The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on October 6, 1957 · Page 12
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 12

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 6, 1957
Page 12
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f.fl l.l\( OI,N M5MIAV Mn nSM, AND ST AR Alïîiios Wîilloj. MIL 2a-() l irst Score ( onics ilord. lirst Kosy l;u'Htm y nrñmt* ra««lnt 1 iDlarraiHM R« Tant« t aniWr» I »«( \ »ré* I tu» 4AM i * I r O L u M P î A Mo ij» -> Trxx' AârM’ mapmfirr’it Ape-made rn-îîinr work mit nf ■> ^i> F- mr but oiitma; f‘d T: ^ T' 2 R n «; 8 f"'‘^av in «n .ol*. r ti nil fi vholl k-^tne p.) ^r.-f before 2 K.î.i<( fapu Îî »a thf Tex«i. ‘ third vi<{ >ry • >f the «.raron and the.r lüh h ‘ fssivr pâme with“iil a h- AAM, the natiop f;:;., ranked team, ..rorrd two tnnhiinvin: n the ,rrond quarlf and two m the third I irM 111 i uilhsi k Dii k («av ieo}ied t h t iî.î.! iofH on a W vard d. ive for the first tout hdown early in the rccond period. Skrpfxmiore quarter bai k Charles Miistead rrwiverlei! in.xt as he did on all lour rhanies he had today. The Apgies got their .rrond j toiicNfown m\ a six yard pass from ' Milatead to halfhark Rorldy (K borne That one climaxed a '»4 yard drive and the Agpies led H O at the half .More i Hsfly \ATiiie the Texan* had to grind hard for their first half tom h dowi».s, they got the job.s done a bit more ea.sily m the third period. lialfbark Bobby Conrad ran back the secomf half knkoff *H yards. The fourth and final touch down, a SIX yard pass from (h borne to eml Bobby Mark.s. t amr wuh II minutes and eight second- remaining in the third quarter Mi.ssoun * most .serious .scoring threat faded on the Agpies' Id in tlie fourth {mtumI A drive that started at mid field slopped when Tiger end Dale I’ldcoi k dropped a pass from I’hil Snowden tn the Aggie end 7 om> The Aggies re ( o\ered a fourth down Tiger fiim hie on the next play TrMi* Ml M (I 14 t ♦ « M fi il II (I I (Hj< htli v» nv O 1 Shaky Sooners Whip Iowa State Vlu-Uidden * 0 U Wins I 2 ,*ltkl I I lr*l an«»n< • ' .rig «fiaifr e ■ .Int I4rflftfr e#-** « l‘<*" intrrrr^lra I Nmhlr% }<**» tarif irinatirta I»«** <*i. (itOa. I-. n MM 11,1 M« lì* 11.1» % 7 « t « I« T-ÏÎ.Î I Î ;i» M t.AIS \I.AINS't M.HKASKA -Kaasas Stairs Keith Wilson 'dark .htrt ,Wo, 4!» leairs over a teammate a>- MehraNk_ .. .ferry Brown <:<:»» waif*, to make the tiokle m Sal irdav » : ame at Manhattan, Kan. a pa. <• and then < ut round right emf for a thiee yard gam <Af*i Wil >n tiMtk a hand^tff and fakecf S'*(tsoti\s First H III BallliiigCoriihuskersTip llomcslaiiding K-Slale Coiitlnuert frmn I ft M î^l»» %*M «rnrtni r I I. Cage goal try hurl K Stale, .^-liing them tiai k to the ,y, ai'd when the Hu.kers foried them to kick. Thomas cHriied the return to the W'ilU at .18, That was the beeinning of the winning touefidown drive With a Id yard Tolly to Bawkins pa s and r.iti;. of d and 7 yards tiy tin* dnv- my Cifra eating up yards, the Buskers ( overed the di.stam e to the goal line in 11 plays Tolly got a first down on the !'■ yard line and i’lira bulled his way another half yard I hen Tolly adeptly fakeif to Cifra a pain and (leorpe « ra< ked the middle where the »nine Kans«;- Slate team hit him Hut Tolly had kept the ball and flipfwd 11 liphtlv to halflmck Ben me Dilhird wiu* had been injurr-d at lue outlet of the ftr d quarU r and ba.t imssed of the game Tittle Ben jnst loped around right eiuj for the wmnmg .score wuth .Id «»*•« 1 . Conrad c@:, Xufci.H fHutn-, Mrftk’» second:, left m the third quarter. lium CWrxiinr l otnrioons Ain ( ura, who had much to do with the TD, kicked the extra point and the rest of the aflenuKm wa.'. devoted to smothering the Wildciit.- Ht every turn, l! war. Cifra who put the er.H in front, d 0 , m the .second pericxf after Chuck Smith No. 2 quarterback —had uUerceptc'd a Wildcat pas.s on the KS SS and galloped to the l.>. The best the Buskers could «In in the fmst quarter wa.s a short drive to their own 42. They stalled on the KS .18 and again on the 32 midway in the second, following Bawkins* pass interception. But with d td Irdt m the half ; Mr Dpportunity t>aid a call and t the Biuskers were qmck to admit him ■A ( lipping penaitv had set th«' , W ildcats bai k to their 2.1 and KruU | drop'M'd hai k to pass on third' down. Be wa.s ru.shed by a host <d Busker I h ( klers. tru'd to p.) s ran another cfniple of step.*, ant» then heaved the t»all in de.spcra lioii to prevent the los.s. U sailed into tin* arms of Smith and the (‘ornhu.sker.s were on their way. Soph Jim Bergenreter eat , ri('d twice and made five yards. Then Cifra made it l(M>k easy, slanting oft hi.s own left end tor ; dagp were deserving of medals, too But in the last analy i-, it wa- the Nebra.ska team effort that met the cliallenge and eotiqiiered Hu freewheeling Wildcal.s were landed to 208 yards on the ground and the Busker.s’ ex< epl for one play was superb as they picked off four KS aenal.y and applied a hard on the M HR S'^K \ I-na*—H im X in* 1 »•»' ('»mlr liiiKir«- ( (tWiin. Hh'iil/i. fit vMi, hohrrn.iii Whi-i-lrt Sirmf'i, Hn«frlfi K iiiit'f Hit ill I »1101 %-M(! .(»hliinil, /.fiitKk. n>«!!. f’UI'.lil 4fu*ro-fhmk«~ Iiillv , .Smith, Siinnrli lUiilu hiillhiii'k«—sunfUKf, ’I h u m M s. •»/ l,i*a huirhark»—Inllunt, Mi l gi nrrlfr. I lillhm h»—111imn. Cifi.i h SNS IS >1111 pa.Hser to hold K State to only lour i coinpletioii.s III 17 attempts. Wlule NehiiMka di.scovered happily It ran out fight a Big Kight (iub Saturday, the Bu.skers .sojourn in the league wa.s short-lived Next week Its txiwerlul f’lttsburgh and the following Saturday, |»oteid Sy raem e But they (ant take away -a ple.isant i n t e r 1 u d e at Slate I Mm—Htnhi-i«. (.alxm. l.diiUiitn ftUrfnO- M*-u-i iihiiiKlt. SlHison l*»*lu»i< ( >iilrr>-Hatn>liri L<-r sXi^ci, Hiixl 4lii«iirrhMrh% -4 «irliin Knill I *••( h.«ia>a( k>—Wittiin. (.riit.%1-. NMrtn lim- KIliM lixifhai X»*— Kf .irtv Whiltir'. » iiIHmi X»-(;i,-i/f etislfr. III(I Huiir II» Nilirii>Xii « 7 K *'iii(«- It II S»'l>ra*Xii 4« mini Tmii h'hmns tUivil itin*. liill.itil I ■ v(! tuns IMI l*itniii « 111 « h >iit»r «•iiiini: Itnichflimti — WiUnn t: -tl 1 '.;-.-. ri. in » it!' 1 ' I* \ I ...iilniX Cilisi lii«Hr’nlii(tl Sidllsliis <4 X. Syi’iicuse l ips roui»h B.U. 27 20 Oraiigiciiifii With I iM) Lrfl SYHACUSE, N Y /f - Syracuse scored in each quarter at d defeated a scrappy Bo.ston Itniver sdy football team 27 2 d fiefore It>.- IKH) .spectators here Saturday The defending chaninions of Eastern hxdbal! pulled the game out of the fire in the t lo.suic minutes w hen quartertiai k Chuck 7am- merman sneaked into Terrier tern, tory with t 30 remaining in the last perifKl A screen pa.vs !r<»m 7ammerman to fullhai k Ed Coffin and a pas.s interference penalty Boston set up the winning touchdown Forced dwp m its own territory with less than five minutes to go, 7animerman pitched a screen shot to Coffin who followed crisp blocking from his own 8 to the BU 21 Iff was caught from behind by speedy Paul CaruTO of the Terrier.s Tom Stephens picked up .seven yards to the Boston 14 and officials called Terrier defender Lenny Hill for pass interference against end Dick Aloise in the end zone. With a first on the 1 yatx! line, Syracuse broke the 20-20 knotting when 7-immerman plow’ed over, Dick Lasse added the ¡Kiint from placement rmvifsdi viormt ¡mivhtli'i* n> TVjin ( Ui. run». C.intrn <27 HilO; M»m Cl, T4 l»IH Hi. urt OtllMHl Nrfndrt j-r riuiinnn pnn-lrr Smiih (Ida .Slintirtt I'ruim ,, l.ilH smith Ha«Kin.«i ClN.X Tollv SUimeU (Inmn \ I HI! V a Hollina I im#-. I dl iO Vrt I »ffiPil <>«inp<l I ilo II l'aooin« Mi. 1(1111 111 . 4 I :: '♦ 2 5 2 (. -I J 1 I'ao* lEriPlvina < .n«Khl I I’unUiia So. I ardo 10 21 \ ardoif I» a Yd*. ?u 41 A»a 41 S 41 1 .'Xi ( *i( Inn Knill WiKon , 1 , 1 . -.p ' H píh I. v I V4liitn»-y Mtfli I , (il.UP lirn ( nrhlii Kiutl V .,n heady Wilson /artnik I.tuiiioki K4S-,n> >I ^ I impo ( ai I ted <1 HI 1 ' t X . . . . . 'I I I' Ail. \ .»idc 1 • (neri I d* IN I f.(. ■ts .’1 «I 12 1 !» I 4 4 7 4 0 il ? I h 4.* 1 S NDB.MAN, Okla f - A wobbly Oklahoma fcyitball team obviously off .-.tride aft( r a bout with the flu. c aught a .stubborn Iowa State ele v“n Lniturday, and it wasriT until ffte late y.lage* of the Big Eight Conference contest that the Soon er- were able to finally pull away with a 40 14 victory Oklahoma, the nation’s No 1 te.Tm won Its 42nd straight game liut It Wa.s the Sooner»' secrmd team that showed the »park which marked the previous triumph.^ The aiternate.s made two lalf touchdowns For the rejuvenatc-d Iowa State team under new coach .lim Myers, the game wa* a moral victory if nothing else It was the first lime Sim e I'Cil that a Cyclone team wa.s able to score the S^mner.s Both Iowa State touchdowns, one in the .secfrnd quaretr after O U. led l!t O. and the .second with les.s than a minute left in the game, were on by halfback Dwight .Nichols Be pitched the first fm dale dihson for 18 vards and the .second nine yards to end Brian Denni.s. Starting quarterback Carl Dodd made two of Oklahoma’;, six touchdowns with the others contributed by ('lendon Thomas, David Baker, Jakie Sandefer and Bobby Boyd. Sandefer’s touchdown was on an 81 yard punt return. The victory started Oklahoma on its way toward a lOlh straight Rig Eight Conference title and ma<le it BO games m league play without a defeat Using a .single wing, which it switched to thus year, Iowa Stale kept to Oklahoma on statistics and even held an edge at the half The sputtering Sooner otfense was held to 164 yards rushing while Iowa State made 1.17. The \\ allops Biiilclo<»s U^(tr Í vtvnnu S^opli Vavv ir ill SlalisUc.H C<-loiif» If-fi in pa.,-mg. with 11 of 18 for lit) yard.* while Oklahoma iompleted .*> of 7 f'lr 128 yards Bard running Peip (ioeser, third .string halfback, stepped into th# limelight to carry 20 times for 6 .' yard.» to spark Iowa Slate’s offense. Thomas was top rusher for Oklahoma with 61 yards Even thcjugh Oklahoma made tfree quick touchdown.s, it was shaky in running up a 18-0 edge A fumble gave Oklahoma the hall on low a State’s 27 to lead to th» first touchdown by Dodd A had punt put the So»iners on the 32 to set the scene for the .second »•ore Four plays later. Thomas took a pitchout for II yards and the tally. Thomas intercepted a pass by Nichols on Iowa State's 30 and ran it back to the 20 to put the Sooners in position for their third quickie. Dodd went over for the second time m four plays, travel­ ing nine yards on a keeper play. It wasn't until almost 11 minute; were gone in the third quarter that Oklahoma showed lU offen.’ive power with the alternate team driving 50 yards. Baker .scored from the one yard line lew 4 Muir t» 7 n 7 . ■ ■ Okt^hom» 12 7 14 7 OklHhom* Tiiurhrtovon*. IV m I i I ; <; rlHnur, s, ritm, Thoniii» : ;fi. rum. Saiidof, 'XI. Hunt (Tturn*. Buxfl il. pliin*r», MaO, ■ '1. pluntf 4;>n\er*nm: OtKld 2 Rullc. n»Xrr Idx a statr TouchU(i%on*. fiiljoon (IX rurt-HJr-. fr-m Mrh«l»i. fifunio ci pa-. Irtim Nirhnli*. tlonverstimr., ( flilivin 1 Colorado Bobbles 35.;vi Si II lining BOULDER, Colo (INS)-The University of Colorado dropped a .15 to 34 Big Eight game Saturday to a fighting learn, alert enough to capitalize on bad breaks which pestered the Buffaloes all afternoon. Colorado was hurt by three ly fumble.s deep m its own territory. a penalty for having an ineligible man downfield, a missed conversion, and by a freak pass Band KL Win UpscI reception by Jayhawk back Homer Floyd. Floyd barely managed to grab five plays after Floyd's .sensational (atch. Colorado led only once in the . u .4 game, and that wa.s the result the ball ntar the seal after .t had . fourth.pmod rally been deflected by the Buffs’ George ; wh,rh .saw Bob dash .17 Adams. ; yards for a touchdow'n, Eddy I>ove A crowd' of .14,(XH) shirt-sleeved ! move yard.s for another .score, fa^.s at Boulder w'pre stunned to ^ and Boyd Dowler hit Gary Nady see Colorado lose a 34 to 28 lead with an 11-yard scoring pass. in the final four minutes as Kansas Kansa.s quickly scored two easy scored from the three-yard line touchdowns after the opening kickoff when jittery Colorado back.s fumbled twice within Buffalo t»-r* ritory. Following the first recovery, Jayhawk quarterback Waliy Stjrauch tossed a 16 yard .scoring pass to Charlie McCue. Within minutes, Colorado's Ad- am.s dropped the ball on the Colorado 28 and a few plays later Strauch pa.ssed 22 yards to Floyd for the score. Colorado came rolling back to move the ball 74 yards in six plays before Dove went around left end for 29 yards and a score. In the Second quarter. Adams clima.xed a Colorado drive to I plunge over from the one-yard line. ’ Kansas piled up two big touch­ down.s in the third quarter and j Colorado was hard-pres.sed to tie ; the score. ■ -. mom ;:.-, < r . 0 :.'(i n I Kai(s<io Morinc I', \|Ci„ run (ftur ur.ttKhi Fl.i>d ('■ frt'm ^.Mr.tii-hi Knn.'i- ,, (|. n ,,t L'.LL 5. ‘ ‘ '• Coni.TMrtni: Mraikh Hrfrnt -. \t ..-ri: < Mlumiln ocnrint < **' nn. r„n(. (•■ piu„„3 (Tiin IhmiCM ( onvi-rstdn- (ndtTl X>. I.INCOLNITK.S DEER—Rob Dudley (left) and Bob Burdsall, both of Lincoln, checked in the first deer through the Robinson cheek station Friday as the Pine Ridge Area deer season got started Friday. »lint pi. I’ao* K<*<r(vliic f Ulilll WiKuri (iittoor I'uiitini S(>. iirdo 4? I'l 1 - 0 .¡: ì D i I'Irol cidi*no , . , Kiiotiinc idrridtr )’.io»i>*t odi-Uaii** . I’ V 1 Í» •’no-do Inivrrrplfil li? Tunt» i'lltlllllt’O |d-( \ airtio pendi red , Miffc. 21 1 . 1 N IT.t 12 Cl 1 « X5 4(1 (•eoriia Id 121 I'.! 1 ((2 :i I *37 .•» I HI Minnesota Rallie Vo Soek Pnrdiie ViU It.l (>.! A »e, 41 .IL» ANN ARBOR, Mich. bPi-Michi-l Slalislics Cadets Ramrod BenII Ktate. 27 -! J I irot donno . .. Uuohlr.g idMlaae I'dtoinn >4td«Ke I’d'OO I'.isoeo inieieeptrd h.» I'll IK* I Hinhlpo 1(1*1 ' (*rd* pendt1/cd i’urritie MinnAsnta 22 2 Hi 1 (<I Ml« I 3-3.3 3(1 .3 MK til 3-3 7-.3 7 SlalKlicis I tl *( dii» II* ( M»iKiu .iidiKir I'-*""'« (.ird.nip C..‘*(* •'»'*»* IIKfl l’un(* 1 . 11 ( 1 * inn.iii/iri I'pled Inn* I’t-nii SI !* I’. :«th 7'i Ml |»,N ♦> )« |H .11 I (I 4 :I7 ,3..3(i M l .3 ir N I V E R S I T Y P A R K Pa .T Army’s minded (’a dets, passing and running with lK»i-e. |iow('r and skill, rammed 10 yard.s and a, kiKxk- ■ through three third quarter touch iiig over a Wildcat en route. II had downs Saturday ami established l»y driving 18 yard.s <in six plHV.s !(» .scoti', Walters wa.s all alone ui the end zone wiien quartrrbai'k Al Jacks floated an 18 yard pass info hi.s haiwi.s over the futile leap of Army’.s V’uue Barla. Emil Caprara’s conversion wound up the Nittany Lions’ scoring. MINNEAPOLIS .T - QuarU*r- back Dick Larson, obscured the last two year.s by the attention lavished on Bobby Cox, rallied a .stumbling Minne.sota team in the .second half Saturday for a 21-17 Big Ten victory over odds bucking Purdue taken the alternate-with three sophs (Smith. Bei^'enreler and Max Mart?) in the backfieid just three play.s to give Nebraska its first lead of the sca.son with 6 16 left in the half. theinnrlves a.s a definite Ea dern power with a 27-13 win over Penn State. It was a np-roaruig oBeiisive game all the way as the Nittany I.ions delighted a rei'ord home * It I'm ( nnvi r the first NU extra ptiiui. It wa.s the <uKi.s — particularly Hawkins ami Clarence Cook — who were sensational on, constantly preventing the Wildeat.- twm turning the flanks. Thoina.s, Cifra, Brown and S*m- Aiileloftes /{oiitfK o7-(l KEABNF5, Neb (UP* seven men scored for Kearney Saturday CH.ADRO.N, Neb. (UP* An ; alteriux>n as the defending cham- air-mmded Peru team-with quar- jpions groumi out a 57 -n N'braska terback Sid Browm pas.sing for! College ConfereiKe victory over three touchdow ns-dropped Chad- hapless Midland. fT(*m Hilli oimis- SullHitii 2, Syr.HU*t storm*' iinKh*io»n* U^ii (mo CIS, pit*« Itnirtrr'iion' Cotlm (t. I p'utiirc. 1 f(x'( piimm 1 7,im«i*rmjn *!. r>ltm»c). Cfirmrttoti- (.i-iHtK I^*v IVni Air .\ltack Wins ron, 32-13, Saturday afternoon in a Nebraska College (Conference tilt. Peru’s Bobcats connected on 10 of 17 passes for 198 yards as they i year. Midland has yet to win after swarmed over the Eagles of Chad-! two games. ron. Chadron, on the other hand, completed only one of eight passes for 10 yards. Although Brown did not score per^n-ally, he fired the ball scoring pass plays of 29 and 36 yards with Lynn Osterholm on the receiving end, and of 20 yards with Doug Gibson as receiver. Gibson also scored on a three- yard plunge. The other Peru touch- Priusia had me honor of kicking crowd of I’.iHiO by out.sconng tin P’^deis 13-7 in the first half. But the roof fell in in the thir<i quarter as ciuarterback Dave Bourland Stum El Paso. Tex., guided the Blai k Knights to three touchdowns. Bourlaml’s deft handling of the ball on .Army’.s belly series kept the chugging steadily inside State'.s tackles, pus.sed tor vital yardage when the Cadets had ' to gain in big chunks, and once put aside a pass plan and spurted ”2 yards up the middle with the gain that broke open the game. Yardage Par.ide State had opened the scorin.g with a parade of .57 yards in 14 plays after receiving the opening kicki'ff with Dave K.ispenan i punching over from the 3 . i Army came right back driving 48 yards in 12 plays with big Bob Anderson from Coca. Fla., smashing over from the 5 , Both conversion tries fizzled and left the score at (i- 6 . Penn State forged ahead in the second period ; gan’s hall-h a w k i n g Wolverines ; , crumbled Georgia’s sophomore- studded Bulldogs 26-0 Saturday in an intersectional football witnessed by 8,5.o02 .spectators in sun-baki'd Michigan Stadium. The 10th ranked Wolverines, led by a war veteran halfback and a -iophomore .sienal caller, turned the fhnce-beaten Georgia team mlo a sputtering, inetfe.tive ma< hine that never ciicke<i for a mi . stained drive. Hack and Forth Michigan’s Big Ten |x> liefuddled the Bulldogs by swiUh- ing back and forth between the T formation and the old fashione<l single wing offense so familiar to for one W’olverine gridiron touchdown on a punt run back, *Stan Noskm, a daring little soph-j passed for another that sent Min- But the Army third quarter of- omore quarterback from Chicago, oesota into the lead for good in blasting through and over split the signal calling duties with third quarter, and sped over the *State line was a sight to be- veteran quarterback Jim Van Pelt four yards out for the clinch- and sconxi two touchdowns in the f^oal quarter, first half on shortline plunges. Vet Stars Mike Shatiisky, a '26-year-old Korean War veteran who is fighting a 19-year-old sophomore for his ; first string job. also scored twice. touchdown pass from Bob Spoo to gangly Dick Brooks with three O-Slalc I' \\ iciiilii 26-0 Dicii Siter^el t.eads Coivboys to tlrtory STILLWATER. Okla. (INS)~ Quarterback Dick Soergel led the Oklahoma State Cowboys to a 26 to 0 football victory Saturday over Wichita at Stillwater. Three sharp passes from Soer_gel to halfback Jim Wiggins ac- miniites left of the half. Two min-! counted for 51 yards to set up the ' utes later Purdue got the benefit' touchdown with halfback Dave of Norm Andersoii's wind-buffeted plunging over in the second pun! that carrtcd only to the Min- nesola 17. On the final play of the half, halfback Torn Fletcher kicked a 12 yard field goal. Larson, supplanting Cox a> the Gophers’ quarterback main.stay, flipped a flat pas.s to Bill Chorske for a 16 yard scoring play early in the t h 1 r d quarter after Fleti'h- ^ With Cox stymied at every turn ^ ^ tumble was recovered by Bob Wood which w as good for 75 yards by Purdue’s charging defense. Lar. ‘ son took over with spectacular re- In the third period, the Cowboys recovered a fumble by Wicn- ita halfback Duk .John.son. and Soergel laterah'd to Tony Baniield for the .second TD. Two CowDoy TDS rame late in the fourth quarter, on a pa.s.s m- ’.erception and 6 .>-yard run by Everett W(M>d with Jacob converting and Soergel'.s pa.s.s to Jim hold. 3rnv .. (.0 21 n-27 I 1 ntt Stall . , ti 1 (( (I 1 .! 'rmi .ortti« (oi>* iiilt'tvns. Vnili rtitin pltiniii'. lKi\ikills 2, 16, tun. 3, I'lunsc. t on- \n\t(iii* tlilltpiil, H \t tilii'i* I’.nii SMÜC s.i'ttn* li'Kihao .11%. K.i* ri ('an 2 pltin** \\ ilti r* is, p,i** iroiti J«ok* t'onv ersK'n; t’dpriira. Kearney used 6 ti pla>ers in the rout which gave the Antelopes two wins in as many loop games this rairlnir\ FAIRBUHY Jerry Gross scored twice before Homecoming (.jueen Joan Krepcik Saturday night as F'airbury walloped Kansas City, JC, 63-0. after being held score- les.s in the first period. John Sieber got off the longest run of the night. 83 yards, but didn't score a.s he wa.s downed on the KC 15 He scored two plays later. K,*ns.(* ( IIV K (I K (> K l-'cihiili !(' It •>(', t2 «1 l .«t!t'!iii svi'iift* millhiinun* Ictii (,ri"* ’ (! r''tii'*tv . . It i itii>' 1 >,'(1 S'.i'iiii < Pliingt I; l.lmd Sviirimi (.* n iin*< ‘ O, n y.iitniiiu’ (.’V pdis* (t.iin n.iv i.f.iu'*' John >n‘hi>r It, I'lun*,!. Vttn Thoniian (2U. r.i** Uoni (;rai*>i, W.nn*- Su-vfii* <11. Ttiiii. (iinc Hi'N* ( 1 ( 1 , ntf with (timbK’i; IH' XntliTM ri (11. p.i** (rom 1 )i Anni'ltij. Pian'mcm*: s*,irrn» 2 . ItcHortl. He went 56 .sensational yards with an intercepted pass in the secom) period and ripped over tackle on a six-yard touchdown spurt in the final period. Coach Bennie Gosterbaan kept a fresh team in action all afternoon. Purdue, leading 10-7 after a first half in which it swept through Minnesota’s big linesmen with startling ease. looked ready to spring a major upset against the third ranked Ctophers until Larson and its own fumbles shifted the tide. .Moment of Relief Through the first half, the Gophers gave a crowd of 65.605 only a moment of relief. That came in the second quarter w’hen Larson took a handoff from Bob Rasmussen. Gophers Cleared Another Purdue fumble, by Tom Barnett, cleared the way for the Ciophers’ final touchdown. I’urdup 0 10 0 7-17 Mm>in»iof.'i 0 7 7 7 -'1 Purdup »coring — Touchdown.s: Brook.s <11!, I a.s.s Iroai iloh .Spooi; Ana.stasi.i (4. pass from Jones). S (-Id oal: Flctcacr P 1 cr.sioris : Fletcher Z •Minnesota »roring Touchdowns; luir.son 2 ((„. punt ituurn, 4. runi; Í aur.skc dii pa.«s-r(in from Larsoi». Conversions Rasi musscn, Haklev 2. and a TD fKUahorra Slate .. 0 7 R r>_2« . f) 0 (1 0 n Okl.ihoni .1 siafe *corin*: Tiuiwhdown* ’.'iwin*. Hantidd. I. Wood. J. Wood. C(»nvt*rsHmS" -JgtcGbs 7. 34 i( hita M-orin*; None I iH sday The annual meeting of the Pioneer Golf Association will be held at the Pioneer Golf Course Club Bouse Tuesday at 7 p.m. and so effective was his platoon- • Soitis Kenny Mikes’ punt and mg that Georgia was unable to j-ambled down the sidelines for a move inside the Wolverine 20-yard 7.0 Minnesota lead. Purdue countered on a 40-yard Gary Schmidt led the wave of scoring with a pair of touchdowns He scored once on an 11-yard run and again by grabbing a 55-yard pass from Gene Lawhead. Also crossing the Midland goal line were Ron Roggy, Claire Boroff, Gene Armstrong, Larry Jacobson, and Harold Stokey. Kearney picked up 606 yards in i total offense while allowing the j down was a 24-yard run by Bob ; Midlanders only 21 yards. The .An- Bryant, who also kicked a pair of; telopes totaled 25 first downs and extra points. t'haiiroB n « « 7-11 ffru 0 13 Ij 7_32 t hadron »conn«: Touchdown.* Dick f.ol- »riek (71 kickolf return: junior .lohnson <1. pmage) t’nnver-ion: Don .Mathei*, Pirm ■coringJ Touchdown*; Doug Clh- •on 2 <3, Plunge; 20, pass from Sid P.ronn); Boh Brxaot <24. end run); Lynn Osterholm 2 <20, pass from Brown; 36, pass from Brownl. Conversions. Bryant 2. gave Midland only two. Ke»rney 7 22 2« 0 - '.I .Midland 0 0 () 0 - i< Kearney aconns: Touchdown*.; (laiy Schroidt 2 (11. jun. pas* from (lenc Law head) i Joe Smith <1. plunge); Hon Koeity 1.3. run); Claire Jloioff (2. plun;el. Gene Armstrong (10, pa.»* from .Smith): Larry Jacobson <t). run); Harold Stokey <2. end run». Conversion*: Borolf 3. Le Roy Spraguci Lawhead, Jim Peterson. FUN FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY BLUE ROCK SHOOT 1 PM Sun., Oct. 6 IZAAK WALTON league 5100 No. 48 th Iliini«-—I Jiirkf-tiy—— Hitron I’rncticr blHMiliHj; Piiiilic R elcom^ Piihlit' Sessions Today A Sunday 3:00 Ä 7:00 P.M. Partir»» .4rranf[efi Hantai Skatr» THE AUDITORIUM LINCOLN’S NEWEST AUTOMOBILE BOOY & PAINT SHOP DIAMOND AUTO REFINISHING 1610 West 0 Body & Fender Repair Cugtom Work Touch Up Paint Specialists Phone 2-8238 FREE MUFFLER Installation with purchas* of muffler FREE ESTIMATES ★ ★ WORTH ^ 7.50 COUPON ★ ★ Allow« bearer to $7,50 on a complete paint job (offer expire* Oct. 31, '57) MARQUES HAYNES and his famous HARLEM MAttlCIAI\*S BOSTOA SliATIROCKS PLUS HALF-TIME SHOW PERSHING MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM SUNDAY, Oct. 20, 1957 Doors Open 6:30 P.M — 4,aine Time « P.M. Advance Tickel* on Sale NOW Auditorium Box Office SAVE 50 c on each ticket! BUY THEM u\ ADVANUE Hesenrtl St‘rtitni»t 3 through 7 and 19 through 24 ........ 1,50 Arena fic •' $2 \tail Ortlt'r» Pram /ttly FHIatl Etirlove .S‘lf-A(ldi»<*«er|, Sumprd Envelope

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