Car. Vriages & Waggons of eves est. -ry description in fife- best poissible mamner and at the shortest notice.. All~ orders thankfully received,- and promptly at tended to. EDWARD BARKER. llamburg Decc1, 18:19 tf 4 NOTICE. 7 H E Public are hereby cautioned against I..trading for a Note of hand given by JohnButrns to Susannah Boyd, for Fifty dolar.The said note was given IstiJanuary, 1839, and due lst January, 1840; as said note has bgere settled, and a receipt given for the same. SUSANNAH BOYD. March 26. 1840 e 9' $10 Reward. fUN AWAY from me a negro man, fortyi .11 five years of .age, abont five 'feet eight inches high, has a scar ons his left breast by a' cancer, also a large scar on his foot between .his heal and little toe by a mattock. It is be.n lieved he will try to get to Newberry District, as he was bought of Caleb Lindsay. A. WV. SATCHER. Marcha 26,1840 * b 9 1NOTICE. TE HE Subscribers have just received, an~ 1.ofi'erftor sale,. '1 Bbl. Red Clover Seed,' 1 " Whlite " 1 " Tnnothy " - Also, a few Cases of T~ankiit SIB LEY & CRAPON. Hamburg, March 12, 1840. 7 41* Commissioner's 111ce.. TTNTIL Further netice, my Office wilf be. Uopen on Monday and Friday for the transa. action of businesswith Suitors and ethers reui ding out of the Village. Defaulting Guardians: will do well to make their returns before the' first of May next. -- JA MES TERRY, C. E, .E. D. Edgeiekl,-Feb 25, 1840 - ff4 NOTICE.. D OCTORS H. and W. M. BURT''vavin formed a partnership in thme practice of Physic, respectfully tender their services to. their friends and the public generally. Their office is situated near' C. J. Clover. Hotel, where or~e or~ both may att all tiimes be found, ready to attend to any plrofeaional busie ness.- - Edgefiel C. H., March 5; 1840 c 5 - For Sae7 HE Hlouse and Lot in this Village, nOW 1.occupied by thle Selweriber. .-: P. H-. WA RD LAW Edgefleld C. H,, Feb. 13,184Ow2tt 'R otice ALL persons indebted to. thE Iste Willi Rif Strom,. sen. deceased,' re. requested iet make' immediate paymenit; an'd' those havingr any demands against .the o'tate, will render: tbeir accountts; duly attested, to the subseriber',. within the time pirescribed by law. DeP f183' t'48

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