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,YB BLYTMETILLE (ARK.) COURIER HEW8 , APRIL 15, 19M Wa///es/Warn, Fggs Make faster Brunch BT CBCILY BROWNSTONE AMOcUted Press Food Editor BT TRADITION to your household *ays you must serve a glorious last«r brunch, here's a menu that tak«s little work in the kitchen. Serve canned ham and warm thin *Kce§ of it in a little butter or margarine in a big skillet. *While the ham is warming' -.scramble a atoHetftd of eggs; if you have a chafing dish, or one of the new electric skillets, a" member of the family will enjoy exhibiting the art of scrambling at the table. See that the coffee is ready—and that it is a line strong brew. Coffee prices may be high, but after all this is Easter! Now the piece de resistance to accompany the ham and eggs. Have "froien waffles and a toaster right at the table. The waffles go into the toaster to get hot and crisp. You bring in this good maple- fruit sauce to ladle over them. The sauce takes no time at all: Prepare the orange sections and drain the pineapple the night before— put them together in a covered con- tamer and refrigerate. Easter morn- kig just heat the maple-blended then add the fruit and a bit of lemon rind. Delicious, too. Here am the eflact directions for the MAPLE FRUIT SAUCE 1 cup maple-blended l/J cup drained canned " crushed pineapple, J i cup diced enrage aeetoons, % teaspoon grated lemon rind. Method: Heat syrup to boiling. Add pineapple, oranges and lemon rind. Makes "1% cups. Serve warm on heated frozen waffles. K you are planning to serve ham for Easter dinner itself, we suggest * change in this menu. In this case, the brunch might be ready-to-eat cereal with strawberries ( fresh or fironn) and cream, soft-cooked •ggs and then the waffles with the Mapte Fruit Sauce. frozen waffles are good We hadn't tested ..them recently: then, we spent a weekend at Old Sturbridge Village in Massa- chiMette, where there a»e many old- time esJtibits. After a morning visit to a fascinating collection of antique waffle Irons, we came back to breakfast on frozen waffles and blended maple syrup. Naturally we were reminded of how life has changed, acid how many ready- fiwed food* a cook can take advantage of on occasion nowadays. Frown waffle* may be utilized for all those hard-cooked eggs that are going to be around the day after faster. The pure food colorings your amal] fry use on the shells •won't hurt the insides one bit. Shell and slice the eggs: ladle a cheese sauce over the waffles and arrange t&e slices of egg over the sauce; sprinkle with paprika or minced parsley for color. Of course you GOING FISHING? See Eddie For Refreshments BEER — BY BOTTLE OR CASE Nationally Advertised Liquors IddiVs Liquor Store •nd Billiard Parlor lit iMt M«ta can dice the eggs and heat .them in the sauce, but they'll lose their shape and won't look so pretty this way. If there*' ham left over from Easter, it may be mixed into a cream sauce and spooned over the heated frozen wafftes. As we've suggested, you can heat these frozen waffles in a toaster. But if you are serving a crowd, use the broiler so you can heat a good many at one time. To get results, remove the waffles from the freezer and leave them at room temperature for 10 minutes before placing them in the toaster* or under the broiler. If your toaster is non- automatic, toast the waffles 1 to l j ,s minutes on each side. In the broiler, preheat to very hot <450P); place waffles on the broiling rack, about two inches from the heat: toast a little over a minute on each side. Want a snack' for a tea party? Slice nut bread thin and spread with cream cheese that's been softened; sprinkle with nutmeats. For Lunch: French-Style Baked Eggs Try this delightful French way of baking eggs for a lunch dish- j EGGS A LA BONNE FEMME Ingredients: For each serving — 5 teaapoon* butter or margarine, % cup lightly packed thin strips onion u medium-small onion), 1 teaspoon wine vinegar, 2 eggs, salt and pepper, % cup lightly packed tiny bread cubes (made from French bread or rolls with crusts left on). Method: Melt 2 teaspoons butter in skillet; add onion and cook over low heat 5 to 7 minutes, until onion is still somewhat crisp but not brown. Add wine vinegar to skillet; turn into individual 6-inch heat-resistant glass pie plate. Beak eggs over onions; sprinkle eggs with salt and pepper. Melt 3 teaspoons butter in skillet; add bread cubes over eggs, covering yokes. Bake in slow (325F) oven 17 minute*. Serve at once. Bake your favorite corn bread in a ring mold and fill with creamed ham. Serve with watermelon pickle and a cooked vegetable or a salad. Serve ItONCO spaghetti • macaroni pure egg noodles MAYS SUPER MARKET Phone 9910 Quality Foods at Low Cash Prices - Prices Good Everyday! 421 So. 21st PET MILK . orcarnation . 3r s 390 P| AND Shibley's wonder OJJ Ibs. $"179 CRACKERS Sunshine crispy LB 270 WASHING POWDER 2 , 440 PEANUT BUTTER 00^ SHORTENING J wi? hC , UP , n IFI I Y old virginia Brand 32 , z 610 3 lb 310 9 10 oz - 90 ii POTTED MEAT ™ 4*1 190 TOILET TISSUE D tL d 2 ^250 SUGAR Fa ±! p !! k ..... ;... ML 890 TEA. Lipt . on : 8 ...................... LB . I 27 PEPPER Black t OZ 120 EGGS I * 8hABWlliuI " I "480£r390 POTATOES Red 51L980 I CTTIIAIT Iceberg Heads Large A QQX LCI lUvC .................. 4's* for WMp FROZEN FOODS NECKS & BACKS ORANGE JUICE ^. Crop 12 „, 290 Chicken *2 lbs.*Mji Young Fat, Plump Home Dressed LB. SAUSAGE Seasoned Just right 3 $100 Ibs. I Select—Well Trimmed CHUCK ROAST - 39 C ROUND BONE ARM ROAST t6. 49e Light Weight BEEF STEAK CLUB or A f\< KIB, n. *f JF LOIN GROUND BEEF From Selected Cuts of Beef ... 3 H, 830 I 'If Pay* to Shop with Mays" What Grade Of Meat Are You Buying? There are several different grades, each government graded, and stamped for your protection. There's—Choice—Good—Commercial—and Utility. We cut only CHOICE meat. You can be sure when you shop here! ROUND STEAK Ib. U. S. CHOICE CHUCK ROASF45 c REELFOOT TENDERIZED PICNICS Hey Kiddies Be sure and have Mommy bring you by to set the giant 6-foot tall, live, talking Easter bunny! He'll be at our store all day Saturday. Large Juicy FRANKS Ib. 29* SWIFTS PREMIUM Pan Ready White River CAT FISH Ib. •V •• Pan Ready White River ^" ^\f 75' BUFFALO FISH lb 59 £ Hunt's in Heavy Syrup 25' Reg. 69c Angel Food Whiteor Brown Country I\eg. O7v **nytsi ruuu - ^^^ ^^^ • TT inif • •»««*TT ••———.... j ^^ ^^^ CAKE 39 C EGGS'- 39 £ Powdered 4X SUGAR 3 Pkgs. 39 C Golden Rich WIUCU r\ivn ^^^^ ^^^^ OLECK39 C Large Cans 3 For ^^ ^^ PET MILK 3» RADISHES 2 Crites Cream Style 303 Size CORN-39 C KOOL AID 25 C "MEET YOUR NEIGHBOR" BENEFIT SALE! CAKE MIXES CHOCOLATE WHITE • DEVILS FOOD YELLOW • HONEY SPICE 3 PKQS, FOR 2 PKGS. FOR Ginger Bread Mix 55< Behs. 5c I FRESH CORN 6 Ears 25; Fresh Mustard or Turnip GREENS • • Ib. 10c Garden Fresh TOMATOES • Ib. 19c Garden Fresh CUCUMBERS Large BELL PEPPERS FROZEN FOODS Libby's Fresh Frozen STRAWBERRIES ,290 Libby's Whole Frozen OKRA 1002 290 Libby's Frozen BROCCOLI Pkg 280 Bonnie Beef .. STEAKS 4 servings 390 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^••••^^••••••^MHI^^MMMi^—i ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•i^W^^Bi^^^^^HI^BBBMBI^Bi^B^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ RICHARDSON'S CASH GROCERY MAIN AT FIFTH

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