The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on October 13, 1957 · Page 12
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 12

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 13, 1957
Page 12
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-JW _U!Sit (U N ÎSI MI A Y J(M kNAI, AM» M AR Ortnhrr \%. mi CvcloiK'í» Sinaiili KU, 21 -6 Minrii0*s iliKslly I o nv{ov0^ Pnrvitis I'ktl »(•«kina \ mrúm* » «nbic« I’«»«#« iHfarrfw«*« H» I’»«»* »MNihla« i^,| » arm t*nmHir-4 LAWRENCK, Kmn p a 1 ^ r t Iowa Slat? turnpd ihrrr Kar a« muitakf*» into UmrhdnviriH Mr-i knockrd off ihr h^tlc^* .layhawks 21 « in a Rig (Vmfrrrm r football game SaiurdHV. Iowa Stalf'i sr, und vji t,, v of the aeaaon, against a loss and a tie, came before a slunurd f»ar enls* Day crowd of 21 ooo. Kan ua, with a 111 record entering the game, had been favored by a touchdown Playir.g anctly |x>wer football from the single wm.iv the {’vtlnn,, «cored twice in the serond quarter on plunge» of Ic , than w.rd by fullbacks Ron f’ohl and Terrv 1;? gram. The fir^t toucMown w;«^ .ct up j by a Kanaai fumble on the h and the f.rcond by a pa»» infer« cjitinn , on the Kansas 2.= I.yie t'ari >i kicked both tK»inls and Iowa : held a H 4 t halftime lead The .layhawk» made a c«»nte<-! of It only for a brief stage of ih« third quarter. Qitarterhark Wally Strauch*.» passing moved Kansa^ M yards for a tmirhdown, Homer Floyd scored on a plunge. Hut the attempted conversion wag bio< ked and Kansas was through offeio- ve ly for the day. Iowa State wound up the »mrmg in the fourth period after grabbing another Kansas fumble, this one on the Hawkers .It. Hard running Dwight Nichols, ophomore tail hack and individual ha« kfield star •ute«; of the day, s* ore«! on a tb-yard slash off tackle, (‘arlson again «'on verted. I«>wa State - quu k charging line, headed by guard Dave Mting«r. tsrkle D««n Meti «If and end I’.nrin Dennis, limiiid' ordiuanlv potent ground aita« k to » mere 80 yard.- Kansa ' only off«>iis;ve s-.ivcv~^ was on StrSiich i }»a''S!ng The vet eran quarterback chrkwl for 117 yards. Kansas made a sue« essful g«»;d line stand early in the first quart« !when Iowa Slate m..v«'d the hall from midfield to ih« was the workluirse in that «in\e The .layhawk.s couldn t g«*t anv si'rl of a drive gmnp the fird half, moving into Tow a State tern tory only once. They fumbled the bail eight time.-: The Cyelcines r<- covered five of the fumble» and also intercepted two K a n - a s Nicho!» was the leading gr«>und gainer with 70 >ard> on 22 rush«His relief at tailback, Peter Coe. er. picked up 51 yards m to trip- Honu'r Floyd ran the hall nine times for 33 yards. Katma»’ he-t. -.«Of <1 ; 1 e M Slransky Paces Buffs Past Arizona, 34-14 I lr»l OMwtif Kaalitns I «»<•*» fatHaar Vm».<ra litlrr.. nl,-a fildU t HninbI«'« I •*« » ■fit* Sro'tii* If uv to ■ I* I kî.-i « I »» I I* ' 1% *1 I* 4 1 U ? I BOULDER, ( vlo, - H«dfbark Bob Stransky, the nation’s leading ground gamer, darted through Arizona f«ir three first half touch- fll Mown* and start i'd C olorado roil, ig to a u4 U bxitbal! victory Saturday. Arizona quarterba< k Jim Ceir.* s two pas^e covering a total «4 ftl yard,» piloted the Wildcats to the games' i,r ;t touchdown. The other Aru.ona .v re came m the fourth quarter after Colorado had built a 27-7 lead. Colorado drew even in the fir .-4 quarter with an H 8 yard scoring l'a vl«»r P(‘|»s LSI I I’a^l I'celi, 2 (»-l 3 //li.sA‘C/-.S Sl<Hi(*-\\ all l)('l(‘HSC b\ i onliiiiK il Ironi I’.i-i- 1 H. Firnt quarter jump pass . . . Huskers go for 12 yards. 1 Itsorh Sodson 's .‘¡ni Defeat Paiilli(‘t‘s ★ ★ / niH ruinai Sinl¡stirs J fn« Ntî Lauk«'^ .-■mip'v naïf. «l< f*"'di ■ • fi.r tiu- h.;!> It A,f 21 (I -nt hiilfumr a.s the .v! or«- < ,mie wlHi Ju^t two miu i' it .¡1 Ihr MHül'd quali«'! Plu .Stoppi,I Nehi .«.ska, afî- r cetlmg ¡a.>t two liî>! d.iwns in the in .t half, came b.ii k Si:«-«! up 111 file tliiiij «¡liar ter. Whii«' .fermmg.-’ lad-i ««»uldii’t •'<•;«•, fill'. <u«l luaiuuf* 1)1 Idank Pift oi the fhinl p:'ri«HÍ. \ riot in ! I’.itilhi'r «'¡»eujug «aü i (igiit ui'ar the end of th«* thud ‘.Uieu .liui Hi'rvemet«>r tir-'i'h'd a fair I aS<i) atti'Uipt and ta< k!«' Ei me West w«sul tiioppcil «111 Uie ball on file« r 27. I’ius tim,' it took M veii plays to eat up th«- vHi-dage and full ha» k Fissi RuhUe «h«*ve over frsuii the liii, He carrnsi the ball five straiglil tuuc, and a< count,-«d |,*i ill sarti.s on the v\a> to the ,Hc«ire ihtt s last X («!,' ( ame Jate in tar s;:«tue on a >J van! mrnTh riu Ihtl fii‘4 t*'ain .sron'd it on iiiur i)hi\s - mad, in vai«!, m fw«, D‘< lialev pMH.sed to end / f«ïr lit and t!u<i S. oly d a Wide lever.-u' t:oiU t|l out ^ ■ ■' Pitt .s bi .1 play of thi= wi'.lî .•■•'lu«' vii uuis ill.s king luL tiie Way of Hu.skt'r pa-'S int«*rce|)li*(i Pift 3 var«i line. bv Haley on the tliC thir«i <juart«'r Ne tw-o more opsHirtuni- I'.ariv in l.ia'ka lun Hex Ht-.«wn t-«'«-overe«i Hah'y's fumhie on th«* Pit( 20. I*‘«,ur plays nette«! exactly iioth- nm Monn'ut.s later L.irrv «Navianx fumhie on tlic play- got two and NU punted ju.- I! am '♦•,1 t. K.« n>.ii t luMa HMlt Hcifini (' pliiniir». lniir«m «1. «U» run» «''nwr'i- « *ii K»n««c •rorinc Tourhilov» ru«' ■ HI the In li.i), »»ii. right .som«' I-'IOMÍ ( tlrii.suders Whip ^Liniiu'ile. 2<>-7 MILWAUKEF,, e Quarter back Tom Greene fu«sl Hire«* touchdown and .snaked hi- way four yards for a fourth Saturday a.s Holy saddled Marquette With Its 14th conse« utue football defeat. 28-7. The Crusaders scorn! three ume.-. in the first half for a IMO lead, coasUxi in the third peruxi with second and third stringers in action, and then registered their final louclxlown in the fourth quar ter. A crowd of only 9.42U m 40.<HHb seat County Stadium, home of the World Champion Braves, watched the inexpt'nenced and injury- plagued Warriors put over a consolation touchdown with about four mintes to play. «I« iciu!,'v.: who wer, ¡)!:t» r liiii Wer«' «'f. i)on«' lari hig til' cks ( ould Do \oihiiig N’elua.ka had f - ! . m-e , hut ci' il'.in t «io imythmg with them 111 th«' (pi.irter (’«en«' .San- d.bV- pouiu t'«i on Toiu'k H fntnb!«* on the ihn ('»«•orge (’lira drov«- t«,r tliri « .iml tiicn the Smith H twkms p«i( 1 -' yarils and a iu-t down on th,' Pant lier h. Ihat wa.s all as Smith got notli mg 111 tWii tiles anti tiieti iiad hi.s < url«'d on RuUll,' Panlhi'r :«>. This tun«' lhr«e yariis bnckwariL. info the end /«»nr, Huskers (pplaiuleil But di'fensively t h e Hu,»k«'r.s were applauded by the Pittsburgh for tiii'ir grim «h'termiiiation. The Huskers hit hard and «iften tiu'y h;ui to a- ibtl ran «il play.s to |U'! là for Neiira.ska. Hiisker- wen> <m def,'n:;e mo.'H «,f the afteriuMiu as Ihtt, tmigh’s rallu'r «lull but effective oifease was a model of hall con trol------------------------------------------------- Guys Ilk,' Brown, Hawkui;-. Me ( .ishlaml, an«l Saiidage did fine work defrnravely but the I hh I v can only <l«'liver .so much. Pitt s Charley Hrtu'ckmau «2I2L •Art G«,b « 2 l.,i, .iohii Guz.ik «2231, Ron Kissel «:•.{(»), .iim M<-rusker « ’tn. Dick St luTi'r « 2 (k>> and Krme Wisniewski «2ID were just t«H» much for the light,t Huskers Ne.xt Saturday it's as Nehra.ska wa'lcomes a chance to plav at lumie after three .straight roa«l games. It will be Band Day and the Husk, rs will be after their .second M HH Huttliini Itine« 1 attlt 4 artlril «.Mine* A»» Mrnvi II M m .III..» •siiiiih , .'»«»mU** ( Ilia N»v«rtii» a - : 4 Î fc U 4 1. a 1 il ■ 1 n t < I''.(’«• M II I’m* man r.irn t i .'k 1 --nlian Bet«- iireler 3 1 1 I btniih N*! l»U- AH 4 onm 1 ardi ♦ 12 1 0 0 1 TI» 0 «) llaiiv ■¡IMI . la-nhar 1 1* »%« Krreivln* il.iHkin* X*. 1 auahl 3 arri* 1 12 111 1« i'lmkinan 1 i 11 r liiieit rption Kriiirn« S.inilaiie Ml« a»hl«iu| X« l.«f«l* 1 II 1 4 I .•..(» 1 tl is kil. » I'Hntiiif I'r iisia N». 1 .ml. 1 Hti-.! I , ; 4»r ■I ■ y Her«cme|er 2 III Í I 0 1 .aia ,. . ★ ★ ★ 1 I'll ISHI H«,H Kwthinit I tmv« > unit 4 4rri<-a «.itiiictl C! « 1 «»') a, ,,o 10 11 >♦« .«« -l.'i H I l*4»»»nt All. ( nmi>. \ «1,1« -| Il 1 1 HI O « I ,1 li 7 4.-, I K^cvl,lnK Vo. I 4U|lil S arM Til I BATON ROUGE, I.a. UP- aiia State’.» rugged ground game, triggered oy burly Jimmy Taylor, bulldozed Georgia Tech’.» vaunted defense Saturday night. The Tigers rollfxl to a 29 13 Siiutheastern Con- iennce victory. Taylor, 201-pouixl senior fullback, ored all LSU points as the Tigers beat Tech for the time since I Mo and the second time in the .series dating bat k to 19L5. The yellowjackets have won 11 times. The powerful fullback combined with sophomore halfback Billy Cannon to rock the Tech line with a vicious ground attack, laylor gained 91 yards in 25 carries for a 3 8 yard average and wa.s deadly when I.SU needed a few yard.s f«>r a fir;l down. Cannon carried 17 time:, for 97 yards and a 5,7 average. The LSU, leaky In earlier games, almost completely stymied the visitors on the ground. Sophomore quarterback Fred Braselton connected on nine of 13» for 91 yards to provide Terh's only offensive threat. He sneaked over from the 1 m the serond periml for the Tech touchdown, then pitched five yard» to end Jerome Green for the second one m the fourth period. LSU, with Cannon and Taylor alternating, drove 81 yards in 17 plays in the period for its first touchdown. Taylor went over from the one for the score. In the second quarter. LSU guard Ed Cassidy grabbtxl a fumble on the Tech 29. The Tigers scored in five plays with Taylor going over from the 3. LSU's final ■score came after a .short Tech kick in the third period rolled dead on the Tech 30. In .seven plays. LSU made its final score with Taylor sliding outside left tackle from the 3 for his third touchdown. «:,«»n,i« Inh n - „ f, u : ''V »1 T , u „'»I „ - 'I «»III h'I.'wn» ' lot, (1 pl,in«ri (,r. p„. (ff,m Hf.i«l»on> ( Ir-.Min .f,«rn< , , 1/ I ..„rtnu I ... rlitn«! , i, plurtK, , pitinRt , < i>nv< r»itii!- Ch'iiisoii .SwiUs N irgiiiiii. 20-8 CIIARI.OTTESVIU.E, Va. IP - Clem.stjn’« football team swatted Virginia over the ‘head with its every mistake here Saturday and outla.sted the Cavalier aerial cir- CU.S, 20-8, for Its first Atlantic Conference victory. All but ignoring the forward pass so favored by Virginia, the Tigers blocked a Cavalier punt to set up their first touchdown in the third period. drive fcatuni.^ a 37 yard pa-s from quarterhi^Lk B">(1 Dowler t<i end Krn P»K« r. .Stransky's five vard da ;h around t ight end capped the inarch. Thr H;ifi- added two more m the .scvond (piarter on long drives r-liinaxed by Sfran.;ky's .coring runs of 7 and 8 yard.s. Sophomore fullback Ge<irge Adams intercepted one of Gei.^*, » pas.irs in the third quarter and charged straight ahead 28 yards for a Colorado touchdown. Halfback Tom Dunn's 1(1 yard run around rigid e.ul capped Arizona's 9 <i-yard touchdown march mulway of the fourth quarter. Colorado halfback Howard r«X)k , fini.shed the scoring in the last minute by running back a punt 44 yards to Arizona*?. ;> and then passing into the end zone to halfback Jim Corner, 4r./tn» 7 «> 0 " !l « “ i I V ,«4 '- .»Tin, Tt»««.Don. /iiC « ' ..1. tV' Imiiii I'll, cuni ,’fin, vefMonA H'Uisalsfr ( iihrinlo *» ,irin* I«iu« hrto»»fiA- .Siran»»» ■ Í '■ »»«' ■- Hill, T ,iini. Adrffp « •«. IV init n i ptM.fii, , itm r I?. pkm fr«»m «-i'«.k>. MONTREAL fUP> Four sunburned and bearded American adventurers who left Colorado in two 15-foot canoe.s May I pas.swl through Montreal’.s St. Lawrence River harbor Friday night on their way to the Maritime Provinces. They are Bengt (Red) Soder- ■stron, .32, A.s{-x*n, Colo., the expede- tion leader; Gerry Hewie, 27, Cape Elgin, .Me., an Aspen .ski lodge manager; Earl Ricker.s, 29, Chester, Calif., a geologist-writer; and Ed Ve.stal, 29, an ,A.spen ski in- .structor. They came by way of the South Platte and Platte rivers in Colo- ratlo, the Misieuri. the MLssis.sippi, Lake Superior, Georgian Bay, Lake Nipissing, the Ottawa and St. Lawrence Rivers. They expect to reach their destination, 01 d Town, .Me,, in a week. InlrrirplMin lUiiirnt I’unlini \ I*. liîiiid l>av Nebraska, which hiul to travel fur three w«eks in a row. will furni.Ji ffKJthall action for fw«> succ ve Baud Day- It wa.s Baml Day at Piti, and lU'Xt week the high r.rhool looters will take ««ver -rrt Mrmonal STTTdium in Lincolir fhtf doe'ai’t gi> In for Baml Tiay on aich a grandiosi' .scale a.» th«! CurnhuMker.s Only 2 .» high ,sch««ils nui.dcian and twirler.s were on hand’and tlwy <lidn't come close to filling the gruiiron. The preppers per- hmnu'd duruiK halftmu*. while the qiiK’k stepping Pitt batxl pro- vidmi the pre-game». Hit Tiiki.' 2 »-i :5 I’liss liilfn-riitionx I Ivi I, h, nsr n„„i i u I m » tr»« 11 ( 1 « II» Kh'Iiihii \ .inl^kr «-.«»»III* I ,lrlldt(t' l‘<t-^t « I'.«*»* * Ini'rttii«««! I'liitl* I limili«., I «„I \md» I'tndlOtil year against three sel- NFVVl’ON. Ma,ss .4- B<»iii|is ’ QuartiT- ba flu bug and a fl.n-k of Dayton tac- kleri, to pa.s.s for tw,) toachiit>wiw and set up thri'e more Saturday a.s Bo.sion College rolled to a 4 M 4 victory. Allard. Imided with the flu for two day.s earlier this we<k, put the Eagle.s aheail tor keeps ui the waning minutcv: of the half after the football team.s traded i two toucluhiw-ns apiece. win of the bai ks !l will alsti Wind up Ni'hraska’s hid fur the «'astern « hampion.ship, An»l after Army and Pitt.-Jiurgh. th«' Husker.s are looking forwanl to luune «'«Hiking and « home « r«'wd. SI- HI! «--K 4 1 m«, H.«v«l,iii', H i «*««« « «utk l*iu,i,« Iriiktr* HI uh I h , «»Kitn, Whri'lci. lH»hi llidtl «nidi il»— Mt.,»«Tlft , IvU'iti « Piilrr«- M( « iishUml. /l'iiUi , K. h h,-xSHniu'U, Smith, I'hcmlis. .si'iiiu’i. K.impt' ; .............................................. riicnik^. ilrrKi'n k I>on Ailard .shook off a^U'-sky I Hn.m., ein-SHi K«,ii l-nil-i— s« hfit r, hnOti, Olow. Zano*. «nill. l'ulIfkltU'S. I .)< kir» —Kis-tl. W»<».tH«HHl. Míl'u^krf, l.iiiilHrr, Huini'stiin «.u.«id»~«;ü/K. Vluhacl». .Sfindn, Mmv Í 0 I 1 .IH, «air. W i*iin-v» »kt. Sultuk tti», I.ohk l«'ll(i»» « pii H t »!—H i ui » kman. Crunon Faii«» Baik» - r»n»» . l.«'nh.irt. Huir,, Flm* Sitob, l'lmvmdu. Hiddl««, , 0 0 0 O II l'ilHbuikh 14 7 O 1 .« :tl l'iü'.liurííh .seorinn: 'rnmhilKMn«» Selily J ruit; 31». lunt, ibl»Hk.«d puol», «l,»b «111. i'.i» fiom Ifniihari»; Kulilt« Mluiiii'i l'\r romic 3. Halpy ti. (.luck SlU[»> With 3:15 left in the .second quarter, the giant Pitt Stadium scorelxiard ami clock went on the blink and forced a h.alt in the action. The umpire kept the lime during the remainder of the half. 'I’lme of the third Pitt touchdown had to be e.stimaUxl since there was no way of contacting the «»fficial <«n the fiekl. The time was estunati'd at 2 (H) left to play, Scril»«' lloiiurt'ii Veteran Pitt.sburgh sports .•»«’nbe Chet Smith wa.s the object of some pre-game press box high Jinks, The "Chet S m 1 1 h Memorial Pencil Sharpener,” which had been installed back <4 hi.s seat was ‘'formally dedicated.” “It’s about time,” Chet said in acknowledging the honor. "I've been trying to get one in this press box for 25 years,” ri'» or Wt ».»Í \(‘ Blank I’urt'st nl-Strini^er Fritsrii Directs 27-0 ir i/i STILLWATER, Okla. Kr Okla- honiH Slate, using its .siqx'rior line to tip .scale.s in a ftmtball battle I of mterreptf'd, w hipped Tul- r,a 28-13 hi're Saturday before 20 ,- tHKi per.son:-. The Cowboys, coming from behind a 8-0 deficit m the .second quarter, went on to make two of it.s four touclxlowns on intercepted passes. The victory was the third straight for the Cow’boys who are not competing m a conference this -sea-son of their switchover from the Mis.soun Valley to the Big Eight. The setback ftxr Tulsa, its fourth straight thi.s seiison, counts in Val h'V competition. Tulsa intercepleii ; five of State’s while the i Cowboys grabbed three Tulsa passes. A fumble set up another Cowboy touchd«>wn while Tulsa made lAiie of its two tallies on a 85-yard run by Gary Schoolcraft after he intercepted a Cowboy pass m the late stages of the third quarter. Tulsa made the game’s f i rs t touchdown after the start of the .second quarter when quarterback Benny Davis went around left end from the five after a 47-yard drive. I Jim Wiggins, the Cowboys’ right half, made three of his team’s i touchdowns on short gains while ; quarterback Dick Soergel added : the other on a one-yard plunge. j I'liK.» 0 «1 7 «» 13 I Okl.v SiHif 0 7 7 M - 2'' I 7IIha '««•I'rin*: Tpuch,1osvn«i - Da\is «*». I (-nd »»voopi; S,hr*oUraft ««C5. pa.w intti- XtTtu'ni. I’oimr»««'!) ilamlv, «•klihi'm.* Mat»' »ci'rin*: Tou.hdimns W utaiiH «•.. i-nd <>«»ccp. «1. ,-nd »wci-p. Il, ‘ rtiii«*,'), <1, pUinKf). «’onvcrAumsi t .1 :i.ob> Odell «" f *K-< 1^', ff-M i? Pitt’s Band Day ... it brings a full house. '■ m j COLI.EGE PARK, Md. Third string quarterback John Fritsch finally got into action Saturday and proceeded to pass Maryland to a 27-0 football vie- TALLAHASSEE. Fla. i.f — A I tory over Wake Forest for the fumbling North Carolina State Terjxs’ tirst wm of the .sea.son. team clicked on a desperation 48- The stmior from Carnegie, Pa., yard pass play Saturday ni|?ht to who had been in only seven plays whip a fired up Florida State foot- m Maryland’s three previous de- ball team, 7-0 for its fourth straight feats, picked up his lethargic win. team just before the half end«Hi - - - __________ and directed Maryland for the first two touchdowns, Fritsch returntni to the game ■ late in the third quarter and | started a 72-yard scoring drive < which ended shortly after the last ’ perioii began. Fritsch completed i four passes for 47 yards in the; march to leave fullback JohiC .\ ì I|(‘I d |X'S Doti 111 ', 2.")-7 KFIARNEY. (UP) — Kearney'.s powerful Anlekipe.s won their 15th consecutive game Saturday with a 2.5-7 Homecoming victory over Doane. The victory streak, which runs back to 1955, includes five wins this year, three of which were Nebraska College Conference triumphs. Dixane has a 1-2 NCC record this year. Kearney scored the first time it got the ball, Joe Smith returned a punt 52 yards to the Doane one and Claire Boroff smashed over to put the .Antelopt*.s on the road to victory. But Lee Osborne climaxed a 73- yard Doane march also in the first quarter with a two-yard plunge, Lynn Koehler kicked the extra point to give Doane a 7-8 edge. But Kearney scored single touchdowns in each of the other periods with Pat Hughes, Larry Jacobson and Gary Johnson doing the scoring, Larry Roth, Doane’s fancy quarterback, played a bang-up game for the losers. As usual, Mike Augestine, burly Kearney guard, wa.s a star on defense for the ■Antelopes. Kearney fi 6 7 6 25 IXiane 7 0 0 0-7 Kearney .sc««rin« Touehdown.s Boriiff (1. plun*e>; lIuKhes «24. end run»: Jacob.'ion (4i, ent! run); John'wm «4. run>. Conversion r Boroff. Doane scoiing: T»»uchdown—Osborn* (2, Plunsc). Conver.<iion' Kiwhler. SiSw^fn »i^TecmTquarwrof^he'B^f" .-ho,„der «„^0 p„d,ïîl"'”' s s s .Sr.î ■'’S; 2 “iÂr ,r .r::-£;sr ( 1 . fl!l. «♦ 11 , Friinh BLUE ROCK SHOOT 1 P.M., Sun., Oct. 13 IZAAK WALTON LEAGUE S100 No. 48«h Hams—Chicken—Bacon Practice Sh«»oting Pnhlic H eirome ■•Russian Safs Soviet Ships uiio Visit Plaoets sono, SfocB fHURSDAY $aa tb* r«c* t* ... in CONQUESfOFSMCr TECHNICOLOR Ä,r.rrvÄ WHIN WORLDS l.»f l«tfwM< rmmm compi Marques Hoynes "WorW'i Gr»ot«sf Drlbblmr'* Sun “Boom” Whoeloi 'k Prlmm of BoBk&tbmit^ ^ ami JoMi Grider Shot Arfitt** HARLEM iHaaiciahJj^ rw •ad vs. BOSTON SHAMROCKS and half-time show PERSHING MUNICIPAL AUOITORIUM SUNDAY, OCT. 20, 1957 Doors Open, 6:30 PM—Game Time 8 PM Advance ticket* now on sale at Auditorium Box Office SAVE 50c ON EACH TICKET! Buy them in advance—Reserved Sections 3 through 7 ond 19 through 24 ..................1.50 Arena floor seats.......................... 2.00 MAIL ORDERS TO AUDITORIUM BOX OFFICE (Fnrbr-e »elf-a<1«tr('.»»ei1, manipeit envel«i»e)

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