The Wichita Eagle from Wichita, Kansas on March 9, 1936 · 4
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The Wichita Eagle from Wichita, Kansas · 4

Wichita, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 9, 1936
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i ®lriC?icljita (Eagle Eduor-in-cniel victor mukduUR Publisher MAKCELLU8 MURDOCK OFFICIAL cut M IV flWHMKH fOf tlDOWICK CUUNIV 'mAI y- PUBLICATIONS Prantn w ilb w Hintail B Mirim totrrtl it Ui wrtoilw ji wicbitL Tu -m far irinaportatioB Ihmwl ihi Ml aa Kcnl elu aiafier- -iHI WICHITA CAULS IN WICHITA MORNINO EVENING MU MOAT 0r PER WUB Bt'OMU OVUM Of W White la tHNrMl terntary rhiMiniai in luWir bM - It Booths II H Ma jBOnths 09 io tbre Month 01 Mi: Maratoa iM MiinAlf fnl Svsorhao ta Eaaaaa Oklahama ssb OoloraOo aao Uiaaoon aas tool ‘ 01 Mi sis Moatlia 1111: thro moaths 0100 “ “ ' - 0 Tbo iloraiat liTi imthoat li Mitt r mailauuM er Wiebua sm rtsi IN Ms Moaths 11 00 thrss aanths urtMtt It M asr waatb Oil M- 01 2$ wr roar rb Wichita rrsntns Batio ana rht Ska-ism Jir jaalVeutstaael ay Uoratas fa ‘Wichita oa air IPs Ta Kaaaaa aatf Ok 1 bona ona war 0010 sis Bootha OiM thrsa Ban i ha 01 00 Th- Erealna lasia (withhat Sunday! aaa roar $33$ i i BOatba OI OO ihrso MOatha 00 ecau £hih r ona rear IS If ais Boatha l&Sl thrao month $110 sal hijli capita am darar art Bandar ta hi Wichita taaim Mornins Eaomns aaa SaBdav haa the larsest circaiattoa la Wwhiia Srdtatck County and larger la alna it cn’tra ftr!d thaa aar other saoral Bernina and Baadar a'nipopcr aabliahad la Kanasa Til A BRANHAM COMPANY BOLE A OENTS 3 ON PON NATIONAL ADVERTISING -Narth Mlcnlsan Arena Cn lasso: Orar York Cltn Ocaora Oar Bul'dlna Nr Motor Bonding ding Bt Allaatai 133 Mcrcaatll Build- tor Bonding Detroit! State Notional L'ta Bonding it Lools: Rhodca-Haverty Building -tng Oailaai National FdeHty Ufa Build 'ns Kansas Cttrr Mo t list ioulh Broad ai ib Angolas 331 MontgoBorr St Pan rrsnciacai- and I0M Bee a 3 Areaaa Bcotna F - BeattMi A 11 ItePartmlni Dial 2-4431 Nmkrr ol'liwelalrl Praag XT Raaoctatad Preaa io esc'oslvalr antltlad ta 0e ter oukileai Ion of new dlaootehea or d'tea to l or not ottweaiao credited paper and also tha local atvs 'la:thl puMuhed ’ herein 1 Ail mbts of repnastroiian at a Orel a I dla aoicheaara also resereed MeBher Baoaa Pree Aaeaetoltoa ' i VP TO ENGLAND 1 i y In : the crisis which has jcome abaut through HiUecVAixlden mili tary re-occupation oi f the Rhine : tone the peace of the world now rest In the hands of BriiUhsUtes-'meri The announcement U ’mads j from London that they propose to 'proceed 'coolly1 calmly and csre-j fully” The crisis certainly cafiaTor that Anything riiortof it can fan j: the Rhineland spark into conflag ration H V Moreover the circumstances must ! be persuasive of the wisdom of such a British attitude! The British fleet is tied up in the jMedltcrrahean Italy is to be reckoned with otf two scores its defiance of world order - in Ethiopia its sympathy with ' Germany- in the1 Rhineland move Francej can be foolish in lunation ailstlc Curies and must be kept quiet V Russia always happy jst any pros- pegt of-B' general bi4u lslnthe dangerous equation ’ Yet the dominant factor fixing Britain will to peace is ndt found in the forbidding complications which Britain would face In event of war That dominant factor is a recognition of the financial folly -another world war woukbeL It -would cap bankruptcy with -fchsos with a possible collapse of civilization England knows it If ever a situation suggested a -coolcalm apd careful approach It is this one DRAFTING THE ISSUE It would seem the most natural thing in the world for the general " managers of the coating national '‘Republican campaign to draft a plan 'of battle in which they propose that fll the flre shall be con- centra ted upon 'President Roose- vdtpersonally rather than- upon t theNew Deal In the - first place most of the Republican fenators this year who are up for re-election and most of jthe Republican Congressmen have a long and impressive' list of re- corded votes in support of: the New beajL It would be hardly littlng to stem into the New Deal In one sentence and boost these candidates' in j the next Likewise an attack on the Brain TTust as the main polnfe in the campalsn would have Its' embarrassments on the hustings The educational forces of the country and in Influence tftey are no inconsiderable factor lnta campaign might not warm to if general !m-peachnrenjLof the governmental capacity of those-’ of professorial attainment r“ And after : all ithe man ‘the Republican managers' are after ls Uie Preslbentilipself ? SECOND BRECKINRIDGE Colonel' Henry Breckinridge of New York has filed before the -Ohio Democratic 'presidential primaries against Roosevelt History will hardly repeat itself in this incident but it is evidently doing its best -to do so ' 1 ’ ' v- - pnee another Breckenridge: broke Into a political race wlth epochal results In 1860 the race wax properly between1 Stephen A1 Douglas and Abraham Lincoln ' But Douglas a Northern FDemoqtat' did not suit the Democrats of the Solid South They revolted nominated one of their own kind Breckinridge and the national battle became a three-cornered affair and Lincoln walked away with the prize a divided Democratic party presenting him with victory J j Thist'timej this Breckinridge will hardly create a ripple to 'the troubled sea of politics' Roosevelt a-Northern Democrat will scOop him out of the content in Ohio prith neatness 'and dispatch and he shows every -sign of making another Southern Democrat Talmadge turn up his toes in Georgia THE LOCARNO PACT In 1925 the European powers ex cept Russia met at Locarno and signed’ a series of treatica guar-anteeing mutual protection nd Ml A ‘ — non-aggression The ! solemn covenants were: CIV Germany and France agfee never to fight each other again and to arbitrate all disputes (2) there shall be a neutral gone in the Rhine country where it touches T German french and Belgian soil lIKthe frontier between France and Germany is to be guaranteed by Oermany France England Belgium and Italy Should Germany attack - France or kvlce vena the other three power will go to the aid of the defender : Those words are plain enough But they mean nothing now that Hitler haa decided Locarno has been outlawed by the Franco-Russlan security agreement For with ’Russia not in tha Locarno' pact but aligned with France Germany feels at a distinct disadvantage Hitler proposes new guarantees of non-aggression among western European powers exclusive of Russia and the fixing cf new demlli-txrized zones Thus if France should go’ Communist -and attack Germany Germany would have western Europe at its side In resisting bolshevism The -Locarno pact at the time wax' flippantly dubbed by Rus? ala aa capitalism's last stand in Europe Hitler’s bold movement Is backed by his' argument that It isn’t much of a stand andiiln Imminent need : of bolstering aga!nst Russia -'iz "j " between two evii-s Filing of a suit or two per day In the district court by tha HpLC against persons in tbe vlcinlty who bare failed to meet their oblige tions In repaying the government for home loans puts Wichita ' in the thick of a national 'development that: in the working out of government -credit cin have most luenqcs Important conseqwu unpersons against whom the suits are directed are alleged to have been insincere lit assuming their obligations with the government These the government intends to weed out In ' doing that title to the property will 'pass to the government Presumably the property then will be tax free In that situs tlon the tax load upon private property would undoubtedly be increased to get revenue for local governments Jo relieve local governments the Ftotetal government with this property on its hands would have to ! sell -K ‘ to private 1 individuals Would that weaken the real estate market? Undoubtedly it would Government Sales of property do not command market prices So the - Federal government in foreclosing on homes is between two evils There may bs a constructive way out If - there is the authorities at Washington should make every effort to find it It is now plain that the Unkerer at Locarno did not flx the Watch on - the JRhine - An' old man does lose his punch For instance G B Shaw saw the Grand Canyon and did not criticize it 'J' -i ? ” Anylx Doug’s marriage will relieve the country1 of speculation about the reconciliation of Maryn Doug f Mussolini who started something in Europe will be a fool for luck if Hitler assumes the burden ending it L': ' It is not at ail unnatural that gooses teppinf In Germany should start an eruption of goose pimples in Ffcance '' Hoover found one good thing In good ibly h the New Deal Probably he used a magnet - to locate the needle In that haystack l £ r-‘ There will be no backing down In 1 Ethiopia sa jra MussollnL But there may be '’adjhe bogging down when the rains start Main Street may occasionally envy Wall Street But that strike proves a two-story town haa its advantages over a 50-story burg Russia announces It will go to war if Japan slices out of bounds Into Outer Mongolia These nations certainly take their golf seriously L Republican race now simmering down between Landon arid Borah will boil up some If Borah happens to scoop Illinois away from Knox- i Apparently that ship canal west ward from Jacksonville la tor be abandoned Florida feels all-cut up because it Is not to be cut up The death of Scotti Metropolitan baritone in poverty last week pretty well demonstrates that the voice as an Investment Is hot always sound WPA- ls performing a major operation on lts payrolis And no matter how much gas is administered it wont diminish the howls If congress slaps a tax on corporation suroluces It remains' to be seen what 'measures the corporations wUl take to plow their surpluses under : V ' Congress favors holding up new taxes' until after March 15 But It la a forlorn1 hope nie taxpayer Is jiut naturally going to hare to be persuaded some more ' Gf O P wiU try to enlist two campaign ! workers for every 20 voters’ An American win have to be tost on his feet If - he escapes being buttonholed this year If the stock market does pull off a wUd boom all those Investors who have bpen holding at seks for a high price so they could get out won't get Kariftas Currents ‘j f - i - - I Soon political announcements will be made In Kansas by the carloads And there 'wool be a surprise in a carioad'--' i-"1! It Is hoped by the Atchison Globe that all Kansas crops grow as rapidly nett summer as Idle rumors grow the year around) y : In northeastern Kangas the sugar maples are being tappol these days And all over Kansas the assessors are tapping the taxpayers ' ' ' ' Crystal ' NEW YORK June 14 1939 — A machine that records scientifically the degree of pleasantness in a personality haa been per-: fected and will icon go on the market It Is expected that there will be a wide sale to political:1 parties for use In selecting candidates'' If a war veteran and his wife separate between now and Juxo IS the problem in a settlement would be custodianship of the baby bonds - 1 - a j : ' Southern i Californians visiting Kansas say they have had the wettest season in SO years They must be trying to eptjce western Kansans but there it y " Freedom analyzes the McPherson Republican is the right to do as we please so longest we obey the laws sndv give half of every dollar we make to the tax man The way to get your wife mad at you suggests the Wellington News Is to let her tell you a piece of choice scandal and then inform her that you’ve known it for a week When a pig sctirric i across thi Cannonball while Mr and Mra George Simpson of Pratt were out driving their young son Kenneth piped : up: “Look there a road hofc" teacber - An Ashland school stumped the Class with this riddle: What is a common animal having four feet with hoofs a mane tail two eyes a nose and can see Just is well from one end as It can from the 'other? The answer— a blind ¥1 A Kansas schoolboy wrote the following version of the pledge of allegiance to the flag: “I pledge a legion to the flag of the United States and to the Republican for Richard Sands one nation and a vegetable with liberty and Justice Tor alL— GBcsamer Look here Jane” an El Dorado man said to the maid “how many more' times must I tell you about these cobweb? Ie Just had to sweep one off the bed -rail and throw it in the fire myself” “Good gracious sir” exclaimed the maid “that’s the missus’ fancy dress for tonight’s ball” : Oklahoma Outlines A main trouble of radio : In the opinion of the Tulsa World is that the smallest guys in the business make the most noise - Garber Sentinel declares there will be some trouble In Cleveland over agreeing on the trade-in value of Mr Hoovers used car 1 “Oily to bed arid oily to rise ls the fate of a man when! a second hand auto he buys” chirps' Bud’s column of the Medford Patriot-Star Scientists say that physically man is about 90 per cent water It is the experience of the Fairvl-w Republican that some politicians are about 98 per' cent hot air The next time you feel good ad vises the Enid Events put a five dollar bill in the church collection for the poor and then if you still feel good you are feeling good i I At the government’s WPA dinner in ’ Ponca City so - they tell the News the small American flags and the George Washington hatchets which - decorated the tables were made in Japan One of the provisions of the Townsend old age pension plan is that a fellow mustbe dead busted the night before payday ' Many could qualify on that score chuckles the Mooreland Leader - Italy demands a peace which recognizes Italy’s “sacrifices” 'The Bartlesville Examiner thought Ethiopia did the sacrificing and then admits that maybe it doesn’t-understand the Italian mind This crow eating fad may get to larger proportions but ' the Perry Journal believes the consumption of crow will be limited to a great extent to the "Old Crow variety which comes in liquid form - George Bernard Shaw says he la the best loved man in America But for his characteristic innate modesty snorts the Blackwell' Tribune' Mr Shaw might 'sometimes say pome really nice things about himself j J - S’" I — - !' D oakling Up And so” said an Oklahoma magistrate severely “this Is the fifth person you hare knocked down this year?” “Pardon me” said the glrj motorist with dignity “the fourth One oKihem was the same person twice f Snappy Selections (From Labor) Charles R-Gay president of the New York stock exchange told this one to the Boston - Chamber of Commerce: “The late WIU Rogers1 was invited tcPspeak before a large Rotary club and began This country is suffering from the most severe depression in Its history’— -when the chairman arose and said "Pardon me Mr Rogers but we do not permit the use of the word “depression in ' this dub and Will said: A1 right Mr Chairman as t Was say tag: this country Is enjoying the damndest mildest boom JUi its his- WHEN PRODIGAL SON MEETS: PRODIGAL FATHER: f Vs” JUBILEE’S 2 Be JUDD MOBTIMEB LEWIS Yesterday was z Sunday and I woke tm -thinking about the Lost Bag or Tripe and the peacock feathers he told the lady I swiped and all the time I was letting Jubilee down by his rope and putting ! Oh my short britches and sweater and taking but the ashes and going out to the bam I was thinking what I would do to the dirty Ictopk and while I was milking the dammed brutes he came in with the bimeh and asted me did I want to seevhim about' something and I scowled around at him and told him to stick around and he would find out because no one could munky with me and get away- with it and he said he hadn’t munkeyed with me but ha had played a Joke on the lady that' owns the peacock -1 told him it would of been a fine joke on the lady if my father had lammed the life out of me but I seen right then that if the Joke had been on the lady I didn’t have no kick coming so I didn’t say any more but he is going to go too far some of these dkys jwbgn x went In to strain the milk I Bated my grandfather if he thought backbone of the winter was broke and he said it looked to him like its backbone was broke and all of Its ribs caved in but he hoped the first robin wouldn’t show up toe soon He said one year when the first robin showed up it! lit on a telegraph wire and a blizzard came and froze its feet tight to the wire and a cat clumb up the telegraph and When the robin sawit he to fly scsudden he left both I j HOW IS YQllR HEALTH j Bf WILLIAM BHADY M D THEY THINK THEY ARE BETTER A young Man’ who notes I do not approve : of boozeguzzllng Informs me that a' great many ‘both old and youig disagree with me If I were not aware of that I d cartely mention the matter After all is there anything tiresome than reiteration ’ by teachers doctors : or authorities of things one - already knows whether they ato so or not? Doesn’t it make you fire! n awful fool for instance to pay a fee for medical advice only to be told you have a “cold” and must be careful not to' take more “cold” you simpleton? On the other hand If the doctor goes into a scientific trance and finds you have a Streptococcus invasion of the antrum don’t you feel that’s something for your money? t Continues the : young man: f both old and - young dis- agree with youl The opinions of the young you may not consider important because of their in- experience But I know many men of fifty or sixty who may be considered to have mature wisdom who say they know no man who amounts to anything who doesn’t' drink and that they are frankly a bit suspicious of any’ non-drinker This becomes! personal for I am one of those oddities that do not drink I am at the virile age of 24 when I ought to be one of the boys Nearly all of my acquaintances and pais like a bit of a nip Perhaps the main reason why I jnever take' any comes from my mother’s hatred of drnk She had plenty of reason : What this country' needs right now is a million more mothers like that and ten - million - more boys who have greater respect for their mothers’ wishjes than they have for the boon companionship of defective individuals who ree”r“ ' fha narcotic action of alcohol them -fed!' right’':: '!' U When a fellow declines a' drink 7 B PARDNER of his legs on the telegraph wire so then he didn’t haVe anything! to light on and h6 had to keep on flying till grew some new legs And then he asted Feeble what she thought of that and Feeble said she thought he ought to go to Suhday school with us and everybody laughed and his face got red j Today the world was slushy (and everything was sloppy and when we was going to school one of the firemen had a horse out In the lot next to the engine house exercising It holding a Jong rope and making it run in circles and when Feeble hollered hello at him he turned to look at us and the hone Jumped and Jerked the man flat on his stununlck and away went the horse out1 of the lot and downT the street dragging the man Jn the slush on his 'stum? mick and all the firemen laughing and hollering “Stay t with Ihlm Newt!” And when the fireman stopped apd got up and came1 back he scowled at us and Feeble said “You dldnX answer me when I said hello” And the fireman said if she was his little girl he would drownd her and she said If she was his little girl he wouldn’t need to because! she would drownd herself and the fire men -all 'hollered and we went to school and the teacher saidlshelwas glad to see us all looking so happy on the first day of the week We wept to the damn after school and made a fire because there wasn't anything else we" could do Tomorrow — Thomas’ Grandfather ft ires M ways to Dffend ' is to refusp a drink I know Right there Is pne of the silliest reasons why many : wishy-washy young persons start drinking The haven’t the— er — they haven’t suf flclent personality spirit independ ence strength of character or self-politely respect to decline politely From the attitude of most men I gather that they have the holiest opinion that alcohol makes a man manly They believe It cfoes many thingj for a mail For Instance they often declare that “beer is good for you it cleanses the kidneys ! and nourishes Wpy should the kidneys! need cleanring I wonder? Of course j l’ta only a doorto-door doctor and I wouldn’t' know about1 that As for the nourishment in beer as I have carefully pohited out here now and again a glass' of best beer any beer yields approximately 120 calories A yields approximately 120 calories A glaskof milk yields appnmimaUey leoicalories ' i- - - r-:’ It Is evident that the di’s who imagine beer wine :or liquor Is nourishing or beneficial are wtbng They Just think they are better stronger smarter wiser when they are under the effects of alcohol QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS I TrMbtercthrlcna - r Accor din to a news repoit a Cn'nAlti of Marjrland doctor baa discoveredi a relncdr trlchloreihylenc wblcn not only tlvcs- Instant reL'ct to angina occtorM attarka hut Is a complete cure One euble eentlmeter M snuffed Into the pos Plgue give your opinion (C A -L)-' Anawfr-EIther tbe newspaper story was bly colored aa usuaL or tha doctor who reported tbe use of trlchlorethylcnc alio ed himself too much literary license It la -In no sense a cure- hut merely a palllBtlve fer euick reUef of tho ntytii attack What A Bafeyf ' - Wa arc dxpecUng our-f rat ' baby In about six week' now and we want to start off ight so wa ara asking for a copy' or the Brady Baby Book and anything else you may -oend : Mra H P W) A n s w a r— Cnf i ten cen’s co n - and tamped envelope bearing your addresa for - copy : of thd -Brady Baby Book Rather late now but still you should have had a copy of the monograph -Instructions for Expcotant Mother” which la free If you provide' the 8 A- I to carry It A government pamph let “Infant Care” ’ la-sited by Children's Bureau may be bought frem - the Oeverament Printing Office Washington D C for J$ cnta One on 'Prenatal Care- may bo obtained free (er Possibly for five cents) from tha Public health Service Washington D CL I ta T - ” : : : 7 JatSuitMi 60QpM0MHCS:0RYyr - ® I tWWVB I BfJ 1 Brl TBOBTON W BUPGE8S BLACKY IS DESERTED meoteoubl loom you Wtatoe the frtende to whom Blacky the Crow for RedtaiT the Hawk managed to keep above in so doing they had felt But they had not been as saie as they had thought they were Just down tolendta to Jrtrtte lidfi5 on the back the latter had sud-1 K P denly turned over in the air - and t- answering that descrip- struck upward with those great tlM? JmTta aroad part of his t&il sud h&d received I $ -u am vou thsrfi? A cirl one of the greatest frights of his Jm £?’ I your fiat in a few min- life The wonder was that he had and wilTtake vou al” not been caught 20 xSmto toteOerM Not only had that particular Lita identUIedtorstraMleddy -n LISfjtaSSSS? “I ad f - Such a seal-1 rtP1 5®° 110 SSL MfJ SaSSth? Sr8ofhattiePlarem FbiStffoS I 8Fah oh1I1a directions j turnovw hS by myseir-” 1 " Iregions of the world have arisen SSfSce L1 Sm taMk you’ I because of dog Hcenring regulations! 'dtahadrSchdCt S8ranak: f®3"' W any fib Ohio and Indiana In the village kwrS4 that perhaps your of Harrison which sits astride the now tht thengh£g- to hlto i! to ‘ OMo-tomta U phte - -- -- I woman jiriena? 1 have been impoundihg Indiana dogs I don’t Upnk so Haifa minuet because they wear not the Ohio fax- 1 j— - - — — : -i mough! There -is something that 'V T'"- ? i hurry Jle did I At tfi theater Just te- i -i-iii M tIme Mrs Blacky fore i left her Ahe said she would £LS?£!?J3i had been sitting on her eggs in take a taxi back droDnlns her eacnw owner fo 3 teacn nis own the nretT in the tow hemlcK-tree Siend at Se aiVert Ji toe t hS’fc ! the Ridtailway But I heard her piaklng tl bcgun At firat Ahej appointment on the telephone Bad SKSS had approved of the Idea of trying 1 he repeated the words IarhlMe ehicles lfc so unpleasant for the edan" And I remember wondering fj Redtalls that ey woul d decide towhy she would want a tariS the I- 5L® I H ?fe“wbev hadwatched the woman had a car” - J'v' attack of the five Crows on Red- There were a number of oth 1 taU and had chuckled as she saw questions that led nowhere Byli ??1oUt1a Paaceable rolutlcn - him twist and dodge in an effort three o’clock he was back In the lT fSt8 li JP®? e“5Si8 1 to avoid the attack But when he fiat the world and it also cal attention had done that clever trick of turn- “Free!” V - to a lot of laws of much greater Ing on his back and striking up I He tried to face the faM thatlfePytyM Mtat ought to be har with those great durved daws she the freedom he desired had beenlttlonlzed by cooperation had stopped chuckling Yes sir I bestowed on him by a murderer1 first pottnti Krvwn hadtepped chucMla Motedver he wu beUmtog to A worried look came into the-eyes I n shrewd suspicion as to who-thcll — - — - i MMra Blacky u sBc saw tbs Crows I mUrdercr mustbs A mere cnxSfnfy1 SsYort?i2!j Tnntleallv miHutr fnr mm In DmIwh v 1 lwDaDiy hW UTBC NeWxOrk W0Q)an frantically making for cover in the Green Forest and that one of them had lost hslf oIfflsUll She knew 1 thfct there would be no chance of getting help from those Crowsii again Shfe :knew that they hadr had too bad a fright bo take any— umutut tiarMwc am huhhcu e t — — - risks with the Redtalls in the fu- back to the moment when they hadf!rSt£d1“d ture They would keep away What I decided to elope And all tfaelethical SfrX 2?® really worried her was the fear that platitudes upon which he had I ?®f??V therf°f- 8b also now the Redtalls might take re- wrecked her happiness his be-WM r®nJlr o render an account venge by attacking her for she came so much norowme under 'path to ' the common council and jto pay' hat they knew where that Pe:t was 80 Mra Blacky trem- bled inskie “ 8he w the Redtalls returning to their tree Still she I stifling and hS went out bravely' kept her place oq those He Was forlorn lonely and spir-precto's eggs) I ltually afraid He wanted Torrance “Perhaips they'll remember that II— wanted her so badly that twice wasn’t ine of those who attacked he was on the verge of grg to them” thought she “It will be I the flat and waking her with his dreadful if they try to take it out tremendous news cri me for what Blacky and the I He watched the dawn from the others did to them” - I Emtfsnkmerit The growing lightli The tvo bla Hawks alighted In gave him new confidence He aixr the tree : beside the beginning of j Torrance had lived through a night?' their nert They were excited and mare But the nightmare was over they were angry Mrs Blacky knew and only a sense of shock remained that by the mere sound of-their For the first time he begah to voices She didn’t need to hear I realize emotionally' that he was what they were saying In order to J rich He was excited yearning to know that they were very Indig- talk It over with Torrance- Not for narit - Redtail was for going over a moment did it occur to him that at once to break up Blacky’s home “We don’t want people like that for much to' do to bother with neighbors” said he' “Now I think fellows Now that we have started of it I believe It was Blacky him- this nest Tin in a hurry to get It relf who was the leader of those finished t Go look i for: some ma-Crowa Ye sir I’m sure of it" terial my dear and forget those Mrs- Redtail was not quite so in- Crows There will be tv prigii lignant You - see : she wasn’t theto attend to them later” ' - one who had been tormented and So to the great Joy of Mfi Blacky that made a difference Then too the two big Hawks took &' their “uch ilteretI' ihthe wings and r departed to look for building of the new nest to think nesting : materlsL Mra Blacky much of anything ehe “Just for- righed with relief T get thore Chows ” said she “They’ve - - had their lesson and they won’t i The next story “A Quiet Neigh-bother us again We have too borhood” - — - tor ’ ' s' J- 'S—t ! I - i : Am:j ' jt 5jr HlNever 'i &' sTNorsis - v-1 "-“F” -- -- uS! I ££ ritetwidjM iwiu I y: ' - was an early riser He need wait SoMpiSSlhardly more than an hour wI&Tan KnjwS“ joarna Rir when he caipe back from the 5 W- bUhroom be nr tbet letter ha babinB nrSrtS: at? jSSa frih?i been dnqjped through the flap Torrence- baodwltb : J!nTLJfTSSfini'b2Sl -Beer OereMi TbU erenlng Ur ratriava atattw 1 °lrJtid1hTMa5aapparant paiV I w se ndt’UaMiM' I £LrJSJnth?1ma I to who alaa dF lea had baas mnrdcrad on tha aamAl rior cmmm nart ta iM nr-tried under American law at the rane :tria jo want oaraid “YLraal thMn oUr A?nbila “ta vaiUMTtem row (today by the time you “get th""X mnToiraBc and we are sailing ! for New To iwjfcrakork the day after 1 have taken a sensible view of it : Gerald and araat0Tvraaeobbravas j r I hope you will do the same and with Vanderlem and tojeanturt hiM KJ I l u contented and ! lollv - as I arrested far aoaedlM then Sg“5 K" I f eontenieQ na joiff of Julius Saranrek’s mutter Vanderlem I meap to be Good-by dear! - (All cacaoes after kilUnc a nolteeman — r- fVtocrance ven ’Scotland ' Yard officials arrested Vanderlem -j J The Lachlsse sedan had done'lt INSTALMENT XLL I There Vere only forty In London A MURDER AND A CAPTURE I working on 'the regiirter they be-One of Vanderlem ’s ' huge bony gmn with the American-sounding Within an hour they had la freed and return to Annabne ranee promises to marry Maasltet Van-1 derlem calls Annabel! Mia meets “ hands gripped Ann&belle’s arm After that girl came to see me at the Burlington palace? hi said slowly “I told jrou I’d seen her In Paris I told vou she’d smelt some-1 thine” I : TrL know you dkI a d I!watcPed h-ri "Rh- war hi i the rown when Ssranack found the istonea (“Arid after ' I’d Upped you off jit tei -US might be the woman In the cate? had n fouri when wheni you saw me the day after?’ Annabelle struggled in against paralysis of terror1 T know why you didn’t tell me you douMa cromlngjUttte— I'town riported that he had observed tnit wis the beginning or suttin i T kaimW hhvmv A few minutes later the Lacbtosel Lachisse sedan being -driven Wtly after midnight into a sUU 1- JjS“Jfu1iweiTOrerted'traewA--Tlitt Were I moment thi retomed to ptl He ioKdfte m W then Went! to moke quite tore that M had not crept into the flat - ceived into any of the hospitals it rmitf-rwi n d A mm cloak I thehstmiddersSPAnd a green dress he left the mortuary the Scot- j j land Yard man who had brought! there plied him with questions ‘ “she 8ldd J® havw k with a °d ’fter show She asked me to go home who had wanted her Jewelry xndtata rinS her bag need not have strangled ber to death ta blw lOnDewaJia'M "1706 she was made pound keener fha “Oil! Want I 'w He escaped the humbug of tending -grief for Annabelle But his nerve was shaken The flat seemed — 'iByROViV!ckERS'i1&'r“:'t'- he might liave wounded her beyond healing vv At seven he went back to the flat to bathe and shave Torrance Mssslter : asked me to marry him understandaxall about you and me ' and we are both quite priesr headed about it We are being mar- American consulate at twelve tomor- At a little after se j names a direct 1 Une from a man named I Hestherveld -- ’’ - 1 lent it to Mra Vanderlem stay— ling at-the Burlington iPalaoe hotel rand my attorney tokl me 1 1 was -not h breaking the law No reaxon why I shouldn’t want to lend it either -i 1 that dame before she mar-1 1 azKj tt's not an American cus-M I tom to klckafwoman f or her hus I - — ‘ 1 ? band!s sins" vmicricnicnMuwuawaici tltete of bavin ben accented ““l “ husband asked h to git out and leave the car to ihlm u lew did not v-aihl111 h1 to betray :her own hus- band she had complied r The news had gone-to all stations three o’clock and round about In Camdta : gi:‘S - "S: - I 11 man fha 4nh tothejot Two -Jth£eeeM:i ! rWe be flat against the wall of the : door that: the sleeping quarters P Zf1 j ind twisted it outof his Attacked - frouo behind by iSr” men' Vendertea- weighted and hurled to tha ground - ' Within' five seconds Of his Jopen- n door to-frighten the cir U wrist sud sfCsle - funny buriness-Vanderlem" warned Halllcks brandishing a tfuncheoh “and youll getronbn lr nut wlth this” 1 - 1 DOG GEOGRA1 (From the Detroit Neva) Disputrathat mightYead to bdrdte : warfare if they occurrtd In some 6f hj more!' suspicious $ni i-pervous 4 ' i A pre-pj£?f common council and jto- pay 01 P® the !agurer’ jpound keeper’s ree were prescribed a follows “Ftor the pounding every ihorse mare or ?ttnSlpence’ f0?: bull cow ox heifer or other heat cattle four beat pence ’halfe penn ieep or hog three pence” V COLLECTED OF COURSE (Httward Brubaker Jo Raw Torkar) PMorgansays'hisbankdid ' not urge Wilson to go lnto the war ? n! Vorfens were Sngry at Sermany hut they remained calm — and collected : a ' 551 mention IT? i"® FhUadelpliia BuUatla) -jgeems’ strange the modem composers haven’t introduced into their : gjngbonies the jmuric made by a Jen chain as it clanks agahiit' i the rear mud-guard’ - '-i- ' " : i' - I ta?u Wy J MV t f I I vVir '"rV I ' A U — he is apt to he placed in solitary1 1 ' - y torjy fI " L confinement One' of the easiest ’ i'V -y : ' - f r : J i J “ I I T i f N I i J ' ' -1 1 - ' ‘ f 9 1 'm 1 ' ’J” s -v -s r ! ’ Vw -j - i ' ’r' Vr- if ’ V-J? - "t ' A ’ u r l-1 ' y Z" r-m --C Kt V' '-s t ’V £ ‘-I J 'y 1 '& ‘ ti — — I - — 11 ' - — r - -‘"r - 1

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