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Evening Standard from London, Greater London, England • Page 6
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Evening Standard from London, Greater London, England • Page 6

Evening Standardi
London, Greater London, England
Issue Date:

i mi 'ft bp Mr-ax PAGE EVENING STANDARD Two Pretty Girls £250 a Week for Sabu A Hitchcock Melodrama of Sabotage in the USA Are you only II? asked Mr Sand bach In tones of Sabu the Indian actor Of home was broken up through the death of her father It must have been a home of good influence for her to have kept herself with fame has re- grieved wonder of the very pretty girl who had been arrested for Deing drunk In the street she stood there in all the fresh bloom of youth any father ty PRESENTED IN COURT such nice care ever since She came to London recently served The New Films By IAN COSTER all thi is fir da: in several a waitress in might have been proud of such a except that the place she stood in was the dock and for an offence so unseemly Perhap it was the spring outside that mad the sight of her suggest spring i hyacinth unfolding its scented beauty Who gave you this drink? the magistrate went on indignantly ceived permission from the court at 'Hollywood to earn at least 1000 dollars- weekly (about £250) under contract with Universal Pictures for the next seven years says Reuter Sabu' who Is now 18 comes under California law which requires contracts involving juveniles to be courts tions and was Kensingtoh Coming to the drunkenness Incident Mrs Stormont continued: She says she met a young mar who gave tier drinks Then when TORTLY Alfred Hitchcock maker of melodrama master of the movie chase gets back into his old stride in his latest Hollywood picture Saboteur (Leicester Square) Handcuffs waterfalls bridges the hunted man who turns On nis she rejected his further proposals he left her She admits getting into bad company" Sabu rs Stormont the probation officer was able to explain the circumstances The girl was from the North of England and five years ago her A case for rescue She had a married sister to whom she passed by the pursuers all the properties which Brit we remember from British was willing to go Very said Mr Sand bach I am glad you proved yourself a virtuous girl and refused to go Radio for the Week-end with the young man Now you go off to your married sister and keep away from bad Hitchcock Aims are in this one a combination of Man1 Who Knew Too and and Lady It takes the Hitchcock mind to think of a new slant on an old monument The Statue of Liberty has been a symbol in innumerable American pictures it's there for solidarity and freedom But Hitch uses it as a sort of trapeze for his final climax different was 'the case of Alan Ladd new star with Veronica Lake in Can for VT girl shoplifter who the dock soon after- the mounted wards She too nearly being bumped off by the killer she convinces him that even a professional assassin has some duty to America And so the finally the great scene at the Statue of Liberty one of best inventions in a film which contains all he knows about the art of movie melodrama traitors get coming to them An excellent thriller HOME 903S 3011 4401 4004 114 BBC Scottish Orch 1230 Playtime News Backs to the Land BBC Chorus 24) BBC Mill' tary Bgnd 2 SO BBC Orch 330 Organ I4Sj BBC Variety Orch' Seven Leave (story) 430 £250 Red Cross Radio Contest 50 News in Welsh 6-5 From a Welsh Club' 520 Children Newt 830 Monte Rey 845 Officers' in the making 70 In Town To-night 730 Norwegian 7 48 War Women and Diamonds by Dr Paterson 80 Experts in Khaki 815 Saturday Bandstand 84) News 820 Raymond Gram Swing The Bishop Dreams (play) 1015 Evensong 1040 Great First Nights (records) Geraldo and Orch 124) News 120 Mostly for Women 1210 Songs of Schubert 1 230 Records News Country Magazine Bickershaw Colliery Band 215 Middleton 240 BBC Orchestra 330 Lucy Arnold (play) 440 How Christians worship 45 fi News in Welsh 50 Bible programme in Welsh 515 The Man Born to be King The Light and the Life Newt 530 American portraits 040 Wit-and Polish BBC Scottish Orch Norwegian 745 Did you miss this? 84 Service 840 Good Cause 845 Salute to South Africa 84 Nosrtl 830 Portrait Fay Compton BBC Singers 1040 1038 Spotlight on the Soloist 1115 Boccherini Casals and London Symphony 'Orch (records) Organ News Villain has fallen off the torch of the statue and he clutches at the stonework Hero climbs out trying to save him Villain's hands are supping from their hold Hero nun ty the sleeve and the was young (21) and though with a more full-lownj full-coloured a rose rather than a hyacinth and she" too came from the North She was almost opulently clothed But it was a shocking record that the police recited 4 sleeve is ripping off suspense in the which introduces an made 36 Alan Ladd Tall serious good-looking with an tion First In September 1939 bound inn for stealing then only nine athletic figure Ladd has been a loll unit in army of extras has plenty of situations like that Robert Cun Cummings is the hero He's a worker in an told there was some difficulty with the Hays office before the film version of The Shanghai Gesture (London Pavilion Dominion and New Victoria tomorrow) was passed Certain alterations had to be made Mother establishment became a gambling casino and the Mother's name was changed to Ginsling But it still sets cut to be a torrid tale 1 Mother Ginsling (Osa Munson) is a highly artificial Oriental who objects to her casino and minor-part players'-On the strength of this film rength of this film American aircraft factory which catches fire His best friend is FORCES 2951 3421 4888 killed And while still horror-stricken by this occurrence Cummings finds that he's suspected Greetings 74) News i Records of Sam Carson of arson and wanted bv the police He runs knowing that the 840 715c Records of May 1941 Scottish Variety Orch Jimmy O'Dea in Irish half-hour 84 News Band of Royal over days afterwards bound over again stealing a coat from a work- room (two other offences admitted) in December the same year sentenced to nine months imprisonment for stealing clothes from a dwelling house and several other offences again shortly' after her release caught stealing and sent to Borstal for theft She was released last Decern ber ou licence that expires in January 1945 A native of Newcastle it was stated Parents dead Six weeks in London net working living at various hotels with a man FORCES 2881 8421 4888 124) Geraldo and' Orch 1 230 Playtime 1 4) News 1 1 5 Black Gallery uo Dance Orchestra lA-SAC Military Band' 230 Saturday Matinee 34) Harry Fryer and Orch mo Williamstown Social Gleemen 345 Intermission 415 Singing ftt Strings 440 Association Foot- being closed by a trading company So she plots Her main objective is Walter Huston as the head of the Artillery 100 Little Orchestra FOr Indian Forces 114 ball: London War Cup Final 51 5 company She ruins his daughter before she finds out that this wayward young thing (Gene Tierney) is really her own daughter as well So then she shoots her Josef Von Sternberg directed this poor tale with laborious and ineffectual care he becomes a featured player with more than a chance of being a star He brings intense application' to the part of Raven a killer the best killer seen since John Wayne in Raven kills for money a professional calm as a commando without pity except for stray cats So he bumps off a chemist and his girl friend and draws his reward notes which have been stolen from a bank That bit of doublecrossing makes Raven very sore He swears to get the man who crossed him (Laird Cregar) and the boss who turns out to be the biscuit-and-milk swilling ex plosives king (Tully Marshall) This villain is selling explosives to the Japanese Raven is entirely selfish about his revenge until he meets that remarkable blonde Veronica Lake as a cabaret conjurer (She can even make herself disappear which is top-of-the-bill stuff) Miss Lake is engaged to a policeman (Robert Preston) and also working for the Government After statement to only man who can try to trace the enemy agent who caused the fire Clues lead Iiim to the home of a nice gentle rancher (Otto Kruger) who turns out to be a traitor plotting against America With the police hotter on his track Cummings picks up a girl (Priscilla Lane) who believes everything heard over the radio about him This the Hitchcock touch the girl and the boy forced to keep together though they hate each other So the hunt develops Cummings dragging the girl with him round the countryside and gradually realising the plans of the saboteurs They intend to blow up the latest battleship as it slides into the water at the yards Cummings just manages to prevent that And fflHAT Russian A yev She handed up a the magistrate classic of 1934 (Tatler tows its age but is still Service 1115 Jay Wilbur Clftfr si ss 1145 Organ Sim Grossman and Band 1240 Benny programme News 115 Saturday Bandstand Accent on Rhythm 215 Maple Leaf matinee Jesus Christ in 1942 Billy Ter- nent and Dance Orch 340 The Gang Show Ralph Reader Brains 1 Trust BBC Military Band 515 Bournemouth Municipal 1 Orch 550 Tommy Handley News Hie Army entertains 710 740 Sunday half-hour Award for Industry Songs for Everybody Intimate Interlude 84 News 830 Music-hcll 1010 Epilogue Greetings: Norfolk Hotel Orch 1045 to Records Gazette 53a Shipmates Ashore 84) News 630 The Orchestra Entertains 74) Motor Works Band 730 Jane Carr's programme B4k Experts in Khaki c15 Saturday Bandstand 80 News Into Battle 840 A-RP Quiz 104 Greetings The Whoopee Club 1040 to 114) Organ SUNDAY HOME 2035 3811 4491 4844 74) News 71 5 -Toni and Orch OO Records 840 Organ 84 News Service 1015 calendar Victor Fleming and Orch 114 In Town TO-night 1130 School concert rehearsal tn k8 il it LSi I ht ft Sh id it I IU id lei- al a c4 gt at he it! 4 ou Hi- ti U9 he rm BJ" ret 1 ft a i is IL' IV I CM c( i- morrow) si stony who beat the Cossacks Chapayev played magnificently by Boris Babochkin comes to the screen as a fiery illiterate hero with a flair for tactics nd for putting heart into his men His rabble on horse and on foot beat the trained Whites in the almost forgotten Russian civil war said Mr Sandbach after reading it her parents were criminals On the other be went on laying it aside have been bound over twice and this shop-' lifting has got to be He sent' her back to prison for another four months Nonchalantly she departed II wa pet dis Kit fib ii I a gc 'A em las i 9 1 ho del fist 111 life if-' Sc sac eri fcPr ckc fene i Of btri pTh kale fa IDtl tun I 'Ip i B0 OP Sub HER BA STUDIO ONE Ts-day l-lO pm FANTASIA (U) ARTICLES WANTED tops wanted About Bve lops wanted About Bve CONCERTS VICTORIA PALACE Buna at 650 LUPINO LANE pmsente ALL 8VAB ARTISTS Pnwssds to Merchant Navy Fire tons delivered Regent's Abrahams Regal Cinema Marble Arch Jurniture Ckrpete 1'ypewriteni: any ouertity bought for ea'ii' No CLUBS KNIOHTSBRIDCE STUDIO-KEN 7694 Open 5 pm Members only DINNER DANCING 8UPPRR EXTN Floor Show The MAYFAIR CLUB has now reopened at 28 Berkeley -square Wl MURRAYS Lunch dinner Al Tabors Band Dandng 830 Members only 9 Beak-et RESTAURANT ENTERTAINMENTS BALLETS AND OPERAS (Tem 3143 3093 ft 6056) Tues Junf 9 630 Subs Erg (ex Mon) 650 Th 8 250 Nm RuMian ailac London 8ympbuay Orch Bos Office Now Open 10 am to 6 pm NEW SADLER'S WELLS BALLE7 Evenings 715 Mala Thun 8sL 250 FRINGES THEATRE DOYLY CARTE OPERA CO Gilbert and Sullivan Opera Commencing Monday Evening June 8 Bend addressed envelope together with 2Vid atamp for Full Pros Bos Office Open WALT Funiiiiar Rnsay Lm Gens dt Voysge (A) (French) STUDIO TWO To-day 11-10 pm BOYAL NAVAL SCHOOi SEA-AIR REMCUE WOMEN OF AUSTRALIA Pictorial Disney Musical Tkavd ftc (U) TATLER TH Charint X-id-Tbs New Teacher (U) Russian Scenes ft Songs (U) Tbs Soviet Schoolchild (U) Ger 4815 WARNER Leie-aq Ger CboL 10 950 Bette Davis Ann Sheridan Montv Wordier THE MAN WHO CAME TO DINNER (U) 10 1220255530755 WhL 6692 Krm Mats Weds Thurs Bat- 940- OTHER HOUSES Ohm Undo Phyllis Dare Clarice Mayne Popular Prices (Tees 3028) Kvgs (ex Mon) 630 Mat- Wed Thurs 8L at 215 QUIET WEEK-END by Isther McCracken The Sequel to QUIRT WEDDING Directed by Richard Bird VARIETY CHISWICK Chis 0505 630 'k 855 KEEP ROLLING with NAUGHTON St GOLD Neil McKay cte CROYDON Cra 1941 6R815 8yd Seymour Jk Madhatters of 1942 PINSBURY PARK 6 815 CABARET Open 11 Guests only 2 Bands Harry Nixon ft Roland Peachy ELABORATE NEW FLOOR SHOW lad COCONUT Reg 7675 Carets only Osbaret Fgpd'r Band ft Edmtmdo Roe's Onen 1015 Reg 5275 Guests only HARRY ROY and Band Don MARINO BARRETO and Cuban Orchestra Fuai HOMH oUU41Jt urnitura required urgent for modern Bedroom suite diningroom 19 Mnpled ale-avenue Addiscombe Wat 4084 Motors (eleotnc) srtd work Importance gd pries for motors in Gradiograma ft record Box 1483 ood ckxhm Bought ft 177 Brompton-rd nr Harrodi Km 6000 OOWf' Refrigerator Washing Marhine Watford Electric Services 32 Qiiron's-road Watford 3933 21 Prothetq-gdM Hendon Fh 3004 BAQATELLE RESTAURANT 1 Mayfair- place Wl Tel Gro 1128 1268 3268 LUNCH 86 DINNER ft 8UPPER DANCING boa 8 to 130 TWO BANDS BDMUNDO R08 RUMBA BAND and JACK SWING MUSIC with PRIMROSE and TOM HENRY BRISTOL GRILL Cork-at Wl -beg 6869 LUNCH 36 DINNER 86 DANCING to CHERRY BAND with SYLVIA HANDEL FISCHER'S REST Bond-st Dm Dancing THEATRES ADELPHI Tem 7611) Erf 615 ahsrp iTi Mats Tun Thun Sat at 2 0 sharp (SUBURBAN) AITORIA Joe Lorn A His Band Billy Daarera QOLDERS Next Week Billy Cotton BRIXTON U) (Tech) Torpedo Best BROMLEY BALL OF FIRE DANCING CRICKLE WOOD Dances 3-530 1-750-1045 26 BUly Band Son Club Mem Notice Tom Amo'd presents Ivor Novelloi THE DANCING YEARS Tern 6404 Er 650 8 250 DIANA WYNYARD ANTON WAL-BROOK ATHENE 8RYLER JUDY CAMPBELL in WATCH ON THE-RHINE from 7 pm Open week-ends ea ft Dancing FRASCATI'S Mu 5700 Music ft Dandng fjiinie Beeurder wanted Bute make eon- iklSSA 4M- Dancing as usual 3-550 730-11 P-m MECCA DANCING ROYAL OPERA AVform reduction unite wanted State sine TT end Gibbs FirsLsv N18 Hal Tauber Orchestra from- 615 pm GROSVENOR HOUSE Air oooditioned Shelter Restaurant Billy Mnyeri Gro 6363 HATCHETTS Beg 0217 Dinning AMBASSADORS (Tern Last 2 peris To-day 230 A 615 TOM WALLS is WHY NOT TONICHTf Tot 5111 BUSINESS OFFERS AND PREMISES from 8 30 pm to Hatchett's Swingtet Slater featuring Stephans Grappelly Pte Ger 2663 Evm 6 Wsds Edi Thun Sats 215 Edith Evans flamden Town Ideal S-store factory X( 4000ft with cov 135 HOUSE Covent Garden: PARAMOUNT Tott Court-id Wl LOCARNO Streatham Hill 8W2: ROYAL Tottenham N17: PALAIS Croydon: Brighton Popular Prices Afternoon and Evening EXHIBITIONS IT PAUL'S CATHEDRAL FORECOURT (by kind permiston al the Dean Daily from 10 am to 5 pm ontil June 14 (excepting only Church Service hours on Sunday) Photographic Cslvdoaianroad Nl JpHnn wishes invent or buy Estab bust HUNGARIA REST Whi 4222 Gipey Music ft Dncg Open Sun for Lch Din THE LANSDOWNE Unsdowne-row Wl MAY 1657 Dancing to TIM CLAYTON ft hie Orchestra Air Qmditionrd MANETTA'S C1irge-t 2964 Dncg to Sydney Simone'e Orch Open Sunday for Liim-n Dnner Supper MAY PAIR Dneg to JACK JACKSON ft HIS ORCH Cbt 11 P-m RAYMOr 9UNAVA MAY 7777 item Job salvage fundee Oerrard 3957 Qheet Metal Works want extra Ountraet for Acetylene Welding large ausiililim Telephone Liberty 26466077 display Aim show exnibits ftc portray' mg the YM CA War Servian different Velding ft braaing vub-ym tract "wM Rw-n 7 till wi till work Mr Down 4077 NORMANDIE JIEST EnlghUbridre-fineg naitet Kfi Nightly to Grexory't Quartet Era 1400 MOTORS TRANSPORT ETC 8 1940 7000 milea £250-b Heath 2817 LWB lurry 5 tons ex Windsor Ph 325 Heath 2817 LWB lorry Rogets Ded worth Aursh Vsnmer A Jontrait required large capacity van I2u0 tons essential work owner driver: parts of the world Admisekm (roe ICE-SKATING Upi 1174 Dai 7 2 15 ft 3 7 to 930 Skater 2- Hus 3 ft 8 9d QUEENS Glaa June 1 Reopen July 28 Gala OkiUedge 7 pm June 1 SPORTS-DROME Dig 10-12 50 230-5 6-30-950 ex ft mom 2- TEACHERS OF OANCINC GEM MOUFLET 11 AlbemsriL Piccadilly Reg 4629 individual Beginners ft Adrancne PHVLLirs 469 Oxfoid-st -3 tote isan 146 DANCE 8 Friday MAY 7137 VICTORY 99 Kegentwt enl Swallow -st 3 pte ten 15 DAN Red Res 301 (Camtimmei em PACE SEVEN) (U) HARD STEEL (A) News etc BURNT OAK WEEK-END IN HAVANA (U) Wife (U) CAMDEN Week-end in Havana (U) Mr Ce'ebrity (U) News etc CHEAM NW MsunUJ PsHs (U) Our Island Fortress U) CHEAM Ida Lupino OUT OP THE POQ Hint Another Chorus eHELSEA QAUMONT Week-end Havana (U) Red Head (D) News etr CLAPHAM CRANAOA Carrol Oahama Pnsaas (Tech) Torpedo Boat a CLAPHAM BAU OF F1BF (U) HARD STEEL (A) News etc CROYDON OaR sf PM Gan Cooper The Men In Her Lift (Al EDMONTON GOOD MORNING DOCTOR (A) Jungle Cavalcade Ui EDMONTON RECAL-C Miranda Week-End Havana (U) 1 he Night Hsa Eyes (H) ELEPHANT BALL OP FIRE (U) 8tg: Carroll Levis Discoveries ENFIELD Carmen Miranda Week-End in Havana U) Pesfect Snob Ui FINCHLEY CAUMONT Week-end is Havana U) The Night Has Eyes (Hi etc PINSBURY PARK ASTORIA (ODEON)-BABES ON BROADWAY ID): Rooney GREENFQRD Miranda Weak-and In Havana n) The Perfect Snob GREENWICH GRANADA OuTOil Behmna Passage (U) Torpedo Boat (Ul HAMMERSMITH Week-end Havana ID) Mr Celebriiy (U) New etc HAMMERSMITH REGAL (AB 0)--BABES ON BROADWAY ID) HARROW Miranda Wask-sna mHavsngiC) Jungle Ckrslcade (D) Org HENDON Amkatsader Week-end in Havana U) Ihe Niriit Has Eyes H) etr HOLLOWAY Week-end in Havana Rmeryency Landing (U: ftp ISLEWORTH BAHAMA PASSAGE U) iTech) Torpedo Boat KILBURN near 6767 UiNMthad Businaat I A) Old Bones of the River (D) KILBURN Caumant WEEK-END IN HAVANA U) Sing Anntoer Chorus 0) 8tg KINGSTON CRANADA Gary Cooper BALL OP FIRE iU) Melody Lane (Ul LEWISHAM BALL OP FTRF ID) HARD STEEL (A) News etc LEVTONSTONE Miranda Wash End In Havana (U) The Perfect Snob (U I NORWOOD Gary rtonper BALL OP FIRE IU) HARD STEEL 111 NOTTING HILL Weekend Havana iUi Deadly Game (Dl News etc OLD KENT-ROAD ASTORIA (ODEON)-Bahama Psimis (Ul Torpedo Rnat iP-RAVNERS LANE WEEK-END IN HAVANA HU Wife (U) RUSHEY GREEN BALL OF FfRK (Ul HARD STEEL (Al New Ae local ur lung distance Box 1476 Ud 10 Prefect i933 IVrf 211XK) ml A- Quick sale £200 Regent TJVird 1937 V8 22: good eon Nr new A- tyres: 38000 £98 -Mae 1840 LVr Bale Morris Van 8 hp eompirtely A overhauled by Stewart ft A Huger 1 B-aumont-at Wl Wei 2589 Rover 1958 1 hp Small milragr MW Bert 1487 rVlhren tipping lorries available tor A Write Box 1482 VoMqi 14-56 Saloon 1937: low ml' Tv perf eond Kic 4758 PERSONAL His Band Genres Lacy Jsckis Hunter HACKNEY Amh 4451 630 835 REVUE OP NATIONS and Eric Rattle of the Bands KINGSTON Kin 3131 508 Next Week: BRIGHT SIDE UP Connor Drake etc Mat Sat- 215 SNEPNERO'S BUSH She 4531 630 St 835 JACK PAYNE'S BAND Scott Sanders Gold St Corded etc TOLL Hoi 5703 6 St 815 Sat 230 MAX MILLER Freddie Forbes Harry Hayseeds Dick Henderson Joe Yount Gay A Gay STREATHAM Next Week Jack ley A Clifford Jack Stanford 3 Musketeer etc 6 815 Renee Houston A Donald Stewart 8 Melvin WOOD GREEN Bowes 4801 630 855 RUNNIN' WILD Cteef A Moronv Duncan Gray Harmonists CONTINUOUS REVUE WINDMILL 11th Yr REVUDE-VILLE 153rd Edition (6th wk) CboL rtly 1215-10 pm Last perl 815 A VIVIAN VAN DAMM PRODUCTION A iraln the mlv til? runninf PICTURE THEATRES (WEST ENOI ASTORIA Hiarint We Were Dancing (A) 1130 220 5 20 825 Too Serve nt Mulligan (U) 1 45 75-CAMEO VIC 6588 THIS ENGLAND (U) Emiyn William CAMEO NEWS Plery-eir (opp Tree)- gt wwrreu1 show or cartoons (DMF-DIK STOOGES POPEYK NEW MICKEY MOUSE 8 8YMPH 0 CAMEO NEWS Polytechnic Regent-sL Ox-Cir-GT WHnSON SHOW OF CARTOONS OOMFDIK8 STOiV'ES NEW MICK FY MOCSK DONALD DCCX CARLT0N-1050 950 SWEATER GIRL Eddie Bracken Betty Jane Rhodes (A) A The Plainsman Onoper (A) DOMINION Tntt 1 1 50 to 10 THE FOREMAN WENT TO FRANCE IA) THREE GIRLS ABOUT TOWN (U) kr EMPIRE feie-wi (Ger 1254 I 10 to 930 SPENCER TRACY KATHARINE HEP KliltN in WOMAN OP THE YEAR (A) Showing at 1220 245 510 755 CAUMONT Haymarket 1055-950 TO BE OR NOT TO BE (A) New etr Pros can 10 55 140 425 715 LEICESTER-80 THEATRE WhltehaD "252 '4 HITCHCOCK '8 SABOTEUR (A) Perf at 120 2 20 4 40 and 70 LONDON (Or 29821 10 0 to 100 THE SHANGHAI GESTURE One Tierney Walter Huton Ona Munson (A) WAR9LE ARCH ClNlt 11 to 10 HOW GREEN WAS MV VALLEY (A) Pr" com: 11 140 4 25 and 715 METROPOLE Vir 4673 NEX7 OP KIN rt) Shearer Ws Were IMncing (A) NEW GALLERY 11-10 HOW GREEN WAS MV VALLEY (A) Prog enm: 1130 25 443 ft 720 NEW VICTORIA (Q 1150 to ia The Foreman Went to France (A) Three Girl About Town (J I Last programme 7 OOEON Leie sn Whi 6111 -10 am to 10 pm Anna Neag'e TM) Flaw Alans (If) At 1035 1255 320 5407 55 NEXT OP KIN (A) Cnn-lirm nr Deny (A) To-mnr The Day Win lawn (U) Young Amerids iU) ODOENINO'S Reg 408(1 Lunch ft Dine below ground in Reaiaurant Jf Kraererie Daneng Nijrhtly from 8 pm' to TOMMY ROGAN ft HIS NOVACHORD PICCADILLY Reg 8000 loindl ft Dme in GRILL ROOM 30ft below ground level Dandng to Norman ('ole ft hi Orchetsra Ten dandng daily in Restaurant POTOMAC Restaurant ft Rar 40 Jermyn-st 8W1 -REG 0141 GERALDO premnte HARPY PARRY ft hi Muse with DOREEN VILLI ER 8 lmdon'f Beat Dance Band Also VAL RilMAlDO ft his Orehestrs Lunch Dinner ft Supper PRINCES lieg 8141 Lunch Din-Dance with VAL RONALDO (amour Gypsy VWicint ft hie SWINGTEXTE QUEEN'S BRASSERIE INMter-sq -Lunch and dine in comfort well below ground level Daneiaa to Java and hi Orrhtra WILLERIY'S REST 6 MAY 0826 Lunch Tea Dance Dinner Dancing ley Geiger Orchestra RESTAURANTS' ALRERrS'53 Besk-st Reg-M Ger 1296 Lunch 29 Dinner 46 or a la carte L'APERITIP GRILL 102 Win 1571 Lunch Dinner No Mnaie AUSEROE DE WHIlehall 7361 Piccadilly-drciie lopp London Pav I Lunch Tea and Dinner Open Sunday AU JARDIN OES GOURMETS 5 Greek -sL Ger 1816 Opea Lch Din Sun Ijisch only BELLE MEUNIERE 5 Chariot test Wl £2 Reward Lust March large smooth Fox Terrier undocked tail ringed brows at rump brown saddle- hlack-brown head wart between ryes Singer ('hartndgv Hume ('heshaia 1939 FOrd Iod cofKDtioa inpectM -Central 1161 underfill dark mudem Mink Coat as IT new Mrs Henufcy 7 Caven-dish-ct 15 Wiginure-st Wl Las 5792 OlBos Ueanini (teaaera sing and ftmen supply reginterod nwtenala lor daily rieauing uly ck is OLD ACQUAINTANCE (Last 2 Weeks I Tern 7541 (mans only) 75tVte Man) 8 Sun 30 Odets' Awshn 8ms COLISEUM Ch -I'em 3161 Kvgs o3i State Weds Thun 8sL 230 Snnnie Hale Els Randolph Maleuim keen Sylvia Gee! Davy Bnrnaby la Emile MAID OP THE MOUNTAINS DUCHESS Thu 8243 Eve 7 8 23o Cbmtanm Cummin John dement Hush Binulnir Valene Taylor in SKYLARK OAR RICK 4601 Rvs at 615 Mats Wed Sat at 2 30 Gordon Harter Bmi! Radford Judy Kelly WARN THAT MAN by Vernon Sylvame Or 1592 Ev 615 Wed Thurs BaL 215 Bmlyn Willism hi own plar TM MORNING STAR HARROW COLISEUM 625 825 Nrt Wk: Merits Cns'and Bat 2aU 6 Thun Bat 213 VIVIEN LEfrII in Bernard Shaw's THE DILEMMA HIPPODROME Or 3272 Em- at 5-15 743 Cen Black's Borprioe Mutiral GET A Mai OF TMli VU OL1WH NIB 640 To4ay Wed Thun 230 BealTre Lillie Cjrnl Ritehard Fred Emney in Cochran's 8IQ TOP Ur 56861 613 le Mon i Th- 8 213 RICHARD TAUBER in Blessem Tims Lnit 2 week 0RPHEUM Colder Spe 9741 Today O10 7 C'-vf Gee liili Bourhier in tiin farce ALMOST A HONEYMOON PALACE (Ocr Niphtly HUIBKRT COURTNEIDGE in PULL OWING Mats Wed BsL 215 Ger 7373 At 5 15 745 GEORGE BLACK'S GANGWAY IB-1 Daniel Ren Lyon Tommy Trinder TeAlj Brown The Rndwina hr) PENCE 1 8yd 6241) 615 A 730 C'otut Player Far IN Lav si Me PHIENIX (Turn 86111 Thirs June 4 70 BtDDElEY (JINC4)I4) WAYNE CRISHAM WKU'H SKY HIGH PICCADILLY (Cer 4506) 7 pm Wed Ihur Mar 2 London' bmt eun OLITHE SPIRIT Nl Onward PRINCE 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