Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on September 27, 1963 · Page 25
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 25

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, September 27, 1963
Page 25
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Station Reports Factors For Quality Calf Crops Gafesburg Register-Moil, Golesburg, 111. Friday, Sept. 27, 1963 .23 (Editor's Nole: A roundup of the week's work, activities and observations at the University of Illinois Dixon Springs Experiment Station near Robbs in Southern Illinois, prepared by A. R. Oilmore.) ZUcttlc Minute Alif&tetif Can you solve it? SITUATION: You must move a portable elevator from the barn to the grain bin and the elevator has to pass under electric wires. WHAT WOULD YOU DO? (A) I don't think the elevator will touch the wires. If it does, the wires will slide oyer. (B) Lower the elevator to transport position. CORRECT SOLUTION: IB) Always lower a portable elevator to transport position regardless of distance. This should be low enough to prevent wire damage, electric shock and side tipping of elevator. ELECTRICITY IS YOUR FRIEND — itlafielyf COURTESY ILLINOIS FARM ELECTRIFICATION COUNCIL AND COOPERATIVE EXTENSION SERYICE, UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS Bean Harvest Progressing Through Area By LEO SHARP (Fulton County Farm Adviser) Soybean harvest seems to be well under way in Fulton County. This was very evident on making farm visits in the Table Grove, Smithfield, Checkrow, Avon, Fairview and Canton areas. Early reports indicate good soybean yields generally throughout the count y. The drought did hurt some fields with short growth. Having your combine properly adjusted to save your complete crop can be extremely valuable. The loss of two bushels of soybeans per acre at the present price will nearly pay for the charge of combining soybeans. If you find four or five soybeans per square foot behind your combine, you are loosing one bushel of soybeans per acre. Soybeans and other grain may be lost at all stages of your combining operations. Such as cutting, threshing, separating and cleaning. Cutter bar loss usually consists of grain shatter or heads thrown out by the reel. Shattering or heads of grain broken off before the combine enters the field are not counted as cutter- bar losses. Found at Cylinder Losses may be found at the cylinder. Cylinder loss is the unthreshed grain remaining in the straw after passing through your combine. Rack loss is loose grain which has not been separated from the srtaw as it passes over the straw rack and is carried out of the machine by the straw. Another loss is shoe loss. This is loose grain which passes over the chaffer onto the ground. In discussing combine losses, 18 to 20 kernels of wheat per square foot on the ground after combining is equal to one bushel loss per acre. For oats it is 10 to 12; barley, 13 to 15 and rye 21 to 24 kernels per square foot. Losses with the best combine adjustment will vary greatly depending upon the type, variety, and condition of the crop. Total losses in clean crops of wheat, barley, and rye will vary from approximately 1 per cent to 4 Quotes From Today's News By United Press International LONDON — Prime Minister Harold Macmillan, explaining why he had failed to detect that former War Minister Profumo had been lying about his relations with callgirl Christine Keeler: "I thought that nobody would have been so wrong and so wicked and such a fool to have done such a thing." SALT LAKE CITY — President Kennedy, in defense of administration policies: "If we were to resign from the United Nations, break off with all countries of whom we disapprove, end foreign aid and assistance to those countries in an attempt to keep them free, call for resumption of atmospheric nuclear testing, and turn our back on the rest of mankind, we would not only be abandoning America's influence in the world; we would be inviting a Communist expansion which every Communist power would so greatly welcome." TAMPA, Fla. — Cmdr. Martin Flesh, pilot of a Coast Guard helicopter, describing the shark-infested waters in the Gulf of Mexico where two men were rescued and the wife of one of them perished: "About all you could see were fins and a flurry of foam and blood." RICHMOND, Va. — Roy Wilkins, executive secretary of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, expressing doubt about the effectiveness of a proposed Christmas buying boycott: "I find it difficult to go against Santa Claus. It will take an extremely intensive educational campaign for this to be carried off." per cent of the total yield. When harvesting conditions are good the total loss should not exceed 1.5 per cent. Losses are generally greater when harvesting soybeans. Cutter bar losses tend to run somewhat higher than they do with other small grains. Careful cultivation to prevent ridging and the earliest possible harvest are required to keep this loss down to 3 per cent of the total yield. FIGHT SHIPPING FEVER ON YOUR NEW CATTLE TRY ABINGDON'S NEW AUREO-VITA - 700 A high Molasses stress supplement with 700 grams Aureomycin and 50,000 units Vitamin A. NONE LIKE IT IN THE MIDWEST Abingdon Milling Co PHONE 89 Everything in agriculture is seasonal — there's a time to plow, a time to plant, a time to harvest. With a beef cow herd, harvest time —when the calves are weaned—is one of the most important. It is the most important where income is concerned. A good calf crop depends upon good bulls and good cows—the kind that raise a calf regularly, the kind that wean a good big calf every year. It takes a good deal of paper work to develop this kind of herd. Records must be kept of the sire and dam of each calf. The date the calf is dropped is important because you are going to want to know its age at weaning time. Each calf—in fact, every animal in the herd—should be permanently identified. Neck chains get lost, brands are sometimes hard to read, ear tags pull out and ear notches are misread. For permanence, a good tattoo just cannot be beat. If you have a beef cow herd and can qualify as a good record- keeper, the University of Illinois Extension Service can be of great value in helping to performance- test your cattle. Data Adjusted In this program calves will be weighed and graded. Weight data will be adjusted for age and sex and for the age of the dam. A tabulation of the results will be sent to you. This record will be invaluable in comparing the production of cows in your herd. Three years' data will give you the most accufate and up-to-date information obtainable to assist in setting up a culling program for your cow herd. You can then remove the unproductive females from the herd and select replacement heifers from your best producing cows. If more than one bull is represented L the calf crop, a sire average will be calculated for you. If you are interested in this service, contact your farm adviser. He will give you the details and start the ball rolling for you to have the best cow herd ever. Be Prepared The sheep breeding season is upon us. It is almost too late to use the many management practices recommended for improving the early conception of owes, but it is not too late to be thinking about the lamb crop to be produced. It is important to watch rams closely to be sure they remain in sound and healthy condition. If a ram is losing condition, it would be wise to remove him from the breeding flock, rest him and try to improve his condition by feeding small amounts of grain. Many of the better sheepmen prefer to alternate their rams. A period of rest following a one- to three-week breeding period allows the ram to regain lost weight and generally improves his ability to settle ewes. Restricting the breeding season to about 50 days will in turn restrict the lambing season and therefore provide a more uniform group of lambs. Ewes that breed late are not generally the better producing ones. Their lambs do not make good replacements and usually do not reach market weights and finish during the period of high prices. Cattle Enter Pens After 125-Mile Drive FORT PIERRE, S.D. (UPI) Rancher Roy Houck drove the last of his 2,000 white-faced Herefords into the pens at his ranch Thursday to end a cattle drive that dwarfed ones of the Old West. Houck, a former South Dakota lieutenant governor and one of the state's biggest ranchers, and his 17 cowhands started their 125-mile drive a week ago Sunday upstream on the opposite side of the Missouri River. Between 25 and 30 of the cattle got foot sores and had to be hauled by truck, but the others hoofed it. Houck said one of the hardest days was Wednesday when the cattle were driven up Hnd down hilly country. The driver crossed two major hurdles — the swift - running Cheyenne River and the steep- banked Sam's Arc Creek. The uattle crossed the Missouri on a new bridge that soars more than a hundred feet above the river. Houck will keep the cattle at his ranch until they are sold in October. LIGHTNING RODS GEORGE E. OWENS 20 Circle Drive—Galesburg. IU. GET WINTER-WISE NOW DURING OUR WINTER-IZE-ING STOREWIDE SALE B. F. Goodrich NEW TRAILMAKER . . . BITE DEEPER STOP FASTER THAN ANY OTHER MAJOR BRANDI $ 15" EXCHANGE 6.70x15 7.50x14 PLUS TAX No Trade-in Needed The Famous TRAILMAKER 6.70x15 TUBELESS $1195 EXCHANGE IT New Factory Equipment WHEELS For Your Snow Tires AS LOW AS 4.95 PER WHEEL B. F. Goodrich Batteries 1 Mi-'"'* i rrTTTT rg7 600D • QUICK STARTS • LONG LIFE • LOW COST K>o<lric'< BEST!! $ 9.95 AS LOW AS EXCHANGE $ • EXTRA POWER • TOPS IN PERFORMANCE • FINEST CONSTRUCTION 15.95 OVER 250 New Car Change-over TIRES 3 5% off LIST PRICE TIRE CHAINS FOR TRACTORS, TRUCKS, AUTOS Buy Now and SAVE Get the "jump" on Ole Man Winter. Don't wait until the winter rush. Buy it now and SAVE. Mr. Farmer . .. Get Set for Harvest. All Farm Tires on Sale! FOR TRACTORS I I ^ DUAL™ RING Front Tractor Tires 5.50-16 4-Ply 11.39 OFF BRAND CHANGE OVERS NEW REAR TIRES: 11.2-28 (10-28) 4 Ply $47.95 12.4-28 (11-28) 4 Ply $55.95 13.6-28 (12-28) 4 Ply $56.95 14.9-28 (13-28) 4 Ply $65.95 11.2-38 (10-38) 4 Ply $58.95 12.4-38 (11-38) 4 Ply $65.95 13.6-38 (12-38) 6 Ply $76.95 15.5-38 6 Ply $104.95 ALL PRICES PLUS TAX EXCHANGE MANURE SPREADER SPECIAL! NEW GROOVED IMP 7.50-16 6-Ply—$24.95 7.50-20 4-Ply ___$23.95 7.50-24 4Ply___$25.95 PLUS TAX FAMOUS B. F. 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