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Independent from Long Beach, California • Page 2

Independent from Long Beach, California • Page 2

Long Beach, California
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I A-4KDEPEN2ENT (AM) PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM) LViim PEOPLE IN THE NEWS College Names' Angela Queen AngelaDavii, 'Indicted, as a conspirator in tiie 7 Marin County Courthouse shootout, has been named honorary: homecoming queen by the' Sacramento City College Student Executive Senate. The executive senate voted 124 Tuesday to give Min Davis the designation. There were eight abstentions in the voting. Student body secretary Pnlge Lewis voted against the proposal and laid: I feel that homecomings are more or less dying out in the nation, and things Bke this are helping to kill them. Sharem Woods, a senator who was one of the sponsors of tiie measure, said the action had been requested by members of tiie Hack Students Union, Old Soldier Remembers Clad In his uniform and helmet from WW this old soldier attends ceremonies honoring America! veterans Wednesday in Washingtons Arlington National Cemetery.

He wears dog tags, two medals and totes a gas mask. His name tag identifies faim as Joe Ambrose. He joined 1000 other rain-soaked Americana at the Tomb of the Unknown Solder for the annual wreath ceremony. President NixonS Representative, Don aid Johnson, head of the Veterans Administration, to the tomb through a driving rain "which readied its the precise anniversary of the end of WW Is the Uth hour of the 11th day of the Util month. (Other voter-, ans day stories aid pictures, Pages A-4, B-l).

a Combined News Services -Louis Welfsoa, tiie financial wizard who parlayed a $5,000 Investment into muMmUlioil empire, Wednesday vpm a reversal of Ms pojury conviction in connection with stock dealings. Wolfson, 58, whose family foundation once had former Supreme Court Justice Abe Fertas bn its pay-roll, was found guilty in August, 1968, of conspiracy to obstruct justice, perjury mid filing false- statements with the Securities and Exchange Commission regarding rieetinge in -Met-ritt-Chapman 4 ScottCarp. stock. The spHt decision Wednesday by the -U-S. Court of Appeds reversed Wolfsons conviction on all counts.

The reversal also applies to Wolfsons three co-defendants and entitles all four men to new. trials. However, the chief government witness in the 1968 trial, Alexander Rut-master, a former Wolfson adviser who' subsequently pleaded guilty to tiie charges and was sentenced to four month in jaiL has died. The government, thus' far, has npt indicated whether it will -again try' the four men. Wolfsons.

ware Elkin Gerhart, 52, of Jacksonville Boston financier Joseph rib of New York. 54, and Marshall Staub, 48, THE Jennifer Dohrn25, -sister of fugitive Weatherman leader Bemardine Dohrn, speaks at news -conference in New ork Wednesday. Shesaid she had a message from Timothy Leary, tiie LSD advocate living' in sdf imposed exile in- Al-; geria, calling Onll-S. revolutionaries to turnon and keep upthabomtengs. BELLI SVED RAPHAEL MNICHIEUvO IN BOHE PBISON FormerU.S.

Marine Wanted to Go Home Attorney- Mdvla Belli is by, a University of San Diego law student claims only Ms own name oh a magazine, arti-d a tefakh' the-. student wrote. The suit, Belli said: Wednesday, Is -what -happens -whan ha tries to do' something for someone NATIONAIj "L.At6-Rome Jet Hijacker Years in Prison THEME SHY S3 Vietnam War' at Standstill BOTHERED FraUk Sinatra has from hii starrrole in a Warner Brothers'mo-tion picture, Dead. Riit, because of merical cempHcations that have delayed tiw healing of a recent hand The actor-singer had a serious hand operation several months ago and is: still bothered with continuous pain. The lawsuit was filed Tuesday in jSiqwrior Court by Sindor flharpery, 26.

He irid1 he7 wrote, legal jeView, Behind; Hie Iran Curtain of Parole-for Belli last hammer with the understanding that would be listed as circumstances-and. pardoned MinicMellp for two years. The young Italian American has already spent ane year -in: jsil awaiting tiie trial, tons leaving Mm wito four and a half years left to serve; But extra time off for good behavior could set Mm free could-fo 2IL. IKE'S HOME 7 An Italian court Wednesday. night sentenced Raf-fade Minichiellq to seven ahd one half years in pefe-; cn forMjackhig an Ailnieri-can riraner from Los An gdes to Rome, but with good behavior.

he could be a free maOu two years and three months.1 MlnlcMeUo, 21, have received up to Combined News Sendees SAIGON, Thursday The OOttmuriste downed American helicopter in the Mekong Delta Wednesday, but other-reise tiie Indochina war was at a dead standstillfor the second day in; a row. Theroware no ConumHiid attacks against American bases and no signifi-jj cant ground contacts between U.S. and guerrilla forces. The helicopter was shot "down about 70 miles southwest of Saigon near Sa Dee, buttherevrereno casualties. It was the helicopter lost in the war from all causes since 196L Spokesmen declined to say whether Communist attacks against American forces had readied an all-time low of the War.

S' fe jh to It la Mm fcM UUw Mm tt Knar SUSS par dMn 4 ms ar hi Fiw Mww WIVH T1 WMi mi (mS( misw i IwdL II thinly, The -winter home of toe late President Elsenhower at Indian WeUs. Cahf.7has been sold, it was disclosed Wednesday. The six-bed-, room house, located near the. llto fairway of toe Eldorado Country Club golf course, was purchased by oilman Harold Hutton. years on tiw charges, which ranged from kidnaping to illegal possession of firearms, but even tiw prosecution asked for-a total of only six years and made an impassioned for tiw defendant The court took note of what it called extenuating LOIS Im arms 4343 ATUMTIC AVE.

L0WG 8EACH 6A4is33 Scientists Create Reproducing Cell BUFFALO, N.Y. A sdentist at-New York estate University at Buffalo said Wednesday he had created a living and reproducing cell from isolated components. Dr. James Danielli said his work was the first artificial synthesis of a cell. -The-method used was to semble the ceil from isolated comp-nents, he said.

This work opens up a era artificial life synthesis now being explored. For example, the synthesis of new micro-organisms, new egg ceDe and an organism capable of living on Mars." Ban on PhosphaUf Soaps NEW YORK New York Citys environmental protection administration said Wednesday it is considering legislation to ban the sale of phosphate detergents. A rimiiar ban was unanimously approved by legislators in suburban Suffolk County Tuesday. The city administration said it was concerned about detergent pollution of the Hudson River and Jamaica Bay. A -spokesman" said it would be cheaper to ban detergents than to modify sewer facilities to filter out phosphates.

Unions Reject Rail Offer WASHINGTON Three more railroad union rejected the contract recommendations of a White House panel Wednesday, but declined at "this time to join a fourth union, in threatening a nationwide strike for Dec. .11. Were keeping our options open, President Harold Grotty of the Brotherhood' of Maintenance of Way Employes We feel its premature at this time to say whether we will strike of not 3 A 9 9 A Another Jordan War-Arafat TRIPOLI Palestinian guerrilla leader Yasser Arafat said Wednesday night the U.S. was ferrying supplies to Jordanian government forces He predicted another civil war in' Jordan spoke in Tripolias the central committee of Egypts only legal political party, the Arab Socialist Union, imani-mously nominated President Anwar Sad-at as party chairman succeeding the late Gamal Abdel Nasser. 5 .1 A novel written by E.

M. Foister 55 years ago, hut suppressed at Ms request because of its homosoraal wiU be published next year, a spokesman for the Edward Arnold Publishing House said Wednesday in London! The famed English author died last June at the age of 91. The spokesman said only a few of Forster's closest friends wen shown tiie manuscript of the novel entitled Maurice before Me death. Proi Walter Bprett, lifelong friend of Forster said, He did not want it published in Ms lifetime because he thought there would be some stir about itand he did not want to be involved in that" GABLE'S PANTS A pair of Clerk GiMes movie pants were offered to the Mghest JUdder to help a church Wednesday, but the best offer was only 83. Miss Dolty-XaUer said the bidding would end tonight with the proceeds going to the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

The pants were part of a garage sale fctidUs KaMers home in Sacramento. Most people jut said fho4 when they looked at tiw-. pants, Mrs. KaMer said the khakis were hung in her garage. Stitched in tiw waistband was a labd reading: Western Costume Co.

Hollywood. No. 2267-2. Clark Gable. Wrist: 35.

Inseam: 30. NOT GIG'S Actor Gig Young, has denied that he is toe fattier of girl born to Ms evrifo while they still married. In a suit filed in superior court in Santa Monica, Young said he could not have been toe father of Jennifer, born April 21, 1965, because he had vasectomy operation in J938 which left Mm sterile. Young said Ms ex-wife, Elaine, whom he married in '1963 and divorced in 1966, had made unreasonable demands for child Russ Going for Moon Dirt MOSCOW The Soviet Unions newest robot spaceship sped along a path to the moon Wednesday, possibly on a mission to scoop up and bring back another cargo- of lunarsoilrA Soviet announcement of tiie launch of Luna 17 -did not specify its mission. Bpt its immediate predecessor, Luna carried out historys first unmanned moanscoopihg mission in September end western space experts predicted Luna 17 win do it again.

$28 Million to Aid Peru Sell Environment 1 a Peru Tbs U.S. government j- Will tend Peru more than 2 million as a first step hi aiding reconstruction efforts in the area hit by the May 31 earthquake, U.S. Ambassador Taylor Belcher, said Wednesday. Tbs quake, worst disaster in Perus recorded history, left toll of 70,000 dead and missing, more than 500,000 homeless and an' estimated 1520 million in damage. 4 if it 165 Dead in Floods 4 WASHINGTON Interior Secretary Walter Kckel suggested Wednesday that the government sell environment bonds to finance, antipollution measures the way it issued defense bonds to finance tears.

This would be one way every citizen and school child could participate In the battle to 'save tiie environment, Hickel said. Subway Sabotage Probed NEW YORK City and state officials Wednesday investigated the. possibility that sabotage may have been involved in Tuesday's massive rush hour subway stall that affected 250,000 riders. At least five trains, were halted Tuesday evening when unidentified passengers pulled emergency cords and a sixth was blocked by a pipe found on the track. Two trains halted subway traffic in Queens for almost five hours.

Passengers panicked epd 49 suffered minor injuries. Chance- for Welfare Reform WASHINGTON A high administration source said Wednesday Senate nose counts Indicate President Nixon has a fighting chance of getting Ms welfare reform bill enacted by Congress at Its post-election session. The Mil, which would replace present welfare grants with a new family assistance program, was passed by the House last spring but has been tied up ever since in the Senate Finance Committee. The administration source said at least 9 and possibly 10 or 11 of the 17 members of the finance committee are ready to clear the MU for floor action In the lame-duck session beginning Nov. 16.

BOGOTA, Colombia Four days of heavy rains in Colombias most severe winter in 40 years have left more than 165 dead, dozens- missing and at least 60,000 homeless. Gov. Jose Antonio Mur-gas of Del Cesar Department (state), tiie region most affected by winter storms, said 123 persons lost their lives when the Magdalena River and two of its largest tributaries spilled their banks. 9 Gifted Woman Has 32nd Child Maria Addolorata Casalil ri, 41, gave birth to her 32nd child Wednesday. Doctors reported mother and baby, a girl weighing 6.6 pounds, were In good condition.

The father, Pietro, 41, Is a farm laborer in Brindusl, Italy. Mrs. Casallni has had twins, triplets and two sets of quadruplets. I have this gift of having children rather easily, Mrs. CasaUnl said.

What can I do, after afl? Mercury in Birds Animals WASHINGTON Government researchers said Wednesday they found high levels of. mercury In fisheating birds and animals around Michigans Lake Clair, where mercury pollution of the nations waterways was first detected earlier this year. The Interior Department said a survey In the Lake St Clair area has turned up mercury residues in four species of 11 species of other birds, two species of frogs and in gartersoakesL mm SHOP BULLOCK'S LAKEWOOD 5005 CLARK AVENUE, LAKEWOOD-534-51 11 MON. THRU FRL SAT. frW-V-yft.

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