The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 15, 1954 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 15, 1954
Page 15
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THURSDAY, APIUL IB, 1954 BtTTHETlLLB OUt IOARDING HOUSE — wirti Major MACHIME, AIV1M, AMD, 8CN> (?£AL COOL/— 1 WATCHED HIM WORKING Oti IT EV£N_ . LOVsJ IT WOOLD A 6OCILLA AWAY FROM A OF AMD THIS DEAL \6 LOADED VJITK wxf By J. K. WttNains WELL, lt> FEEL BETTER IF THIS 6ATTER WOULP HIPE WHXT SHE'S <3ONNiA DO TO TH' IF SHE HITS rr/ ^ jw''-»i'*- : ' THE WORRY WART aSSS^TSS^ "»-"* Ttkviiion — Tonight, Tomorrow — WMCT Channel 5, & WHBQ Channel 13 WMCT Channel 5 9:30 Thursday Nifht, Apr. 15 10:00 • :00 Evening Serenade 11:00 6:15 News Reporter 11:15 6:30 Dinah Snore 11:30 6:45 News Reporter 11:45 7:00 Qroucho Marx 12:00 7:30 TV Pl»yhoua« 12:15 8:00 Dragnet 12:30 1:30 Theatre 1:00 8:00 Martin Kan,e 1:30 8:30 Humko Calling 1:45 10:00 Playhouse 2:00 10:30 News 3:00 10:40 Weather 3:30 10:45 George Jessel 4:00 11:15 Film Featurett* 4:30 11:45 Sign Off 5:00 Friday, April 16 5:15 «:50 Meditation 5:25 7:00 Today 5:30 7:25 Weather 5:45 7:30 Today 6:00 7:55 New« 6:15 8:00 Today 6:30 8:25 News 6:45 8:30 Today 7:00 8:55 Charm with Cathy 7:30 8:00 Ding Dong School 8:00 Shopping at Hpme Home Show Bride & Groom Hawkins Palls 3 Steps to Eeaven Storyland News Farm News Channel Five Club Homemakers Photoquiz Berl Olswanger Kate Smith Welcome Travelers On Your Account Pinky Lee Show Howdy Doody Captain Video Flicker Comics Weatherman Stars on Parade Hartoons Evening Serenade News Reporter Eddie Fisher News Caravan Dennis Day Life of Riley Big Story 8:30 Century Epict 11:00 fl:00 Cavalcade of Sports ii:is 9:45 Greatest Fights n:30 10:00 Loretta Young 11:45 10:30 News 12:00 10:40 Weather 12:15 10:45 Hollywood Movie 12:30 11:45 Sign Off 1:00 WHBQ Channel 13 1:30 Thursday Night, April li 2:00 6:00 Western Theater 2:30 6:30 News 3:00 6.45 Jane Froman 3:15 7:00 Meet Mr. McNutley 3:30 7:30 Four Star Playhouse 4:00 8:00 Video Theater 5:30 8:30 Big Town 6:00 9:00 Bay Bolger 6:30 9:30 Place the Face 6:45 10:00 Weather 7:00 10:05 News 7:30 10:15 The Web 8:00 10:45 Late Show 8:30 Friday, April II 9:00 7:00 Morning Show 9:30 8:45 Joye Thompson 10:00 9:00 Jack Paar 10:05 10:00 I'll Buy That .... 10:15 10:30 Strike it Rich 10:20 Valiant Lady Love of Life Search lor To'row Guiding Light Brighter Day News Garry Moore Double or Nothing House Party Big Payoff Kitchen Magic Woman witli Past .Secret Storm Lady of the House Early Show Mars Patrol Western Theater News Perry Como Mama Topper Ozzle and Harriet Our Miss Brooks My Friend Irma Easter Parade Weather News Do You Know Why Wrestling The south magnetic pole is directly south of Sydney, Australia, about 180 miles from the south pole. Watch Cleaning 36 $ ^ SO Hour ^ _ Service Watch is completely disassembled, machine cleaned, pivots polished, hairspring adjusted. Two Watchmakers Glare /s Expensive HIGH POINT, N. C. (ff)— When a large- water storage tank "glared" at them, residents filed 23 civil suits Political Announcement The Courier News is authorized to announce the following candidate for the Preferential Primary July 27. For State Representative Mississippi County H. H. (Buddy) Howard HEADQUARTERS FOR PLAY EQUIPMENT Swings, Slides, Sand Boxes and Monkey Climbs Hubbard Hardware against this city totaling more than $200,000. Officials are taking the! cheap way out with $2,500 worth of j drab paint to covtr the tank's aluminum surface. 114 W. MAIN Next Door to Wade Furn. It Takes Only! Day ... For Us To Do Your Roll Film! Wt A/so Specialize In • Wadding Photos • Graduation Photos • Personalized Photos BEE GEE PHOTO SERVICE 106 S. First St. — Phone 8637 XXX 'TIM DUNN asked Mark Rich'«' ards: "How are you making lout on young Hughes' alibi?" Richards frowned. "It's stand- ;ing up, and getting stronger as [they check more. I felt sure it •was that boy. But with this alibi, •well, you can see where we're ileft? Chief Hughes took that gun jfrom headquarters. I'm positive I it's the boy's, even though I can't j prove it. So what does that {mean? Either he's mixed up in I this himself, or he's protecting [someone. Another thing. I've !been to see Atwood again, checking with him on depositors who drew large sums in cash from 'their accounts. So far we've been 'able to find about $23,000 paid | out in answer to those extortion idemands." ' "But Hughes wasn't one of ithem?" "No. And there's more." "Hughes in debt to Atwood?" "Badly. He has turned over his installment accounts to the bank for collateral. Even so, he's short of operating cash, and his expenses are high." "And Mayor Stone?" "No," Richards said. "Don't forget Eddie. The other—well, , it might be possible, but not that, i Even when you think of mercy i killings I can't see Stone ia the role." - . "Go on," Jim said. "Remember I told you young Hughes was interested in photography? It seems he runs through an interest pretty fast. .According to Chief Hughes, his son hasn't done anything with his photography work for some time. I insisted and be let me look in the darkroom, lot of stuff, and a lot ol equipment. But there's nothing there with cyanide in it But there is tn empty space on the shelf o< i chemicals, and th€ft it * mam (tn the dust where • container had been.* "You point that out to "Yes. I thought for a moment he was going to start telling the whole truth. Instead he launched into a rigmarole about how Eddie Stone still had the run of the Hughes' house. To hear him tell it, Eddie was devoted to young Tony. And Tony would do almost anything for Eddie. You see what he was trying to explain?" "That young Tony took the dentist's materials for Eddie? That Eddie could have taken the bottle from the darkroom?" "That and more. Hughes admitted Eddie Stone swiped the Hughes' car every chance be got." "It could all be true," Jim said. "And don't forget young Hughes is alibied so far. So what are you going to do about it?" "It isn't something I want to rush into without being positive." "Good. Why dont you go home? I might as well stick around here as my hotel room. Let your man on duty go." . • • • TV/TARK. RICHARDS nodded. •*• "So you've really got something, haven't you. Jirn?" "Partly, maybe." "Then this might help. I started the boys at headquarters digging at Vern Bruce's past as soon as he came into the picture. He's served time, Jim. A short stretch for manslaughter. Shot a man to death in a fight Back East in the little town he came from." "Might be a good reason he doesn't like guns any more," Jim suggested. "Might be. Tm not going to ask you a lot of questions right now, Jim. But there's on* thing I'd really like to know. Or it least—to know your opinion. Did Eddie Stone really kill Chief Drover?" "Under ttM drcumsunotg," Jhn Mid drily, "I think that'd bt in the nature of a philosophical question Even if the •rtmllf atruck witt. the dagger, the ice pick, whatever it was, could you say he was a killer? Or merely an instrument." At 3 in the morning, Jim got up from the desk and stretched the stiffness from his legs. He had gone through sbc of the manuscripts, glancing at them now not so much for their contents, which were, remarkably similar, but for a special page which might ser^e his purpose. So far his search had netted him only indifferent results. He glanced at his watch, was reminded of the time 12 hours before when he had been late for that sll-arnportant promise with Nancy. *He muttered. "It'd serve him right," and phoned Dr. Pardon. • • • TIM was a little disappointed •* that the doctor was awake, admitted to having just got home from the hospital. "And how is Mansfield?" "He's rallying nicely. If he were a little younger, I'd say he was out of danger. As it is, I'd still say he has an excellent chance." "Will he need another tran- fusion?" "I don't think «o. Are you offering again?" "Yes." -All right. I'll call on you rf there's an emergency. So you'd better get plenty ol food and rest." "Oh sure," Jim said. At the moment, he felt giving more blood to Mansfield might be easier than reading any more of the man's work. Pardon said, 'Is it important to you that Mansfield should live?" "Very important," Jim said. "If you want a reason, you might say I'm protecting my investment I don't want my blood to go to waste. And by the way, I'm at Mansfield's apartment if you should need me during th« rest of the night" "Good." "And, doctor," Jim said, "could Mayor Stone have been up and aroynd at 6 o'clock the morning after you gave him a sedative?" 'Tor practical purposes, no." ttf I* WHITE SHOULDERS The Perfect Fragrance For Your Easter Parade! The Gift Shop ON MAIN EXPERT WATER PUMP REPAIR Hubbard Hardware Phone 2015 FARMERS VVe have the Agency For the new WILSON DO-ALL MACHINE. That Prepares your land—4-Rows at a time—Ready for The Planter—All in one operation. For A Demonstration or Further Information, Call. HARDY Phone 6978 Blytheville NEED PAINT' We can Save You Money Pittsburg Standard Outside White 3.49 Sunbrite Outside White 1.95 Also In Pastel Shades ROSE SALES CO. 501 S. 21 St. .) COURIER + FttCKLES AND Kr$ PRIINDS Tte»f» WA« A 8*T OF AUAff — BIFFBD, t' Bur I DONT NAVE A 6O LAOTCMANCe Oh, Walter, you mustn't fail in Greek! It's such a valuable study —why, that's the only class we have together!'* VOU'gE EHGK5ED TOCWZLCWMJlNf MO, I SUPPOSE NOT...lT's...n"SJUST TwxTiTte A. err OF A, SUCPG1SE/ CCWJECESlDEMCE/ ISMM HIM LOWE TX SMD OEL WA6 I TMEMCE JUST IFJBZ TV*. WEEE...WEfe NOW GONE DOVOUHM/E •M ANY IDEA WHERE? TEVN6 TO FIND IANCE,CM?L NO, MY BOY1 USED TO A 32, BUT THIS IS THOUGH ASKING HEARD OF/^ OUTFIT LIKE TMAT THE TMCWPSONJSr MAC? A DIP THIS THOPSON 0OVerr PRETTV HAVE ANV CLO6E PKIESJI75/ MUCH TD HIM- VVHO AM&HT HAV'E 5TAVE17) SELR CAN'T IN CONTACT WITH HIM/r AS I COULC? gLA,V\E HIM.., ME WASN'T A FPTETTy SISHT. CON'T KNOW IP HE JOINED AMV .-.THEV LMEP HEEE ONLY A PEW Y£A(?5, OR THE SLIPSHOD TYPE, \ DUNNQ. WHO'D LOSE- MR.FRAVWE'5 \ HOW ANYONE ELSE C0UL VMJJA&LE NOTES'. THEKJ BE RESPONSIBLE FOR WHO DID? KMP WHY 15 HER ACTION&...OK WHY! WTK YOU. J0...5HE DOE5-NT Mi UNKINP OK. CRUEL L THOUGHT (TV BE RJM IF JUST YOU AMD I SHOPPED FOR NOUR CLOTHE5, BOBBY 1 VOU LIKED TOGO WITH WHEM I CAMt TO OIFFEPE^T THEN 1 . BUf DORI6- FKAYNE, WHA.T PO YOU THINK., E/\5Y? 5WE 50 HARSH, M TIKES, / BUT GIVE ME THAT \r& TURNED BOBBY AGMMST HER ? WfKNTA, T^LK, ABOUT IT! WW.WGOO'NESft BUT LOOK \ NUTHIN THAT AT YOU/ MY \ t. KNOW OF.' STARS, WHAT'S HAPPEN! EP ALLEY? VOU ALL RIGHT?? YOU'RE NOT / HECK, NO,. A PRISONER?/ I'M A GUEST HEREJUST LIKE vou ARE: ..EVERYBOCV KNOHS YOU VOWIAN5 ARE A FIERCE, HOSTILE SUPPOSED \ TO WORK HE2E ! HERE COMES A CUSTOMER .' NOW 5CMETWIN PUtfNITU&E GO WAIT ON THAT CUSTOMER.' THAT LAZY WAB3ITS BEEN SITTING IN THAT CHAIR ALL MORNIN6.' OKAY, ELMER ...DONT BLOW A GASKET' Small Home Loans Available now. No FHA requirements if you own your lot and have a small down payment Five years to pay. E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. ! r

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