The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 20, 1955 · Page 46
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 46

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 20, 1955
Page 46
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i-Algenfa (In.) Upper Pit Mein«H Thursday, October id, 1955 Noted Radio-TV Emcee Is Swea City Speaker Swea & Eagle—The Linde Implement. Co< of Swea City was liost Monday evening. Oct. 17 at the School 'gymnasium to Die 4-H club and FFA Mothcr-Son-Dau- £ liter banquet. Everett Mitchell nf, "It's a Beautiful Day in Chicago," fame over the National Farm and Home Hour, was the featured speaker. Bill Austin of Radio Station WHO was pianist and" Roger Linde showed colored movies of a Canadian fishing trip taken this fall. Home For Celebration Homecoming at the Cwea City Community school Friday night brought many college students home for the weekend. They were Carol Miller, Waldorf College, Forest City. Michael Dolan and Ronald Peterson of University oi Iowa. Iowa City, and Cheryle Torino of Iowa State Teachers College, Cedar Falls. Floyd Treat, Nora Olson, Emil Larson. Lowell Larson. Chester Farrington, and Leslie Anderson attended the Iowa Baptist Stale Convention held Tuesday. Oct. 11, at Charles City. The Swea Sunbeam 4-H Club met Saturday afternoon at Community Hall. Installation of officers was held. Mrs E. E. Thompson who returned home last week Tuesday, after two weeks in Mankato hospital where she had eye surgery, We've Got The Best Gun Going . . . ITHACA Feather- light Repeater 1 Advertised in this month's Farm arid Home Section WESTERN AUTO STORE returned, to the hospital Friday for further Mr and Mrs William Durbin and their two children of Gilmore City were Sunday noon dinner guests of Mr and Mrs Glen Olson. Max Treat and a friend, Gail Ann Johnson of Minneapolis were weekend visitors at parental homes. Max was at Floyd Treats and Gail Ann was at G. W. Johnsons. Mr and Mrs Eldon Isaacson have moved from Swea City into Ihe farm home vacated by Eldon's mother, Mrs Frank Isaacson. Mrs Isaacson whoses husband died recently, will make her home with her daughter and her family, Mr and Mrs Allen Looft, Swea City. Mr and Mrs Eldon Isaacson became parents of twin boys, born Monday Oct. 10 at Holy Family hospital, Estherville. The twins weighed 5 pounds, 8 ounces and fi pounds. They are the parents first children, children. Miss Barbara Dodson. Barbara Crowe, Joyce Johnson, Franklyn Flock, and Duane Sisson all of Waterloo were Friday noon dinner guests at the Emil Larson home. Miss Dodson, a graduate of Baptist College, Sioux Falls, S. D. and other named seniors of Waterloo high school were enro.ute" to attend Homecoming at Sioifx Falls College. Mr and Mrs F. J. McCoy of Ames are visiting at the home of the^r son, Leon McCoy, and his family. .. Mr and Mrs Thomas f Preston returned Thursday after nearly two weeks honeymoon trip..'to Denver, Colo. The newlyvveds will begin housekeeping at an early date in the newly remodeled farm home on the Joe Preston's farm. Mr and Mrs Truman Johnson were honored upon their 25th wedding anniversary S u n d a y, Oct. 16. Their children and in- laws, Mr and Mrs Earl DeZeeuw of Ames, Mr and Mrs Marvin Johnson and Terry Johnson look Rummage & Bake Sale At The Congregational Church Basement Saturday, Oct. 22 their parents to dinner at "Elsie's'' in Fairmont', Minn. Saturday night. Mr and Mrs Earl DeZeeuw of Ames visited from Saturday until Monday morning at her parents, Mr and Mrs Truman Johnson. CHIU9 REE88 A MOt* of Thlt, * Lliite al That; Net Mucb 8 A.M. lo 2 P.M. Your Cattle Need Help" FEED . . . and you can depend nn "4*4" Beef Supplements lo help your cattle • turn mere 4eed Into beef • put on that slick, imoath finish for top market prlcei • stay on feed • stimulate rumen bacterlq WAI NUT (> GROVE l 4x4 BEEF "SUPPLEMENTS Eugene Huber . Phone 12-F32 . Algona Can you beat this, here's a letter I received from an Upper Des Moines reader at Whittemore: "Say, Mr. Raver, I have been an Upper Des Moines reader for over 20 years and among other printing in the paper I also read your bunk (or is it junk you call it) and I got a kick out of the ton- gue-lwisler stuff you had in your column lately and so I decided'to also hand you a tongue-twister and you can print it if you wqnt to. It is one that my dad, years and years ago, evolved and it was printed in an early edition of the home paper at Whittemore. No, I am not signing my name to this letter but I can assure you ol this—you know me and I know you, though we don't each owe the other a cent. Here it is and I think it's quite clever, having lo cid with soldiers and my dad served in the army years and years ago: "I saw six short soldiers scrubbing six short shirts, six short soldiers scrubbed and scrubbed, six short soldiers rubbed and rubbed; six short soldiers sung a .song; their singing surely showed those six short shirts that six short soldiers scrubbed and scrubbed were six short shirts that Sister Susie sewed." And there you have another twister, so to speak. —o— II just looks to me like Ed Shackelt'ord should be the president and leader of the Algona Pipe Puffing Club because on account of lie sure knows his pipes and his puffing, so to speak. I find that Ed lias 24 pipes, various in size and in cost, and he carries four to six with him all the time night and day, and he sure knows how to use them, too, because hi? is a good smoker and can even blow it through his nose in smoke clouds, so to speak. And it's a cinch Ed should know how to smoke a pipe because on account ot he says he has enjoyed pipe puffing for about thirty years. The pipes cost runs from two bucks to §13,50, but Ihe killer is one lhal was given him as a present. But Ed uses the better brand of pipe tobacco and so his smoking is not of the smell sort. And Ed also has and uses the most gentlemanly stance in his smoking. The pipe between his teeth holds the most correct position. And he doesn't clash the ashes out of his pipe except in proper receptacles, never shakes his pipe on the floor or the rugs. And his pipe sm-oking stance'is of the approved sort, miows just how the pipe looks besj when between his teeth, etc. Yes, I'm sure in favor of Ed taking over the leadership in the Algona Pipe Puffers Organization, because on account of he's tops in knowing how to use a pipe, has the most perfect, stance, .and has a collection of pipes which is topmost in pipe ownership in this city, so to speak. —0— It was over the weekend that I visited in Des Moines and so on the return trip home Sunday afternoon I done some arthmatic- ing and counting along traffic lines and I sure like lo do that, too. And I found that there is plenty speeding on the highway because on accouftt of 1 kept my bus at a 60-mile limit, never over lhal speed and so there were counted 421 cars which passed me at a higher going, so to speak. And so I now know that most of the car drivei-s can't take a 66* mile speed, top slow for them, it seems. But I also know that yoUr car gets more mileage per gallon than does that for the driver who holds, a 60-1nile going too slow. There are several stretches between here and Des Moines where the paving has been widened and on those stretches over a 60-mile going is not so bad. But I still feel that an 80-mile going on some of the old and narrow arid rough paving we have is too much. Well, maybe I'm nuts about highway speeding, but 1 do know this, when two cars meet at 40-mile or 60-mile going they don't raise near the dickens that the two cars do when going 70 or 80, so to speak. —o— In another three weeks we're going to have an election in this city and I predict we're going to have a lot of fun on that day. And I also predict that there is going to be a dandy good turn-out of folks who propose to mark their ballot for this, that or the other gent running for office. With five candidates for mayor the outlaok tor a heavy vole is plenty good. And I sure would get a kick out of voting for all five", but voting regulations put a stop to that and I can only vote for one. By the way, all five candidates for the chief office are nice gents, I know them all, and this I do believe, that any of them will make a dandy good head of city officialdom, so to speak. , ^f ^^W^^^^^^^^» ' • ^^^••J'^^i^^ ST. JOE By Mrs Syl Wd$nif California Folks Conclude Visit At Irvington Irvington—Mr and Mrs Vernon Carr of Inyokern, Calif, spent the past two weeks at the home of her brother, Robert Gaffney and visited several old friends in the neighborhood. Their last visit here was in 1920 when they spent the summer at the Gaffney home. Mrs Carr is the former Annabelle Gaffney. They had also visited a son in Alaska before stopping here. SEE WHAT CLEAN CAN MEAN! fcc» Weigh to Sj.e Door he* Soap 'N Water S.»er j> hutli j l.jiiii; I'...,J. I. ,l,cs j;-lb'.»..;k OJC >!.« -itld klll.lJ.Jius 01 ».:%!;, IIK-iJ*.., v.j> anj L;J to 10 Ken Pushbutton laundro- Cuide j;n t-> ii me jn.i t'.-mp<.r.i[ulc lor all (jbruj lor «11 U.-fiiK* of > Come in...|ust 3 minutes shows you why your best buy is the new 1956 Westinghouse laundromat 9 "New \\'.iy to Wash" Agi-Tumb!» Action gets clothes more thoroughly, safely clean —flushes, lifts, turns, tumbles ever/ piece. • Even, thorough agitation. Agitator vanes built into sides of washbaskei replace old-fashioned center-post agitator, clean more thoroughly, eliminate wear and tear. I Most efficient rinsing. Agitator vanei 'lift cloches away when draining begins. Dirty wash and rinse water never drain through clothes. Diet Stajs out. per week after small down payment Mr and Mrs Wayne Bown and children of Iowa Falls spent Sunday at the A. M. Lemkee home. Mrs A. Coop of Grinnell spent the weekend at the home of Mr and Mrs Alex McLean. She is a sister of Mr McLean. Mr and Mrs Clarence Thilges and son from Fenton spent Sunday at the Tony Thilges home here. Si Hamilton -has been laid up with a bad cold and pleurisy for a few days. George Hahle is driving one of his gravel trucks. Mrs Elmer Dole and her sister, Mrs L. Menke of Bancroft left Saturday by plane for Le Mesa, Cal. for two weeks visit at the home of Mr and Mrs Joe Bird and family. Mr and Mrs W. McMahon have rented ah apartment over the store here and moved in on Mon. He is employed with Elmer Dole. • Mr and Mrs Richjrd kohlhaas will entertain the Five Hundred 61ub in their home on Sunday evening, Oct. 23. Wilma Jean Schrempp from Hartington, Neb. and Sharon O'Brien, both students at Briar Cliff College, Sioux City spent the past weekend here with Sharon's parents, Mr and Mrs Hubert O'Brien and family. Miss Schrempp is majoring in sociology.' Clarence Erpelding, Colorado Springs, Colo, spent the weekend here on business and visiting his father, Peter Erpelding and other relatives and friends. ,, >, Mr and Mrs Willie Thilges are parents of a daughter ,born Oct. 13 in St. Ann hospital in Algona. .They now have two girls and two boys. Maternal,grandparents are Mr and Mrs Nick Bormann of here and paternal grandparents are Mr and Mrs William Thilges Sr. of Algona. Margaret Elenz is assisting with the household duties in the Willie Thilges home. Catholic Daughters of America Court St. Joseph will have a 6:30 pot-luck dinner and reception .of new members in St. Joseph's School Hall on Thursday, Oct. 20. Committee in charge will be Mrs Delmer Plathe, Mrs Harold Reding, Mrs Willie Erpelding, Mrs Wilfred Schneider, Mrs Johanna Smith, Mrs Herb Kayser, Mrs John B. Reding, Mrs Maggie Thilges, Mrs Claude Lawrence, Mrs Nick Bormann, Mrs John thul, Mrs Clarence Bormann, Mrs Henry Zeimet, Mrs Frank Slattlemann .and Marjorfe Illg. Prairie 4-H Pals Elect Officers The Prairie Pals met Saturday, Oct. 15 with Julie and Melissa Nygaard. 1 Officers elected for the new year were: Gloria Wise, president; Julie Nygaard, vice president; Ruth Wise, • secretary - treasurer: Deloris Studer, historian; Merle Ann Harig, reporter; Melissa Nygaard, photographer; Helen Lickteig, music chairman; Darlene Studer, recreation chairman. Helen Lickteig gave a talk on "How to have a prettier room". Ruth Wise, Melissa Nygaard and Merle Ann Harig had a panel discussion on subjects for the new year. Mrs Jack Ludwig showed how to block print. Recreation was in charge of Melissa Nygaard and Merle Ann Harig. . The next meeting will be at the August Sluder home on Nov. 12.' Peglow, Mary Alice Klein, Linda Bristow and Mafy Daley. • Installation of officers was held as follows: Carol Fridefes, president, Wilma Brown, vice president, fionhie Ffoehlich, secretary, Judy Ffoehlich, trea* surer, Karen Seller, historian and Jo Arm Klemm, reporter. A talk on "Accessory Ideas'* was given by Karen Seller. Plans were made to have a hayride on Oct. 31 and each member is to bring a guest. Bonnie Froehlich, Carol Frideres, Judy Frideres and Mary Arndorfer are on the entertainment committee and Judy Froehlich, Karen Seiler and Jo Ann Klemm are on the lunch committee. SENECA NEWS The chairman^ Mrs Ted Jensen, announced the following committee chairmen; Safety, Mrs Martin Wilberg; Schools, Mrs Fred Brown; Health, M?s Clarence Osborn World Trade and International Understanding, Mrs John Struecker; Reading, Mrs Robert Forlney; Legislature, Mrs Earl Ccouch; National Resources, Mrs Siebold Behrends; and Music, Mrs Claude Johnson. Mr and Mrs Henry Looft, accompanied by Mr and Mrs Tea Jensen and Mr and Mrs Harold Grondhov attended Luther,,College Homecoming at Decorah HIT BY SCOOP Harley Chumbley of Osceola is recovering, after being hit by a scoop at the end of a crane, which got out of control. His chest was injured, and he was unconscious for half an hour. FOUND Three year old Montie McCoy of hear Montour disappeared from his home recently. After 1 an intensive search, he was found in a cornfield about a quarter of a mile away. ADVERTISING in the Algoni Upper Des Moines rescues more families in Kossuth county than my other publication. ,' SHAVING ylEGS fl -S: FOR SHAVING i UNDERARMS NEW ELECTRIC SHAVER DESIGNED FOR THE NEEDS OF WOMEN V9U CAM 81 SURE... <F ITS BEECHER LANE APPLIANCES 778 "* " "The Wildest Trader In T^wn" Algona Irvington Ideal 4-H Installs / .• The October meeting of the Irvington Ideals was held at Ihe home of Carol and Judy Frideres with, nineteen members and two leaders present. * Mrs Arndorfer and Mrs Bristow .were guest. *l. New. members arc Marilyn We've Got It! WYETH'S Bicillin Fortified Advertised in this month's Farm and Home Section HONSBRUCH DRUG 'Saturday and saw the Luther Norsemen defeat the Upper Iowa Peacocks, 16-0. Enroute home they visited with the Gordon Christfansons at Grafton, Iowa. Mrs Martin and John Johannesen both have Oct. 15 as their birthday, so in honor of the occasion relatives helped them observe their anniversary on Sunday evening. Those present included Bob Wilberg, Mr and Mrs John Johannesen and Ronnie, Tilda Johannesen, Mr and Mrs Ted Johannesen and family and Mr and Mrs Henry Looft • and David. Glond'O'toc PIG TEE The New UOUID Hog Warmer NOTHING TO MIX ... no special feeds to buy! Just pour Gland-O-Lac's new PIG TEE in drinking water or slop to rid pigs of roundworms or nodular worms in one dayl On Sale At ROBINSON PRODUCE Algona Wesley Quality ... with * / Economy A COMPLETE FURNITURE STORE WITH QUALITY LINES BUT LOW •OVERHEAD . . . "j- New Shipments Daily — Direct From Factories FREE DELIVERY ANYWHERE PETEKSEiVS FURNITURE PHONE 32 FENTON. IOWA I ONLY the Lady SunbeomSHAVEMASTEl has d shaving edge finely ground lo shave the legs, end the f (her edge ground lo Ihe correct thickness for underarm use Stay neat, fresh and dainty all-year long with a Lady Sunbeam Shave- master. Its gentle, sure performance will always safeguard your personal, feminine charm. This electric shaver is especially designed to serve the: needs of women. The Lady Sunbeam shaves both legs and underarms with equally perfect results. It is small—no larger than a compact. Ends muss and fuss, nicks and cuts of soap and blade. QWY »14.50 HALl^STRAHORN ..* <>! J * ..' . '., -.•„.! ~ -'">« Ai-ft "The Hardware Store Oo The North Side of the Slreet" PUBLIC AUCTION of Estate Land The JOHN E. FARRELL Estate Land will be sold at public auction at the Council Room in the Municipal Building in Elmore, Minnesota on: Friday, Oct. 28, •» at 2:00 p.m. DESCRIPTION; Northwest Quarter (NW!4) 23-101-28, Fqribault County, Minnesota^ '• . Choice improved quarter section. Six room house, good barn, double crib and granary, hog house, silo, good well, excellent soil. Location: 2V? miles north, 4 3 4 miles west of ilmore, Minnesota. * * * * Weit half of Northeast Quarter (NEVi) 14.101*28 Faribault Count\ , , Minnesota. Unimproved eighty, good soil, location: 3V? miles north, 4!/2 miles west of Elmore, Minnesota. TERMS: 25 down. Balance March 1, 1956. if POSSESSION: March 1, 19|6, Clear title with 1955 taxes paid and abstract to be furnished. Harlan Gaard, Frost, Minn. A, F f Weyer, ilmore, Minn. , 8r,95.,,A|goiM!, la. AUCTIONEERS Farrell, Whjttemore, EXECUTORS 42-Hi

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