The Independent from London, Greater London, England on September 12, 2001 · 4
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The Independent from London, Greater London, England · 4

London, Greater London, England
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 12, 2001
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THE INDEPENDi ooit rI2S Two hours that shook the world how horror came to the heart of the US f- ! CotM I El hm I ' Snd2nRndSipSolfc CTj evjstrgB7onUrs)id 3 'wL " ' SbmSP T'lf ''SSimL V M """'"j 1 1 dwjss - 5lS?S2Sl5I!C' gSW MrikissnDM175tan jsssVpxnjn RruSSSf ' " gVffISl J CI BSflEHR;)i-,i: .fFaw Wl-jWHafVi -aswMNelsi ' sBsaV, " mmockM BMlWnari)e MMH ft IkN r &a Priests give last rites on the street as survivors queue to give blood. This looks like a war zone New York By David UsaosNZ H06rTrAUMManrusnapent yesterday in lull emergency made, administering to hundreds of badb hrjured victims of the twin towen disaster. The city was unable to give any figure m how many people may have perished, but the death to Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, standing outside the entrance of St Vincent's hospital in downtown Manhattan, made no attempt to hide his fears. "The casualties will be more then any of us can bear, ultimately" he said. The scene behind him was reminiscent of wan About a hundred doctors and nurses were gathered on the pavement outside the hospital with stretchers and drips wafting fcr the ambulances to bring more victims from the site of the tragedy, almost a mile to the south. Also on hand in the bright sun were priests, in dog cottars and rubber gloves, to give the last rites on the street when it was necessary. Mayor Giuliani said at lean 2.100 People had been injured, (00 of them taken to hospitals by mid-afternoon. Hospitals aaid the numbers would rise Almost aH those who bad been arriving at St Vincent's and other area hospitals by last night were people who wen not actuslh la either of the towers. Daniel Acksrman, a npokee-man for St Vincent's hospital, said: "The emergency services have told us to expect more vie-timt coining in 4jp hours and maybe for days. There are more people who are am and still under the debris." Mr Ackerman warned also that as the hospital began to receive people from Inside the began to towers and adjacent Wnwngs their Injuries were User to be niuch wont. But as the Bow of casualties slowed later in the day, doctors feared that meant that many had died. Dr James DiDard, at St Vknettfa hospital, sakt "le Haas normal busy day, but it ki eerie. We eipected to get ovsr-whekned. It is surreal inside, but there are no sick patients. I think ao many paopie are dead." BylaatiikJmdoctaibd been assigned m various different hospitals to prepare to look after new victims as they came In. At another sTJnranra to 8t Vincent's, meanwhile. New Yorkers were queuing around the blwk to donate bkiod. "How Rescue workers leajove n i Both! can anyone stand around when something like this happens," said FeleBauch, who ktafund-raiser in the city and had come with friends to gmt blood. Almost all businesses shut down eariy m New York in response to the tragedy The American Red Cross, imsimhile,ssidttwaswDrUag with the US military to rush thfflMsnns of pints of blood to New York to ensure supplies dkl not run out. The government siso sent IB Navy ships to New York with suppfies of rnedlcal The Ant waves of Injured peopteuvrfuussllaiBanurnb of rescue personnel who had been dose to the towers when it collapsed. Many had scratched eyeballs from the frying concrete dust Mayor Gfuheni ordered goggles to be issued to all rescue workers at the ate. On a day of extraordinary emotion in the dry, many watt-kj outside the hospital began to cry when a wife and chud found a husband aha had thought was dead. They had toMMVttetvVfatM Thay bad both coma to St Vta-esnra looking fcr one another. "Ididrtsnowifnrbabyliada from one of the vrorld Trade Ceatretaviersand, anCTtwwMtacaauimcracraaaelsrtathe father any more," she said, wailing iiocordrollabty. The two aircraft did not just lik New Ybrh financial heart, Ohttthepaweostoedtobe the coys nerve centre m the event of a crass. On the Brd rto of me vlbrkllrafc Centre were the ottces and ountral centre of the New York dry Here won tin bsnks of television screens end raws of cccn-pus consoles ftstwouMhstc TsOatoTfldttCPsMseaTMO andtfaebuiltliithMTmehlt But tUa "flw Bnta Rood" of flsCCavlyABasslOrisas able to contributt nueh. The Doomed TjydOtoatEWsfel JSI is It' hwp inonsiB phone from one f JT ,M rf actod m tfvseefMrlflsQF m eKrfctaj how peHenfon end iTT(4&I P-jfc m crtw bed been bented to the IlWf back of the plane, , btdbw It Kt vgm Bjr dived and creshod hrto the nam Pentainii,klIIoalonboard. iSsSSsW MrsBsrhara Cfeoa, a tacks" had been breached. 0mr vm never afDing to be rkubl Kin 0mr VMRteoet-tacfei on the centre wtthto is nateatosa. It w left to (he petv pleonnM9TWeritooopeitone. orimoftooltapwof the toeen. UshiwI litfi above lower Man-haftan, raany wmhlug fcr fl- And they had onty an hour left passenger THE WIFE of a senior OS onV dal called her badamd twice network CNN, told bar mav band, the US Solicitor Genar-al Tad Oawn. that the onty weasponi ehe oetdd eee the U- parasaedie and a i&KHnKafamq&w1tontmnKbttatrmti&t. in loirer Manhattan Shannon StapJetonReufers; Jote JimenezGetty aralthen, half an hour later, the other came down. John Axisa, who was getting of a eonv nnalai train to the World Trade Centre, said he saw "todies falling out" of the tild1ng.He said he ran outside, and winded penpieknnpout of the first buildmg. As each leapt, the gathering crowds on the street, their necks craned In acreamed In horror. A who answered the phone on the trading floor at Cantor Dtzaei -ald,abtiasniiearthetopofthe fMd'Tv Centra, was ssssd what was hnpneadDg. "Wre called her mil renWuriril nittti The aircraft ta beBeved to have been an American Air-anas naaa, wnsai was xajscssa en loute from Wsssasygton to LosAngiiis, i ai ijsigsspae- CNN reported bow Mrs son nssnsvad to use bar Biobfle avahone uuvuthL "Sie caaBdkbiissandtvTiMdvr-klg Mil liQai skaj i Wm Itii cm reported. Mr ski fBg dying," he said, and hung up. There was screaming and yelling hi the backywund. Aseufludosl waa not snsaaxed. WASHINGTON BYTESH JUDD MINUTE8 AFTER the World Trade Centre was hsS, the moat military might-the Pentagon was attacked. It tooka direct craft, believed to be an Anwri-can Airlines flight from TJbahlisJnn Dunes airport to Los Angeles, and the butHtag husband totheneaerSBaNattyortlieD of the Bhackers. "She said to Ted, 'What do I tefi the pilot to ix'CNN reported Tnst was oowwhet QppiOad of Bertefss abawasatasehargesmdof person. But than waa nothtag tneycouUdD. afra Olson was not orkdn-aDy due to take the doomed fssbt - she waa supposed to afr on lsaOndtv to be beck fcr jCsstadsBjc haW bhttdstjc burst into a "huge orange fireball", CTBansing part of one side of the five sided ttructure. ported in the eftawriuth of the ettMkendpvyeniote ikywenl towerd the fttoniec ifcnTaWiditedbqira the tafl of a taje ektiner ... It fitfA eight into the Fed tMgoa," said an'cyewtaeia, CheoiojuiCaaspteeda the t" with trafk gpid-tochridtij wuihewtiyaiatonet out of thedtperantoonepei ate to ranch cfaikhen at neir-faydnjKereoni&vetandany ojueueifcnni phones ai mobile phones be- aWIVflOOL EineigMKyareteMbaarada hip near the White House. "It's Hhe wetaseskig a dssHseter nwvle lesWsMd. I dotft think we w ever see artythmg like this again hi our lifetime," said Joseph Lackey, another fov-ernnsBM worker, aa ha InakSed with others over a radio at a The nksse bit an area known tocantafacfBcaaof theMartae Corps Aviatian as wel as the Army and Navy Arentagonse- his tsoshrni stahiad with blood, described puffing a woman and her child out of a window near the site, shaken but unhurt Authorities Immediately deployed troops, mctudlng a regiment of light irttsntry The Situstkn Room at the White House was in full operation. Hospitals were put on alert as all 64 people on the plane were feared killed and at least 40 casualties were taken from the Pentagon. A Are truck poured water into the charred and devastated section to douse the names. Ambulances and a bus-bad of trauma experts came ft-orn the Army's Walter Reed Hospital mvVashington. About H military snd civilian workers were marched through security lines after volunteering to bring victims out of the building. The Psntagon. a "small cy that houses J6.000 civilian and military personnel including British servkxmen. was evacuated, as were the White House, the Defence Depart-roent and the Capitol as well as all other federal buildings. Pittsburgh ByChius Gkay RURAL PENNSYLVANIA was sucked into the worst terrorist attack in history when a hi-Jacked Jet appaientty beading fcr Camp David, crashed near United Airlines ffichtM had left N wsi b nil poi t in New Jet aey fcr San Francisco with 45 people on board. It came down, shortly after take-off. at l(.06am. eight minutes after a man who said be was kicked in the plane's lavatory spoke on envargency phone operator in Pennsylvania, telling him: "We are being hlktcked" The man said the plane was "going down", ssid Mr Cramer. "He beand some sort of eiiplo-ston snd saw white smohB coning hMntteptaM sod we lost eontactwithUa.1' ThBltasifMj TOT crashed next to Sonierset Cottnty ahport, a arnUairileMvfaurrrays sbout 10 nUss from PtttsbuLv and IS miles north of the Prea-idenual retreat in Camp David, kiMarysnd But the Boeing 7S7 hit a beavqy wooded srea hi from the airport. One eyewitness ssid It was flying upside down nssmants besore plougb-aajiotonteeerBtfaeHasrae angle. United Airlines confirmed the 757 Jet was carrying M paaavaisjBra, two plots snd Ave fflght asBBttdanta, AI are feared dead.

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