The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on November 3, 1957 · Page 12
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 12

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 3, 1957
Page 12
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Hatckeyes’Second-Half Rally DeadlocksMichigan,21-21 Ohio Slate lliiiis Over Wildeals, Smells Hoses f If «I Untm« % mtñmgf \'«r4mr ,, ra««»* Intrf B» l’uni* I iimlttr« I nul T uri* rrn*ti»n4 C 0 If IJ M B V S Ohio Sintr took the I’V 4 I! H 1 «K III » « fìhio ft* - undispulfd Wr«itrrn f'onfrrrorp £ jk } « ?i;iiif .'■’iri'i#' IfiAiird iììf' B.,*i S.-iiiirdHv hv Wa.iiins Norihinf'.v: rrn '4 W.ld< als. 4/fi, for ds f-Mirfti srrini.:'i! ronqiir-l liif» viitiirv, foijjiled viitli the ?l .’Î lew;» MirÎKK’an lie, Irvfled Ihf r '.id to i'asiidfna for Ohm The Bii'dceyrs ( ouid jose our nf Ci' ;.- Ihrer rrmaining game*, »rui ;\el»raskji Bilí Biiilil Drops 2 i)(l Di'cisiim Jnyliiiirlcs ('.tnnv I'nnn Itvhiml. \4tlt'li II ¡II III \l 11 iiiiH'i'imi ¡ II IT fina, y had atiil gel the Itosr How. ¡od. D'Uì (’lark. Ohio , juni ir half h:uK wlio lead* the H;« Ten in • »"'Iisr. was the big dtfferenre .«>. he S' ired four of liie ’r-.m I" ¡ifjnAiis Whl< h routed the Wild ' «1 . T ie Hu. kîve-., hlastifig the N'orthwp *tei n forward wall lo , .f’< f‘., moved I'M yards in the well 1 ,. (iruig dnve.s and n» rded H h'avs for the .seven touch■ w!,. That was an average of 'Ml nii.e vafds a play. Sh'iwwig devastalmg ¡aover on the ground Mild » danRernus pH-=- ing attack for llm firM time, the ;»'! vards m four 4fi in 7. 74 in in. 4 and ♦»<» in a for j Hiu ki'VeH Went I ida.vH, 72 in It, I xi HI 2. ».:i HI ’ iie.r scores llamh Diiiiciin Leads » Lalo Iowa (fOnioback 7 fV Ììiimpvììs Kosr li(Hvl llojws (H iJiilrk-Strlklnf^ II oirvriiies eirti ilown« Hn*aing \ l*4«*in« t arrtnf» e»»*«« laicnretril hjr I *tH% l>n«lirnl ts I Nil M S * ;a «I •-I« «I 31 Duncan engineered two late driv’et Mull that kept the Hawkeye.i un•• • defeated. * ÍI n l\ i S'***!’! uito a 7 0 lead and . ' threatened to turn the game into j 2 a rout before Michigan intercepted j two passes and turned both of ANN ARBOR, Mich, - j them into touchdowns, lowas resourceful Hawkeyes, Michigan had defeated Iowa battling every inch of the way to four .straight years by coming frustration behind and Flva.sliev- o *, *.* * coach and one of with quick striking Michigan Satur- ■ s all-time great backs, Vru„ n»’ver ha.s been old school. wipe out year.s of scrambled to a pair of half, touchdown.s and gained a 21-21 tie ronimued fmm P mci * | H t..’-e to |!.i vantage of n hre .t eirv , i)-n .serond quai'cr wh. i l.eH'n Z " ti< pounce*} on I’hai’es M C fumble oo Uh* K.insa,s ;'ii. Hedge I*hiv Doug Thoma.. .irai Na\'. ^ led the drive for tlie M'ore with Nav laux's 10 yard pa.v* to Thomas ttie key play, Stinnett .scoreti from the one cm the wedge piav Prusit'i extra point try wa.s blocked by End Jim Ia>tcavu» The half ended that way, 7 fi. but Nebraska was to enjoy of the ."iecond half. When Fullback Horner F 1 o y d fumbled to .stall a Kll drive tn the third quarter. End Mike I,ee ofci«h«,„, eradh'd Uie ball on the ILisker 42. Naviaux, Brown and Zaruha then pepped Nehr.iska's Ircst drive of the afternoon as 14 p!ay.s ate up the M yards with Stinnett scoring his .second toiK hdowm of the afternoon on a one yard wedge play. - A 30-yard .strike from N.ivinux to Thomas was tlie big gainer but Pru.sia again had hi.s extra p-unt blocked and it was 12 7 for Ne a. 13 Plays til Snite I ate HI the third quaiii r .as got Uie break it needcxi when Full back Don Feller intercepted Stin nett’s on the Hu.sker 40 It took II plays for the Jay.s 'id the ■ a I r to I lew ‘llircuits Norltiwrslern ruiide « most, of fhc-ui few BALL KNCIC’KEII I HDM ílItlP í)F MIKTIIÍÍAN MH Miiarlerhack Jim Van Pell i24l of Michigan ha.s the ball knix ked out of hia harais hy tackh'S Dick Klein <70> of Iowa and is recovered by Iowa’s end Jmi (.ibhons (not shown) tlireat ; and niosi, oi rric-m were V\ th a in; t!, down on the NO luiited by fumhies. mter.epHon, or '■ il flicxl bl l.ep aV)ts in penaltii- on the Michigan 0 -yard line in the first period Saturday. Other Iowa players are tackle Alex Karras (77) and end Don Norton («)). The other Michigan player is guard Lawrence Faul Hkt). (AP). day. The Big Ten football clash was witnessed by 90,478 spectators and a national television audience. The defending Big Ten and Bowl champions, Iowa overcame a sluggish first half and never lost their as quarterback Randy time able to defeat his ttie nut yuitf, Li-tc HVili mad«’ an III*)«- ¡«-vauV ( .Hf-h. lying on tiie grou.'d LtM-e Il..,,k«‘rs .surroiuMl eel him Stiauch tlaui ki( k(x! Uie extra point to give him a hand m all oi the .scoring and Karts ms held Its Winning 14 12 margin. NebrH.skM came hnck fiercely but It all w«mt up in .smoke when ( if ra's field g«»al attempt .sputtered. Nidir.askM I hm ! one other ehanee That cariie m the .«uH-oniJ quarter HI T IV« IV» Opi. »• I» » Ì mm Ki 14 i I I 7««, 4 11 .ÎM» J .1 I \««t ’ 4 I .1ST ? 4 I 1.1T » 4 I ,11T I « * HJ «. smi . h this wiik M RK4M*S K •n«ii« , < olnritriM 'l«»»«*u«« «»II« ■»«»III « nlnrarf» I«»« •>«•«». K«n*«« SI MHSvK X l«7 HÎ •»» I* Oi.i II 7 «« li.’ I(»,\ 7« iim •e 171 but tiie W’lldrats put to gelher one .startling «Irive which .spauiH’fl the intermission h« lw«en til«’ third and fourth periods. On dial one thiy went 74 yarus in four plays with Hon Burton romping ’M yarcfs around end. taking a JOyard pass from Chip Holcomb and ttieii hanging I,'« yards around end for the counter. Will mer Fowler h:t«l made three yards on the first play. The Wildcats «hd .something none of the previous ftnckeye foes lias been able to accomplish S(v»r«*d in the final peinxl A hoiiu’comuig crowd of 79 fi.i;, iMxtstiiig the four game at home altendauri’ to .322,(Nifi witne <ed the one ,std«’d fray. -'"Mliv». »(. ,n „ „ „ ^ •i 11 M n «, « ». ..«ittt «nil. Hu« Boilermakers Wallop Illini, 21 - 6 ; Losers’Torrid Attack •< l«i«a <M»ir ■I K«n*»B «(air •I ( ntnmdn siatr «I 4||»«n„,| • t Oklfthnitia !»«»lr when a drive carnivl to the Kan eight But Stinnetts fumble was covered by Halfback John Traylor U) end tlie threat. U was another tough one f«n the Husker.s to lose. They came up with a much mi prove*! passing game, completing Hix of to for 81 yards. Naviaux hit four of & 1 X and also caught one. Due Coiiipletion The NH allowed just one completion- but that one heat the S« arlet Brown gunned the fiotenf NU gr«»und g.onc with M. yards while N.Tvimix got .18 and Zaruha .Ifi Thomas had to leave the game in the third quarter with a leg injury. There was more Ironman duty with Tackle Don DLsop going the route along with some other.s. There w ;’t much difference between tlie teams Kansa.s was obvKHiHly fired up to win this one for Mather. Hut the Hu.skers gave as guoti a.s they iv’cetved Slrauch's toe provided the slim margin in thi.» one. He’s been the By winning, the Tigris from Did B;.- Fight’s pa cing I «• a d e r the past two yt'ars was enough to carry a s. are But uo'.HKty told us aho'.K hus kicking Next Saturday it s a tup to Ame.s and the low a Stale ('ycloncs ill the last road game of the year. MHUV»K 1 I uM«--iU(-df>, .VIrtiir, Ip,. rrl» > 1 .H kli-ii.--Hhtv1.s, < u».an. Ulvu« Ou«r«1» ZptUi«-, I’ptpiM'n. Whcplpr, Klem. I pntrr»— Mt-( «»hliitul. I’t u»i.i H u-k*— Stinn«»u, IVitv SiituIlO'P. I1l«.ni«l flfm. 1 » SN** IS T«irt»—IVlHvnutn Miller, IU'tn.»ts‘r»: I «« kip«—<lib»on, ljurnp «.u»nU—V iiiM!«». Ki iiu«, Husst ll. twMla « piilrr* - W .«trhpi «•ckt Slr«uPh. M.irris. I- r»iu-i«i »>. Tr«i%. 1») VU-t u«-. «rtiiipi. Klu>il, l->tkv •I 1 « tt (I 12 .^ 00 , u »«'itrlnt; r»nu-hdi*»»-n» ,Str«lU'}i •I »M-pj>- th, fruin Sirnut-h», CunvprMoni .Str.iuih 2 ieliu-p. llir-it ' Nrbr«»ka «i-ttrlnc 'Ii»ui'hat»v»n«: atinnpU 2 1. I «»luilKPi. (»hf* simp Siirih». .1. ti”! ' ' . rum «»hio S(«(p «eufifiií linu-hauwn«. « J„rh » <1 Mill • • «>«« e«-» «I, „I Ki.nibi. v, . , nun, I rib 1 , 1 , «,» piitrtitp) PJ». fun «nun Ivrtmblin, T« umru, ♦'», Pl.u.p, . « r„,r.,, .suih,«m ,1, Kll«..«,“ M'*ih,«Uk- «»•Slnl,. Hits IV m . s IV,-I, Stfvr^vl l*assin^ Urines 1,1-(I U in ï’'!îll ill if’H 'I'iirers .S|o|i i 1 BroMi). 7-D I*rinrrt4tn Uoliln Ivy Lrtt^iii* IsViul PROVIDENCE, R. I Princeton’s football team, playing one day after the death of Co.sch Charlie Caldwell, was too much for Brown Saturday, vanquishing the Brviuvs 7 0 in a driving rain on a gridiron that btxatne sloppier minute bv minute Nassau took over undisputed pos xes.sion of fust place in the Ivy League. I ir»« rtuwn* , liiisbifit »*ril.«(« , I ,,««inK t.)ii«.ii.*r , e.H»,., «*»**» » ,nt> I i-«.|«|f,| h* I’lm«» I iinil»««'» I «-»A* lr« il . I i . I VI «»«I I I ‘-* 2 n TU • «\ STH LWA l EH. more quarterha pa-!.sed to one ()kla ul' k Dick SjHirtdns Run Diuvii if isvuiisiu I ««•« «In«n« a«i«hin« \«ra«vp e.«««(nf »«raatp ............. 4 a l'«««p« tntprrpulrrf hr ••litl«« 1(1 4« I IImill«-« In«« 5 I .irM« iinn»l«r«a It M A D I S O N. Wi.s, (i-i'.s passc.s, plus a Spartan line that relentle.s.s- !y wore down the Badger.s, brought i Michigan State a 21-7 victory over ' in a bruising Big Ten foitball gam«’ Saturtlay before .'»(),-{ (NH) taii.s at Camp Handail Stadium, j Ttic Spartans, who are now 4 1 * m conference action and are* ranked .sixth in the nation, moved ^ a .step closer to a jiossible con- fcreiu e and a Hose Howl hid. The Badgi’r.s have a I .1 record in Big Ten play. Michigan State hmk an early b’ad, thanks to Nmnwski : pa e.',, only to hav«' the Badgers fie the score HI the .second quarter. The Spartans qm. kly went hack into the lead, then added a third touch-; the Falls Apart Punlup llarva«'«! \\« ak P I ps,‘|.»i «MUI. LU) Hrr»h«) Soergel tou«'h;lown and plunged lor another to give Okla- down in a iiglit ram during home State a li t) hom«'coining^**‘‘I seeonds of play, victory over Texa.s Tech Saturday.' The Badgers were pushed all The triumph was e.spiH'ially early in the game, swe«*t f«ir the Cowlioys, who i rallied to hold Michigan State hadn’t defeated Ttndi since 1 ') 4 ;», bi check hehire tiring late It also was tlSlC.s fifth game with- game from the hard-hitting out .< defeat alter losing its ojamer *‘'P«rtaii atlack. ' this season tn !2 0 . Ninow'ski, the Big Ten’s leading passer, put his into position im »!««,"* i,trij for both of its half touchdowns when he connected with Iw some fine tosse.s A great retmm ‘ • »»« ot a k.ckoff by Blanche M.irtin, »speedy Spartan back, also wa.s a MINNEAPOLIS RECOVERS FC.MHI.E-.iohn Aveni (89), Indiana end. dives through the air in the .second quarter Saturday to recover a Minnesota fumble. Dave Lmdhlom <22», Minnesota hack, caught and then fumhled an Indiana punt. (APJ. ('^onhrrs Ritll In S pvoiu I llulf Iowa, which cannot return to tht Rose Bowl, punc- jtured Michigan’s chancc.s with its brilliant come - from - behind ef. I fort. The Hawkeyes moved m .vards with the sernnd half kickoff i and then roared -W yards early m the final period for the tying points. Fullback Don Horn .scored the first Hawk touchdown of the second half and Duncan added the all important fourth period toueh. down on a .sneak from the one- foot line. ; Lnd Bob Pre.scott calmly booted the extra point that deadlocked it at 21 - 21 . Iowa threw up an eight . man line that completely stopped Michigan'.s running game and the Wolverines resorted to passes and sharp defensive work for all their scores. The Hawkeye’s defense, the nation’s most effective against a ground game, nearly ru.shed Michigan out of its huge stadium in the early moments and forced the Wolverine.s into a fumble that led to Iowa’s touchdown. The Wolverines lost 2 « yards m their first five ball-carrying attempts. Jim Van Pelt fumbled on CHAMPAirv —111 « « I Michigan 9 and Iowa end Jim ca*7,ed in on a ions /oUn day in a Big Ten football battle " ” ^ .speed- Quartei’back Rob Spoo hur’ed’ a Thero^' 'f"' 44-yard pass in the .second quarter t ^ to set up the fir-st Boilermaker m ftuarierback Gene touchdown alter Illinois strong , f midfield running attack had given the home Z fawaited him, team a fi -0 first period lead be- 5 . * fourth-tiown punt fore a cheering Dads’ Day crowd Tat'd'' of 47,69(1. the tying touchdown. Pace had The cheeks sub,sided. however, as ^loctos ahead of him Purdue took a 7-6 lead after Spoo’.s iMiniipsola (]li|Ks Bi<v |() DiMM iiial liMliaiiiu 31-0 long to end Tom Franckhau- «er helped the Boilermakers take an advantage they never relinquished. at . pu.shed them out of the way for running room and slithered down the .«ide- ime.s 111 a brilliant individual effort. The Hawkcye.-; had the ball Oklahoma .‘^tafc struck early, marching (“« yards m live plays. .No«‘rgers "avard pass t«» Duaiu’ W«x>d o' «’r the goal with six minutes g«uie ill the lirs! period proved to he «Miough points to win, John Jacob converted. It wa.sut until the .start of the fourth quarter that the Cowlioys i «riljttr I iinlnur Inilt.iiid V|)itnp«r,tn » 21 day in muddy Memorial Stadium. A homecoming crowd of 6:1.206 1 « I U I «■•2lt M T -12 I «« . 1'«2 2 ** :«-«• sat through a steady drizzle to oever regained the poise they ■I.m Rfdmicr-, pa.-,s imor<-o|v M'- tioii, which he returned 58 yards v intercepted one of for a touchdown put the Boiler- y * passes and returned to the makers ahead 14-6 at the half and Illinois’ shocked team never recovered. E.xcept for a 46-yard drive in the third quarter which bogged dow-n on the Purdue 18, the II- I watch the Gophers wm as expect- jCd. Although the devastation was « HI complete, the Gophers failed to achieve the niargin.s reached by Indiana .s first three conference (UP) —Muine- foes, who won by an average of displayed in upsetting Minnesota two weeks ago. A penalty and a fumble set the Wolverines back to their own 37 but Van Pelt drove them into the lead with three completions. The payoff pitch was a 31-yard gainer that Gary grabbed on the Iowa . 5 , feature on one of the touclidowu starting Gophers, their exactly 50 points, marche.-;. Htle hopes shattered hv twi» « »■ . Michigan State went 48 yards m ClopLrs' held TO'hahUnie PHILADELPHIA D-Chef Botil rff, a hard nmmng sophomore .................. ....... ............ halfback, and Ron Johnson, an unheralded junior quarterback, sparked Harvard’s football team to a two-touchdown second period and a 13-6 upset victory over Pennsyl- vama Saturday. A homecoming crowd of 16,831 was thoroughly soaked by showers ' during the second h.alf as Penn ah- k *»»^«« sorbwi Its sixth straight defeat and its fourth in Ivy League competition this season. were able to cros.s the goal again, I iw its first touchdown t« step on Big dead, substitute fullback Bob Blak- stopiH’d on NiiKiwski connected on pas.s- flwrmat Indiana. 34-h. Satur- lev and resprv*. n.,i.r«orKooi, l.iU'avitu, I’oliuV. ciiii. -HWII A State drive was stopjH'd Tech’s 20 but the next play Gene Bentley fumbkxl on his 2.5 and the I'owlKiys took over again. It was a short hoji in six plays to the goal es to Dave Kai.ser. Martin and Wait Kownlczyk early in the opening quarter. The payoff came on a four-yard with SviiTgel scoring from the one. i smash by Don Gilbert and Kaiser T«xii's penetratioivs came fi*** of hus three extra points from placement. Early m the second periovl Jon Hobb.s of Wusconsiii recovered a fumbled lateral, that Nmowski threw’ on the Spartan li. Three m the .second half. Twice the Red Raid»>rs moved to the OSU .six- yard line but were held on downs tioth times. I. »ii. 1n ............... 0 rt o 0-0 OKIiUuiin.» Sl.iip .. 7 «) (t li 1,1 «»WUihom., Mali* », unng T,*iu hiUiwn» I» XV I'wl U-. nuv» ttinn s<nr,¡t li, Hocigil «one I’luDK, I « iinvi rsioii; .Umb (ballinoli Rites Held I*rivait* Svrvivvs 'or I i^vr (Unwh , ley and reserve quarterback Jim Reese sparked the second half annihilation. « H « (1 Indiana’s best showing was in, I the second period when Tommy I T3 in conference play, j McDonald went on a four-for-five j I'urdu.- passing spree, and the Hoosiers. penetrated to the Minnesota 37 . A pair of quick third period I touchdowns assured the Minnesota I triumph. Halfback Bob Schultz, PRINCETON, N.J. (.m^.pj-iyate * «*d**d by tackle Frank Youso'.s per- o . Halfback Mike Shatuskv raced So desperate were the Illmi that 25 vards to tho in«,, lloln tith'Tlourtlvamtone mu- Iwrd'SdoTn h' T;;i!ra.r s .: t « over on the Illini 22 and six plays later, Lennie Wilson bolted ‘ " for a touchdown from the 3 . The victory was Purdue’s third in I^***)can’s passes ate up 29 yard.x six games, and evened their Big fo'^a’s drive with the second Ten record at 2 2. i half kickoff. He had his fleet of Illinois is now 2-4 for the season ! backs operating behind ' ’'Iowa’s huge line, as the Hawkeye’s second half power paid off. before N o s k i n himself cra.shed over from the 1 . /’( 7 - Cl 0 - « Purdue ».nrini« Touchd«v»n»; Spo.i fl MifuV); Hedingcr (.VS. run «ftcr na»» inier-' ncK^r 3 '’'^“’“''’ (-'«n\erM jns; IHinoii fc-ofin* 'roiu.hd>An«; .Mutholl (U), run». -Sif V 3 II Halls V ii’ofiiiia CHARLOTTESVILLE. Va., ÍJT- !)() seconds to go Virginia Military In.stitule's un- sma.shis t(H)k the ball to the one. funeral services were held Satur- f^ct block, went around Indiana’s and Danny Lewis went over for day for (liarlie Caldwell, Prince- nsbt end for six yards to cap a tne H. 4 ilgers only touchdown, ton University head football eoacn ■I4.yard drive. Hobbs converted, who died ot cancer Friday. With less than run on'the^Mlrlw^^^^^^ .si-year-old period. charged 3 beaten, once-tied keydets stormed ; Til Urn ^ wa.s cremated at the Ewmg; tackle tor the ; from behind with two touchdowns i all tlu wav to th.« «K.,.a ...... « Saturday! 1 mv;i ■XI k :iiK4n low4 orin* pliinti.), iiarn <:|. Pluiim ). «’onvrfsion»: i’r. »cin«’ ii" i.c0rins touchdown» pace ««.S nun, rc, urn). Pnh», p^sn-run Ir«:;^ V««, l;jn.^No»kin « 1 . run,. Cvmvcrsion.; Van • 7 'I 7 7 ’21 0 21 <» 0 21 touchdown» XiKCfa ( 2 , run); I «tincan <i-fooi. f.r. TT-emakiruuii following services at'A slugging )im c ''^*^1 be- home conducted bv Dean Finest the Hoosiers ac■ hind. Six plays moved the ball to i Gordon. ‘ a ** £-mtst ^ the 14. Then Nmowski’s pass in-1 A memorial .service for the non-^ scoring surge. I tended for Martin was ruled com-1 ular coach will piete on the 3 on an interference ¡ University ruling. Martin scored from there. ■ Monday. Vtchican SUU- ; „ 7 V'i»t»>iuin ■ « « ¿I M.chufan Staip counted for la of the 46 yards k Blakley turned in the best run p m. Gophers early football victory double breasted coats CONVERTED TO SINGIE breasted STYIE' SAM’S UEVVERS 242 No, 13th < . 0 I» 7 0 0 _ 7 P'lK...»’«,’ Ncurmt tuuchduwM.» « ( 4 . Plutiic); Martin il. plunsci; lV)n\ t-rsion» ; Ktm.«Uv»k (I foul. p!un¿«iV' K«*>ist'r J * Wisconsin sonrinii touchdown.» «I. I’lun«!«.) lonsorsion J Hnhb» Lewis pop- be held at the Chapel at 4:15 pm. , jin the last period. He drove 16 Telegrams from all the Ivy ■ fthrough the middle of the Ix^ague coaches and former , ^ ^ touchdown, going the Princeton All-America Dick Kaz- ? battering through a maier were received by the fani- Hoosier tacklers. ily. 7 «1413-.14 on a Lincoln Country Club golf pro Bud Williarnsoti is still concerned ''•ith greens, but mit course. Biui will gf>vu colors among the men’s clothes he will sell at Hovland Svvau.son’.s new men’s .shop. Winiam.son will supervise t h e when Caldwell dievi. new department in the store. H«»! will continue as professional at* I the LCC in addition to his ties at the men’s store. Caldwell was first hospitalized c.Íí.u"*** recuperating at home. He was golf: granted a medical leave Sept. 23 have plenty of and Dick Coiman took over as acting coach tolnian and the team were on their way to ProvidetKe, R.L, AND DOWN HE GOES-Ohio State halfback rVin Clark (] 8 > gc»es down head first under Jim Andreotu (56j as Clark returned the open­ ing kickoff in Saturday’.s Big Ten game, Clark fumbled the ball but recovered. tAPj. EMERGENCY SERVICE Auto-Truck Repair Wrecker Service 7 Day Week ‘N" 24 hours 2>S593 <<AAR SERVICE MAKES GOOD HORSE SENSE ««> hM««> thf BKST wht'it It (^onicM to ri'pwtrinji your “VXr«H'k»'«l Car” « ar« COKI a lot of iiioiiry and you fan’t afford to taKw rhan«-««. Top workmaiifthlp piim fair prlf*-« t» «,hat h«-«-!*« our «hop «0 «WISI.*. s«‘«> Irani» «»*•»1 llnic. Ia.»t spring and'nnderwenTTlpioTa': '«S"«. tory surgery. He .spent the summer —-----------------— BONDED FOR QUALITY EVERVESS \ THE BIGGEST ] “BUY” ^ In Sparkling Wator AT VOUHt VBXT fARTY rail St «a. nttiwi It.; Ate* Raii4y 7 o». B««U m PIPSKOIA BOTTUNS CO. UNtiniJ«. NKBKAS&A FRANK’S BODY SHOP 115 84». 19th Street

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