Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on September 28, 1963 · Page 8
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 8

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 28, 1963
Page 8
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p( fc .j»B5'..Mpi 8 Gglesburg. J .,Reflst (Br *Mojj / ;._Qolesburg, III. Saturday, Sept. 28, 1963 'Modem Miracle 9 Passion Play Comes to Galesburg Sunday and Monday^ Baby Sitters Have Worries Like Adults 847 Blaine Air*. _ H. Hampton Whit*. pm» Services SMurda?: 9rt>»iiu> sehoo) 0:90: oreachlnt 11. CALVARY CHURCH —ASSEMBLY OF GOD 366 E. South St. H J Walterman Jr. r>Mto» Sunday school 10; morning worship, 9; yj" 6:30: evening ierv- lces 7:30. BAP11S1 ALLEN PARK BAPTISI Affiliated with Southern Baptisi Convention. Kenneth V HoweU oafttor 1701 Mulberry St. Bible school, 9:45: .vorship service 10:45; BT.u. 6:30; evening sarv ice 7:30 (Associated *ltb G.A.R.B.C.). Dr. Paul Tassel). Dastor 373 E. Simmon? St. Sunday school 9:45; morning service. 10 55; evening service 7; Vouth Fellowship i>; tnid-veek Bible study and prayei Wednes day 7:30 BETHEL BAPTIST Donald G. Peterson, castor. 1196 N Academy St Bible school, 9:30; worship, 10:30; evening gospel service 7. Poet highs and seniors at 8:90. BETHESDA BAPTIST Whltesboro street and Grand ava- nue Robert E. Morgan. Sunday school, 9:45; morning worship,' 11; midweek • e r v 1 o e Wednesday. 7:30. BIBLE BAPTIST Clifford Dartt, pastor. Corner of Brooks and Lombard streets. Sunday school, 10; morning worship, 11, gospel preaching: evening service, 7:30: Bible sturlv Wednesday 7:30 FIRST BAPTIST (American Baptist Convention) Cherry and Tompkins Streets. Malcolm G. Shotwell, pastor; John D. Kern, associate pastor. Worship at 10:30: church school, 9:30, classes for all ages with continuous nursery and kindergarten care until 11:30. HENDERSON STKEE'l BAPTIST (Independent Fundamental) Henderson and North streeta William Thurber pastor Bible school 9:30: morning worship, 10:30' evening worship, 7; midweek service. Wednesday 7 JO. SECOND BAPTIST 805 S. Cherry St C. L. Coleman, pastor Sunday school, 9:30; momin worship, 10:45: evening service 7 30. BIBLE MISSIONARY*" 1646 Moshler Ave Larry Roberts, pastor. Sunday school 9:30; morning worship service, 10:30; Young people's meet. 6:45; evangelical service. 7 JO. GRACE BIBLE 714 E. Fremont St. David Funk pastor. Bible school, 10; morning worship 11; evening service. 7. Midweek service*. Wednesday 7:30 APOSTOLIC TABERNACLE 562 W. North St. Affiliated with United Pentecostal Church. Roy Mast, pastor Sunday school, 10; worship, 11; evening service, 7 30 Wednesday Bible study 7:«5. CATHOLIC CORPUS CHR1ST1 CATHOLIC Prairie and South streets A B. Curran pastor: Anthony Lane, J. Callanan. assistants. Sunday Masses. R 1 a, a ~v and 11 Holy days, 6. 7 b ana 9; evening Masses, every Wedresday, llrst Friday and Holy day at 5:1b tMMACULATi HEART OS MARV CATHOLIC At end of North Broad street tn school chapel •I E. Lohan pastor; Klchara Slav lsh, Thomas Kimball and William J Stratman Assistants Sunday Masses at 6, 7 b, 9, 10, 11 a. m. and 12 noon: daily Masses at 6:15 and 6 a. m.; evening Masses at 5:20 on Holy Days and first Fridays. SA1N1 PATRICK'S CATHOLIC John Horan, pastor; Joseph Mac- Poland assistant South Academy and West Third streets. Sunday Masses, b, H, iO ana 11 a. m.; daily Masses, 6:30 a. m. except Saturdays and first Friday 5:30 p. m St. /oseph's Convent, 6:20 a. m. except Saturday 7 am. • DIRECTORY QALESBVRQ CHURCHES ADVENT CHRISTIAN Donald Mace, pastor 1673 N seminary St. Sunday school, 9:45; worship, 41; evening service, v. Wednesday prayer service 7 30. t IKS'l CHURCH O* C H H 1 S 1 SCltNTlSl broad ana Loaey streets Sunday school and services 11; Wednesday, 8. Reading room. 56 S. Prairie St. COVENANT Dayton and Jefferson streets. G. Harold Ahlberg, pastor. Sunday school at 10. Worship at 11, Junior and senior high youth at 5:30 p. m. Evening service at 7. CONGREGATIONAL CENTRAL CONGREGATIONAL W. T. Llppcrt, minister. Southwest corner of Public Square. Church school at 9:45. Worship at 11. UN 11 ILL CHUKCtl OJf CHK1S1 EAST MAIN STREET CONGREGATIONAL Main and Whltesboro streets. Leon Wilhlte. miniater. crAirch school. 9:45; worship services. 11 GRACE EPISCOPAt Prairie and Tompkins streets, George W. DeGraii, rector. Sunday services at (:30, 9 and 11. Church school at 9. Wednesdays and holy days, morning prayer and Holy Eucharist, 10, or as otherwise announced. KV AiMtiliJLlCAi. UNITED BRETHREN Dale Catlin, pastot Sunday school, 9:30; worship service. 8:30 and 10:30. UV AiNLiKL TEMJ'LiL Ira L. Bevard. oastoi 62 Illinois Ave. Sunday school, iu; worship, 11; evangelistic service, /;H0. Thursday. Bible study ana prayer 7:30 CHURCH OF GOD 1530 Brown Ave. Ernest Moales pastor. Sunday school 10; morning worship, 11; young peoples meeting, 6:30; evangelistic service, 1 30. Wednesday, prayei meeting 1:30; yPE service, 7 30; Junior *PE meets In small auditorium CHURCH Of CHRIST 855 Lawrence Ava Forrest Shatlei evangelist. Bible study tf45: morning worship 10:45; evening worship, 7:30: Thursday Bible study 7 30 CHURCH OH CHRIST 1591 E. Losey St. Bible study, 10; morning worship 11; evening service 7:30 FIRST CHRISTIAN James E Smith, minister North Broad and North streets Sunday school. 0:30: worship services 10:45 (TRS'i CHURCH OS GOD 1614 E. Knox St. Henry A. Stamm, pastor. Sunday school. 9:45; morning worship, 10:45; evening vespers, 7; youth activities. 8:15. CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST 857 W. Berrien St. Sunday school. 10: morning worship. 11:30. HE ISRAEL OF GOD'S CHURCH THE W.H.A. Corner tinox ana Holton streets Eldei Dewel Taylor, pastoi Sunday Mass, 10:30; Sunday acnool 5; evening worship, 6. Friday, Testimonial and prayer service. 7 CHURCH O* JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS 360 E. Ferris St Donald E. Pont, oranch president. Priesthood meeting, a.-30; Sunday school, 10; Sacrament service 6:30. Tuesaay. Women's Reiiet society, 7:30. Wednesday. MutuaJ Improvement Association 7 30 Saturday Primary 10 KitURUANliiED CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER- DAY SAINTS 53 N Henderson St Thomas Poplett, pastor. Church school 9:45: morning worship 11: evening service T. UNIVERSALIST-UNITARIAN Woman's Club, Grove and Prairie Streets. LUTHERAN FIRST LUTHERAN Seminary and Waters streets. Ordell W. Peterson, pastor; Rev. Robert W. Kinas, new assistant pastor. Worship and church school at 9:30 and 11. TRINITY LUTHERAI. Kellogg and Ferris streets. Constant R. Johnson, pastor; Donald A. Fultz, intern. Worship at 9, 10-10 (junior church), 11. Junior Sunday school, nursery through sixth grade, 9; senior Sunday school grades 7-12 and adults at 10:10. (MISSOURI SYNOD) MT. CALVARY LUTHERAN 1372 W. Fremont St. •Tames Agee, pastor Two morning church services, 8 and 10:30. Sunday school 9:15. Evening service fast Sunday of the month at 7:30 Holy Communion first Sunday ol the month at 8, second Sunday at 10:30 and last Sunday at 7:30. MbTHUDlS'l ALLEN CHAPKl X M ft ' 153 E. rompkln* st J W Cotton pastor Sunday school. 9 15; morning wor ship 10:45: Christian Endeavor 4. evangelistic service 7:90 supervised nurserv during service! Midweek prayet "«nd Bible «ln.«.« Wednesday 7:30 EMMANUEL METHODlS'l Kellogg and Waters streets- Ralph H Uude pastoi Sunday school, 10; morning worship, 11: Methodist Youth Fellowship 8:30 FIRST METHODIST Northwest corner Kellogg and Ferris streets. Joseph C. Hoffman, pastor; Orin Wnlson, minister of education. Sunday school, 9:45; two worship services at 8:45 and 11 (ViCCULLUM n /Jit 'THOlJiS-X Perry Bishop, pastor. Seminary ano Fourth streets Worship, 9; Sunday school, 10. WLSLEYAN METHODIST M. J. Bailie, pastor. 857 N. Farnham St, Sunday school, 9:45: morning worship, 11; evening fellowship hour. 1. FIRST CHURCH O* TH3 NAZARENE Webster and Elm street Floyd H. Pounds, pastor Sunday sonool, 9:30; morning worship, 10:30; NYPS 6:15; evangelistic ser/ice, 7 Prayei meeting Wednesday. 7:30; Missionary meet- f each Ing first month Wednesday of b ATIH CHURCH Ob THH NAZARENE Monroe and ->ert.aro streets Arthur Turnsido, pastor. Sunday school, 9:46; morning worship, 10:50; NYPS 6:45: evangelistic service, 7 30 MUST CHURCH OF THE OPEN BIBLE bob W Losey St. Weldon Davis pastoi Echoes of Truth over WAIK Sunday at 9. Sunday school at 9:45; worship, 11; Overcomers, 6:15 p. m.; evening worship at 7. Bible study and prayer meeting, 7 p. m. Saturday, men's prayer meeting. f t« TfcCOSTiiL FULL GOSPEL PENTECOSTAL 719 W. Knox St D. H. Walker pastor Sunday school, 9:45; Praise service 2:30. evangelistic service 7:30. DELIVERANCE TABERNACLE 260 N. Chambers St. A. D. Snyder pastor Sunday school, ,0:45; worship, 11; evangelistic service, t :30. Wednesday midweek service 7:30 JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES 426 S, Chambers St. Sunday: Public talk 3: watcntowei study, 4:15. Thursday Ministry school 7:30: service meeting 8:30 LIVING WAY BIBLE CENTER 74 S. Seminary St. Dorothy O'Connor, Rachel Stroops. Adelaide Carter evangelists. Sunday school, 10; worship, 11; evening service 7:30 Thursday service. 7:30 FOURSQUARE GOSPEL East South and Pearl streets James Uhler. pastor. Sunday school, J .45; morning worship, 11; Crusaders, 6:30; evangelistic service, 7:30. Wednesday midweek service 7:30 Saturday men's prayer meeting. 7:30 PILGRIM HOLINESS 137 Arnold St (corner ol Summit) J. S. Weeldon, pastor. Sunaay school, ) :«5, morning worship 10:40; Pilgrim youth service 7; evangelistic service, 7:30 Prayer meeting Wednesday 7:30 RESCUE MISSION 66 Public Square. John Grassley, acting superintendent. Meetings each evening at 7:30. Free beds and meals for homeless men. THE SALVATION "ARMY 147 S. Cherry St. Capt. Howard Pettys officer In charge. 1 Sunday school at 9:45, noliness service at 11. Young People's Legion at 6, street service at 7 and the Salvation Service at 7:30 Mid-week prayer service Wednesday at 7:30 and Ladies Home League Thursday at 1:30. FIRST UNITED PRESBYTERIAN Prairie and Ferris streets. Kermit W. Petersen and Joseph R. Boatwright, ministers. Church school, 9:30; worship, 11, JEWISH Temple Sholom, Monroe and Wesi North streets. Clover Hill Church Thrives With Congregation of One By GEORGE W. HACKETT FLEMINGSBURG, Ky. CAP)Three strangers walked into the Clover Hill Methodist Church one Sunday morning, looked around and discovered they were alone except for an elderly woman deep in prayer. "Where's 'he rest of the congregation?" they asked, struggling to conceal their surprise. "I'm it," replied Miss Ollie Spencer. She also is the steward, treasurer and trustee of the white frame structure with its twin front doors. The church was built in 1856 in a remote community outside Elizaville, had 50 members at the turn of the century, but today carries only one name on its records—Miss Spencer's. She pays out $400 a year for the pastor's salary and donates at least $300 to missions and charitable groups. And whenever Clover Hill needs a coat of paint, Miss Ollie, still vigorous at 81, does the job herself. She keeps the interior of the Church spotless, tunes the piano whenever necessary, and in winter fires up an old iron stove so that the place is warm by the time the Rev. Harry Oldaker arrives. He holds services at Clover Hill twice a month and on alternate Sundays takes Miss Ollie to his other church. "She never misses a Sunday attending services somewhere," he says, "and always insists upon contributing to any special collections we may have." During extremely bad weather the Rev. Mr. Oldaker stops by the house and holds services there for his one-woman congregation. The house—Miss Ollie was born there—has a telephone but few other modern conveniences. She raises her own garden, cans the vegetables and fruit that grow on the 130-acre tract. "A neighbor tills my land and 1 take care of the chickens and my baby beef cattle." Although the property is one of the most productive in the area, Miss Ollie won't sell it. "The Lord gives me all I need." Besides, she asks, "who would take 1 Couple From East Visit In Fairview FAIRVIEW - Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gardenhour of Sharpsburg, Md., visited Monday in the home of Mrs. Irene West. Mrs. Gardenhour is a niece of Mrs. West and is the former La Ferne Otto. The youth activities of Valley met Monday night in the fire station. It was decided to have the annual pancake and sausage day Nov. 2. Serving will start at 11 a.m. in the fire station.' A wiener and marshmallow roast recently wa<; held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Roberts for their grandson, Gregg Suydam, who celebrated his. third birthday. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Robert Suydam and family of Trivoli; Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Roberts and family, Canton; Mrs. Jessie Suydam and family, Jane Ann Van Liew, Jeanine and Darrell Burnett, of Fairview. care of His church?" Three generations of her family have worshiped there and she's determined it won't be disbanded. Produced More Than 30 Years In bringing to Galesburg the Black Hills Passion Play, the Register - Mail is presenting a theatrical production unique in the history of the drama. Acclaimed as the most outstanding production of its type, the Black Hills Passion Play reconstructs the dramatic events of the seven last days of the life of Jesus. One of Europe's oldest productions, the Passion Play was presented for the first time on the American stage in 1932 as the Luenen Passion Play, Luenen being the name of the town in Germany where it had its origin. II; became a permanent institution in America when the company settled in the Black Hills of South Dakota in 1938. A huge amphitheater was constructed at the picturesque town of Spearfish where each year the world's greatest tragedy is enacted during the summer months. In recent years it has also been presented in early spring at Lake Wales, Fla., during the Lenten season. In the present tour, the company comes here from recent appearances in Iowa and Missouri cities. Critics say the American production now rivals Europe's famed "Oberammergau." During the past 25 years the Black Hills production has been seen by more than six million people. The Chicago D;'ily News has termed the CHILDREN PICTURED WITH THE CHRISTUS center this beautiful scene enacted in the Black Hills Passion Play as He tells onlookers, "Of such is the kingdon of heaven." Colorful pageantry like this is lavishly used in portraying events of the seven last days on earth of the Saviour, in touring production to be staged at Galesburg High School auditorium Sunday and Monday. An unforgettable religious, dramatic and musical experience is assured for the audiences of the two afternoon and two night performances, sponsored and recommended to all by the Galesburg Register-Mail. presentation "a modern miracle." The difficult role of the Christus is portrayed by Josef Meier, whose ancestors for generations have participated in the play. He was trained from childhood and assumed the leading role at the age of 28. Mr. Meier is ably supported by a carefully selected cast. All of the principal roles are enacted by professional members of the American stage. Several have been members of the cast for many years. Choral music and organ accompaniments will be heard at frequent intervals throughout the play, in the great anthems and hymns of all churches. Galesburg's excellent Community Chorus has been rehearsing diligently for many days to provide this feature of the occasion. Plenty of Seats Although there has been a Henderson St. Baptist Plans Anniversary Anniversary Sunday will be observed Sunday at the Henderson Street Baptist Church, corner of West North and North Henderson streets. Speaker for the morning and evening services will be Rev. Loren Dawson, evangelist from Virginia. A basket dinner will be held in the church's lower auditorium after the morning services. A singspiration will follow. The history of the church goes back to July 1943 when tent meetings were held at East Main and Division streets, under the leadership of Rev. O. A. Streepy. The congregation moved to 77 S. Seminary St. into a store building in September 1943. In 1946, the congregation met on the sec- floor of the IOOF building at the corner of Main and Seminary streets. The congregation's present building was occupied and dedicated Sept. 11, 1946. In 1947 the church was incorporated as the Christian Tabernacle. It was in September the members voted to become a Baptist Church, now called the Henderson Street Baptist Church. Next Sunday will be a double anniversary day. It will be the 17th anniversary of the present place of worship and the 10th anniversary of the local organization as a Baptist Church. The Henderson Street Baptist Church is an independent, fundamental church in fellowship with the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches, American Council of Christian Churches, and the International Council of Christian Churches. PRESENT LOCATION—Henderson Street Baptist Church, above, has been located at the corner of West North and North Henderson streets the past 17 years. Rev. William Thurber is the pastor of the church. The church's 17th anniversary will be observed this Sunday with Rev. Loren Dawson, evangelist from Virginia, guest speaker. Toulon Group Entertained At Supper TOULON - Members of the Board of Education and faculty members and their wives or husbands held potluck get-acquainted supper at the school Sept. 19. Board members and wives present were Mr. and Mrs. Roy Dutton, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Ham, Mr. and Mrs. John Addis, Mr. and Mrs. Willard Price, Mr. and Mrs. Joel Wright, Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Rice and Mrs. Helen Williams. Faculty members included Mr. and Mrs. H. Burton Carlock, Miss Rita M. Bubnick, Miss Grace C. Skelley, Mrs. Virginia Keller, Mr. and Mrs. Norman St. John, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Hampton, Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. Vicini, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pearson, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pohar, Mr. and Mrs. Gary Keefauver, Miss Jean Pyfer, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Henneberry and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Converse. Attend Meeting Mr. and Mrs. Dwain Wallace attended a meeting of Illinois Association oi Consulting Engineers Sept. 20 and 21 near Chicago. Rev. Loren Dawson The Almanac By United Press International Today is Saturday, Sept. 28, the 271st day of 1963 with 94 to follow. The moon is approaching full phase. The morning star is Jupiter. The evening stars are Jupiter and Saturn. Those born today include the former French premier, Georges Clemenceau, in 1841. On this day in history: In 1745, English theater-goers sang "God Save The King" for the first time after Jacobites led by Bonnie Prince Charles defeated English forces under Sir John Cope. In 1920, a grand jury in Chicago indicted eight Chicago White Sox players for "throwing" 1919 world series games between the Sox and the Cincinnati Reds. A thought for the day — The American poet, Ralph Waldo Emerson, said: "Nothing can bring you peace but yourself." Now You Know By United Press International The elaborately carved desk in President Kennedy's White House office was a gift from Great Britain during the administration of Rutherford B. Hayes, according to the National Geographic Society. large selling of admissions for all four performances, there still are plenty of good seats available. Telephone reservations will be accepted at the Register-Mail business office only until 8 o'clock tonight. All reservations must be picked up by noon Sunday at this office. The Register-Mail office will be open from 9 to 12 Sunday morning for this purpose. After Sunday noon, all ticket sales will be made at the high school box office, although phone calls seeking information may be made to the Register-Mail. Thereafter, starting at 1 o'clock Sunday afternoon, the box office will be open at the Galesburg High School auditorium, for the sale of tickets for the 2:30 Sunday matinee. For the Sunday evening performance ticket sale, the box office will open at 6:30 p.m. For the Monday evening performance ticket sale, the box office at the high school will open Monday at 6:30 p.m. Is Civic Benefit The Register-Mail is bringing the Passion Play production to Galesburg for the first time as a worthwhile spectacle for the community to see. It is being brought here as a civic benefit. Any profit over and above the actual costs will be given to local charitable or service projects. By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK (AP) - Remarks that baby-sitters get tired of hearing: "It's such a bad night out that my husband and I decided we'd stay home, so we won't need you after all. I'm sorry you had to come so far in such a pouring rain. Here's 50 cents for your trouble." "You mean these high school girls have the nerve to charge 75 cents an hour for doing practically nothing? Why, I was three years out of college before I made that kind of money." This is our little son, Junior. You don't have to worry about him biting. It's his little sister, Cissie, who bites. Junior just tries to stamp on your foot when you're not looking." "I'm dreadfully sorry, but our television set broke down this afternoon and I haven't had time to get it fixed. I'm afraid you'll have to read the 'ittle dears to sleep." "We're running low on clean diapers. If you have to wash a few, you can fast-dry them by hanging them in front of the kitchen stove." . "If you get hungry, be sure and make yourself a sandwich. There's some leftover chicken in i the refrigerator that's been there for days and days—and I hate to just throw it away." "After you feed the baby, and cook the lamb chops for the other two children, and get the dishes done, I'd appreciate it if 'you'd just give a swipe to the living room furniture with a dust cloth.'* "Well, well, well—so you're the new baby-sitter Mabel was telling me about. Gee, kid, I wouldn't mind staying home myself and let you baby-sit me for a while." "Your mother told me you have an important exam tomorrow, Elsie, and I promised her we wouldn't keep you late. Jim and I should be back by 10:30 p.m.—-or only a little after midnight at the very latest." "If you don't let me get up and go to the bathroom, you'll be sorry." "Sorry we were gone so long, Elsie. Oh, dear, I seem to be short of cash. Do you mind if I pay you next week—or early next month? And don't forget to add on what I still owe you from the last time." / pemry~ 2, fayourmoughijt Appears Every Tuesday and Friday FOR PERSONAL ADVICE WRITE TO "PENNY" c/o Galesburg Register-Mail. ALL ROADS LEAD TO THE PARKWAY Friday Saturday Sunday % Curb and Carryout Only We're Having a Special on

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