The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois on November 9, 1957 · Page 17
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The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois · Page 17

Bloomington, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 9, 1957
Page 17
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r Five of Nobel Prize-Winner Ernest Hemingway's short stories will be presented for the first time on television as a single hour Ions drama, "The World of Nick Adams," on 'The $evcn Lively Arts" today. Above, William Marshall, center, restrains Steve Hill, right, from giving his hunting knife to Eli Wallach, a punch-drunk cx-fightcr in "The Battler" episode. Hill Is cast as Nick Adams. MORNING 7:55 A. M. f- Thought for Day 8:00 A. M. 2 The Lord's Staff Frontiers of Faith Green Thumb In the City' 8:50 A. M. Look l'p and Live E ChrUtophers "Fight for Your Convictions," with Sir Cedric Hardwicke and Tom Harmon. J Dean Pike 8:W A. M. S Inspiration Ttiue News 9:00 A. M. t, 5 Lamp Unto My Feet (--Bible Time Joshua and Jericho. 7 Faith For Today tFalth of Our Fathers 9:15 A. M. (The rulpit , 9:30 A. M. t Friendship Show ft Look Up and Live ft Live and Learn "Series on Medical Horizons. Guest: Dr. George F. O'Brien, professor of medicine at Loyola University, speaking on "New Developments in Medicine." 7 Sacred Heart 9 TV Theater "Rainy Night," starring Nancy Gates, Robert Cornthwaite and. Tom Avers. 9:45 A. M. 7 Christian Science 10:00 A.M. I, S U.N. In Action 6 Western Film Sfanley & Paul's FLOOR COVERINGS By O Armstrong O Goodyear O Johns-Mansville O Pabco O Sandran Plastic and Ceramic WALL TILE FREE ESTIMATES FOR ANY JOB Opn Mon. Ev. Til 9 t. M. STANLEY & PAUL'S Linoleum and Carpets Furniture Appliances 118-20 E. Beaufort NORMAL, ILL. Sunday Television Programs - " 8 . 7 -Morning Movie "He Ran All The Way." 9 Feature Him The Traitor," with Don Kecfer and Richard Lee. 10: SO A. M. t Sunday Cinema S Camera S 9 Feature Film "In Old California." with John Wayne and Patsy Kclley. 11:00 A. M. 9 Wild Bin Hlckok J Let's Take a Trip Visits the ultra-modern Pocan - tico Hills Central School. S Mr. Wizard Topic: "Senses." 9 Feature Film 11:25 A. M. 19 News 11:30 A. M. 9 Kit Carson S Wild BiU Hlckok 9 Gabby Hayes 7 Search for Adventure The Virgin Wrecks. 19 Religious Town Hall AFTERNOON 13:00 NOON t Face the Nation Dr. Henry A. Kissinger will be guest. 3 TEA S Flash Gordon 7 Steel Workers 9 Feature Film "Dragnet," starring Rod La Rocque, Marion Nixon and Bet ty Compson. 19 Church In Action 20 Mr. Wizard 12:30 P. M. 3 This Is The Life 7 AH Star Bowling 19 Farm Digest 20, 43 Frontiers of Faith Hans Conreid stars in 'One Man." 12:45 P. M. 2 Sports 19 Football Preview 1:00 P. M. t Range Rider 3, 19 Pro Football ' Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears. 5 City Desk Guest: Sen. Paul H. 9 Brave Eagle Douglas. 20 This Is The Life 43 This Is the Answer 1:30 P. M. 3 Bowling Queens 5, 20, 43 Wisdom Filmed interview with poet Rob ert' Frost. 7 College News Conference 9 TV Theater 2:00 P. M. 2 Playhouse 8 Know Your Schools Guest: Robert G. Bone, presi dent of ISNU. Discussion will center on, "The Problems of Teachers." 7 Movietime USA "Sabre Jet." 9 By-Line 17 James Mason JO, 43 Vuuta tVanf fo Kim Cui'ol: IkrtuM (jn.irlr, Lni-ufy ictitUiy U XXiiy.o. f:W r. M. 17 OirUtl.m S4'lnr i;U I'. M. t Camera t CIhm h For The GiteJ ft .Miailima of City "A!".ho!lsm-PoUive Method.. of Control. (Part 2) Porta I 9tMTref file I "HI 17 Thla U4he IJfo :0. 4S I-ook Here NoIh-1 IVnce Prize winner Les ter II. Pearson will be uct. 8:00 P. M. Orbtf Curec of the nlplinbct.- S. 9, tO, S Wide WUIe World Tlie first 10 yenrs of television. Entitled "The Fabulous Infant," the story of network TV will be prcscnti-d with montage of ma )or starts of NnC, CBS and ABC In industry s first decade, The procram marks a television milestone In that, for the first time, the three major networks are cooperating to provide historic program excerpts of the great moments of TV's first 10 years. Some 40 stars from all three networks will be included in the program's flashbacks. Milton Berle will go before the cameras and will recall the early days of TV and will reflect on the demands of TV on performing and creative talent. The program will start in New York and switch to San Francisco then to Omaha then to Springfield. Mo. then to Boston from there to Cincinnati and then the final stop at Detroit 9 Bowling Lou Campl vs Joe Ostrobki 17 Decatur Churches 3:30 P. M. i I'd Like to Be Surveys the field of astronomy. 7 Kin Tin Tin 17 My Ilcro 3:48 P. M. t News 1 19 Showcase 4:09 P. M. t Seven Lively Arts "The World of Nick Adams." 7 Last of the Mohicans 9 Coral Stone Playhouse "Strike It Rich," with Rod Cameron and Bonita Granville. 17 WUly 19 Premiere Performance "Pur ple Heart," starring Dana An drews, Farley Granger, and Richard Conte. 4:39 P. M. 3, 8, 20 Outlook A look at one of the world s fastest growing cities, Sao Pau lo, Brazil. 3 Casey Jones 7, 17 Paal W'incbell Guests: Angela Wunow and her "European Beauties (six col lies) and comic contortionist Piet Van Brecht, 43 This Is the Life 4:45 P. M. 2 Newa 6:00 P. M. 2 Beat the Clock 3 Jungle Jim S, 20, 43 Meet the Press Guest: Alexander Kerensky. 7 Texas Rangers 17 David Niven 5: SO P. M. I, 3 20th Century Flight of the X-2 S, 20 My Friend Flicka 7 Lone Ranger 9 Right to Say If. "Have Increased wages Caused Inflation." 17 Oral Roberts . 19 Annie Oakley 43 Lassie EVENING 6:00 P. M. 2 Lassie 3 Zorro Week delay telecast 5, 20, 43 Ted Mack 7, 19 You Asked For It A Gondola trip through Venice, Italy: King's Troops at Surrey, England perform and a progress report on "Bubbles" the Whale at Marineland in California. 9 Frankle Lalne 17 China Smith 6:30 P. M. 2, 3 Bachelor Father 5, 20, 43 Sally 7, 17, 19 Maverick "Hostage" with James Garner, Jack Kelly and Laurie Carroll. 9 Eddie Cantor rnlaer.l. IU.w.mlnO. 111.. I..;.." - - -j Mario (Tony Curtis), a once great matador badly gored In his last fight. Is' a man consumed by fear as he enters the bullring in a comeback attempt and faces an enemy more deadly than the charging bull, in "Cornada." tonight on "General tlectrio Tlieatcr." . 7:00 P. M. t. S-Fa1 Sullivan Guts: Billy Eckstine. Sarah Vaughan, the June Taylor- Danc ers, recording pianist Roger Williams, comedienne Charlotte Rae, French singing star Fer nanda Montel, dancer Helen Wood, three Cuban comedians Gaby, Fo-Fo and Milik and singer Carol Bennett. Late Additions include Jain Collins and Italy's top recording star Ka- tryna Ranieri, ventriloquist Ric-ki Layne, and the National Doll Contest winners. 0, 20, 43 Steve Allen Guest: Gloria Swanson, Charles Ruggles, Tony Bennett, Xavier Cugat, Abbe Lane and Jock L Leonard. 9 Favorite Story 7:30 P. M. 7. 17 Bowline Stars Marge Merrick meets Sylvia Wene. 9 Corliss Archer. 19 Wyatt Karp Five day delay telecast. 9:00 P. M. t, 3 O.E. Theater Tony Curtis stars In the story of Mario Galindo, a once great Spanish Matador and the terri fying fear he faces on the after noon of his first fight since near fatal goring. Title of the program is, "Cornada." S, 20, 43 Chevy , Show Starring Tony Martin, Nat King Cole, Red Buttons, Joan Davis, and Maria Talichief. 7 Georgia Drake Show 98 O'clock Theater "Brasher Don Bloon," starring George Montgomery. 17 Open Hearing 19 Command Performance "Mrs. Miniver," starring Greer Garson and waiter Piogeon. 8:30 P. M. 2, 3 Alfred Hitchcock Jo Van Fleet and Oscar Ho- molka co-star in "Reward to Finder." 7 Duffy's Tavern 17 Ida Luplno 9:00 P. M. 2364,000 Challenge 3, 5, 43 Loretta Young "Understanding Heart," star ring Nancy Gates and Gary Merrill. 7 Stories of the Century L. H. Musgrove - 17 Football Highlights Auburn vs Mississippi State 20 Sunday Serenade 9:30 P. 1VL 2, 3, 19 What's My Line? 5 Movie 5 "Beachhead" starring Tony Curtis, Frank L o v e j oy and Mary Murphy. 7 V.I.P. Guided Missile Scientist Dr. Willy Ley will be guest. 9 Celebrity Playhouse 17 News 20 Telephone Time 43 Family News 9:45 P. M. 43 Sunday Night Weather 10:00 P. M. 2, 19, 20 News, Weather, Sports 3 Jim Bowie 7 Movietime USA "Two Tickets to Broadway." starring Tony Martin and Janet Leigh. ( .-CVv . J r it . m vJ' .'II . X Nov. HI. Tw 9 Curtry Theatrr TrvaMiiv ! Nrtra Marc,' wild Ilumplin-y H-'k'tit, Wultif 11uhIi.ii hiul Tim lllt. 17 Million IMhtr Muvlo l ltiiM rial Ihriilrr 10:13 I. M. 20 Command performance "Silent Kaiilrrn." 10:30 P. M. X Pretle Performance "The Ihxdlum Saint." with William Powell and Esther Wd-liams. 3 News, Weather, Sports 19 Premier Prrformane "Ijidy of tlx; Tropics," fctanlng Hedy Lamar and Robert Taylor. 10:33 P. M. 9 Dateline Europe 11:00 P. M. 8 Biff Baker, ISA 17 Him 11:23 P. M. 3 Kvenaong 11:30 P. M. 5 Crown Current 7 Marty's Morgue 9 News 11:43 P. M. 930 Minut Theater 12:13 A. M. 7 Deaa Pike 12:30 A. M. 2 late Late Show 1:00 A. M. t Meditation Radio Sunday WJBC (ABC) 1230 News, weather and sports today at 8 a. m., 9:30, 12 N, 12:30. 2, 5:15. 6, 6:05, 7, 8, 8:30, 10, 10:05, 11:55 p.m. 7:30 News, Music Z:Xy-Go' Half Hour 9:00 Music. News 10:00 2nd Presbyterian Church 10:30 Trinity Lutheran Church ll:30-Music 12 :00 News 12:15 Twin City Turntables, News 5:15Paul Harvey, Twin City Turntables 6:00 News, Music 7:00 News, Evening Melodies 7:30 Withers Library, 1st Church of Christ Scientist 8:00 News, Music 9:30 Billy Graham 10:00 News, Music WLS (ABC) W Newf today at :. , (:10, II, S. 10 and 11 p. m. 6:SO Hymn Time T:0O Revival Hr. 8:00 Bible Class 8:30 Back to Uod t:lS Brown Ch. B:SS Weather 4:00 Lite of Life 4:30 Amer. for God 6:00 Word of Life 5:30 Decision 6 00 Moody 8.30 Heartbeat 7:00 Prophecy 7:3" I.uth. Vmb, 8:05 V. Music 8:100. Heater 8:25 V. Music 8:30 Tomorrow 9:00 Quiet Hour 9:30 Revival 10:05 Gospel 10:30 Night Songf. lu:uO Tabernacle 1 1 :00 Tomorrow 11:30 Wings Song 11:0! F. and E. 12:20 V. Music 12:JO Soul Clinic l:0O Hea line; 1:30 H'rald Truth 2:00 Bible Class 2:30 Vision 3:00 Revival Hr. WON (7S0) News today on the hour with extra newscasts at 6:30 p. rru and 12:19 a. m. 7:05 O. Bauer 6:00 J. Johnston 8:05 Army Band 8;30 N.U. Review 9:00 D. Manlon 9:15 C. Foster 9:30 Theatre 9:55 Moods 10:05 Roi Ottley 10:30 Faith 11:05 Pas tor'e 12:00 J. Johnston 11:05 Jim Mills 11:30 Gadabout 11:55 To Reflect . 12:05 D. Coufihlan 12:45 Warmup 1:00 Football: Green Bay vs. Bears 4 :00 Scoreboard 4:15 J. Mallon WBBM (CBS) 780 News today at 7:55, 9, 9:25. 11 and 11:25 a. m., 1, 1:55, 2:25, 2 :SS. 8:25. 3:55, 4:25, i, 5:55, 7, 8, 8:55, 9:25, 10 and 11:55 p. m. 7 :f -Choir 4:55 Road Show 6 : 05 Gun smoke 5:30 Sez Who 6:00 Jack Benny 6:30 FBI 6:55 Sports 7:05 M. Mille 8:05-r-Music 8:30 J. Dollar 9:00 Suspense 9:30 Face Nation 10:10 Orchestra 10:30 Festivals 12 : 00 McCormack 7:30 Words, Music 8:00 Learning 8:30 Ch. of Air 9:05 Josh Brady JO: 15 H. K. Smith 10:30 Josh Brady 12:00 Music 1:00 Sym- Dhonette 1:85 Road Show 2:05 M. Bellairs 3:30 Road Show 3:35 M. Bellairs WMAQ (NBC 670 . News today on the hour with extra newscasts at 10:30 a. m., 2:30, 4:30, 6:30, 7:30 and 8:30 p. m., and 1:30 a. m. 7:05 Choirs 3:30 Your Money 3:35 Monitor 7:15 Faith 7:30 Pastels 7:45 Car. Books 5:15 On Line 5:30 Meet Prese 6:05 Monitor 6 : 15 Temperance 8:00 City Desk 9:31 Decision 10:15 Know School 10:45 E. Motea 11:05 Memory 11:15 Cher Show 1:35 O-Day lie 8:15 Art of Li v. 8:30 Dr. Barnh'se 9:05 Pulpit 9:30 Prophecy 10:05 Monitor 11:30 Et LitJht 12:05 Monitor 12:30 Luth. Hour 1:05 Monitor 1 :30 Catholic Hr. 2:05 Monitor WILL 580 News today at 7:30, 8:55 a. m. and 12:15 p. m. 7:00 Serenade 7:45 Symphonic 9:00 G. Speaker 10:30 Churches 11:30 Pops 12:00 Stories 12:30 Concert 1:30 Theatre 10:00 book f air 10:15 Cam. Tour

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