Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on June 25, 1973 · Page 21
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 21

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, June 25, 1973
Page 21
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Golesburg Registef-MoiI, Golesburg, 111, Monday; June 25, 1973^21 Power Tool Institute Offers Tips on Worker Safety MEW YOIIK (UiPI) - Do* yourself, tag ia way of Amer> loan life, is 'Jar more sflpfoisbl- caibod ifilrese days than just hammer iand saw, ipalwt brush and wallpaper paste. Millions ot ipqwor tools are in use woross the land in the hands df lannaHjeurs — some skilled, others more eager itten ktiowledgeable. Saws of all kinds j^hear (through (thick stock in seconds. Electric trimmers make it easy lor itlhe female gardener to (add sculptured hedges to her italente, The same lady pndbably uses a power eanrier in her tfurwiituire refilnish- ing iprojeotis. It's a ton ilhiait calls for Bpedal Bil )tJen(tii)oin to safety. Here's Ways To Care For Storm Doors The comWmiaibion storm and screen door may seem like a secondnraite 'item, not being tie read and iproper door to your (house. But tit takes more abuse than ith'e regular door. In fact that's What it's (there for, to itake (the abuse thalt would cause wear iand tear on the ordinary wooden door. The combination door is one that needs care 'and maintenance since it is exposed to everything a'M year long. It also is the door likeliest to develop The frofesiatonial knows his tools — <awd knows how to use (them. The do-lt-yonittseWer is all too iifcely to pick up a new power whatois Saturday morning and embark on a project •without so much as glancing at the operafclnig manual. Oafllinig lalttemtion to the press- Itug need for safety, the Power Tool Ingiikiite offers some tips, headlined by one cardinal rule: Respect for the tool on the part of the operator. Without that respect, iPTl says, the best safeiby (features a manufacturer can build into his tool cannot make it safe to use. According to PTI's safety experts, (the two areas desert ing the most attention arc oleoWoal safety and operating frvjm heait, oil and sharp edges. ~ Wear proper apparel, safety. It offers ithc following — Ma/imtain proper ewvliron- Loose dothdng and jewelry can suggestions: tnmt. Keep work area clean become entangled to moving Electrical Safety and dry. Dont use any power pants. (Rubber gloves, and foot- (kouttd all tools — unless tool in wet or even damp io- wear are recommended, espc- Keep work area well 'they are double insulated. If a tool is equipped with a three- pronged plug, 4t should be plugged dnfco a three -hole grtxmded receptacle. If an adapter is used to accomrno- daite a ifcwcHproniged receptacle, the adapter wire must be attached to a known ground. Never remove third prong firom plug. Double Inisulated tools require only a two-prong outlet or cord. — Don't abuse cord. Never carry tool by cord, or yank on cord to dlsconnecit it. Keep cord cations. Keep work area lighted. — Perform regular maintenance on your power tool. Consult manual of instructions for proper tool care. If not operating properly, tokc it to an authorized service outlet. — Store idle toots, Keep 'them in dry locations — high, or locked away from the reach of children. Operating Safety — Always keep guards in place and in perfect working order. daily when working outdoors. — Secure work. Use clamps or a vise. It's much safer than using your hand and 4t frees boflih hands to operate the tool. Never overreach. Keep proper tooting and balance at all times. — Disconnect tools When not In use; before servicing; when changing accessories such as bladas, bits, cuiffters. — Remove adjusting keys and wrenches. Form the habit of checking to see they are not in tool before turning it on. Never carry a plugged-in tool with a finger on trigger or switch. Using power tools out of doors poses a whole new set of electrical safety procedures in addition to the standard ones. iPTI says one of the primary considerations is proper grounding. If an extension cord is used it should be a heavy duty Underwriters' iLalboratory approved cord compatible with the tool's groundling system — cither three-wire grounded or iwo-prong for double insulated tools. Power tods must never be operated outside when the grass is wet — or even ; damp. Electricity and waiter'do not mix. 1 To avoid possible electric shock, rubber gloves should be worn, especially when working with hedgetrimmers. Rubber- soled footwear is always", # good idea when working outside. CHAIN GUARD KEEPS DOOR FROM OPENING TOO FAR tfE (DOOR CLOSER) ADJUSTED TO WEIGHT OF DOOR CHECK FOR ANY LOOSE HINGES Refinishing Furniture Takes Time, Patience, Know-How • • mw A 15th i> 1 SELL ^ BRATION problems cidertt. or suffer an ac- Nothing Looks As Fresh As New Paint NOTICE TO GALESBUR6 RESIDENTS! I am itill engaged in the painting and decorating business — For reliability, neatness and good workmanship, call us today. 342-6550 — on — 343-6562 BILLY MOE DECORATING 1273 E. FREMONT — Galesburg, III. We sell and service Carrier Air Conditioning Equipment The finest air conditioning equipment can be Installed and maintained by our expert and experienced staff. Should a replacement part be needed, it can be supplied from a Carrier regional spare parts depot, or from our stock. The finest equipment combined with prompt, efficient maintenance is the bedrock of our offer! Authorized Carrier Dealer GALESBURG SHEET METAL WORKS PHONE 343-1136 377 E. TOMPKINS (During cold weather -it carries a heavy glass insert. In the summer it holds a lighter screen insert.-It may slam too quickly or close fooo slowly because of (the differing weight. If it slams itoo often, the door can become damaged. It also is a hazard to the people who go ifchnough it I Iif it closes too slowly a stiff wind' may caJbch and blow 'it open, strewing itlhe hinges. A pneumalbic door closer should be used on every storm dlaor. A spring in the (tubular closer isbamts the door closing when it is wide open. Pneumatic pressure cubs the speed of the door just before it is fully closed. If you have a storm door without a closer, install one. If you have a closer, learn how to adjust it as the weight of the door changes depending on whether you have a screen or a storm insert dn use. AdjusiLmeflt is done by way of a screw or a movable knob. You will have to experiment and. make adjustments gradually. The hardware for the closer is imounlfced on (the inside of the frame and ithe inside of the door, (generally at (the top. If the closer is difficult to adjust or adjusfeg doesn't correct the problem, itlhen at is possible that it is mounted on ifche door jamb too ifiair from the door. Remount the bracket closer to the door, if a door proves too heavy for the closer, try moving the closer ifrom the tap to the middle of the door. This will distribute (the weight more evenly. •If your storm door is subject to being caught by heavy winds, you may want to install a chain 'guard. This consists of a chain and a spring. Before the door is blown too far out the coil spring in the unit absorbs the shock as the end of ithe chain as reached. If you're a r/erfeobijonist, my scliool of refir/ishiing probably is not your bag of tea. I'm all for the shortest, fastest way to wring out the old and bring in the new. I never bother with the parts that won't show. Skip anything you can safely skip, but watch if you're tall and have a pechamt for short friends or vice versa. Almost all furniture pre- 1920's, except the posh veneer antiques, is solid wood and a good deal of it oak. Even if you don't like oak's natural color, you can stain it to various degrees of darkness. Under a surprising amount of Victorian furniture lurks walnut along with other nice woods. To determine whether the piece you've found is veneer or solid wood, scrape a small, unobtrusive spot — on and under edge of a drawer, for instance. A razor blade at right angles or a knife will do the trick. Try to have the courage to do this before you buy. If not, ask. With the paint and varnish removers, you indeed get what you pay for. In my experience, the removers that cost a good deal more than the cheapest are worth every cliche penny. The better removers have the consistency of a thick smooth sauce. The others are quite watery, which makes them hard to control and • especially bad news for working inside around surfaces you don't want affected Buy a cheap flat brush 3" or 4" wide. Remove any. hardware, knobs, or that sort of thing from the furniture to make as many flat surfaces as possible. Pour a small amount in a flat, wide coffee can you can throw out, or a soup bowl. Remember, this is a caustic volatile mixture, so take care and don't smoke. Slather on the remover. Too dainty a dose will only tickle the surface. Don't paint the whole thing. Do only as much as you can keep up with. Allow it to set for about 10 minutes. Multi-layers usually need more applications, despite promises, after you've peeled off some of the outer ores. One thing about paint remover — you certainly can see it work. When the finish is all urky, bubbly and crinkly^ scrape a bit off. If the finish really peels off, go! If not, wait bit and try again When you've finished removing all the paint, take sandpaper, either medium-grade followed by fine, or just fine, depending on how roughed up the surface is. Don't go too coarse or you'll scratch channels in the wood that will be hard to smooth out. If you have big flat areas or enough flat ones where the wood is still spotty, consider renting a hand sander. After sanding of any variety, dust off first with a cloth, then vacuum. The reason for the cloth is that it will catch on any splinters and rough spots to show where you are. The vacuum picks up all the very fine dust. You want a clean and very smooth surface. BIGFflmiLYfraD/... RnDLimiTQ /PfKX? /€€ TH6 BIG DOU ana STOR-MOR* COfW6RTIBL€ KFRIGffifflD I • I! • READ THE WANT ADS! ABOVE ALL MAKE IT WHITE'S ROOFING 342-0185 MAKE A MISTAKE ABOUT A YEAR AGO? U't not too late to yet a MIRACLE WATER REFINER ...and... GET HAPPYI Lao SwHisr The Miracle Man "RENT or BUY Whera You Gat Service" 451 N, HENDERSON ST Phone 342-6188 LJ A I I # C 'ELECTRIC nALL d SERVICE 220 VOLT - TOO AMP SERVICES — INSTALLED BASEMENTS REWIRED — CIRCUITS ADDED Up-Date Your Old Wiring. Get A Hold of the Experts FREE ESTIMATES No Job Too Small Coll Hall 342-2786 LENNOX Residential and commercial dueled system*. Electric, gas, on. Conversions. Electronic • I r cleuners, humidifiers, Heal pumps, air conditioning. Complete TOTAL. COMFOHT systems or add-on units by factory- trained crevfs. i J rompt service all maker.. Free estimates. ' WHERE TO CALL" Ring Sheet Metal & Hearting 211 Urcve St.. Knoxvilia. 111. Phone 283-4213 LENNOX HtAUNG bYSTKMS Make Your Home FAIR and COOLER Beautiful Canvas Awnings for your home will enhance the decor of any home. In addition, awnings will give increased efficiency to your air conditioning and protect interior furnishings. Now is the time to make your home picture pretty with Colorful Canvas Awnings. Open Fri. Night & All Pay Saturday j « f^m — imr-, — f®4 lf vv i /jyi ^f 5?s8^^ ^* ^1 Jpl JF^Ei i HROauCTii IB.7 Lii.iDSEY StREEt 'j 3^33EM Amana T-16J 16.0 cu. ft. including 3.4 cu. ft. \V (119 1b.) freezer The quality of Amana with convenience features you do not now have on your present refrigerator! (Kill BUDGET PRica mora FOR YOUR monor! • • • I • • I I • I • • I I • • 1 1 • I I I I • I • I I I • Here's the big value you're looking for... and at a-, low budget price! Amana gives you a full 16 cubic , feet of freezer/refrigerator in just 32" of floor j m space and only 62% " high. % • BUY NOW and SAVE Amana quality features] And Exclusive Amana 5-Year Warranty, I ll i l==lt » '•' *4- I I I • ll SENSI-matle control. Keeps refrigerator at pre-set condition, automatically. Froil-Mignet. Stops frost before It starts. Two Independent Automatic Cold Control*. One for freezer; one for refrigerator. PLUS: STOR-MOR* DOORS, WALL-TO-WALL GLIDE-OUT SHELF. 3sIzes!n6modeli There's one for every family 18.2 n. ft* 20CH.ft. • Modal T-1W B Modal TR-1W a Model TM-1BJ B Modal TC18J Model TR-20J Modal TO-20J Seethe great Amana values todayl Exclusive Amana 5-Year Warranty Includes Parts and Related Labor Amana warrants for 5 years from date of original purchase in U.S., replacement or repair of parts found defective as to workmanship or material under normal use. This, includes labor required for replacement of defective parts. Defective parts are to be returned through Amana's dealer-distributor organization, Owner is responsible for serviceman s travel charges, focal cartage, replacement of gaskets, rubber or plastic parts and light bulbs. Any product subjected to accident, misuse, negligence, abuse, defacement of serial plate or alteration shall void the warranty. In Canada, the warranty applies as above except that it does not cover taxes, duties, assessments levied at time of part export. Stop by our store this week and get top trade-in dollar for your _ present working refrigerator. We have reduced the price of this ™ most popular Amana refrigerator $20.00 for this SELL-O-BRA- | TION. We want to thank all of our past and present customers |j for a wonderful 15 years in Downtown Galesburg. m Expert Service Bank Financing Free Delivery mm I APPLIANCE : Main & Cherry Dick Allen, Owner 343-9317 <

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