Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on September 30, 1963 · Page 16
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 16

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, September 30, 1963
Page 16
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16 Golesburg Regfstef-Mail, Gdlesbura, 1IL Monday, Sept. 30, 1963 DO-IT-YOURSELF - - •> Take Those Steps Necessary To Curb Basement Dampness SHOE BAR Reeves CROWDED CLOSETS By MR. FIX Newspaper Enterprise Assn. Damp basements can be caused by either condensation or seepage. Don't be too quick to think that water is leaking in from the outside when it may only be humid air condensing on the walls. Cure for this situation is to eliminate as much of the moisture from the air as possible. Vent clothes dryer to the outside. Make certain that you are getting rid of steam from cooking and showers. Use a dehumidifier if necessary. Wrap pipes with insulating tape so that water will not condense and drip on the floor. Outside Source Water from the outside is a more complicated problem, but one that is getting easier to solve thanks to modern materials. The fault may not be that of a poor foundation but of a poor drainage system around the house. While there is much you can do in the way of patching and covering to prevent water from entering, make certain that you are keeping water away from the house to begin with. Gutters and downspouts should be in good condition so that water is properly drained away from the house. If there are' low spots in the ground around your house, these can cause a build-up of ground water. Fill low spots with dirt. In extremely bad cases you may have to regrade your lot so that water runs away from the house. Foundations are coated with a CHECK BASEMENT SEEPAGE FILL AND GRADE LOW SPOTS AROUND HOME'S FOUNDATION waterproofing compound, generally a tarry substance, on the outside to keep out water. This coating should come just above ground level or water will seep in. Check Inside Willi the exterior checked you can turn your attention to the inside of your basement. General seepage—but not flowing leaks- can be cured with any number of waterproofing compounds that are spread on like paint. Many are available in colors and can be used as finish coats. Follow instructions exactly. Remove all dirt and loose mortar. Cracks should be cleaned out and filled with a concrete patch material or a mixture of one part cement, two pails sand and enough water for a stiff mixture. Cracks and opening through which water is actively flowing should be patched with hydraulic cement. This is mixed and used immediately since it dries quick- Instant Seal Latest waterproofing material is an epoxy plastic material that can be used to seal small cracks by just painting over them. As with all epoxies instructions ^ynwiniuwillpwiiiMiiiT) Bnnwmra>\ DIVIDED SHPIPAT 'TOP FOR eOX.EttJ, PLYWOOD ISIDES ' Jfc." DOWELS F=HJ 9" 45" RABBET EDGE FORJ^" PLYWOOD BACK 9" 0" J ill A. DRILL HALF THRU |gj CLIP AND SAVE •—ir—i 3" I • J should be followed carefully. The material is available in one pound lots, covering about 20 square feet. Since it sets so quickly it would not be wise to try to handle more at one time. The resin and reactor should be mixed thoroughly since setting is by chemical action and any variation in the mixture will affect it. Once mixed you have a short time (generally 15 minutes) in which to brush it on. Surfaces must be clean and dry. Most basements leak at wall and floor joints. Brush it on along this joint and along cracks and porous surfaces. Spread the material on both sides of cracks so that they are well bridged. Another coat can be applied as soon as the first has hardened. More than one coat should be used where leaks are bad. THERE'S NOTHING LIKE SOFT WATER • For Laundry • For Bath • For Kitchen With an WATER * SOFTENER Galesburg Soft Water Co. Phone 343-9068 175 N. Cherry Galesburg, III Iris Takes A Step Mrs. Walter W. Fife of Jefferson Parish, La., has a walking iris which she describes as fantastic. Walking iris is Marica gracilis, a perennial that produces a succession of short-lived, beautiful flowers in the spring, After blooming, each stem bows to the ground and roots a step away from the mother plant. The new plant may be separated, once it has firmly rooted, and planted in a pot or in the garden where it will bloom the next spring. Mrs. Fife says the separation may be made almost any time, but she does it in the summer or fall. She recommends spacing about two to three feet apart. The flowers are lightly fragrant and last only a day. The blooms have three outer petals and three inner ones, the former three inches long, velvety white with yellow and sepia cross marks at the base. The inner petals are white streaked with sepia and blue. Fans Out The foliage is evergreen, bright and shining, Vh feet long and fanning o< from the root stock. Mrs. Fife has about 30 walking iris. All of them stem from a gift (Continued on page 17) THE BEST...FOR LESS Custom-Built Homes from BEST BUILT Extra big SAVINGS NOW on our regular coit-reduclng Owner-Completion Plan... and NO MONEY DOWN on your lot Don't miss this opportunity to own e new home! Now Best Built brings you.quality building at bigger-than-ever savingsl And you can save even more on building costs ...with Best Built's Home-Completion Plan. You can't afford not to own your own home at such low cost! Far easier than paying rentl COMPLETE PERSONALIZED FINANCING Convenient one-stop service—no waiting • No red tape • Small monthly terms to fit your budget UP TO 25 YEARS TO PAYI Call or write today, while we can (till offer these special savingsl OVER 75 ,000 §WTI$FJEP CUSTOMERS SINCE 19U Phone PEORIA 074*5615 BEST BUILT CO. 433 Ut National Bank Building P»orl«, IlUnoi* Without eblijotioB, pl«ast furiisb m» ditolls its • Siral-finlsM komti • tgrnpltUd homu FIIE... Ulvstrotid Miv Mean Catalog City -TiL. 1 »yi i ipt ii_ • I it let «wa i let MV. GRM 9-3U Private Room for Study Boosts Youngster's Grades NEW STUDY-bedroom in attic has been insulated with mineral wool for year-round comfort and to make heating and cooling economical. One way parents can help a child achieve the grades he needs is to provide him with a comfortable, distraction - free place to study. It should be well- lighted, quiet, and equipped with a good-size desk and comfortable chair. Ideally, a student should have a room of his own for sleep and study. If he doesn't have one now, a good place to make one is in the expansion attic of many post-war homes, or the catch-all space under the roof found in most older houses. How simple or lavish you make the bedroom-study area is mostly a matter of personal taste and finances, but extra care should be taken with the key elements because of their importance in providing both comfort and utility. To dispel darkness and help make a converted attic bright and cheerful, make full use of windows. If possible, the desk should be placed near a window so that COMPLETE PLASTERING SERVICE R. M. Sandberg PLASTERING CONTRACTOR 342-4905 natural light passes over the left shoulder of the right-handed person, and vice versa. Good artificial light is important, too. Don't cut corners on the desk lamp, since one that's poorly designed can cause eye fatigue. A good place to turn for advice on proper lighting is the local electric power supplier. A key to year-round comfort in any attic conversion is insulation installed correctly and in amounts meeting recommended standards. Batts or blankets of mineral wool will prevent much of the sun's heat from penetrating through to the new room below. Without proper insulation most converted attics would be too hot to work or sleep in during the late spring and early fall school days, as well as in summer. And, of course, too cold in winter. Many families save money by installing the insulation themselves, since it's a reasonably easy job. Building materials dealers will provide instruction tips, If adequate insulation is used, the existing heating system probably can be extended to heat the new room in winter, at low cost. READ THE WANT ADS! AIR CONDITIONERS , . . should be covered with our rubberized nylon material . . . only $6.95. Guaranteed to fit all Vi and S A ton units. (Larger units slightly higher.) $1.00 installation charge. DON'T REMOVE IT - COVER IT , . , with • Nylon Cover from , , , Survey Cause Of Accidents In Homes Palls are one of the major causes of home accidents. The possibility of falls for young and old is reduced considerably by the 1-level house which has nonskid floors and non-trip floor coverings. Small changes in level are hazardous. For this reason, single steps should be avoided, both inside and outside the house. Stairs should have at least three steps. If small changes in level are necessary, a ramp can be used. If the house is to have a basement or second story, precautions must be taken in designing the stairway in order to reduce the number and the seriousness of possible falls. Stairways should have hand rails on both sides for all steps. Short flights of stairs with landings are preferred to a single, straight flight. All stairways should be well lighted. Install indoor switches for outdoor steps, and three-way switches at the top and bottom of all stairs. Avoid Traffic Areas Because all traffic areas should haye a smooth, even floor, do not use interior door thresholds. Where sliding doors or partitions are installed in room or passageway areas, ceiling tracks are preferred to floor tracks. Tracks which protrude above floor level should never be used in traffic areas. Floors and stairways finished with materials that do not require waxing are preferable to those that do. A thin, well-buffed coat of hard wax does not significantly increase the slipping hazard. However, a heavy coat of soft wax that is not properly polished can create a serious hazard. Non-slip flooring is especially important in the kitchen and bathroom. Unglazed ceramic mosaic tile or unwaxed vinyl or vinyl-asbestos is suggested for .these rooms. From a safety standpoint, wall-to-wall carpeting is strongly recommended. Partial floor coverings are likely to be hazardous because people trip or slip on them. If small rugs are used, they should have non-skid backs or be used with non-skid pads. For further safety suggestions around the home, send 15c for Circular Cl.l, "Hazard Free Houses For All," to the Small Homes Council-Building Research Council, University of Illinois, Mumford House, Urbana, 111., 61803. Illinois residents add state sales tax. Wincl-Resistant Roof Flouts Hurricanes It's time to batten down houses in high-wind areas for the storm season. The first spot to check is the roof, because once it's damaged the rest of the house and its furnishings are wide open to the driving rains that sweep along with most storms. Roofers, home owners and housing officials tn hurricane and other high-wind areas of the country have found that self-sealing asphalt shingles with the Underwriters' Laboratories wind- resistant label have successfully withstood 100-mph hurricanes. They are also, fire-resistant and durable. r DECLARED FAVORITE — Big favorite in any home is a playroom which can grow with children from diapers through denims and converts for parents' use as well. This one in daylight basement features walls of glowing, durable west coast hemlock paneling, comfortable furniture and tough tile floor. Window seat is an ideal clutter catcher. Playroom That Grows Up When you design a family room or playroom for the children, you have to be mighty careful. Sometimes the family room is so much oriented to youngsters' roughhousing that it 's quickly outgrown and must be redecorated in a couple of years to meet the family 's changing needs. Obviously, this can get costly, so it's smart to take a long-range approach at the outset and plan a family room that will be as good 15 years from now as it is today. This means creating a permanent, hard-wearing shell in which furnishings and accessories can be added or changed as needed. There are a number of excellent, truly tough flooring materials on the market today which give long years of service while retaining their good appearance. These can be wet-mopped to take care of spills and scuffs contributed by small fry, but also will be sophisticated enough for the family later, as the children outgrow their rambunctious stage. Color and pattern can also be selected with an eye toward using an area rug in the future. Provide Warmth Walls can be wood paneled to give warmth and character to the room and, again, to insure adaptability. Prestige woods like vertical grain west coast hemlock can be used without worry when finished with one of the new clear plastics. These new plastics are ART YOUNGREN Sanitary Plumbing Hoi Walar Holing 1327 Brown Avt. — 343-CS13 entirely washable, though fingerprints and other smudges won't show up on natural finished wood as they do on a flat, painted surface. In addition, many of the plastics have a hand-rubbed appearance which will give the family room walls living room loveliness. Walls paneled in tongue-and- groove hemlock have great charm and a timelessness which allows you to switch furnishings easily, from Early Attic to Early American or any other style. Any color scheme is enhanced by their rich Heat Wave Mere Ripple Thanks To Insulation Dog days don't dog human beings who've thoroughly insulated the walls, ceilings and floors of their homes with mineral wool. Although it's permanently out of sight, insulation has a visible effect on the way people — and dogs — feel, look, and act, summer and winter. Tempers no longer sizzle with the heat or curdle with the cold, because thorough insulation helps keep the house mint-cool all summer and toast-warm all winter. At the same time, both heating and cooling bills are substantially lower than with little or no insulation. golden beige coloring. Storage built-ins are another essential of the family room's basic shell. There should be spacious cupboards designed to take anything from an ash tray to a card table or the music equipment, without interior clutter. They can be built with doors flush with the walls, or designed to look like a grouping of bunch chests, topped by a counter. A window seat is another good idea. It will store the children's assortment of toys and games and, later, their sports equipment. Always, it will provide additional, permanent seating m the room. Just remember, when planning that family room, that children's diapers soon become denims, and denims turn to frilly dresses or white shirts even quicker. READ THE CLASSIFIEDS! . INSURE AGAINST FIRE ft Commercial * Domtitle Fire Insurance A»k About Our Horn* Own.] •ri Policy Plan. Huff Insurance W Phon» 342-3414 120 Hill Arcad* IDEAL FENCE PERMANENT "BUILT-IN" PROTECTION Your Choice of: # Top-Quality Steel Fabric Hot Galvanized] After < Fabrication • A WIDE VARIETY OF TYPES in All Standard Heights EXPERT ERECTION SERVICE - INSURED WORKMEN OVER 30 YEARS IN THE BUSINESS CALL US FOR QUOTATION BEFORE YOU BUY L Eo RYDEN " ONE NOW Available! PAINTABLE triple-tilt ALUMINUM STORMS You can point them to match your trim PRICES START AT ANODIZED WINDOWS from $13.00 ANODIZED DOORS from $34.95 LAMBERT'S 139 Public Sq. Knoxville, III. Phone 289-7306 HOME: CENTER JURY LAMBERT, Owntr

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