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Wichita, Kansas
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t'-l 1 5 j': i 1 i Your Dutch Talk 7 Concert Modeme 9 :00 President Truman Powder Box Theatre Radio News on' Pago ryB --1 EVENING i NUMBER 19 PRICE: In the City 3c Outside the City 5c tVICHITA KANSAS THURSDAY JANUARY 3 TEN PAGES NUMBER 242 i WONT WED HER BABES PAPA ass INDUSTRIAL SITE PURCHASED MACARTHUR OPPOSES WAR DEPARTMENT Balks on USrSovIet Con trot In Korea Mass Jap Deportation WASHINGTON Jan Gen Douglas MacArthur was revealed today to have expressed dissatisfaction to the war department ovex divided American-Soviet Russian' control of Korea In his first report on1 his stewardship as sunreme commander for the Allied powers MacArthur said that the dual control was bringing "serious and that the Korean people were "greatly Soviet Russia is in control of Korea north of the 38th parallel wnd the United States has jurisdiction of the area to the south MacArthur also indicated his op position to any plan calling for the maM deportation of Japanese from Japan for reparation labor service He said that deportation should be confined to specialists needed to install and to manage transplanted Industrial establishments FARM PRICES TO HOLD OWN Believe Income to Hit 21 Billion REPORT AI1MY PEDDLES OURS TO OMMEtl Clrfllan Elmileri Find Dffl- cers Get First Grab at Weapons Gome persons are wondering pout the advisability of permitting disposal of surplus war goods the army following a report to- day of the handling of the disposition of unneeded guns of the in the Wichita division Boeing Airplane company It was reported that Columnist Drew Pearson charged that the army was disposing of war surplus goods to Jh benefit of certain individual to the army of the United States It was learned the handling of the Boeing firearms by the army closely parallels the charges made by Pearson Back at the beginning of 9 the war the army held that Boeing needed additional guns in the arsenal of the plant protection division Chief Everett Bell was re- portedly ordered to obtain shotguns as many as he could as 'soon as he could At that time all 12 gauge shotguns were frozen by the army and directed to the armed forces Boeing at the order of the army purchased 16 new: 16 gauge model 12 Winchester pump guns from local sporting goods houses This was all the new shotguns In Wich- ita Cost of the guns was $5570 each making a total of $89120 At' the close of the war the 16 16 gauge shotguns xrhich had been kept in cases cleaned and oiled regularly were ordered turned over to the army The army was offered the original cost by prospective buyers it was' said In fact when -the word got out' that the guns (Continued on Page 6 Column 5) HITLER ORDERED MASS MURDERS Sped (Killings fo Lessen Housing Shortage NUERNBERG Jan 3 (UP) Mai -Gen Otto Ohlendorf one of Heinrich Himmler's hatchetmen testified before the war crimes tribunal today that he personally supervised the execution of 90000 Jews' and Russian officials in -1941 and 1942 under Adolf Hitler's orders He said the rate of execution was speeded up to relieve the housing shortage The sharp-faced general pale but coldly efficient testified that he commanded Einsatz one of four execution forces sent to the eastern front to execute personal for liquidation of all Jews and Soviet political commissars VIEW OF THE $50000 wholesale and Industrial site on East- First extending from Rock Island east to Mosley which has been sold by the II Cardwell Company Inc to Paul Morton Wichita Investor The property is 130 by 160 feet' and includes a warehouse a restaurant building and a parking lot The transaction was handled by Nestor Weigand of the Wdgand A Sons Wichita Realtors BY IN VESTOR ASK STARK TO EXPLAIN FDR CHARGE Claimed Ha Had to Get More Men for llavy WASHINGTON Jan Adm Harold Stark faced questioning today on his statement that the late President Roosevelt was reluctant to authorize mare men for the navy before the Pearl Har-bpr attack Stark former chief of naval operations told the Pearl Harbor investigating committee Monday that he had to in White House conferences to 'get authorizations for more men Sen Scott Lucas HI said he would ask Stark to elaborate that point in session Correspondence between Stark and Adm Husband Kimmel commander at Pearl Harbor during 1941 showed that the Pacific fleet had only 85 per cent of full complement They wanted 115 per cent to bring the force up to full strength and to furnish a reserve for new vessels under construction Mr Roosevelt reportedly feared it would result in' overcrowding and unsanitary conditions aboard ships WILL OUTLINE PAY REDUCTION PROCESS New Wagt Stabilization Board to Give Regulations WASHINGTON Jan The new wage stabilization board in about 10 days will outline how a i company can get official permission to cut the wages of its employes Regulations for raises already are established WSB Chairman Willard Wirtz said the procedure will follow the stabilization act executive orders anct regulations issued by Stabilization Administrator John Collet The stabilization act prohibits wage cuts below the highest rates paid between January and September 15 1942 Hie WSB has 500 applications to reduce wages Wirtz said i Regional WSB board chairmen include: Jack Day Kansas City and A Langley Coffee Dallas COPENHAGEN DENMARK Jan Miss Inger Nordentoft 42-year-old Danish Communist member of parliament who recently caused a sensation here by announcing that she was going to have a baby and did not intend to marry the father of the child She is a prominent school inspector and Is taking her stand in demanding rights lor unmarried mothers She has already adopted one child (Acme Telephoto) 1 WALKOUTS TIE UPKJBUSTRV -v i Western Electric Workers Leave Jobs Thursday Sympathizers Out WAVE MAY SPREAD1 NEW YORK Jan 3 UP) Western Electric company' employes In the ffew York and' New Jersey' area struck promptly at 10 a (CST) today in sup- port of their demand for 30 1 per cent wage increases About 17400 Western Electric employes were involved immediately in the stride but it was feared that nationwide sympathy strikes by elephone workers result It was regarded as almost certain hat the strike would spread hroughout the nation to affect ventuaUy about 68000 Western Electric employes The company has 21 plants in he New York and New Jersey area of which were subject to the 11 1 strike call The largest is at eamy where 12000 to 14-persons are employed Not all production workers Two hundred fifty of 10000 workers who threatened to industrial Stamford with a city-1 Fide sympathy ctrike unless1 a set-tiement was reached in Yale 6g 57-day-old labor dispute began leaving their jobs shortly be- re poon today I Top officials of the three biggest CO unions gathered here today for a strategy meeting to determine a jplan of action in four big strikes and threatened strikes They also' will map additional moves in the -44 -day-old General Motors strike group of prominent Americans uding Mrs Eleanor Roosevelt i churchmen of all faiths has (teen formed to give financial aid to the families of striking General Motors Workers it Was announced joday ASKS ODT RUH TRUCKK1G LKJES Hauling Halted? 9 Yeeks by AFL Walkout WASHINGTON JanT (UP) 3en Kenneth Wherry Neb today asked the office of defense transportation to take over operation of struck trucking lines in seven mid-western states ('An ODT-representtive said that President Truman -would have to jrder any such move Hie walkout by AFL cjrlvers has for nine weeks halted- conukercial trucking in North 'Dakota South Dakota Nebraska Minnesota Iowa Missouri and Kansas The Weather (By Waathar Barcas) WICHITA AND Clear today tonight and Friday wakmer today little change in temperature tonight and Friday High today 56 low tonight 32 high Friday £4 Generally fair and continued mild this afternoon tonight and Friday except con- siderable cloudiness in southeast portion Low temperature 28 to 36 Generally fair and continued mild this afternoon tqntght and Friday except-' considerable cloudiness extreme eait portion Low temperature 32 to 40 except near 30 extreme west One of the most valuable wholesale and industrial sites in Wichita lias been sold by the Card-well Company Inc to Paul Morton' Wichita oil and grain man The property is a tract 130 by 160 partially improved between Rock Island and Mosley on First The deal was completed by Nestor Weigand of the firm of Weigand 6c Sons Wichita Realtors i Improvements on this parcel of industrial property include a large dock-high warehouse building now under long-time lease to the Keystone Freight Lines- a small restaurant and a parking lot The property is valued at approximately $50000 i Mr Morton purchased the -property as an investment He owns other Wichita income property in addition to extensive oil holdings The deal illustrates the continued demand by business interests for this type of property Recently1 the Safeway Stores company acquired a valuable comer to the north and Vernon Johnson of the Johnson Oil company a comer to the east I In HieUnpacHIc PACIFIC CBr SCABS CLUTTER) Koto: Uuu Clutter Evening Bwle reporter who was recently discharged from the navy tells In this series of articles his Impressions and experiences in the Pacific and Japan Clutter served as in enlisted naval correspondent with a special task group for the liberation of Allied prisoners of war The capture of the Japanese Robinson Crusoe of Kita Iwo Jima was one of the odd-little incidents which provide comic relief in the grim tragedy of war Kita Iwo is a cone-shaped volcano which rises from the sea a few miles from Iwo Jima Its rugged slopes were considered uninhabitable even for Japs who can wrest a living from the most CLUTTER unlikely soil This is the way an army intelligence officer on Iwo Jima told the story No one had taken the trouble to investigated Kita Iwo until one night some time after the end of the fighting at Iwo fliers reported seeing flares on the smaller island More than 100 soldiers went aboard an LCI and set out to invade Kita On approaching the island it was discovered that the surf which pounded the rocky beaches was too heavy for the ship to make a landing So soldiers set out- in boats Some of them were overturned and the meh had to swim for it The soldiers had a hard day of it sweating up the rocky scrub covered slopes Their search was thorough but no place did they- find (Continued on Fage 4 Column 4) BELIEVE TWO DEAD Kansans May Have Burned to Death in Crash PARSONS KAN Jan (UP)1 A transport truck driver and his wife are believed to have been burned to death today when the truck failed to make a curve at Morehead 16 miles west of here CapL Tom Glasscock of the state highway patrol said (S Manley owner of the Manley Transfer company of Chanute reported the driver of the truck was Henry Chris tiasen Manley said Mrs Chrisfiasen planned to go with her (husband today and that he had been unable to find her at the family home in Chanute Witnesses reported hearing a woman's scream after the crash Morris owner -of a filling station and mill struck! by the careening truck escaped injury Damage was estimated at several thousand dollars BURY VETERAN OKLA Jan 3-(UP) Funeral services were being arranged today for James iBlSan-tine 25 World war veteran of KTebs Okla whose body was found on a creek bank four miles south of McAlester yesterday He had been the object of a search1 since December 18 when he "disappeared from his Krebs home Assistant County Attorney Brown said Santine apparently had frozen to death His body was found by Earl Baringer also a former soldier who was checking fences near the creek Vi HOmA LIVED BY DEATH ROAD Headquarters 0 I 500 Yards from Route 4 -MANILA Jan Lieut Gen Masaharu Homma maintained his headquarters only 500 yards from the road along which Ameri-can and Filipino soldiers were forced on the Bataan death march the first witness testified today at his war crimes trial Apparently to show that it would have been impossible for Homma -mot' to have been aware of the Infamous march the- prosecution called MaJ Gen Tushimitso Takat-sU who had been one of staff Officers to describe the location of headquarters Takatsu began at the afternoon session after the military commission trying Homma had denied 1 a defense motion for dismissal of the case on the grounds that the court lacked jurisdiction WASHINGTON Jan The agricultural department revised earlier1 estimates today and predicted that farm prices would stay at present "high levels for the next few months Its economists now believe that 1945 farm income will surpass earlier predictions by more than $300-000000 to reach an all-time high of $21500000000 In October the department said demand for farm products would remain high In 1946 but even so that income was likely to slip 10 or 15 per cent However consumers haye been demanding farm goods ati an unprecedentedly high rate and the department now believes prices will remain dose to wartime peaks at least for the first few months of the new year Latest estimates indicate that: Prices for meat are likely "to continue near 1945 levels during the first half of Demand for dairy products promises to be "the strongest since the outbreak of to support' on eggs probably will be necessary but chicken meat prices are due to stay present 1 A demand for fats to increase consumption over present levels will be Feed grain prices will average ilightly-hlghFJof4hk4a tire 1945-46 seasop than in but a little leas' than the peak reached in 1943-44 Wheat prices are not likely to decline below present ceilings Prospects for potato prices are definitely brighter now than a ago Domestic cotton prices have continued to strengthen AERIAL COYOTE HUNT FATAL TO 2 KAHSAHS i Plane Crashes Near Kinsley Farm Youths Die KINSLEY KAN Jan The second fatal airplane coyote hunting trip- in Kansas over the New holiday cost two lives near here Two young farmers Kenneth Lambert 29 and Vernon Hagewood 28- were killed when their plane from which they were hunting crashed Monday At Linn Kan a father and son were killed Saturday as they re- turned to their airport from a coyote hunting flight RUMOR AGREEMENT REACHED LAUSANNE Jan A high Spanish Royalist source said today that Gen Franpisco Ft-anco and Don Juan had reached a definite agreement on the restoration of the monarchy An informant who arrived recently from Madrid said the accord was reached during a visit of Jose Maria Oriol personal representative to Lausanne Is resting on back The WILL ASK AN INQUIRY OF ARMY ABUSE McCarran Charges Mai-administration of Martial Law' WASHINGTON Jan Sen Pat McCarran Nevt today accused the army of shameful abuses in administration of martial law and promised a congressional investigation -McCarran chairman of the senate judiciary committee said the inquiry should also cover the court-martial system He said particularly objectionable practices occurred while military law was in force in Hawaii where he declared innocent persons' suffered punishment "worse than just being locked "If Hawaii typifies military law as administered by the army then somebody should let the army know that It is! not the government of the -United States and that the constitution of the United States still McCarran said in an interview Cruiser VYichifa to Be Withdrawn from Fleet PEARL HARBOR Jan (UP) navy today announced a reorganization of -the "magic Pacific fleet with 100 ships Including battleships and aircraft carriers to be replaced by less than 50 transports capable of carrying 13000 more troops than at present Troopships from the Atlantic with a capacity of 118000 men will replace the combatant vessels -which now have a passenger capacity of 105000 The transports are scheduled to arrive in Pacific staging areas this month Withdrawals from Pacific service include the battleships West Virginia Arkansas Nevada Colorado Maryland and Texas and the carrier Saratoga The Saratoga left Pearl Harbor Saturday on her eighth and final troop-ferrying run to San Francisco with 3650 arxhy and navy men bringing her total passengers to '29204 Cruisers withdrawn Include the San Francisco Chester Minne a polls Flint San Diego Oakland Salt Lake City Pensacola Louisville Tuscaloosa New Orleans Wichita Biloxi Nashville San Juan Santa Fe Mobile and St Louis The new fleet will consist of 300 vessels with a total capacity of 450000 RIOT' KILLS 100 MEXICO CITY Jan Unofficial reports from Leon Guanajuato state said today that 100 persons were dead and 400 wounded as a result of a clash yesterday between political rioters and federal troops Lord Haw Haw on Gallows LONDON Jan Joyce a Brooklyn Irish lad jwho became the scar-faced and snarling ord-Haw Haw of the- Nazi radio hanged for high treason on andsworth the gallows of Warn today The traitor who once taunted Britain by radio as he walked across the prison yard to the gallows but he refused assistance Dressed in a blue suit he stood quietly on the trapdoor while Executioner Albert Fierreplont put the noose around his peck Joyce was executed under a 600-year-old law for adhering to the enemies of King George VI Bom an American (Brooklyn April 24 1906) he came under British jurisdiction because he held a British passport when the war began He broadcast from Germany (Radio Hamburg) while still a subject of the British crown beginning in the first month of the war (1939) and continuing years until the British capture of Radio Hamburg Berlin radio records showed that he received 5000 maria per month $2400 by prewar exchange rates lived a luxurious life in Ger LIGHTER TAX DURDEN SEEN i lep Cple Says Relief Measures Gather Momentum -1 I- TOPEKA KAN Jan (UP) Elimination of federal boards and commissions and fostering of economy to relieve taxpayers burden are Saining-- momentum in national egislature Albert Cole congressman from the first Kansas district said today also expect to see congress return employment service to the individual states regardless of White House Cole told newsmen 5 Equalizing of responsibility between labor and management is also anticipated HAYS POLITICOS ROY OVER Attorney General Mitchell to Enter Picture TOPEKA KAN Jan A Mitchell Kansas attorney general said today he would nasnie an assistant to go' to Hays and help in the preparation of a number of liquor law cases for trial and even present them in court if necessary I Mitchell said the prosecuting attorney James Nolan asked help from the attorney office in a phone conversation i Mitchell was informed that a local county political row had developed at Hays with the sheriff charging before the hoard of county commissioners that he could not get action on liquor in junction' evidence1 turned over to Nolan i Mitchell said Nolan was an elderly man and ill but that he was a conscientious public official a YURI TRIAL IS CONTINUED K- Commandant Charged with Death of Two Yanks' YOKOHAMA Jan The war crimes trial of former Japanese Prison Commandant Kei Yuri today adjourned temporarily after defense witnesses described camp as a one where i existed i Adjournment Until 10 a Friday was ordered by the military commission trying Yuri in order to enable the defense to bring two additional witnesses to Yokohama Yuri was charged with allegedly withholding Red Cross supplies and food from prisoners and with the starvation death of Corp James Pavlokos Chicago in the camp guardhouse after he tried to escape Yuri was also- charged with responsibility for the summary execution of Pvt Noah Heard Salinas Cal who according to affidavits from liberated prisoners was bay-onetted to death after an unsuccessful attempt to escape from camp Oil AIR AT 9 WASHINGTON' Jan SIUPl President Truman goes on the air tonight to seek strong pub-lie support in his fight to overr come congressional indifference to his legislative program He will deliver a 30-minute nationwide radio address from the White House at 9 (CST) It will be broadcast -by all networks He will list for the nation the basic provisions of his program ahd explain the: status of the many individual proposals to which congress thus 1 given little support far hasi Note in picture at left the head piejture lias been rooster has been fed milk through Stockman Injured COLDWATER KAX Jan Lr-(UP) Scott Stewart stockman was In serious condition today as a result of injuries suffered when he was thrown from' his horse and dragged a long distance before he could become disentangled from the stirrups SHIPPING 18000 AWNINGS' -i i HEADLESS ROOSTER LEADS NORMAL LIFE AY WICHITA HOME I- RECONVERSION IS an established fact at the Jerry O'Brien company 116 Mathewson The Arm made a fine record in the manufacture of airplane parts -during' the war and now is building automobile awnings' The men 'above left to right Jimmie Conquest and Woodrow Jones 'are! loading a ear with the awnings They are a part of a shipment jof 18000 awnings to a firm in Columbus The awnings bear the trade name of anA orders have come in from all parts of the United States Mr O'Brien now is considering the location of branch plants at Hollywood CaL and Atlanta Ga STILL LIVING and apparently strong is this Buff Orpington rooster who lost' his head last Sunday when his owner David Fatzkowsky 259 Nevada wielded the axe on 16 roosters preparatory to marketing them! This four-pounder simply arose to his feet and began wandering around minus his head The cut is slightly diagonal beginning just in front of the ears The rooster can make sounds although it crow It walks normally hut often collides with objects in its ipath and at night it hops upon boxes to roost Its esophagus with an eye dropper by Patzkowsky a city employe shown with his wife in basement of their home where the rooster is housed Patskowsky is hoping to find a method of feeding the rooster grain and he is Interested in experimenting with the fowl He explained that sufficient portion of the brain remained to keep lit alive and to allow it to function in a normal way A 4 niCl' -t' 4 -4.

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