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I- -r i J- j. rJ 1 APTIST DHEMMA WHAT-lOtJR. RELIGIONS ABE lam Mb a leaders believe can brr foontfto (Continued from PageA-7) leges have accepted financial r-money in the put for-ex-. ample; the GI of Right end jt hu never been accompanied by attempted government control. Re also noted Texas Baptists have promised In the past to Some.

Baptist that a way; reconcile Southern President Dehoney that absolute church and (This is the last of three articles on the Bnehmthed by JerooeNttfainsott chairman of the ftatereKy of Leaden of the American Ethical (Mon. This condudee the What Our ReOgfama Are" soles. Some people feel guilty because they do not belong to church. Is there any reason through common action in be half of common goals. for this? I Despite differences about Of course ther Is.

As children, they were taught to hold certain beliefs; but as they grew'uiTttiefound thatth foe meaning of religion, ail of us have a common stake in improving the health and edu-cation of our people -in veloping foe fullest tafenS of de-L VierNaiii'lastrFrUhfy wheft 21, from a train which had brought it from Oakland. Calif. Fernandez was killed in make up by. Voluntary contri- button anything their Ins titu- ImW Vw tions lost by turning down government aid, but have "fallen hr, hr short of kerning this promise. THE TEXAS convention did not even reach a formal vote on.

a. authorizing Baylor-and other-Baptist stitudons-to-accept -federal aid. It was withdrawn- after soundings indicated it would be a. large ma- jority. The issue is certain to con- tlnue generating controversy.

ftUL WEBB PRESENTS -BOB DANIELS IN CONCERT 1 NEW STAMP TO HpNOR SPCA Tfci design tor the Humane Treatment of Animals coipmemorative stamfC featuring a mongrH dog, has been approved by-the ost Office Departmental for release with first-day ceremonies in New York on April' 9. The stamp honors the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals which was founded years ago. LOS LUNAS, M. WV-The flag-draped coffin of a Viet Nam war hero ws re-turend home to New Mexico Friday for military honors: A solemn crowd of about 500 persons watched military pallbearers lift the coffin of Army Spfec. 4 Daniel Fernandez, he- threw- himself -on nade to shield companions from foe blast He has been nominated for the Congressional Medal of Honor, foe dation's highest military decoration.

i Imagine that with his experience, he became man, Loa. Lunas Councilman Arthur Sais said of Fernandez. "He was just a boy when I knew him. Mr. and Mrs.

Jose I. Fernandez, foe parents, and their daughter, Rita a New Mexico Highlands University student were at the Beien station, about. 10, miles from Los Lunas. The mother broke irito tears as foe casket was lifted from foe train. Simpson proclaimed today an official day of mourhTrigfar Fernandez, who had young been awarded -the Purple Heart and Air Medal for ear- NEWKIRK- Eva Maude, 8UifJ52T.EwTWnLSL.died Thursday.

Surviving are son, Charles; daughter, Mrs. Lucille Butler, Mrs. Ina Fierce, Former Grand Master of State Masons Dies aca Vidor Racordtoa Artlrt An Entire Evanlna af Sacred Son MONDAY, FEB. 28 7:30 P.M. no -longer -beTi things.

This did not these happen because they wanted to disbelieve or- because they were "bad people. It happened because their experiences and development and intelligence led them to question or doubt jtheir earlier beliefs. Often they long for the sense of security they got from their childhood faith. Often they would like to believe again What they once accepted. But they cannot honestly do so, and they feel uneasy about "betraying the good people who taught them what a good life means.

Yet they have done nothing wrong. On the contrary, they trseTo-Vp-ierv1ce-to iwhat thv An tint umIIv what they do not really be-lieverlhejrhave foe courage to stand up for their own faith. They honor their own convictions and try to maintain their own integrity. Just so did foe Hebrew prophets, speakjo the people of Israel Just so did Socrates defy the Athenians in his search for tnifor-Just-ao did Jesus assail all those who wouUTsacrif Ice foe spirit of First Baptist Church of Lakewood $335 Arbor Road I South of Dal Amo I Blk. Wait of Baltflovrer NO ADMISSION i EVERYONE WELCOME The Long Buck Ctnitr of Evangelism CortTOth Unden First Assembly of Gofl -s et Silt 1.

road Commission, predecessor of foe Public Utilities -'Gosh mission- j-r He.iisortaught-atfo4hd-versity of the Pacific. 1 k'r Masonic-funeral -wHl ba Monday at 1 Halstad A San Francisco, in Charga-ofainmgemehts: i MATTHEWS Annia'BeBet 88. ot 445 EOfo St. died day. Surviving are sons, 'Ah brey lL, Euel Hubert Sj daughters, Mrs.

Goldie M. Harper, Mrs. Maude sisters, Mrs. Florence Isbell Mrs. Lula Fitzgerald Private service today, BCty rose Abbey Mausdeum Patterson AT Snivefy" Mortuary in change.

Ffailjr suggests contrlbutioni'ro Heart Fund or Arthritic Hfah- dation, principle with practicality. Baptist Convention W. Wayne commented recently separation of state is Imperative where the church alone is served, but it is not neces- sarily foebest way of dealing with a church-related college where the public at.large is the chief beneficiary. This is substantially the same aliment that Roman Catholics have made for fed end aid tc parochial schools the goveni-tnent would not be supporting the rtligious function of the schools but simply. compensating them for the publio service which they perform in educating a large-part of the nations children.

BOS DANIELS TrarAWaifoTSfialbafir CHURCH of SCIENCE Peuidar 1 0:45 AM; MY LIFE" Nurearv Faundar Raramananaa Yawnando ori LBos ptRTa Christian Youth Rally Nite Sunday, Feb. -27 7 P.M. JOYFULSINGSPIRATION YOUTH CHORUS STAND SPARKLE OF YOUTH tier action in Viet Nam. FERNANDEZ received foe Purple Heart and Air Medal when he was wounded while acting as a gunner in a helicopter which was struck by ground He was sent home to re cover but volunteered to return to Viet Nam in January. Funeral service-will-be-to-day in Los Lunas High School gymniSiilm.

Burial will be in the National New' Mexicos ospital city. Death SUTHERLAND Emily, 79, ofJSTOLPinaAYtdLed Wednesday. Suniivfog an stepson, Jim; Rosary Sunday, 8 p.m., Shee-lars Mortuary. Requiem Mass Monday, 9a.m.,joiyjnno-cents Church. HELMICX-(Paramouiit) Leila Margaiet, 79, of 151M Caistana Ave, died Thursday.

Surviving an daughters, Mrs. Eva Ciscb, Mrs. Jean James, MESSAGE BY THE YOUTH PASTOR "THE THRiLL OF YOUTH-TIME" Sunday School LONS BEACH RELIGIOUS CZn-SMri. Catherine Home, Mrs. Mrs.

Edna Rasmussen, ikMgtene Wilson; brothers, Paul An AMIIaM Churdi of ihn Churdl of Raflaloua Sdanca, Emaat HeTmn, wmc. CREST THEATRE 4275 ATLANTIC love for foe letter of the law. No, foe nonconformist need not feel guilty. He is following some of foe greatest vi-sions'bf the human spirit to seek dignity without dogma. Now when moral andrell-giousquestions are' discussed in our country, we refer to the position of Catholics, Protestants- 1ml That takes care of -the religious grouper 5imday Service "GOD IS eet Dr.

DON BERTHEAU, Minlitor -2n Sunday School and.Nursar-10:30-A.M. at CHURCH HEADQUARTERS-505 E. 36th St. "TECHNIQUES OF SB.F IN PSYCHIATRIC AFTER-CARE" HELP SANFR AN CISCO" Wi Leon O. Whitsell, former grand master of the California Masonic lodgexlied athis Sin Francisco home Thursd night He was 89.

Tho! had served as a trustee, of foe University of the Pacific and member ofthe California Rail- Notices SIMPSON Nancy Sue, of 305 E. Seaside Blvd, died Mrs. Clara D. Kelley, Hopkins, Blrs. Billy Hopkins, Mrs.

Claude Russell, Mrs. Hubert Beigner. Service Sunday, 2 p.m., Mottells Bhu tuary. BOLLER Charles retired- owner of Buffums Coffee Shop, formerly of Long -Beach, died LBfonday. Surviving are wife, Lure; son, brother' Gall, Graveside service Wednesday, 1-pjiL, Sunnyside Me- tuary in charge.

WHITE Hildur Melvina, of -Lewis AveT-died Thursday. Surviving are daughter, Mrs. Charlotte W. Phillips; brothers. Many, Ed win and Chester Swanson; Mrs.

Mabel Peterson. Service Tuesday, 11 MotteUs Mortuary. EVANS Valda jewelry cleric, of 400' E. Arbor died Thursday. Surviving is -husband' Eugene.

Service Monday, JO amPsttereon lc Sniveiy Jdortuaxy, BEARDSLEY Howard 72, salesman, of.4325-B E. Second St, died Wednesday. Surviving are wife, Inez soii, sister, Mrs. Charles Abbott. Private service today, Holton Son Mortuary.

Family contributions to charity. suggests MOREN James 81, retired street ear operator, for- UwpnM manM haattti Irani ttw program of RCOV- INC ERY Mrs. Maxy Tolsby, Mn AMnoriel Park. Mottells Mor- Unitarian Church CUNNING (Norwa Ernest 82, of 11906 FloJ neer Blvd, died Wednesday; Surviving are son, Harold daughters, Mrs. Evelyn- Cass ler, Mrs.

Zella Inez Service la Th peka, Kan. Norwalk Mortuary lif charge here. 5450 Atherton- naar Ballflownr SPIRITUAL SCIENCE CHURCH I.GAS. Charter 126 -5856 Orange Ave. RqvMary C.

Pirtle, Founder Rev. Clyde J. Mjh, Pator Sunday, 7:30 P.M? Healing-Worship-Messaqes 'Thursday, 7 JO P.M. Healing-Message Grai f-w our'childreir-ahd youth, in lessening -discriminatior in advancing welfare and se curity, fa forwarding democracy, in striving for world peace and world unity. Beyond this, there is an ancient vision which can be revived for our common benefit For however each of us make his peace with foe verse, our faith in man- ex.

presses foe vision of the human-ness, foe humaneness, foe humanity of man. It is foe vision which speaks in foe following prayer. "May I be no mans enemy, and may I be the friend of that which la eternal and abides May I never devise evil against any man; if devise. evil., uiny I escape without foe may I escape need of hurting hinuMay.

love, seek, and attain only that which is good. May I wish for all mens happiness and envy none "When I have done or said what is wrong, may I never wait tor foe Tebuke of others, but always rebuke myself until I make amends I reconcile friends who are wroth -wWr one another: "May to the extent of my power, give all needful hdp to all who are in want May. I never "fail a friend in danger "May I respect myself May I always keep tame that which'ngeswifoin ffle-rv May I never discuss who is wicked and what wicked things he has done, but know gqod jnen Mid follow in their footstqiis. No, foil is not the prayer of a Catholic, priest a Protestant minister, a Jewish rabbi a Quaker teacher. These words are those of Eusebius, who live4 some 2,000 years ago.

END OF SERIES (CsoyrtaM wlua. Maoaatnaa SfMdaimNb ME.) venc -THB PRISONER Sm this Impact Drama Sunday at Savan P.M. First Nazarena Church Worahip 10:50 2280 Oarlc "Where Femilin Co Together Mi Grow Together Parkcrest CHURGH-of CHRIST- M50 rricrtt Straat 6 1.1 aJit-MO pjn. SIUDEBAKRJIQAD CHURCH OF-CHRIST 3413 Sfudabaita Read -Sun. lt: AM PM.

MML 7:30 OM. MINISTERS: ittfUSUS "THE SALVATION SPRINO ST. "A Friandly Place to WonMp" 9H5 jti. Sunday School 10:45 e.m. Morning Worehip 7KX) p.m Evangelical Service "ALL WELCOME" THE CHAPEL OF PEACE 7 Raianda Tal.

4MR7 Paata Rav. Nina Van llawUaaan SUNDAY: 7:30 PJ4. REV. TEVA ADAIR Thurv. 7:31 Maaaaaa TEMPLE OF CHRISTIAN -PHILOSOPHY INS Ravmand Av.

SUNDAY 2 P.M. -REV. CATHERINE McGUIRE PJUL Maaaaaa Clrctu 1R; U4a RaM Party GS SUM Peoplee Church 1011 E. Broadway SUNDAY 2 P.M. REV.

E. M. NILES a An wr Oaaa Parana Rav. S. SL men.

436-isaa SELF-REALIZATION -FELLOWSHIP Church, of. AlI lene Mahaney, brother, Earl Tucker; sister, Mrs. Ruby Mahaney. Service. Monday, 11 a.nv Paramount Mortuary PETERSON (Garden Grove) Selma 74, 12602 Woodland Lane, died Thursday.

Surviving are sons, Cheli, Clifford; daughter, Mrs. Elizabeth Bailey. Service at Hopkins, Mini). Peek flunily Colonial Funeral Home, Westminster, In charge here. BnTERS(N rwa 1).

Lillian 7Q, of ll400 Rose-crans died Wednesday. Surviving are sons, Lloyd Qyde, Robert; daughter, Maxine; brothers, Richard Leonard, William and Alfred Freeman; sisters, Mrs, Helene Mrs. Louise Smith, Mrs. Rose Theriot. Service today, 11:30 a.m..

Chapel of Memories. SCOTT (Orange) Farmer John (Scotty), former em- 'THE DREAM NATURE tin WORLD-" Sunday, 11 A. M. -THUatOAY, f. Mi DEVOTIONAL SERVICE Mrs.

Anna I day, 1 p.m., Sniveiy Roy of 2109 Atlantic died Thursday. Surviving is son, Leer'Service Monday, p.m.,Patters9n& Mortuary. X'T FARQUAR John 62, painter, of 1251 E-Fourth St, died Friday. Surviving are wife, Ruth; sons, Jack, Larry, sisters, Mrs. Ruth Caldwell, MrsT Service Monday, 10 a.m., Dilday Family Funeral Directors.

GATES. (Roiling Hills) Mabel 80, died Friday. Surviving are son. Dr. Earl Gates; sister, Mrs.

Lottie Ruiz. Service Monday, 2, Magner Funeral Home, Santa Maria. Dilday Family Funeral Directors in charge. nURRIS Maribn'Cr62, constructfoii foreman for city of Long Beach, of 7176 Olive died Thursday. Surviving are Daisy; daughters, Esther Harris, Mrs.

Shir-leyTusher, G. sister, Mrs. Nellie Berry. Service Monday, 3 pjnH Forest Lawn; Cypress. Hunter Mortuary in charge.

KING Bruce- 3rn- infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Bruce King of 4865 N. Clark died Wednesday. Service was held- Lakewood JMortuaiy EVANS (San Pedro) Dawn MariOf rnfantdaughteraf and Mrs.

Curtis Evans ot 524 W. JEighth died Wednes-day. Service was held, Ha5 ris hi alTMdrtQaryTW SULLIVAN Leo (Francis), 74, -ofJ325 Parade St, died Thursday. Surviving are wife, Beatrice; brothers, Edward, iJohn; sister, Mrs. Marion Cohen.

Rosary Sunday, 7, Shee-laris Mortuary. Requiem Blass 9 St Church. Lucy: 1 ANAHEM REV. A MRS. ORVEL TAYLOR frD AJVL Sunday RMa Schoal A.M.

MORNINO WORSHIP, PASTOR TAYLOR REVIVAL TIME, PRAYER-FOR THE SICK Mid-Waak Sarvtcaa Wadwadny and FHday, 7:38 PJUL ploye of Fisher. Employment merly of 42 Plymouth St. Agency of -Long Beach, of died Thursday. Surviving is 835rijrVeta" Avedied wif erROflfiiT-SerVLceToday; Friday. Surviving is niece, 1 3 pm.

Patterson Sniveiy SerriMcutuary CROW EVANGELISTIC. MINISTERING-AS-0OD- SPEAKS WITH- DISCERNING OF'SPIRITS AND WORDS OF KNOWLEDGE fRAYERFOR DEMONS CAST OUT The Americans who are not members of a church or temple or synagogue are' dismissed as of little importance, They live as Individuals and are not united into any one group; no one 'speaks for them. We must remember that when the "three faiths have expressed themselves, we have not- canvaued alT sides of religious and moral questions. The real concern with living a good life represents foe grounds for unity between those who7 go to church and those who- do -not-This unity will not be achieved through discussions of theory or theology. It will be achieved a 1 1 el -r Author of Best Seller "I Believe in Miracles" KHOF-FM (995) MonwFri.


COUPON OAT mOMING MONDAY, MARCH 7. NPW IM Siadiy, Mirth I SumatiMwIYaliiM uffuru.h Cuupuwa liU Ala ftoi fur a Many 4ay at ibuwa la Hw Caupau. Deat LOPER (Bellflower) Frank Edgar, 84, of 9824 Wi nut St, died Feb. 18. Service today 11 ajtL, Angelua Compton.

Bdlflower Me tuary in charge. Gladys Kf of 3122 Er.Sevsnth-SV Febrl9Surviving band Carl A son, -I sister, Thelma BtrainfhC vice wee heldjBL Funeral Home. -3k I ROUTH-John WfflL 72, of 234 E. Broadway; Feb. 19.

Surviving are: john Wijr listers. B4re.Aiy Matthys, Mrs. Bess Decker Service was held B- WT Coon Funeral GOOD LOCATION for de scribing the-TV-eetsTrouii like jell: Cjassifled Section. IHal HE 2-5959 HE 5-1 1 ua aAbaS aa tm Sunday Morning Service 10:30 A. M.

REVIVAL CENTER CHURCH ROBERT REID, Psstor 5200 ATLANTIC AVENUE. LB. mha thaml MR.MERGHSRT SRECIALBONUStVAL'UES Monday, JO p.m., Smith TuthiU Mortuary," Santa -CHANDLER James G. 85, engineering' foreman, formerly of Long Beach, died Thursday in Sbuth Bloomfield C4iio. Surviving is sister-in-law, Mrs.

Harold Acord Service 1:30 pm. South Bloomfield Bdeth-odist Church. Bastlan Funeral Ashville, Ohio, in Home, charge. MZN WltM FULL It can WE ALSO BRUTIU BRNRIS r5 SHRINE CIVIC AUDITORIUM Jefferson Royal Los Angelas Harbor Freeway to' Exposition Blvd. SPECIAL! II KEYBOARD VURLITZER SPINET ba years far only KUHLMAN 27 P.M.

at I pm.) Invited Radio Ministry (1390 Ik) -V Sunday, 9:30 REIT COISOLtS ft UMDS Used All Ilyin All flaislMs i SASMSte HUliuil USRIf UUII rtStRII stiirsIi eases sasus Manning's Big Rod Sunday, (doors open Public KRKD (1150 Ik). 6:30 pm. i Mono Shop Dopt. In, IVAIUCIIS nusic CIY 1255 Leswied MvA. ME joill.

UAeweed I tm gtfc mk.iiiiiIJ aiiiij.

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