Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 25, 1947 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 25, 1947
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TEMPERATURE REPORT MklnlRht 3 n. m. • li :\. m, 10 ii. m- 45 •I. 1 ) •13 "A Progressive Newspaper For a Progressive Community" THE WIATHBB Connecticut—Considerable cloudiness with ' a few sprinkles today followed by partial clearing tonight. Sunday cloudy followed by occasional very light rain. Continued mild. Vol. LXXI, No. 21 ESTABLISHED 1885 SATURDAY, JANUARY 25, 1947 Leased Wire Service of the United Press Price Four Cent! .. LATE . . (ii.v L'mted I'rintN) KKVISK Ar.M.-VVCK l.i>n<lii«—The Foreign Oflcr n- IKirts Wifit (rn-llmliiiir.v .sti'fm ((»«•- nrd rc."l>i"'i "f the Angln-Kiixniun iMIIxncr. ;is suggested h.v I'nviiler ,fuif |>h Stalin, an- under active coi'.iuleriillnii in l.onilnii, oOo -• ItKATII TOM, Boston -Tin; death toll of nn intc.itinal disease' in eight Now England mental hospitals hns rerielK-d CO. The fatalities nil reunited riming the past six weeks, hut officials say the disease now is under control. Forty patients in seven Massachusetts state hospitals died of the mysterious cliiirrhe.'i ailment. An<l the clia- oiisf affected some KiOO patients In ttii> state's !7 mental hospitals. Twenty eUlerly wurnen patients died i.f the iiiliru'nt ut P.hoclc oOti IIOI'K Vt.—A report (.but Judges Named In VFW Auxiliary Essay Contest Open Labor Legislation Hearing Three Prizes Offered Locally In National $1,000 Competition "The Hn:m!... Cradle of Gcmd Citi- :enship." Is the Mubjcf-l. for 111'; annual National Ek-isay Contest spon- inrcri by the 'Ladies' Auxiliary of 'li<! Vcu:r:ins c.t Fnroircn Wars for llir- high school stuck-nts c;f the United Str.itcs. it was announced today '.iy Mis:: Juno Bontempo, chairman uf the- ossriy contest committee, Tlio NEWS Is the sponsoring newspaper foi- iS'uugiituck. dent Tallin U'l-ldi-n lins bi'i'ii si'i;n III Canada lias renewed hupe H)II> might still be alive. Several per- MIIIS luive reported seeing ||u- |S- yi'iir-rild Slamfurd, Conn., gh-l in F:irnli;irn. Qiieber, ;uid the .Mnii- Irejil area. --, oOo lil.lHHJKONS I' 1 ATI IKK \Vfat Pr.liirul, Mo. A 13-ycar- nld former Bowton boy, weighing only -IT pounds. nl;egef[iy admitted to police tudiiy that h'.> bludgeoned hi.i f/tther to clmiih with ji Imll hat, Uttlu J e a 1 n Andernon, who stiin'ls (inly V (Vet. ll inches tall, reportedly struck his father to protect, his nidtlii-r during a domestic argument." oOo- - ItKSIJMK INQIMKY \VKNhinj,'l:ia—A federal i;rruul jury |M ti-ntutlvcly scheduled In rrMliHi' iN iniililr.v into tile (iars- .11111 munitions ca.'ie nn I'Vhrimry Hull.. In the Difiintlmr, sny n;- llahi>M>(rrrr.s, the I'-IM will'work on rinrovrriiij; fin-tiler evidence. ...-oOn SWJOMJ IICLD'UI 1 Ni.'-.v York Nnw York had it. 1 , :ii>i:uii(l big hold-up in lil hriurs. Seven armed bandits sl'.ick-up a l>ath-liou?ir. in Cuney l.-ilriKil eariy today, uric! rn.idc' off with tn'tween ,i 10,000 and .«:;"< i.OOO in dish and valuables. The Inol bcIcuiKed to sunn- 200 patrons of (ho t'ath-house, who hac? doposit- i-'il their valuables in stronj;- Imxi-M in u,|, oi'fioo. 'Less l.hiin -I hmirs earlier, daring hold-up men esearii-d with the .^20i.otiri payroll of a l-'f'ioklyn newsjifi per. .•On - - - Wll.sJiiH V | ( ,,,_TJn. OI'A .suv.s It will ;;nniiiinre 'complete detiill.s in'M uveli on its prognim fur rent relief In so-culled "hunl- »hl|i" eases. ll\ tlioriffht Hurt 0(1- iTatiirs of small u|iirrtlili*nt lillll(lini;s will be gl'Ullled |ier- inissiiui (it r:iiNi> renl.M If llie.v 01111 (inivr riirnneitil siiflei-lrig under .MIS.-; KIUIl.V S. BKOW.V Ktiidonls >it the Naiigatiic-k High CIMST <M.'Altl> ISKIMK'I'ION hUM IM-I.,| tcilil (.11 reduce its Illim- lll> r "f hi;:h-|iniil cifflcfi-.s or face III'- llu-p.-it iif cmigi-e.M.Mioiial wllh- 'f'l'liiik' nl' Us 1'iinds. The wai'ti- i"K C(IHI.M |'|.,nn riepuhllftan riir'- iiV'-nlHiiv,- ,;,,|iii ,/. T/th'.'i- nf N'i>w Yurli M member of the llnnse appropriations conimit- tci-. oOo KXl'KKSSKS IIOI'K ^Viiirni—li'nlled »Iim- Wul'kei's I'fcslili'iit .liilin i,, l.i-wis is i-e- jwrled In liuve e.\|ii'essed (be h »l"' llmi ficA-dilmlnn.N for u lion«>fl-en;i| (MHitriiei he stnrte<l by • liin-li ),,). Sueli a move wiiuld "liiiv 11 :(il-ilny iieKiillatliin perl- '"' iM'fnre Lewis' Nli-lhr deiiillllle niiw s,.( r,, r Mucrh HIM. oOd KI.Kf.TfO.v TOalOKKOW •Milwaukee '['he CIO Auto "l-ivel-.ii ,-,:„; ,,,| lndf|;f'/l(lellt l " li " 11 are i rilei:sll'ylng their ['•'HilNiigiis tn win in rlectkm as "'i-wiiiiuii: ngerit for Allls-Chal- ni|1 i'« farm equipment plant *"I-KPI-S in MllwuiikiT. The olec- ll "» takes piace tomorrow. urf 1 nnw working cm thc.-ir i-ssay.s. Prixcs will bi- ti warded on i tov/n. *tiilo nncl national basis. The pri/.cs to be presented in Xaugatuc-k, und the donors, arc: First prixu. :pO. Ladies' Auxiliary, i VF\V; Mor:ond iiriw. Soj. Ci'tis.-idc-r ,' Host. VF\V: third pj-iau, S25, C. K. ! K;i"anjian. j The final duto for entries in thn | I'or.N.-iit is March 31. The essays will !><•_ judged locally in April l"iy Ihc following: i\:iss TSmily Sophie l.'i-nv/n. Mrs. r..-iv.-roncr> Mal.xltin, .Dr. Pa.ul Elliott, Dr. K. F. Seunltm and .'ost.'jili Donahue, according to an annnunCL--nenl. today by Miss I7.r>ntcinpo, Thu essays will he judged on a state-wide basis in May, and on a N'atiooal basi;.; in .September. First rind rffi-oiKl |n'l'/." winnr-rs in Iho slate r:li;uination C'intcsis will be iiw.-irdrvl silver medals. .N'alional awards will in'.-lnde $1.- Or.O cash, t'iiht prizi-, ?.~00, .second: ¥-,".(), third. SI 00. 1'nurlh; ten n wards j uf .Sl''l ami Li": or' .•?,"> each, plus fi.p- pr<>|>ri)iU.- ini:t!nls for the first four winnei ,s. SU:dc'n!.-; regularly enrolled in. any (li'.rli school. puMic, private or [iiii'.i"liiiil Kfhrx.l. and maintaining 'their f:las.s v.'ork fit tin; -lime of wrilini,' tin; essays, arc eligible to 'compete. No agn limit i:t specified. | C>--(.-:ys I, KIM tint. i;Xi:l-nd .1,000 words in li!ii;;i.h. Thry will b<; judged un lilrrary C"n.:tri.ic! ion, interjirc- tivi.' views and puti io'.it: ir.ypir;i- : tiori. State Police Search For Missing Girl West Cheshire Youngster Reported Missing' Since Yesterday Afternoon A ten-year-old WCK: Cheshire fti has beer, missing since -1 o'clock yesterday al'ccrnoor, when she was last -ioon by :i neighbor walkir.s away from the house in which she hoarded, according to slate police of Iho Bethany barracks. The crirl, Bcve'^j- Newton, dau,™!i- ter of Harold ?vc\vton of 257 Wc.sL f'Oth street, New York cily. bearded a't the ho.iie of Mr, and Mrs, .Joseph, Wast Main street, West Cheshire. The Bath-any barracks v-s nuiiflnd of the missin;; jrirl shortly before midnighl last ni.tfht by Constable Warner of Cheshire. The into hour tit whicii t!ie state police were nohitled hampered early investigation, according 1 to Trooper 7'>:mk Casscllo who was assif, r n- ed to the aasn. No developments have nocn reported. Th sir] was described as boinf; lour feet tall, weiifhinpr JOO pounds, having- dark brown hair and a medium complexion. She was wcsir- iriK a short brown coat and a. white 'kerchief when last seen. British Plane Crash Kills 11; Transport, $15,000.000 In Gold, Missing Near China First Donation Received For NEWS Dimes March Auction—It's A Mattress At tl>o opening hcarinR of the Semite Labor Committee In ton, Son. Joseph II. liull (luft), of Minnesota, IN shown as he conferred with Si;n. Jlobert A. Tuft, of Ohio, chairman at tlio Rroup. Ball, :i cuiiiinitteu member, iirgcd the approval of the revised Case IJill, sponsored liy hinim.-lf. Tuft a;i(! Sen. JI. Alex;)oiler Smith) of New Jersey. The Minnesota senator said thut If laliur sibusex lire not i curbed, U. S. commerce- will be "Iialkanl'/.cd" and American workers will have "no more, freedom" than existed in Naul Germany. (International Soundphuto) RFC Rapped By Smith For Raising Crude Rubber Cost Legion Auxiliary Plans Dance At Recreation Club The Wo.-r.en'K Anxiiitiry of American Leifion Post 25, of Bca- non Palis, ai-e Hpon^orincr ;.L Valentine's Dance, to be held in the Run- oon Falls Ttccroation club Feb. 7. The affair is to be In cabaret style with mtisic beintr furnished by Cliff Slater's orchestra. Dancin;- is from Says Action Contrary To Advice Of Rubber Industry Advisory Committee Herbert E. Smith, president of the United States Rubber company, termed the Reconstruction Finance ! '« synthetic prices. Corporation's action in boosting: .•seDinjf price to offset the extra cost of the 150,000 ton ',ot of rubber. He said that the industry is not seeking any federal subsidy but that, on the contrary, it is paying a -substantial premium to the RFC the !• p. m. to 1 will b e served. Eoii'Oiiiiments Cost Accountants To Discuss Special Material Problems .'John \Vrinn, Nangjituck, president of the \Vate:-bury Chapter Natinr.a'l Association of Cost Ac- c.niiit inl.J, aiinuuncL-d today 'that the rh?[,U.'f will hold i. S-tudy Gri'iip niueUng Jan. 28. at Dinrio's resi-'inr.-inl.. \'.'aU:rbnry. Oinncr will in- sfivc'J at n p. m., and n technical .-:.'S«irin will follow at 7, Mr U'rinn is .-i.-wor-iatorl witii tho United States I-tiibhor comTi'jny. "S/icci;il ^Tateiial Problems" in i rid n.-,-: rial accaitnting wilt bo the sub;eC't of tint session. the crude rubber prices three and one-quarter cents to 25 and three- quarters cents yesterday, as "con- (rary to the effort put forward by all industry to prevent further im- pc-tu;; to the inflationary spiral by holding the line on prices." .. ,_Mr. Smith, -admitting the RFC rrfrJvht "be correct technically in'll£ uso of the first-in and .first-out ac[ counting method," said such a I '.nove wa.s contrary to the cxprcss- [ cd rccommcnciotion of tlTc majority. oC the rubber industry advisory committee to (ho Ollice of Temporary Control that some method be found to maintain the former (By United Press) Washington, Jan. 23 — Cheaper synthetic rubber will be available when, the reconstruction Finance Corp. makts up some more of the losses it suffered in the manufacture of: butadiene, it was learned today. Gcraid'E. Hadlock oC lhc'Office of Rubber Reserve, an RFC subsidiary, '-said g-ooci prog-rc^s has been mrule, but th:it synthetic rubber prices wil! r.ot be cut until) RFC's losses are recovered fully, j •RFC now sells syn-thetic rubbc;-1 to manufacturers at 18 cents a | nound. First to contribute to the March of Dimes auction to Ije held here February 4, the Carlson Furniture Co. today offered a Beautyrest Mattress, to be delivered to the highest bidder. " The auction, sponsored by the Naugatuck News, will be conducted from the stag-c of 'the Salem Playhouse at 8 o'clock the evening- of February 4. Proceeds of all hard to get, so bidding undoubtedlv will be spirited. The News will publish at repular intervals between now and the date of the auction a list of the articles to he auctioned, identifying the mer chants who donate them. The hour-Ions auction will take place from 8 p. m. to 9 p. m., with the picture being scheduled for articles sold at auction will be j that hour bcinK dropped from the turned over to the Infantile par- Playhouse program. A capacitv alysis fund. | audience is expected to participate. Contributions of merchandise to | February 4 will be an evening of be sold at auction will be received entertainment for those who at- from local merchants, who have] tend the Nauuatuck News auction pledged thc'r cooperation. Prior toiat the Salem Playhouse. It will al- the night of the auction, the mer- j so be an evening of benefit to tho: chandisc will be on display at a central point, where those interested may see what Is to be offered for sale. The Bcautyrost Mattress contributed by the Carlson Furniture- Co, is listed for retail sale at $40..'iO. And it's a type of mattress that's March of Dimes. Drive Chairman Frank Green announced that the committee arranging the program includes Publisher Rudolph M. Hcnrick of The News, Ralph S. Pasho of the Salem Crash Near Nova Scotia Airport Injures Six American Navy Personnel, No Fatalities (By trnitcd Prewt) Death rode the ainvaves today in three widely separated corners of the world. ' In Nova Scotia, in Britain, and in the Far East—plane tragedies .lave their talten their toll of dead, injured and missing. Eleven persons have been burned to death in the crash of a. chartered DC-3 airliner at Croydon Airport near London. The plane rammed into a parked aircraft of the same type when it tried to take off from the icy field. In addition to the 31 known dead, seven persons were taken to a. hospital and six passengers were able to walk away from the scene. The plane was a Dakota transport, operated by a South African Airline known as Spencer Airways. It was taking off on a riipht to Rome, Italy. The transport plane crashed into Merchants Bureau To Elect Of ficers At Annual Meeting Monday Night The annual meeting of the Nau- •atuck Merchants Bureau will be held Monday evening, at 6:15 at Stratton's Restaurant, president C. Fridolf ; Car-lson announced today officers, will be elected : jat the session, \\ .A number ..of .ImporUnt irwas- uros are to be discussed at the meeting, and It is imperative that GOP Committee Discusses Court, Election, Makes No Decisions Plans in pfonora! as they concern court appointments and the forthcoming May elections were discussed List night at a mnctir:;; or the Republican Town Committee, or either William Ploski Joseph Piiiytkwich are interested. Although general discussions re- .iultcd on the topic of GOP candidates for the biennial borough eleo but no definite decision w;us made, lions in May. no particular person according to a. report today by | or persons were nanrcd as possible TJJO3I.'\S J-'ITZPATBICK Leaves for School Tlmni.-is l''il.xnntriak of 1-iighlnn AVI;., son of Mr. r md M ITS. Thuina Fil.xpatrick. loft yesterday for Bo; ton. Miiss.. where he will cntci prrltlcms tt"io rnnthoci of c i 'irry- ing viilii^ on storehouse ruc-nrd.-i win aiso bu flisciisscU. Study group ln«der Tor tap session will bo C. H. .Kulk('r.son, ;noth- Ti'.ticnt Donald Oillettc. non oT J4i-K. Ruth Pricini; ] c|, c ,.|.y o f MorLh Mnin street, is patient :it the Velcran.s hospital in Ne\vingtuli. Piiper Collection Bay Scdiit;; of Beacon Falls .-i stipcri'iKor of thi> Metal i-losn I nonclnotcd a newspaper drive today, -I Rranrh, Amcriran lirass cum.n-ny, thr- [iromjofls of which will Ro tow- SOLD! One Day Insertion! l!).!,s Chevrolet Tfuvii Scil.-m l! "'»l mrcliatiir.'il eoinli- 'i"H. (ioiiii I ires, llcaler. Sell Yours Today Call 2228 2229 Naugatuck Daily News Classified ~ t: " fl r SI,,.,- Styli-t ur<- nlnW.v I,,^, S |, 1|( , ji,,,,,,, |.|^ ||,,,,|; ' """""' "'"""'' "'" iMtlkerson indicates thi.-; .session will he in tin- form of a_i-uliiul t-'.>l>!e • i is(:ii,-isi(in. This method permits! tin. 1 exch-iiigp of ideas in practifi: j in N-'iiig:i!rick Valley lowns from which ihe Waterbury chapter draw; its membership. At the lu-eseru timo over ~'r. resorv.itioris for iht dinner h.-ivr been mn-le from mum hers in "X.-.'.u- g.-iturl:. Turr.'ngton. Winstod ant: SVatorburv. c;imping equipment. Annuiil Mnr Thu ;i.nnuM meetin of the Unit- rd church Mtuirlay will be preceded by a polluck supper. It will be hold ;U 6:20 p. m. in the church parlors. $270 Contributed To March Of Dimes TIMIIII Formed A girls' basketball team was 01- g.-inixod at St. Michael's church Friday night. Tho teoni is composed o. 1 ' die following.- Mary Pisane, Mary Ann Wrobcl, Florence Schumacher, Patricia Hackctl, Elinor Crosby, M.'M'.v Kllcn Ler.un, Doris Mitchell About SiTO has been collected so j and Kathleen Rourke. ffi r in tho M-arch ol' Dimes cam- ! ----- P'llgn, Postmaster f'rynk T. Green, j Church Notes local chairman of the drive an- 1 Instructions for grammar school nounced this morning, Mr' Gveeu I children were held, IhiK morning said this showing was "very graci-!'" tllr: Catholic church. Olirr." Ho suggested t.htit ovor- i -Sunday Masses will be at S, 9:15 thr wf-i>k-cricl would be a good timo i and 11 a - m - '" St. Michael's church. to make returns on cards rocrn'J.y " ^ mftiloci out yo thnt all returr.s ^AU Nmiiaitiick N talklnic aluxit the would be .in before the drive end, ,,*' *• next Friday. Uuitury Auto Service,— Adv. Chnirman Charles P. Roclcnb.'.icb. The chairman stated this morn- :iig that Waller Norw:ish is not tt cardidaic !'or the court clerk's po.n, and thf.t it is doubtful whct-li- Mr. Roilcn-bach said. Another session of the town com- mittce will be held in the immodf- ate future, he ;ia;d. but'r.o date imp been set as yet. Commendation Ribbons To Be Presented West Hartford, Jan. ar. 1 —(UP) — Army commendation ribbons win b nwarded Tuesday to two colonels who served with Slate Selective Servico headquarters throughou it. war. Tlio awards will be made to Colonel William B. Smith and Colonc George R. Sturgcs, according to nn announcement by Selective Service Director John F. Robinson. A thin-l such ribbon for simil duty will be presented to Majoi James M. Holland at his home -in Bonus For Vets Urged At Hearing (By Ui A bonus for iitml I'n-ss) slate veterans — the imount varying from StO to $300 -and without a referendum — has gained favor on Capitol Hill. A majority of the 75 speakers at •fsterday's bonus hearing came out tronjTly for this ; typo of bonus. 'Speakers who urged a referendum vero loudly hissed ?ncl booed, VIotor Vehicle "ases Delayed Tho violation of motor vehicle i.w cases of Anthony Sirinarski, 51 ?carl street, Ansonia, .and Floyd rapkauskas, 175 North Main treet. Ansonia, scheduled to be card in borough court today, •cro oonlinucd -to Saturday, Feb. 1. he Ansonia men were notified fol- >winq: a slight acicdent or. River- de drive, early Monday morning, an, 20. West Side Club To Meet Tuesday Activities for the coming year were Uisciissocl at a mooting of of- Steel Workers Extend Contract Seventy-Five Days (By United Press) There is a note of optimism in labor - management morning. Playhouse, Paul Euckmiller andi an crn Pt. v CzceSDslovakian airlin Mildred Carlson. er which was parked on the edge of the field. Both planes burst into flames. The names -of the victims have not been released. But it's understood that several Catholic nuns were among the passengers. i .Millions LoNt A second transport—reportedly carrying- 15 million dollars in £Old —is 'missing- somewhere between Manila and Hong-Kong. British authorities in Hong-Kong believe that the craft—a twin-engined ship of the Philippines airline—has gone down in the pirate-infested seas off Hongr-Kong-. ^ •Nova' -Scotia And a transport believed to be carrying American navy personnel has crashed into the woods near a Nova Scotia airport. Six persons were injured, two of them seriously. However, first reports indicate that no one was killed. The plane fas a D-C-3 en route from Floyd Bennett Field, New York, to Argcntia, Newfoundland. It overshot a runway of an airport near Dartmouth. Nova Scotia, and crashed in tho woods. all members of the bureau be present, Mr. Carlson asserted. This will be the first meeting in two months. Present officers are: Mr. Carlson, president; Rudolph Smith, vice-president; Eugene Sweeney, treasurer; and Sidney Weiss, secretary. Reservation* for -the ..meeting should be made with Mr. .Weiss before Monday afternoon. Average Weekly Wage In Conn. Fifty Dollars For one thing, peace is assured ! in the stedl industry for at least i the next three months. The C-I-O United Steel Workers have agreed Hartford, Jan. 25—(UP)—The average production worker in Connecticut makes $6 a week more relations this I now than he did a year ago. The Stale Labor Department rc- 'vn ihe average weekly wage to extend their 19-lfi contract with I j n U. S. Steel Corporation 75 days be- | yond its February in expiration ' date. Weekly earnings also have in- eased in other fields, the averages now being $61 in construction, $36 And the Steel Co.-U. S. W. agreement probably" will serve- as a precedent for steel workers to extend agreements with other steel companies until early spring. By the end of April decisions on the portal-to-portal pay .suits are expected — and U. S. W. leaders be- icvo these suits have considerable bearing on stce) workers' demands for substantial wage boosts. Meanwhile, the contract extension action is being hailed by all par- $53 in insurance, real estate and finance. The only industries in which weekly wages have slumped are utilities, transportation and service where less hours are worked. finors and directors of the West | tics ns laying the ground for peace- Side Community Club last night *t,'ful negotiation of steel industry the home of President Paul O'Brien, wage levels. And Washington la Steps are being taken toward incorporation of the club. Tentative plans were for a. dance February 8. A general meeting will be held next Tuesday ai tho model house. ,gton bor circles generally concede thai the extension indicates a trend away from crippling industry-wide strikes. In the closely allied auto industry, CIO Auto Workers president Walter Reuthei- predicts 19-17 wil be—wha't he caWs—'"labor's best year." He says auto workers wil make better wages than ever before and the industry will reap record profits from increased pro- i duction. Fire Committee Stalls Meeting Garsson Grand Jury To Resume Probe (By United Press) The United Pr'csw has it from ro- iablo sources fodny that a Federal Grand Jury has set a da.te for a resumption of its proba into the G;irssons Munitions scandal. The In.te—February tenth. The four defendants in < ho casu —former Representative Andrew Second Ward Burgess Andrew Way, the two Garsson brother* - °" rooic ( ' D) - Chairman of the /ire and one of their top aides—are out i c °mmittee of the board of warden and burgesses, has reported no meeting of the committee has been called to date as ordered by the borough board at its January meeting for the purpose of studying plan.5 for the purchase of a new pumper truck for the fire department and disposal of an old pumper. A report of the committee's findings is to be presented in 10 more days to the February session of the board. The committee composed of Burgesses O'Toole, J. Rudolph Anderson and J. Francis Cullen, is to sit with Fire Chiof John J. Sheridan. on bail. Fire Causes Death In Bridgeport Bridgeport. Jan. 25—(UP)—One man lost his' life and another was nverely burned this morning when ire swept the first floor of -their hreo-family houi-e. Burned to death was Amos J. Con- clly, who was apparently trapped n the building. Walter -Wisniski received first and • second degree burns of the ! ands and arms, but was discharged fter treatment at St. Vincent's hos- ital. —Grout O»k Farm milk IH »l-i>flut.-od nml rmHtriirlEff! on the farm here In Nmiint- tuck under moMt modern und hygienic condltlOD*. Tel. 5049 for delivery,—Adv. Plan To Attend lumbermen's Assn. Annual Meeting Jcre Murphy of the Nauga-tuck Lumber Company and James Kn.s- sanc of the Middlcbury Lumber Company expect to participate in the 53rd annual convention of the Northeastern Retail Lumbermen's Association next week at the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York city. Tho convention opens on Monday morning, .Inn. 27, and continues through Wednesday afternoon. Jan-. With "More Hornet; in '47" as the theme of the entire convention, local members have received word that greater interest has been indicated than ever before in recent years in the exhibits by members of tbp building industry, showing new methods and new materials which will make possible speedy action towards relieving the shori- gc of homes- ; Members will participate in tho discussion of problems of the building industry in panel discusBions. .und among the speakers will be Norman P. Mason, president of the National Retail Lumber Dealers' Association; C. Arthur Bruce president of the National Lumber Manufacturers' Association; J. Francis Smith of Water-bun,', past president of the Northeastern Retail Lumber Dealers' Association who will discuss "Home Building—The Chal- 'enge of Decontrol"; anc l Fulton Lewis. Jr , nationally famous radio commentator, who has made a thorough study of the housing situation •ind whose topic will be "Where Do We Go From Here." Driver Granted In Borough Court Charles Darcy. 25, of 03 Wnst- ficld street, Ansonia, and Albert Garbukns. 40, of 131 School street, Union City, were found not guilty of charges of violation of motor- vc-, hide laws in borough court today. Juugc M.irlin Cainc presided. The drivers were notified following n slight accident on North Main street. Union City, yesterday morning. Damage to the: cars was slight, according to police. Darcy, nn Army Air Force master sergeant stationed at Wcatovcr Field, Mass., isi a crew member of an Army plane flying- a Springfield, Moss., to Paris schedule. A veteran of two years service over the skies of Eurcpe, Drtrcy, once saved his life by parachuting from a plane shot down over Germany. The violation of motor vehicle law charge against James Goodson, 89 1-2 Broad street, Ansonia, was nolled without payment. Goodson was notified following; an accident in Naugratuck Dec. 7, 1946. *SO,000 MISSING A Stafford Springs man is being ought throughout the East to face n. charg-e of embezzling $30.000. The wanted man is Leonard E. Brocco vho was business manager of the Connecticut Cooperative Federa- ion. 25,000 VICTIMS Although lt»«t Kumiiicr'* polio outbrniikK hit the nation Rorine hlow und KOnte 25.1(00 people were stricken !>>• Ihf diHciiNC. March of DlniRK fundx provided more services to morn people than ever- before In the history of tlio Notional Foundation for Infantile rurulynls. Your d I m c K and dollar* hrouRht cournro out of panic, hope out of despair and health out of illness. Polio will strike again thin Hummer! No one known where or when! But the dimes and dollars you contribute to the 1047 March of Dime*, now go- Ing on, w-m again he ready to take the field and battle valiantly' against the foe of America's clitTdren. Join tile March of Dimes today. —For qmlltr U«wn. WlMn. Btm. etc., SHOP FntSX at tka Cltr r»ek- »e 8lorc, M BiUc* ttntt. Turn*. •». to Km T* «w.

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