The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on October 13, 1957 · Page 11
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 11

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 13, 1957
Page 11
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Notre Dame Soph's Toe Helps Kick Oter Army, 23-21 PHII,ADF,I r'Hl\ (I f- . • . . a / " ' ■ f' T• ’V ft i ./I r.. • r r1 . ■ . t .t ■ ■ • 1 ^ ^ i i} - ..TfTinr ti rvM «K. i * " ' ^ ^ ‘* ' • % II' I ’ * 1 if^ i ? / :‘h . 1 I > i. >i . . , • I f Ai » ♦. . * . . . * i : . . PHiI,ADF,I J'UW (If- 1 , »V <t t>l 'iiinre v.ho mi.. ,i-ri flip ( ^ ji. = Nwtrc Damp hfr') vn h< >arH Imp w^ih p. > , ¡rii ,, . VKtory over Arm , Thp in.h, ,.i -i ,, , , „ j, - ■ d foiirlifloH ri r •' a* H •. ■ ' i- , t!it third prpi-'-d, r-.= .l! d • r, -r.: -y p,.rj r.. ■ - ■•I'l.ih fwr’.rfi, ÍX-: Krd a ’¡Pi'i ,, ' ■ h.y-' , ;r,i. . Hinh iiml iih* I’- ,nH t. ,ii ' i( w ti ■ -■ :i ÎT r • ! W: ' ... . rsTs. -■■ ' t1. «I h n -P I (It I' • N n. VP Ihn <if \\ >l nllf'inptpd n jiimp p.i N ■ í PrtPif .liU'iiMn f- : 1 K fMiii.i ,(',i|M-d iip antl rirtl« . f,| ¡ mp i. | mt ) p.'<l pi!i, thp tis it; tr.imm.ili' Ni. k f’irM. . lu'»', -.i tío ^'"‘1 .(|rd two ItHh fhi. US ind Vi’lrd fhp fiatOr niK'.t 'i' r h> spot is w j-'t.- ' \\ aii li ^ !' ■' f'* n.ii!> m.-id i'>. -rít it Í mum ,. ,!,nt. • ' '‘ Ui'ti t'.r *1,. OIMI i» ,iti hmy {hf. Jr Iimp’ ,-i t;¡r fM'PJl' d h.lí k P’irf V. .i 1 ir 2'< ki. k< .1 ll V (sni'l l*(iss Vlassive UiHlerinamied Pittsburgh *1 .V.tlipfíi^ htrltiiiiif It.r baO ■ t (li< ;infl » roar rort up le fO M ■ ..ii'.iS Sr.ttlimn ai t'nf r* f* re«'§ n.m.U up. l'ítr firlti «I..IÍ \A.ts Itií- tust fV i > .iM.'itiptrd f,y St|. kh... N third- 'I r ' riid. m hi.s ptiíiM' foofh.d’ f ,rr ,-r, m< Indmt; Im-í, v. i¡tK,l play. I ■■'h r n llrpr ron i^ '.i , mh isiur » ki»k from ílir lino ftf pii. ti* MI..! I,,-.,! /i, i’ *,is olíiM.iilv a ynid íieid po.l., < IMldlHICtl <ilt ♦, Il ( til ». Lilie Detours ('oriihuskers, 34-0 F- III UK K III I HI H •Sl.itf ,N|inr(s It rilrr I’l n [iMK.ii. I.. T' I ■''... » « *1.-, : rif a a.i t-i.'l I . thr I’llt !m’l: III • :.ii!V ( 1. (‘O' . .ned N. ■.. K ■ . I ‘ --I nr : ’i ‘oi ■ i)( o.-r ! Ip ttir P ’M !n-r I I > "• " ll'T- 0,1 .’d.y 'I' riir U I- k 1 , r 1 M V’ • |- foir____ ho k'da! cots ;r:d frammg -.i »u t-ir.-’ii pnmrlv ti'd vnmlv n ■SO oipo a ?((t li. iirtor* -lo d:’.'! f,r... Tu f'tdv i"i«' i’oiii h I .!( I t ' ■ .il iptHrtf'" rri'd hi'forr hi '■mi Dr k 1 . ' ;1 ir. til. Inh.,I«.. nilii’s k:d .vl.ippr'! it o ,» uutu ...... a.. Me .... If -I.H, 'r ill doooj ,i \: I» 'I- ' hra K,i rouldn I ii :d,’r the \,i„,.i.,"‘ 'ip om Ivan Ton- n. vuhhm^í for Ih«- in . V o:;,:r I Oil dn t 'u- <miir. Ml’ , mU !iir ii p, <.<1 p, ') Kahd'ni, ' ’'I •’*(: npih I I‘hi>. iK'm, p. p,, . ',r!r; u ,r- the k« \ ■ ‘ ' !. \vr« P.Snllirr linrno'ii ( .m m 1 i : >ltt Ihr NU T H.i.skm fumo!,-. id n\..d- „ , ‘ *''* ''-''I f >»'’ in' .nlntnoon iroK aitd fni Un’ i'amn vioitl:'.! '. * * to.!*« Ia,i s.iit). I tr,'fui hi on;\ (ivr pa..'.‘ i,.|| .o d ' r r v ,i tl.i k.f l)a< k and fbr front w.d! i.uiir tino -h .-„o •*" "nriri# pa.. first tlm llu.^krr ¡i.i. - ■ tntd iitiiv iPoviu (h, u ( „-d « quak kirk chnncr to rs, apr and pi.^tn allv : uk I fiad thr Inri idr-ktd oriti Dig Liglll Slail(lill<*«> Htr Indi linuiit It! lit- plrtion rnniP on a l\,o iiamintl ios; Imni iliovvnir ant! Sriifn-r ..rotip,,! " ' ' “I’l* from rhurk Stinfh to ilill ii.mkm Ifir h¡dí up In ltii,- .Irrn. » ould ¡¡rt I V » * ?!,'!! m Vi nnt’oimt fm ihr !? y-mls tj.iiiK'ti to ii and um |2 yanks f<, a„ euiv thr nn.- i\( p.II*' ¡■siic vva . »iuuiiiuiiiiiiintdl anil *ylar Hertlar H Orto!If«• i . pi .'.'imr foruard wall oi !Ht- sti . C it\ sufaTiiion. N'flna.ska manai’f'd r. .t »>4 arti, , , . . . '• -.tutti ru .iiini» arid P’ v ut Co■■•■('t'.“ • t .-ir !. ; ¡. w ■ • kroni ti r tniK I'¡»f.-norm h'ok lot'vr ior t M) (p.i lomh.niur r Ihr four turo- ,.f p;r uiy, ( .,i,n K .«II»' I % likthotfi.! Looks like & puss • 11 but trouble is comii'g. thi.s ph:: O’ (■■ thf f nmr ln< Cmi'l Run . . . ; I I '>'f i I'M :« pa.isin;: fom iidown .Fust four iiunutr.s ind ’ I I hi:! ,? -il Two Panflirr louriuiowns camr in'cn p!:ivr<! and it w .1 lin 1 ; h’ i*'.' ’'î.-t nfti’r fiiiiihir tr-ovrni s and onr ,, , , 1 , 1 ,. In II 1 1 .„.If , ii'i kiis hnrr dovin itom I t " 117 »m a hiorki'd jiun Thr (net atui ,, in.,. , . ’ , , d'*!l "H .'I‘. h 1. ,d(tlon-.'li IhfV M. ii lasf >. orrs wrrr th* rt sult of .sus , r, . t.iuis nils Ml IK iatnrd dnvrs imi.slri no ofiiti.M th. s. it at. »I mhkcski p.,, „ , , L. h rr I i'ff fill tin : I’Pt s tiring ur ......- " "70» 1,1 JUS. ... ni Kaiif.s wriil tl vîiriis III 8 jiuMs to s, oro J(tr Si.sly, Iflnjhiuiui halfhn.k, Ha d .i ni fill 1 ird Ilio loiui on thr initiai dnvf irotot-it ti his fiiuilur on the i um in«««,« ii.,iio flu ktr .ii •I"'»'"'« 111 l’.i*«ln( , g. II ••-«-.I'l'-« áU-. ry 1 . . * .1 ft. . 1 .Hit* liH'hlll# , L mr f>M ‘.rv t»n a Ir^tp iftfo fhr Irîr Ihi^ .Lì \Aifh ,i *> yjrtl St (I tisi ICS *1 II «tinti»« skit!IHR Irit Otul for :’i> yards to (•! piay. t.f not tn a t « hitrd hiilldovrr fhn ? vard linr and thru . m timu- H m 'i ♦ ; w rr (■■• thr d< «n; . • c i | it to*'k Ihl! in-’ : pviv l>o.ij¿ lArti Kinotii , A 2(1 yard pass Jroni iiiiartorhavk i*'* -' Horn (piarti : !, n h Jmi i.i-n ^ 0 ^*",«’,''^*’^'’ ii.ul til miti Ai’t (« 'O otuiiplftIHR I',««*«« in«ii<M(«a 11 » Ä 'ir,... Fob u.t; m«:i tov.-rrti on tiit- pa' hit tiir (, ttsv! I, .’It pound ' n«(nt«« I i.mltli • lliMftli NI hi; i^-K I PM r I 2 « 7 tl I * Ml |h t »0 I 12 < (itiiiiiiiffi (Ml I'aitc 2 II. ( ill 2. ★ ★ n hat I lies*re I «««hir« I «,«1, I'tnilM.i I'rn^M, I ««(It Tal hi Ufi About Starts to run ... but... OU Dumps Spunky Texans -Ik- Big Bed Siains to 43rd sStraiglil, 21-7 y Í ’ ’ ...No luck ... It’s an 8-yard loss. Ctiii'l llohl the IMI Slali.'hlics Pir»( down* Kuxhlng .«irdiitr Pastini sardüKr»» inlrrrr|>trd h« Ptinls Futtiblr. lo-«( Vard* prnalirrd Oklahnma , ‘.’I 3";i ?4 2-1.1 a H-Mt.h tl 411 Tf*a* -n 71 imi 7-tX 1 74 .. 1 3S ■ Bobby Boyd and Jakie Sandefer— pulled the Big Red out. Rip I.inr Texas picked off four of Oklahoma * passes and the kicking and passing of Fondren kept the Soon- «•rs in a hole much of the time But Boyd grabbed two Texas pa.-.S(’- to halt damaging Longhorn drives and combined with Sandefer. thv leading ground-gainer of the day. and Dennit Morris and Clendon Thomas to rip the Texas line in the closing period. Sandefer wound his great day by intercepting a Texas with le.s.s than three minutes to go to set up the final Oklahoma touch- dow’ii. Ureat Fvliihilitm Oklahoma had the better team and de.served to win but Texas, DALL.AS .T* - Oklahoma, the Oihraltar of college f a o i b a 11. rtx-ked for three quarter.s under Texas’ frenzied fight Saturday, but power finally prevailed and the Big Red slammed 21-7 to its 43rd straight triumph. The nation’s No. >team. holder <nf the all-time record for victories and for .scoring—m lift straight games—had all sorts of trouble with Walter Fondren, a kicking, passing demon, but a couple of Texans on the Oklahoma team— Hasliiigs Whii>/ ATF (/, 26-0 HASTINGS — The Hastings College Broncos remained undefeated in Nebraska College Conference play this season by taimingi Nebraska We.sleyan, 26-0, here Saturday night. The Bronco victory assured the Hastings crew of a tie for first place in the NCC standings along with Kearney. Both clubs have .3-0 conference records. Wesleyan is now 2-1, Both Hastings and Wesleyan owned identical slates before the contest at two wins and no losses. The Hastings victory was the !7th in the 43-garae rivalry for the Broncos, Lanky Tom Osb,->rue and Jake Moser paced the Ha.stings offensive. I Kiiiiiul 4 alilr W ins j CHICAGO ti?N—Round Table Saturday beat out Swoon’s Son by about two lengths to win the $126,550 Hawthorne Gold Cup. Find was third in the field of six. The time „ 4^as 2 minutes and one-fifth sec- at Ft. Knox, Ky., but will play •bds. ‘ With the Pu ates next season. \Vil,l<-:,ls Tic cop, 7-7 vSTOCKTON, Calif. ~ The Kan- •sas State Wildcats hattlcd to a 7-7 tie with The College Of The Pacific m an intersectional contest here Saturday night. Kansas State scored tirst in the opening period but the home crew rallied to tie the count in the second quarter and end the scoring. Kan-.,is SUitv 7 0 0 O 7 COl’ O 7 0 U 7 \\ 4 lib hi Siib>titiih‘ LOUISVILLE. Ky. (/P-EIlsworth “Spider" Webb, fourth ranked middleweight, will substitute for Ralph “Tiger" Jones in a nationally televised fight Wednesday, promoter Bill King said Saturday. Jones, who arrived Friday to finish training for the scheduled 10-rounder with Jackie La Bua, pulled a leg ligament in training. Webb, of Chicago, has a 23-2 record. Miizcroski Si«£iis PITTSBURGH (A^—Second baseman Billy Mazeroski of the Pittsburgh Pirates Saturday signed his 1958 contract. Terms were not disclosed. Mazeroski will leave soon for six months of Army training beaten last week by South Carolina and not even ratc’d in the top 20 teams of the country, put on a great exhibition for a true underdog. It kept a crowd of 7.5,504 in a continuous roar all the way. Oklahoma actually .«¡«'Mreci four touchdowns—one coming on a 96- yard by Oklahoma guard Jim Davi.s with an intercepted pass but Davi.s' tmu hdown vas nullified by a clipping penalty. .303 \ards Oklahoma ground out .31(3 yard.s The game was a rough one with numerous per.sonal foul... Byron S e a r c y, Oklahoma tackle, and Max Alvis, Tcxa.s halfback, threatened to exchange blows. .Afti'r the gam«' there wa.s fighting among the fans on the field as Oklahoma partisans tore down the goal posts. Police escorted two ' Oklahoma backers from tlie field in handcuffs. It was Oklahoma’s seventh .straight victory over Texas and loth m 11 years. Texas .scored first, ra.shing in on a pass interception by halfback Mickey Smith on the Oklahoma 18 ' Fondren pitched to Monte Lee from the Oklahoma .5 for the score then added the extra point. 6(i-yard Drive Oklahoma tied it early in the second period with a 66-yard drive. Thoma.s rolled off right tackle for three yards and the , touchdown. Carl Dodd converted. Oklahoma took the lead as the third period was waning, doing it with a mighty BO-yard march with Boyd. Dave Baker. Morris. Thomas and Dodd doing most of the gaining. A 15-yard roughing penalty against Texas helped t h e ; Sooners along, putting the ball on ■ the Orange 27. Sandefer made the touchdown with a one-yard blast at left guard and Dodd again converted. Sandefer’s interception that set up the final Oklahoma touchdown i with minuties to go came on the ¡Texas 41, Sandefer, the Breckenridge, Tex., ball of fire, ran back to the Longhorn 21. Dodd climaxed by driving over from a I yard and a half out for the touch- i down then kicked the extra point. Olilahoma ..................... () 7 "7 7—21 ^ i Texas 7 0 0 0—7 i Oklahoma »eorln«—touchdowns: Tht.Tii as (3, plunge); S.andeter (1, p I uhkc ); l>t«dtl : «m. plunge). Conversions; Dodd 3. Texas *rortn«—touchdown: \1 Lee (.), ' PA.*s irwH Fondren). Conversion, Fondren. Fumble 'yt . IN—.Smith Ill’ll I'alls D im » ()HViis<\ Bill I)cl(‘ii.s(‘ Wr<Tks i\l 1*11 rsHl)lU«H, Pit If yiHi were from f’itt-.iiurvh, you prdhahlv jomcd 111 the luNiiiiR to .Jiow di.sgnsf with the Pittsburgh .Salnrd.i. P.uf if ytm wi'if from, ymi wctf ptolmbly .^ihudih’ntig iirul talking cbouf the tremcndote. Panther «h'feriM PiliJMirgh f)('o|,le don t like Minch Johnny Mn hi''n’^ T formation offcn.c which « -ncetilratc on jh » vmt nnd ball control. They want fo ;ee nio'f widt- oih ' ii play. Hut Nebc.i .ka saw all il wanted to of the Pitt and too darned much of the PitLsbmgh has given up .5.32 ya|«l.s ni.Hhing in four games. When yon rememlx-r that Oklahoma made over 3iNi ol ihm total you can see what a Job the Panthers did on (»regon. Southern Ca| and Nehra.ska. Iht l.onihii.skem nmdr «»4 vardK Soiilhern ( a| c oold inanaRe but n.l. Mregon got » little over inn This wa,> the toughci.1 (ieicn&t: a :>r-l» ivka u.hui hm rtm into in .several V( ar.s Burly la. kies .fini McCusker and Hon Ki.-.el were the maiastav* and there sei tn(«<l to I m ' an endle s luimber of big sub> The ends v(‘re not oniv tall hut over the 2nn pound mark the g.iards were Imge and uninovt'.ible The Imebacking from co «-.ipiam Charlev Hrueckman was- tremeikloii.s and he g.ive every indication he wiil live up to he: All Aim’riciui rating ILi/oibacks lliillv To Oiilsniir HavloiL 20-17 But who gets the ball?...The Panthers! ■ "Wi'ACO, Tex 'A" ~ 'I’he; RazoHiack.s bla/etf from liehuid to beat Baylor 2n i7 Satuniay mglit, keeping their Southwest Confer cnee recortl [M*rfeet and beating a Hi year jinx Billy Ky.ser interce|«led a Doyle Traylor pa.,.s n< ar the . goal to .squel* h a final d; operate Baylor drive m the final 1.« ,c^ oiwi. It w’a:, th( fir.Ht time in 17 ef fort.'? by the Hazorbnf k' to whip the Ih-ar* at horn« . Baylor .scoia'i! first early ni the first period on a 46-yard pa.s .7 and run, Traylor to K.'irl Miller, a; Larry Mickman led an 8.5 yard Spurls Shilt^ i S iiih I hv I.DCAI. ooccer Lincoln Talava v. Uni vcr.sify Globe, f’('ter INin f*ark, 3 p. m. N’iitioiial Football — San Franci.sco 49- ('1 V. Chicago Bear.s, TV Ch 10, 12 noon. dnv(', .Jiiiiior Heal! converted. A 47 v.e-.i surge brought Bay- loi .s .ecoiid touch<lown with Traylor ji.i.vsinr >even y.ird.s to Jerry Mare.nuell Beall converted Arkatisa.s sfartetl rolling midway of th(' sccorai period, .slamming 44 vard.s The highli.ght was Don Clin .t;;ui .s .31 yartl pa.s.s fo .Iim M(Mity, GeraUl Nesbitt hit center for a yar<l and the .,core and eonverted Tlie Hazorback.s tied it up on a lireathtakiiig forward lateral from («('oree Walker to Bofi Chikire.s.s to [>oii Horton for si’veii yards and it lotH'hdovm- w+Ur Neshdt again converting BealPs field goal from 13 yards nut in the thir<l perioil put Baylor ahead 17 14.; rnlle<i hack in the la.Ht periotl on a .5.3-yard drive sparked by a 21 yard pa.s.s from W.'ilkiT to Kyser. Walker rammed over from the 1 but nil. (vi the tiv for extra point " I II M 20 ! '» !7 . I'lin.-- I .111.hillrt> S'i'\h.o llcr.i'n (1 ( pit-,- rum. W.ilkcr ' I Mill)* N'fihlt! e iw I >MiihJow*u. .Utlltr (I... .1 II I'litill (/-, pa-.o .‘(»nvtT- ' 1 11 lU uoal Hv.ill ffrorn t.'U in )| : \tU.,u. , (I, Phcu' « I phiiixi ll.ivlor Prun. ■. Ml. Ii. I Scribe Says Perini To Sell Braves NEW YORK (INS) - A New York newspaper columnist pre dieted Saturday night that Louis R. Perini, owner of the World Champion Milwaukee Braves, will sell the Braves “to one of the country's biggest brewerie.s" thts winter and l>ecome the key man in a new National League team in New York Either that said New York Journal-American columnist Bill Corum or Perini will sell the Braves and “get out of baseball altogether,” Corum, who correctly predicted the franchise shifts of Uie N; w York Giants and Brooklyn Dodgers, said that Perini’.s major reason for coming east is to admmi.s- ler more closely his contracting business which is headquartered in Boston. Corum’s Sunday column ex- plaintxl; “At the moment his (Perini’s) company i.s bidding on some major contracts. A brother w'ho has been active in the firm is ill and Perim feels be should be closer to the business and put more time in on it just now. Not Native “He is not a native of Milwaukee and has no home there. Instead he lives in a downtown hotel which isn’t the way a millionaire would be expected to live in a city in which he had come to stay permanently. “Perini has been outspoken and frequently quoted in tlie papers about it being ridiculous for the National League not to have a team in New York. “That he is a power in baseball bxiay with his world’s champion.'; and their unprect'denk'd success in their five year.s in Milwaukee goes without saying.” Corum added: Fine ,S|H»t “Analyzing the fficts, we have Perini in a fine spot in which to sell, with plenty of money, with a strong voice in the inner, councils of baseball on any question incliid- ing let’s say a kn-team league and deeply convinced that the Na Football Results Bi^^ IVn (Mh ♦*rs Pittsburgh147 0 1.3—34 .Mich, Stale. , 8 2 1314—3,5 Notre Dame i 0 79—23 XFRrtVSKA000 0 Michigan . . . • . 0 0 8 0— 8 .\rniv Ml 4 0 14 0—21 Dkla. .SI. ______• (I m i 714—28 rCLA ............ 0 08 1.3—19 1 ulsa ...(1 H 7 0—13 Ulseoiisin ........... * 10 0 8—23 Wash ..............000 0— 0 Purdue ___•, , m Í 0 0 7—14 low a .Stale . .() 14 f) 7—21 .Navy ............00 7 14—21 Kansas • .,,, . 0 fl 6 0— « Cal ................... 0 6 0 0— 8 Iowa ................. 13 20 77-47 Oklahoma . .......... .. 0 7 77—21 Indiana .................... . 0 0 07— 7 Washington State00 t 14—21 Texas .................... «00— 7 Sfanford12 6 0 0—18 Ari/((iia ,. 7 00 7—14 Miiiiicsola ............ Í 20It0—41 W ashiiiglon ,.,. 0 0 0 0— 0 Colorado .... 7 ti6 7—34 Northwestern ........ . 0 00 6— 6 I CFA ...................• U0 613—19 tional League belongs in New York. “Here we have (New York official) Mr, Robert Moses and George V. McLaughlin still talking about a new stadium on the Flu.shing Meadows which many believe would be an ideal site for a ba.seball park. Perhaps it wasn’t so much that even 'Walter) O’Mal­ ley disbelieved them but only that he had a fatter duck at which to shoot in Los Angeles. Build such a stadium, put a NL team in it. Could (Horace) Stoneham and O’.Malley conceivably vote against the chance to bring the Giants and Dodgers back here to play in if? Or any other owner for that matter? “Now let’s say that Mr, Moses and the New York people got together with Per ml. the champion of NL baseball here, and a deal was worked out where Permi, the contractor, built the stadium and Perini, the baseball man, became the head of the new team. “Would that sound fantastic to you. It doesn’t to me.”

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