Decatur Daily Republican from Decatur, Illinois on April 5, 1881 · Page 3
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Decatur Daily Republican from Decatur, Illinois · Page 3

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 5, 1881
Page 3
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I , n ) EDS, RES. TTEbUAT EVENING, Al'HIL 5, 18B1. CITY DEPARTMENT. KKAUTTFTI. Bahy Carries- -the latent Bt\les--just received at E. I) B^UTUOIOWEW A' CD'S DID you vote'' " WOMEN" Friday night THUitSDiV niiiht--the Kent/ imti'-irtls No market report today Tue w i r e s are bttll on all election days SEE change in S. 0 H » u h ^ '·'·' " "ad." and give tueui a i .ill TnK dog tax ouesi:"ii uid M t n U r into the contest to-daj. (.rutv. TfE 1'°' ' u "' ' '°* t ' evening Nut millinery nt Criiee C.nssler's, Huulti side of parU No l u n U r u p t stoik, all new gool-. April l«!h Asu for fv'Liw Hi's initu ci-rar \\Lcn o u it i - M l t j , .tt A. T UuuriiMtf clock th 9 Will open Sktunlay, i i-kliratctl I'oiie- w tut ,i !ir»t (Ins 1 ) Foil t i n r l'li..t. graphic w m k , .«!*T- S '~i W'atc i »triu SKE to A. '/ 1 i ·lie - hjst sjilen Ini instruments ut C B. 't's before purchasing elsewhere h- Ii iw liirht a CHIHP nmv mm . . - niion iK'twten hearts thai 1 \t u n i o n taken now anil then, 'l .I » it June tunes out of ten . (lection returni will he ri ul from n-'f i' tin 1 op. ri Ii IH-" ' ni-'ti' ^ee THE srei tih. m^ 1 n n p r ncnii'iitt .it the e n t r a n c e to drtemvnoi] ronv'try uu progressing rapidly THE c - u n t of tLe % t e rr,t to u.iy in this township will he miidc to night at hrLinen ^ heucl'iiurters on T.JLSI Main st , where the business of the annr. il town mertmi; WBI trantdctcc! T i i K t ' . ' v C o u n i i l w i l l unit OIMIII Sat- urjAy n t n i n a , w h e n the comm.ttee OD -alanes for ity otliccrs w i l l report, and the sleim |ir.po«iiion w ! l be iliscuss'd. KEI.IAI'.IR ri t u r n s K i v i n g the ic-ull of !he election in Chicago to day, w i l l he re- reiver! in. Dfcatiir by telegraph and read from the static at the operu housp to n:s;ht ^ee "Photos ' IUn.i:oU ti. Uet-. lir.iiRLt 'ami - f i d by W.I' Builarl. wv«l c iJr M S p u n A j i i i l 'J-i!i»l T u b hitler jur' u! htcuary a l i ' l y i ! i-p pocket »iis f..un! at llit 1'iuoo depot in tins c.iy, ronlHiums -nme money, «n.i"h the o« ucr c in h,i\e hj pr n i n e jtr per1v and ji'i} in^ for llni n it 1 . 1 .- ·J» ill! THI. e i r t , i n t i Jny »' ll"P l»iir ili= Ir.ct* 11 pr i^rei-inK f i n e l y , u n i t luough the n \ e r y pic i«ant, llic o i i t l d k n thai it 'itfht vote w i i l he polifd K F M E U I I F R the .lute of liruce A. (i i«v HI'- opcnine of dry p '. l i n n d n i l l m e r j , - iu!h a,.le city park AprhlSsv i'lSEFrentli Cotaelt-only 16, 17, It*. The price -nas f j oil Will I'ose them 0'it a' SDccanli l.iis* Si nr 1,5. Mv . in- ·L, l » r Mr-. I' 'I i l f t 11 ,m- \ .if t. ,· i K: ..1 |)r .In}- t upon ll IT N i V . r - t n s ri -iic\eil h · ·-\ini C"iu'li for er so niui'ti OHE of theie days Decatur reiident* will be permitted to convene with,friends at Bloomingtoo, Springfield, Lincoln, 8t. Louis, Danville, Chicago and other cities, by means of the telephone. la the east the gossipy phon« i« rapidly taking the place of the telegraph for business purposes, and for moderate distances is much more convenient. Lowell, Mass , is now connected witb over one hundred cities, the longest line being that to Exeter, N. 11 , a distance of 150 miles. One company in iht EaaternStates uses 1,500 telephones, controls 1,500 miles of wire, and pays the American Bell Company a royalty of $1,200 per month SOME days ago we published a statement, upon the authority of a Danville letter to the Chicago Tribune, with reference to the shops, power divisions, etc , of the W abash roid. According to this statement Dec t'.ur would have been but little in ire than a way station on the line, but WP learn now upon the best of au- ihanty that while a poition of the statement hufl sime truth, there were other parts of it that had no better foundation th in supposition or guess-work. Decatur too important a point to be left out-in the cold THE Marvell boys, who reside near Waynesville, in DeWitt county, have been 'ivine the Illinois Midland railroad com pany considerable trouble. For a full week they jwent along the track of the road n u h their bnckets of soap and brooms and put the slick stub" on the rails, and they asserted that they intended to continue it till they get nay for the right of way and stock that the road has killed for them, or get themselves put in "I'Jutky Vtontii." lu Friday evening next, Prof. Nathan Sheppard, of New York, will lecture at the tabernacle on the above subject Miss Frances E Willard, president of the National W f. T. Union, in a circular letter, very highly recommends the Professor as one of the most eloquent and incisive speakers in the land lie will leeture under the management of the W. C. T. V. of this city Admission 10 cents. Go early Tnr. following are the names of the pupils attending the Cherry Grove school, in Wheatland township, who were neither tardy nor absent for the the month of March Ida B iwman, Ida Parker, Bar- fa iry Lhirt, BelleStickel, .limmie Knisley, Nathan JStickel, Clarence Hill, Johnnie Km-ley, Willie Kiibican, H.irry Bryan'., Joe l l h i r t , Johnnie Delhi. Missfclda M. Mirr, te.ichcr. i IK p i . . N correipoudent writes that H ibert Pariier, who w«a recently arrest ed on a charge of adultery with certain women in his family, and w h o was out on $500 bud, skipped nut again, fearing the consequences of being tried for the above charges His bonds were forfeited He, howtier, had fked that with his bondsmen, s j tint they would not lose any i hm IT St,E and price our corsets before ou buy. It will pay you. We show a very arge and splendid varrety You can have joui picK out of thousands. I! p I"i, CiifAi 1 STOKE M. r it t u t -"trret. liu,i-e in tuM tiuiii; H 1 il be u n j t o ii M .. n 1 . ;u nj; ^v t u ( i tlic\ w t n v . !· -, i h i , . . i ,' I 'I i ) i' iri.I I, \\ e'l ( irpr ' I l l l l f u ' l I ' l n t H l l ! ' . l . i l t U s , itt ( n ty II! I ptlt i Ki t ir in IK n I 1--I H 1 ) lummy pt:n ifiij . I l ' l l . I l \ I I V O i . -!i '(ii 1 u *·, it i . i i i -i.'c ..I I'r.ii i . in \S ii- i A K o i .;- .in, ,i 1 I' I j - V i K l j I . .·-.Mil htiv · the i I in lions a "Photos " The fol 111. in i* Ji\ in * Si LOIIH t '.*;H i U w o u l d lie imrm-^ilile lo do |ii^t"n e ti i t u in.rtli i x i i T i n j ; td'iitts wiucn cat] t i n ! ivuit HI all tlu j pleasing variety ot d. 1 i i u n i , u l u i c the loving i)Jt despaintif, u u ic i r U t L t n p t i n ^ t.i b n u u tbe ha[.pj l a i i i i l y to^eTti' r l i » i) ivt- tlH'ir picture t tk u ^iu-» t c d i n i j al h t ^ l , thi 1 ianidy w l n i l iio'iud in a l i t ot *c i n l n c i t y , am in t i n pluitoumpU. i s i l l i i m lu take a H j i n ; r p i c t u r . t h e i urt 1111 t n l h .V vl.ij mir '-ci lie, m w h h h t h i l i i i i i i t i c perstin'i in l!"iiun O-IUHK'., icdiii e Hit" biiUliiu i l mi mot ol Hie h i i i g h t y Kouian, to t^ ruin in. .111 of i IK modi rn eMiavac iri/n, i HII x ' l i n K U . ' c h i n l c - n u e W h e n i t is "itu of the . dinf l v i h t t , f rom the betriiinin; lo I'u i tin c \ . ' r h o i t v bititiht"!, and .her i s l i " n I. f i to le'l ' I'" is a moil em t . i i ' i M [ i i c :in.1 ( \M,u igaivn, w i t siitli.'it'ni i i i M . i . i . i l i t ho il itie p iv to gelli'-r t t h i U i t p l f i i i n t i ii.-! in! K ! !., Ui i !o-( 'I'l ( : n | a r i v i ·* ' "\\ tti i l . t - M N u IK 11- s, - i i \ i . u 4 H - r i i l l ' ' p 1 . oi i h a I i.'i IIin II..i · 111 il · Uicr 'in.i in nl^ to ;in . tin 1 l p . I i l l o f l l . t l l - ' A C s t p i n l" ^o^vi'.'i 1 i'\\ ,x* ( ( i- i vqu ir( ^ Blues's Hud \ . - i \ ^ t ! « . i , i\ r to l n . i t r.u p.i'roim n j l i ' M \ Ii m i l ' i - i n P i c itin I i in here t o - t u n,-i I , ll, i u-i ·( J ih il dcfj r p s « f t l l comp' l l ' l in s . id. f Ui'-t u n i i i l scat rh i · " set of rane se il i'n m v N C A tied-deads. . "S . ^ hoil. rs, copnri ! ' tile t nig Y ] "iO 1 U,) -0(1 In gl ii-wire, TA no, 1 orYr spe(i»l baririi'i- 1 7.'. ." and i uond Hir.K I Jin.-..'. Uu -iniHi'll t ]( cti 'is ill UH- i il\ »l Ma i i ' i Hi s Cdillih , In I I 11 M e r i l n } , l i s i i l c.l in a v i i tfiry for lu ens.'. I). C Wag m i , .lolm Mar«li, Win Stnutenb-iroiu ami Albeit Fei man, candidates for I r u ti ·* on Uu' 'K ense tioke', w e r e eleelei liy t i o i n 7 to 11 majority W i l l i a m Con o v i t , ni.cof (lie anil lieensie candidate fur tnia'i'i', «a tlectcd by .") m B J T t i over t l i e liighc-,1 man on tlie lirense tici c' i; P K e n t .'n«c, defeate ise candiiLiie for po'ice magi ·ily 1 vite-i. II ir In (be ^ l i i v f u i-ile in my b'trn, No h '.nd good' bouKht, sold and cv Ii mted A ! _· r. Is delivered to any p u r ' of the ' 'i f ' t i - of t hanre The a!«nc prioet- » . In' s i r u l l v adhered to, and a rhdil c i'. :v ..j w. 1' as a grown |-er"0ii, and all w.h 'K I catul properly Come «n»l «ce "' I". Hoi -ros, · N " i i - i u i k l i n St , (Old IEi vcre House.) "-. i - u r 1.1 Kirieii at m Hftrxiiii. n"n: spring wag.m, one new n buggy, one st'CoiKi hand ' · \ bUiTui, and one second hand bujirv (.a,], or ft n (1 i w h u - h w i l l remarkably cheap for cash Ap- j st tht Bowman farm, four miles cast f l ' - i t u r , near Spangler's mill. MHS. FRiSk I!.v.\\n\. Hatton, 'centi a d. ??u-- a job l i t , romprisin^ a verv largi- rincty · ' ' ' I w (.'HS4I' During the seision ot the city council st eight an ordinance authorizing the onstrnction and granting the right of ay to the "Decatur Steam Supply and lectric Light Company," was read, and n motion the document was referred to he ordinance committee, to report at the djourned meeting to be held at the conn- 1 chamber next Saturday evening. The members of the company above named re, A. T. Hill, James W. fla worth, Jis Iillikin, W.T. Wells, John Ullrich, W. Linn, John R Miller, Franklin Priest, eorge Haworth, H. W. Hill and R W. liller, all of whom are residents and roperty owners of Decatur, eicept H W. Miller, who is a comparative Btran- er in the community. He hails from nicago. The purpose of the company, y request, was partly explained to the Idermen by Mr. E. L. Holly, inperinten- ent of the American District Steam Co . Holly System), which has offices at Lock- ort, N. Y., ana at New York City. Mr. [oily staled that there were now If) cities n the United States being heated by the Holly system, and that all the works give atisfaction. Nineteen other cities in the ountry will be heated by steam next win- r, as companies have been organized tor hat purpose. The company will furnish team to heat public and, private build- ngs, offices, school rooms, the opera ouse, hotels, and will also furnish pjwer or large or small uunufactunns eiiab- shments, at a comparatively sm ill cost. 'he company wishes to be granted the rivilege to lay pipes-through the streets f the city, and lo erect suitable bulldogs in which to place the large sleain joil era that will be required for the en- erprise, anil ask that the privilege be ranted for a term of 25 years from the assage of the ordinance. Mr. Holly also tated that the company would not be kely to pay much attention in the be- inning lo lighting the city by the F.lec- nc process, but as soon as the process as perfected the company would be in ood shape to furnish the same at a nomi- al cost. Belleville, III., Dubuque, Iowa, nd other cities, are heated by the Hjlly team heating process, such as the com- any referred to will introduce here pro- ided tho ordinance is adopted. - 1 » . -- "Pe»' Auti M' tb« Plratei." The old, original and ever popular [me. lientz's Minstrels will appear at he opera bouse next Thursday evening, n a world of fun, such as is seldom pre- ented here An eastern paper Bays. Among the many troupes that visit few Haven none are more welcome than he Renti Minstrels. At Muiic Hall last venmg they delighted a large audience by a programme replete with novelties-- ndeed everything that is new, novel and entertaining this enterprising company to monopolize, and their ability to ease never falls. The Indies' Cornel iaiid executed a march last night that rested a furore and was redemanded, while the burlesque on "Pinafore" was y far the most amusing travesty we have yet seen. Come again. Secure seats; admission, 3fi, 50 and T5 cents-- and no extra charge for reserved leats. PERSONAL MKNTIOX. Charley Ward is home from Indiana -Ie arrived here this morning. John Waggoner, of Perry county, Pa , a cousin of Mayor Waggoner, is in the 'ity on a brief visit. Frederic Taylor, traveling correspond- ;nt and reporter for the Chicago Indus- 'mil Wvrltl, the leading iron and steel publication in the west, was ID Decatur i'i -terd.iy, and paid us * fraternal call. . Kaac Shellabaiger this morning re ceived a letter from Mr. and MM. William Jooke, dated Leghorn, Iialy They havu visited Paris, Marseilles, Nice, Genoa, a and Leghorn, whence they will go to It irae, Naples, I'ompcn, and other places of, (\tendmR their I rip a month longer than expected, and will return to this countiy lo reside the middle or latter part ot May, JAMES PKARSOS. 28 Sixth Street. Iliilralo tis: L have used your Spring ttloasotn for mj self and family, aadthitiK It invaluable ns a ti.iuHehold! remedy tor regulating the bow els. liver and kidneys. I elmll never lie without I'n -PS Jl, m cents, and trial nottles loots OUK SPECIALTIES Couiprinc the fullest and ruo«t complele ,1-- on mi nil )l f ileal ej rlnneety in, am devote ii.ii enure iilteiuion lo the pur cb i*e mid 4nle .if Itie cluis (if gKd ni ...... d l i i i n v i l n The ipiahty of ou irooih jieid-, no f i u l l i e i recommendations The | U H U i i t i e ! that we display afford al classes of buyers opportunites to select 01 buy from a stock which for variety can not he excelled in the state la COR SEfri, IIOS1KUY, GLOVES, and MITTS of nil kinus, LACES, EMBROIDERIES KUCUINQS, RIBBONS, MUSLIN UN DKItWEAU, HOUSEKEEPING GOODS BED SPREADS, LACE CAPS. PARA SOLS, CIHCl LARS, FANCY GOODS or NOTIONS, MEN'S 8HIKTS and MEN'S and LADIES FURNISHING GOODS, of every description we display a mammoth line. Ocit TRICKS will be found the T.OWEST and our yoods the bett Lookers and buyers are equally we be A p i d I - - d i m ' I.od^p He* tin*. H a i i l i r niectini; of Haivorth C.iuuc No "id, I! T of T , 'Tuesday eyenin ^t'pt "nil A f jll a t t e n d tnet is rt'f[uested, ii ;ir,tngemeili are to be completed for lor i h c nv table Thursday fveninp. .T. M I l l Y l B K , P C. I I I'. Win, ISP, Sec. Home* tttital! For the ncu thirty days I wiii be found at 37 North Church street, Decatur, II!., to buy good sound Horses tor the Eastern market. Draft and carnage horses, « eight from 1,000 to 1500 pounds. ApriU-dwlm E. B Puvrr CHKAF STOHE, Jiig 1 g Merchant st come. 4 d£« 1 w a. i ^jojft Biq jo -mi J.1A30 'ssiBOiSuo-- BniajiaAiiuiAUt n §i an · ,111111 3o ijuiCsnq si jonuoosp .no jo sapoui «an aqj iq u pinjnj Suiaq si jaainituas op 3pi The co-pirtnership heretofore existing ! under the firm name of Peniwell, Brown Co is dissolved. The marble business at the old stand, on East HaiD street, will he conducted hy .!arne C Peniweil. Aprl (13* -dn f»r Stir. A number of desirable residence lots. Mt( IliKl. mar-din* RKDCCK your shoe bills by buying o Barber ;Bakcr. dwlf Iain ready to nil orden for whitewwblng- Shop under Boach ft Mcltcynolds* itore. niarlWJmos iiwt WRIGHT. PLKNTT of Rubbers at J W. Raker's. 3-d*wtf THE CITT GOVERNMENT he April Meetiog--ConflrmatioQ of the M»yor« Cabinet Officers. DBCATCB, III., April 4, 18il. Mayor Waggoner in the chair, and al :rman all present eicept Shellabarger Minutes of meetings held March 7th nd 10th 1H-*I, were read and approved. The secretary of the Decatur Fire Detriment reported the names of Joseph Hewes, W. J. Wayne and Enos Kefer for chief and first and second engin- er; A N. Deihl, secretary, and J. H liller, treasurer of the Decatur Fire De- arlment, and they were duly confirmed. A resolution passed by the Decatur 'ire Department nskingthe council to pay he chitf a salary was referred to the ommitiee on fire and water W. C. Armstrong, drugght, petitioned he council to grant him a permit to sell pirituous liquors in compliance with an rdmance approved March 13, 1SSO, hicb was granted. A petition signed by W. J. Wayne and ther members of Neptune Ilose Co., ask- ng that their meeting room be enlarged as read and refcr/ed to the committee n fire and water. A communication from W. It. Goodwin reference to telephone pole, was re- erred to committee on streets and alleys. A communication from W. R Goodwin nd others, in relation to a crossing across Water streut OL north side of William treet, was lead ,ind referred to the committee on si'len-nlkj and crossings. An iiivilatiuu from lion T C. Hudwell. Mayor of Evansville, Ind , lo attend :ie Sanitary Council of !he Mississippi 'alley, was accepted. Tbfo. Nelson, cily treasurer, u n d e a re- iorl of receipts and t x p e n d t i n r e s trom \'b ITnh to April 1st, 1881, which was end and referred lo the finance commit- e W II SluMb, cilv supervisor, mule R eport nt lumber received, expended, and h u n d Also labor peilormed d u r i n g lie monlh of M a t c h 1^31, w h i c h W,IF re- eived and plaued on Hie, The pay roll accompanying said report was approved and a warrant was oidered ssued for $441 G7. James L 1'eake, J. P., and J. S. Hcwes marshal, each made report of police cises ned The linance committee reported back he following claims aj correct and war- ants were ordered Usued in payment: ohn Ullrich |13 20, Nichols Bros $2 15 The resolution of Aid Bramble for six oot gravel walk on the north side of De atur slreet from Union to Church slreet, was reported back aud adopted. The c immiuce on public improve menls made the following report which was adopted 'o the Hon. Mayor and city council of Decatur. Your committee to whom was referred he petition of J. Mattes, recommend (hut he proposition be accepted, and ibal the · inch main on Decatur !lieet be extend- id to corner of Seigel stieet, and from here a suitable pipe be lai! lo J Mattes' rick yard, large enough to furuish said trick yard and parties along Seigel street with water. A, SHOEMAKER, FRED KDNV, D. C. MoFFKTT, Committee The city attorneys made the following ·eport, which was concurred in The strip of ground immediately wist of lots 1, 2 and 3, Kaufman's Addition, was dedicated to the city us an alley The ity has no title to said strip of prouni: which it can convey Upon vacation ol he alley the title lo the ground would re vest in Jus. K a u f m a n or his heirs. The city attorneys reported that t h e plat of Baker Prescott's Addition t. 3ecaturw«B made in conformny to the statutes in such cases provided demotion the jilni v, n,-. npnrm id and ordered placed on lecord The following claims were read anci re : erred: To the committee on k r a% and gaslight Decatur Gaslight and Coke Co , March account, $i. r l 50 To the committee on printing Claim ol Hamsher Moisrr, $47 00. To the committee on finance Claims o Decatur ISmss Hir.d, $25, Wm Lake $1; R I,. Walaton, M O , $20, E W Weems, M. D , f JO, E McClel an Clerk, $25 ifl, dose, Unswold Co r !W The foillowng claims were approved and warruuls ordered iasuetl in payment : PatShehnn,40,-, H Mueller, $58 18 E. Adams, $'!,?, J. II. Vennnterholi $37485; Frank «'. Haimi, $ 1 , E . Me Clellan, $1, James Millikin, f'JOO, O. P Hardy, 40,'; Young Pasold, $10 17; 8 W. Hamsher, $100; Geo. Nichols, $1 50 Archer Funk, $2 C«; Ashby Andress $325; Decalur Tank Line Co., $21.21 Hubnard Swenringen, $2 CO; P. B Provost, $!). Warrants were ordered drawn upon th' library fund for the following amounts Corlen Hollenbac.k, $54 50, Decatu Gas Co , $7.75; R. L. Evans. $5 25, Ilobt McClellan, $19, U L. Evans, $50, Mrs R L. Evans. $20 Aid. Bunn offered a leiolution for th payment of officers and employes of th' city for the monlh of Slarch, 1881, whic! was adopted. Aid. Harirood offered the following rei olution. Rtsolctd, That the contract heretofor existing between the city of Decatur am Roby, Outten Vail for the transacts of the legal business of the city be and i hereby extended one year, the salarv t be $400. J Aid Shoemaker moved to amend b empowering the mayor to employ whtm soever he chooses at a salary not to ex ceed $400, which amendment was lost o callof ayesandnays. Voting aye--Hardy Kuny, MoffUt and Sn*emiker; volin nay--Armstrong, Bramble, Bunn, Gogert andHarwood. The motion recurring upon the origina resolution, it waa adopted. The following resolutions were offere and ad opted: By Aid. Armstrong. That the city engineer be authorized to establish a grade on the four streets surrounding the mound on College street. By Aid. Shoemaker That the ngin«er beinslrucledto make ' D estimate of the cost of an 18-inch wa- ] er main from the water works via Harp trite's brewery to the city, and report at ie next meeting of the council , also, lat the engineer be instructed to mike n estimate for a sewer large enough to nswer the purpose, commencing al the . D. 8 R R and run south through Jalboun street lo Ihr branch, an ! report t the next meetingff the council Resolution* were offered b Al.l K u n y , larwood, Armstrong and ljunn for side walks and crossing", and r( ferred in coin mittee on sidewalks aad crossing-, The bond of George Bennett for hcens«- to sell intoxicating liquors at No 5 Front treet, tor a term ending August 10, 1*1, as approved and licence oidered issued 'oting aye--Bramble, Oo^ertv, H u r d y , larwood, Kuny and Shoemaker- »j, voting nay--Aid. Armstrong, Bunn and MolHtt .t An ordinance authori'/mK the -unptmt ion and granting the right of W S N lo the )acatnr Steam Supply and E i e r t n c Light Company, was read and j e f c i t i d to the irdinsnce committee. Mayor Waggoner submitted i h t f.i|.n» ng appolntmeuts: For City Register, J. C Hostetli r Which nomimilion was rejected by the unanimous vote of the council. The mayor then nominated George P Hardy for City Register, W. H Shorb fur City Supervisor, P:.I, Kearney for Deputy Marshal, Henry Acker, W. W Mason, Hiram T. Dillehunt, W. J. Brewer, Timthy Cundon and LOkey McCabe for 'olicemcu, who were conlirmed-- Aid. innn voting nay on confirmation of Henry Ycker, and Aid. Armstrong and Bunn on .oclirmation of Timothy Condon. On motion the council adjourned uulil next Stturd ly, April 9th, 1S31, 71 o'clock ). in G. P HA.HDY, Register. A» :««) »ctl«i. M. C. McKahan, a hayseed sort of a 'oung man, hailing from the village of jovlngton, in the county where bourbon lemocr.its are Ihiuker than blue ribbons at a rousing temperance mceling, appear- d on the BttecH this morning n i l h a ar-away look in hia eyes, with a "snipe" etween his lips, and with deep sealed .idness iu his heart. He reacheo. l)t- calur yesterday, and last evening, accord- ng to hi* own itory, he became too familiar with several saloons, or more cor- ectly speaking, he 'took up' 1 loo readily wilh Iwo slick-iongued slrangers, w h o jlayed the Lovingtomte for all he was worth First they interviewed McKahan nd found he had about $110 on his ptr- ton. Then they became his friends at once, and invited him into a saloon to l i k e n drink. He went willingly. Soon .hey asked him to take another drink, but they headed for a new saloon, and after all had tossed off the liquid, McKahan was asked if lie would "take a walk " Je thought his companions were the best of fellows, and as a matter of couree he 'walked" without a second invitation. The next thing McKahan knew on com- ng to his senses several hours later, was .hat he had been in a sound sleep and was then resting upon a downy couch at a house of ill-fame somewhere south of the city He looked for his money, but it was gone. He complained in a meek way about his loss, but no one professed to :now anything about the lost pocketbook, and the victim finally, and doubt- ess correctly, conclu'ljd that the chances were that he had been drugged and rob- led by hisfalbe friend', w h o were then nusib'e. M Kaban r .me tip lo Hie cily, and tin*- tiioiimi^ b' 1 r u n i i u H l e d and snoo/Ld in a loom nt i h e I'.itk Ilou'-e The young mnn i* a stranger in t b e c i t j , but thinks be would knmv Ihe p i r t i e s who drugged and robbed h in i l lie could lodl upon Ilieiu once more Special Vollcr. indebted to Ike A l l pallie .1. M htooKey ifcCo , ' Lii. h i m of ^ itiid ^tsi- 1 loners, lire requested to i all a( UK old stand, at No 12 Mercb.inl street, and m a k e setllt'iuents of llivir «ci ounts The buok% and accounts i\ill be n i L h i r ^ i if Mr. A. Litrimbeiger for a isliuit t u n e H* i s a u t h o r i / t d to m a k e all » + l t l i m e n l « of accotiniBwiili the late firm 1 - d A w l * DIED. At N"L»« itir. HI., on Moii.lin, \i\i i l Itli, It-"I, [If FlUX, MHi). J H I I K \ S S T H K k M It, !lit .1 lll'.nil ·y, ytara. A (inot) FI r always gimntnti'. .1 ni im --de ' FitBNLH T A »'"" H» Lost, on \ V e i l n c s d a y ln*,l,'-OKI w h t n * between the cast tnd of \\i,,d h ' r t e t and the residence of ihc lite Eno- Kapler Sr , on South Broadnaj, a Ime fur hoa, w h i c h the finder will plca»e leave at Hie A Ki p- ler cigar store and receive i ^ u n a b l e reward for his or her I r o u h l e | A[rl d i f FOR cheap goodt go to the !'iarir u u T,i- ble of Linn Scruggs March 26 dwtf. OFEJK.A. HOUSE. ONE NI3HT ONLY, THURSDAY, APRIL 7. A L W A Y S THE BEST. The Old. OrlriD*! and Ever I'mm-ilc. 4 'SUGGS, Carpets! -ANll -DRESS GOODS! rtii'l'.'iir' ·.'liy!'« Rugs, Mats and Ottomaup, M i rv low iineo- WALL PAPER in liamlsonit 1 v t \ ] t « . rtiu! low p n . = - i n i t l l i i Best CARPET WAHP ill u i- -uide LACfi CURTAINS By the j-ird or pair: ANTlyt R .Mil M N G HAW and GIMP. aim. NVw s,,|,« m ll\tt Wo liflve tiHtl «f \pntoen \c\r* t IIHTUMH-*' sti the Carpot trade. Ihsifw ji»l c rtnqlr atlnJf inCurtfiin (Jowl*, Watt-Paint i r ( a r / v f t f tr had hy any titif hu* v/ui( v.r «?n K 'lh j rr ii nowhere a manufacturer or importer t hut i« not acoesslbl* 5 t o m ; uwrqufntly we can nliuw better stjlc? and nt low-r prices that^au !»· had In Decatur We lime lnrn!ahe«l near) every bouse in Iteratur with Carpets built within the paat four i^ar-*. competing-with tlio lArgeet Houfle^ of New York, Cincinnati and Chicago, nnd havo ^nld double the amount of Carpets during-(he ^.unt period ,ot any on* els* 1 . Corabinetl with the aliou 1 i-- our tiiunense Stock uf Drv (h.ot!^, inn quakd in sales by an\ HotiH In tie L'r.iied Suiei with double the population. And ha\ HIK adopter! thp pnpuUr modeof aelllnir Carpets, HH shown b the Lending 1 and Larjres't, IJry (iodfl Houses In Iho L'uitps States v,c tan »me (Jreaier Bftrjralns and (tel! lower than tho^e w h n d n H «mftll Ini^l- ne§8 atul whii whn a i e n h i i m il in i n n k e H t l their tunney nn f m^K NEW CARPET STORE, r IILOLK c .i/;. THK ^ l » l ri.riffHiFtht BLACK SILKS, Satin do Lyons. HarveiUmiK Bu- r.ihs, and Flam and Broc«d«d Salms and Velvet*, thrtfl Irom thr · - - - . - - - ......... J i l » i r t f , niirf 1 W S J " t'tlKAl' Black and Colored Cashaerw, \ r l.mKlt f'UK'F.* than wen? prer aol'lln ill- nmrkct. luFloinnl New I)OLM4S. I'LSTF.RM l«4 J4CKETN n f N I L k «iKt CLOTH in America* Ladies Fancy Neckwear In nil the -V ' !'(.- . LACK T1U',l.»\'Kli. MITTS, I h. I ntf. - L , t heatK *i nit.l Jtegt Auonm*-ni CORSETS Tn li.Mnuil'l inn win ir, ui NVw ami Klepinl tj!c« t.i M*' rt i:\iKiii\u ,nins. Rmlinu'inir en rvthlnir in"* in SCAKFH aiul TIR-i. IIU!. hltV. C.inVRI. 8USHKNDBKS, W H I T E «ml FAXrV MHIRTH, UNDER- « EAK. Kto. II.iusi'k.H-pil f 'iood* 111 (TMt VKrl.My. Id-Hi Hargalno It. glT LTK. Tablt Ma- cm. Vapklnn, Tn»i'l »n.1 urMlux. OluakiBC rioth^, ( tu^imiTi^, O.tinnadeii, Oinrbami, Callciu'", Ulem tied un.i Ifr.iwn Mullini, Tann, PlHiinel". Illunki'ls. « llcniltlful Hlook ul /MJHSnf v. Hii.l the lirat White an. I Colon*! ( 4HM.1 H illl' l n ! « K t i i r . NEW STORE, Court House Blook. Ooi- Rentz's Minstrels The Beit Cupy ETCF Oriimizeil. A Wealth nf New No^eltlei: Eiery Act New 1 Every Sketch \W E\(-r (inK N". k * An Entirely New Uurlwiiif, PENN'S AUNTS AMONG THE PIRATES! i World of Fan! 1 Wraith of \OTdtj! POPULAR PHICES. AdtnlMion, 36, W «nl " cmtn, a.-cortin(r lr location. Seatoecurrd without 'itrachanre at CurtH * Co '«. ra«i-Mr.l CALL AND SEE DECATUR'S ONE-PRICE; Clothing House! CORNER OF MAIN AND MERCHANT ST., (Linn Scruggs' Old Stand.) Now on Exhibition --OF- CLOTHING! FOR MEN, YOUTHS AND BOYS, Ever Displayed in Macon county. Latest Styles of Hats and Caps! , Trunks, Vate! DISPLAI QFffOOLEHSJeiSlicaM ilJOFltf! S^fte Merc W TailflriBg Deparlieill To which my attention is especially given, guarantee satisfaction, as I employ none but first- class workmen; and with my experience as cutter, I flatter myself to cut a garment which satisfy everybody who will favor me with their custom. Respectfully, April 1 Uwlt (Linn Scruggs' Old T.-'LEl/RV £ KENCH CALL I TempJe of FkfhioD if vou want tn tr? and well selected pt.KJt of p'*«*' tf*cd and SL'M ME SCITlSCb. I.tS'S t KCKt GUS OH ?t»n.I. Bin i for HKSH | «1 Tin- [JEST MbVI Briiiio, 8orM, CDnn, %tt fiubbem' llubbvra 1 Hubbera 1 lit .1 1 V HJIKFH' .1 H Knm-, A_'i;ii! fn Imported PdUcrn- *-»«R^*- Choi' v. 1'i-iH in'ii- i" sale at Frteimtj'- -he"- «t T. T»]or» -·--·-minimi rinM»iiinn»piii n* ·ltp Ii rimnteed lu^ie p*rf««t I tiiin in every c.«e or 1 ure )nu frl HINBV'g CAB m u l l .ilh.-n«re Ixit I ttMtooj. t-ur ml.; tiyill druRtMl. UU. O R E E N W OXTGB Art- H cheap and rtDipJ«/ end nHi.i^ineM In a I rbf r-|| known pnpantM ntid endorsed by ptifw Rnd bw bwn u s e d b f j In nil part* of the «f K'loble Ktmp.l/ I

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