The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 20, 1955 · Page 59
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 59

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 20, 1955
Page 59
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Hy Francis II. Soil Conservationist SIX GREENE County farmers have become cooperators with our local Soin Conservation District .since the first of August bringing the tofal number of district, r-oopera- tors to 333. according o Merle Zepp of Grant township, one of the district rommi.ssionevK. THEY ARE H. S. Stevens of Rjp- P".v, 1(>0 ncre.s in Washington township; Lawrence Huber. <jf Rippey. ItiO nc:vs in Washington town ship; I-'rand DoPould of Jefferson. 12!) acres in Franklin Township: W.ili.T Harrison of P.r;>:i. !f>i) a.vre.- in Pa;:m township; C. Dean Smal- ic.v of P.iton. K;:.I a-rrs id P.itjn 'I .iwn-liip; an-:l H E M.'Cjy of C'arr.-j'l and Armour McCarty of Pa.::>n. SCO acres in Daws m town.<•.!.;) THESE MEN are taking a step t (Ward improving th<>:r farming pi:>.?r.i:Ti.i by utiii/ing ll'ie .services off-red to all Greene cjunty farm- f-i.; throu/h their Soil Conse-vation D.. tri.:t. Some of thim may nercl fiTily s.;;ue tilt- drainage and possibly a !;'•:,(•:• pl.m for fortih/s-r use, along CONVERT TO GAS HEAT "Hie famous Green Colonial In- Shot gas conversion burner quickly converts your old furnace into a modern gas furnace. Easy to install. Low cost. Requires no electrical connection. Investigate today. Install N?W —Pay Lct«r. RHOADES Plumbing & Heating 202 X. Vine GREEN COJLOJIMA& HEATING i COOLING with their present rotations and other practices, to bring their plan in line with the capabilities and needs of their land. Others may need only contouring and terracing in addition to what they are al- rearty practicing, while still others may nerd a complete re-vamping of their entire program. EACH FARMER decide for himself the rotation and practices he will use, a.s well ax how he will use the grain and forage that is producsd. In some cases, if the primary purpose of the enterprise is the production of prain for sale it may be most profitable to utilize all or at least part of the forage produced to plow under. IT IS TN helping ths farmer make these decisions wisely and in helping to get them on the land that the SM Conservation District serves its primary purpose. In doing this job it utilizes the services of the U. 3. s-jjl Conservation Service, whk:h maintains two full-time and one part-time technician here in Greene county. They are: F.-ancis Beyer, Jack Haupert, and Tom Lynch. ANY FARMER in the county may become a district cooperator by signing a Cooperative Agreement With the district, thereby agreeing to use their land within it.? capaoil- ities and treat it according to its needs. The district in return agrees to heip him any way it can. MR ZEPP added that further information abou: the district's program may be obtained from him or the other two commissioners, Walter Barrett of Jefferson and Elvon Hatch of Scranton: from the assistant commissioners, Harry Glmve of Dana. Harley Dillavou of Hagley, and Harold Hyndrrun of Churdan: from the SC3 personnel; or from our county extension director. Wayne Canine. These services are available without char;:e, although contributions are welcome to pay for items the district needs which cannot be paid for from public funds. • « • * ONE AN T D four-'.r-nrhs miles of t-'-rraces h:\ve been laid on: on three farms in the county during the last few days, according to Francis Beyer, SC3 technician here In Greene county: Bob Smith. living two miira northo.iit of Scranton. is building 0.4 mile: Keith Peterson, three miles southwest of Scranton. 0 .' miles; and Bob Frederick, four mile.'; northeast of Eajtiey, 07 mile. All of these wi!i be in the process of t - on.s:ru.'!!on some time during the next .-.evcral weefcs. A L-O-N-G Look at the WEATHER Courtesy of Milligan Brothers FOR IOWA—General frosts by Oct. 1(3, but temperatures above average for tho period. Moisture prospects good. November outlook- Cold and dry. +++4+++++* ****** +4++*+ t BAGLEY . M:IP ,Tnr..1i.-!on I'honn 133 •f Rye Pasture Best Bet Iowa State coilepe tiirronomist i Harvey Thompson says a pasture of I rye is your bes: bet if your pasture killed out during the .summer-and I you'rr nfwlirif: more. ..,J4a,t-proof corncnbs and granaries as you build them. Don't wait forth fg The Youth Fellowship met in the church Sunday evening. Caihy Moore nnd Dr-nnia Cain pre- sentnd the lesson on "Lee's M.ike It Our O\vn." Viola Mae Hilton and .r/i.iron Zellcr had devotions nnd Frfd On'fiih save the Bible .study. G.mlcn club inel Tuesday, O::. 11, with Mr.? Homer Miller. Roll cjll was dUptay a fall le.if. Ths WSC3 met Tuesday afternoon. Ost. 4, at the church. Mr.s Verne Brobst conducted tiie busi- ! nf.-As mnelins. Mrs Jim Jack-son gave | dt'VOuion.i arui Mrs Robert Rus- j sfll pave an interesting lesson on I the American. Indians. Mr.s Don jEjklinV commitUe served .ments. Fruit and clothing were i gathered far the home mission pro- Iject. I Mi.%3 Adi.s Morris of Knoxviile ; and Miss Betty Fosie of Des Moines ! came up Friday night, fir the week- 'end at the HarolJ Morris home. Mr E. E. Morris joined th?m for Sunday i dinner and all went, to Das Moines and visited with Mr and Mrs H. L. Harper Sunday evening. Miss Ardis ileft Liter for hzr nursing duties at 1 KnoxviHe. ! Mr and Mrs Frank Bean were Thursday dinner guests of Mrs Edith Walker in Jamaica and visited with Mr Bean's sister, Mrs Eva Hurlaurt o.' Huron. S. D Ths •attended the ua at the Union ' church jn the afternoon. I Mrs Amy Bailey of Chicago came ! Monday evening for a visit with hi-r brother and sister-in-law. Mr and Mrs Lee Hunt and family. j Mr and Mrs Ear! Smith and children w?re last Sunday guests of Mr and Mrs Oa'.e Pres:ott and fanii'.y at Lak ; - View Mr and Mrs Dan Klinzm.iri were additional guests. Last Sunday siifsus of Mr and Mrs N*. L. Mifler were Mr and Mrs Merle Miller of Coon Rapids and Mr and Mrs Erm«: Miller and family. Mrs Orpha Van Cleave and Joann w?re Sunday d;:i:ir:r gue,-;,5 of Mr an,! Mr,-> H A Nar-rren in Rippey. Mr and Mrs Verne Broist a.tend- ed t'•!•:> golden wadding anniversary o.' Mr «nrl Mr* H. J. Brobst at Perry ias- Friday .Mr and Mrs Roy Ferguson cnter- tJini. - d at a birthday dinner on Sun- dny h.jnor.nj their daughter. Mrs Romayne Saemisch. Cruesu? were Mr and Mrs Sa^-misch, Jane an'd Steve. Alice Anderson and Irene K'-ntlal! of Jcffrrssn and Dewy , o'. Scranton. I Mr and Mrs George Irwin and 'family spent !.u«;t wtvkend wi.h Mr and Mrs ,I,ni Irw.n at Reinoe:k. .They a::?nJe.i tin- Waterlo:) Dairy! Congress on Monday. ! Mr and Mrs Floyd Safely were : Patur.i.iy dtnner pue^is of relatives :n Jefferson. i Mr and Mrs Lyle Smith visited , Mr a.'id Mrs Roo; 1 :'; Mendenliall in Des Mo:iu j s on Sun;!ay. • !'.! Khn/.man of Denver, who • is here on busini-.v;, was a Monday i visitor of Mr and Mrs Frank Spra- IKUS! Mr and Mrs Tim Hall visited last 'Tuesday evening with Mr and Mrs 'Dan Lsndstadt. | Harris Hoy. and Bill Bullock were over tile weekend from col- Friday supper guests of Mr and Mrs Sam Wallace were Mr and Mrs Harold Thompson, Mr and Mrs Harley Gilliland and Mr and Mrs Ed Clark. Mr3 Harley Gilliland was a dinner guest Wednesday of Mrs Harold Thompson. Trie ladies speni the afternoon in Perry. Mr and Mrs Carl Voss of Montana were guests last, week from Wednesday to Friday of Mr and Mrs Dan Llndstadt. Mr and Mrs Floyd Safely wen last Sunday dinner guests in the Clifford Derry home in Guthriei Center. j Mr and Mrs Bill Gibble were vis-i itors in Perry and Ariel on Friday. I Mr and Mrs George Peters and' Mrs Clarence Peters visited Clar-| ence Peters at the hospital in Desi Moines on Friday. j Mr and Mrs Ernest Gardner and Mr and Mrs Gil Berry of Jeffer- san were present at the Eastern Star meeting Wednesday evening, when the altar \vas draped for Mr ^ and Mrs Asa Mylchreest. j i:'i Mrs Lester Brown left Thursday) for LeMars to attend the funeral, Friday of a very dear friend. ; Mr and Mrs Warren Hoy;, were inj Dana Thursday, called by the death| of Alfred Lorenzen, an uncle of Mrs; Hoyt. I Mr and Mrs Clarence Booth werei Friday business visitors in Jefferson. Monday supper guests of Mr and Mrs Ed Clark were Mr and Mrs! Orville Clark and Mr and Mrs Roy/ Wagner. Mr and Mrs Wagner left Tuesday to visit relatives in Illinois. Wednesday evening callers in the Dale Myers home were Mr and Mrs OUTDOOR advantage to having a fisli get away In this manner. Sam claims he had the fun of fighting; the fish on the end of his line, and he doesn't have to clean fish when he gets home. * * * * Last Saturday morning ushered in the first day of the 1955 duck season with the usual amount of excitement and confusion. As per normal on opening day there were more hunters than ducks. However, there were several hunters who shot their limits of small ducks such as teal. I was lucky enough to get four Oreenwing teal, and Dan Powers, who was hunting with me, bagged three leal and one mallard. The mallard turned out to be banded. Dan removed the band and sent it to the Federal Fish and Wildlife Dept. in Washington, D.C. The information gained by the return of these bands is of the greatest importance to the men who follow the migration habits of the ducks. If you should shoot a bird with one of these bands on the leg. DO NOT FAIL TO SEND IT TO THE FISH & WILDLIFE DEPARTMENT, WASHINGTON, D.C. Tell them where and when you shot the duck. 3 TTffi JEFFERSON BEE Jefferson, Iowa, Oct. 11, 1955 It is not always the number of ducks that, you get, that counts the most. The joy nnd satisfaction of living in a country that will nllow its citizens to carry a gun in the creat out-of-doors and enjoy the sport of hunting is worth more thnn all the ducks that ever flew across the skies. Quality has everything in its favor including the price. Tomorrow is the greatest laborsaving device of today. Some folks might say that it just can't be done. *%£££&?£%&£"?wi' Bul ' am o"' »- 1 ™-' ->'» Hospital in Des Moines on Tuesday) until I have tried. Now, I have for observation and x-rays. |tried many times and failed, but I , Mr and Mrs Andy Shaffer were! have succcn(j , d e h t , business visitors m Perry on Wed- M i nescJay. j Mrs Alice Bess and Mrs Julia; j am talking about catching cat-I ™. ax °r M- rr> M We: 'j 1 ^ e o d n nS 'M a r"I !fiSh °" plugs in the river '~ Lnst ruax called '"on 'MM Roy "Ferguson i Wednesday afternoon I was using and ate dinner with Mr and Mrs! an L& s Jointed plug in the upper Ralph Peters. ;reaches of the Coon river and met Tm daughters and daughters-in-'with outstanding success. After law. of Mr and Mrs Noah Bass,about 30 minutes fi.shing in a mud sp:-nt the day Wednesday fjgetner ; ho]e j hooked onto something real at the Merle Jackson home. Guests hcavv were Mrs Gertie Mears and Mrs ' - ' Elsie Jackson and daughter, Mrs It was more than 20 minutes la- Cecil Wills of Jefferson, Mrs Alice ter before I got a look at the fish Baas of Perry, Mrs Jennie Vaux and and learned that it was a flathead. daughter, Mrs Ed Clark of Bastlcy It took another 15 or 20 minutes to and Mrs Irwin Bsan of Yale Mrs- land ;he flsh wj{h th h , Merle Jackson is tne fiftn memoer , . , p J of the Bess family. All report a nice K ierld - &am H -' de - vis:t. j Ynu Sf ' p . I was using shining Mr and Mrs George Mobley are | tackle with only G pound test (mo- the parents of a son. Bruce Allen.' nofilament) -line. You just don't barn at Greene County Hospitalj get in a hurrv landmg a big fish on Sept. 24. He -.veigned seven pounds.I ,. ., : 12'-. ounces. He has a brother.; 3 1 ' 1 '- ih " t Slze Randy. Mr and Mrs John Mobley | He-;ghed exactly 10 pounds, and Dwight, Porter of Bagiey are; Tm-n have been many reports of grandparents. j fisherman catching channel cat on • Wednesday afte.-nuon guests of p i i:v , s . his summe r. Every one of ^ ^ertnd^'FlovYKmne"^-^ ™" ™* 'hot a fish caught Mrs Jr. Van Sickle of Yale ViSi ;rt™ « P.-^ ^ P»« «P » better fight Mrs Scni.eman Tuesday and boihj tnan ;f hooked on other types of were Jamaica visitors in the after- (bait. noon. I After all, the main reason we go Mr and Mrs Chas. Owen returned > fish ; ng is {or lhe sport so why not Se u^LKkoff summer h fplugs r e ^ and got ^ • (most out of your fishing every time jyou go. j Not only did we cat?h a 10 pound j flathead. but some nice bass and .walleyes also took our plugs. I Sam hooked onto a fish that I .believe would have been in the 8 to ilO pound class, and played it for 15 f or 20 minutes before the hook pulled .01::. According to Sam, there is an When Feeder Cattle Arrive On The Farm Feeder cattle arriving on the farm need rest and sperial attention if they are to adjust properly. An article in October's Successful Farming magazine says such cattle should be placed in a small pasture or dry lot for a few days, and given hay and other dry feed. The animals should also be kept separate for a week or two from animals already on the farm. The younger the cattle, the longer will be the rest period required. Droopy or listless animals should be checked by a veterinarian. Davy Crockett Plate With purchase of 6 gallons gasoline at either of our stations Friday and Saturday The kids love the Davy Crockett Dishes We give a different dish each week. Get them all NEW HI-WAY 17 STATION NOW OPEN Seven Days a Week — 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Stop at "The Man with the Waving Hand" GRAND OPENING —- FRIDAY, SATURDAY, OCT. 21-22 WATCH FOR OUR SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT WE ALSO GIVE GOLD BOND STAMPS • Quality Gas For Less • Lubrication • Washing Ward's Riverside Tires • Battery Service Batteries • Tire Service Gold Bond Stamps • Diesel No. 1 and 2 "Quality Gas For Less" Peterson Oil Co. New Station North on No. 17 JEFFERSON PHONE 0-927 Old Station Across From Armory One Fill NOW prevents freeze-ups ALL winter/ Now's THE TIME to guard your car —before old man winter's icy blasts catch you unprepared. See us today for a fill of Texaco PT Ami- Freeze. One fill lasts ail winter ... assures your car of constant protection against freeze-ups .. . rust.. . and corrosion, Texaco PT Ami-Freeze won't boil away on warm days, safeguards your radiator throughout the season. So play safe now and enjoy trouble-free, worry-free driving all during the winter months — no matter how low the temperature drops. Today, drive in for your fill of Texaco PT Anti- Freeze. You'll be thankful you did for many months to come! SCHAAL OIL CO., Distributor Jefferson, Iowa — Phone 433 Schaal-Gant Tire Co., Jefferson Kuss Barrows Texaco, Jefferson Melton East Side Texaco, Jefferson Ferguson Texaco Service, Grand Junction Finch Chevrolet Co., Scrantou McClellan Garage, Bayard For Tank Waggon Service Call Jefferson 433 i Mr and Mrs Dick Thornburg and' j family were Sunday visitors of Mrs. Ethel Throo in Jefferson. j | Mr and Mrs Orville Clark and I Mr and Mrs Ed Clark attended lhe I (wedding last Sunday evening at S.Tantan of Carolyn Williams, daughter of Mr and Mrs Orville Williams of Scranton. and Charles, Van Gilder of Jefferson. I Sunday visitors in the home of Mr and Mrs Dale Smith were Mr and Mrs D;ck Bowman of Coon. Rapids and Mrs Dick Farnham and : children of Bayard. Mr and Mrs Lloyd Bullock spent a part of the past week visiting Lljyd'is mother, Mrs Lola Bullock at Eureka. 111. Mr and Mrs Vermyl Schiek and Jane of Lanyrm wsra last Sunday supper guests of Mr and Mrs War- ivn Hoyt. They all visited at the R3llan.1 Barnes home in the evening and enjoyed home movies. ' The ladies of the Church of Christ and Methodist church at-1 tended the October tea given by the aid of the Union church in Jam.ii.-a on Thursday. | Mrs Ernest, Miller visited at the home of her parents. Mr and Mrs Otis Johnson in Paton, Friday afternoon. Greenbrier Go-Getters Elect New Officers The Greenbrier Go-Getters met Wednesday, Oct. 5, at Joyce Finne- Ran's. There were seven members nncl three visitors present. The club has two new members, Carole Booth and Marion Allen. Election of officers was held. The new officers are president, Phyliss Kenning; vice president, Kay Seeden: secretary-treasurer, Joy Hedges; historian. Muriel Christy: reporters, Carole Booth and Colleen Christy, and photographer, Marion Allen. The meeting adjourned to meet Oct. 19 at Phyliss Hennings. This will be installation of new officers and initiation of new members. Most Modern Truck Features of All! New Chevrolet ToskForce Trucks New concealed Safety Step! New High-level ventilation! New panoramic windshield! You get the most modern features in today's most modern trucks! MOVE TO NEW HOME Grand Junction — Mr and Mrs Leon Pettit have moved to their new home in the Neel addition. — SKLJ-, WITH WANT AD? LOANS MOO to S 2500 ... To make purchases of all kinds ... To pay Accumulated Bills ... To Refinance and Reduce Payments on Contract Obligations ... To Make Repairs and Improvements, Farm—Home Machinery—Car ... To Meet Unexpected Emergencies, Medical—Hospital—Dental Credit is extended in large or small amounts — on longer terms, smaller payments . . . monthly or seasonal payment plan for farmers. A Loan Plan Available For Most Every Borrower INQUIRE WITHOUT OBLIGATION HUTCHINSON"""""" Phone 38 Service Jefferson Anything less is an old-fashioned truck! They're loaded with far-ahead features that mean big-dollar savings on your job! Most modern power—V8 or 6! Modern, money-saving V8's with the shortest stroke of any leading truck V8! V8 is standard hi the new L.C.F. models, an extra-cost option in all others except Forward Control. New Chevrolet trucks offer the industry's most advanced sixes, too. And all engines have a modern 12-volt electrical system for quicker starting and smoother going. Most modern styling! New Chevrolet trucks are the only Work- Styled trucks, with a fresh, functional appearance that's tailored to the job. Two distinctly different styling treatments are offcred-one for light- and medium-duty models, another for heavy-duty. Come on in and see how far ahead you'll be with a new Chevrolet truck! Year after Year 4meric<?.$ Best Selling Truck ^CHEVROLET FLATT CHEVROLET COMPANY 219 EAST LINCOLNWAY V. I. Flatt, owner JEFFERSON PHONE 23

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