Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on June 26, 1973 · Page 6
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 6

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 26, 1973
Page 6
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-€ n jSaiasburfl fte$lstef«Moil, Gdlesburg, ill, Tuesday, June 26, 1973 Oay of Jackal Prologues Year of the (Edward) Fox By DICK KLEINER . HOUiYWOOD, Calif, (NBA) • Wte day of the jackal may •foeewite the. year of the Pox. WWch Is a somewhat 200- ,logiCiftt way of saying that The Uvely Arts Edward Fox, who plays the aekal in Fred Zinnemann's ,arkabie version of "The Day of the Jackal," looks to be In for good times. High lime, too. Fox is one of the apparently inexhaustible supply of crack British actors who seem to come out of the woodwork whenever one is required. He's been around a long time, in repertory companies, in ocdl Job fpnderground Railroad Film hows Wednesday on TV 7 ** A new color —. . 3mioMo<n picture about the under Sround railroad in Knox County Sill be Blhown Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. by Gdtesburg Cable London plays, in countless small roles in forgettable films. But nothing much happened to him, star*wise. Now people are noticing him. After "Jackal," he did "A Doll's House," opposite Jane Fonda, and that gives him two big ones this year. HIS YOUNGER brother, James Fox, had the stardom in the family. That handsome blond actor was on the road to being very important in films, and, in fact, already was. "He's out of it now," Edward Fox says. "Willie — his real name is William, got religion a few years ago. He evangelical sect The documentary, "They Came by Night," is another in the recent series of Galesburg area educational and historical programs which have been shown by the station, according to WJUtam Webber, the general manager. The latest production was conceived, written and nairated by Galesibuirg native Martin Litvin, author of "Black Angel," |? The motion picture was filmed on location at various rural documentary IK KK County, Galesburg and ffi ^ ^ffiSTwhS Knoxvlile historical points by J ^^^T^JSSM Ken Opal, the stations pro- hcs a » Sheffield, gram director. Many of the KnoxvaUe and Galesburg locations tie -to with the under- € - quJvalent " of real esiste ^SS'tSSTj'SS- ?^) and spends his nights .*M|*W — « —• O ' has a commune in Sheffield. Kow he lives there with them. "He has a daytime job with an estate agent (the British trying to convert people. I think the problem with Willie is that he became too famous too quickly and he couldn't said. These include the base ment at tihe home of Richard Ellis, Galesburg Route 3, where (Slaves were hidden, the old l&nxvllb Courthouse where £ndleT. V He"'gof"a Celled Sukey Richardson and her chil- } }ea( j j ». dren were put up for auction, Ed ' ward . says mt h]s faml] and fte jail there where they was reHgj^s but they weren't were kept. church-goers. He can't figure Location sites wore selected where Willie's religious fer- by Jeffery Moore, 17, GAlson V or came from, and Fred Niehaus, 17, Knox- "BUT I THINK IT will go Vicki Carr Smoke Ban A Necessity By VERNON SCOTT HOLLYWOOD (UPI) - The sophisticated Las Vegas night* club crowd was dumbfounded when the shapely, sexy singer stopped in the middle of her act and asked the audience to snuff out their cigarettes.. Edward Fox . mature enough Mile. I BIG PAK SPECIAL • • ARBY'S ROAST BEEF I SANDWICH | * FRENCH FRIES * SMALL SOFT • DRINK j All For Just ($1.34 Value) Good Wed.-Thurs.-Fri., June 27-28-29 SNNING 01/HR JO... | Arby's 1661 N. HENDERSON ST. r _ I I I away as quickly as it came?' he says. "Willie was always the kind of person who played at whatever part he had. He lived his parts for awhile. I think now he's living a religious part." Odds are Edward Fox will be able to live with his fame.- It hasn't come too soon or too quickly. Now he's mature enough to handle the rigors of stardom. As a sample of his sensibility, he has quietly waited to see what "Jackal" and "A Doll's House" do for him before he makes another commitment. He knows it's a cal­ culated risk, but he elected to take it, waiting out the time, turning down his usual small roles, hoping that one or both of these films will make him important He hasn't worked since Christmas. . "IT'S FUNNY HOW money doesn't mean a thing," he says. "When I did 'Jackal,' I figured I'd be well off for awhile. That part brought me more money than I'd ever had before in my life. But, in three months, it was all gone— and I didn't do, anything special with it." The Foxes come from a theatrical family. Their father was Robin Fox, probably England's most successful theatrical agent. There was a time when he represented almost everybody. He died in 1970, Edward tf'ox says his father didn't represent him while he was living but he feels that he's been looking after his affairs since his death. "I go to his grave quite of- ier," Fox says, "and we have long talks. Sometimes he'll say, 'You didn't really have to come today,' and I'll go away. But quite often we'll have long conversations. "THE CURIOUS THING about it-is that his name was Robin and there are always robins around his grave. There may not be amy others in the cemetery but they'll always be around his grave." Dean Proves Top Network Presentation By RICK DU BROW HOLLYWOOD (UPI) - A single figure, reading, was the chief presentation on network daytime television Monday. He was John Dean, and his Television In Review statement to the Senate Watergate Commtitee was carried live by all three commercial [video networks. The televised hearings of the committee resumed after skip- HOT DOGS SPECIAL TUE. & WED. CONEY DOGS BURGER CHAMP 2100 E. MAIN ST. PH. 343-1009 ping a week because of' the American visit of Soviet Communist Party chief Leonid Brezhnev, and the resumption made for a long day's watching —about 6Vi hours of tense morning and afternoon sessions, During the morning session the committee chairman, Sen. Sam Ervin, D-N.C, responded to an audible reaction from spectators to some remarks by Dean, by asking them to refrain from expressing their feelings, A Familiar Figure Dean, of course, is a familiar television figure because of the many stories about him on the network newscasts, and by the end of Monday's sessions, a public image of him had undeniably emerged in greater detail through his reading of his lengthy statement. Methodically, he sat and read through most of the morning session, and when it was recessed for lunch he had gone through more than 90 pages— but he had about another 150 pages to go, and so he took right up again after the break His blonde wife sat behind him and the cameras took note of her a number of times. Through Dean, his wife and the wider shots of the crowded caucus room, video managed to capture the tense atmos phere of the proceedings. WEDNESDAY IS KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN DAY Featuring: Regular Dinner 3 Pieces of Chicken, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy Cole Slaw & 1 Roll Regular *1.45 - No Substitutes NOW s 1.19 Offer Good At Both Locations K «ntHikij fried #kiik«$ Wednesday Special OR FRIED CHICKEN 95c Chpice of Baked or FF Salad, Roll & Butter Blue Angel Kitchen Open 5 Till 11 Wed. & Thur, SPECIAL TACOS or ENCHILADAS 5 for $ 1.50 FREE DELIVERY With $5 Order or More 5 PM-1 AM JOHN'S TACO HIDEOUT Phone 343-5610 Entertainment World It wasn't a new wrinkle in Vlkki Carr's act, it was a necessity. Last January Vikki was forced to cancel her last two days at tho Riviera Hotel because of a sore throat. 'It was terrible," the vocalist remembered. "My lungs were burning and my throat was so tender I couldn't sing. I was told by some doctors that I had nodes on my vocal chords. "But I flew to Texas to go through the Houston Medical Center. The specialists there told me I was allergic to smoke, |s>mog and changes in weather. They gave me some serum with which I inject myself every week." Vikki doesn't smoke. Never has. But the majority of nightclubbers who watch her [perform light up like blast furnaces^ "The specialists told me the smoke in a nightclub was more than enough to cause me a great deal of pain and affect ,my throat so badly I wouldn 't |bo able to sing at all," Vikki said. "When I opened at the Riviera this time I sang a couple of songs and felt my throat and lungs beginning to burn again. So I stopped the (music and said: 'LadleS /and gentlemen, I was Isick the last time I appeared here because of cigarette Ismoke. For the next 45 or 50 minutes would you kindly refrain from lighting a ciga- Jrette, My voice would appreciate it, my life would appreciate it, and most importantly so would yours.' "Every single person in that audience put out his cigarette and applauded. I did the same thing every night for two weeks. ; Each time the people put out their smokes, except one ! night an elderly gentleman sitting right in front lighted up. Everyone could see him. So I just moved the microphone a few tables away. The crowd applauded and the man put out his cigarette." Vikki said performers stand in the wings before they go on stage and often see nothing of the audience except a thick layer of blue smoke. "It's worse when you're on stage because most of the time there is a blower above your head vacuuming up the smoke to circulate the air. You end up with smoke in your hair and gown that reeks to high heaven, Embolism May Strike Out of Blue Dr. Lamb By LAWRENCE E. LAMB, M.D .I Dear Dr. Lamb — Last year 1 my brother died of a pulmonary emiboiliiisim. We, Una family, arc still uncertain about this disease and his death. Two weeks before his dea'.ih he was admitted to the hospital with a case of pneumonia. He WHS recovering from the pneumonia when the embolism occurred, and his sudden daaith was the result We should like to know more' about pulmonary embolism. What causes a very .healthy 28-yoair-oJd man to die |ojf such a disease? Also, how •can it go unnoticed by <bhe physician? Dear Reader—I know how ais tressed you mwt feel. This is one cif those diseases which can strike out of the blue when it's least expected by the physician sudden death. Front BecTRest Such an episode is mors apt to occur as a result d bed resit. This Is one reason why surgeons often get theft patients out of bed •oa mvby as possible sifter surgery. By moving around, the circulation in the legs is improved and this helps [prevent clots. SoimaMroes it's not possible to get a patient out of bed, par- tiiCiUlarJy with illnesses such as severe pneumonia or if shock is present. It's difficult to say why a perfectly healthy person /will davelop such a clot, other llhan stagnant circulation that develops from inactivity. It is the nature of Wood to tend do ©lot, that's what keeps us from Weeding to death, and without activity the Wood ikm is stow- warn cfcjwurou w i ^v-—- a|C ,U v tt lV the OTTO TOW IS 8KW or fee;*** end cause.death ^teSoSuSvo to dotting oven in young, apparently — healthy individuals during a minor itoiesis or what might be considered minory surgery. The whole .problem begins wi'.fh the formation of -a blood clot. The clot may farm in the veins in the legs, 'thighs, or lower abdomen. If it's Inside a deep vein, it may not cause any obvious findings. The dot then breaks loose and fo'iows the circulatkwi through the progressively larger veins info the Iright sid'3 of the heart, then passes through the Wight heart 'through the arteries to the lungs. Beeves© toe arteries to the lungs progressively branch into smaller and smarter arteries, the clot lodges in the lungs, The clot lodged in the lungs •triggers off powerful reflex responses that are responsible for shack and can cause irregularities of the heart, complete collapse of the circulation, and Board at Toulon. Votes Pay Hikes TOULON - Members of Toulon-LaFayette School District 2's Board of Education, at a meeting last week, approved a four per cent salary increase Send your questVms to Dr. Lamb in care of this newsna- ner, P.O. Box 1551, Radio City Station, New York, N.Y. 10019. for nonacademlc employes and For a copy of Dr. Lambs FAMILY DAY AT DQ Wednesday 1.69 WEDNESDAY NIGHT SPECIAL FAMILY NIGHT RIB-EYE ' French Fries or Baked, Tossed Salad Kitchen Open 5 P.M. )TTY PINE TAP WATAGA, ILL. — 375-9918 Plus Tax 1017 N. Htndtrion tht Corntr of Main * & Farnham Tuesday Specia VEAL PARMESAN $3" DINNER Buy 1 ppijj! No > Get 1 airy Outs WEDNESDAY SPAGHETTI DINNER 99' gr 'J^. "Tlw placo lot a family oi lun" C<r 1824 N. Henderson St. ph °ne 343-0213 5 small £tf braziers I Walt 'III you tails how good charbroilod bo»l !« bioiled tho Brazior way! Hoarty iare! Dairt| Queen brazier Understandable It's quite understandable how a smaill clot can go unnoticed by the physician. It just may not present any real findings until suddenly 'the pulmonary 'embolism occurs wiiihout warn- <\ng. Relatives often wonder just what went wrong wihen an unexpected death occurs, particularly In a young, fairly healthy Individual. Life is unpredictable and sudden compHoatiions and accidents do occur which no doctor, no matter how capable he is, can .predict. Fortunately the incidence of pulmonary embolism is smaller today than it used to be because of the increased emphasis on getting ipatien'is out of bod as soon as their medical or surgical condition permits. I hops (these comments will help you to-understand what happened, and that you wl\l be able to accept this as an unexpected accident, of life, just as a sudden fatal automobile accident which c:p'd have occurred. (Newspaper Enterprise Assn.) a two per cent raise in administrative salaries. Board members alpo hired Mrs. Judy Beamer as secretary- library aide at the West Jersey School, Mrs. Mary Anne Jones as a secretary at Toulon High School, and Ray Thomas for a custodian's job at LaFayette Junior High School. Teaching contracts were approved for Christine Anderson, Audrey Norman, Rebecca Lentz and Kath- 'ryn Wilson. Playing Thru Weds. MASH # Donald Sutherland • Elliott Gould One Show Each Night at 7;30 ADULTS ONUY $1 NOW SHOWING TWICE DAILY Afternoon Evening 2:00 8:00 WINNER OF 8 ACADEMY AWARDS! l 'LeT'S ALL GO TO DAIRY QueeN* GRAND AT FARNHAM Technicolor* -LIZA MINEUI PjnmouDl Plclurti Prmnlt A rlinnt -0)rt (ri-SHlriirlU4 PfflducllaB /\'' M-wWi SHOWS AT 1:30, 7.09, 9:00 new booklet on hemorrhoids, send 50 cents to the same address and ask for "Hemorrhoids" booklet. Open 8 - Shows at Dusk ENDS WED! Plus Paul Newman In "Sometimes a Great Notion" Programs Rated-R J fflSlaiHIBI J- Open 7 - Shows 7 s 15-0 P.M. Family Film Ends Wod.l WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS OsnwMPmyPtoductam TECHN/COLOfl* Open 7:15 - Shows 7:30-9 :15 Ends Wednesday! ADUITS ONLY IP's Required SOMI WIVES HAVE MALIYBUSY DAYS... VVIVGS iNvmocoLori

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