The Evening Times from Washington, District of Columbia on March 7, 1898 · Page 6
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The Evening Times from Washington, District of Columbia · Page 6

Washington, District of Columbia
Issue Date:
Monday, March 7, 1898
Page 6
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THE EVENING TOTES, WASHINGTON, MONDAY, MARCH 7, 1898. 6 Clearing Out All small lots of Men's winter Suits and Children's Winter Suits and Spring Weight Suits and Reefers brought over from last season at a uniform reduction of One-third Off of regular prices. Not all sixes in any one style, but an ample assortment in most all si7es. Reefers are in sizes 4 to 8 years only-New Spring TOP COATS and DERBY HATS now ready. Both up to our usual high standard of quality, at our usual low prices. ROBINSON & CHERY CO., 12th and FSts.N.W. City Brevities. The Butler Zouaves ami Kutler Light nftuitry, colored, have decided to take part In the Emanclimtion Day parade, on April 1C. The monthly meetinc of the "Workers' Union of the Central Union Mission will be held tomorrow evening Interesting and Important reports will he received. The Women's Auxiliary of Trinity V. E. Chtirch will meet at 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. The chancel chapter of the church will meet at 4 o'clock tomorrow in the parish hall. .ST. THOMAS AQUINAS. A Festival In Ills Honor Is lteing Celebrated Today. The festival of St. Thomas Aquinas was celebrated in the Ctholic churches hero today. There wan a t,pecial observance of the day at the Catholic University, of which St. Thomas Aquinas Is the patron saint. He was a member of the Dominican Order, and was considered the most famous and learned theologian of the middle affos. The feast of St. John of God will be celebrated by Catholics Beneraliy tomorrow. The Order of the Brothers of Char-It wt. organized by thie saint in IKS. ACC1DKNTAI. DKATH. Coroner Cnrr Disposes of the Case of Carl Dcutlin. After an Investigation into the circumstance, of Carl Demlln's fatal fall down a Ilipht of stair at May's boathouee. at the foot of Thirteenth Street, yesterday. Coroner Carr gave a certificate of accidental death. The body, which had been Font to the morgMe. was turned over to tho family and preparations made for the funeral. Detttita wafe forty years oW, and lived at Xe. 234 Fourteenth Street s?outh et, whore he kept a restaurant. AN ANCIKNT STHUCTUHK. loariiifi Down the Old Columbian T-aw HitlldliiK. A large force of workmen are engaged In tearing down the old Columbian Law School building, on Fifth Streot, betw een D and K Streets northwest. It Is expected that .vome interesting "documents ami other articles will be found when the metallic box in the corner-stone is found. Tho demolition of the ancient structure will be completed tomorrow. Another Dead Uaby Found. A doad infant, colored, was found by J. S. McKay on a vacant lot between Sixth and Seventh and II and I streets northeast, yesterday. It was removed in the Xinth precinct patrol wagon to the morgue, rnd Coroner Carr notified. Teur credit Is good at Lansburg's Furniture House. 13th and F sts. oc3-tf The Final Week. This week ends the greatest Clearance Sale of Furniture and Houscfurnishings that Washington buyers have ever .experienced. Come while the chance is still offered you. "We have dozens of odd pieces of furniture, remnants of carpets and linoleum, single sets of crockery, etc, that wc arc bound to clear out this week at any price. It's a great chance for the economically inclined. Don't let the lack of money keep you away. We will credit you with pleasure, and you can make the payments so small that you will not miss the money. House & Herrmann, Liberal Furnishers, Seventh and I Sts. N. W. EVERY WINTER SUIT and OVERCOAT! AT ONE-HALF I ! MARKED PRICES. f ? i $) .Marked j.r.ccs ucrc at the bar- 2 pain point, but mc'ic cut tlicm In two. The fixtures for our Tur- . nitliinfrs Deportment lX be in place in a few days this ral x ends the minute thrjr are ready. X I M. Dyrenforth & Co., f 923 PA. AVE. J Hr.OODSlIKI) JIAT 11ESUL.T. The Stationing of Caniullim Customs OrfictalH Cmivi's Indignation. Tncoma, Wash., March 7. Great indignation prevails among the 10.000 men who are t-cattered along the Skaguay and Dyea trails, at the stationing of Canadian customs ofllccrs at the summit of the passes. Now even the food which the Klondikers will consume while boatbuilding at Lake Bennett must pay duty. So must every pack animal owned by the freighters, and their feed for each trip to the lakes. At Lake Bennett rental Is to be charged for tenting ground. Logs to build cabins will co-st J10. and logs for flrewood or boatbuilding 'JH cents each. Twenty-live dollars Is charged for every dog. Advices received today by steamer Farrellon say that the Klondiers could scai cely fare worc if the Canadian officers moved down to Skaguay and Dyea. mid charged duty on every American article unloaded. Iist week the Klondikers along both trails held meetings at which threats were made of mnrching together past the customs btations, and refusing to pay duty. Serious trouble seems in Fight, though it Is hoped that the presence of United States troops at Skaguay will precnt bloodshed. The collection of duty on dogs, packhon-cs and food, and the charge for logs and fuel at the hikes are lunong the Increased charges Jui-t put into effect in an apparent endeavor to force all Klondikers to outfit in the British Columbia towns. It Is feared on Pugct Sound that the Canadians have secured the whiphand In this respect. Inspector Belcher, with twenty policemen, at Chilkoot Pass, and Capt. Strickland at White Pass with twenty more, began collecting duty on the summits on February 36. late In January a nugget valued at $1.0CC was found on claim 30, Eldorado Creek, owned by Alexander McDonald. A C1IANCK FOB OU IIOIISI S. All International Show to lie Held in London. JCew York, March 7. For the first time American horses can compete with tho English show horses. This will give the owners of the champions in the different olassos an opportunity to sec if their champions are the equals of the English blue-ribbon horcs in the same classes. The following circular just tent out from London explains itself: Tho Crystal Palace Show, Ion-don, England, will bo held on May 23, 38. and SI next, beginning in the same week as the Derby is run for at Epsom, tho great race falling on May 23. In order to Introduce an international clement into the exhibition, nnd in hopes of affording the possibility of a comparison between the best horses of the two countries, the directors of the Crystal Palace propose making several clashes for American-bred hor?es only. The services ot an American judge of position will. If possible, be becured to award the prizes in thee classes. The owners of American hore?, however, arc Invited to compete In any other classes of the for which they are qualified, by tlie rules, which place no restriction whatsoever on the nationality of the comjMJtitors except in the American classes aforesaid. Thes-e open classes will be judged by English judges. AVlth the view of Inducing American exhibitors to compete the "White Star line I prepared to convey horse to Llverifool ami back to New York at a specially low rate in their magnificent new twin-screw steamship Cymric, the newest and largest freight boat atloat. which will sail from New York on April 12. The consignment of American horses for the international ahow will be personally met by Mr. Vero Shaw, the manager of the Crystal Palace hore fehow. at Liverpool, and will be accompanied by him per special London and Northwestern train direct to the Crystal Palace, the train Parting almost from the ship's side, so there will be no delay. The following rates will be charged for conveyance of horses direct from Liverpool to the Crystal Palace: One $13.7?; two horses, the property of the same owner, $29; three horses, the property of the same owner, $10: the return journey to Liverpool from the Crystal Palace being at one half the above rates, provided the horses possess a cer-tlllcate that they are unsold. "lim Six" and .Tnek MeCorinh-k. The "All-Star" card prepared for the Eureka Club's next entertainment at Germanic Maennerchor Hall. Baltimore, Friday evening, has been added to with an exceptionally strong heavyweight bout that will introduce Baltimore's heavyweight. "Big Six," and Jack Mc-Cormlck, of Philadelphia, the ex-heavyweight amateur champion or the East. He lws never been defeated by either amateur or professional, and is a good, strong boxer. His las.1 appearance in Baltimore was as an amateur, when he defeated Con. Coughlin, who bested George "Wannewitch. The two men are evenly matched, and it will be one of the best heavyweight bouts seen in Baltimore for some time. They will be the second preliminary on a card that will include Jim Janey and George Huse'l, of Wilmington, who fought him a ten-round draw, and Joe Gans, who will meet Tommy Shorten, the conqueror of Jack Downey. lloxcrw in Training. Joe Gans. who Is to meet Tommy Shorten at Germanla Maennerchor Hall, Baltimore, Friday night, as well as Jim Janey, another of tho Hcrford's cham pions, who Ii on the bill for ihe same evening to face George Ttussell, of "Wilmington, aii old rival, have started In to training for their bouts at Barragcr's Boadhousc. Back River. In the party will lie "Big Six," who is matched to meet Jack McCormick the same evening in one of the preliminary bouts. Tommy Shortell, who Is under the management of Jack Dougherty, the backer of Kid Mcr.nrtland, will put in his licks at College Point, L. I. He, will be assisted by Tommy West and the colony of boxers at that place. Russell will train In Wilmington at tho Warren A. C. McCormick. the heavyweight, always takes to tho sands of Atlantic City. Charlie Mc-Keever will be in the party to urge him along. I desire to attest to the merits of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy as one of the most valuable and efficient preparations on the market. It broke an exceedlngly dangerous cough for me In 24 hours, and lngratltude therefor, I desire to inform you that I will never be without it, and you should feel proud of the high esteem In which your Remedies are held by people in general. It is the one remedy among ten thousand. Success to it. O. R. Downey, Editor Democrat, Albion, Ind. For sale by Henry Evans, Wholesale and Retail Druggist, 33S F street, and Connecticut avenue and S street northwest, and 242$ Maryland avenue northeast. Send for fample Pretzinscr's Catarrh Balm; cures cold in a. night. Citv references. L. 11. Kanney, 1227 M Street northwest. 2t Heurich's Maerzen, Senate and Lager Beers and Stock Ale arc superior beverages. Call up 1793 to hare your wheel repaired or cleaned, or to rent a new wheel or to hare a message or parcel delivered lor 10 cents. Burr? 727 Fourteenth street. fe20-tl PE-RU-NA Cures Catarrh. Al! druggists fell it. fe7-U ' ' BEST IN THE WORLD j X OOmw WE MAKE AND SELL through our 52 than any other manufacturer in the world. Merit i.s sure to win. It is only a question of lime when vou vill decide that W. L. DOUGLAS SHOES urc the best ever offered at this price. "Our CaSf hovn licrenitli. Is nucleoli llio (icuitoc, of tho lut ralf In lie procured. .Male with 1 (imiii iimi lien hi 1 us. IC.llIHT-llllCU, a.iui 1 .ist color ltocks mid ejrlcM stud A11strnll.u1 Kan-tniroT tojxi. It 1 an iilcal Mm t slioo, neat, tiroes? mill minion- able. cati uliow full hnc ot shoes j.ia.lo .r (lliletrnt ICAtlicrs ciptMaally ntlmtcil for thlt season 01 in ycir. Short Jlnuuht CiUlogn from W. L. Douglas, Urockton, Mas: at Our Slarrs J'olithrd J'rre, Our store it 10 1 3 Pennsylvania Ave. Located at MONTHKV1TXK STRICKLANDj Mnnnnori GOOD NEWS! We ask only $10 this year for as smart-looking top coats as sold last spring for $15. They arc very stylish, elegant appearing garments, and are exceptionally well tailored and finished. Now selling our second shipment of them. Parker, Bridget & Co., Clothiers. 315 7th St. DYSPEPSEA. Remember Unit GHOVER GHA-HAM'S remedy is GUARANTEED to remove all dlwtrenM FROM. THE FIRST DOSE. It In folly to suffer when a "Oo. bottle, procured, from your dnmgibt, will correct lu-stoutly nil unpleasant symptoms. An infallible Specific for DyMpeptla, nenrtburu, GiiHtritln ana nil din-eithcs nrlNliiK from an impaired 1)1-Ceitlvo Syntem. Write to Groror Gruiinm Cun Xewburjjli, X. V., for pamphlet. THE IRISH WOULD FIGHT. The American FltiK Causes u Great Show of Enlhu'tliiMU. Xew York. March 7. More than -1 000 Irishmen and Irishwomen crowded Into the Academy of Music last night to do honor the memory of Robert Emmet. Beforo the evening was far adanced the demonstration was twofold. When the Iiish Volunteers marched on the stage with the Stars and Stripes and the flag of Erin the band struck up "The Star Spangled Banner." Tie cheers that followed drowned the music. "Hurrah for Old Glory'" rang out a voice. The man carrying the national emblem waved the flag, and the people were wrought up to a high pitch of en thusiasm. Several minutes elapsed beforo quiet was restored. The climax of the demonstration was reached during the speech of Congressman Rowland Blennerhasset Mahauy. Ho was speaking of ruritanism siill existing In this country, and which, he said, was always arrayed against the Irish. "These degenerate descendants of the original Puritans no, I cannot call them degenerates, because I have too much contempt for their ancestors to admit of possible degeneration are against u," he said; "but we are here, to stay and to fight for the dear old! Styrs and Stripes while the red blood of Erin flows through our veins." ' He stopped long enough to grasp the flag and draw it across his breast. The cheering was territlc."""'" "If war is declared tpraorrow,"' he continued, "the Clan-na-6:tfdidan,jnd will furnish 20,000 well-armed) and well-drilled troops to fight for this""flag." There were cries from the audience of "Right you are!" "Free Cuba!" and "Long live freedom!" Once again the band struck up the national anthem and the cheering continued for several minutes. The next outburst occurred during the eulogy of Ireland's great men by Congressman Mahany. He had just spoken of the positions of prominence in foreign lands to which Irishmen of humble origin have arisen through sheer force of intellect. "Ireland has furnished prime ministers for Austria," he said, "and prime ministers for Spain." The word "Spain" was no sooner heard than there was a shower of hisses. The speaker stopped then recovering himself quickly, shouted at the top of his voice: "In answer to this demonstration, I will say that the Irish in America are not only capable of. but willing to, counteract the Influence of the Irish in Spain." This led to another outburst of cheers, shouts and applause. A DUCK ATE GOLD. Five DollnrV Wortii of NiiKsets Taken From the Gizzard. New Yorl. March 7. An assay conducted liv himself has netted It. V. llonnell, a truthful Mount Vernon citi7cn, ?5 worth of pure gold taken from the gizzard of a duck he bought of Butcher Dun-ton a few days apo. As the bird cost but SI. the Honnclls are $t and a duck dinner to the good. Twenty-three small nuggits were taken from the stronj;-uox of the duck, which came from Colorado, it is said. The doubt as to tho genuineness of the cold has liecn dispelled by Uonnell, who po"dcd the nugfrets flat and tested them with acid. Then he weighed the product to determine the value. There were nine ducks in the consignment, but this is the only one tliat developed a J iay streak. The remaining three were thoroutrli-y prospected by Mount Vernon miners, but not a trace of color could be found. Mr. Ilotincll will endeavor to locate the place whence his cold-lined duck came, and if succcs-ful lie may erect a ten-stamp duck crusher there and get rich quickly. neurich's Maerzen beer is the pride of all beers. Tour credit Is good at Lansburg's Furniture House. 13th and F sts. oc3-tf t2.50 Business Pants, tv ell made. tfl AJ7 I nnillGj 703 Seventh Street d.w S! ft- w !. ?Ru sKa. xSS& XfZffffS-m -S56A . Nfc ritielv-upholslered Haliv Carr'agc with fulljoll Very Prttty Italian Carriace. Birrs f' 4'-Wfry''tl .W. AM fttfi jgiijl MqWQ !$&&&' raPJf i: . id? i iglSst J) mm SL One of the many largains from a Parlor Suite floik of mer 100 ttles 5 pietes lniiiful frame iiiiliolsterc I in fiiwCOfl "7C tUmai ....I l.. JLJ.I) fe 111 j-l e' 1. An extraordinary IVdromn ultf liarjain p.-itiely nnmat hal Ti 3 pio, in two finishes nti)iie and Mahopitij llm-li UwNtejd J" I H TC Large glarf l)reruis and Wa-Itand 4 I Z. 0 PKIII'I-TITAL MOTION. AnotiiiT Man Sny II Has Found How to Keep TIjIhj;m Moving. Sjracuve. X Y., starch 7. A curious perpetual motion scheme Is that of S S. Rogers, of th! city. By an adjustment between tjie centrifugal, centripetal and gravitation forces the inventor has- kept a rude set of wooden wheels going perpetually for s-evcrnl months'. The wheels are fitted oiv a shaft with ball bearings and run in opposite direction?. They are curiously grooved in the Interior, and the grooves are fllleil with shot. Mr. Rogers ha another set of wheels In which mercury is used In the Interior blots. The fehot In one cate and the mercury In the other by :-hlfting petition as the wheels revolve constitute the power. Mr. Rogers is sanguine that he has discovered a way of "keeping things going forever," and Is spending a great deal of his time explaining his invention to skeptics and defending himself from ".sharks ' as he calls them, who, he bays, are trying to steal his invention. He is known, however, to have sold a tenth interest In hi discovery to Buffalo parties for a sum said to be JIO.OjO, though he says it Is much more. "I get letters offering J10.O01). Jl.'i.OOO. etc.. for one-tenth interest in my machine," he says. "One man wanted to know how much I would take to destroy my machine and keep It secret forever. 1 was offered $T,w0 by a Arm of jewelers for machines to run their clocks. "A newspaper wrote to me saying that it was their business to expose perpetual motion fakes and that they had had a good many letters asking them to investigate my machine. They wrote to me later and offered me my own price on a working model to be sent to them, 1 didn't pay any attention to them, but they can now have a model for $10,-000. "Some people In Xew York wrote offering me $35,000. I answered them that I would take J.W.OOO, and a. little while later two men camo up from Xew York. One said to me: 'You wouldn't take $30.-000?' I said: 'I hadn't thought about it for a minute.' Well,' he replied, 'we have decided to give you the $500,000. Of course we would have to form a stock company, and we couldn't do that without seeing what we get.' " 'I suppose by that,' said I, 'you mean that I'm to open up what I've got and show it to you.' He said: 'Exactly.' I told him I'd do that on condition that he deposit the $300,000 in bank to my order sind I would give him a contract to carry out my part of the agreement. He went away and I haven't seen him since." Mr. Rogers has applied for patents in this country as well as in foreign countries. ?$S$tr-S I T4. i W j.l iixi liu ptv:i . j i "Diamond" Beer S 1 Is Growing to . . w iu favor every da7. i to Those who drink it ouce $ recognize its superior $ ft qualities and will have no U j other. , fl 3" A liandHotno picture of y Anna Held, 17x23, sent with jj? ovcry order. Write or 'p ho tie 222 for caso. S National Capital Brewing Co., $ 'R DSL, bet. I3lh Mad Nth Sts. S. E. & $ 'Phone 222. B It W 6e6336-; "The Great Provider-." "The Great Providers." You may always rely upon what we say. We never make a statement that we are not willing and able to back up. Whatever we publish or whatever we tell you, you can rest assured it is correct. We have never yet made a sale by misrepresenting the goods, and we never will. We want your trade and we want your esteem at the same time. These bargains we are advertising today speak for themselves. You must travel far to find their equals. Credit whenever you wish. Our new Credit System makes the paying easy. &1 Cf 4).0U $3.25 . ht A Ilrace arm. High-bai k Oak Dining room n C n Chair iJOD $2, $3 and $4 Values, NOW. Too innnv on hnn.1. On Account of Mild Winter 2.V- and Mk fine f-il. Nctkwrar, 10 15c ; fine 4 nlj linen Collar-. ' t) lalit -., 5 f r 25c., ctra fine saml- 1 2 ho -jv. q'lalitr, luc , 3 pr . iV., 1J pain in a lix, SI; S'K (.olf Cjm, 19i ; ?2 fr-ring", ! . S3 Saxonj Wool Jackit ami Mtaters OSc , now , jes, .saxony Wool Hiryile IIom, 4'Jc.; 10c Silk Suspenders lSe a pair. Domestic Sewing Machines & Patterns mli.Vtf Callahan's Steam SnJrci etc., makes non leaking joints, for steam heal ing apparatus. Agents. JOHN a ESI'EY, 1010 Pa. Ave. jaJ-tf Tljr pT of our Mtits cannot be Im-I nC UU I proved up jn. although we do not elinrge jou fancy prices. J. D. BURNS i(0 9th and G sts. n.w. mhj-tf WHIT as snow will jour linen be it jou let in launder it. STAR STEAM LAL.NDItV. C35 U St. nw. They Stand the Test" Eciipse Bicycles, Fourteenth and II Street fca-tf STTET D I 1 ll g" WheeLs are "built like I LnLllMu a watch-'- absolutely true. CAKFEXTER CYCLE CO., 14th St. and New Yorl: avenue. TRINITY HAS fjood points than any high-grade wheel offered the public today. 'US Model on exhibition. SYLPIMVIXTOX BICYCLE AUICY. Cor. Cth and I' SU fe2-tf Cycle Seeking? Sec the nattiest and cleverest Wheel built the Itecord-at JONl k FELf.OW.S-513 Uth t. inli7-tf Fot Cooking and Ilcatinj;. GAS STOVES. GAS ArrLlANCE EXCHANGE. 1 424 New York avc. mch2-tf-pm Eye Wrongs RIchtecI by urouerlT fitted eve ulasfccs. at U. 11. UKOW.VS. 1010 Fst We lead thcru ttlt tn stylo and prlcu. BHODT. THE HATTEE. Moody Going to Xew York. Xcw York, March 7. Evanseli.t V. S. Mooly is coming liaek to Xew York and will conduct meetings in the Grand Central Palace, Lexington Avenue, lctecn Korty-tliird and Korlj'-fourth .Streets, from the 13th to the 20th of thta month. lie will Vie assisted by J. W. Chapman, of I'liiia-dclphia; II. M. Wharton, of Ilaltimore; C. I. Ssofield, of Xorthfield. and A. C. Diton. of Itrook-lyn. Tlie 8inRinf: will be in charge of Prof. D. B. TVmner, F. 11. Jacoln, and J. II. liurkc, assisted by the Mount Hcmion Quartet, and a lan;e chorus. Meetings will be held ecry week day from 10 a. m. until 10 p. in. DERMAX, FROM POOL'S, LOXDON, EXGLAXD. Specialist in Trouser Cutting. A trial is solicited. 02 9th it. nw. r iFTifl Another lot of thoc Ijrge, Handsome Oa . (luf-fonicr with 5 d-aw- &H QQ er -nicely fini l.ed.. 4)0, JO fiood Fjm- Mjtt'n; Kk Heavy Clmu MjHiik 154 Kxtra (icilitv MattitKj.iOr line Jap. Matting... .Hk Tl.N beautiful 3-h-s Kxtnion Table h twt H l'M JJ H B 9(c all color Window Shades. 5Sc Oak Costumer. sold elsewhere at $1. 3-95 fr Oak Book Case. MAYER & PETT1T, Ripans Tabulos cure colds. Officer Charles II. Simpr n. of the Philadelphia police force, has been connected with the department for nearly fourteen years. In speaking of Ripans Tabules, he says : " My duties as a patrolman make it necessary for me to be out at all hours of the night. Although of robttet frame, as you see, I am subject to colds. Ripans Tabules ha c done me a great scr ice and prevented me from being laid up on more than one occasion. If it rains or the night is coid, I swallow a Ripans Tabulc. When I have done this, changes in the weather do not affect me. I gladly recommend them whenever I get the opportunity to do so." ' Anewrtjlnr-''contaIains-nt'rEtrtsTABCLtaIaaj)aprcarton(ltaonte'4e)ljnoTrforptoir iraz KtoiTf roit riTK ctvrs 1ti!. low .rl.rt aurl I- lutcmW for the p"r ana rh rcensmtcnt. Oscdoxca ef tfi lirtcrnt cartons (1JO taliu!.-.! c-n b Bil bT mall by wndinff forty-eiKl.t eent to the KirjuoOirJICU. CcxFJurr, Ho. 10 Spruce UtrMi, yw York vr a ilagi carton (rxa T3tnsf will bn aene for St cuota. It won't cost you a penny to find out all there is to know about electric light or power. Simply write us or telephone 1877 and our representative vill call on you. U. S. Electric Lighting Co., 213 Hth St. X. V,. 'I'hone l: o The finest Elgin Creamery Butter Our Teas and CoIIec- OQn cannot be enuatcd for ZOu the price. The Great Atlantic & PacificTeaCo. C01-M3 7th t. 1C20 14th St.; 3101 M st.; S13 II &t. ne. Stands in all markets. HAPPY KIDS. Boys! do jou know you can buy Ihe celebrated Itink Roller fekate. with excrete wheels and rubber cushion, for only 09c? Other' price, SI.50. Hopkins, 422 oth St. ilWtM If A Morrto Chair lwrsjain that beU the & 0 Q j" world Solid Oak Corduroy ftchiens . ifcdiUO K5 ill j yd. jd. yd. )ii. Tltr Ijct S2.j" Roekw made erv large BHel HrihImhI Jn Oak Malioanj ....... $1.25 hoard the pick, of tin. larset S de-board ftoek & r ir in the eity... 4) 1 U. i U $3.95 415417 Seventh St. 708 11th St. N. V. Per Ton. "White ash coal, food for any kind of stove or furnace. No dirt, dust, slate or clinkers. Our fciege chute wagons will put it in free of charge. Telephone calf. 47S. , Orders by mall will receive prompt attention. WAXED i FLOORS made cas. hen you can b-i v a $" BrisUcFloorrolIshinsKnislifrt CT f BrkUc Floor Follshi ns J for Get 'cm of for i&-usJJ Get 'cm of nuFtviiNa, 422 iNinin 01. i. . a juctij yUcLj s

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