Evening Standard from London, Greater London, England on January 4, 1946 · 4
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Evening Standard from London, Greater London, England · 4

London, Greater London, England
Issue Date:
Friday, January 4, 1946
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If-’ h ww’n-rw ' V r - sAHruh p -art S'-7 id-Vapfcirri- i 'ti '-G-'a-'‘i 'iiy - fetfgiwaa "— A--- 4 FRIDAY JANUARY 4 1944 PAG1 4— 'EVENING STANDARD memory V -’tt r vv & UK ft K w !V‘V V fv 5 tv ‘Cv f 'V' I ii rf vV SW- -A £ t V il ? ! il 151 ’ “s''?: " J I 'if ' ' Vjft 1W: m h i k i A fafel Kill tts i ’V-tt’T I!-' I’ I i i -V I'l T Vi - 5 r M' i' ‘It® i-v t- : ”¥? IW IVcp Htf? 1? yVfi I $ It'! ' "SI is rv KV?’ ! f- 1 T" 5 if dL: -f flfefr Mirrors arid sliding doors on route 604 Eveiing Staidard Reporter Anew “pay-as-you-board” trolley-bus with a supersafety-first system of fights and mirrors is now between "Wimbledon Station and Hampton I -r-W Court on Route 604 To Safeguard passengers leav ing and entering at night there is a specially lighted step Not until sliding doors closed is it possible for the con? ductor to ring the bell signalling the driver to go on ' Mirrors indicate whether there Is room on the top deck whether anyone ' wishes to leave or : whether there are any intending passengers outside The 604 has a new-type staircase and accommodates 64 passengers six less than in the normal type No5— MORE ROOM The fifth LPTB “ pay-as-you- board “ bus went Into service on Route 65— Ealing to Leatherhead —to-day This bus which accommodates SO people six fewer than in the ordinary type- offers more room to passengers and less work for the conductor " ' The rear platform baa been designed so stand while fares' The bus differs from previous experimental buses by its conventional' rear entrance instead of central or front entrances The passengers enter or leave through air operated sliding doors controlled by the conductor POPULAR ! Women passengers especiah will welcome the bus There is still more room for their shopping baskets and children when entering and leaving - Mr T J Tllslon operating manager of LPTB trams and trolleybuses told me to-day that the company had experimented with several models with front and centre entrances and now thought the rear entrance was the best The public waited for pay-as-you-board ” buses in preference to ordinary types (0000 BUSMEN’S WACECLAIMS: MINISTRY INTERVENE rnhe Ministry of Labour have JL i - intervened In the negotiations for improved wages and conditions for 80000 workers in company-owned bus undertakings in England and Wales Both sides have been invited to a conference at the Ministry early in the week after next This step has been taken because of failure to reach agreement at a meeting of the National Joint Industrial Council for the omnibus industry last Friday The position was reported to the Ministry and the Chief Industrial Commissioner arranged the meeting with this employers and the uni wages 'consolidation 'Of the -war wage and basic rate and reduction of the present "gap” between rata in Central London and those on the country services The National Council for the municipal busr tram and trolley undertakings will meet again in London next Thursday to give further consideration to the claim for a wage advance consolidation of the war wage and basic rates and a reduction of the grouping system for wage scales from three groups to two ions LPTB claims Mr Harold Clay national secretary of the Passenger Transport Group of the Transport and General Workers Union said to-day that the union would meet LPTB representatives next week to discuss further the claim ‘ for London bus tram and trolley bus workers - This includes an increase in Alamein spy is executed Theodore William Schurch 27 a private in the RASC who acting as an enemy agent crossed the lines at Alamein was executed at Pentonville Prison to-day for treachery He was formerly a member of the British Union of Fascists fe know you want ' a tin of this rich full dwani milk Your 2 i grocer will hand you one as soon as ha can JpUfOod litcafef Children always welcome Weston Biscuits It is a natural desire for energy-giving food in a form that surely awakens appetite j and the Weston way of making and baking ensures the finest results from the finest ingredients obtainable A fovouritt dttfet t-4af n falM Weft DJfMtfvc IMdL ft “I hope 'toe’ll be the best of neighbours : old man but tell me— haven't I - seen your face some -where before?” WHITEHALL’S ‘CINDERELLAS’ t 1 ’ F ‘ ' Get new deal Whitehall's ! typists ’ T been have given a - “ New Deal’ by the Treasury going a long way towards removing their grounds for past complaint that they have been the MCinderellasN of the Civil Service Shorthand-typists too are to benefit In addition to the increased bonuses just announced to be consolidate' with basic pay as from November 1 last the girls are to get higher salary scales as from last Tuesday Basic maximum for typists goes up from 62s to 72s bringing them up to a maximum of 96s a week with the extra bonus of 5s 6d the overall rise is 15s 6d a week Shorthand-typists are raised to maximum of 80s from 75s bringing them up to 104s a week with the new consolidated bonus— an overall jump of Os 6d Coventryt was told ‘ Be bold -—and was i A m L- ' -l " ' y’- I TJL A new is -on Stole Princess’s gift dock From WILLIAM ROLAND COVENTRY Friday —When' Lord Reith was Minister in charge of planning in 1941 he asked the council of blitzed Coventry to draw up a plan for a modem city and told tbemjo JLbebolL" -----The plannen of me new Coventry were bold They rebuilt —oa paper— an - area of 500 new radiating from the ruins of the cathedral 4K' They remapped tire heart of me city as the main community centre the main shopping and business centre and the centre of the otys cultural and civic Uie They planned to avoid the turmoil of the old stopping streets by excluding through traffic ' They planned an entire new road system anrf the regrouping of factories Coventry was to be a city of nne shops open spaces and modem hygienic factories worthy of its history and the traditions of - its medieval burghers ’ '' Uncertainty So far it is just a city of open spaces The rebuilding plan is ready to the last detail It is in the hands of the Government To-day in the Mayor’s Parlour-a room where just after the blitz the King sat and munched bully beef sandwiches ter the light of candies stuck in bottles — I asked N What is happening to your plan? The mavor Councillor Lee Gordon' called in the town clerk Mr Frederick Smith thecitr treasurer Dr A H Marshall ani the- regional planning commissioner and we nad m round-tab conference The plan they told me Is held because of uncertainty on ’eminent land policy The corporation want to buy 3i the land which has been re-anned and let it out to shopkeepers and factory firms on lease But the Government it Roqnd the blitzed areas' Thomas Augustine Kerin 38 des mid to be a deserter from the Pioneer Corps was sentenced to six months 'imprisonment Old-street to-day for stealing from the Providence-row Shelter Crispin-street E a wall dock valued at £10 which was presented by Princess Mary in Det-sergeant Eliis said Kerin called at the shelter which was run by Catholic Sisters of Mercy for assistance The magistrate Mr Rowland Thomas KCW said to Kerin— Can you suggest to me how anyone can sink much lower than you have done— going to a place where you have been befriended and then robbing them ? £200 reward for £2000 coat A reward of £200 la offered to-day jnjnMtion with the theft a £2000 Canadian mink coat a furrier’ shop in-Mar-’ bon? High-street NW last n The reward is offered by neth Elms and Co assessors - DARTMOOR BOYS RECAPTURED In cemetery in works’ t uhetW0 Bowtal boys Peter John Heasman and John Edward LriCk Fin both aged 20 who escaped from Dartmoor yesterday Tr3E’ recapttired at Tavistock seven miles away to-day Heasman was caught hiding behind bushes in a cemetery and Finch at the West Devon Electric Supply Company’s works 600 yards away Standard reporter has 'been given this assignment: Go to the towns and cities in the provinces that suffered most from German air raids and see what has been done and is being done to rebuild and repair Here Is bis Report No I: ‘nationalise is rumoured - may Coventry through a Land Com mission which wopld buy ’ the land and let it to the corpora- Ucn who in turn would allocate it to local enterprises But until the question of who Is to be landlord is settled no start can be made ‘Unless-! There is another hitch1 too The town clerk said: "Unless there Is a radical change in the provisions of the War Damage Aqt Coventry’s reconstruction scheme— and this oes for schemes in all blitzed owns— will not be feasible “As the law stands property owners either qualify for a cost of works payment or for a value payment The value payment based on 1939 prices is quite inadequate The cost of works payment is only iven if the property is rebuilt on old site No building except by miracle can be put up on its old site because of projected changes Thus the man who rebuilds on anothei - site would only get the value payment that means he would not rebuild at alLr The treasurer said : “ We are hot at the moment in a position to rebuild because of other priorities ‘ Said the Mayor: “ We have no thanks for producing our plan and so far there seems tittle prospect of our being able to get on with it And the sooner we start the better because it is s lob that may take 50 vears" - Hung by hand from save Hanging by one hand from a first-floor window sill Mr John Shepherd with the other passed his wife and two children to safety when fire broke out in their home at Upton Park-road Torest Gate E to-day The fire started in the kitchen Robert Millin 32-year-old bus 41 conductor - of Cleveland-road North Shields who the police said was found wander-ug sod taken to GranthaiH police station believed suffering from loss of memory was fined £5 at Tynemouth ' to-day for embezzling a purse containing £2 10s He was allowed one month hi which to pay The bench Mid that in default of payment he would be a for sent to prison for one month Mr N J Watson said that on December 18 he found a purse containing £2 10s on a seat of a bus and handed it to Millin who was the conductor Mr Oscar Curry district manager of the Tynemouth and District Transport Company said that on December 18 Millin did not hand in any lost property ' ' Wandering” Mr Curry said that on December 24 he sent for Millin who denied that he had received a purse-from a passenger Millin did not turn ' up for an Identification parade arranged to take place on December 26 Chief - inspector Radcliffe said that when Millin was found wandering the Grantham police surgeon was called in and he believed Millin was suffering from loss of memory 15 months for man in flat James Niblock 26 -year -old rigger of no fixed address was at London Sessions to-day sentenced to 15 months' hard labour for entering a flat in Westmixuter-gardens with intent to steal Lady Catherine Mary Ramsden who occupies the flat gave evidence She described how Captain Roland Price US Navy a guest chased Niblock as he went down the stairs WORKMAN DEAD IN-BOMBED HOUSE Not identified An unknown workman was found dead in a bombed house in'’ Fermoy-road Paddington to-day He Is about 65 years of age of the two-storey building The occupants Mr and Mrs Shepherd tneir two children and Mrs A Underwood and her three children all climbed to safety through first floor windows and with the exception of Mrs Shepherd who is in -hospital suffering from shock are unhurt Gave the alarm' Mr Shepherd said : When Mrs Underwood gave the alarm it was impossible to go down the stair as flames were ticking up the banisters "I climbed over the window sill of our bedroom and handed - my wife and children out with toe other band one ter one Spectators were waiting to catch them below ' - “ My wife was the mqst difficult to persuade as she was worried about Mrs Underwood and her children I must have hung ‘on for about 10 minutes" Ayear ago Both families are to-day shelter in borrowed clothes with ds and relatives One of their next-door neighbours Mrs J Gambardella was only too glad to give the Shepherds shelter Exactiy a year ago to-day she had a fire in almost identical cir cumstances and the Shepherds put tor family up for the night CROSSWORD IB1 ACROSS— 4 Useful to comedian or criminal 6 Final test seen in an underr ‘ ' CELEBRATED B11T1SR- SCCIICM Of deiKcije Jcvd Yixlac erground theatre? (two ds) 7 Helps to make a elephant 8 They may supply yoa with wine 9 Bay be felt 11 First word from a PT instructor 14 A bit off the top shall we say? 18 Reversed in one of the clues 17 He sees most of the game 18 Appears in “The Merry-Go-Round DOWN— 1 The politician finishes off Die fish 1 Pulls up 1 3 Let down 4 Hangs for a change 5 You won’t see this bear in the roo ’ 10 Discernment from a cue man 11 Something for the teacher 12 And he 7 Cam-p is a er- tS- Upset or possibly £ Though nothing more an rubbish may be underground Twits DAY’S SOLUTION ACROSS—! Dulcet 6 Usury an n8w I6 OPP°M 1$ £n-l-d 20 Robin 21 Donate DOWN— 1 De-camp 2 Lu-MP t runic 4 F-us-ee 5 Ayr R P:um-p R Chase 12 Kin-die 14 Lobby 15 Sp-end 17 ENS A 18 Irk LISTEN TO YOURWKER SELF! ’ "V t Jt s some crisp new notes in th i on buying National Savings Certificates' - "N B E Every IS- Certificate cams you S6 In 10 yeare time( This Increase It not subject to Income Tax : They're asy to buy oai to hold oasy to cash Savings up keep prices down CERTIFICATES BUB OT IBS NATIONAL SAVING! COMMTTTBS OnAttuct qHqwQ ' you Hit JJL UIJ Modem tniuonahakd ? Fuhtiituht n etc w --- -— poMible prior Ujt niMT rHen (A Vonudliind Furniture etc have drawn u m Uwir buyers Indioatn the tlraroush' (mice im! !!!?“ !?£! PjytlSS eonMeiitly expect fro Cntwbrai Bv ruislns Muieuni 1TT our repteeenUUve wUl call fanmedialdyf UTILITY- 5dd‘!n PMmlt rewire careful FURNITURE ihi?mtL!f"h7nnlh iuIUhln """ a Routallon or GO vrara honeat tradine CSTESQTS u Tottenham Court Rd London Wl i- -i I'' ksi 41

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