The Wichita Eagle from Wichita, Kansas on December 30, 1935 · 2
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The Wichita Eagle from Wichita, Kansas · 2

Wichita, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 30, 1935
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'" ’'i-' -V'-Y-V- ' -r Ill iMTiHw'ifKn laAWm’-eMwWbM-Mi Ji--i rirw i w Aii’Li f St y— A- -- - at 1 ' fc f i -w 5 f '- s - “ ’ ? v :-:X' ’- "f ij f sa v“ "‘a’ £ v i v : V ' -J : J':4 - : f- ) - o - f v 'Js'iU81: £ ' - -v'-'j! ¥: i - j - !v ’ ' : '-' oi-'f x t ' -2 - d : " - 1- i -i -'s vi j ' '3 fc i : - f - i - v 'VJ f - v 1 - : V- i--r : -k" - a ': -j f ' L ' -r - j ‘i!1T ’ -v-'-va'wyirv w ' ' 1 --' - ’’I ' i ' 'o'-' i-' r1' f - - : - : - :-f - r i ' - ’ 1 " s - 1 s - "" V 1 '’ ’ - a - t i 1 - - 1 ' V ’ s “ "7 V ' V I I f lH ‘ ' f ' I ' -V: x I k- rHECHiTAGiDgilMdNiiM6iNWpTOEItI Too ’: - A jf - : - 4 I UUCII ACCOMPLISHED OY 17ICHITA cof:g DUniHG PAST YEAR pnCTPns flT BaiioaTion of senna gxetery sutidayi £ft ji Population' Boosted 2000 as Industrial Expansion Is r ' Brought About in 1935 ' PAYROLLS INCREASING A- survey of activities - of the f 4 ' f y-f ' ' Wichita Chamber of Commerce during loss reveals a-decided advance-‘ roent toward Its ultimate goal— creating oT employment — which Is brought about by “selllng Wlchlta k at home and abroad- : ' ' Evidences of this fact are prlnr clpally one of the largest conven- - tion years ttie city has seen an 1 increase ofover 2JOOO in the city’s ( population considerable industrial expansion And numerous new es- - tablishments more goodwill trips by ' Wichita business men further es- - tablishment of Wichita as an - aviation center development of the aesthetic qualities or the city and making 1935 the largest construction year since 1931 - Activities of the Chamber are dl- vlded Into five main departments -i retail conventions and public im provement groups agricultural and industrial transportation government and taxes and business protective service ' x Everybody Cooperated Secretary H M Van Auken re-' ports ' the departments haye shown ' fine cooperation this yearlh making 'It an outstanding one ln4he history of the Chamber “Our Job Is to help make Wichita a better place in which to live' and in turn create employment We gave emphasis this year to subversive activities the-pro- tec tion of business as well' as promotion We: are proud of our I accomplishments in 1935 E E Baird : Is to be cwgratulated on his position as president of the Wichita Chamber of Commerce" - A brief resume of the yeairV work ' follows: The 135 'conventions and sales meetings brought 47000 people to Wichita during the year The average stay was a little moire than two -- days ''The total money spent has been estimated at more than $1385000 More than 200 future ctmventlons were solicited Larger conventions were those of the Kansas Teachers assoclatlcm- with 6600 attendance the Kansas Sunday school convention with more - than 5000-attendance the Order of the Eastern Star and other - Besides these have been sollcita- lions of 100 high schools ’ colleges i and grade schools in making visits to Wichita industrial and - -retail establishments of the city- War on 8bopUftcra -1 - Under the direction of the retail - council a forceful -and widespread campaign has been carried on -against shoplifters The retail council carried out the most’ elaborate and successful street decoration plan in the history Of Wichita’s Christmas Reasons Various fashion openings and window shoppers’ nights were conducted A new advertising and solicitations agreement has been putlnto effect this year far the Benefit of retailers wholesalers nd other business men who desire to -cooperate It is believed thousands of dollars were 'saved the merchants through the v elimination of Illegitimate' and' un- economic advertising and promotion - schemes Thef fire prevention - and public "’"safety committees have -been 'busy with' activities of protection Wichita was given honor rating and listed w£th nine other cities in the' nation ' for its extensive fire prevention week activities The safety committee sponsors Junior safety patrols pro- - moted a Kansas highway safety meeting here hxdayTUias-Jurged ellmJnatlon-sof “ dangerous traffic : obstructions in the city and has done considerable education work through the public schools - Arch N Booth assistant secretary of the chamber of Commerce supervised these programs - ' - ’ -- ‘ ‘ Widen Highway gl Comdinating highway- activities feviatlon agriculture and Industrial activities is Warren Blaster The most outstanding ' achievement in highway activity was the awarding -of a Contract for widening of U 8 31 north from the overpass to the north county line from 18 to 40 feet to the Kechl road and from there on to 30 feet at a total cost of $235-000 for 'construction and $38000 for right-of-way Progress was made In the further promotion of the southwest diagonal road to Alva and Woodward Okla " Fourteen miles were relocated and completed between Kiowa and Crls-“ItekL Paving on East Kellogg was 'extended to the Veterans - through a federal grant to the state highway- bommisslon widening of South Broadway between Harry and Kincaid also was completed at a cost of about $60000 ’ The airport admlnistratimi build- tag was completed and dedicated March 31 Branlff Airways estab-iished passenger service over the Chicago-Dallas route in AprlL -Additional contracts for military training ’ planes from both the army Tv1 kiavy -were obtained with the Chamber's assistance for the Stearman Aircraft company Increased construction and sales were effected by Beech Aircraft and Cessna devei-' oped a new ship J ' d-H Shew a 8 access ' Wichita sw a better agriculture year The largest 4-H dubTat stock show ever held In Wichita was pro- moted In 1935 Assistance was given the' produce growers- of Sedgwick county in securing a market building which Is now under construction Industries are definitely planning expansion during the coming year od a good start was made In 1935 - There has been quite an influx ot PRINCIPALS-at the dedication ftb4 Hebrew cemetioy of the Hebrew congregation -Ahavas Achlm Kansas and English In whJeh borlal of a casket containing old manuscripts prayer books and sacred papers was the chief rite are shown In the above pletnre taken Sunday afternoon at the x synagogue Just before the procession to the cemetery at Eighteenth-and Oliver Front row reading from left to Nathan Mitchell Max Greenberg ' WlUlam Resnicfc Illman B Hurwitx Bade row: E Lahn H Chuay Jacob Smed and L -i I - right they are: Rabbi Louis Kaufman Mitchell B Smed sexton and Cantor Gelman— Staff photo j Tp Do Dnrisd Today - FUNERAL servleee for Henry F Faker above widely - known resident of Schulte will be held at the Schulte Catholic church today at 9:30 a m Burial will be in Schulte cemetery Lahey A Mar-tin mortuary Is In charge Mr Faker came to -Wlehita in -1977 and Uved on a farm where Travel-Air port nOw Is located For the past 27-years he hadlbeen in the general merchantile 1 business at -Schulte VV new residents into Wichita during the past: year chiefly representatives of foreign' corporations being placed back In the Wichita market A number of smaller industrial establishment were located here during the year as were a number of branch operations f Among the Wichita Industries making extensive expansions during 6E0R6E W NELSON PjASSES ON COAST Member ' of Well - Known Butler County Family Dies atHomeof Son fin Cal j 1 J t‘' FUneritl ' services for George W Nelson Route 1 Augusta will be held from Central church seven miles northwest of Augusta Tuesday at 2 Ip m Rev H P Fuller will officiate MrJ Nelson died at the home of his -son Lee O Nelson at Redondo Beach - CaL FridayjHe was born near J Verona Grundy county HU August 28 1858 and came with his parents to - Butler county -in 1878 They t located on a farm near Au-giuttu He was' married to Iona May Ooldsby on November 19 1885 Mr and Mrs Nelson celebrated their golden wedding anniversary by bedding open house in November of this year I Mr Nelsem had lived on the farm where his parents settled since wwilnr tO KPT' ' Hells survived by his wife Lona May four sons Earle J Caldwell Lee G Redondo Beach Joseph O and Rell L! both of Wichita two daughters MM Raymond- Krack Wichita and Mrs Glen Rawlings Route( 3 Augusta 10 grandchildren and A' great-granddaughter Mr and Mrs Nelson went to California with thelri sonrTiee late in November Mr Nelson became ill on Thursday and Idled Friday night Dunsfbrd mortuary of Augusta is In charge of the arrangements ' the year in plant equipment lines of produce and territory were the Allsteel Products company Southwest Grease and - Oil company Wichita Dessicating company Western Machine' - company Forester Manufacturing company Ben fSib-bitt -Irpn and foundry qpmpany American Casket company Western Road Supply company Ed-Harrison Iron works and the Bridgeport Machine company : : ‘i-Protect Shipper : The - transportation department supervised by -A-M Corp watched pending legislation and actions of the Interstate Commerce commission and brought pressure to benefit shippers of Wichita- and surrounding territory Considerable opposition was given to the Pettend-gill amendment bill to the interstate Commerce act It Is held the act wpukl discriminate against the In terior and smaller cities In the form of higher railroad rates Joint-motor carrier rates and Joint barge-rail rates were Issues confronting the department which called for argument in order to protect Wichita shippers The tax department fallows legislation both state and national with a similar protective Interest predominating O A Garnett supervises this activity Research work and statistical Information was done In connection with various government affairs Checks and analyxatlons were given: to tentative budgets In order to reduce the 1935 tax levy The department rendered a general consulting service for the benefit of Individuals and local business or ganlzatlons It la estimated half a million dollars was saved the community through the business protective department managed by Ralph Kin-man This saving la in the field of unworthy Investments ' gyp merchandise land hundreds of minor rackets carried on in the -name of employment charity and advertising Through-a continuous program ot education by means of newspapers radio and the - Chamber's publication "Your Dollar Ouard" the public Is Informed of these rackets The services of this department has not been confirmed to Wichita TO make It more effective the Better Business Bureau of Kansashas been Incorporated and other communities will be given an opportunity to participate An login Eye on tho Theaters ESUJ Y NO FH1LE Until You Have Seen the New : Shaw-Walker Free-Coastinsr File i n Jt at TEae Freds 132 -N Topeka s MILLER The llttlt star hose pictures drew! the most money in 1935 Shirley Temple answers a potent question (in “The Llttlest Rebel" now showing at the Miller - thester-she is stUlthe: charming little girl who captured the hearts of: movie-goers -! Fbx-Twentleth Century production In giving Miss Shirley a sen timental melodrama Insured her continued box office draw for the time! being! as the Miller Sunday was crowded and her juvenile admirers literally took over the afternoon house : Her -songs and dance are even more captivating possibly because of the background and rtawy because of an excellent supporting east) John Boles as a Confederate captain and her father and Karen Morley as j the -frail' but lovely mother are: ideal parents for winning little ’ Shirley Bill Robinson the Ifavorlte of stage and screen contributes -his famous dance steps —and Shirley picks up a few too— and they make an excellent team Frank McGlynn Sr must be mentioned far his grand portrayal of Abraham TJnwniw v The story was adapted from Edward ' Peple’s melodrama of Civil war days In which the two Far-nums William and Dustin co-starred on the stage and Mary Miles Minler created a sensation -as a child The screen story concentrates on the child’s part The supporting pregram la especially good for children with a Technicolor-cartoon of Candy land and the master of satire! Robert Benchley In a little glimpse on “How to 81eep”— PHD M i ORPHEUM t Customers at the Orpheum theater the first half of this week are due) for a pleasant surprise It has been many moons since a stage show with more than ordinary merit has been presented in Wichitai but “March of Rythm" proves to be of that rare variety It could not be termed coioasal but it certainly takes care of loealites yen far that particular brand of entertainment This one starts the season of vaudeville and may the rest be as good On the screen there is "Millions In the Air" a snappy romantic depletion' of amateur hour on the radio featuring Wendy Barrte' and John Howard It serves as a parade for Amateur performers and a revelation’ of 'the emotional range attendant to such radio program There are plenty of laughs and after Russian Dancer UREK SHBELEVSK Y one of the leading dancers of CoL W DeBaaO’s Ballet Rusne Appearing In “Prince Igor" which comes to the Forum Tuesday night ' ' CORfJ-HOG FARMERS TO t £ t V TW " ' ' - p ri- r- -V '"'ft’l"- -Vv r L : p ' 5 a- " m'fT V- - -‘-St-i Final jPaymwnts : in Adjust-ment Program for 1935 1 to Be : ‘Made it Early in 1936 s' Jj :-"r :More than 300 Sedgwick : county farmers -will receive approximately $50000 representing final payments in-the 1935 AAA corn-hog adjustment program soon after-the first of the year according to1 Eknmett Blood chairman v of the county allotment committeo-'' -'v i V' He announced thatcontract compliance forms are 90 per cent complete and thatithey would be forwarded immediately' to Manhattan for an audit by state AAA offictals bef ore: being sent - to the corn-hog section at Washington for final audit and payment: t f Final payments Include 20 cents -a bushel on command T-50p?rhead MDfSranweBtUstrS5Lp5Sta 1 nESIDEBT! 0?rlQS0niCI!0rlEIS ! 1 J- "r F -a- tv l- r ivp hi"3- 1 ' - - " inuEtJTOnoFfl“tiflsiriionn supervisor ftom Manlur here last week- to ' certlfyC the room-pUance forms WILBUR W DANIELS GUIMED BY DEATH t -Jl Official of 5a-Tan-Ic Medicine Company Passes Sunday at Age of 64 WUbur W Daniels 64 secretary-treasurer of the Sa-Tan-Ic Medicine company died 'Sunday morning at his luxne 232 South Erie He first came to Wlehita in 7883 but moved to Oklahoma shortly before the turn of It he century He has been a resident here since 1908 Mr Daniels was a member of the Masonic order and the First Presbyterian churchHe was a1 native of Wisconsin He is survived by his wife Mabel Clara at home one daughter-Mis Ha Chandler Nowata Okla one son Kenneth W Wichita one sister Mis' Flossie Foench Concordia ' and one brother James Scott Lawrence Funeral - services will be held Tuesday at 2 p mat the1 Downing mortuary COYOTE DRIVE WILL 8E HELP JANUARY 1 Anthony Legion Post Sponsoring Hunt Expected to Attract Hundreds t all thatf what most of us are after at times Taking It all and all the Orpheum’s program Is pretty nifty — W R B i - s r ‘ 4 PALACE ' -'-fr “Frisco Kld" with James Cagney Reviewed -Sunday Bloody but dramatic and powerful— W R B - ! WICHITA Two features: “Going Highbrow" with Zasu Pitts and “Murder In the Fleet’ starring Robert Taylor ' ” UPTOWN " Double Feature: Bette ’ Davis in “Front Page Woman" and Sylvia Sidney and Herbert Marshall in “Accent on Youth SEE PACKED FORUM FOR BALLET RUSSE j" — — — — 7-Noted Dancers to Entertain WichitsmarUntil Hour Be- ' fore Midnight Tuesday Tomorrow evening : promptly at 8‘3Q o’clock William F Floto wm present Col W De BasllAbaBallet Russe: In the Wichita Forum The splendid advance sale of tickets leaves no doubt but what a large and appreciative audience will attend he said yesterday The performance will end before 11 p m Still unrivalled as the only ' travelling organization of Russian ballet In the world- today Colonel Basil's extraordinary dancers are ' assured of a hearty welcome on their return visit to Wichita On thelr first appearance i here last January they took their -audience -by stdrm and had them standing clapping and cheering at the conclusion 1 of the program: ? It was a wonderful dexn onstratlon one that Is rarely seen in Wichita and ever since that time there has been a great demand to have the Ballet Russe come back to tills city: Not only those who attended and enjoyed the program were anxious to see them again but those who stayed a way heard such glowing accounts of their wonderful dancing that they also asked Mr Floto to contract them far a return engagement here Tlxfoe ballets entirely new to Wichita ! will be offered Tuesday night The : program consists of “Prince Igor" “Swan Lake" land “The Fantastic Tby Shop" A brief synopsis of "Toy Shop” follows: Danced to the music of 1 Rossini with ‘costume and settings by the famous Flench painter Andre Derain “The Fantastic Toy Shop" Is the Imaginative creation of Leonide Massine t The setting is a ' toy: shop with the proprietor doing a rushing bust ness selling (toys playing cards and dolls to customers of various nations Two of the dolls a pair of cabaret dancers: entrance all the customers but unfortunately they are bought by two different customers The day ends the proprietor locks his shop and departs and the toys coqiing to life bewail with the two cabaret dancers their hard fate in being separated The lovers plot and with the aid of the others make their escape from- the shop-In' the morning -come'-the cus tomere furious that their purchases have not been delivered The proprietor handing- them' their dolls finds that the packages are only paper The customers try to wreck the shop but the toys come to life and drive them off " - ORTH RITES MONDAY Funeral services for John Orth Sedgwick county pioneer who died suddenly ! Saturday will be held at 8t : Joseph Catholic church at An-dale Monday at 10 a m Burial will beln 8k Joseph cemetery Flanagan-Bourman mortuary la ' in charge Annual coyote drive and rabbit hunt sponsored by - the Anthony post of the J American Legion will be held Wfjinesday beginning At 10 a m aocording to C O Elliott commander-in-chief of the lines Eight square miles of ground will be covered by the hunters with 32 lilies in alL The hunt M open to the public and In previous years more than 4000 hunters have taken part-ln the drives ' Boundaries for the hunt are: starting at a point a mile south of Forest Park cemetery Anthony the line will run eight miles east to the Bluff City road eight miles south eight miles west and eight miles north to the starting prink Lunch will be served Immediately following the : round-up Harry Belschner Mel Keeble and Dewey Lefever are members of the drive and hunt committee FLORENCE E FREY ! CLAIMED DY DEATH " Florence E SVey route 2 Derby died ' Sunday morning in a local hospital after a short illness f 'She had been a' resident of Derby since 1895 where she was a member of the Presbyterian church Mrs PVey Is survived by her husband J J at home two daugh tors Lula Dixon Kansas City Mo: and Ruth ftey Wichita two sons J A Frey Sedgwick and H E JVey Oklahoma City one sister uni Page Humboldt and: one brother Tom Amos Seneca Funeral services will be held Tuesday at 2 p m at the Derby Presbyterian church and Interment will be in the Derby cemetery DRUMMOND RITES TO DE HELD HERE TODAY Funersl services for Blanche M Drummond 38 1608 North Emporia will be held Monday at 2:30 p m at the Downing mortuary with the Freeman officiating in Wichita Park ceme- Lewie E Clark of the Masonic® Home has a musical contribution to the lazy man’s world — a horn that rests on one knee and has the tone of a valve trombone Clark and the horn are shown above The inventor who played saxophone and bass horn with military and civic bands of America for a score of years and was employed for two years lna musical lnstniment ’factory claims the Instrument Is the first of Its kind Musicians who saw and heard the horn in a downtown music store Saturday were puzzled by the odd-look-lng shape of the -instrument hut praised its tone and were amazed that it was in pitch ' ' Clark took an old- euphonium— a baritone horn with double bells-arid used the body of the baritone the trombone bell of the euphonium the valves of an E flqt bass and tubing of a worn out bass With a trombone mouth-piece the conglomeration of horns Is complete Musicians named the Clark instrument the “hash” horn ' - Clark- came to Kansas in 1894 to the Twelfth Infantry band at Fort Leavenworth following his enlistment in the army: He once conducted the Antes Iowa city band and before coming to the home here played boss in the Los Angeles Old Soldiers home band ' Rev W E' Burial will be tery She Is survlved"byrher husband Earl a daughter Bonnie a- son Billy her parents Mr and Mrs E Dennison Ponca City Okla three sisters Stella Davis and Lena Fox Ponca City and Mrs Alpha Buck Oklahoma! City and two brothers Ellis and Dick Dennison 1 Pones catjrZ-- "! L'V -”1 ' PASSES AT 76 MONTICELLO ARIL Dec 29 VP) — Mrs Elem Bland 18 mother of the late Edgar Blan&ahde company executlvedted" here" early day She was nattve 'Ofey ‘ Missouri vet’s Pension money stolen - GREENSBORO N & Dec 29 (P) — A pleasant-mannered man greeted James M Appleby 92-year old Confederate veteran as he was leaving the bank after cashing his pension check for $28250 and offered to assist him to his bus Later the veteran found his money was SLAYER OF SISTER IS NABBED IN CRASH - - i Long-hunted Pennsylvania " Killer Rams - Bridge with Stolen Car BLOOMSBURO PA Dec 29— Of) — David Shaffer 'coal region da h perado literally crashed Into the custody of state police who fbr eleven weeks hunted him Jot slaylpg his sister and orlppling one af Jheir “ m i - ' -: y - r r- ri comrades ! The 29-year rid gunman had ben “out west” his captors' said but Christmas apparently lured him homeward Last night he took jui automobildafe gunpoint skidded Into a bridge parapet and woke up in a physician’s office a state trooper! at his side Two armed officers guarded Shaffer hr a hospital today He is' not badly hurt they said Shaffer’s younger sister Bertha was slain and Corporal William Bloom was wounded In ShamOkln pot far from the Shaffer home -Corporal-Bloom was-talking on the ' street to the young gunman’s sister on the night of October 12 As Shaffer approached in a car his sister ran to warn him Shaffer 'police said loosed- a fusillade which killed his sister- A bullet cut across Bloom’s back He Is still in a hospital unable to walk SYNAGOGUE T0?4IGHT -f-e r h w ft 'h :-JL L- B Rothenberg ‘Heads - B'nai a B'rith- smd HU Wife Ia: AuxilUry president ' Newly elected officers of Wichita - BHai Britlf lodge Na 857 and Its auxiliary No 63 will be InstaUed-at exercises to be held this evening aft the : synagogue Kansas' and Eng- lifih (j- Ben - RoUienberg will take office as president of the lodge while Mrs Rothenberg will be Installed as head of the auxiliary Both have taken a prominent part in the affairs of the organizations : Rabbi Louis Kaufman and Rabbi Harry Richmond will speak while a musical program will be presented by Louise Augustine! violinist Elizabeth Stratton cellist and Mary Fisher- pianist Rabbi ' Goldberg field representative of theOdge also will "be present J Immanuel Gerstehfleld past president is to be Use installing officer The services are even to the public CANCER SPECIALISTS A WICHITA VISITOR !t -i ri ll i! Dr klinor -Carotherji Former Resident of fKingman Is Nationally Known ' Dr Elinor Carotherd cancer spe--cialist and a former resident- of Kingman who Is doing special re- " '17 search work under a grant of the v Rockefeller foundation at the Uni-: Versity of Iowa Iowa City la was a week-end visitor at the home of Dr H K Crowe professor of biology at Friends university 520 Hiram Dr Carothexs who completed her undergraduate work at' thes University ofrKarisas: has been: at the v - i University :- of Pennsylvania since ' 1912 where she received her Ph D degree shortly after the World' war She is one of the foremost cytol-oglsts In the United States Dr Carothers has been visiting her mother at Kingman over the holidays - i She and Dr Crowe wlll'Ieave this morning to motor to St Louis to attend the annual convention of the -American society for the advancement of science -1 wa&ylL iifWPSJHs c “ - i -o Margaret Hebaugh Is Taken by Death Hue Sunday aft Age of '75- ‘ Margaret Hobaugh -75 died Sunday afternoon at her home 831-Narth St VYancis after on Illness of 17 months - ' - A native of port Wayne ind- Mrs Hobaugh came to Wlehita less than' two years ago from Missouri She was a member of the Baptist church She Is survived by her husband Daniel at -home four daughters Mrs Fern McOlffln Lyons Mrs Tessa i Gibson Hutchinson Mrs Martha Demlng wlehita and Mrs Donna' Myers Nosh Okla three cons John Huber Larons 'William Huber J Wichita and Truman Huber Covington Ky-one toother Martin Kama pond Creek Okliu pnd 25 grand children and nine greatgrandchildren Funeral arrangements will Be announced by the Byrd-Snodgrass mortuary 4 IL f’ sltr y LEGAL PUBLICATION m4 i NOTICK OP REDEMPTION - TO TH HOLDERS OF THE PXRST MORTOAOZ I4 BONDS DATED AUaUST J Xf WICHITA UNION JBTbCX - TARD8 COM - PANT NOTZCS - X8 HEREBY- OXVEN !ht nmut to U lndn(ar UM Aniuit L 1SS4 between 'THE WICHITA UNION STOCK YARDS COMPANY end THX FOURTH NATIONAL- BANK IN WIOHXTA Tnutee Pint Morteece 44i Bondi of Tbe Wiehlto Union Stock YsriU Compear doted Anivat I UU Nambere 1000 eeeh— 0i -SS S1-SS- ST-OS 41 S4 m 1ST IS -IB Nambere e H0 each— SM 1 SOT: W 314r 214 110 SIT 224 228 266 ST4 IB bore been drtwa for redemption end vIB be redeemed on ' Pebraery L llH wltb monies oetd to Ttostee or sold Wlcblts Union Stock Verde Cempenjr -pusaent to Section 2 of Article n of peed of Trust ecu cine eeid bonds on wblcn dot lnterect on cold bonde wlll eeees ud tho ceme wilt become dur end percbla et tbe prln elpe e mount - thereof and accrued Inter eel to tbet dote taaetber wltb e premium of 1 of the principal amount- Said bonds celled for redemption with eU appurtenant coupons msturlns on end'sftei Pebraery 1 IMS eboald be presented for redemption end payment on ' or before Pbbniery -1 1SSS et the office of the Pcurtb Netloael Bank In Wtcblte ( In the City of Wichita Kansas Dated - at Wlehita Kansas December l’ WICHITA UNION STOCK YARDS COMPANY By DAN C SMITH President THX FOURTH NATIONAL BANK IN WICHITA KANSAS Trustee i- 0 'ff as' NEW BEAIJTY MINGIES W1TH T ENG INK EB’SABT AT ITS IINEST 4 J:-t V's These i a tradition and a principle that tKe Lincoln eacH succeeding year1 olmll be a finer car than its predecessors- The tradition is rooted in the J t -: - i u )’ - -1 v excellence jfpast IJncolns The principle is inherent in$he Lincoln ideal to lmfld'ihe most nearly perfect car The new Lincoln for 1936 superbly WWfeoSUoPi'ifcO'oey - - w m v m i “ “ we "SirtBSbMCTtwn impotd upon It rt : -J J ITUnTaiiiiSie beautiful car than ever before 'Coachmalcersadhering rto the dignity which is Lincoln’s own have brought to it a iresh modern ' intcrpivUoiu New fenders front and rear accent the Cars grscefol contours Wheels are ‘of the hew wdded-stcel design The radiator is deeper k ' “ 1 ? j 4 t " 1 9 "V handsomer '"'I ’-v-m - a V '’ " J “ ' ‘ - “ t t ' 4Power is supplied by' the famous Lincoln V-12 cylinder engine La fine expraMion of the V-type principle Improvements thia year make for surer Contrtd for simpler smootheroper aiion i In this engineis high ability-1 to surmount obitades o£ time and distance with agility and dispatch Tho new Tjnpnln is available in dghtoen lody designs tf6rmal and in-formal indnding enttom coach models hy Brunn Judkins Winbhyand -Le Baron In deganoS in Imcuriona comfort itf richness' of appointment they celebrate anew the art of the coachmaker i ' o ‘ V v L ' f - The Lincoln Will Be on Diaplay Each Day from 8:00 A M to 9 P M YouAre Cordiertly lrivited ’ to Inspect v This Distinguished New Autpmobilefdt T- FERGUSON-OLANDERM -S’ -XA' jl J 1 - 4 1 1 -V ’ --w- ' " '"-'J '

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