The Index-Journal from Greenwood, South Carolina on April 22, 1998 · Page 25
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The Index-Journal from Greenwood, South Carolina · Page 25

Greenwood, South Carolina
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 22, 1998
Page 25
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SPOTLIGHT r 54-Wtmrty. April U. 1N Irving will reprise her role in horror sequel 'Carrie IF t1 in -1 Urn AMY INVINO Amy Irving, who made her. film debut in Brian De Palma's 1976 teen thriller "Carrie." will star in the United Artists sequel "Carrie II " Irving will play the same woman .the only surviving character from the first film who takes a job as high-school guidance counselor in a county near the site of the nnpinal mavhem. "Carrie II" stars Emily Bergle as a disenfranchised young student who discovers her own frightening powers when the football team plays a cruel joke on her. Legacy eats up Rhino's spoof film 'Plump Fiction' "Plump Fiction," Rhino Films' spoof on independent filmmaking and the work of writer-director Quentin Taran-tino. has been acquired by Legacy Releasing The company will distribute the film this year in conjunction with the short film "Swing Blade," another comedic riff on indie filmmaking. "Plump Fiction" tells the story of an insect exterminator (Tommy Davidson) who must take his boss' plump and sexy . wife (Julie Brown) out for a night on the town that includes a search for black-market chocolate. "Swing Blade" follows the transformation of a boy from the backwoods into a big-city love magnet and takes a crosseyed look at the hit independent films "Sling Blade" and "Swingers." Director Cameron takes on LA. film critic Turan Director James Cameron just can't get over himself. His film "Titanic" won 11 Oscars. The film has already become the highest-grossing film of ail time. Its soundtrack is the biggest-selling soundtrack of all time. But Jim just isn't satisfied. Now he's taking on film critics. Cameron published a diatribe against "Los Angeles Times" critic Kenneth Turan for his pan of "Titanic" last December. ' Cameron called Turan in the critic's own paper, no less "a bitter man who attacks and rips apart movies that the great majority of viewers find well worth their time and money." Turan slammed the film again just before the Oscars. Saying that it was a thoroughly average film masquerading as an epic, and all the Oscars and box officees in the world couldn't change that Ellen DeGeneres will star in 'Mad About You' finale sign of things to 3$' MMII CAMERON In what could' be a come or not to come from "Ellen," series star Ellen DeGeneres will be guest starring on the season-finale of "Mad About You" That might all seem fine and well, except "Ellen" airs on ABC and "Mad About You" is an NBC show, which means that DeGeneres will be making a very rare "billed" appearance on work during the all' sweeps penod. No one is saying anything yet, but it certainly appears that this is a sign that "Ellen" the series will be ending its run at the end of this season. DeGeneres, by the way, will be playing the new full-time nanny. DIQINIRES a competing net-important May RUDD Continued From Page SI "I didn't choose to play George because he's gay, and I didn't choose to turn it down because he was gay," the actor says. "It was just a nonissue, even though it's crucial to the story line." Actually, Rudd says, he considered the whole issue to be a test of his personal integrity as an actor. "If I'd turned down the role because people don't really know me yet and this might give them a certain perception of me," he explains, "that would have been completely playing into something I don't believe in." The actor arrived on the "Object" set one day after watching the Broadway production of The Last Night of Ballyhoo," in which he had performed for nearly a year, win the 1997 Tony Award for Best Play. After wrapping production on the film, he returned to the show for several more months. "The stage keeps me honest," he says simply. "Not since I'd been at school (at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in California) was there anything I'd done that had a real sense of ritual to it. "On a film you can work one day and not the next," he says. "You can have a day shoot or a night shoot, be on location or in the studio. "With a play it's like going to an office job. You have to be at the same place every day and see the same people.' There's something really calming about having a ritual in your life. "Making films, for me, is just not as fulfilling as going out on a stage," he concludes. His next stage role will be Orsino in Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night," which begins a limited run this summer with a stellar cast that also includes Helen Hunt and Kyra Sedgwick. "It's a daunting feeling to know that m have to start off with the Tf music be the food of love, play on' speech in front of 1,100 people on opening night," says Rudd, who lives in Manhattan's West Village. "Just opening night is the biggest nut to crack. "I hear people say, 'Why does anyone still do that play? It's silly,' " the actor adds. "Nick is doing the play because he loves it, and so am I. And we both realized that it's kind of a follow-up to "Object of My Affection.' "Everyone wants somebody they can't have," he explains. "When you get down to it, that's the same basic story. It's so universal and timeless." Rudd's love affair with acting began years ago, during his childhood in Kansas City, Kansas, but his success "just sort of happened." His ship came in most unexpectedly, in the form of "Clueless," that candy-coated celebration of the 1990s Valley Girl. "It made me very- popular with the 13-year-old-girl crowd," Rudd says, laughing. Within the industry, it raised my profile. People saw the movie in Hollywood. After "Clueless,' I didn't have to audition as often for casting directors. "That was a very big thing for me." Stardom clearly holds little interest for Rudd, and he has no yen for megamovie roles. In fact, the actor denies any long-term plans whatsoever. "I live in New York and I do my thing," he says. "I do plays there, and I go to Los Angeles to do movies. "I'm working," Rudd says. "I'm going from 'Object' to 'Twelfth Night.' I'd rather think about Twelfth Night,' about my excitement right now for that, about putting all my energy into that, than worry about the future." fy Don't Throw Away a(P I'm Recyclable! seeking SWF 18. Looking for someone who is into camping, taking hikes just sitting and watching TV together. I enjoy cooking, reading and writing poetry for people I care about and who care about me. I'man all around fun person lo be around, if you like what you hear, give me a call. Call Ext. 6394 SBF51, 137 lbs., intelligent, classy & can rise to the occasion. 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