Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 27, 1947 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, January 27, 1947
Page 2
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PAOB »—NAUOATUCK NEWS (CONN.), MONDAY. .IAN. 87, 1847 DREW PEARfiON , ^WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND Drew Pearson Says: Senator Butler Offers Resolution To Aid Partner's Alcohol Firm; Government Probed Nebraska Alcohol Operations; Butler Disclaims Financial Interest In His Old Grain Company Washington—There was some irate backstage scrambling on Capitol Hill last week when Senator Glen Taylor, Democrat, of Idaho, stepped in to stop passage of Senate resolution 5—an innocuous* looking measure which would permit alcohol and syrup to ho distilled in the same plant. Several Senators scurried across the floor to ask Taylor why he wanted to block the resolution, the most furious of them being stocky, likable Republican Hugh Butler of Nebraska. Butler was the author of the stymied, resolution, but that only, tells part the story. Tho whole stovy is that this special piece of legislation was being rushed through a Congress, supposed to be busy with labor-tax- budgct problems, merely to benefit one alcohol plant in the entire United States. And that one plant happens to be operated by Senator Butler's former partner plus other powerful Nebraska Republicans. Furthermore, Butler's old grain company ha« had nn exclusive contract with the alcohol company, which he was trying to aid, to buy all the grain it consumes. What to do about htr DIAMOND! Wr nuttier"! Hint you N|icm| u few inlnntr* wlrh n* iintl K'ft our nlory iihiMii fllumnmlN. . . und ln*i>i>rt our m-l- I'dlnn of <|iiulit,v Mum**, $62.50 to $3,500 PIERPONT'S KvKlNU<rr«J <lf wr 1 .*. Aint-rli-un Gem 159 BA>K ST.— WATEBBUIIY D1KI) JOHNSON—Carl R. and Floyd O., of Osborn road, in Wnterbury, Jan. 2C, 19-17. Funeral today at .1:30 o'clock from Bailey Funeral home. Burial in Grove cemetery. DIED KIKLY, Mr.t. Winifred (O'Brien), of Jones road, Naugatuck, in Niuigatuck, Jan. 27, 1047. Funeral Wednesday morning at 8:15 o'clock from C. H. Green Funeral Home, 62 Oak street to St. Francis' church 9 o'clock. Burial in St. James' cemetery. Friends may onll nt tho funeral home tonight from 7 to 10 o'clock Jind Tuesday from 2 to 5 p. m. and nftni- 7 p. m. I'OIJH.-V Mrs. Victoria, of luo North Main street, .Nau;r:ituck, in Nstutrntuck, Jan. 26, 1947. Fu- nerul Wednesday morning at 8:30 o'clock from Buckmiller Funeral Home, 22 Park place to St. Mary's church at 9. Burial In St. James' cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home tonight from 7 'to 10 o'clock and Tuesday from 2 to 10 p. m. STILL AVAILABLE!! A limited number of Ciithollo and I'rolrstiint religious ciilt-n- dur-«. l'loa.<to tolephnnc It you desire one. BUCKMILLER Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Tolephotlr 4H»l FITZGERALD FUNERAL HOME 320 NORTH MAIN ST. Telephone 4187 C. H. GREEN FUNERAL HOME 62 Oak Street Telephone 4843 FLOWERS Fur All Occasion* fXOWKRS TJBLBGItAFHED ' EVERYWHERE MELBOURNE'S FLOWER SHOP i IN mmBBn AVENTJB 6W6 In other words, Butler's former partner helps to run the com- pnny. Butler's former grain-buying concern buya grain for the com- pnny, while Butler himself pushes legislation for the company on the floor of the U. S. Senate. The alcohol plant In question is 'the Farm Crops Processing Corporation of Omaha, which leased an $8,000,000 government-built plant to make wartime alcohol, and is rated as havliiR done n good war job. However, the war job is over and It Is now selling to Seagrams. Meanwhile, its war operations been under scrutiny by the OPA and other Government agencies because of i-ta contract with the Butlcr- Wetah Grain Company (Senator Butler's former firm) to purchase all its grain for distilling purposes. Butler Firm Criticized Commenting on thi.s in a special Investigation report in 1945, the OPA stated As the Butler-Welsh Grain Company buys all of the grain, ex- cupt malt, consumed by tho Farm Crops Processing Corp., there is a tlc-ln of managements of the two companies through J. L. Welsh (ex-partner^ of Sen. Butler). This raises a question in our mind .concerning the propriety as well as the necessity for the cost of grain- buying intermediary in an operation of this size under cost-plus." What the OPA report referred to was tho fact that the Farm Crops company was operating on a cost- plus contract, and any additional amounts paid to the Butler-Welsh concern for buying grain, would be added to the Government's total bill. Continuing, the OPA report stated: "In November 19-10, Senator Sutler was elected U, S. Senator and shortly thereafter disposed of his and his deceased wife's interests to Walsh (his partner) and D. O. Aller in exchange for personal notes." Questioned by this columnist aa | 'JHQT< CLUE' IN DAHLIA MURD|R .v ,''•* ' C^ • * • t..' ' • .. Siiii) 4- „ i .. '.,.•;. Texas The Editor Naugatuck Dally News .. Naugatuck, Conn. . . ' •Jear Sir,;- 1 . • .' ;'' ... ..'•.Just a line to say hello _tb the folks back home and to •special* ly pnalae the American Red_Croas for the wonderful work being car-. Hod on by', them.' At the present J 'am In the AAF Regional hospital In Texas, for-some dental work, I've 'been at '..this, base for .about two weeks now : and it's flWOll, Th*. weather is exceptionally nice and, I!m hoping it stays this way- I en-. listed- in tho Air Forces, for-three, years ! and I personally think that Army life Is «w,ell, According to my TH! CONTENTS of an unsealed envelope (above) addressed to the "Los Angeles Examiner and other papers" Is believed to be the "hottest clue unearthed to date In the murdor of Elizabeth Short in Log Angeles. Postal authorities announced, that the envelope contained several snap- jhots. the birth certificate of the dead girl, other personal.cflects and parts ol newspaper heads-glued to the envelope whicn read: 'Here is Dahlia's belongings—letter to follow." (International Souwdp/ioto) to whether he still owned any in-; tcrcsl, direct or Indirect, in his old j gain firm, Sena-tor Butler said thati ho had retained the privilege of rc-j acquiring his stock under certain conditions but that he had no financial interest In thn company, He also stated that in June 1942 he had repurchased ono-quai'tcr of the company and given it to Doanc College, Crete, Nebraska, for a scholarship fund. He explained that D, O. Aller, u-ho had taken over pai-t of Butler's interest in the grain company, waj almost an adopted son and Liolped htm with business mat- tei'H for many years. IIutlcr'.H Company Profited The Butler-Welsh Company holds a. membership on the Denver, Omaha and Chicago Grain Ex- chances, and operates grain elevators at South Omaha, Nebraska City, with two at Council Bluffs, la. According to -the OPA report, the company made a net profit for the fiscal year 1944 of $194,880. 'How much of the above profits constituted commission, grain profits and elevator earnings on gains handled for Farm Crops was not. ascertained," continued the OPA report. "But it has been calculated that on purchases of 4,944,614 bushels of grain at 1 cent per hu. on corn, 1 1-2 cents per bu. on wheat -and i-yc. and 2 cants per cwt. or sorphums during 1044, the fXR-frrfiga.te would be $63,532.18. "At. thi instance of the accounting department," OPA reported, j "the Omaha OPA office made an examination of Butler-Welsh grain transactions and reported that apparently there were no violatior.5 of the maximum price regulations. This did not, of course, have any bearing on the question of whether 1 »n officer may properly derive cu'rement or- distillery materials any personal benefit through pro- undcr cost-plus. "According to our observation; ILJ is unusual for grain buying in an'' operation of this size to be handled entirely through brokers." That, however, was exactly what happened. Not only bVld the company of which Senator Butler's partner- is an important officer buy [Train through the old Butler firm, but on top of this, Senator. Butler last week Avas virtually being the company's personal lobbyist , on the Senate floor, ' in attempting to pass a resolution permitting alco- nol companies also *,o make syrup. For years the Treasury nas banned manufacturers of syrup In .he same plant with ilcohol. This ban was suspended during wartime: now Butlcf is demanding passage of a resolution suspending t for seven months more. $400,000 owed Uncle'Sum Meanwhile, Treasury • officials point out that the Farm Crops company is the only in the nation which also wants the right to make syrup, even though it is no longer on a war footing. (It now sells chiefly to Seagrams and the ilmore Company in Kentucky.) Officials also say that the company las not' been using surplus potatoes, as claimed on Capitol Hill, but corn. Another interesting angle is that the ' Omaha plant is now in trie middle of a wrangle with the OPA over how much money it-owes tho Government. OPA claims it owes a neat little ,$400,000, and one item in his disputed amount is especially interesting. On cost-plus contracts, a private | company Is not permitted to charge the Government for royalties on any patents owned by ofll- rrrs of of the firm. However, OPA officials state that three oIRcers of Fnrm Crops signed their names tn a claim in an effort to collect monev from the Government for royalties. The three officers are: Leo M. Ohristcnsen. hoad of the chemis- try department of the University of Nebraska; C. A. Sorenspn. Lln- ooln. . Neb. .attorney; and George E. Johnson, general manager of •IIP Central Nebraska Public Power Co., w.ho also draws, a .salary, of $15,000 as Koneral manager -of Farm Crops Processing. The company has put a former OPA oiricial, Morris Vaile.-i, on its payroll to battle out its llnancial argument with the OPA This is the whole picture regarding tlic company for the benefit of which Senator Butler tried to rush through a special resolution last week. (Copyright, 1947, by The Bell Syndicate, Inc.) STACK NAMED Governor McConaughy VKIS designated Unemployment Compensation Commissioner Robert J. Stack of Hartford as chairman of the com- mis-'ison for the present year. The chairmanship is rotated annually among the five commissioners. By virtue of- his appointment, Stack will be paid :\n extra $50. Army Private Praises Eed Cross For Work Accomplished In AAF Regional Hospital, Army general classification tests I'll have iv good Job in the Army and I'nlso qualified for officers candidate school which I hop* I can make. 'Once again . I want to gay /•thanks" to the Red Cross tor pro- VldlDK us with entertainment and for helping the patients see the brighter nlde while In hospitals. I'll 'be glad'- to hear-from- anyjono bock home as mall is ftn Important thing In- Army lift. I think the ;vetf» will vouch for that,'Well, I'll .be on my way now, .- .. ... Yours truly, Pvt, R. A. Houne, A.. 3, N, 18286779; Sdg. BPr* Flight 1647 Air Training .Command. San Antonia, Texas. Local YMCA Lists For This Week Tho local-Y has a' busy nch'ed-. ule of events planned for this week, evenly divided between athletic and social activities. The schedule, to) lows: . .!.,..... ... ',. • :. The Naugatuck Men's Choral'Club resumes, its weekly rehearsals to night at 7:45 o'clock to-prepare for its Spring concert. The Y" M. C. A. Industrial Coup oil with Otto Jensen presiding will meet "for a.'-..Tuesday :noon,'lunch eon. • : ' •-.'.The Y's Men's Club hold an induction of. new members cere monthly business meeting.. ..Wilson. Klrkendall,' president, -will preside Six-new members will be Inducted. Tho Hi-Y and Tri-HI-Y Clubs will meet for special, planning at 7:30 p. m, Wednesday. . . , . Industrial League Basketball. Wednesday will feature the High School Vets vs. Chemical in the first game at-7:30 p. m. and U. S. Rubber Co. vs- Eastern Malleable Iron at 8:30 p. m. ' ' " Thursday the monthly serial "Roy al Mounted" will be- sho\yn at 4:30 p. m^ Movie machine is by courtesy. of the NaUgatuck Fuel Co- The Gra-Y Club meet Thursday afternoon, ^3:30. The March of Dimes Basketball game and dance Friday evening at S p. m. will feature the main event, the Merry Morticians-versus the Post Office Five. A group from the Southington Y- SKATING Baummer's Field'St. Rink Telephone 3501 THE CHINA INN 1 1 lliirrlMHi Avc, At I^rmr Sl»'(iii|li/iiiK In <Jliln«'MC mill A mi-rlni n JHhhrM •• Stop In After the Theater (>t>i'M Unity U u. in, to 10 [t. in. Smiiht.vH 1^ noon to 10 u. nl< • CloHfil till liny Munclity* KIXIIIKTAKIAL RK POUTING Ovvi>loiniicnt In ClrcKic Shortlmnrl to I (10 \vpiii. >'t:.w (iroup bri:lnH .lun, 27, 1W47. . ... K%-onlnKM ul 0 1*. M. THE FERRY SCHOOL ••01 HCIAI, Ilrown Bide. SCHOOL" W»tnr\rr// It's Not Too Late For You to Knroll At 'THK JUNIOJt COLLEGE OF COMMERCE Fchrunry 5 Is the date, Many curriculums available with practical preparation in your chosen field, plus general background courses. Write — Tliono — Come In S»D WHITNEY AVE. 8-7003 HAVEN 11, .CONN. . COMBINATION SINKS (Immediate Delivery) Cabinet Style Cash or. Time Payments AMERICAN FURNITURE CO. 383 So. Main St. — Waterbury — Dial 3-2787 -- -OPEN-WEEK DAYS — 9 A. M. TO 9 JP. M. LOOK FOR THE ORANGE COLOR FRONT Din Cupid'll 6t your ihWov Whit .you weif Uninrtl* 1 V* M* ditc dnm of fine nyon crt|» 'He . bUclonttie^ brit ind buttuni, it* bows M and w*i|t... And ^jjt» uncjnnily .perfect fit (hit miltM you look ;;u ; fc»i»7 *|: JfOU KtUf Mlt Sizes 9-tJ. IB rhr** lovable colur conibi- nalionJ. ' • Neary Building- ; • Naugatuck, ;• Oomn; KBNNY" IS OURRKNT LEAD AT SALEM PLAYHOUSB Thlrts'-flve .full : y»ara In ..the life of .the, fwned- criwader.. agminst the dread-•cour«e.of polio, are brought to th« jcreen in ,RKO Radio'* en-, gro*g|ns biological .drama, "Slater, Kenny," today , : at the ^alem Playhouae, co:»tarrinK ,R o • a 1 i n d Rumcll, in.Uw role of. the v dynamlq Australian nune, -and Alexander Knox ai her .faithful friend .and ch'amplon, .Dr, Mcponnell.., Dean Jaggcr (s-f«a' ured aa the Worl * War I hero Nurse .Kenny could never marry.. '.'. ... .. The .drama at'•• Ellzatoeth Kenny cover*-.her, activities -in. the .Australian hush, where, she ._flr«t e.n- coun-tered,,a ,ca*e of • Infantile paralysis; explains ; -the. tragedy of her great romance; ; '-outUnc»: Acr bitter H.S,Rijbber T f / Acquires Interest In British Firm United States Rubber Company ha? acquired an Interest In the North British Rubber Co.., of Edinburgh, Dumfries and Tx>ndon. U was announced today by Herbert E. Smith, president' of United Statej Rubber Company. Torms of the agreement between the two compares provide tto\t tho North British company will manufacture goods for U. S. Rubber'* British subsidiary, tho Dominion Rubber Company, Ltd., for resale in Great Britain and • for expert from Great Britain. Arrangements have been made for a substantial and increasing participation by U. S. Rubber in the . common stock of the "North British company. Under the agreement close cooperation will exist between the two companies In Great Britain. The British- concern will be entitled to full technical assistance and, participation, in the benefits of the American company's research and development program. . BECOMES CITIZEN The author of "Out of the Night" Is now an American citizen..-.Rich- i urd .T. H, Krebft. or Jin he is better known, received pws in Federal, court at 1 vcn following an hour nnd heading: • • Krcbn hud for eight ycnrs to YOUNG. MOTHERS SHOULD KNOW It is important to know, that cbildrtt are more subject to coldi if resistance It low due to insufficient vitamin. A, Father John's Medicine builds rctiitanee to such colds by supplying plenty of vitamin A. It alto gives prompt relief from coughs and throat irritation due to colds by: soothing the throat GOOD FOR ALL THE FAULT Morale Builder courageaient which w«t ,all her efforts, and finally portrays.. her victory in establishing her Institute now conducted at Minneapolis, M. .C. A. will visit Naugatuck for a social evening Saturday, Feb. 1. 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Trueki J. C. Raytkwich, AOOESSORIB8 Bepairing M S017TB MADT ST. Tctophoiw 4Mf~ Peter Paul, Inc. NAUOATUCK. CONN. Manufacturers of Nation's Largest Selling CANDIES AND CHEWING GUMS

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