Richmond Planet from Richmond, Virginia on June 22, 1895 · Page 2
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Richmond Planet from Richmond, Virginia · Page 2

Richmond, Virginia
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 22, 1895
Page 2
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arrarr Ba****_r*-*ny nj John If t-setsaU Jr.. propraetor, at 814 Kau* Broad Btreet, Wm*. maad. Va. -Phone 985 JOHN MITCHELL. JR., - - KDiroa nuTewia*a?mles>t_K>aa* Intended tor publication ?sat ba Not to tba editor, John Mitchell. Jr., CM Bant Broad Street and should reach ala oa Tmmamj' tkrms nv advance. Oas Copy, otaa jmmr.-.-.*1.80 Owe Oopy. eight montha.?....?_.- 1.S0 Om* Oopy. six months,.->-~ Ja* One Cop J. four months.._> Ja* Oma Coo j. three months, ?Co w"inTKBTi9.No"iia rest* ono lash, ons lnssrtlon?.^..~.-1 M Wot ons tn?a. s*a*rCh subsequent Insertion... .4* tmr two Inches, thrss months.-. ? St For two lashes, six mouths.- IS ?? For taro tnetnss, nins months.- 14 00 For two lnchees. twetye months.-. SO SS Marriage and toners- notluss..-. Ml sdin? and transient notloss per lins..... sc Foataga 8U-ops of a denomination nigher than two cents aot received on sehacrlptloDS. TssP-assTTU lssnsd weaekly. Tbe .subscrlp tion priests f l.W rn jamx. In ndrnnee. Theare are roon wars bj which monsy ean be sent by rn nil nt onr risk?In n Host Office Money Ordsr; by Bank Check or Draft, or an Express Money Ordsr. and when none ol thens ian be procured. In n Kegtotered Letter. f_*Moj*nT Onnnns.?ton cnn buy a Money Order a ty our Po-t?OIBce, payable nt ths Richmond Poet-Office, and we will be responsible fonts eats ?rtiTS-L Kui rea? doney Orders can be obtained any ottos ot the amertenn Express Co.. the United Htntes Express Co.. and tbs Weils. Kamo ?sad Co.'s Express Company. We will oe respon? sible for mone*"3en*t by any ot these compaaies The Kxprssn Money Order ls a sals and con re. meat way for forwarding money. KneisT*n--D Ln*TT_na.?If a Money Order Post Ottos or an Kxprees Office ls not within jour reach your Poet rn aster will register the letter won wish to send os on payment of ten cents Then, tt the letter ls lost or stolen, lt ean be klaus il Ton can aand money ,in this manner at onr rink. Ws cannot be responsibls or money sent In Isl lei s In any other way than one of the four ways mentioned above, lt yon set?d your mon? sy vs any other way, yon must do lt at yoar own rink. KasKW.r-s. ste,?ll ron do not want ths I-lah rrr eontlnned for another year after your aul> setiptloD has ron ont. yon then notify uh by a Postal Card to discontinue lt. Tbe courts hare ssTrSsdesd that snbncribem to newspapers who do not order their paper disconUnoed at ths expi? ration of time for which it hes been paid, ars head liabl* tor tbe payment of their subscription ap to the date when they order the papa? discon Mn int CoisairsicsTioi-Js.?Whsn writing to us to re tsew yonr sntwcrlptloa or to- discontinue your , you should glrs your name nnd address Otherwise we cannot find y our nams on _nTlwU. Camus ot ad emcee,?In order to chang, the ? il di ans of a suoscribsr we must bs sent the lor? nas** sn well as the present ad Jrees._ Kntnred In the Post-Oflloe at Kiehmond. Va., as second dans matter. Saturday, - june 22, 1 fiatitorl&l Opinion. The shoot Inp of Mr. Edward ll ar rib, at Tuskegee, Ala. on the 8 th lnat. hy a mob of lawless white men was outrageous. He should have been armed and have shot down bia as? sailants. We shall await to hear the expla? nation of Prof. Washington with reference to hla refusal to admit the wounded man. The inatltutlon ahonld have been uaed aa an asylum in thia case and its doora should have been a mighty bulwark against the assaults of these lawless par? ties. There are liberal-minded white men who admire a self-respecting, duty-performing colored person and will stand by him. The Dosltion taken by Messrs. Christian & Chris? tian with reference to the Afro American stenographer ls positive evidence of this. We like a true-blue Southern white man as a frh-.no1: be will stick by you We dislike a dead-poor, Negro-hat lsg, ahlftl Mt7, non-producing. South? ern white man; he'll always under? mine and slug you. Tha former we'll vote for and stand bj; (he lat? ter we'll vote against and strike whenever he raises his head. The Norfolk, Va., Recorder is wrong in its position on the lynch? ing question and its editorial utter ancee for which lt has been aeverely but rightly criticised are particular? ly unfortunate. It confounds lynch? ing with the injustice meted in the Courts, and makes reference to our denunciations here. From Got. McKinney, the lawless to Got. O'Ferrall, the law-abiding le sufficient. With the practical ex? amples of the prisoners liberated, measures passed, lr lluence exerted weekly before its eyes, we aresnrpris ed that our contemporary should have made any such misleading re? ference to dj. We conclude with the assertion that there has been no lynching in Virginia since Gov. O'Fer rall has been Governor?a period of a year and a half. Lynch-law must go! JUDGE GOFF REVERSED. Judge Goff of the Circuit Court of the United States for the district of South Carolina has been reversed in his ruling granting an Injunction restraining the registration officers of the State of South Carolina from acting under an illegal election law. This action was taken on an appeal from his decision brought in the United States Circuit Court of Ap? peals, Chief Justice Fuller, Judge Hughes and Judge Seymour presid? ing. After reading the opinion, we see plainly that the merits of the case are not discussed so far as the constitutionality of the law ls con? cerned. Not one of the judges have dared to pass upon the main point at issue; namely, that the law ls un? constitutional, and consf quently in Its enforcement a uariiship would be practiced upon the citizens and in? herent rights taken away. We have read with care the brief of Chief Jus? tice Fuller end the remarkable production of Judge Hughes, who appears to be now In his dotage. Both of these documents are mere juggleries with existing conditions, an evasion of facts known to exist and an attempt to skim over a vio? lation of the constitution of the Halted States by men in high judi dal places who should have known that the obj ct of all law la to ascer? tain the right of a q teeti' n and mete justice. But the following ex? tract ls significant and illustrates the point we wished to dwell upon: "Ry section "*, apoeaie or ants of er? ror may bs taken to tue Supreme Court iu any case in which the Constitution or law of a State is claimed to be in con trev3ntion of the Constitution of I lilted Staten, but althouKh tue rousti * utionality ofa State law maj be drawn in q & ess ti on in th*** Circuit Court, yet it the case may be disposed of on other "-rounds, not involving the validity of such law we think thi** court has june dichion on appeal." Thia Involved tha question of jnrta dlctlon. The attorneys of the state of South Carolina should have been made to appeal to the Supreme Court of the United States, where the constitutional q lestlons should have been passed upon. This action of thia Appellate Court ls the most radical enunciation of state's rights we have yet seen. Another case ehould at once be made up and the matter taken to the Supreme Court of the United States where the ques? tions at issue can he properly passed upon. All talk about there being no question of federal election involved ls the *-merest moon-shine" and yet Judge Humif.s assigns this as one of the reasons for reversing Judge Goff. South Carolina has no more right to take from a cltlz -n his constitutional privileges in a state election than it has in a na? tional one, and he has as good abas sis for an appeal to a federal judge as he would bave under any other circumstances. Judge Hun hes ac? tion in writing a personal opinion crltic'zlng tbe action of a fellow judge is the most flagrant violation ol all official rules of judi? cial etiquette we have as jet seen. If the court had desired him to for? mulate Its opinion lt would have so signified. As for his Republicanism, lt would not stand an hour's wash? ing, so spurious has it become. We had hoped that he would not allow his apparent anxiety for public appro? val to get the better cf his judge? ment, to the end that he would rush in print in advance of the written opinion of the court itself. His surprising ebullitions In pub? lishing articles on the silver ques? tion were in bad taste to say the least. One In reading them became convlnod tba*. be waa just like the senators, who delivered lengthy speeches upon the same sub? ject?the more you read of them the more apparent it became that they knew no more about the silver question than the reader. If Judge Hue hes would change the sign on the front of his establishment, so tbat lt would read --Democrat" In? stead of "Republican", the public would be lesa ill at ease and the sur? prise occasioned by his actions would be lessened by his Injudicious utterances, emanating from the point of a pen. THE DEADLY PARALLEL J. H. Hill, the colored lawyer ?vas tried in the Henrico County Court, upon a charge of having se? cured under threat, the signature of a stater of his client to a note for legal services. The amount out of which he is alleged to have defraud? ed her ls twenty dollars, the note be? ing given for about thirty dollars. Judge Wickham, on Saturday last, declined to set aside the verdict. This ls the same court in which Mosby Melton, [white] who bru tally assaulted Mrs. Hannah Green, (colored) killing her unborn babe was given thirty days, in jail and fined five dollars. This is the same court in which a jury although agreed as to the guilt of Frank Lockwood Smith, white, charged with defrauding A. W. With? ers out of five thousand dollars disa greed as to the term of Imprison? ment, and Smith was released upon a bond of $7,000 before Judge Chris? tian and upon his own recognizance upon another charge before Judge HUOHE8. There was requisition after requl sition from other states In the hands of Gov. O'Ferrall. ?Smith's crookedness footed np an enormous amount. In order that the reader may fully realize the disparity In the amount stolen and the punishment meted, we cite the following : Frank Lockwood Smith, (white.) Amounts Stolen. J.Shannon, $9 OOO Adams, 5 SOO J. Wilkins, 5 OOO A. C. Barrow, 4,800 R. O, Donnell, 7 000 Jno. Appleton, 4 000 R. B. Crowell, 5,500 P. Martin, 6,000 E. O. Dwettie,4,000 J. Johnson, 7,000 G. W. Sweg gart, 7,000 F. M. Mont? gomery, 0,000 0. P. Brown, 7,000 J. Darley, 2,ooo J. Fisher, 7,OOO E. Yeager, 0.O0O A. W. With? ers, 5,000 J. H. Hill, (col? ored; Amount Stolen. Note, (not paid) $30 Total, $07,80<> Punishment meted ed Smith-Dis? charged for $7,000. Punishment meted H i 11 One year in tbe penitentiary. "Nosta*:e shall deny to any person within its jurisdiction the eqaal pro? tection of the laws."?Article XIV, Con? stitution of the United States. "No free government, or the bless? ing of liberty, can be preserved to any people, but by a firm adherence to jus tice, moderation, temperance, frugali? ty, and virtue, and by n frequent re? current to fundamental principles."? Virginia Bill of Rights. Gentlemen, ls this justice ? What think the liberal-minded citizens of the commonwealth of the disparity of the punishment in these cases? When will the end come ? WASHINGTONLETTER Ir. Cleveland a>aves-HeaaUr Hill's Activity- Republican League Beet lag Haversm**nt Priatii g Of? fice under Civil Service Sec'y Herbert's I ni pec tlos-DlaailsaalB In the Ptaslna Offlcs. (From our Regular Correspondent ) Washington, D. C. Juna 17ih, Mr. Cleveland goes on hts aunuuer vaca? tion in a doubtful state ot ' miud, notwithstanding the personal a** nura tue of Secretary Carlisle that tbe administration d? mocrat* will con? trol the kentucky Boats Convention which meet** next week. He fears tbat Carlisle in over sanguine, and he bas other political troubles on hand. He haa reason to believe that Senator Brice, while standing on the administ rr - tion financial platform in his < ? rio cam? paign, ix working for .trice and not lor Cleveland. He tried to get his lingen* into the Ohm muddle by persuadivg Congressman Sorg to Ix come the d* ni ocratic candidate for Q 'vernor but, al though Sjrg isa ruul.j mi'lionare. he thinks he spent enough in getting elect ed to Congress without being expected to open his burrel in ihe gubernatorial campaign and he isn't inclined, even to please Mr. Cleveland, to lead the demo? cratic forlorn hope this year. Mr. lleveland und his friends are a leo wor? ried over Senator Hill's activity in dem? ocratic councils in New York; they know that it bodes no good either to Mr. Clevolsnd or his friends in the presi? dential campaign. The eyes of republicans are now turned towards Cleveland, O iio, where the National Republican I.-ague Con? vention will meet this wee* and all of those who can make it convenient will be there in person. No republican, not even Senator Dubois, who bas been in Washington on business?with whom j your correspondent has tblk-d, believe** | that the Convention will try to usurp t powers belonging solely to a National j Convention of the party to the extent of declaring by resolution what the Republican party shall or shall not sap port in tbe presidential campaign; that would be too much like playing into tbe hands of tbe democrats. The scheme to kt*ep the democrats now employed at the Govern ment Printing Office upon Fuels Sam's pay roll after tbe republican administration takes charge, March 1, 1807. has been approved by Mr. Cleveland, and the whole outfit, including its more than 2500 employees, has been put under Civil S *rvice rules. This is entirely sat? isfactory to the "ins", but the "outs'" will not be apt to regard it with tbe same sentiments The hafjhar the mercury in the ther n_OB_wetav climbs, the more pressing?in the eyes of X -cretary Herbert?grows the nej-ceesity tor an official inspection of the North Atlantic Navy V ards. An? ticipating this necessity, Secretary Her? bert sometime ago ordered tbat the dis? patch boat Dolphin be overhauled and put in proper inspection condition, in? cluding her commissary stores. This has been done, and tbe inspection tour which will take in aU the swell ocean re? sorts from Fortress Monroe to aa far uorih as Har Harbor, will begin as soon as Secretary Herbert completes his list of summer guests, and will lest from six weeks to two months. Last jear Secretary Herbert bad as assis? tant inspectors bia daughter and a j illy party, includion a rich widow against whom rumor credited bim with wu. a losing matrimonal campaign. Thin year his daughter is in Europe and the names of none of those cboeen for assis? tant inspectors have yet been an? nounced, lt is tr*aaon to refer to this inspection ccuise as being other than { a performance of an official duty, but it S cretary licbert was a repnblican of? ficial, every democratic paper in the country would call ita private junket at public expense. I call it not at all; merely give tbe facts, and leave the reader to do his own calling. Commissioner Lochren, of the Pen? sion Bu e iu, may find himself in hot wa? ter with Congress, in connection witb the one hundred dismissals from tbat. office which are to take* ff *ct July 1st. The list of dismissals has been kept se? cret, bnt it has been learned tbat it i*s eludee a number of old soldiers whose dismissal is a direct and flagrant viola? tion of law, as well as a arrand-daugh? ter of the author ol the ' Star Spangled Banner", who has a record of fourteen years ? flicient service in the bureau, and already steps are being taken which it ia believed will result in a searching inves? tigation by the Republican House. There are also a number of other mattera connected with Mr. Locbren's or rather Secretary Hoke Smith's administration of the Pension Bureau, as it is well known that Mr. Lochren bas never been allowed to take any step of importance without first getting* Secretary Smith's approval which deserves a congressional' investigation. and aches of an annoying nature, a torturous nature, a danger? ous nature, can be quickly and surely cured with rain-Killer. As no one is proof against pain, no one should be without Pain-Killer. This good old remedy kept at hand, will much suffering and many calls on the doctor. For all sum? mer complaints of grown folks or children it has stood with? out an equal for over half a century. No time like the present to get a bottle of Pain-Killer Sold everywhere. The quantity has heen <Ior'-?led but the price remains tbe same, 23c. Look out for worthless 1 ml tallou*. Buy only the genuine-*, heesxln*. the name?1'kbky Davis a Som. Chas. G. 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Next to Cor"-/ 9th and Main. A GREAT BOOK The School History of the Negro Race is now adopted by the State Hoard of Ichica ti on for use in nil the Colored schools of North Carolina. Agents Wanted Everywhere. QUICK SALE*3. LARGE COMMISSIONS. .HOOL BISTORT OF TBE lEGRO BICE By E. A.JOHNSON, LL. B., Educator and Attorncy-at-I^uv. (lives intered ti nfl- sketches of the origin of tbe race, history of slavery in the different colonies.sketclies of the lives of Phillie Wheatley, slave-girl Poetess, Mast-*.; Benj. Baneker, pub lit* her of the first American Almanac; Crispus Attucks, the first martyr of the Revolution; Thomas Fuller, the Virginia Mathematician; and Toussaint L'Overture; etatisties of the number of colored troops in the various wars, their pay and treatment; statiHtics of wealth, religion and education on colored people in the States. Also the biographies of such race men as Douglass, Bruce, Lynch, Price, Payne, Turner, Langston, Hiliott and others. Itprives the ace credit for what it bas done. It teaches race pride and self-respect. No white ietory gives these facts. Thev completely ipmore or humiliate us. WELL BOUND., PRICE $1.00 "The last year I was in Atlanta University. I had for a time a c'a?s in English Literature I tried to get for them from all sources what you have so beautilnlly compiled. The race must be greatly indebted for your philanthropic work."?Mary T. Chase, recently teacher of English Liternture in Atlanta University. "The book deserves higher praise than I can express."?A.W. Farham, principal Orange Park Normal School. Kev. P. A. Scott, Malden, West Virginia sold 1*21 in *2 hou-s, and writes: "It sold like hot cakes." II. A. Hagler & Co., Atlanta, f!<o-ria, writes: "lt sells faster than any book we ever handled." lt?v. A. Wakefield, .*?> *bree, Kv., sold 2??() during six weeks of the bad weather. Prof. C. A. White of Tuskegee writes: 'I would not take f 10 for min-.). E.A.JOHNSON, Cor. Lenoir & Weat Sta., Raleigh, N C BUSINESS MEDIUM. ML HI, the world renowned and highly ci'U'hrt-ted business and test. Ktimv reveals everything. No itnpo litiun. Can be consultee! upon all af? fairs of Life, Business, Love and Mar risKe a specialty. Every mystery re v?*Hii'd, also, of absent, deceased and living friends. Removes all troubles and estrangements, challenges any Medium who can ex in her ?tartling revelations of and future events of one s life. Re? member, elie will not for any price flat? ter yon ; yon tuny rest assured you will Kain ' bout nm --he can upon all a/fairs of Life, ;> Marriage, Friends etc., erith description of future companion. fc*he is very tee mate in describing mis? sing friends, enemies etc Her ad\ upon sickness, change of business, law? suits, jou*n*eys, eontested wills,divorce and speculation is valuable and reliable. She reads* your destiny?good or bad; she withholds nothing. MKS. MARTH tells your entire life? ?ast, present snd future??in a DEAD KA MK, hn.s the power of any two Mediums yi\i ever met. In tests she tells your mother's full name he fore marriage, the names of all your family, their ag'-s and description, the name and bus* ines* of your present husband, the name of the next, if you are to have * he name of the young man who now calls on you, thc name of your fu? ture husband, and the day, month and year of your marriage, how many chil? dren you have or will have ; whether you ai * married or single; whether your lent sweetheart will be true to you and if he will marry you ; if you have no sweetheart, she will tell you when you will have, and his name, business and date of acquair tance. ALL YOUR FUTURE will le told in an honest, clear n manner and in a dead trance. Mothers should know.. eess of their husbands and childi young 1 adi en should know everything: about their sweethearts or intendea husband. Po not keep company, mar? ry or go into business until you know all, do not let silly religious scruples prevent your consulting. Madame n the only one in the world who can teliyou the FULL NAME of your future husband, with age and date of marna*?, and tell*, whether ths one you hive is true or fal* There are some persons who believe that there is no truth to be gained from consulting a Medium, but suoh\ beliefs are contrary to the truth, lt ls, only from the lack of discrimination] that such a conclusion can tte reached. It is not every one who placards him? self or herself an a medium that can stand a test of what he or she claims. And a person of an enquiring mind may ask the reason why. It is simply] that these advisers do not take th* .?? io study human nature. The] de. - thoughts for a mo*] n.e nt w -ing the art of phrenol] ogy and ki . sd (tranches that will fiav< pathway to thi road of tn and devon of all obstacles. lt is an undeniable fact that personj will come for advice?jjj full knowledj of what they want to kV ** aud y<ot_ soon as they confront a Medium try their utmost endeavoi from their minds what they kn. to hear if it will be rehearsed by Medium. To get the st-cret out ol person by 'pumping" in no fsw oases is the art med by many unprineiph mediums, but to take hold of tha han and gain control of the mind thereby a matter of impossibility to most of them. And yet this can be done and by consulting Si KS. MARTH this seem? ing my stet* jltecomes a realization. This subject has received no little at? tention by eminent men and evan ool lege professors. So it proves conclusive? ly that although there are infringer*, ia our midst with "oily tongues," perhaps the gates of wisdom have not been cb ed to the entire profession. It takes s grest deal of study to be? come an accomplished medium and by a continuous and untiring effort, the key to the sell of apparently unfathom-j able mysteries has been MRS. MARTH for ths J] mani ty. ADVICE BY LETTER, $1. Hours from 10 a. af. te ?. p. u. MRS. M. B. MARTH. tit* Quat BS BL ATP 8t.. BaPO-TITs*. M. Y. gMiiptilt Bunill inn Is notr open and prepared to furnish Bod Rooms Lodgings k Hoali To all peermanent and transctti boarders by the dav or week. aasT First-class accommodation guarant-ecd. HUGH MURRAY, Prop. 119 S. Anfrbsta St. Staunton. D. N. MARTIN, 715 N. 9:h St., * Richmond, Va ?deaCErin? Notions, Groceries, Tobacco, and Confectioneries. wood & COAL H. F. Jonathan, SHIPPER OF Fish, Oysters an^Produee 130 M. ITU. (H., Rica-mad, Ta ? ' o AM Ordtrs will mceira prompt AtiWatf-M. CsWssaa._Ks, J. H. BURKE, Sign and Scenery PAINTER. Gold orSilver Gaildrng on gi tar All work dons at the shortsst notice. 1804 E. PrMiklta tts, ^hiitoasl. fa.

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