Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on June 27, 1973 · Page 25
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 25

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 27, 1973
Page 25
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"RED6V Vlf HITE , FOOD A 36 (aafesbura R6glsrer«MeH, Galesbura, Ml. Wednesday, June 27,1973 Time Runs Out on 40 - Hour Week By RALPH N6VAK ^ NEW YORK (NEA) - & jrtuta tl »d 6f ttte Old d4»»8, Monday thfough Friday grind? How does thG old SiHTto* 1-67, Day 8 through Day 6 grind sound to you? That may be the shape of .the working day to etrfne if a .croup of proposed changes in the work pattern catches on. Three of the suggested plans! The toee* txt four-day work week — This system compresses ifehe work week into four 9* or 10-hour days or three 12-ftour days. FLEXIBLE WORKING hours — A plan tiiat allows workers to choose their own hours within contain limits as long as Ihe hours worked per Month add Up to an agreed total. ; The eight-day week — A ' proposal made by a New York !mairketlng Oottipany president, John Ward Pearson, in a re- Cent book, "The EighfcJDay Week," this would abolish the Monday - Sunday week. It would substitute eight identical days — with nothing comparable to the weekend — Employes would work four days out of every eight. The impetus for these suggestions comes from a general feeling that most people are not happy with their work. She's on Time A'lmwsifc 10 a.m., but she's might on hime in punching in, according to the work schedule she sets tanseM under flextime. NE'A • As a report on "Work in America" prepared last year for the Department of Health, Education and Welfare by a special task force said: "Dull, repetitive, seemingly meaningless tasks, offering little challenge or autonomy, are causing discontent among workers at all occupational levels." REVISING THE .traditional workin!g j hour pattern is one way of attacking .that malaise. Workers can avoid rush-hour traffic, make better use of Insure time, and, theoretical* ly anyway, exert more control over theif daily lives. Employers benefit indirectly from toftfoved employe morale and in some cases more efficient use of equip* fflent. No substantial experiment evidence exists at this point to brick up the theories. As Labor Department economist Janice Hedges points out, any successes so far may be only a symptom of the tendency of change itself to make people work better because they are flattered that someone is thinking about .them. Still there are encouraging signs. More than 700 American firms are now using three- or four -day weeks, according to American Management Assn. estimates. THE WALES Manufacturing Co. of Gastonia, N.C., for instance, a knitting mill, began a three-day work week last fall, with employes working Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for one month, Thursday, Friday and Saturday .the next. The company's co-owner, Walter Talley, says that his firm's costs and absenteeism have gone down and that his employes like the system so See 'Work'(Continued on Page 34) Here's Do-It-Yourself Job Test M "Iboredtam" is the first Ward that comes to mind when you itWnk of your job, you iway be suffering from a malady fedjustoai reMiiJons Bpeeiafeits call the "blue and white coiar blues." Some employers are toying to cure employes' blues by replacing hum-drum work routines with programs along title lines of Dow Ctamcal Oo's "Whole Job." A "Wfaofle Job" should have lUhree parte. Fk&t, an em­ ploye should plan at least pant of his or her work himself. The second paint is pemfarmiing Whe job in a way that lets an employe use (his ability land iktiaginialbion to do the job better.' The third is Setting employes evaluate their own work, talking over with .(supervisors (the way they think their job should toe done. Try the Mowing test. The results should give you some clues about ytour real feelings about your job, and Wtaait needs to be done to make tilt "A Whiole Job." .1. Do you ever avoid (Balking to your wiife or fciends about ; your job because you etonlfc thlMc they'd be interested? YES NO 2. Is your job less interesting today than it was when you began? YES NO 3. Do you ever tfeel itlhait you could do your job'WdndiMded? YES NO 4. Do you ever tfeel like you are just puling in time L - olock waltchiing? YES . NO 5. Do you feel you don't have enough opportunities to imake decisions? YES NO 6. Do you oiften dread the thought oif going to work? YES NO 7. Does it sometimes seem iltat you are never able to get to see the boss? YES NO 8. Do you fod that you never think about your job when you're home? YES NO 9. Do you ever feel ithait you dOn'it know how well you are doting on your job? YES NO 10. Oould your job be a dead end? YES NO 11. 'Do you think parts of your job could be replaced by a mia'chine? YES NO 12. Do you feel that you haven't enough appoint/unities to suggest ways of making your job more effective? YES NO 13. Are you ever confused about what you are supposed to do? YES NO 14. Are you learning less and less in your job? YES NO 15. Do you feel that if you left your job tomorrow, it could be easily filled and your company's progress would remaiin unchanged? YES NO •If you checked any "yes" answers, say experts at Dow, you should re-evaluate your job and decide how it might be improved. Then go over your ideas with your employer or supervisor. Fruit Cocktail ™. » 29c CUT HE JOYCE BLUE LAKE 303 Green Beans.. Cans 4/'1 00 SPINACH H !-T- E — 3C ° 3 „ 23c KRAFT MACARONI DINNER ... CHEF DELIGHT CHEESE 2 B« 69* RE JOYCE BUTTER Mb yg^ Quarters KRAFT INDIVIDUAL SLICED AMERICAN CHEESE 12 OZ. Pk. 79c CAN RC COLA u end oz NEW FLAVORS 10199 c Bagged Ice Approx 9 Lb. 55c PEACHES FRESH Lb. 39c REJOYCE UNSWEETENED 46-Oz. GRAPEFRUIT JUICE --_ Can REJOYCE FROZEN 12-Oz. 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