Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on September 28, 1963 · Page 1
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 1

Galesburg, Illinois
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Saturday, September 28, 1963
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Home Paper of 70 Communities QeAeshwg Register-Mail Weather Stripe Blue Much Cooler Tonight With Minimum in 40s, 64-71 Sunday A Better Newspaper VOLUME LXXN — 229 GALESBURG, ILLINOIS — SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 1963 PRICE SEVEN GENTS HANDOUT—Before his dedication today of the Whiskeytown Dam, President Kennedy had a handout for a deer in Volcanic National Park at Redding, Calif. Deer in the park have no fear of humans and, like above, will cat put of the hand of anyone providing food. UNIFAX GOP Leaders Up In Arms as JFK Takes to Stump WHISKEYTOWN, Calif. (UPI) — President Kennedy today neared the end of his western tour which was beginning to produce first national reaction from the Republican leadership. He returned the Republican favor here today in northern California where he dedicated the Whiskeytown Reservoir and dam, part of a large complex supplying water for irrigation, production of electric power, and fish, wildlife and recreational facilities in northern California. In Kennedy's prepared speech, he noted that the federal government from a beginning about 30 years ago, had worked with California in putting into operation a comprehensive plan for development of the state's water resources. The President noted that under the Roosevelt and Truman administrations the master plan advanced. Then, he pointed out, "progress was interrupted." This was a reference to the power policies prevalent under the Eisenhower administration. Miller Blasts Trip It was remarks of this nature which led Republican National Chairman William Miller to assail the Kennedy trip Friday night in a special statement, calling it an outright political campaign journey paid for by the taxpayers. Sen. Barry Gold water, R-Ariz., also spoke critically Friday in Buffalo, N. Y., about some of the President's statements about Democratic accomplishments in the field of foreign policy. The trip of the President began in Washington last Tuesday under a "non-political" label applied by the White House. The Kennedy staff, however, was too realistic to insist that the trip was not without its political targets—and, hopefully, political di­ vidends which might be real ized in next year's campaign. After a restful night in the cool mountain weather, Kennedy's schedule today took him by helicopter to the Whiskeytown Reservoir. After the dedication cere mony there, his plan called for another helicopter flight back to the Redding airport where his jet transport waited to fly him to Las Vegas, Nev., to make his fi nal speech at the new convention center there this afternoon After his speech, the President plannd to fly to Palm Springs, Calif., one of his favorite resorts, to spend the rest of the week end at a desert house owned by singer Bing Crosby. Kennedy probably will take off for Wash ington late Sunday night and be back in the White House Monday morning in time for a busy schedule. He has a speech scheduled in Washington Monday before a meeting of the International Monetary Fund. London Reports U.S. Offers Bases To W. Germans NEW YORK (AP)—The United States is reliably reported to have offered West Germany the use of some American military supply bases in France, the New York Times said today. A London dispatch by Times Correspondent Sydney Gurson described the invitation as the latest move in the competition between the United States and France for West German support. Foreign Ministers Meet Hoping to Ease Tensions Rusk was understood to believe that it would be more profitable, if Gromyko is willing, to "nibble away" at further arms control measures instead of tackling apparently insoluble problems such as Berlin and Germany. NEW YORK (UPI) - The Big Three foreign ministers met this afternoon for the first time since they signed the test ban agreement to see whether the way has been opened for other measures to lower tension and lessen the danger of nuclear war. Secretary of State Dean Rusk and British Foreign Secretary Lord Home approached their "working lunch" with Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko in a cautious mood, officials said. The Western ministers did not want to "rock the boat" in currently calm international seas and decided to let Gromyko take the initiative in presenting proposals. Rusk, Home and West German Foreign Minister Gerhard Schroeder agreed at a strategy session Friday that Russia's proposal for fixed control posts on both sides of the Iron Curtain probably offered the best chance for some progress. Premier Nikita Khrushchev made the proposal in early August at the time the test ban was signed. British Lord Strikes Hard At Indonesia UNITED NATIONS, N.Y. (UPI) —A British verbal crackdown on Indonesia's opposition to Malaysia shattered the calm of the General Assembly today by Lord Home. An old-fashioned cold war attack on the United States Friday by Albanian Foreign Minister Behar Shtylla attracted little attention, but British Foreign Secretary Lord Home's biting reply to an Indonesian attack on Britain's colonial policy caused concern among many delegates. Malaysia was informed Sept. 16 as to a combination of Malaya, Singapore, Sarawak and North Borneo (Sahoah), all once British territories. Its formation was opposed by Indonesia and the Philippines, both of which lay claims to part of the territory. Indonesian Ambassador Lambertus N. Palar delivered a slashing attack on British colonial policy in the assembly Friday. He accused Britain of plunging Southeast Asia into turmoil by fostering Malaysia and said there was a new form of British colonialism in Asia and Africa. Lord Home stalked to the ~os- trum after Palar's speech and in 11 minutes of clipped English said the Indonesian attack on British colonial policy was a "transparent cloak" to cover up Indonesia's ambition to seize Malaysia for itself. He did not specifically mention the anti-British rioting in Jakarta or Britain's repatriation of the threatened citizens but he said Palar was "wise" not to try to explain why "no woman or child feels safe to remain in Indonesia." Home said Britain has no present plan to take the issue to the Security Council nor to seek assembly action. 'We can take care of ourselves," the mild-mannered earl told the Indonesians. Shtylla, in a sharp departure rom the conciliatory tenor of other Communist speeches here, denounced the nuclear test ban treaty, accused the United States of openly threatening Communist China, said Washington defends all the world's corrupt regimes, and pledged full backing to Castro's Cuba. US Mission Visits Scene Of Fighting in Viet Nam Senator Asks Crackdown On Genovese WASHINGTON (UPI) — Sen. Karl E. Mundt, R- S.D., called for a crackdown today on imprisoned rackets czar Vito Genovese, who allegedly has directed Mafia-styled murder operations from his federal jail cell. Underworld informer Joseph Valachi, who once received the "kiss of death" | Singer Cancels BLACKPOOL, England (UPD- British singer Matt Munro cancelled a show Friday night after he fractured h i s wrist and strained his back and arm while trying to catch his hat. The popular crooner's hat was blown off by a 60 mile-an-hour wind and when he tried to retrieve it a gust swept him off his feet. from Genovese, told Senate investigators Friday the 66-year- old naroctics baron ordered the death of mobster Anthony (Tony Bender) Strollo from his Atlanta federal penitentiary cell. Valachi resumes his testimony Tuesday morning. Mundt urged federal prison authorities to put Genovese "under special surveillance so that he isn't running the New York City rackets from a federal prison." Genovese presently is serving a 15-year sentence on a narcotics charge at Leavenworth (Kan.) federal penitentiary. He was transferred to Leavenworth from Atlanta about a year ago. Has Heart Condition Leavenworth Warden J. C. Taylor said Genovese, a wiry little man who once was a chum of fascist dictator Benito Mussolini in pre-World War II Italy, was hospitalized with a heart condition and high blood pressure and "indications are that he will never be any better." Taylor said Genovese "creates no flurry" among the 2,400 convicts at Leavenworth. "He doesn't mix too much with the other prisoners," the warden said, adding that there were no special security measures in force for Genovese. On the basis of Valachi's testimony, Mundt urged that Genovese be isolated so that the gangster chieftain could not recruit lieutenants and "develop a Mafia inside a federal prison." Unconcerned In matter-of-fact tones Valachi, a former "soldier" in the ranks of the criminal empire known as "Cosa Nostra," laid bare for Senate investigators Friday the extent of that racketeer world. He resumes his testimony Tuesday morning. He told how narcotics baron Vito Genovese, "the boss of all bosses" in Cosa Nostra, could order murder done even while in a federal prison cell. Valachi said Genovese passed the Cosa Nostra's death sentence on him at a bizarre prison cell meeting by grabbing h i s hand and kissing it. Valachi cited the "kiss of death" confrontation as only one evidence of the crime kingpin's ruthless power. He accused his one-time Atlanta cellmate of having sent out orders for the slaying of one Cosa Nostra underling, and he strongly implied Genovese was responsible for the deaths of two others. Wants Revenge He freely conceded that one reason he violated his 33-year-old blood oath of silence and put the finger on his former bosses was revenge" for Cosa Nostra's efforts to kill him after his break with Genovese. "Destroy them . . . Cosa Nostra leaders ... the bosses . .. the whole thing that exists," he urged the senators. He credited his fall from favor with his "goombah," or boss, to tlie fact that Vito Agucci, another Cosa Nostra inmate at Atlanta, had falsely told Genovese that Valachi was an informer. Valachi related how he killed a fellow prisoner in the mistaken belief that the victim was a Cosa Nostra executioner. He was sentenced to life imprisonment for the slaying. At another point, asked if he feared for his life during his public appearances before the subcommittee, he said: "At this moment, I feel fine. If I went back to prison, I'd have to protect myself. I'd kill or be killed ... If they got at me, I wouldn't be in there five minutes." Valachi charged that Genovese sent orders from prison that resulted in Anthony (Tony Bender) Strollo's death. He said that Genovese later boasted that Bender's disappearance was "the best thing that could happen to him because he couldn't take it." Valachi said Genovese referred to Bender as "a sick man and he couldn't take the 'time' serving in prison like you and me." Asked about other gangland slayers, Valachi recalled that two men being held in custody in New York to testify against Genovese and the late Albert Anastasia had met violent death. One was poisoned a/id another was thrown from a window, Valachi said. The two episodes occurred more than 10 years ago, he added. The veteran mobster said of Genovese: "He was power crazy, power went to his head." Valachi said that while Cosa Nostra is nominally controlled by a "commission" of leaders in various U.S. and Canadian cities. Genovese is the "under-the-table boss." According to Valachi, his former leader commands an army of about 450 Cosa Nostra "sol-' diers" or rank-and-file henchmen. He listed "Trigger Mike" Coppola and Johnny Dio, New York rackets figures, as top flight leaders in the New York area. He was asked to estimate Gcn- ovese's income from the Cosa Nostra operations. "It would break the adding machine," Valachi responded in his Brooklynesc accent. He frankly acknowledged his own past criminal operations that included narcotics peddling, slot machines and a lucrative spell of selling ration stamps during World War II. Valachi said he couldn't estimate how much he had netted in his criminal career but figured ;12* : :J; COMMANDER—Vilo Genovese, described as the sinister lender of the underworld's crime syndicate by one of his lieutenants, Joseph Valachi, is reported to have been moved from the federal prison at Atlanta to Leavenworth, Kan., and probably because Valachi said Genovese directed- his crime empire from his prison cell. UNIFAX Hear Shellfire In the Distance CA MAU, South Viet Nam (AP) — Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara, Gen. Maxwell D. Taylor and Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge visited the Communist-infested delta area of southernmost South Viet Nam today. Scattered fire was audible on the outskirts of Ca Mau, the main staging area Pastor Warns Birmingham To Act Fast By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. has warned Birmingham, Ala., that demonstrations will resume in the next few days unless city leaders meet four demands designed to help solve civil rights problems. King told a meeting of his Southern Christian Leadership Conference at Richmond, Va., Friday night the demands include: —Good faith negotiations. —A public declaration by the mayor and the city council that they will comply with the law of the land and not continue to enforce segregation. —A request by city officials that state troopers be removed. —The hiring of Negro city policemen. In addition to the demonstrations, the Negro leader said, a boycott will be recommended "on everything produced in Birmingham and on all business firms operating there." King said that unless Congress passes a satisfactory civil rights bill—containing a public accommodations section—there will be mass civil disobedience which ho will try to channel into nonviolent lines. VICTIM—A man who was ordered executed, Anthony <Tony Bender) Strollo, by Cosa Nostra crime chieftain, Vito Genovese, according to testimony of Joseph Valachi before a Senate hearing, is shown in I960 ptooto before his execution. Others were named by the witness in his testimony. ' UNIFAX Blames Inexperience WASHINGTON (UPI)-A 1902 plane crash that took the lives of airlines executive Tom Slick and another man has been blamed on an inexperienced pilot's decision to fly into bad weather. The Civil Aeronautics Board said Friday that pilot Shell K. Sudderth Jr., who was killed in the crash at Dell, Mont., Oct. (i, 1W52, was not qualified to fly on instruments but continued to fly his Bcechcraft C35 "into an area of adverse weather resulting in loss of control." Pope Plans Personal Plea For Success of Conference VATICAN CITY (UPI) — Pope Paul VI will open the. second session of the Ecumenical Council that he had made about $150,000 1 Sunday with a strong personal in little over a year through his ration stamp racket. Where to Find It 2 SECTIONS 24 PAGES Abingdon 9 Amusement 5 Bushnell 9 Churches 6-7-8 Classified Ads 20-21-22-23 Comies-TV-Radio 18 Editorial 4 Food Section 11 Galva 9 Hospital Notes 5 Knoxville 9 Markets 19 Monmouth 10 Obituary 20 Sports 13-14 Weather — 2 Women in the News 3 plea to the assembled prelates to continue the great work of church "renewal" begun by the late Pope John XXIII. for military operations against Communist Viet Cong guerrillas, while the visitors were being briefed near the airstrip. U. S. military advisers said that, was normal "background music" in this area. Government-initiated military operations have ground to a halt in this normally active delta area since McNamara and Taylor, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, arrived in South Viet Nam on a special presidential fact­ finding mission Tuesday night. The Viet Cong have failed to capitalize on this lull to launch operations of their own. Helicopters Ready U.S. Army helicopters have been kept in readiness for the visitors and have not been available for operations. The helicopters have become vital to all major American-supported military operations against the Viet Cong. McNamara and his party visited Ben Trc, My Tho and Tan An, three of the most active areas in South Viet Nam, in addition to Ca Mau during their swing through the delta. McNamara and Taylor had no opportunity to interrogate junior U.S. military advisors separately on the progress of the war during their main briefing sessions, a 2 hours and 45 minute meeting at Ca Mau and a one-hour conference at Ben Trc. The briefings were combined American-Vietnamese conferences at which Gen. Paul D. Harkins, American commanding general here, and top Vietnamese commanders were present. Making Check One of the aides who accompanied the party said the same pattern was maintained at the shorter briefings in My Tho and Tan An, but Assistant Secretary of Defense Arthur Sylvester said later the visitors had a brief meeting separately with American officers at a lunch at My Tho and at Tan An. One of the reported reasons for the special mission is to determine whether recent religious- political internal dissension has affected the war effort. The mission also is believed to be trying to sift reports of dissension among American agencies here on the progress of the war. Actor Denies Engagement to Princess Soraya ISTANBUL, Turkey (AP) - Ac tor Maximilian Schell angrily denied today Turkish press reports that he and Princess Soraya will marry next month. "How could they say we're getting married in October when earlier they had reported we already were married'.'" he said at his hotel here. Vatican sources said Pope Paul's address, delivered in Latin from .he high-backed crimson throne, will be a forthright invitation to the council to undertake bold reforms in the organization and liturgy of the church. The new pontiff, who celebrat- "The "State of the Church". ed his G6th birthday Thursday, address, outlining t h e Pope's j already has made clear his active hopes and aims for the historic j sympathy with Roman Catholic meeting, will climax the three- j liberals who feel that far-reaching hour opening ceremony in St.adaptations are needed to bring 1'"]^^ Soraya, ex-wife of the Peters Basilic^ : ^u 'T T effecI '! Ve I Shah of Iran, has visited the 33- More than 2,700 caroinals, pa- with the modern world. | w actor seyeral tnarchs archbishops, bishops and; He also has taken steps to times on a ^ ^ ^ abbots have come to Rome rom; simplify and speed up the pro- \ Sne , eft MM &k) . every corner of trie world to' feedings of the council, and to! participate in the council's delib- : give the press and public more erations, which will continue< information about what takes through Dec. 4. j place in the daily debates. During Sunday's ceremony, j These changes are heartening they will advance to the papal | to liberal prelates, who were throne in front of the altar of St. • frustrated at the first session of Peter's to kiss the Pope's ring in the council last fall by the con- token of their loyalty and obedience. trol which conservatives exercised over council rnachinery. Book Sells Fast LONDON, England (UPD-Tho government stationery office reported today that a record 105,000 copies of the Denning report on the Profumo scandal has been sold since its publication two days ago. Don't Miss The Passion Play at Galesburg High School Sunday, Monday

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