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Long Beach, California
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fV tv- jf4 OMfraHaB-ftmerab Mtf 1 Aim mi tr CLLMieilS MKHNMNT, in Mi mo. cwn. 75 Hearth Aids CHURCHD1RECTORY Sr SI fOUR Ynilly Um Pntaf IIRITPOUISQWIfJMUtai REORGANIZED CHURCH OP JESUS CHRIST OF I ATTER-DAY SAINTS UKIWOOv COHGIIGAUOH UKIW000 (OMOKOAItON Me Jenicii M0 lltA iwMUrmS374M IMtWe VeeMM EACH COMM 10HG IUCH CONGliGAiKW SSZSIIm leefcf Met I ML mJIIAM. MMP.WMiPntar SIMM THBEKT Hist UNITED MITH00ST PMtPKili(NrM2tV I.I.J -reran wwAaiun. (r.leeiLKtM THmo ClwechM iiiit It Sum OoS fey Sewing SO SINGLE, DIVORCED? WIDOWED OVER 21? 'Fur.

lwry BLACICIACk PLAYERS QMKfrtaiirBjnaia WHAT sim ftmodt fhmi ttam to totfifiti 2 moi slur dMiahaNat Iracflon cm Call of ortEinal OLIVER William 73 of Bellflower, away Wednesday. Survived by sons, Dan Oliver, Norwalk, Robert. Conners, Garden La Doyt Conners, Vag Nuys and: Donald Qdhr Mrs. Charlotte Garcia, Monterey Park, Mrs. Donna- RasRabold, Ha waii.

and- Mrs. Betty Hampton, Paramount; 19 grandchildren; 11 great grandchildren; brothers and 2 sistersr Service Saturday 10 a.m. Whites Funeral Home, Bellflow- s. OLSON Elsie Rose age 36 of Norwalk. Passed away Thursday.

Survived by husband. Aimer; son, Gerald of Norwalk; 3 grandchildren; 4 sisters and 1 brother. Service Monday 10 Am. Whites Funeral Hornet teDflower. PATONAI Frank S.

Mass of Requiem Saturday 9 a.m. St Josephs Catholic Church. Under die direction of Luyben Family Mortuary. RAMOS Guadalupe C. SheelarStricklin Mor-tuary directing.

4266365. bert, Illinois, Mary Mil-home, Buena Park; sons, Joe of Orange, Angelo, Aitriwlw) PMHp Qd Dominic both of Hands, Sam, Lakewood; and 1 brother: children; 1 giwi children. Recitation of the Bosafy Sunday, July m. atDaly 19 at 8:15 p.m. at Daly Bartel Chapel, 2425-W.

Lincolq Anaheim. Requiem Mass Monday 10 :a.n-:at-?St.' Plus- Church, Buena Park. Entombment, All Souls Mausoleum Long Beach. -j' maria- ADAMS -Wm. David, 136 E.

87th Way. Service Monday, 10 a.m Dilday Family Chapel, 1230 Pa--dfic Avev CRAWFORD. Fled SlOOW-San-Vincente, South Gate. Survived by wife, sisters, Flora HelgNwraiid Mat fie Cummings; three grandchildren; two great grandchildren. Service Monday, 2:30 with Rev.

Dale M. Robinson officiating at Waverley Church, Fairhaven Memorial Part, Santa Ana. Dilday Family Funeral Directors in charge locally. 4364024. DANIEL Edna 251 E.

46th St Survived by sons, Charlie and Ralph; daughters, Dorothy Rader and Lorayne Brewer; sisters, Avis Goolsby and Olivo Chav ers; three grandchildren. Service and Interment Fairfield, Texas. Dilday Family Funeral Directors in charge FLORES R. age 61 of 2034 Pasadena Ave. Passed away Friday.

Beach; lister, Cruz Perez, Torrance; brothers, Joe CasfiOo, Anaheim, Ralph Castillo, Lomita, Frank Castillo, Long Beach; father, Lorenzo Castillo, Long Peach; 4 grandchildren. She was an active member of Holy Innocents Altar So ciety. Rosary 7 p.m. Sun-d a SheelarStricUin Chapel, Mass of Requiem Monday 8 a.m. Holy In nocents Church JANSEN Margare-tha of 9522 Beverly, Bellflower.

Passed away" July 16, age 81. Survived by husband, Ryan; son, Jan. Service Monday 11 a.m. in Bellflower Miortuary Chapel. Former owners of Holland American front 1934 to 1964.

Paramount John A. Mies, Mortuary directing. In Loving Memory SCARDLVA -Memi. Passed away July 17. 7124 Santa Rita Circle, Wp NnW iGrovey daughtersr Maryf husbamt Jactr dauSsi -IIO nun andRiU M.

ters, Theresa Bissinger, BELLFLOWER MORTUARY Lakewood, Florence Al- Survived by sons, Jose M. and G. T. Flores both of Long Beach, T. Mike Flores, Garden Flores both of' Long TO 1771 YAMAHA MUSIC SCHOOL jgaSigBJ8gaSBiBBS "DIAL KACE OF MINET LSIfASSf' FOUND.

-it VfRtt'VoUND tfjgggjrm mu iSSSSffniL Fraocnc Av. llfwna Aw. eikAWM. Wm, nM K-M m. M.IMR MMti SdMrtoW teVjUl, Blai WM NHhnM zesaassa" $50 REWARD trie Lilt vii am.

pta rttunuaw. tCST i OaraiM. StwrCiMm i arwexassra taH aaern MfiSf ssstssM LOST; Mint. SctlMi trie. ISA a iintr, 4 ntga.

Ml, (Mr. RnMnf. aM-ira toUND: Sm. ftmal Milt, Atamltw cut. Vic.

aa. l-WT mai cockur mind Sou bum ward. Fh. QTi jagacaa Kit. Garmun UwoMrd, Vem! a Et- CUf.

Black cat tamT- it x'ktwnafnk HA HUM JNO black mala msSM afwwffls Wirf tewuas NmnUOTe MOfnlW fllwDL THBBgPPt OUNSfm, iam. brnini Ataa 4.M Amo FOUND, MaCfc-Aaeld kltton, tern ala, aeerrn. 1 ma. Vic at LM AlVjtT-SM. -aTT- J1 1 Wtotoll Skato board In Idantlty.

4P-nas. FfewhltokNtihWrtC tnaiYs flay. Can C.f Caw FnSOi Rim GtowasMjH Lost; CackopooT black tumlng pray. Lkwdjaraa, rwd.MsaaiO. Hft Alto ARN SELF HYPNOSIS GROUP OR FRIV.

TRAINING BYE. WILLIAAAb 'H ST. NLP 42-83? Why live only a lifeYT OPEN 11 A.M.-T0 8PM. Hypnosis 597-3198 HroM Aids 95 FLASH I I- SWBaCy. rt4inpp.T A mod unlaua exoertonra. Dsmonatratton by toientad toch. 10-12 dolly. ZMS Atnimc. Private room HUNTil pH to If -Mi. Mon.

fljit to A pjn, let. Now iaAlvdtjjton Kh TIRED! NERVOUS! -A-TRY THE BEST PINK FLAMINGO SPA I todv i PtoaMr SIMMONS Don ago 76 of 1339 Philips Ave. Survived by wife, Alberta; son, Garry She-" line; daughters, Miss Afl-netta Summons, Mrs. Elva Cowles, Mrs. Donna Robinson, Mrs.

LaVeda Martin, Mrs: Wanda McKovich. Mrs. Irene jBell; sisters, Mrs. Mary Sana, and Mrs. Osie But- 433-6555 VERY INTERESTING II a--.

katou TSnSfnr jreiiri TillW tlllfit OMfCnOTe fiAdnnjaii. ilwa bout party wins rtft my lato huebawd Lu- brottwr Phan aw- Itwr N. pr LJt. Jotwa rMary EHa Jonn. I Cento to Rta affair wHIi hair.

4U- 77 SEEK Mary. D. Rtodm. currant 3-'ico of omp drwi er elaca af imatoymant, ward, cenfldMtlal. NtplY to G.

M. GtoNjar F.O. Em SSM. Lana AAtowbtofto guMhj, day to' HIV lltvati ill PUU AIIIWII tin YOUNG bachelor 9, mw to L. area wants to matt levabta flirt IS 9 to epand all mv nwney an.

Call attar bjh. aiatoM. Mika. iTYLISH stout woman ta ats would FIXED UW NO INCOME wt must Tom tofletnar now to tur- HELPJ1.MEN Sexual Freedom iTkxttL1 ue B- LAoiEs wfcday to-li ATTRACTIVE KMrt round wqntM dancer will tsadi yittari nw latetl steps. Call batwn iatrnvri steps.

Call Ards It, M-aSM batwn 10 a jn. A to cm. Mon, thru Sat. kEYS I5c oz: rare Nc. Rar Yan -no Hrapt.

All NOV; $5-paramount7 MASSAGE COME WHERE THE ACTION Bl Massage to Your Delife' NEW HOURS. 8-12- Cnra Sm Us t)w ar NiM; BETTER TRCATMfcNT IN A BEHER twrefta Ev BEST technicians in the area -422-1967 We Aaept Master Chark AS OOO -WA Opening Special YOUNG ATTENDANTS 1130 E. Pacific 10 T0 10 7 DAYS WASTER CHARCe SERVtCE 599-7810 i SPECIAL S5 DON'T LET THIS SUMMER BE A BUMMER! Wt art Fully Atrcandlttaiito MAsVm Afti HOURS 10 AM TO 10 PM 7 DAYS A WEEK seta L.E. llvd-kiae art L.E. Pwr.

424-2734 Body Shampoo Relaxing Music Private Showers Private Rooms 42IOAtlntieAw. H. AEiwwum, DX. DIAL MASSAGE ift Y0DR PHCE 0NIYV I H0ME HOTEt MOTEL yaHMre- A- WE OFFER NO GIJMMICKS1I. JUST THE BEST FOR LESS Brand New Staff on Duty Well Qualified Helpful jumauRj 1868.

Pacific Ave. 5914)559 MARY'S SAUNA BATH wwSw Mev wSstaSSS 137 W. 5th, l.B. 435-74 6T Hemtf ARBOR VILLA PENIkSh ERS WILCOME on. Blxhv KnelHI 4244WC; BEST otcara toodfar StlC VstSarS RIO HONOA COLLEGE HILLSIDE GUEST HOMi in Ch 24 hr.

I LoYBlV SamLprtvalo 'room tor atoT bujatory fMorly tody, Dtorw tawrKgitBaSSB homeT tody, aami BjgSgk Idiaial 10S Inttrocrien WESTERN TECHNICAL tf-v APPROVED FOR VETS a WEEK LICENSE PREP CLASSES START JULY 20th Call 4285341 4S4 Long EefcAilvd, L.P.?' GIRlS- WOMEN Enldv an acttlnp caraar In I Train tor TV ir DEEP SEA DIVING Indwlry Appravod Training bHT21lrn-2MI Frsal COMM. Ml W. DIVING CENTE Watar, Wilmington, Csl- graduates. Hl-psvinp Wh. JB.wmI ELEMENTARY tutorlnu A coumaA-wp by puallftod Tpadwr.

Emobd1 Bt JWH- COURT REPORTING STEl earnM' TRUCI INDUSTRIAL DRAFTING MTI. 2J E. MIL 43SVtt traIm, forJbm iiypUHOl NraWHIy MVS N. TV er Etoclranicp toupiri KIMBERLING 12 grandchildren: 11 lie C. Formerly of 1059 great-grctehildren.

Ser-Gaviota. Born 68 years in.jf0: Tueday 2.p.m. Nebraska died Thursday. Hunter Mortuary Chapel. Survived by brothers; Ar HPT ASSEMBLIES Of GOD INKT ISUMHTOf COO f.lOtfc 4 IwilwdL 'V ifco Mm fM 7-4117 W.



MIES PAI MOTTELL'S MORTUARY 909 E. Third 436-2284 WHITE FUNERAL HOME WM E. FWmr. MtW.MM74! MMtuAAv uri.sJiB msxaesr'iSm jY as K-m nonns FR0MH00 FLOWERS FOK IS Forest Lawn Funerals 20 iswau yvtmliwtur Munwrlil Pur tn Sac. maM.efftr.

MNigfc Park. 73MW r. 1714) f6ret lawn. iRPie YBkBjljgg smsSgBiLlSahg' PL5tS GruanhliTe Matnertol Fli. -San -Radwe-na-llitoia after LS tot pt.

tn-ica. AnROuncenMBts- 35 ATTENTION dtMMCI, dendWen, or rtfuiad tralor medkal IwT wiirtaec i rayer --bSBsii JHELP RESEARCfrWITH-. MEMORIAL GIFTS TO hMr1 4Jk ExeapflandL dm' Home, SiM Grand. L.S. SrS 427-JS44.

Montreal, Quebec, LEAVING lor or Sun. companion Coll Ray To AUTO xn TO turn. Vocations and Rosorts 45 Vacation-On The Desert; PALM SPRINGS AREA nJP -Traffic -wi wk. at II aay JIM Units wkltchans hIdaway moaptV mp or Cs Como or Coll (714) S43fll PoreoocUs 50 lONSULTAfldri with the Prophet ONSULTATION graointmer rwaa rmfOr BE Catering tar Ctaatora Large or arnol. "KsfSSraT Beautiful wadding at Latarotto sapjndudbt Mrtmony.

427-HM udts raramenv. 4P- unmarrwJs aP-5n. fHIEVl'OT UMOVEfeto WaULBBra nwramcoui couptos. EDETECT.VEW 4)11 thur of-Long Beach and E. Cecil of Vjsta.

For 22 years with the Parks Division city of Long Beach. Sejvice, Monday 2 p.m. Motten's Mortuary ChapeL.Friends may call Saturday after 6 p.m. MARTIN MaHrO. -Leave The memory of these words long with you andasr theyeart" pass by you will want to remember a beautiful service for your loved one.

The-genuine sincerity -of dignified trained are.1 yours-at- MOTTELL'S HORTUABT 4362214 909 Third Street Service' Saturday 11 10 a jm-at Peeks Family-Colonial Funeral Home; estmins el. Westminster. Burial at Hoirt-wodhFOUND htlnCaB to Mantify. 43H 43WOT BIG JAY ROCKEFELLER THE MAN WHO HAS EVERYTHING Why did handsome 33-yar-old Jcjin D. (the Fourth) into politics what arm hit aspirations? Jack Andersen appraises this.

dmbitiousvand compassionate politician who bears watching in PARADE this POISONED BREATHS" battle against it gees on yedrs las-Angeles County Fight Taka deep Smog is a -Killer. The "dolly. In the lash 22 has bean losing this breath and see. T1 CohtrtbWingEdHorGil at this battle in. his 7 starting.

Bailey talcesra close Took part senet: "Our Poisoned MATTHEWS! Emma L. of liM4 E. 4th St. Survived by. John; daughter, Merle; also survived by 1 diem Private Service Monday 10 a.m: Sunnjr-de Mission side ChapeL In lien of quests donations to favor-' ite charity- Sunnyside Mortuary 1500 E.

San An- tonlo Drive, McINTYRE Delores CoflSOtHorst Hawali an Gardens, age 52, Survived husband, -Ro land daughter, Mrs.DianeGiaryaffa; father, Frank Neahr; stepfather, Joseph Bus- detta. Service wi- Wyttfr apeL Saturday fIortuary i MeKELVEY -Mary A. of 2238 Fhsadena Ave. Member Order of Eastern Star. Survived by daughters, Mrs.

Mary Ruth X.o Mrs. Mildred Sauer and Mrs. ii a et Austin 1 gandson. Service Mon-ly 11 a.m, Mortuary tfam, Saturday and Sunday. SORENSON Sylvia, age 74 of 13681 Cedar Crest Lane, Leisure World, Seal Beach.

Passed away July -16. Survived by husband, Scott; -3 sons, -Lee, Scott Jr. and Richard; 2 daughters, Frances Spon-sler and Betty Morrison; brothers 1 sister, 10 Sunnyside Memorial ark. Long Beach. SPILLER Kathleen.

Dilday Family Funeral Directors, 1250 Pacific Ave. STEWART Ehner W. Service Saturday! 9 a.m. Bps Hills, Hill side Chapel. Directed by Dilday Brothers.

302-1671. STOVEE age 79. Passed Nordahl away Thursday, July 16. in-An fAile 1 a Convalescent Hospital. Resident' of Compton for the past 43 Survived by son, Hi! Seal Beach: daughter, Lillian Garrison, Long Beach; sister, Regina Larsen; Long Beach.

Service Monday; Green HUs'Mbr- yemz tuary Chagel, Interme, ark, San Pedro. STOVER Nellie. Service Monday 11 a.m. MotteUs Mortuary Chapel. SUMOMA Chapel service and interment Blmday 10:30 a.m., Westminster Memorial Park Mortuary and Cemetery.

WOLE 661 by husband, son, Steven; Margaret -Evangeline brother, Service m. W. me, officiating, George Rev. Roy Interment, Forest Cypress. in make contributions the American Society.

STOPPED? axairiinae efforts being made Airport, to prevent, piano hi-lockings "FriskW device and employed. trtaty Storai lE-7-nOT tMUr m- a portton other sum- cti A poli, daslonad tor It tea p.m. Claaaaa aapaciall WIU- drive your car artywhora or Mature Parsonable. Ref. Lie kto falr charae.Alao exparia aa loo.

Fh SM7I1A IfrvitoL Baat mwi. VlilT MR. R's New Metric Aicodi cotor films. Sc Wkdays 10 to! 1 films. 25c Wfcdays 10 to Frt.

Sit. hrs. lS'Lccost. rasas' tor Jamas FTCpllaphtr. SjWTMMEADiMi radd- yltSU.

Talent Search SlflMrts. MM Mfl Jlh KSSffi1 Jfih 4707 NOTICE, ROCK RAND ovollahto tor Costume made tw maia.j: mala inwrsslnara. 4Mit Sockd gibs 55 Zipo Dating-Adults Pictures phone numbers of Pre-selected dates Trail Memberships 24 HR. RECORDED MESSAGE LONG BEACH DOWNEY S42-45H SINGLE ADULTS reeVSll a 433A440 PICK YOUR MATE i No Computers Clara Lai nal 2111 E. tom Hra.

1-7. $15 DOWNEY SOCIAL CLUB rsaktrs WsdCT 432-4711 METHODS -COUNT RESULTS -NOT That tffty learn is the sen School 1 Church. The action of Covered by Linda Zink PLUS THISI SKYJACKINGS: CAN THEY BE Southland SUNDAY at UL International where a profiles' axe being kaiMiAtontessori Teacher Training JAPANESE MASSAGE I Compi. ramodated fe nw area A philosophy of the Nichol- at St. Luke's Episcopal this new kind of school is in Sunday's FIATUDI8: -4c Parada Magazine ait 1177 E.

In d7Aa HadlyWtmttor REMINDING vnsym- Massage-Body Shampoo stSm MASSAGED 7 days. 342 E. Brppdwty 43H417 Japanese Physio-Massage ToaTbut calto. av mjrsfT? AiiH5TOgSl JL wmoto HES mrj Hra. ISA.

idMCB -fc Southland SUNDAY Magazine 4c TeTe-Viies Magazine i -ff 8 Paget Color Comics 4 MITCHELL Zubia t. formeriy of 4676 Pacific age 93. Survived by sons, Quincy, Joe and Harvey Mitchell; daughter, Mr. Edgalee Chen-naiilt; brother, J. E.

aister, Mrs, Ela Monday ip. Fincher 8 grandchildren; Coon Funeral 16 reatgrandchildreii; 5 -great great grandchildren; Graveside Service Saturday 10:30 Green ffiUs" Memorial Put. Hunter Mortuary directing. age SO of Ave.

Survived Stahley; Bishop; sister, Linn; Charles Dr. Warner and Sveiven. Lawn, lieu of flowers to Cancer ENDENTtPRESSELEGRMl PwX 4 i. I' a. gyp Ua Mawii 4- 1 -i i ii 1 AW jtowdA 4Uriui MAAdhd4toraAtANi'nibtAMMadi.

l'-n i.i- Mi. .1.

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