The Index-Journal from Greenwood, South Carolina on September 17, 2008 · Page 27
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The Index-Journal from Greenwood, South Carolina · Page 27

Greenwood, South Carolina
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 17, 2008
Page 27
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SPOTLIGHT Wednesday, September 17, 2008 - S3 Chris admits he loves Alison on 'As She World Turns? Soap summary for the week ending Sept. 14. ALL MY CHILDREN: After admitting he stole millions from the casino, Josh fears Zach will make him pay with his life. Kendall tries to intercede on Josh's behalf, but Zach refuses to back down. Kendall uses her pepper spray to disarm Zach's goons, soap allowing Josh the SUITIITIBrV chance to escape. Pete tries to make LfrYia Hirsch more inroads with Colby, who still isn't interested in him. Ryan tells Annie that they will never be a couple again, but he will always be a father to Emma and their unborn child. AS THE WORLD TURNS: Chris apologizes to Alison for bullying her, and admits he loves her. They kiss and end up making love. Alison and Aaron marry. James makes Henry call Paul and tell him he'd better do what Derek wants. James forces Henry to call Vienna and Bonnie, saying he's playing blackjack and will be home soon. Vienna, worried about Henry, asks Derek if he can take her to illegal gambling places to search for him. Bonnie is insulted, but Derek says he knows a few and suggests Bonnie come with them so they can go on their planned date afterward. Derek takes them to a warehouse and goes in first to check it out. BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: Donna's love and loyalty (o Eric prevent her from going any further with Owen. Ridge sends Donna and Owen away on a business trip to Paris as he conspires with his mother to secretly bring Eric home from the hospital. As Nick explains the events leading up to Katie becoming pregnant with his child, Bridget is in complete shock and sheer disgust. Katie is more than willing to accept what she deserves when she comes face to face with an enraged and scorned Bridget. While having one of many difficult evenings with a fussy and inconsolable Jack, Taylor is annoyed when Brooke makes an unannounced visit. DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Kate and Lexie tell -ti li aw. Tony to walk away from Stefano. Tony is determined to have each one of them get their fair share of the DiMera empire. Lucas is granted joint custody of Allie. Daniel tries to use Philip to influence Kate to get checked out. She says she won't interfere in his life if he won't interfere in hers. Philip learns about Kate's past relationship with Daniel. Chelsea discovers Nick is interested in Melanie. Max tells Stephanie and Chelsea about Trent pimping out Melanie to pay off his debts. Stephanie tries to calm Max down, to no avail. Max talks about getting revenge against Trent. Melanie shows up and announces she is going back to Salem to deal with Trent herself. GENERAL HOSPITAL: Sonny and Carly try to justify their one night of indiscretion to Kate and Jax, respectively, but their words fall on deaf ears. Sonny crashes his car while driving after his argument with Kate. Robin's medical scare turns out to be false labor arid she and Patrick learn the baby is still in good health. Patrick promises to stop pressuring Robin into marrying him. Matt deduces that the drug counterfeiters are now passing out poison instead of just fakes. Jerry plans on taking care of Matt once and for all. Nikolas ends up in jail next to Nadine after punching out Scott. Maxie pours her heart out to Jason, who knows her feelings for Spinelli are genuine. GUIDING LIGHT: Jeffrey and Reva decide to go ahead with the pregnancy. Buzz stuns Marina and Mallet when he tells them Harley's not coming home and he is putting the house on the market. Cyrus tells Grady that a man he knows from Brazil has a jewel-smuggling job for them. Cyrus packs his bags. Dinah tells Alex she shouldn't have doubted Bill he's family. Alex asks Dinah if she is aware that Lizzie owns half the company now. At the police station, Frank brings Natalia to Rafe's cell. Rafe asks if Alan will come see him. Natalia doesn't tell Rafe about Alan's condition. ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Tess threatens to expose Tina's theft of the Mendorran jewels to Mary Tyler Moore opens up about grief, alcohol and vision Mary Tyler Moore, who's just turned in the manuscript for her autobiography, "Growing Up Again and, Oh, I'm a Diabetic" to St.. Martin's Press, spares herself little in the text. In the book, the beloved actress, who does a terrific turn as Brooke Shields' mother in NBC's "Lipstick Jungle" this season, tells of how diabetes has left her with diminished eye sight, and how on occasion, "It left me down in the dumps and not knowing which way to turn." She didn't turn to religion. She notes, "I was raised Catholic, but when I became an adult I began to question its tenets I couldn't live with them. I knew, for example, I would be using birth control. However, I do get my strength from God's presence in my life." And with the passage of time. "Time is a great healer," she says and begins to talk of her son's death at age 24 in 1980. "It came from out of nowhere. He was doing so well ... Unfortunately, there were terrible rumors that Richie killed himself, but it was an accident," she stresses. "He was a gun collector, was cleaning guns, and one of them went off and shot . him in the head. Mary will also be detailing her many years of alcoholism that, she says, "started building when I was in my late teens and became my strength during the years I was on "The Dick Van Dyke Show" (where Van Dyke also battled alcoholism). She faults her dependence on alcohol for contributing to the end of her marriage to Grant Tinker and for turning her first year of marriage to Dr. Robert Levine into a time. hollvwood exclusive by Marilyn Beck e and StacV Smith inane arguments over dinner about things I couldn't remember the next day. Alcoholism brings to the fore hostilities and resentment you can't have a marriage like that." A year after the wedding to Levine, with her husband's urging, Mary checked into the Betty Ford Clinic and followed up with AA, and now, she says, "I get my strength from myself." Incidentally, the 71 -year-old actress and 54-year-old Levine celebrate their 25th anniversary on Nov. 22. "In this case they really did say it never would last," she notes. MEANWHILE: Mary Tyler Moore will be shooting her second "Lipstick Jungle" in a few weeks and says she has no idea if there will be more turns on the show for her. "If I have my druthers," she says, "there will be more. I . love the fact my character is well-rounded and has depth." And she adores working with Brooke Shields, who, she says, "is just wonderful. I " V- 1 f f .3 f y - , f "M if Dylan Bruce joined the cast of "As the World Turns" in 2007 in the role of Dr. Chris Hughes. force her to do her bidding. Although appalled, Tina has no choice but to help Tess imprison Natalie in the secret room. Natalie has no idea where she is when she wakes up. Tess reminds a guilt-ridden Tina that Sarah's life would be in jeopardy if Tina follows through with her threat to tell Bo what's going on. Natalie realizes that Jessica is really Tess. YOUNG AND RESTLESS: Victor tells Victoria and Nick that he no longer holds them responsible for their actions leading to Sabri-na's death. A pre-recorded statement from Victor is aired on television asking to be left alone by the press, his friends and his family. J.T. tells Neil that Brad was the one who hacked into the Newman files all those months ago. J.T. and Neil use the information to force Brad into resigning from Newman Enterprises. Noah asks Sharon if she asked Victor to help Nick. Later, Sharon admits to Noah that she talked to Victor, but never meant to take the magazine'away from Jack. Noah promises not to say, anything to Jack. Nick refuses to make Restless Style into a tabloid just to sell issues, and Phyllis refuses to sit back and agree with everything Nick says, like Sharon. Cane is startled when SEC agents arrive with a search warrant looking for Jill. CREATORS SYNDICATE love her talent and her great sense of humor." ON THE PERSONAL SIDE: "Californication" actress Pamela Adlon is quick to demur when asked about show lead David Duchovny checking himself into a rehab facility for sexual addiction. "I really can't comment," says Adlon, who also notes that the show is not in production, having recently concluded shooting of its second season, which starts airing Sept. 28. "I just know he's great. David's like my bro'. Everyone's great. We had an awesome time. Natascha McElhone is a very close friend of mine now. We all came together when Natascha lost her husband," adds Adlon, referring to the sudden death uy heart attack of McElhone's spouse, 43-year-old plastic surgeon Dr. Martin Kelly, last May. McElhone was left with two young children and a third on the way. "That was very, very difficult, a very intense thing, to work through that. She was extraordinary. She is an extraordinarily beautiful woman who is as beautiful on the inside. You feel like, 'Wow, she's amazing, and she's talking to me!' " Adlon gushes. "The way she dealt with her situation was one of the most exquisite things I've ever witnessed." What helped, believes Adlon, is that, "The work saves people. This show feels like lightning in a bottle, feels really good, like we're in a great moment." CREATORS SYNDICATE Kew Kills on Uib Hindi promise a 'Kg show' on tltsip fall toup By Gary Graff ENTERTAINMENT NEWS WIRE Joey Mclntyre promises New Kids on the Block fans will see "a big show" when the group hits the road to promote "The Block," its first set of new material in 14 years. "This is, I think, a classy show, and we want to make it a world-class show," says Mclntyre. But, he adds, "There's not gonna be any Ferris wheels or ... trapezes, not too many tricks. We're sticking to the basics. We're working with great lighting and sound and video, but as a stage, I think, it's simple. It's us and we believe it's gonna come from us whether people are entertained." Mclntyre says audiences will "definitely hear all their old favorite songs," as well as material from "The Block," including the singles "Summertime" and "Single," with Mclntyre covering Ne-Yo's parts on the latter. NKOTB will be joined by four dancers, but he also points out that fans "know us as dancers, too, and we're dancing our butts off. We're not pulling out stools and sitting down and singing our hits. We're not jumping around like we used to, but we're dancing up a storm and we still feel like the five hardest-working kids in show business." NKOTB has finished rehearsals for the moment to allow the group to do interviews and make appearances to promote "The Block." Mclntyre says NKOTB will play a month of dates in Europe in 2009 and is also eyeballing Asia, Australia . and New Zealand, with early rumors about more North American dates next summer. "We just want to keep everything in front of us instead of too far ahead of us," he explains. He's equally cautious about the long-term prospects for the NKOTB reunion. "We really don't know," Mclntyre notes. "The challenge is, how do you keep it fresh and how do you keep it new? I guess we could tour every two years and make a new album, but it's not gonna be stock. We want to push the envelope and do something that challenges us and is new to us. But first the question this time around was 'Can they come back?,' and I think we have. Now it's like, 'What are they gonna do next?' and ... we'll see." In Loving Memory of Stacey Freeman V1IHJ tU07 We love and miss you. Love, ; Your Mom, Danny, ' f t Dale, & Alex THE VOICE OF PEACE MINISTRY Jesus' Words of Life St. John 15:4-5 "Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in me. I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abi- deth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing". imm -IT-" ' rjfte SMS SJouse Booking Weddings & Receptions for 2009 Call 864-366-2452 147 Hwy 28N. Abbeville Palmetto Watch Repair Expert watch repair for all brands; mechanical, pocket watches, or quartz. Movement RepairReplacement New Crystal-$25.00-S50.00 Batteries Replaced - $5.00 Vintage Watches Cleaned Oiled 348 S. Lakeforest Dr., Cross Hill, SC s lnah 864-444-1454 Runnin9?,w, Low Prices Great Customer Service Extended Business Hours We Have It... They Don't. fr TMTTffTTh ITMJUiLT THREADS MEDICAL OUTFITTER 229-7200 Groonwood wedding rehearsalsreceptions corporate events private parties GRAND OP6NING Saturday, September 20, 2008 Come in and register forgive aways! PRATT & LAMBERT PAINT r 1610C Calhoun Rood, Greenwood (864) 229-4040 tin. Cash and Carry M?! Spices I Frozen Vegetables Gatorade 0 Cans Vegetables Juices ' Cobblers Drinh Cups Wide Variety of Candy Paper Plates Chicken Tenders Carry-out Trays Chlchen Patties Whiting Chlchen Nuggets ' Polloch ' Chill - Foster s Flounder Wieners 26-30 Shrimp French Fries Tllapla ' Onion Rings Frog Legs Pric Subjc1 To Change Without Notic ,. j,-. ?966 388-4 1 1 1 ?0N-m Next To Mig UOU "Till 8:00AM 6:00PM

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