The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 20, 1955 · Page 60
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 60

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 20, 1955
Page 60
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uill VOLUME 2R TUESDAY, OCTOBER 11, 1955 NUMBER 4 Homecoming Spirit High B.v Deann Safley Think of Homecoming. Go on— give yourself a second or two to Just think of it as you personally think it should be. Oh, you're smiling. Pretty nice, Homecoming, if you make it nice. • Yes, it's true, it can't be anything unless each of you gives a part of yourself to it—your ideas, your energy, your time. Think about it. Think of the parade and floats, the Queen and her attendants, the pep meeting, fire, und snake dance, the game itself, and the Victory Dance. And when you think of it, you feel good because Homecoming is good— if you make it so. All it takes is your interest, that genuine kind of interest that makes you want to suggest, and work, and plan; the kind that makes you follow through until you reach your goal. So come on, think about it, write down any ideas you may have nnd hand them to a cheerleader. Ideas of any kind at all are needed and wanted, so please, won't you contribute yours? You are the deciding factor. It's up to you to either make or break Homecoming, for that's what it is, you see. You are Homecoming and Homecoming is you. Let's make it the best of us! Horizon Club Initiation By Pat Murphy Wednesday, Sept. 28, Mrs Bryan's freshmen Camp Fire group began their two weeks of initiation into Horizon club. Mrs Bryan's group and Mrs Cadd's sophomore Horizon club group met at Jo Ann Cadd's home at 5:30 for a potluck supper. Each freshman had one or two sophomore "masters", and each "master" had one or two "slaves". During the meal the slaves had to wait on their masters, hand and foot; dust their shoes, wash their dishes, get them refills, or anything else the masters could think of. After everyone had eaten" It was time for entertainment. Some of the highlights were: a cookie-eating duet by Jane Milligan and Margaret Stanley; a very realistic imitation of a dog scratching his fleas by Diane Bryan; a hula dance by Roberta Stream, Nyla Black and Karen Anderson; Jackie Quirk, Nancy Bass and Clarice Stanley sang "Let Me Go Lover" while Cam Lyon, Judj Harper, Nancy Cury and Audrey Brown did the Charleston; and Shari Morlan and Joyce Vecnstra put on lipstick while jumping up and down on one leg. The little blue pledge ribbons which are to be worn every day were passed out, and the masters B.V Tom and Dick The following girls were chosen for queen candidates by the Student body: Lori Hildreth. Sally Monthci, Katy Cudahy, Lois Burgess and Nancy Baker. To Reign As ISTC Fire Queen Marcia Robinson, former JHS student, is among a group of five girls who will reign as Fire Queens in Cedar Falls. They will reign over their Cedar Falls game Friday, Oct. 14. Marcia moved to Cedar Falls early in September. tltfi JEFFERSON BEE Jefferson, Iowa, Oct. 11, 1955 Rams Roll By Marian 31-0 The Jefferson Ranis retained their tie for the Midwest Conference lead by downing Harlan 31-0 at Harlan's homecoming last Friday night. Ron Voigtman received the opening kick-off for Jefferson and speeded fifty yards before he was stopped on the Harlan thirty. Two phys later, the Cyclones recovered ;i Ra'.n fumble, but Jefferson's defense held, and when the Rnms regained possession of the ball, they marched to the Harlan goal line with a series of line plunges. McIlrath scored from two yards out and kicked the extra point. Later in the first quarter, Jefferson again worked the ball inside the Harlan fifteen yard line. From there Mcllrath scored on n reverse handoff from Limburg. Nearing the end of the half, Ron Stotts intercepted a pass and ran wide to his right 50 yards for a TD. However, the ball was called back to the twenty yard line because of a clipping penalty, but four plays la- WANT ADS bring the best results I )cr stott's bucked over right tackle Try a Bee-Herald want ad this Cheer Leaders As Spirit Leaders By Lori Ilildreth It is the general opinion year that school spirit has been reborn in the hearts of the JHS students. Much credit for this fact should be given to our able cheerleaders, Deann Safley, Dottna Beckner, Lois Burgess, Marjoric Pollock and Margaret Stanley. With the approaching Homecoming activities they will be in action more than ever. When asked about the status of school spirit this year, senior, Deann said, "I think that it is always alive, but sometimes the kids let it slide when it should be more prominent." Donna replied, "Spirit is not as great at the games as it is at the pep meetings, especially the Ida Grove meeting." Lois had this to say, "There is more spirit than last year but when we are far ahead, people seem to lose interest in yelling." Marjorie's answer was "Response at the Ida Grove game was not good, and the out-of-town games seem to get the loudest results." To sum it up Margaret said, "Spirit is definitely better than last year but seems to die at times." It sounds as if we are doing better but we still should back the cheerleaders as a unit In backing the team for Homecoming and all games. Our Challenge By Sherl Kac Ilutchlnson Impossible? Not in JHS!!! All it takes is the will to work to make this the best homecoming of our school. Floats, parades, bands, teams, and a football added together make it home for the grads. But the recipe calls for something a little extra—like—"Spirit". The school and townpeople are behind you kids so don't let them down. Our team has practiced hard to gain victory for you. Where is the polish? Don't leave it off, rub hard and your float will shine like the stars to spell VICTORY. The tone ol the whistle is heard from the home to the visitor's side, but do you know the school song so well that we can make it ring across the field? "We are proud of our lads and our lasses, of honors won in days gone by, so here's a cheer for our high school, for our old high school, our dear old high. And as the days go by, you'll find us ready and steady, boosting for our old high!! Are you for a JHS double victory? Don't say impossible, say victory for the team and victory for your organization, making 1955 reign over homecomings for years to come. IT'S NOT IMPOSSIBLE!!!! Band To March At Homecoming The Jefferson High School marching band will perform nt the half time ceremonies of the 1955 Jefferson Homecoming. told the slaves what they had to do , The band wlll , 7lnke tnrec f orrn a- during the coming weeks. Most of them are to take place on Saturdays, so keep an eye out for them. We hope the freshmen will act in a spirit of fun. After all, it's not so bad, is it? Juniors To Sell At Three Ga^es By Maureen Middlelon The Junior class will run the concession stand for the first three games. The profit will be used for the Junior-Senior Prom in the spring. Your cooperation will be appreciated. tions; and in addition pay tribute to the girl who will reign as queen over the homecoming. The second band will also participate in the prcgame and halftime ceremonies. The twirlcrs are working hard for marching band contest. Sue Dahlmeier and Dixie Sc-hulz are taking solo acts. Two ensembles will also try out. Lois Burgess, Sue Dahl- mcier, Dixie Schulu, Donna Beckner and Deann Safley are the members of one. The other ensemble includes Judy Pearce, Deanna Lamb and Sharon Morlan. The contest will be held at Storm Lake. Jefferson school children have a busy week ahead of them! As Junior Fire Marshals, along with 3,000,000 other boys and girls coast-to-coast, they'll he stressing fire-prevention to this community all during Fire Prevention YVeek of October 9-15. They'll be taking part in a gigantic public service program sponsored by the Hartford Fire Insurance Company and this local Hartford Agency. Jf you have a Junior Fire Marshal or two in your family, we hope you'll give them 100% cooperation. They'll be doing a mighty important job ... and what's more important than saving lives and properly? Hutchinson Insurance Service 107 S. Wilson WU li. 11LTCI1INSON . Jefi'vrson Phone 38 Grins & Groans By Gertie Grumble Courtship can certainly be a problem from the first date on. To the football player who is a woman hater, courtship is no problem. Listen to what he says—"I hate women, and I'm glad I hate 'em, cause if I didn't hate 'em, I'd like 'em and I hate 'em." ':>•' — GG — My first date created a peculiar problem for me. By way of starting a conversation on the date I asked Archibald, my escort, how old he thought I was. Archibald replied, "Oh, I'd say about sixteen." I was overwhelmed that he could guess so accurately. "How did you ever guess?" I questioned. "I didn't; I just counted the rings under your eyes," he stated. — GG — Many Jefferson students have found it hard to get along with the curfew after dates. The following incidents were heard by a member- student : "Must we say good night, sweetheart?" she sweetly asked. "No dear!", came a harsh voice from upstairs. "Wait a few minutes and say good morning!" — GG — It was approaching midnight and the young man still hovered by the door. The stillness was suddenly shattered by a loud crush upstairs. "Gracious dear," said the timid lover, "what could that be?" "Oh," replied the miss, "that's just Dad dropping a hint!" — GG — "Janie, what are you doing out there?" "Oh, I'm looking at the moon, Mother." "Well, tell the moon to go home, and come in off that porch. It's half-past eleven." — GG — He—(with hand over her eyes— "If you can guess who I am in three guesses, I'll let you kiss me." She—"Jack Frost, Davy Crockett and Santa Claus." — GG — This was overheard from a group of gossiping girls— "I understand that she fairly threw herself at him." "Ya, they met in an automobile collision." — GG — ! By the way how many of you : guys and dolls believe in love at first sight? Well, I think, it would ' certainly save a lot of time. i — GG — i Courtship will sometimes bring ; heart-break as some of the follow- l ing rejected suitors will verify. , Suitor (sighingi "Well, since you 1 don't want to marry me after all, I perhaps you'll return my rings." j Girl (coldly) "If you must know, ! your jeweler has called for it already." — GG — Joe—"So Ethel returned the engagement ring, hull? Smo—"Yes. she mailed it to me and .vhe had the nerve to paste a label on the outside of the package —GLASS, HANDLE WITH CARE." — GO- She—''Now that we're cnguged dear, you will give me a ring, won't you?" He—"Certainly, dear, what's your number?" — GG — Let'o fate i'. boyc, a eU'.fc v.i'h a modern girl is an open and shut proposition; she always eating. What Is —A Secret "Always keep cool," said the Ice;-} ::::''Ba.up to date," said the Calender. "Never lose your head," said 'tne Barrel. "Do a driving business," said the Hammer. "Push," said the Button. "Find a good thing and stick to it," said the Glue. They all know the secret—do you? That's right—"the secret of Success." Want Ads Will Get Results for Jefferson's third touchdown. The halftime score showed Jefferson on top 19-0. In the second half, a spirited Ram team intercepted three more Har- passes. Defensive line-backer, Corky Bailer, snagged one from the Dig That Cartoon By Will! Wells Artists are fascinating people and Al Monthei is no exception. His frequent drawings are both original and popular. Al's work has certainly made him "our school artist". Not all of Al's time is spent with his art work. Two other favorite pastimes are Hying and working on cars. We've all seen his striking yellow and black chewy. Circulation manager of the Quill, glee club, mixed chorus, mixed quartet, carrying five subjects and a member of the annual staff are just a few of Al's senior activities. He also enjoys watching football and basketball games. that we'll miss his cartoons other works of art. and When asked how it felt to be a senior Al remarked, "It's greatl skies and so did Stotts, who again Everybody looks up to us now." charged down the side-line all the A1 - s cnief arn bition is to be an way for a touchdown. aeronautical engineer; he's planning Later, with Harlan deep in its own territory and gambling, Ken Sunders snagged a Cyclone pass and threaded his way through Harlan tncklcrs to the end zone for Jefferson's final score. Penalties were a constant thorn in Jefferson's side on attending Iowa State college to achieve this. His secret ambition (?) is to be a flea trainer in a flea circus. Al!!?! Still Al's first love is art and he does a great free hand job. Maybe that's why his favorite song is "I'll Never Stop Loving You." I'm sure in this game. However, the Rain's strong fast line when this talented senior graduates nnd driving backs did not allow H;irlan to take advantage of these penalties. Jefferson meets a constantly-improving Guthrie Center team on our field next Friday in a Homecrming pa me that promises lots of rugged action. Jr. High Lights 8-0 Committees Program Committee—Tom Burgess, Ronnie Lane and Dennis Dunlop. Home Room- Committee—Barbara Beyer, 'Millie Stray. Welfare Committee — LaNctta Kendall, Pat Millard. Citizenship nnd Scholarship Committee—Steve Raver. 8-B Float The 8-B class has decided upon a float for Homecoming the 14th of October. Sharon Denhardt is the chairman for the float committee. All members of the class were urged to think of ideas for the float. Hill.I. STAFF MI.V>-BI! Kditor-in-Chief ..- Kathleen fudahy Assoe. Kdltor -- Willetta Wells Junior Editor Sherrltt Ilutnhlnson News Kdltor Koralee Hildreth Sports Kdltor - .-- Hod Anderson Kditor -. Jerry DurUtm Sports Reporters _. Jim, l>nn Anderson, Kd Coover Feature Kdltor Di'linn Safley circulation Kditor - Ainu Monthei. Sully Monthei Kxehanuc I-Mltnr. Sharon Mimilham havciuL and Makeup . Tom MilliKHii. Dick W:ill;u-e I'h'vtonrapher Hill lamluii'li Head Tvpist and Copy Header . . Wilmii Wadsivorth Reporters: Hob Nation, Donna Heekner. Barbara tjawson, I'alty, Maureen Middletou, Ann St. clalr. Xaney HaUer, Susie Dahl- ineler, Dliine Robinson, 8 h e r y 1 Krease, Kuy Vanderhrtin, Ann Mllli-, Helva Rentier, Bonnie Morlan, Judy Hyde, Barb Wilt. Bui". Mi-Toy, Irene Clymer, liois Burpess, Mildred Stanley, Rosalie Sehultz. Roberta Toal. Margaret Stanley, Carolyn Wallis, Jeanne Wyekoff. l>oi.« Wills, Marnaret, Ji>y Schoppe. Anne Sahus, Wanda Hoskins, Virginia Davis, Judy Hays. Jo Ann Cadd. Charlyn ('lev-land, Jain- MMIlBan, 1'itt .Murray, Xanc.v Slininger. Cub Reporters: Jacqueline Quirk, Joe Thompson, Dime Hryati. Chirire Stanley, I,yon, I'atricla Smith. Sharon Morlan. Judy llarpir. Typist: Wi!-ina Hosklns, Barbara Rice. Helen Wlc-r, draco I,ai,p. I.Ma Oakes, Ann Kreni'h, Chartcne Hast- iiiKS, Karen Dimin, Jo Ann l.ouk. and Kay Hastings, Vocal Music Dept. Concert Oct. 18 The first performance of the vocal department of the Jefferson High school will be given Tuesday night, Oct. 18, at 7:30 o'clock. The boys' glee club will sing a group of spirituals highlighted by a Waring arrangement of "Dry Bones" which will be accompanied with percussion intruments. "O Man Thy Grief and Sin" by Ralph Williams will be of fered by i light French carol—"Pat ft Pan'*. The glfisvglee clutt Will be presented -Monday^ Oct. 11 at the Greene .County Teachers' institute as well a« at the concert' They will sing "ftie Promises" by Panchenko. This will be followed by a gay Bavarian folk song "Ho La Li" arranged by Luvaas. The concert will also include presentations of instrumental and vo:al groups going to All-State. These people will perform similarly to the way they will audition for All-state on Oct. 22. J.H.S, Welcomes Beverly Anderson JHS welcomes Beverly Anderson to the ninth grade. She attended Boone schools last year. School activities mean a lot to her. Beverly has already become a member of Pep Club and Rainbow. We're glad to have you cheering for us this year Beverly. Margaret Strachnn: Why did you write M.S.T.?? on the desk In Study Hall? Nancy Slinlnger: I didn't. Margaret: It certainly looked like your writing. Nancy: If it looked like my writing, it couldn't have been mine. Margaret: Why not? Nancy: Berause I don't write on the choir. They will also sing a [desks—I print. Order oi pledges us to is "Measured SLININQER A TROLL PONTIAC-CADILLAC, INC. SOOE-Uieolnway _• Jefferson r ». -, . T -.| ., • .-.-•. , iiiimrmrimniM 1111 HIHH • i —i-nr rmnrniir - - ••— *

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