The Wichita Eagle from Wichita, Kansas on December 2, 1956 · 62
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The Wichita Eagle from Wichita, Kansas · 62

Wichita, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 2, 1956
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V i t t t 'r- i 1 i r - Merchants at Parklane Join in Creating Christinas City for Shoppers of Big Area 1 One Stop Is Alt That Is Needed When Entire Family Seeks Holiday Merchandise in Center of Free Parking - p I ' ' There's a whole Christmas City at - Parklane Wichita’s biggest suburban shopping center Lights are sparkling-shop windows make a wonderland of ideas The cheer of the season is bubbling forth -from every door This is a promenade of happy shoppers— on both the Oliver street side and the Glendale level There 'are no parking problems Nacres of space are provided for free parking The shopper drives up to the levei where the greater portion of the shopping is planned finds a well marked and well lighted (after night) parking stall and has only a few feet to walk tfrthe sheltered sidewalk in front of the stores Evening Hours : After the evening meal the entire family may wish to spend several hours at Parklane shopping- and looking over the vast mercantile stocks on display Stores will remain ooen until 9 m until Christmas Without the rush and bustle of traffic and finding all one’s needs in the one shopping center makes an hour seem longer these busy days It is ’ only a ‘short’ distance to the next stop— no streets to cross no traffic to fear There is a relaxing ease to shopping this Christmas City Location of Parklane at Lincoln and Oliver intersection makes it accessible to the entire city -and to the rural area for miles to the southeast Suburban towns lying as much as 50 miles from Wichita have easy access to Parklane and Wichita shoppers from those areas have developed the habit of coming as far at The Lane for a complete one-aton shopping tour ' ' And - don't underestimate that ’one-stop’ tour Making only one stop for all needs saves hours of time and immeasurable wear and tear on the shopper’s good disposition When finished shopping one side of The Lane it is easy to move the family car to the other level and have It handy to catch purchases as they are made cm the other side of the shopping center" One Stop a Reality - One-stop service is a reality at Parklane Here Is to be foundtwo fine complete department stores: a men’s store super food market women's specialty clothing stores variety store shoe stores a drug store restaurant and lunch counters barber shop beauty ‘salon children’s specialty shop gift shop paint store realty office hearing aid service toy specialty store Jewelry store photography studio ceanipg service candy shop service-station loan company and one of the largest auto accessory store groups of the southwest has a large outlet on Parklane There is no need to look farther for family needs Christmas City is a reality at Parklane Hinkel’s Department store at the north end of the Lane and opening on both Oliver and Glendale levels is a daily habit with Wichita families but especially for the holiday season the Hinkel store has dressed up every department ’ with merchandise that carries a special Christmas appeal Women’s -wear and men’s clothing shoes millnery household accessories and domestics along with home furnishings and cosmetics are all - showing a Christmas spirit that has produced a gratifying sense of completeness for tne shopper 1 Roger’s Supermarket at the south end of the Lane and opening on the Oliver level is an active' part of Christmas City Food has always had a position in the foreground of this festival season There is a heavily laden gaily decorated table for the big day — but there are gifts of food as attractive and as practical or qxotic ‘as the giver wished to make them Kroger’s market on Parklane has these foods' in packages or baskets ready for the holiday delivery They can be purchased when the regular daily or weekly shopping tours are made A trip to Kroger’s is an excursion to a wonderland of Christmas Tfoods Dockum Drug also opens on both levels at Parklane Here are are ' clothing and accessories far m 9 1 fiaeVMCfMCCM found all the thousands of items that makes up a complete and modem drug store Perscriptions are the specialty at Dockum’s Parklane A registered pharmacist is on duty at all hours when the store is open The Model has been one of Parklane 's smartest women’s shops since the opening of the Lane in the spring of 1955 Everything from a pair of hose to a fur coat is available in the women’s section which opens on the Oliver level Clever buyers in the fashion marts keep stocks at The Model up to the minute in seasonal trends and the volume of two big stores added to knowledge of the trade territory and its desires has made It possible for The Model to serve its patrons at attractive prices The Glendale level is a complete store for the small fry" Clothing gifts or accessories for the woman or children are in abundance at The Model Kinney Shoes is an every day shoe store for the whole family that has brought out the best In gift giving for display at this time For Christmas where is there a better source for practical appreciated gifts than a shoe store? Kinney’s have the house slippers bags accessories and plenty of shoes for ’ the entire family ' that will take care of a lot of - those folk on the long list who are to be remembered Kinney’s face Oliver Lerner’s Vogue on the Oliver level has gone all-out in their contribution to making Christmas City a place for happy shopping Women’s and girls clothing and accessories for giving are as gay and Christmas spirited as this friendly shop A gift from The Vogue is bound to be a smart selection For the Menfolk Kern’s Men’s and Boys’ Store opens on both the Oliver and' the Glendale level at Parklane Here are found some of the finest suggestions for the men on the Christmas lists Kern’s line of nationally advertised merchandise is selected by men who have had years of experience in purchasing for men and boys The gift buyer may rely upon the judgment of the department heads here For the season the store has made an effort to bring particularly attractive gift Items to the front T G & Y Variety Store opens on both the Glendale - and the Oliver Street levels It is literally packed full of seasonable merchandise The year around T G is Y serves - Wichita with countless thousands of small items At the Christmas season this Parklane outlet of the group of stores becomes particularly popular There are toys of every description and price on the counters alongside of home accessories clothing candy plants and all the many things shoppers will forget unless they take a slow walk through the maze of counters Wiley is McCall Shoe Store opened on the Oliver level of Parklane when the shopping center became a part of Wichita's shopping facilities Shoes for the family are In constant demand and at the Christmas season an extra pair which r is something special makes an excellent gift suggestion The bags and accessories as well as the house shoes at Wiley is McCall's make a delightful Christmas sight full of ideas Stroller Service McDonald’s Department store on the Oliver level at Parklane is one of several stores of this group that serves Wichit For the shoppers McDonald's offers the service of- a stroller for the toddler This is a free service and inay be used any place in the Lane The stroller may be left at any of the stores when the shopper is finished using the baby’s cart This service has been greatly appreciated but never more than during the busy Christmas rush McDonald's is a complete department store with a special Christmas slant at this season There Sock Them with Socks WHEN IN DOUBT give her nylons and give him socks j Wise Santas discovered this fool-proof gift prescription long ago having observed that no woman ever has too many sheer stockings and that every man’s commonest complaint is that he never can find a whole pair of Socks when he needs them : If you feel such gifts lack glamor you can do a little magic in the packaging One of the brightest' ideas of the season is to give your Christmas hosiery under glass This is a do-it-yourself gift idea that's easy and gay Use Jars First buy as many nylons and socks as you like — a half-dozen pairs of each is a good substantial number Then - buy an old-fashioned glass apothecary jar for each gift They’Ve available in dime stores department stores and gift shops priced anywhere from 39 cents to a couple of dollars A tall jar is good for the nylons a squat square one for the socks TO fill the stocking -jar hold each pair of stockings by the toes and let them fall into the jar one pair on top 6f another The filmy nylons will pile up prettily making a decorative effect especially if they are in a couple of different tints Then put the lid on tape securely and decorate the jar with colorful ribbon and Christmas ornaments To make an effective sock display fold colorful argyles and insert a pair along each side of the square jar pattern side out Hold in place until jar is filled so the finished effect will show four squares of gay socks Decorate the jar as above and place beneath the tree on Christmas morning The jars are useful for candy or condiments after the holsery Is removed f' j - O -j Ni V’ -r-v'F XS L'- a- I j 'tVj -A J'Vu'U ' l -i : ¥ p -jf i ££ AifJ V t -ir HOSIERY UNDER CLASS — Christmas nylons and socks take onj'lamor whjjn packaged in' gay appjbacary jars the entire family Seamstresses will find the yard goods section full of Christmas ideas and gifts abound at every counter Spudnut Shop on the Glendale level Is an excellent place for the busy shopper to get a quick and wholesome lunch A bag full of the delicious spudnuts can go along home or maybe other bakery goods A cake or cookies to ship to a friend or put on te family tree for another will be found at Spud-nut Shop Oklahoma Tire and Supply Store’s Parklane outlet Is a Christmas storethat offers gifts of every ": size 'and description There are the major appliances freezers refrigerators stoves and washers or there are the numerous car accessories that make such acceptible gifts to the men folk In between these and the tiny toy autos that fill little boys’ stockings there are as many suggestions as there are desires of the shopper OTASCO faces the Oliver Street level but their automobile service is on the Glendale level -Conley's Gift Shop on the Glendale level has set up a standard in good taste In home accessories and dress accessaries -that is trusted by shoppers and difficult to achieve in the gift merchandise Since the opening of Parklane Conley's has meant the best In gift wares and at this season the shop fits In to Christmas City with precision Rogers Paint Store has Just the merchandise needed to make that promise of a bright spot in the home a reality Rogers Paints is located on the Glendale leveL For the gift to the home or the home maker of a new paint or wallpaper job why not choose the materials and put them on the tree or make it a gift certificate One of the finest examples of Christmas giving will be found at Lynch Jewelry on Glendale level where silverware diamonds or other jewelry fine china find many other items dear to the heart of those who enjoy truly exquisite gifts can be found Lynch has stocked many items for the Christmas season that have a special gift angle from a practical and price appeal It would not be Christmas without some photographs of the family Parklane Studio is busy getting out Christmas orders with as much haste as perfection work will warrant Photographs of the children or the parents are especially appreciated and Christmas City offers in Parklane Studio located on the Glendale level an opportunity for those who wish to sit for portraits to get Into the studio with leisure and at ease No parking problems No traffic worries Also located on Parklane are a number of stores and services which add up to the complete one-stop service Charlie’s Barber shop Teeter Beauty salon Mentha’s Young Wear Parklane Realty Parklane Hearing Aid service Con noisseur - restaurant Roblnson-Moore cleaners King Candy and Beneficial loan bring a number of needed services to shoppers It is not Christmas without toys Parklane has one store that is devoted to toys completely the year around Toy Center Is one of the most complete stores of this sort to be found any place In the Southwest Little Known Uses forlce Do ypu think Ice cubes are made just for tall cool tinkling beverages? You’re in for a surprise Ice has uses you probably 'never dreamed of Of course increased quantities of easler-to-handle ice find their greatest use in preparation of appetizers relishes salads entrees and desserts but many otheT household uses are reported Ice cubes may be used to “skim the grease" from gravy or a stew When Ice is dropped Into the hot liquid surplus grease collects around the cube and may be easily lifted out Water Plants House plants may be watered without fuss - and muss by dropping a few pieces of ice into the flower pots When cubes melt the plants are watered no dripping around the pot - An ice cube wrapped in- a washcloth and held against closed eyelids for 10 minutes daily helps relax the eyes and relieve strain A hot washcloth may be used before the Ice is applied Then of course there’s the tried-and-true ice pack It relieves headaches fevers and soreness It can also be used as a facial astringent And with ice now easier to handle you’ll probably think of many more uses to fit your family needs Only Black Hair - The only truly black hair Is that of the Chinese Dark hair of Indians of the Far East is not really -black It is a very Intense accumulation of red pigment which makes the hair seem almost black Vivid Accents Lighter Grounds Key to '57 Color If the return to elegance In home furnishings Is your goal consider your color scheme as a means of achieving it Vivid intense accent colors— used with background colors that are light without being bland and meaningless — are the tools homemakers will turn to in capturing this new luxury look in their own homes The trend toward elegance designers and decorators are talking about In fact is largely a color trend Wood tones are mellower fabrics seem richer and more lush because they appear in more flattering hues and background shades have the character and distinction to dramatize the softer modfied traditional look of new furniture collections' To Create Mood Today color is being used to create moods With people spending more time at home — a result of television interest -in hobbies and do-it-yourself projects— a different approach to color is called for The results must be easy to live with yet distinctive enough to give a room personality Choosing colors that are “safe’’ for large areas does not mean relying on Innocuous grays and lifeless pastels While the dark colors of recent years have lost their foothold the light shades that are replacing them have a new vitality and brilliance — Mist Green 2G The Wlchlfa Eagle Mtnilic December Z 19M Pastel Carnation -Sandalwood Pastel Green Olive Antique White Pastel Citron Pastel Sty Blue Champagne Willow1 Tawny Beige and Pastel Blue Mist Forecast colors that are jewel-like accents include vibrant Peacock Green ’ Lemon Peel a twist of flavor Hollyhock a sophisticated pink Larkspur a showy blue and Wild -Plum an exotic red Decorating Genius By capitalizing on these new colors a homemaker can accomplish strokes of decorating genius Color can fool the eyeA mak- ing a small room seem spacious a nondescript piece of furniture important and focusing dramatis attention on pieces to be proud of t Private Arsenal Probably the largest collection of weapons and firearms in the world belongs to Senor Miguel Mujica president of ' the Club Nadonal In Lima Peru His priceless collection contains over 7000 ' rare pistols rifles knives swords and other armaments dating back to the Spanish Conquistadores -and takes up five large rooms in Senor Mu j lea’s mansion on the outskirts of Lima : : ' ALL IN ONE PLACE If you' serve salads often keep salad oil vinegars dry and prepared mustard salt pepper and paprika on the same shelf Saves time to have the ingredients for a French dressing all in one place IWMVMW V Vv V w HE’D LIKE A NEW HAT— There's variety in hat styles for fall and the man might start with the double snap Ivy League cap at top left It comes in beige olive or gray green gray and light brown and is a best seller Top right is the suede sport hat with band in natural guinea hen feathers Bottom left is the flat top for general wear in Duraffelt which means that hat will not dent holds its' shape is light in weight and is waterproof Bottom right this one for more dressy wear It shows the Homburg influence but is younger with narrower brim and jower crown It is also in Durafelt and is available in shades of gray brown blue and black Note to Santa: Glamor Girls Start Young On Road to Good Grooming Ask a little girl of eight what she would like for Christmas Perfume she will be likely to answer Most little girls of this age are beginning to be impressed with femininity What better gift could Santa bring than one that puts her in the glamor mood? Very few parents will run out to a perfume counter to satisfy this small whim of their eight-year-old -however by purchasing an expensive scent But some manufacturers are aware these days that little girls crave scented gifts and have organized Inexpensive but appealing packages of these Items to suit small-fry tastes Gift Sets There are gifts sets containing hand lotion and colorless nai polish for playtime wear Dusting powder and lightly scented cologne combinations will put any little girl in the Christmas spirit One set in an enticing new fragrance is toilet water bubble bath and bath mitt packaged with soap in a pink and lilac dotted -swlss motif ' Small girl silhouettes decorate this hidden charm package— a gold plated charm ready to put on her bracelet comes with the set of individually packaged items The fragrance is said ‘to be delicately floraL Every would-be ' glamor girl should find a "scentscible" gift under the tree along with her new clothes games and other gifts Little soaps in angle shapes are encouragement to the goodgrooming idea Hand lotion and emery boards are for hand-conscious types Small delicately scented sachets make a big hit with little girls These may be put in her underwear drawer over wardrobe hangers or pinned to her party dress There is something special about a sachet scent as any little girl knows Bubble bath Is another sure- Plan New Kitchen On Cabinet Sink Focal unit for modem kitchen planning is the cabinet sink De luxe models now within the range of all budgets Include many items of kitchen convenience Among them are: pull-out bread cutting board towel holder compartmented bread drawer rinsing spray and single handled faucet Kitchen cabinet manufacturers offer this basic unit in easily matched colors No Clocks No Furs The sun rises at six o’clock In the morning and ‘sets punctually at six in the evening every day of - the year in Quito Ecuador High in the Andes 9248 feet above sea level and practically on the equator this lofty capital has an average temperature of 55 degrees every month of the year except August and September when it climbs to 56 degrees BRING THE CHILDREN TO SEE SANTA! Visit Parklane any day now til t Christina you’ll find Him all about this wonderful aChristmas City He has a gift for every child and you may order a Special Photo of your child and Santa discussing this memorable occasion Each Afternoon and Evening Ask any Parklane salesperson for a FREE Discount Photo Coupon Rorabaugh' and Milsap PARKLANE STUDIO PARKLANE fire suggestion for the Christmas stocking Comb and brush sets for the little girl’s bureau hair ornaments and ribbons are other popular ideas for Santa’s pack Parents are no longer prejudiced against glamor gifts for little girls as they were in the last generation Today’s parent is likely to be anxious for a youngster to use the little props that may encourage good grooming and fastidiousness One way to encourage it is to put them on the Christmas list - Make Old Range Give Dad a Break What happens to the old range when the home improver provides a shiny new one for the kitchen? Try a cellar spot for the old one It will be ready for coffee breaks for the improver himself when he’s at workbench tasks or for his wife when she’s at the laundry or other cellar 'chores The extra cooking capacity fits in when the guest list taxes even the spacious modem range CHEESE STRIPS Scraps of pastry leftover? Roll grated sharp Cheddar cheese into them and cut into strips Bake in a very hot oven until lightly browned GIFT SHOP Parkljne 3 Selected Cjij'td in FINE GLASS- CHINA and BRASS nuuuuimmmHiiiiiiiiiinniiituniiKiuiiuimiiiuiiitiKiitHiiiuiuiiiifiiniiHfminmRnimiiiuiiuiimiimmiRin' Imports to please the most concerning gift receiver J Use Our Elegant - Lay-away Gift Wrapping HAZEL CONLEY GIFT SHOP Glendale Level one? 'i GhrsmaS time and the S pleasmq wh dtneo sheer Srech S0ck?cjS Tear up your shopping list! Give every girl the most glamorous stretch sheers this side of heaven — gaily decked in a’festive cherub wrap No guess about how they fit no worry about how they please 'Cause they're the present perfect for a perfect future of stock- f WT X w Ing wear Especiallywhen you choose DubbelifeJ the j- " "" omazing twin-thread stocking that wears even if one thread is snagged The giving is so pleasing Just 'pick A if she’s short B if she's average C if she’s tall ' seamless fl6S pair! A Burlington Hosiery Product Med by Potent Process Potent Numbers 2714757 & 2736945 1 NOW YOUR MODEL REVOLVING CREDIT PLAN GIVES YOU MORE WITH 12 MONTHS TO PAY

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