Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on June 25, 1973 · Page 28
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 28

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, June 25, 1973
Page 28
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Page 28 article text (OCR)

28 Galesburg Register-Moil, Galesburg, 111. Monday, June 25, 1973 'Sporty' Car h Best Bet For Accident By GEORGE J. MAKDER WASHINGTON (UPI)~ Every (motorist has had the experience of seeing an auto in his rear view mirror and Washington Window saying "there's the kind of car or motorist sure to get into an accident." Well, the Institute of Highway Safety has studied insurance claims and issued a report indicating some sporty style cars — and perhaps some drivers who buy their cars because of that special style — are more accident-prone than others. The four automobiles with the highest claim frequency, per iOO insured vehicles years were: —AMC Javelin, 17.2 per cent. -^Mercury Coygar, 16 per cent. —Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Corvette, tied with 15.6 per cent. The four are among the sportiest cars on the road, and they are advertised as such. The next category in thd survey was the four cars with the lowest claim frequency, and here, as expected, were some of the "solid citizens" of the car world, but not some of the prestige cars. The four with the lowest rate of claim frequency were: —Pontiac Catalina, 7.4 per cent. —Chevrolet's Impala and Caprice, 7.6 per cent. —Chevrolet Kingswood sta* tiott wagon, 7,7percent. The inference can be extrapolated that motorists who buy sporty kinds of aulos are more accident-prone than those who purchase the more conventional cars. The survey didn't stop there. It (figured out the average payment per damage claim per car, these four cars were at that top of tiiat list: —Corvette with an average of $881; Volkswagen 411 sedan, $645; Javelin/$612; and Pontiac Grand Prix, $590. The four cars with the lowest payment per damage • claim were: —Plymouth Satellite station wagon, $263 Chevrolet Bel Air, $359; and the Dodge Coronet station wagon and Buick Estate wagon tied with an average claim of $386. There was one other category surveyed by the institute —the average damage to tars in accidents each year of insurance. The four with the highest damage payments were: —Corvette, an average $137. -Javelin, $105. —Cougar, $84. —And Mustang, $83. Of r )/family What Is Scientific Evidence? Dr. Lamb By LAWRENCE LAMB, M. D. Dear Dr. Lamb — Attached is an article from a spokesman of the egg industry that states there's no solid, scientific evidence that eating eggs leads to heart disease. Yet, many doctors of the national and state heart association say to limit the intake of egg yolks to three per week for people with heart conditions. You state in your column that there is no scientific evidence that vitamin E helps with heart disease, yet two doctors in another country have written books citing cases and giving names about how vitamin E has helped people with heart disease. What does constitute "scientific evidence?" Dear Reader — The American Heart Assn. has recommended that men, particularly, should not eat more than three egg yolks per week. More recently velops that there was some flaw in the original research project or the observations made. This 'is what's wrong with the vitamin E idea. Enthusiastic reports are I no' substitute for properly designed studies that permit valid conclusions. The claims that vitamin E cures heart disease would have I to be confirmed by other investigators using valid research methods designed to permit such a conclusion before they were accepted. The facts are just the opposite. Dr. Robert Olson, for one, has studied vitamin E with well-designed research projects and has been .unable to confirm that vitamin !E is useful. in preventing or treating heart conditions. Urge Confirmation The problems that can arise from misinterpretations of observations or improperly design- led research studies is one of j the reasons medical scientists V01KS Per Wbtlft.. mine — . ..„.,„ the Inter-Society Commission on have encouraged investigates Heart Disease has recommended to have their'studies; conirm«l UVUl V *^* MW««— that the total intake of choles terol from all sources, eggs, . meat, milk, fish, cjgeken, and all.animals, should be limited to 300 milligrams a day (one egg yolk contains from 225 to 275 milligrams of cholesterol). What constitutes scientific evidence? That is a good question. If individuals responsible for marketing coconut oil stated that, on the basis of their investigation, coconut oil contained no calories there might be some reason to have their observations confirmed by scientists not involved in marketing coconut oil. Must Be Reproducible Valid research of scientific evidence must be reproducible by other independent scientists. If one investigator comes up with a conclusion on the basis of his research observations, another competent investigator ought to be able to do the same experiment and come up with the saime results. Sometimes this is not possible and it de- by other reputable scientists before they are publicized or re[commended to the public. In this way the public is protected from misinformation that can |be detrimental to their health. A case in point here would be |the individual who has chest pain and decides to treat himself .with vitamin E for heart disease [rather than seeing a doctor. I've actually . received letters from individuals who have done just [this. If the diagnosis were correct, the individual needs proper medical attention as quickly as possible. This can have a major bearing on survival or a good recovery. (Newspaper Enterprise Assn.) Send your questions to Dr, Lamb, in care of this newspaper, P.O. Box 1551, Radio City Station, New York, N. Y. 10019. For a copy of Dr. Lamb's booklet on balanced diet, send 50 cents to the same address and ask for "Balanced Diet" booklet. Proposed Vitamin Controls Spur Protests to Congress (Continued From Page 16) dose pills by swallowing a handful of the less potent ones. In addition, no vitamin product can make nutritional claims for, or be combined with, substances which the FDA says have no "scientifically recognized nutritional value." This may spell the end for some products where vitamins are combined with other substances. Clinton R. Miller, lobbyist for the National Health Congress, the organization responsible for most of the letters to Congress, how many products on the market will fall into the drug class if the regulation goes into effect next January. Legislation to block the FDA action has been introduced by Rep. Craig Hosmer, R-Calif., but is bogged down in a commerce subcommittee and does not appear likely to be reported out soon, if at all. Miller admits to being somewhat surprised at the outpouring of mail from the public. His organization, headquartered in Monrovia, Calif., claims a membership of 20,000 and estimates that perhaps 90 per'describes itself as a force for cent of the combination prod- 1 "responsible, informed health ucts will have to be refor-jfreedom." mulated. Miller said an unknown number may disap- The Gulf Stream has a flow pear because they cannot offer of 100 billion tons of water per proof of nutritional value. 'hour, 22 times as much as all The FDA could not estimate the rivers on earth. Announcement BEIT0NE HEARING AID SERVICE, INC. is happy to announce the opening of their new office at 314 Bondi Bldg. Galesburg, III. Hour* 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday thru Friday FREE ELECTRONIC HEARING TEST IN YOUR HOME OR OUR OFFICE BELTONE Hearing Aid Service 314 Bondi Bldg., Golesburg, Illinois Phone: 342-5166 M/m. Royor, owner Carl P. Williams, Gen. Mgr. In a short time the joint Chevrolet and Weaver-Yemm double offer time-limit sale will be history. And because Weaver-Yemm is still slightly behind schedule they and their staff are ready, willing and able to make any deal regardless of price or profit! So, if you've waited until now, all we can say is you're striking it just right! Lose no time! Strike out for Weaver-Yemm Chevrolet and save twice as much as ever before! EUTDS SOON 5 Ever ing on an offer" basis 1973 IMPALA 4-DR. SEDAN List Price $4,468.90 Discount s 780 90 DELIVERED PRICE Price Includes: Factory Air Conditioning, Turbohy dromatic Transmission, Power Steering, Power Disc Brakes, Radio, White Walls, Wheel Covers, Tinted Glass and 350 Engine. '73 Chev. Monte Carlo V8, Auto., P.S., P.B., factory Air. Buckets. Silver- $A m T/> A Black Vinyl Roof HI**** '72 Cheveile Malibu 4-Dr. H.T. All Power, Factory Air, Gold w/ $00/M Black Interior - JA 1 ! 1 ! '71 Chev. Townsman SW All Power, Fact. Air Light Blue, $OQAA Matching Trim AnW*T*^t '72 Impala 4-Dr. H.T. Automatic, Power Steering, Power Brakes, Factory Air, Brown with White Vinyl %^£LAA Roof. SHARP!! —'72 Gran Torino 4-Dr. Red, Full Power %^AAA Factory Air ^"WfW '70 Nova 2-Dr. 6 Cyl. Auto. Trans. $1 Q/M Beige, Black Trim__ I ©*t*t '71 Ford Torino 2-Dr. All Power. Blue With Black Top. . '70 Cheveile 2 Dr. H.T. 6 Cyl. Automatic $*| djQ Q Trans. 36,000 Miles _ IOOO '71 Monte Carlo V8, Auto. All Power, Factory Air. Yellow-Black Vinyl Roof. '71 Vega Kamback S.W. Automatic P/Steering. New Tires, Green $01Qfi Green Interior. ZIOO '71 Impala Kingswood 9 Pass. Wagon, Automatic, Power Steering, Power Brakes, Factory Air, Luggage Rack, Dark Green Vinyl Interior $3244 '71 Vega Kamback S.W. Auto. Fact. Air. Blue $< Blue Bucket Seats. '71 Ford Ranch Wagon All Power, Factory Air, 36,000 Miles SOAQQ. Solid Beige ZHOO '72 Grand Torino 4-Dr. V8, Auto. All Power, Factory Air. Solid $*1AAA Brown, Clean. '70 Fiat Convertible 4 Speed. $ Solid Black. 2288 $ 2344 $ 3444 '70 Dodge Super Bee All Power, factory Air, Solid Black, $OOAA Black Bucket Seats _ Jm&*§Ht '72 Plym. Valiant Scamp All Power, Factory Air, Gold Black Vinyl Roof, 13,000 Miles. New Radial ^2983 70 Torino 4-Dr. Sedan 6-Cyl. Straight Stick. 20,000 Miles. Green. $1 COO With Black Interior. _ I300 '72 Ford Goloxie 500 2-Dr. Hardtop, Dark Green, Green Vinyl Roof, $OAAA Full Power, <Fac. Air «!#•§*§•§ '72 Monte Carlo Beige, Black Vinyl $OQAA Roof, All Power, Air 3**1 "I $ 2888 2788 '72 Comet 2 Dr. Sedan All Power, Fact. Air. Blue With White Top, 12,000 Miles '71 Chev Vi-Ton Pickup All Power. 39,000 Miles. Solid Yellow. $< Black Interior. _ '72 Vega Hatchback Cpe. Automatic trans. §1% TLA A Factory Air '71 Chev. Kingswood Estate All Power, Fact. Air Light Green, $0/M A Wood Paneling — — «**i»t*t '71 Fury III 2-Dr. H.T. All Power, Factory Air, Golden Brown $*%HA A Saddle Interior XUHrHr '70 Cougar XR7 351 CID, Power Steering,, 4-Spd. Radio, Dark Green Black Vinyl Roof _ «*' r ' ^ | ' $ 1944 Just one example... Brand New 1973 Cheveile Malibu 2-Dr. H.T. With Turbo-Hydramatic transmission, power steering, radio, outside mirror, 307 V*8 engine, back-up tights, disc brakes, windshield washers . . . everything you need and want in a new car. This is not a stripped down model, at this low low price, it's a beauty. No MemanMe Offer TO LATE to worry about Price or Profit! Help us make our double quota and help yourself to the biggest savings of all time! MANY UNREASONABLE OFFERS ACCEPTED." WEAVER * 2195 N. Henderson St./Galesburg/Ph. 343-7101

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