Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on September 28, 1963 · Page 24
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 24

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 28, 1963
Page 24
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24 Galesbum Register-Moil, Galesburg, Ill,, Saturday, Sept. 28, 1963 Stop for School Buses! Motorists traveling city streets, as well as those on highways and rural roads must stop when approaching a school bus which is halted to load or unload students. Recent action by the Illinois Legislature changed this requirement, which formerly governed school buses on highways and rural roads. NOW, MOTORISTS ON CITY STREETS ALSO MUST STOP WHEN APPROACHING A SCHOOL BUS STOPPED TO LOAD OR UNLOAD STUDENTS. School bus drivers are required to actuate stop signals 100 feet before stopping. Y THE LAW - PROTECT THE SAFETY OF CHILDREN THIS EDUCATIONAL SAFETY CAMPAIGN IS SPONSORED BY THE SAFETY-MINDED FIRMS BELOW: GALESBURG A Ac B BODY A FENDER SHOP 340 E. Waters, Ph. 343-9907 A & W ROOT BEER STAND Stan Elde, New Owner 1135 Lincoln, Ph. 343-2416 ADMIRAL CORPORATION Monmouth Blvd. Ph. 342-1121 ALEXANDER LUMBER CO. 212 E. South, Ph. 343-2171 ALLEN SALES It SERVICE Butler Agriculture Bldgs. M. E. "Tiny" Allen, 5 Miles N. on 150, Ph. 343-9148 ALPS INSURANCE AGENCY Corner Cherry & Simmons "All Lines- Many Companies" Dial 342-6197 or Stop In. ALTON BOX BOARD CO. Linwood Road, Ph. 342-0121 ALTON BRICK CO. Box 110, Ph. 342-5157 ARCHIE Ct RUBY'S CIRCLE "T" RR No. 3, Knoxville Road Ph. 343-3463 ARLAN'S Famous For Low Everyday Prices. No. Henderson & Fremont Sts. AUGIE'S AIRPORT INN AUGIE'S PACKAGE MART 1488 N. Henderson Ph. 343-9554, Ph. 343-6313 BANK OF GALESBURG 302 E. Main, Ph. 342-4124 THE BARROWS' RESTAURANT Stan & Ann Barrows, Prop. Rte. No. 150 N./1850 N. Henderson St.. Ph. 342-2313 C. FELIX BENGTSON BUILDER 1055 N. West. Ph. 343-9174 BILL'S SINCLAIR Complete Minor Motor Repairs, Grand & Sheldon Ph. 343-5317 DICK BLICK CO. Knoxville Road Ph. 342-4177 BOB'S BEAR ALIGNMENT & BRAKE SERVICE 468 S. Kellogg, Ph. 342-6215 BOB'S MOVING tt STORAGE Agent for Allied Van Lines Jnc. 501 Lincoln, Ph. 342-0513 BOWMAN SHOE STORES 250 East Main, Galesburg Ph. 342-1313 61 Public Sq., Monmouth A. F. BRADBURY, GENERAL CONTRACTOR "Let Al Build It", 2121 North Broad. Ph. 342-1814 BRINTON MASONERY CO. 1207 Dayton Drive Ph. 343-3048 BROADVIEW HOTEL Public Square, Ph. 343-6191 BROWNS BUSINESS COLLEGE Commercial Bldg. Ph. 343-1618 8UBCH-PHALEN COMPANY "Your Butler Builder" 1134 N. Henderson Ph. 342-6121 BURLINGTON CHICAGO CARTAGE CO. 200 So. Henderson Ph. 342-1151 BUTCHES' CITIES SERVICE OIL CO. Locust & Grand Ph. 343-5637 BUTLER MANUFACTURING CO. Mfg. of Metal Buildings 1030 S. Henderson Ph. 342-6121 C. tt E. SUPER VALU 1330 N. Henderson Ph. 342-5518 CAMPBELL FOOD MARKET 240 E. Fremont Ph. 343-9876 CANTON CAFE American & Chinese Food Main & Grand, Ph. 343-6319 CARSON PIRIE SCOTT & CO. Main & Seminary Ph. 342-0131 CHUCK'S MARATHON SERVICE Brooks & Grand Ph. 343-8304 CIRCO RENDERING SERVICE RR No. 3, Ph. 343-1019 Ph. 343-9948 CLARK SUPER 100 SERVICE STATION 555 W. Main, Ph. 343-9511 CLAYBURG TREE SERVICE 470 E. 1st, Ph. 343-8040 CLUB NINETEEN North Henderson Ph. 342-6015 COCA COLA BOTTLING CO. Berrien & Seminary Ph. 342-0197 COFFEE CORNER 11 Weinberg Arcade Ph. 343-9512 CUSTER INN HOTEL Permanent Guest Invited— Apartments Available Kellogg & Simmons Ph. 342-3181 DAVIS FOOD STORES Two convenient locations 1621 N. Henderson Knoxville Road DELORES MOTEL 240 N. Henderson Ph. 343-2187 DE LUXE CAFE Peter Spilios, Prop. 236 S. Seminary. Ph. 343-6312 DUNN AND JULIEN T.V. SALES 8c SERVICE 851 E. Main, Ph. 343-1516 DUNSWORTH BOOK A STATIONERS 220 E. Main, Ph. 342-2718 EARY 8c SULLIVAN SPECIALTY 223 E. Main, Ph. 342-6912 EAST MAIN BOWL 8t TAVERN "For Good Food, See Uncle Joe", Specializing in Turtle, Chicken and Fish Uncle Joe Shragal, Prop. E. Main & Pennsylvania Ph. 343-5817 or 343-9434 ROBERT EICHHORN JEWELER 226 E. Main, Ph. 342-2415 EKSTROM HEATING tt PLUMBING SALES 646 W. Main, Ph. 343-6114 ELDORA'S RESTAURANT 415 N. Seminary Ph. 343-9440 ELGIN WATER CONDITIONERS, INC. 175 N. Cherry. Ph. 342-3117 ELLIOTT AUTO PARKING 80 So. Chambers Ph. 342-6332 FARMERS & MECHANICS BANK 21 E. Mian, Ph. 342-0151 FIRST GALESBURG NATIONAL BANK 200 E. Main, Ph. 342-4112 GALE PRODUCTS Monmouth Blvd. Ph. 342-2131 Galetburg Auto Dealers Assn. "New Car Dealers" CROWN MOTORS INC. GALESBURG IMPORT MOTORS GALESBURG LINCOLN- MERCURY INMAN MOTORS MARTIN MOTOR CO. McCREERY MOTOR SALES PUCKETT BUICK CO. RANDALL GMC WEAVER MOTORS WEAVER-YEMM CHEVROLET GALESBURG CANVAS PRODUCTS 187 W. Losey, Ph. 343-9384 GALESBURG CONCRETE MATERIAL CO. 1050 Monmouth Blvd. Ph. 343-3181 GALESBURG CONSTRUCTION CO. INC. So. Seminary at Brooks Ph. 343-1181 GALESBURG LAUNDROMAT 914 E. Main. Ph. 343-5613 GALESBURG LIVESTOCK SALES CO. E. Fremont Road Ph. 342-1416 GALESBURG MALLEABLE CO. Ave. C and West 4tb Ph. 343-3185 GALESBURG ONE HOUR DRY CLEANERS 331 E. Main, Ph. 343-8608 GALESBURG RUG CLEANERS Broad & Ferris Ph. 343-1416 GALESBURG SCHOOL OF BEAUTY CULTURE 234 E. Main, Ph. 343-2610 GALESBURG SHEET METAL WORKS 237 E. Tompkins Ph. 343-1136 GALESBURG SOY PRODUCTS CO. 1021 S. Henderson Ph. 343-1155 GARDEN INN RFD No. 3. Ph. 343-6513 GOLDEN LION 58 S. Cherry. Ph. 342-6917 GRADY'S TAVERN 220 E. Simmons Ph. 343-9489 GRANDVIEW DRIVE INN Grand Ave. & Pennsylvania Ph. 343-9522 W. T. GRANT CO. 225 E. Main, Ph. 342-0158 GROSS GALESBURG COMPANY 152 E. Ferris, Ph. 343-1191 HASKINS' ELECTRIC ..120 W. Main, Ph, 342-1917.. HAWKINSON MANUFACTURING CO. 151 Cedar Ave., Ph. 343-1185 JACK DEETS' HI-WAY MARINE SALES RFD No. 2 (W. Main) Ph. 342-7192 HILL ARCADE CAFE Ruby Frey, Prop. 116 Hill Arcade. Ph. 343-3217 HILLIER'S DINETTE 831 W. Main, Ph. 343-9495 HILLMAN TREE SURGERY 1049 Grand. Ph. 342-0613 FRANK HINDS DX SERVICE STATION 494 E. Main. Ph. 343-4403 HOPPING CITIES SERVICE 406 S. Chambers Ph. 343-9712 HOPPING'S "66" SERVICE "Personal Service On All Work", Monmouth Blvd. & Henderson, Ph. 343-9564 HOUSE OF BEAUTY 1156 N. Seminary Ph. 343-6617 HUDDLE DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT 1487 N. Henderson Ph. 342-0141 ILLINOIS POWER CO. 284 E. Simmons Ph. 342-1141 INGLES RADIO * T.V. 435 Mulberry St. Ph. 343-6384 INTRA-STATE TELEPHONE 89 North Cherry Ph, 343-1112 JACK'S ENCO SERVICE Jack Gladfelter, Prop. 877 E. Main. Ph. 343-8112 THE LAWRENCE D. JOHNSON INSURANCE AGENCY Fidelity Building Ph. 342-4181 O. T. JOHNSON CO. "Celebrating Our 101st Year" 125 East Main, Ph. 343-2112 JUDY'S DANCE STUDIO Tap-Baton-Ballet-Jazz- Acrobatics 501 Lincoln. Ph. 343-4742 DEAN E. KELLY INSURANCE AGENCY 406-407 Hill Arcade Ph. 343-3414 W. M. KENNEDY GROCERY 624 Liberty. Ph. 343-5410 KLINES DEPARTMENT STORE 309 E. Main, Ph. 343-4012 KNOX CABINET COMPANY 520 Bondi Bldg. Ph. 342-5318 KNOX COUNTY FARM BUREAU KNOX COUNTY SUPPLY CO. COUNTY COMPANIES KNOX COUNTY OIL CO. Ph. 342-3168 KNOX LAUNDRY COMPANY 332 E. Ferris. Ph. 342-5115 LACKY 8c SONS GRANITE MEMORIALS 150 W. Main. Ph. 343-8692 LAULE'S BEAUTY SHOP Val Laule, Operator 776 Arnold Ph 342-2798 LeGRAND'S SERVICE STATION Public Square, Ph. 343-9539 LORAINE'S RESTAURANT Loraine Mitchell. Mgr., 232 E. Simmons. Ph. 343-9013 LUCKY BOY BAKERY — LUCKY BOY BREAD 551 E. Main, Ph. 342-4166 LUNDRY'S FLYING SERVICE RR No. 2. Ph. 343-1719 M.R.S. BEVERAGES 2315 Grand Ave. Ph. 342-0164 MARGARET'S BEAUTY SHOP 27 Walnut St.. Ph. 343-2612 Mack Says; "Try Our Teen Burger" MACK'S A. It W. DRIVE IN Dayton & Henderson Ph. 343-6419 W. H. MAST 8c SONS. General Contractor 1401 Bridge. Ph 342-5412 MARTIE'S RESTAURANT 72 S. Cherry. Ph. 343-5513 MAY 8t SON WRECKING * USED LUMBER CO. 959 W Main. Ph 343-3816 MAYTAG AUTOMATIC LAUNDRY 647 W. Losey. Ph. 342-2713 C. R. McCUE OIL CO, 2501 Grand Ave. Ph. 343-5813 MCDONALDS HAMBURGERS 1100 N. Henderson Ph. 343-8340 MECHANICS HOMESTEAD 8c LOAN ASSN. 250 E. Main. Ph. 342-4145 MELTON HEATING fc SHEET METAL 393 So. Chambers Ph. 342,-0721 MIL-RICE HEALTH CLUB 121 So. Prairie Ph. 342-6643 MODERN ALIGNMENT 8t BRAKE 131 N, Cherry, Ph. 343-1414 MOSHER'S STANDARD SERVICE Main & Henderson Ph. 343-9455 NORTH SIDE BAKERY SHOP "Home Baked Goodies" 1166 N. Seminary Ph. 343-9932 NORTHERN CREDIT COMPANY Don Denlson, Mgr. 65 So. Prairie. Ph. 342-0144 CARL NYSTROM 8c SON. " INC. Building Contractor 290 N. Pearl. Ph. 343-1227 P. 8c M. LUSTROLITE 280 So. Seminary Ph. 342-3914 PARKWAY RESTAURANT 1223 No. Henderson Ph. 343-9514 PAYTON 8c HARRIMAN CONTRACTORS 2140 Grand. Ph. 343-9915 WILBUR PECK REAL ESTATE 43 No. Seminary Ph. 343-8270 PEERLESS MARKET On The Square Ph. 342-6169 PETE'S RED 8c WHITE MARKET 788 No. Seminary Ph 343-8302 THE PLATTER 67 So. Prairie. Ph. 343-8301 ROGER BROTHERS Wholesale Produce 131 So. Kellogg Ph 342-2127 PHILLIPS PETROLEUM CO. "Go First Class, Go Phillips 66". Grand & Farnham Ph. 342-1514 SCANDIA BAKERY St LUNCH 326 E. Main. Ph. 343-9396 THE SCHRADER NURSING HOME Excellent Care, Good Food, & Happy Patients. 490 N. Cherry St.. Ph. 343-1232 SCHWARZ BROTHERS MFG. CO. 584 E. Brooks, Ph. 342-5814 SEARS ROEBUCK A COMPANY 467 E. Main. Ph. 342-5141 71h WARD TAP 8c PACKAGE STORE 553 E. Brooks, Ph, 343-9563 SILVER FRONT TAVERN, INC. 124 W. Main, Ph. 343-9458 SLOAN'S DECOR CENTER O'Brien Paints, Wallpaper, and Custom Picture Frames 1058 E. Losey. Ph. 343-4516 SONETONE OF GALESBURG 25 E. Simmons. Ph. 343-8697 STEAK A SHAKE DRIVE-IN 981 E. Main. Ph. 343-9538 THOMAS ELECTRIC SHOP Wiring Maintenance & Repair. Appliance & Motor Repair 644 W Brooks. Ph. 342-1195 R. L. THOMAS INSURANCE AGENCY 309 Bondl Bldg. Ph. 343-8583 THOMAS PLUMBING 8t HEATING COMPANY 2262 Grand Ave. Ph. 343-1101 TRACTOR SUPPLY CO. 169 E. Waters. Ph. 343-2513 VERDA'S BEAUTY SHOP 1478 WUlard. Ph. 343-9378 WALTERS BROS. — ROBERT WALTERS Motorcycles & Scooters 55 S. Chambers. Ph. 342-3910 LUCILLE R. WEST INSURANCE AGENCY Room 400 Bond] Building, Ph. 343-4477 WILKINS MARKET AND GUN SHOP 1060 North Henderson Ph. 342-5915 WILSON PAPER COMPANY 160 So. Seminary Ph. 342-0168 WONG'S CAFE Broadview Hotel Ph. 343-3016 C. YEAGER 8t SON'S Heating, Sheet Metal A Air Conditioning, 1274 No. Cherry. Ph. 343-2813 ABINGDON ABINGDON HOTEL 124 So. Main. Ph 86 ABINGDON ROCK CO. No. 1 Ag. Limestone and Road Rock. Ph. 405 BLUE BELL INC. 301 No Main St. Ph. 220 BOB'S "66" SERVICE Commercial Drive. Ph. 3191 DOC FENGEL TEXACO SERVICE 109 So. Monroe, Ph. 84 L. 8t E. — BILLIARDS 100 S. Main. Ph. 39 JOHN McCULLOUGH Small Engine Service. Chain Saw Sales 704 W Adams. Ph. 570 MITCHELL'S TRADING POST 104 So Monroe. Ph. 1742 PALMER SALES 1c SERVICE Ford Tractor & Equipment, Ph. 47 TREASURE HOUSE "Jewelry is Our Business, Not a Sideline" 112 No. Main, Ph. 1547 MOORMAN MANUFACTURING Ph. LA9-4111 PETERSON - WALLIN KNOX FUNERAL HOMES Ph. 529-5271 ALTONA ALEXIS ALEXIS FEED MILL Master Mix Dealer Ph. 482-3213 BANK OF ALEXIS Ph. 482-5511 LAIR BROTHERS MOBILE SERVICE Tires, Eatterles & Motor Tune Up. Ph. 482-3343 ALPHA ALPHA CAM. BOWLING LANES "Where You Always Meet Your Friends. Ph. LA9-5201 ALPHA NURSERY 8t GARDEN CENTER H. F. Wirt. Ph. 529-5901 BUBAN STORE Ph. LA9-4506 FARMERS STATE BANK Ph. 529-5221 R. 8c H. JOHNSON LUMBER 8c BUILDING SUPPLY INC. Ph. 529-5771 ALTONA CO-OP GRAIN COMPANY Grain - Feed - Custom Gr. & Mixing, Ph 484-6451 KELLY OIL CO. Ph. 484-5821 AVON AVON FARMER'S ELEVATOR "Critic Feeds" Ph. 465-3522 AVON MOTOR SALES Main Street. Ph. 465-2245 AVON OIL COMPANY Main Street. Ph. 465-3724 AVON PRODUCE COMPANY Cash Buyers - Poultry, Eggs, Cream. Dealers Grain Bins, Drying Equipment, etc.. Ph. 465*3747 BRAND FUNERAL HOME Washington St. Ph. 465-3770 COFFEE CUP CAFE Geneva Carley St John McCarthy Main Street, Ph H05-3659 LUPER 8t SUNDBERG MANUFACTURING Ph. 405-3652 MILES FEED COMPANY Ph 465-3942 GALVA BLUE STAR DIVISION John H. Best & Sons, Inc. C. S. BELL LIVESTOCK TRUCKING 416 N.E. 2nd Street Ph. WE2-3405 GALVA COOPERATIVE GRAIN 8t SUPPLY CO. Ph. WE2-3670 GALVA FOUNDRY CO. 102 S.W. 6th Ave. Ph. WE2-2161 HEINOLD HOG MARKET Call Collect - Galva WE2-2121. V. Jackson. Mgr. JIM'S CITIES SERVICE Route 34, Galva, 111. WE 2-3586. E. W. HOUGHTON LUMBER CO, 120 Front, Ph. WE2-2710 JOHNSON'S MOBIL SERVICE STATION Motor Tune Op, Wheel Balancing and Brake Service. 403 W. Division Street. Ph. WE2-3570 JOHNNY'S AUTO BODY 8t PAINT SHOP Ph. WE2-3480 JOY'S HAIRSTYLING SALON Specializing in Chlldrens Hair Cuts and Permanent Waving, 312 Main Street. Ph. WE2-3030 LORD CHEVROLET COMPANY Illinois & Market Ph. WE2-3130 VERNON SWANSON CANDY SHOPPE Ph. WE2-929S WALLER AGENCY Chuck Hay, Agent, 314 Main Street, Ph. WE2-2134 WASSON NURSING HOME 309 N.E. 1st, Ph. WE2-3355 WESTLIN'S RED 8t WHITE GROC. 346 Front, Ph. WE2-3360 KNOXVILLE AL'S KNOXVILLE WELDING SERVICE Complete Welding & Steam Cleaning 111 W. Main. Ph. 289-7101 DENNIS MASON CONSTRUCTION 202 So. Division Ph. 289-6621 C. 8e W. STANDARD SERVICE Clark & Williams Props. Main & Division Phone 289-8191 CARLSON SERVICES, INC. Your Complete Hardware & Paint Store, Agri. Lime Fertilizer - Rock & Gravel, Hauling, 306 E. Main St. Ph 289-2217 FARMER'S NATIONAL BANK East Main. Ph. 289-2606 GOFF APPAREL SHOP 8t DRI GAS SALES 222 E. Main. Ph. 289-5256 JOHNSON DAIRY 230 E. Main. Ph. 289-6651 KELLY'S SHELL SERVICE Main & Broad. Ph 289-2366 KNOXVILLE FLOWER 8t GIFT SHOP E. Main Street, Ph. 289-9258 KNOXVILLE SALES BARN Hebard. Ph 289-9213 LAMBERT'S HOME CENTER 138 or 139 Public Sq. Ph. 289-7306 ROSELLE'S FORD TRACTOR A EQUIP. CO. No Side Public Square Ph 289-9109 SUSIE'S STEAK HOUSE American & Chinese Food So. Side Publio Square Ph 289-9114 ONEIDA ANDERSON "66" SERVICE Light Repair Work. Bulk Delivery. Ph. 483-2511 ANDERSON STATE BANK Ph. 483-2341 FARMER'S COOPERATIVE COMPANY Ph. 483-3451 H. A J. RED A WHITE GROCERY Ph. 483-3411 LAWSON ELECTRIC Ph. 483-3361 LEE IMPLEMENT CO. Ph. 483-2811 MAQUON STRODE GARAGE Ford Sales & Service Phone TR5-3123 RIO BEN E. FRANKENBURGER Ins Exch. Bldg. Ph. 872-2236 or Galesburg 342-1944 ROSEVILLE BAGLEY SALES St SERVICE Pontlac, Tempest Cars, GMC Trucks, Ph. 426-2115 PAUL'S WESTINGHOUSE APPLIANCE 8c SERVICE Uregas Bulk & Bottling Service, Ph. 426-2145 Stronqhurst C. E. NEFF COMPANY — IMPLEMENTS Ph. 3221 BANK OF STRONGHURST Clarence Neff, Pres. Howard E. Grigsby, Cashier. Ph. 2721 PETERSON'S TV SALES 8c SERVICE "Zenith Radio and TV" We service all models TV, Radio and Phonographs Ph. 3302 STRONGHURST AUTO BODY Ph. 4231 STRONGHURST IMPLEMENT CO. Ford Tractor & Equipment Ph. 2621 VICTORIA DALE CALDWELL INSURANCE Ph. 879-2661 MIDLAND COLLIERIES INC. Ph. 879-2295 VICTORIA FARMERS ELEVATOR Ph. 879-2751 WATAGA MAXWELL ELECTRIC 327 E. Victoria Ph. 375-6385 WATAGA FEED MILL 147 N. Depot. Ph. 375-6519 Williamsfield BAIRD INSURANCE AGENCY "All Lines of Insurance" Ph. 639-2265 FARMER'S CO-OP ELEVATOR Ph. 639-2226 STODGEL CHEVROLET SALES Ph. 639-2282 TUCKER IMPLEMENT COMPANY Ph. 639-2245 WOODHULL WOODHULL CO-OP GRAIN Complete grinding and mixing facilities Ph. 934-3711 WOODHULL FARM EQUIPMENT COMPANY I.H.C. Farm Equipment A Trucks. Ph. 934-2511 WOODHULL F/S STATION Tune-Ups and Minor Repairs On Rte. 17. Ph. 934-2471 WOODHULL RECREATION Ph. 934-3842 TH§ sponsors of this campaign are now displaying the 1963 Galesburg Area Educational Safety Campaign Membership Certificate. As safety.minded leaders of this community they have sponsored this advertisement to sell safety—Everybody's Best Buy! AH school children from the fifth grade on up through high school should follow this series of safety features in the Galesburg Register*Moil. Essay contests will be open to all children of Galesburg and surrounding area, and valuable prizes will be awarded, Contest rules and prizes will be announced at a later date. 1

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