Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on June 26, 1973 · Page 14
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 14

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 26, 1973
Page 14
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Golesbur ister-Moil, Galesburg -.I 1 - • - ^ ^ ^ ••• x_^C 1 -• • Tuesday, June 26, 1973 rica his 4 ' •* * ! * By MARTY RALBOVSKY NEW YORK (NEA) In "The Greening of America," Charles Reich wrote that shopping centers are merely the inevitable results of daily assaults upon our senses by the advertising industry to buy, buy, buy Twenty years ago, one went to the store to purchase an item; today, with shopping centers, the stores have come to us. • First in a Series Shopping centers also have become the command posts into which nuclear families are plugged. Those futuristic promenades, Reich implied, have become the new Main Streets of America. Not only have these circular, triangular, rectangular masses of concrete, neon and glass created the American phenomenon of noncommittal browsing, but they also have become places in which bored housewives, senior citizens and teen-agers can be together while the tedium mounts. THE CONSUMER, meanwhile, can purchase, under a single bubble-topped roof, anything from a roll of adhesive tape to round-trip airline tickets to Tahiti. And, while inside the mall, be greeted by Santa Claus, Easter bunnies or high-fashion models wearing bikini bathing suits, Shopping centers, Reich lamented, have removed the penny candies, the hanging cheeses and the cracker barrels from our lives. say they have done the American public a great service by creating their plazas, malls, and promenades. Since most of the shopping centers are located in the vast expanse that is known as suburbia (where the largest percentage of Americans now lives), the developers say they have spared the nuclear housewife the ordeal of having to drive into the city to shop; it is in the city, the developers say, where the chances are best that she might be mugged or molested, or maimed by some maniacal driver on the road. NOT ONLY THAT, the developers say. but they have given to the housewife in the city the opportunity to go out into the country, to breathe some fresh air, and to buy items that she cannot find in her neighborhood hardware store. So, Reich or not, shopping centers continue to pop up on the American landscape like mushrooms in the forest after a rainy night. But these new Main Streets have not neces- sarilv left the problems of the old Main Streets behind; thev have taken the problems with them, out into the Garden Cities and the Ridsewoods and the Hollvwood Hills of America. In these bastions of affluence and propriety, shopping centers apparently have become the . nerve centers for legions of muggers, car thiefs. shoplifters, drug oushers and loiterers, not to mention that new breed of criminal inherent amons shoonins centers: 1 \ i , acootfdbtg t Stacy Summers, a sal* an in the women's i department of a large chain store in the Sbafpetown Shopping Center. She said: "We've got girls who come iftto this place, and they take things off the racks, and they go into the fitting rooms to try them on. So what do they do? Mrst they put on a bikini bathing suit, then a pair of sfoods over the bathing suit, then a pair of slacks over the shorts. Then they put on a jersey, -another jersey, and another jersey. Then they put on their own raincoats and they walk out of the store. They put on $75 worth of new clothes and walk right out. You know what this store had ing to the' bathroom in one of the potted plants." The assistant manager of a large department store in the Cypress Flaza Shopping Center between Pomp&no Beach and fioca Raton, Flu.,-said that many people who come into his store and commit crimes do not even consider their acts to be criminal. "It's not only the kids," ho said, "it's everybody. They think shopping centers have so much money that a few dollars stolen There, or a few items stolen there, won't even make a dent. They have this Itobta Hood attitude, that they're stealing from the rich so it's all right." (NEXT: "The Shopplng*Ccntcr Capital of the World") en security guards the fitting rooms." hire From hanging cheeses and cracker barrels. . . On the other hand, the de- The charge-nlate deadbeat. velopers of shopping centers In Spokane, Wash., there DON'T SAY SHOES, SAY r 1 The most comfortable shoes in the world! Revelations famous one! The walking sandal—with Red Carpet @ cushion comfort v. T t * *1 • AT If Si:* are several large shopping centers and the promise of msoiy more to come, since the population is just beginning to increase. At the North town Shopping C e n-t e r, which houses 50 stores, a tall, stern security policeman admitted that crime is a problem. Assured of anonymity — "You can't use my name, I'll get fired" — he said: "These shopping' centers have created their own crime problems. For one thing, look at these parking lots. Nobody ever thinks about parking lets. People park their cars, come in to shop for a couple of hours, and forget all about the cars out there. The shopping centers don't hire people to police the parking lots, to watch the cars. So what happens? "The shopper goes back out to his car amd maybe it's not there any more. The easiest place to steal a car is from a shopping-center parking lot. A lot of people are in such hurries to get into the stores, they leave their keys in the j gnitions, the doors open; some people who figure they're only going to be a couple minutes, they leave the d amn engines running. We had 500 cars stolen from parking lots in shopping centers last year alone; ,one they iound in Ohio,' another in West Virginia. "The who work the Court: Levee Plan Unconstitutional 4 H 'm • 1 -aw • * SPRINGFIELD (UPI) — The land St. Clair counties. Illinois Supreme Court has ruled a 1972 law dividing the The court said it could see no - - r ****** 4 " East Side Levee and Sanitary District into two parts—Madison County and St. Clair County •violates a state constitutional 4 * ban on special legislation. reason for restricting the advantages of "more effective ad-! ministrative and fiscal control" to just the one district with tax- guys parking lots have a lot of cover, and no surveillance from police. Now, that's just stolen cars; you talk about what's being taken from inside parked cars, packages and th ings, and you 're talking about something even worse. You know, they even stole two The Roosevelt Field Shopping Mall in Garden City is one of ifche largest on Long Island, A security policeman, who patrols the camival-like midway of the fully enclosed mall, said: "The kids that hang around here, they come early in the morning and they stall till closing. They don't buy anything, they just hang around. I'll tell you what they've been doing: They sit there on the ground and they stare up at us, give us dirty looks; they're baiting us. So we go . over and ask them what they're doing sitting around, an dthey say, 'Drop dead,' or something like that. Then we frisk them, and we find these plastic bags in their pockets, tilled with white powder. Drugs, right? So we call the local police and we tell them we've got a drug bust at the shopping mall, and the local police come in and make the arrest. So what happens? "THEY TAKE THE kids to the station and book them. Then they send the white powder to the labs; it comes back negative. The kids are carrying flour and salt and sugar- en purpose. You may not believe this, but they're trying to get arrested on purpose. Why? So they can file false- arrest or harassment suits afterwards, and collect an easy hundred from the police to settle out of court. ( * The security guys who work this mafll don't fool around with drug busts any more; it's too dangerous. These damn kids are so smart, so tricky, the only time we bother them is if we see them slapping some girl around, or if we see them go- The American Red Cross Advertising contributed for the public good in cooperation with The Advertising Council and the International Newspaper Advertising Executives c o3S^ v * r 1 CANTARE kids, babies, that were left able assessed valuation of $100 irside cars ^ year; the million and "not extending the The count ruled Monday that j same advantages'* to districts! Full Range of Sizes and Colors WHITE - BONE - BLUE Narrow — Medium — Wide Widths Sizes to U 7., BLOOM 9VW M SMOtl SHOES 228 Main 342-2013 the legislation by which' the East Side Lsvee District would I have been split applies only to that district and is therefore invalid since the constitution says no special laws can be made where general laws will do. The law says any two-county : sanitary district with taxable; ass>essed valuation of $100 mil-! lion oir more *'is divided for more effective administrative j and fiscal control into two separate districts" on the effective date of the law, which Dec, 22 last year. The court noted the only possible district to which such lan- i guage could apply is the East! Side Levee and Sanitary Dis -I trict which takes in Madison! cars last year; mothers, they figure they'll be right back, they leave the ba- that might reach. $100 million! bies in car seats. Yeah. They at -a later date. come back, no kids." The count therefore found the law unconstitutional because it created a special law when a general law could have been made. Most of the shoppng centers in Houston are built underground in deference to the heat. Being underground is MRS. 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