The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois on March 14, 1976 · Page 35
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The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois · Page 35

Bloomington, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 14, 1976
Page 35
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Pantagraph B-ll Bloomington-Normal, III. Sun., Mar. 14, 1976 Rawlins registers career high 720 with a 229, while Barb Zimmerman had a 219. Gloria Montague had a 218 game on her way to a 563 series, and Earlene Nelson had a 567. AT SAVIDGE BROS. LANES In State Farm's Thursday Mixed League, Farol Mortlock rolled a 592 series. In the Classic league, Terry Haase led off his 664 series with a 248 game and Bill Niechlanski had a 659. Arnold Hering's 640 series got under way with a 268 high game, and Roger Dalkin posted a 637 series capped by a 232; he also had a 236 game separately. Other high games were John Cox's 267 and Ron Bays' 243. Dale Coulter led the Automotive League with a 22 game. In the Ladies league, Betty Nelson had a 210. AT AREA LANES At Atlanta, Myron Rawlins posted a 720 series with games of 255 and 244, and David Shouse had a 639. Other high games were Mike Halsey's 255 and Jim Thompson's 235. For the women. Marsha Billington had a 588 series with a 224 game. Ilosalee Hamblin a 568 with a 218, and Dickie Ferguson a 561 with a 222. Phyllis Swearingen rolled a 214 and Mary Pushala a 213. At LeRoy, Linda Mosson recorded a 225 game. At Clinton, Jerry Gowler turned in a 268 game and Bob Lord had a 243. Jim Liles posted a 636 series and Gordon Raker had a 649. Nancy Khulehan had a 213 game. At Minier, Cecil Ashley reported a 636 series with a 246 game. Herb Ring-enberg had a 237 and Bud Correll a 235. Alice Fluegel turned in a 568 series, Rhonda Addison had a 226 game, and Sharon Batterton rolled a 212. At Lincoln, Jean Slayton recorded a 235 game on her way to a 571 series, and Bev Smith had a 236 in a 603. Mary Pushala 's 586 series contained a 213. Shirley Roeder had a 588 and Bonnie Young a 565. High games were Helen Ebbs' 212, a pair of 211s by Terri Culleton and Ellie Stout, and two 210's by Dorothy Sanders and Vicky Eckert. Joe Snyder posted a 248 game in his 647 series and Larry Newberry had a 645 with a 251. Other high games were a pair of 255 games by Harold Schmidt and Buss Davis, and a 243 by Don Crane. I I""1" """" 1111 ""- Young's Yarns KEY LARGO THE ADAMS CUT Marvin D. Adams, a former Illinois Wesleyan student and athlete in the 20s, has been signally honored in Florida when the channel that was cut through Key Largo was named this month for him. Adams, who was an attache of the Bruce Crosthwaite Insurance Agency for a number of years, now heads the firm of Stem bier-Adams-Frazier in Miami. Asked about the honor, Adams said: "Suppose it is the hope of every man that he may have contributed something to the betterment of the world during his lifetime." "Fortunately for me I have more through luck than plan changed the face of the earth in a way that is a great satisfaction to me. That I will be remembered for this I doubt." He was wrong. The Monroe County commission has named the cut for him as the "Marvin Adams Waterway". It cuts across the middle of the key at its narrowest place, one half mile. Before it was made you might have to travel as much as 20 miles by boat to go from one side to another and return from Largo Sound (the ocean side) to Black water Sound, the inland waterway on the west. Adams and his wife, the former Leilah Sweeting, whose father Frank Sweeting was vice president of the Paul Beich Candy Company here during most of his life. Adams thought about making the cut 80 feet wide and a half mile long through rock. Largo is the highest of the natural keys. It is claimed to be the largest tropical hardwood forest in the United States buttonwood, Lignum vite, mohagony and iron wood abounding. It is 50 miles south of Miami. Estimated cost of the cut back in 1950 was $690,000, excluding all of the "extras" such as cutting across U.S. land then bridging the cut. Marvin was about to give up when he L I Wfj AUTOMOTIVE VALUES OPEN SUNDAY 12-5 P.M. O ave on 2 nd steel-belt radial whitewall. when you buy 1st Road Tamer Radial at reg. price plus F.E.T. each and trade. 2 steel belts for strength Radial cord body for mileage By Jon Gimmy performance (three 700 series in the same league on the same night) is a Myron Rawlins rolled a lifetime high Boomington Bowling Association re-series of 720 in the City League Monday cor(j. night at Atlanta Bowl. His previous high Unfortunately, the state and national series was a 710 recorded two years ago, associations apparently do not keep which contained his career high game of statistjcs on individual-type leagues. 267. He put together games of 221-255-244 Tne results of the Atlanta Women s for this week's high score. City Tournament are in. "I would say I was nervous, but In team competition, Beason Farm 'surprised' is probably a better word won tne Handicap division with since I was really much more nervous a 2766 total. Rich's Dozers took second the first time I topped the 700 mark," with 2702 and Hoblet Farms was third Rawlins remarked. with 2648. The Actual division was won He bowls for the Bode Garage team in by Curtis Farmettes with a 2512 total, the City League, and for the Brandt Daria Melton and Roena Kauffman Farms team in the Town and Country won tne Doubles competition with an League in Atlanta on Wednesdays. A 1136 totai Cheryi Bray and Beverly lifetime resident of Atlanta, he began Spaulding were second with 1097 and league bowling about six years ago and Edna Turner and Betty Turner took has bowled in as many as five leagues third witn 10g2. j0 Ellen Long and Sue in a single season. Snay won tne Acutal competition with a "We try to go as teams to several area iq)3 total, tournaments each year," Rawlins ex- In singles action, Betty Turner was plained. "Usually we include Decatur first with 609i sharlie Walters second and Peoria in our rounds. In February, with 593 and Roena Kauffman third with I participated in the Champaign Farm 585 Chris Sherman won the Actual Bureau Tournament, placing second for division with a 571, and also took the All-Logan County." Events Actual competition with a 1631 He carries a 181 average in the tota Wendesday league and a 190 average in In ' tne Handicap All-Events, Roena the Monday league. His wife, Karen, has Kauffman was first with 1674, Ollie been bowling for four years. Tammens second with 1664, and Sue "There is always another challenge to Snay tnird witn 1657 look forward to," he said. "I would like to get an 800 series some time." CIRCLE LANES State Farm's Wednesday Three-Man Officially, last week's Classic League saw jim Fruin poSt a 242 game. wwwwwwww M'ke O'Connell of the Greater Bloom- - ington League rolled a 235. irCCKly Peggy Corum led the Sunday night Hee Haws League with a 212 game. In HOnOI ROll the Circlettes League, Marilyn OgatYs 579 series contained a 223, and Donna Men's Herrell had a 212. The Ladies League HIGH GAME saw Pat Rich record a 214, Shirlene Jerry Gowler 268 Langloss a 212, and Millie Clark a 213. Arnold Hering 268 Carol McBurney topped the Lady John Cox 267 Majors League with a 570 series and a Buss Davis 255 248 game. Janet Mays of the Harmo- Mike Halsey 255 nette League rolled a 561 series. In the Myron Rawlins 255 Business Women's League, Shirley Harold Schmidt 255 Schulz had a 239. Paul Brandt 254 In the Jolly G League, Betty Love-Bob Garrett .'.252 kamp built a 569 series on a 223 game. Larry Newberry 251 Sherrilyn Sutter led the Gayniners HIGH SERIES League with a 219. The Twin City Terry Haase 664 Newcomers were topped by Bill Niechlanski 659 Nina Wooley's 232. Don Meiser 651 State Farm's Tuesday Women's Gordon Raker 649 League reported Virginia Nelson's 225 Joe Snyder 647 and Ann Welch's 210 games. The Sunday Larry Newberry 645 Mixed League saw Lucy Starkey cap a Arnold Hering 640 566 series with a 246 game. David Shouse 639 Paul Brandt topped the Progressive Roger Dalkin 637 League with a 254 game. Don Meiser Bob Garrett 637 bowled consistently to put together a 651 Women's series, and Bob Garrett had a 252 game HIGH GAME to cap his 637 series. Carol McBurney 248 In the Victory League, Jane Corum Lucy Starkey 246 posted a 216 game. Karen Elfreich Betty Ploense 243 turned in a 212 in the Nitecap League, Shirley Schulz 239 where Ruth Rettig had a 570 series. The Bev Smith 236 Good Timers League saw Pat Schwartz Jean Slayton 235 roll a 230. Nina Wooley 232 AT OAKLAND BOWL Pat Merrill 229 Betty Ploense led the Follies League Rhonda Addison 226 with a 581 series built on games of 211 Deb Belcher 226 and 243. Bev Pampel had a 561 series in HIGH SERIES the Rockettes League. In the Sunday Bev Smith 603 Mixed League, Shirlene Langloss had a Farol Mortlock 592 565. Alice McCorkle's 219 game was tops Marcia Billington 588 in the State Farm Wednosday Women's Shirley Roeder 588 League. Mary Pushala.... 586 In the Bowlerettes Lqague, Carol Betty Ploense 581 McBurney had a 212, Diane Petrotte a Marilyn Ogan 579 215, and Deb Belcher a 226. The Ladies Jean Slayton 571 Individual Classic League saw Harriett Carol McBurney 570 Lanier roll a 225 game. Ruth Rettig 570 Pat Merrill led the Ten-Niners League Fisher's Ingrum tops all-Sangamon team LIMITED 40,000-MILE WARRANTY TubfU'ss Regular Sale Plus Whitewall Also Price Price F.E.T. 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Walton said he'd make the cut for the rock he'd recover. He sold the rock to nearby subdividers who used it for filling. Now Adams hired a couple to live on the property while deciding whether the tidal waves moving through the cut could cause a damaging rush. They wouldn't as the flow was found to be less than two miles an hour. He hired an engineer at $7,500 and in turn negotiated with the utility companies, telephone, power and water principals, the fresh water was more important. The line would have to be cut and there was no other fresh water in the Keys. He worked that out, the Admiral of the Seventh Fleet Naval District, Key West, telling him not to worry. When the time came he'd take care of it. He did. Next .he cleared the venture with the Corps of Engineers and the federal and state road departments. With the state's department he had little trouble. "Here," he says, "I knew my way around a little because of having been chairman of the Turnpike Authority in 1953 and 1954." The Army Engineers said the proposal .offered no harm to the ecology and the U.S. Coast Guard siad it would be valuable to him them. It also was a safety factory during the hurricanes. It took six months to get an agreement to build a bridge where there was, as yet, no waterway, but he got the agreement. "I don't think they ever thought they would be called upon to do it," Adams says. During the digging a substitute route was set up for U.S. 1. The resolution to name it for him was offered by Mayor Harris and unanimously adopted. Scientists have been studying the sheer banks. They reveal secrets of the packing of the coral over the ages to ,v make the land, and in spots from either side you can get spectacular views of the other. The lessongs that Marvin Adams learned when playing football at IWU has served him well in the long delays and disappointments he must have encountered in his efforts to render a real service to all Floridians and folks who visit the Keys form all over the world. We are likewise sure that his father-in-law, who a quarter of a century ago saw the opportunities of this piece of land, is rejoicing in Heaven today because it is a service to humanity in general. Smith drnm Bora INSTALLED FIT3 MOST US CARS LOW-COST INSTALLATION FREE AVAILABLE $366 off HEAVY-DUTY T&C SHOCKS 33 5 UwmwWMMMMMii' " Hi.-.. 111 ! ' ' 'gyysg? EACH LIMITED WARRANTY Mon'gOfn'y Ward 'll 'eplnce th. botey ot no COM to Itie orig-nol er it oik t0 accept ood hold o charge .n non-commrcij pu- 0 e during the Free Replacement Pertod ihown REGULARLY 8.99 Large, oversized piston gives you greater working surface than most original equipment shock absorbers. lFE BFPlACEvENT PERIOD i4 16 I? 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FITS MOST CARS REGULARLY 29.95 Fisher High School's Jeff Ingrum was the only unanimous selection, while Argenta's Jeff Blackard and Saybrook-Arrowsmith's Mike Maupin were repeat choices on the Sangamon Valley Conference all-star team. Other first team picks were Octavia's Two players unanimous picks in Lincoln Land SAN JOSE Hartsburg-Emden's Ron Harmsen and New Holland-Middletown's Jerry Broughton were unanimous selections on the six-man Lincoln Land Conference all-league team. Harmsen, a second team choice last year, and Broughton were joined on the first team by Wapella's Kevin Thorp, Green Valley's Dave Shay, Greenview's Greg Johnson and Easton's Wayne Noll. Johnson also was on the second team a year ago. Hartsburg-Emden's Gary Conrady and New Holland-Middletown's Jerry Harnecke were named to the second team. San Jose's Russ Hancock and Terry Lowe were given honorable mention. LINCOLN LAND ALL-STARS Firs! Ttam Ron Harmsen Hartsburg-Emden Jerry Broughton New Holland-Middletown Dave Shay Green Valley Kevin Thorp Wapella Greg Johnson Greenview Wayne Noll Easton Second Ttam Dave Urish Green Valley Keith Ackerman Greenview Gary Conrady Hartsburg-Emden Ron Lewis Easton Jerry Harnecke New Holland-Middletown Honorable Mention Mike Klrby, Greenview; Russ Hancock, San Jose; John Ridge, Greenview; Terry Lowe, San Jose. Gary Evans, Fisher's Duane May and Argenta's Rick May. Evans and Duane May were second team choices last year. Voting for the team was done by conference coaches, who were not allowed to vote for their own players. SANGAMON VALLEY ALL-STARS First Team Jeff Ingrum Fisher Duane May Fisher Jeff Blackard Arqenta Rick May Arqenta Gary Evans Octavia Mike Maupin Saybrook-Arrowsmith Second Team Gary Edwards Farmer City-Mansfield Jeff Kumler LeRoy Mike Raney Farmer City-Mansfield Craig Nichols Mahomet-Seymour Rusty Pearl De Land-Weldon Buddy Price LeRoy Dan Logue Arqenta Honorable Mention Tim Bruce, LeRoy; Adam Funk, Hey worth; Scott Sprague, De Land-Weldon; Roger Hupp, Argenta; Rick Bell, Heyworth; Bob Beniamin, Saybrook-Arrowsmith. Young shoots 64 to lead Australian golf MELBOURNE, Australia (AP) -American Donna Young sliced five strokes off the course record in firing an eight-under-par 64 Saturday and moved into a commanding position in an Australian women's golf tournament. Mrs. Young, 31, from Woodland Hills, Calif., held an eight-stroke advantage over Chako Higuchi of Japan as the tournament headed into Sunday's final round. Her two-round total was 136. Mrs. Young's spectacular round was built on eight birdies and 10 pars. She birdied the fourth, sixth, eighth, ninth, 12th, 14th, 16th and 17th holes. Her score wiped out the previous Victoria Golf Club course record of 69, set by Judy Meister of the United States in 1974, and equalled by two others, including Miss Higuchi in Friday's first ound. TRAILER HITCHES! WARDS CARRIES A COMPLETE LINE OF TRAILER HITCHES Car shake? GET OUR FRONT-END ALIGNMENT We correct cas-ter, camber, toe- 88 i a in Memphis tennis MEMPHIS (AP) The only remaining seeds were eliminated Saturday in 'the semifinals of the World Championship of Tennis' $60,000 Memphis Racquet Club Classic as Stan Smith of Sea Pines, S.C. stopped top-ranked Bjorn Borg of Sweden, 7-6, 6-3, and No. 4 seeded Bob Lutz of San Clemente, in to specs. M0ST 9 AS LOW AS Parts extra 3 CARS AC CARS $3 MORE ZZ3 Jal I. I md a Ti trrSrl pirit of USE CHARG-ALL CREDIT TO DO AUTO REPAIRS NOW We'll get the job done fast. U 14 value Sun. 12-5 Mon. 8 a.m.-9 p.m. Tues. thru Saturday 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Phone 827-8571 SALE ENDS SATURDAY Calif., was eliminated by Vijay Amritraj of India, 7-5, 7-6. Smith, a former Wimbledon winner, lost service to the 19-year-old Swede in the ninth game of the first set, but regained it in the next game. The two held service to tie the match (at 6-6 and force the 13-point tie-breaker, which Smith won 7-1. Corner W. Washington & N. Lee Sts. Downtown Bloomington

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