The Wichita Eagle from Wichita, Kansas on May 16, 1923 · 12
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The Wichita Eagle from Wichita, Kansas · 12

Wichita, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 16, 1923
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SIX HNUDRED -DRUGGISTS ARE 1 WHirA - ' fi £ - f Forty-fourth Annual Conven tion Represented By Every ' Section of State '- - PROGRAM OF EDUCATION Whre The :Dockummg S0r Started - ’S- - i J r WW - 1 -T -i -V S -S i - -T-V T -w ' “:£ President’s ! Reception Ball for the Ladies and Men’s C j Smoker Feature-Program ' DRUG AND SUNDRY SHOW i -f is Ths druggists are beys si hundred strong and they- are as fine looking bunch of men aa erer took- posses-jMon ot the dtjr pt Wichita The pill mixers besaa toarrlve Monday even ing and Tuesday moraine found the -city filled with the purveyors of ' health : ' v 1 ' The oecaslon is - the 44th annual v convention of the Kansas Pharma ' : ceutlcal association and the Interest displayed by ths visitors indicates that the Kansas druggist is a live wire z -willing and' anxious - to isarn all ths arts and secrets of the drug business 'There Is no disappointment1 in the cwwd and the convention le said by ’ ofier members to be a record breaker spirit of the visiting men- and ten Indicates that every member Of jthe association fully appreciates the v efforts that havs been put forth by ths SMgwlck county association ths Traveling Men's and' Ladles Auxiliary and the executive committee to pro-r-iride an educational and entertaining '-program and they are here to see and hear everything that is to be heard - and seen 5"‘ V' : - The program Is filled with high class entertainment the best obtain ' able within the confines of America X Is -made np of things that will be - useful enlightening and entertaining tfl the Kansas druggists The' speak 1 era for the week are: E A Kuddl- man jof St Louls W B Burrus of llansAs aty Senator Arthur Capper George D Kenyon of Kansas City ' and Douglas Malloch Of Chicago Sen ator Capper -will bring a message to the Kansas druggists : direct from Washington fto win touch on the ' KelleyStephens Fair Price MU the rtTenuelsws and- other matters in --—which tm druggists are Interested He will talkThursday morning when all ' the druggists in the city are la that happy state that win cause them to - listen with the keenest interest ' Dr Ruddlman will explain the prob 1 iems 'of the manufacturing - chemists that will give new’ selling talks on many items of medicines that some jof ths druggists are possibly notsell- - log1- V ' " Mr Burrus will talk on the relation " ship of the traveling man -and his customers This Is an Important subject which every man In the business Chinks he knows but really does not -r Mr Kenyon will talk on Credits' He is a member and officer of the Ha - tlonal Credit Men's association and win ten many pf the thlhgirabout the maintenance of credit that win mean money to the' druggists Douglas Mhlloch will take care of himself to the satisfaction - of ttip crowd and his mflna Qn any program Insures plenty of entertainment and original ideas As an entertainer he is in a class 'by hlnuSlf Tbs president's reception and ball was held'' Tuesday evening but the smoker' for- the men and the theater party tor the" ladles will he held tonight followed by a few hours Irt tripping the 1 light fantastic with champion long distance dancers and cake eaters barred’ The banquet will be held on Thursday night During the week automobile rides shopping expeditions and complimentary lunch eons' by local druggists and their wives will keep ' the visitors well entertained during their spare tlm4 from the convention One of the big features of the week is' the Drug and Sundry ibow There are SO exhibits carrying practically all the thlnge sold In a widow-wake drug store - The exhibits are located In the West End of the -Roof Garden of the Broadview hotel the convention headquarters The convention session'll being held In the east end of the Broadview Rpof Garden so that everyone will have in opportunity ‘to look over the exhibits aiid meet the representatives pf the companies exhibiting 1 The exhibits qre -here for thb convenience of the visitors and every ' member of the association and other visitors are welcome to take advantage of the big showl “ 1 w - ’ SATANIC USED IN HOUSEHOLDS OF SOUTHWEST First Formula Purchased From Heirs of French Chemist Says Proprietor PROVED SUCCESSFUL Manufactured 600 Bottles i and Advertised Them as a Tryout to Start NOW HAS LARGE SALES Sa tan ic products arc known to practically every person ot the southwest ' and are sold jin every stats In the Union The grbwth ot this firm which started in Wichita In 1914 as a branch line 1 of the drug store at 109 West Douglas avenue has been steady and safe under the direction of W W Daniels and D A McGaugh partners in the company Attractive offers for large capitalization and a nation-wide advertising campaign have been turned down by the owners who believe In- building up a reputation ' in every state before launching a campion of advertising that would tax the demands on their factory to twice Its production ' Ai describing ths early start of Sa- tan-lc Mr McDaniels ssid: Ths formula for our first product- was' purchased from the heirs' of a French chemist He had named the remedy and so ws continued’ It under the same name Sa-tan-lc Mr McGaugh and myself havs always had great faith In our remedy and the first sale of It was over the counter of our drug store on West Douglas avenue At first '-we sold only to our friends But our friends and friends of ths medicine Increased so -rapidly that calls came 'to us from other drug stores in the city and soon the demand became so great that the two wholesale drug houses asked for our product Then cams a call from a drug house from out of the city: “At this JuctUra of the game we decided to give our remedy & drastic try-out Ws manufactured 00 bottles and' advertised them for sale with a guarantee that It would cure practically everything If the remedy failed we' agreed to refund the money paid out We received but one bottle hack out of 600 This sensational sals was a test of the'merlts of Our remedy and so ws sold thr drug store and started Into the manufacture of Srf-tan-Ic That was In 1916 and since that time we have made a record of doubling the business each year of the record of the former year “There are now B0 wholesale houses handling our goods you see we have perfected several other remedies and I am safe In saying that there Is not Always in each city and in each line 1 of : business : there must be a r service merchandise that meets every demand has placed us in the enviable position in our X -U W e want you to come in Nand see us f f f convention rwe I? V 1 you you F 'Vu w are go- you came any paper or sup- plies just call on-tke : --r i -v f s ' " ' r - : ‘ SS1' “ ’ r isV' V -7 - years and la internatlonally known as a poet playwright and novelist now lecturing in this country says i r fWe moderns jrepel a suddcn com-munication ‘6t a' veHty unknown: we are aware that even discoveries most unexpected in appearance are logical links of the eternal chain 'C “At' all events- ws end by vetlfy Ing Myers teaching ' the eubUmlnal self The subliminal self was a dls-povery as Important In jwychologyas the iRiaoofcry of America in geography The subliminal is the new world bn the map of hnman personality ' An unexpected world within the souls of men In its exploration there Is the prospect of ' a spiritual development beyond the spheres and levels of attainment thus far reached W had not lost our time and pains The quest of the soul was a success the largest adventure became a spiritual conquest “Bt we find a frightful confusion of forces and powers in this subliminal self ths"‘subterranean' structure of our conscious being the crypts of our soul Subliminal of course means below xhe threshold bei ovy the threshold of our everday personality The good will and the- evil the trivial and the genial are cmbinlng there We had cpnsequently t o trace a new' distinction If ws wantod ta see clearly In these obscure meandering Therefore we have classified these nnnumerable and' sometimes contradictory materials Into ' two compartmen ts— the subconscious and the superconsdous This arrangement Is not- an artifice It Is a necessity and a fact The "super-conscious seems to be located - within' ourselves beyond and further than the subconscious Seldom we reach the superconsdous only In memorable momenta of life — heroism self-sacrifice divine inspiration ecstasy But ths subconscious Is our everyday companion a kind of Mephlstopheles for the Faust we are The subconscious is the adviser of mediums when they ahe geenuine Naturally It Is not quite good 'There are wandering eur suppressed thoughts and feelings temptations and also reminiscences forgotten memories complexes obsessions primary Instincts and so on Impulsive persons are Influenced by their own subconscious mediums are possessed thereby Insane have lost all control by being thoroughly submerged Into this ocean: of dreams We can get well' into it and draw some scattered marvels provided we keep circumspect and verify whether we have not caught a viper or an old ray instead of a pearl” ’! - ' S ’t fr - 1 -jr j ' The first elevator of a modern type was exhibited in Kew Tonk in - 1SS3 but cot until twenty yean later were elevators used fear- carrying passengers - haredetiveredmors pul Ueaddresses than any other man now living - Many of the- locomotives on English railways ars fainted green while others ars gay In coats of red- royal purple cbocoUle brov4 and prim-rose yellow 'i Chauneer M Operation Not Successful V “14 years ago-X was persted for appendicitis and later oryrate£ agafa for gall stooea Keither good and I suffered all ture since Five years Maya's Wonderful Reme y and have lepew is be’leved tnjfelt no aympUntis or pal iHstnce ' Alt — — — — sufferers should j is a simple:- harmless pre: a ration that - removes the catarrhal nucui from the Intestinal' tract !Snd i ttajra the In fUmmatlow whiph 1 cause aif stomach -fiver and fnenta' including apfeo dose wifi convince or mot At all druggistsi Wo Corns The simplest way to end a corn is Blue-jay Stops the pain instantly Then the corn loosens and tome' out Made in clear liquid and in thin plasters The action is the same At your druggist FATE & HILL STAPLE DRUGGIST AND FANCY GROCERIES — Fiml our fresh goods reliabto W JOHNSON Fresh and Curd Meats That Satisfy tha Druggists 125 S MAIN ' ’ FRENCHMAN LECTURING HERE DESCRIBES “SUBLIMI-' NAL SELF” Jules Bols president of the French Psychical Research society has been Ihvestlgator of spiritualism for many ADVANCE INFORMATION She — How did -yru know X was going to wear my halrurled this evening? lie— X saw It In the papers this morning — Stray Stories If you are bothered with dandruff a state where our remedies are not Joti esnnot havs the beautiful soft now being sold Of course we have largest sale In the southwest as ws have recently sent our representatives into ths territory Most of ths wholesalers have never been visited by one of our representatives they havs purchased our goods becauss of the natural demand All of the work In our factory Is done by pharmacists” Ths 8a-tan-lc company Is now capitalized for $50000 The offices and factory "ars located on ths third floor of ths Butts building Ths Dockum drug stores all handls the Sa-tan-lc remedies ' lustrous hair that nature intended you to have You muet get rid of dandruff or suffer the consequences -There Is only one way to thoroughly rid the hair from dandruff and that is to dissolve It and wash It out Fitch Dandruff Remover Shampoo being a combination of the world's best known tonic - and a wonderfully cleansing shampoo wi IV-free you from dandruff The tonic In It Immediately dissolves the dandruff lessens all' dirt and Invigorates the scalp Ths shampoo then easily and quickly removes every trace of dirt scum dandruff or for- eign substance and leaves ths scalp fairly tingling with cleanliness and health and tbs' hair soft lustrous and luxuriant Enough Fitch Dandruff ' Remover Shampoo to- last for -months costs but little st any drug store and your money will be refunded if you are not delighted with results The R L Watkins Company Makers of MUISIFIED Co-co&niit OilShampoo Extend i m : to the Kansas - Pharmaceuti-cal Association their appreciation for the splendid cooperation given them - BcautifuThzir— hair thgt is soft and silky — adds more than anything else to : your attractiveness and charm - - pemtiioi hair is not a matter of luck it is simply a matter of care You can have beautiful hair if you shampoo improperly- Proper shampooing is what brings out aS the real life and lustre the natural wave and color and nukes it soft fresh and hucurant Your hair smd needr frequent and ' regular wuhieg t keep it beautiful but? at racnot stand the harsh effect of ordinary soup The free alkali m ordinary soap soon dries the scalp makes the hasr fent-fk and rrnns iL: This b why leading --- metiott picture stars and nail ion ot women everywhere use Mtdsified Otaanul OJ Shampoo iv : " nil ' dor pore ssd minq grravelws prod-xt cannot powibly msreioddx net dry the scalp tr make the hair brittle oo mafier bow often you use it- ’ - Two or three teaspoon fab of Mulsified will cleanse file hair and scalp thoroughly - Simply moisten the hair with water and mb it si It makes aa abohdanee ofrjch creamy lathe which rinses out” easily-removing every particle of dust &t dndref and (sent oiL The hair dries quidciy and cvealy and has the appearance of iWnf nmch fiaricer and hnvier'than it reaQy is It leaves the tab soft and the hair fine and 3ky bright f te$H4oGk£sff and faSy'toafy saf caw to manage You can gvt Mdbified Cocnaswt 03 Shwrpoo at any drag store It ’ is mespensive end afour ii -- bottle lasts for - — es"' W If- - 'w m--4' I 1 v 7he VffasterJi ebttilder " There’s No Glory in Weakness Weakness never attracts only rej els Halos and' plaudits ire reserved exclusively for the vigorou: The weak listless and emaci&ted are eliminated from consideration in every : affair of life and nearly alwajrs even j before they have ever had a chance to demonstrate their worth or capacity Oh the other hand there’s something magnetic something compelling-even though elusive and indefinable that instinctively draws you to the person who radiates from every pore of his body the impression of strength and good health Ha Immvdlalaly commands attention ' end at onca gives confidence of nis ability to accomplish — to do tha Jab whatever it may he and do it welL Bach day thousands of men and woman are becoming better fitted to Cope with the complex eitoatione and strenuous conditions which at present surround them on every hand by the use of FORCE the master rebuilder This remarkable tonic offers hope of a larger and foUer azistence to tha -frail sickly and debilitated because It Increases their capacity to' saa plainly and appreciate folly the infinite beauties and abounding opportunities ( of life by its strength-giving and op-building qualities DONT DO -THIS! Ute LEONARD EAR OIL IT DOES RELIEVE DK1TNESS ill BEAD NOISES' Mnlit it la hack of ths ssxa aadbuert iaaostrils At svurydrug stsra ‘ iMhswHksilri sperieNst ta liauostrila fl leevisl r - r and strong? iVi i 1 i ‘-'i VDRCB means mors strsegth mors snsrfT and morasnduraDeo In a word it mesas liKAlrlf— that tton of physical condition which depicts steeds v herd muactaa end rich red blood - t - ) - fo" i ' ''" OJtCS tf m tdalinf e Medr 4 SfilAie jm e m tnSrrtut Tfntmltrrmf mgtmt AWaf rt m d tmtmmrmtl mntmm turn efele 111 mm U mt rk r mlank Ct tfmml tmUSi ekiUrtm "It Makes for Sole Maaafacturarsf UNION PHARMACALCa I- Harry Dockum Say i — ' - ' V - I “It? an easy matter to gain cu tom and make friends j-:- if you Avill always be sure you ire handlinglhe best to v be Had in each and every line Only SNYDER’S IGE A ' ' ' u You too — Can see a marked difference I ordinary cream 1 f yotf think 3 " w t to the best call Thas why we handle ‘L H “ V ' CREAM” :v: J : -"fr ' ‘ - Y - f- between Snyder’s and A -r-' 1 1 our patronsarecntitlcd Market j - - ’ iftm V ' a— J " - 1 : I- S:V j-- s - V- - 2 : " : - l And order your day’s supply hen iire will - - ' ' -r ‘ ' 1 ’ you too become a booster fo r:"that::-'::7 -T - ‘t:' ' Snyder’s lcc Creaxhr " " - " V SNYDER’S IGE j v J r £ S 1 " Phone Mi '' V' V' : " tjj mi r-Q -u " ' - v i- - r is it i -V ’"V'- Ti-r V A- A ''yp-'p-My y ‘Vpx -ppp- Yppy :: ' i i' S' L'-'? r v I I a- Hi u ‘ft s ' ' 1 - J 1 - 31EAM CO &- 1 yy Ki-'-a -7 -jn- l "'Vvi'-i't-'--- 922 1 f :: ' k — v i -V 1 0 r 1 we-- ik- ‘ ' j ' " £ '’'1!" 5" m '- S !' ' ' -V ff - Tri 'jA j ! -vV'S ’ 'Vd Jv V -f VVV ' - T ? t f i' ! I y ip y rf'if si y mb rr m iK 1 - T - r e s-A : 1 P 1 t n ' fi ’ 1' ff i f r 1 H j iv V fi V- I-p s if- i Y-1 v

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