Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on September 30, 1963 · Page 17
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 17

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, September 30, 1963
Page 17
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Here's How * * * rix Whatever Needs Fixing By VIVIAN BROWN AP Newsfeatures Writer One good rule of thumb to observe at this time of year is: Fix it now. That applies to anything in the home that is in disrepair from furnishings to ceilings. And punctiliousness is especially important if the house is new and you don't 1 1 know what to expect. Vigi Warning Is Issued for Homeowners Golesburg Register-Mail, Gqlesburg, III. Monday, Sepf, 30, 1963 17 The local Chamber of Commerce today warned the homeowner selling his home to beware the buyer who wishes to rent the home for office use, and offers to remodel it free. This scheme, the chamber says, is a new version of the widely condemned "model home" racket, and is aimed primarily at property owners who advertise their homes for sale in classified columns of newspapers. The respondent to the ad often represents himself as an officer of a re-siding or re-roofing firm. But in actuality he may be a salesman whose purpose is to get the owner to sign a costly home improvement contract and high-interest loan. Here's the way the chamber says the scheme works: The "buyer" does not offer to purchase the home, but makes a proposal designed to increase tne market value of the home at no cost to the owner. The buyer says the home is just what his firm needs to show the quality of its material, and combines this with a "need" for a branch office in the neighborhood. He offers to re-side or re- roof the building free, and to rent it for a year' for office space on an advance payment basis. In actuality, the rental contract proves to be the remodeling contract, and the year's rent is just a high-interest loan. The buyer naturally insists on secrecy. By the time the victim discovers what happened, the salesman is gone. The victim may also be offered a certain amount of money for every customer who inspects the model home, and signs a similar contract. K COOKING # WATER HEATING • HOME HEATING 45 S. PRAIRIE ST. lance should be the password for the lady of the house who is more likely to observe little things that go awry during the day. A barely discernable crack in the ceiling can become a queen- size headache later, a tipoff of a real leak in the offing. A cellar that is moist, damp or wet now, may be a major problem during storms. Often little more is required for dryness than having gutter and leader drains redirected so that water from these systems doesn't form puddles near the house, draining into the basement. There are other reasons for checking basement leaks. Found Cheaper Check roof and shingles, not merely for loose shingles, but those that are worn and stained. It will be cheaper to patch before a real emergency occurs. The roof over a screened-in porch often is the source of leaks, particularly if added after the house was finished. Observe whether the roof and house meet tightly or whether you can see a crack of light at this line. A leak from this area can damage porch walls and furnishings, and weaken floor boards. Savings on fuel may be realized by insulating the outside walls of old houses. The cost of a project such as this can pay for itself in one season, especially if the insulation is done by a do-it-yourselfer. If the prospective mess indoors is considered too great, do one wall at a time. If one can afford it, the insulation can be "blown in" from the outside and any mess in the house completely eliminated. If one tolerates rain and snow seeping under doors, year after year, using temporary means, blankets, papers and whatnot to keep out wet and cold, this is the season to acquire weather- stripping or other means to offset the problem. The permanent solution to this mess requires less time and expense than the temporary measures employed, and is certainly far more satisfactory in an aesthetic sense. Small holes between rocks in a fieldstone foundation may permit small animals to enter the cellar and become nuisances as they store their winter fodder or seek warmth. Snakes are often attracted to the warmth of cellars. Plug up holes with rocks, cement or whatever before winter sets in. Scientists Tell Scientists can tell by studying the rings of a tree all about the climate, whether there was drought or heavy rains, if fires struck the tree any time during its growth. The tree is an accurate historical barometer of a region's climate during its life, and some trees are 4,000 years old. HOMES FOR AMERICANS AN ATTRACTIVE RANCH LINE highlights the exterior of this comfortable family home. The living room has a stone fireplace forming a brick wall in the foyer; the dining room opens to the patio through sliding glass doors. The bedroom wing contains three bedrooms and two baths. Plan HA309C has 1,283 square feet and was designed by Lester Cohen, Room 704, 48 W. 48th St., New York 86, N.Y. iipipi eres Answer By ANDY LANG AP Newsfeatures QUESTION: I have been thinking of building a glass block divider between our living room and dining room, but have hesitated because I've never had too much luck with mortar. I seem to recall reading somewhere about glass blocks which can be bolted together instead of using mortar. Is my memory correct and, if so, will you tell me something about it? ANSWER: Yes, there is a method of bolting glass blocks together without mortar. It is for inside use, which you plan, and not for outdoors. In planning the divider, be sure your measurements are such that you can fit a certain number of either 8 or 12-inch blocks within the wooden framework. The framework should be one-by -6 inch stock, with quarter-round molding nailed into position 7/8ths of an inch from the edge of one side of the frame. The rest of the molding is nailed on after the glass blocks are in place. The blocks are set in, placing the specially made bolt assembly into the corners of the joints. This assembly consists of small aluminum rods and threaded plastic rosettes. All that can be seen are the decorative rosettes. In purchasing the blocks and the bolt assembly, have the dealer show you how they work. There is a cheaper way of- making glass block panels without the use of mortar. It calls for the use of wooden strips and wedges, but requires considerable skill to get the kind of neat job the bolt assembly technique will give you. (Questions of general interest will be answered in this column. However, individual correspondence, can not be undertaken.) By ANDY LANG AP Newsfeatures What's new on the market? • • « THE PRODUCT — Plastic thumb tacks, designed for use with perforated hardboard. THE MANUFACTU REITS CLAIM — That these plastic tacks slip into board perforations under thumb pressure only; that they will hold securely but snap out easily; that they won't rust, bend or break; and that they will not mar the surface of the board. • * • THE PRODUCT - A do-it-yourself riveting tool for the fastening of metal, fabric, rubber, plastic and other materials. The MANUFACTURE R'S CLAIM — That the rivet is set from one side by placing the stem in the nosepiece of the pliers-like tool, inserting the rivet in the hole of the work and squeezing the handle; and that the rivet pulls up the two pieces of the assembly and fastens them tightly and permanently. • • • THE PRODUCT — A new belt dressing to prevent slippage, stop squeaks and increase power on all rubber and leather belts. THE MANUFACTURER'S CLAIM — That this dressing will soften gummed dirt, remove surface glaze and provide greater driving efficiency for automotive and household flat and V belts; and that it will not shrink or stiffen the belts. • * • THE PRODUCT — New aluminum panels with colored ribs and redwood framework for making backyard, lawn and patio fences. THE MANUFACTU REITS CLAIM — That these panels are easy to cut with tins snips or saw; that all of the six colors, which are baked on, are long-lasting; and that the panels are available with colors on one side, white on the other. • * « THE PRODUCT -Shutters molded from plastic. THE MANUFACT URER'S CLAIM — That these shutters, of colonial design, will not rot, crack or warp; that they arc dent-resistant; and that they can be easily attached to brick, aluminum, wood, plaster or other surface with nailing strips and aluminum walls, Iris Takes- (Continued from page lfl) plant she received four years ago. She treats them as she would ordinary iris. The walking iris is often referred to as the apostle plant, because each foliage fan is supposed to have 12 leaves. It is native to South America, Mexico and Cuba. A walking fern (rhizophyllus) was found in the woods by Mrs. Charles Marcus of Albany and safely transplanted in her garden. This fern also is called a walking leaf. The evergreen fronds arc about 7 inches long and narrow, heartshaped at the base but tapering to a thread-like tip which roots. It is found from Quebec to Georgia and westward. There is another walking fern that has undivided evergreen fronds that root at the tip. This one prefers limestone ledges or limey woods and partial shade. which are furnished. * « • THE PRODUCT - A Jfgjlt- weight 3^inch belt sander designed for the home craftsman and the service tradesman. THE MANUFACTU RER'S CLAIM — That, this sander has a "burnout-p r o t e c t e d" motor which will withstand heavy loads and high temperatures; that it has a self-tensioning merhanism for fast and easy belt changing; awl that, it comes in two models, one with a dust pickup and a flat-faced design for flush sanding against, wall.s and in corners, the other, with the dust pickup but even lighter and more compact. Add charm and beaety to yonr home. Free Estimates Withoat Obligation COMPANY Galesburg, III. 342-2813 1000 Monmouth Blvd. Repairing Mortar Joints P m ... <ii READ THE CLASSIFIEDS! ALUMINUM AWNINGS available In RIGID VINYL ALUMINUM wide range of colors and trios Before the real cold weather comes let us install these beautiful Navaco Awnings on your home. Custom made to fit any size window and will help keep your home warmer this winter. BRANDON CO. 312 N. HENDERSON PH. 342-5918 Loose or cracked mortar in brick or block work permits water to enter and cause interior wall damage. In time, this damage can be severe, so it's wise to make repairs when the defects first appear 1 . Fortunately, you can do the job quickly, easily and inexpensively — thanks to ready mixed materials available at most hardware stores, lumber and building material dealers. The first step in repairing is to clean out loose or cracked mortar with cold chisel or screwdriver. Flush out the opening with hose. While joint is still damp, fill with mortar. Press the mortar firmly to be sure no cavities remain. This is called tuck pointing and an excellent material to use is Sakrete Mortar Mix. It comes in JOHNS-MANVILLE INSULATION Call WHITE'S - 342-0185 Your Neighbor Says easy-to-handle sacks and is ready for use with the addition of water. After filling cavity, scrape off excess mortar and finish joint to match rest of the wall. This is easy to do with a jointing tool or a flat or rounded stick—depending on joint to be matched. Finally, after about five minutes, brush across joint to remove excess mortar then finish again with jointing tool. This is the easiest, best and most economical way to repair faulty masonry \vorlc TERMITES? FOR FREE INSPECTION — CALL — ALEXANDER LUMBER CO. 215 EAST SOUTH STREET 343-2171 Agents for COPPES TERMITE CONTROL SERVICE, INC. over II yrs. dependable service vVe ^$re (Seiebratina 15 YEARS OF SERVICE TO GALESBURG RESIDENTS and We Wish To Extend A Big "THANK YOU" To All of Our Customers and Friends. Your Patronage To Our Firm Is Greatly Appreciated Citywide Rubbish Removal PHONE 342-1134 'ft you can give your w $100,000 a$ toy saving monthly -with 0 FIDELITY FEDERAL A COLLEGE EDUCATION is the greatest gift you can give your child. It opens a whole new world of challenge . . . better job opportunities . . , a better standard of living. What's more, a college graduate has a lifetime income advantage of $100,000 when compared to non-graduates. Based on a working life of 40 years, that's $2,500 a year. Your child's college education will be expensive, regardless of your financial position. That's why it's so important to start saving for it with Fidelity Federal as soon as you can. He'll need roughly $6,000, so the sooner you start saving, the smaller the monthly savings addition you'll have to make. Here's how you can have $6,000 when he's ready for college: If He's You Save Monthly Have At Age 18 We Add Earnings* TOTAL 1 $21.00 $4,284.00 $1,838.87 $6,122.87 5 $29.50 $4,602.00 $1,427.28 $6,029.28 7 $36.50 $4,818.00 $1,230.23 $6,048.22 • based on our liberal retttra The Important thing Is "getting started" — open a college account for ypur child now. Savings Insured up to $10,000 by Federal Savings and Loan Insur* ante Corporation, MAIN AND CHERRY STREETS savings and loan association of galesburg

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