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The Wichita Eagle from Wichita, Kansas • 22

The Wichita Eaglei
Wichita, Kansas
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Extracted Article Text (OCR)

I 'H' I 1 Twenty-two THE WICHITA EAGLE SUNDAY MORNING SEPTEMBER 5 1943 -t'1 JW 1 i Amnsements THE WICHITA gAGLE Serving Uncle Sam With Brady Inc NEW STAFF! RD POOL BAUROOU Reaulta guaranteed Air conditioned Phone 3-0347 If no- answer call 6-1104 Mew Of- The KAN AS I'n BRITISH CRAFT POUR 50 TONS OF BOMBS A MINUTE ON BERLIN FEA URES 0 Pleasure Resorts 8A FIELD KANSAS RE8TMORE OOTTAOE8 miles' south on Broadway 1 mile west Day: week month Phone Peck 3601 Mall Belle Plains SOLDIER IS WOUNDED BY MAN IN UNIFORM AND ROBBED t0F $11 Pvt Dale Castell on Furlough Grapples with His Assailant ACTIVITY IN ri Classified Advertising To Place as Adi Dial 2-4431 Trailer Camp SB 7 li NICHOLS TRAILER CAMPf-Two nice furnished trailers for rent two trailer apacea adults only 3-374S IN SOUTHEND COMMUNriV CENTER-! All necessities Many extras Phone l-7460i MINIMUM CHARCIX lor Sum IB Average Word Por 1 Sunday Por 3 Daya Por Week Stenoimd Discovery Wel If Assigned Ihitiil Rote: 'Barrels TEST APPLEMAN l'Ll 31 (8 -Jr AUTOM tastier uieot Rea SLUG IN LEFT LEG 725 SOUTH 3 Shady paces really nice clean with ui bath outside water See these conable if BARBEI Superior Oil company1 No 1 Mitchell a wildcat in tbe nw nw-sw-15-33-15w ini the Deerhead irea at last reports was Notice Funeral Featuring oil field develop lent In KanM the past week wa the 4- io "'--opening of a new pdol in Btsiffonl inaklng fade below 4250 fi eei The at 2260 One yellow and white Shetland niri same Call I I57B pony Owner may have same for paying pasture and ad HALL Funeral servlcea for Mrs laic 111 Jane Wall 87 of Portales i New Mexli will be held Monday at 10:30 a In the Oill mortuary mapel Floyd Davidson of tbe Falrmou it Community Congregational! church will officiate Burial will be In Magle Grave cemetery Topeka lifie was (topped fleet Brown billfold containing papers keys money etc Reward No aaestiona asked Return to Wichita Eagle BILLFOLD KR Between 60S Cleveland tth and -Ohio near New Hone church 1 2500 in cash ras stamps and other valuable paner 3-1440 Taylor 60S Cleveland Reward Toy Manchester from 1142 Market Phone 3-6872 JOHN GENE Private First Class John Volz recently visited hls aunt Mrs George Kinder 246 North Dodge on a furlough from Camp Campbell Ky where he has been stationed since entering the service five month ago His parents live in Mildred Kan Before entering the service Private Volz was employed by Clothing store He attended North high school His cousin Corp Gene Barrie also visited Mrs' Kinder on a recent furlough from Camp Rucker Ala His parents live in Enid Okla Before go i 1 Lancasters Use New Technique in 1000-ton Raid in Nazi Capital France Hit in Follow-ups (Continued from Page 1) German transport facilities in occupied Europe squadrons of fleet American P-47 Thunderbolts made wide sweeps over Belgium late in the day Allied fighters brought down a total of 17 enemy planes during the day at a loss of five but at least one of the Allied pilots was safe Even greater blows are to come for Gen Henry Arnold chief of army air fqrces declared today the daylight bombing campaign of Nazidom would be stepped up in near future" with far bigger bombers able to fly through worse weather than Flying Fortresses This campaign now has No 1 priority on American heavy bomber production Arnold said and are progressing with development of planes crews and the technique for a British-based tactical air force When the time comes for continental invasion we will do what the tactical air force in Northwest Africa did so brilliantly in Tunisia and Sicily and now is doing in Wiping Out Foes The general declared that the Germans stop cur bombers 4:1 Pvt Dale Castell 19 on furlough front Gamp Robinson Ark for a visit with his mother Mrs Violet Owen 815 South Topeka was wounded in the left leg just above the knee early Sunday when he attempted to gain possession of a revolver said to have been held byj another soldier who held up Sas-j tell and robbed him of $11 Officials of the sheriff's office who investigated the shooting say Castell had taken a girl friend to her home on Flora near second and had reached Second and Elder cn his w' to the downtown district when he was accosted by another man in uniform with the deman to throw up his hand Cas-wE wish to our i many ir'er tAii crannlpri witVi thp robber find and neighbors for the lovely flo: leu grappiea uie roooer ana nd stPnriun and oympathy Shoved the revolver toward thC The minister and (hose Who sang or 1 of enco-iraeemrnt In our h( ur of in the Ion of otjr father ajnd Small black ripper coin purse brother Hubert Broun: Mrs Pyran Mrs Roger Mrs LOST Red male Cocker' Puppy 4 months old Alcott neighborhood 3-0762 Reward Hunting case gold chain name engraved on back lost 1200 block Oreen Rewards 4-2469 grounds this possibly avoiding a more serious wound After Castell fell to the ground Off delivery truck 3 hat bo one Wolf Brothers one Rafield 4-5558 Reward Black Cocker Spaniel children's net Answers to the name 'Chris ds Reward 4-9452 LOST 1 Man's Slain wrist waidh ur Phon S-3357- Kress basement contained 870 2307 Waco 5-6781 county by Stanolindl at the Frank Hewitt in the se 21-12W The discover: 1 well wa ast signed an initial pctential of 388 'barrels of oil daily from the Arj- buckle dolomite at 3404 feet totkl depth J1 As the week ended Nate Ajppte- Jmaxi it company was testing as thp No 1 Kaufman a Russell county wildcat showing as a pool opener In the nw-nw-sw-3J-1 frig In Forest Hill area the well at last reportsl was 'dose to four barrels bf oil anjhour from the Reagan sand at 3 2761 feet Some 1800 feet of oil stands hole NO water Is showing The week saw '-pool of Barton 0 producing horizon Kansas City lime No i Weber in the oentepr of the west half sw-nw-J9 The well nas drawn Ian initial por barrels of tential of ljOll oil daily Probably MARTIN Wichita builder who has erected some of the finest homes in the city has accepted a position as a residential sales representative with II Brady Inc Due to the shortage of lumber for finer homes Mr Martin has suspended his building activity for the duration of the building material shortage and with the Brady firm will devote his time to the sale of Wichita homes Mr Martin erected many homes in Eastborough and originated the tailor-made type of fine homes for this city Ci' the hold-up man rifled his pockets --1 taking all the money he had on his erjik i7- ijii Gets Post at Ui Ray who nt Auto Or Inance company Is waiting on cen ent at the No 1 National Gypsum 1 wildcat in the sw-sw-nw-10-31-1 Sw southwest of the Sun City pool Total depth Is 1100 feet with surfai casing set at 923 feet BARTOJ Gulf Oil No 2 Redetzke in the cne-ne-19- 6-llw in the Kraft-Prusa pool topped the Kansas City lime at I 063 feet and at last reports wgs drilling below 3300 feet Continental Oil No 1 Stoskopf a wildcat in the sw-sw-nw-fe2-16-13w in the Susank area is dr lling below 2300 feet Virginia Drilling company is making hole elow 1100 feet at the No 1 Stickjney a wildcat in the se-se-nw-24-1 -14w in the Barrett area BUTLER) Ingllng it Parker's Nf 1 Salter 'a wildcat in the sw-swjsw-29-29-4e is making hole belowi 2300 feet It is in the Dunn's Mill area Auto Ordnance company's No Speer a closely watched wildcat hi the nwinw-nw-14-29-5e Is drill lng below 1300 feet COWLEV Derby Oil company and No 1 -Col-llnson a wildcat in the se-sw-sw-24-30-4e in the Deichman area is drilling be ow 2360 feet Adair-Mi irton Wichita and others are making hole below 1450 feet at the No 1 Dunne a wildcat in the se-ne- se-l-30-7e Colorado Petroleum company's No 1 Johnson a wildcat in the vicinity of the nev Otter Creek pool located in he sw-sw-ne-4-35-8e is drilling below 2200 feet ELLSWORTH COUNTY Gulf Oil No 1 Lanzel a Stol-tenberg pool test in the cse-se-20-16-10w feet making hole bejow iiiuiivj is ca aru oi person and fled into the dsu'kness Six years hsve passed o-jr hearts i 111 TrnToT Sheriff deDUties Maness and Sheriff's deputies Maness and 5-3914 Reward $10 two 95 folded rfsW LOBT In 1200 block 8outh Broadway Pereonal papers sstd also-money offered one 820 two together in Lads and Lassies' Store call Mrs Clark 7-3315 iberal reward LOST Pocketbook In vicinity of Valiev Center finder returns pocketbook may keep Aves Goddard driver's license and checks fash for reward lng to California slfor his basic training in 1941 GEORGE Corporal Barrie was employed in Wichita by the Self -Linoleum company He passed the air cadet examination and wrfs transferred to the air corps the first of September An uncle of both Private Volz and Corporal Barrie and brother to Mrs! they wont have any air force left Kinder is Chief Water Tender and without any air force they George Barrie who has been won't be able to continue the in the navy since 1922 A former With the German air force under Wichitan Chief Water Tender Bar- continuous 24-hour strain rie spent his last leave in 1939 in! the Nazis appeared still to be Wichita His wife lives in Calif or- groping for defenses against bomb- i As time tors cn we miss Of crief anil sorrow Bu the parting from you was hardjrit to Sid well family: you mere we've Jhad our sh ire Pollster were in charge of the in-! vestigation at St Francis hospital) where the wounded man was taken In a private car while deputy sheriff Persons was conducting a search for the other service man near the scene of the shooting Health and Hygiene from the lime at 3J2SP feet 18 Commercial Tsti Finalied Although 19 tests Were finald ajs conimercial oil wells during) 1 the week tile same number as for the previous seven-day period total new production was Only 10520 barrels daily compared with 19091 barrels for the preceding week wn county with Ijhree well i anjd 3919 barrels of new: oil led other counties followed bv Barton ifour wells and 3350 barrets Russel two and 638 Stafford two and 1619 Pratt one And 522 Rooks ong and 267 McPherson one jand 256 Phil- oneiand 2 Kan AUTOMOTIVE PROSTATE DISEASES Treated bv Methods In blood and venereal As eases I offer -you result! Automobiles for Sale 11 nia am giving othira dally 8 ic- 1941 Dejuxe coupe Radio and heater Good tires Must sell Sun-dmy 4-5215 1 1935 FORD V-l Priced to sell 1749 Emporia on4 1 Marion ind 46 and t46 JEFFERS HANDS IN HIS RESIGNATION AS RUBBER CZAR 0 Seaman 2c Michael Slattery 19 son of Mr and Mrs Jack Slattery 425 South Green who recently completed his boot training at Farra-gut Idaho is now on leave visiting his parents in Slattery Wichita tess romes oply by gofni after the real If su are Interested In youn and your future want to useful to yourself fanbly and friends let me exp) iln my way of treatlnx this moot Import nt subject Blood Poison Prljvate Kids sy Bladder and Prostate Gland diseases UMt Vigor Varicocele Ulcers Skin Strictures Blood les's Mad i 606-914 Given to Men ikd Women Office Hours: Dailv 9 to I to I Evenings' 7 to 8 Monday Wed Sat DR If Dlseapts lips one and 155 150 Rice two Wildcatting dropped slightly) due fhgithe week 12 tesljsbeini staked a against 19 for the: previous week when one of the best marks 0t thp year was recorded Barton aiu 1933 DE SOTO Must sell today Alo 4-year-old Guernsey cow gluing 4 gallons 1st house west of Beech No 3 on East Kellogg pqjj 1938 Ford Coupe Good tires i new battery excellent condition I JL3 Tooeks 4-2651 IFOR SALE Or trade 1937 Pontine tudor heater fair tires clean inside and out 2-1241 in Tells' Roosevelt Job" Is Complete Col- Brad- ley Dewey Is Appointed Special Notices Legal as Successor Wichita ML'XICAN LEGAL 1937 FORD V-8-60 Motor res in good condition See it at 1563 So Water Rellajllr 1 1838''HUDSorrnad0 heater extra xood tires motor recently overhaud 111 er forces making a shambles of Berlin The Lancasters last night not only had to dogfight through Nazi interceptors which the Stockholm Aftonbladet said met them as far as 100 miles from the capital but also had to brave fairly heavy antiaircraft fire over the target In the two previous heavy assaults the Germans had held down ground fire trying to turn back the raiders with searchlights and fighters-The German communique acknowledged civilian casualties nnd considerable damage in some districts of the town and reported 27 raiders destroyed Swedish correspondent in Berlin said the RAF strudk the heart of Berlin and that government building mainly clustered around the famous Wilhelmstrasse had been Pvt Thomas hit Cantrell stationed! at an army cbiuP AiiniiiiiiAVfi ukaVnwfctai CLOUDBURSTS SEND on a furlough vis-1 iting his parents Mr and Mrs: Cantrell 742 South Water) His sister Mrs CREEKS FROM BANKS (Continued from Page 1) I Personals 8 Terrace Drive lltl'tcp Manor '32 FORD -16 In urev 3612 21st as rubber director wrote him 1 wanted a for i6-year-oid high! that as I dislike to have you' achool toy to room and byard He appearing pleasant 9oy leae the public service at thLs write vviehta Eagle bjx no os-w Pherson counties each got tw neW wildcats and singles were sBakejd in the following other counties: Barber Stafford Sheridan $cdg-wick Marion ph Rice 1 Fifteen Dusters i Fifteen tests were Rnaled as dusters compared with ID for the weejk ruling August 27 Three i the failures were in Ellis county 4 two each in Stafford and ise while Barton Sedgwick MAgon Cowley Harvey and Pratt eact had a disappointment The state corporation during the week st the Kansas crude oil allowable for Septf inber at 290D0Q barrels dajlly unchanged from August but 10300 nairtejs dally below the recotnmendatlqn ql Petroleum Admlnistitator Hail! olid Xckes 1 Pipeline runs of Kbnsas crape ol LIEUT RICHARD MITCHELL new personnel adjutant for the 85th College Training detachment at the University of Wichita At the time of the attack on Pearl Harbor Lieutenant Mitchell was stationed in the Hawaiian islands as an enlisted man in the personnel division of the coast artillery Immediately before coming to Wichita he was stationed at the army air field at Coffeyville Kan Lieutenant Mitchell resides at 819 graduated from 2500jfast high SChool this spring and PRATT COUNTY Skelly Oil was a 1942 grid compctny is testing at the No 1 star on thecham-Helmke In the cnw-ne-6-27- ship Blue 12w In tHe Iuka pool Hole orig- Aces eleven He lnally was carried to 4318 feet in returns to his base the Arbudkle where a good show shortly of oil was logged Acidized the well produced bnly one-half gallon of oil and 25 gallons of fresh water an hour-jOperators then plugged back to- tet the Simpson topped at 4310 feet At last reports the well was swabbing one-half barrel of oil an hour RENO Cities Service Oil company is testing the No 3 Freeman in the cne-se-6-24-10w in the Peace Creek-Zenith area The Viola lime was topped at 3724 feet Scinch pie was set at 3429 feet and hole vas carried to 3434 feet Streamline Cannot tell A' 1 club coape new retapped Excellent condition SPECIAL Good tirea radio Going to army 8undiy nlgbt i 1 Spent Leave Here time I cannot ask you to make a want to adopt baby kt btrtii vrm further 1 defray expenses Wri'c Box Dodge City Kansas Aide Gets Post iuuiramrea b-cusi buud mi While the exchange of letters SUFFERING! from wemlt arebes I nd new 2223 Kelloss wnue uie exuiauBc icucia mBnT other aches and 'pains cau made public by the White House from foot trouble Try tbe Griffiths did not refer to a successor it was! learned from reliable sources that! he had recommended his deputy director Cal Bradley Dewey presi-j dent of the Dewey and Almy Chemical company of Boston to! succeed him Dewey has virtually a free hand under Jeffers in gukl- i am ing technical phases The White House announced verbally however that Dewey had been named acting director The copies of the letters made public by the White House were not dated but Jeffers' associates said he sent his note to the White House on Thursday but would remain In Washington a week or so '39 OLDSMOBILE i 5 pp- tires radio Central I am net particularly coai-looltin I hare a good distortion I have parent and 1 rto want a aond hoi ho trams a arl to wlvtn they can USJ FORD TUDOR DELUXE Pontiac 6 Sedan Guaranteed actual 5000 mile PONTIAC Convertible cylinder 1040 model Five tirec Radio heater 610 'N Seneca 1940 BUICK Runs and look like new and underseat heater Highest bid takes It by 3424 St Louis Rsdlo and xas 1330 FORD V-8 and good condition Clearwater Kansas CONVERTIBLE 1940 Radio and heater Pho 3-0955 '37 rilack Richardson of J' Ten-inch Rain Strikes in Dodge City is here Area fr6m Near Kins- to visit with him ley to Dodge City averaged 263343 baiirela fr rfi! thS the week ending AiRust 30 34418 barrels froml ths Good nhanr heater 2014 crease of in prelir ilnary tests the well Good tires previous week KINSLEY Sept Cloud- son of Mrs heater swabbed One and one-half barrels jof oli an hour Continental Ingllng is Par- mont "having ker's No 1 Amerine a closely COIpie ted the watched uildcat in the ne-ne-se- basic training 33-28-lOw southeast of Turon at last reporqi was drilling below 3735 feet Harry Alexander Alexander course of the Air Corps at Jefferson Heed for Higher Oil Ogling Is Emphasized A higher ceiling price for jrude for Good rubber Clem Schruck 5 passenger 4 door sedan 1'-1 i WILL Two rdfined children 1213 Andrews Winfield Kansas oil as a means of assuring our country "adequate supplies cl oil however long the war may la fc" i advocated by the Standan 01 fftwipany (N J) in an ed lorial which will appear ini the fort! looming Issue of the company a lubll-Lamp text (of whicq was ubllc today rtcom mendatlon of Harold Icke pe- 406 South Bel-bursts west of Kinsley last night sent north and south Coon creeks out of their banks today inundating much farmland and parts of Kinsley Rain estimated by fanners at about 10 Inches fell In an area beginning about four miles of Kinsley west almost to Dodge City The area Is drained by the creeks Water rose rapidly late yesterday and Inundated low sections of the city Many basements were flooded and water ran in streets of the business district Highway 50S was blocked west of town and several cars and trucks were stalled Highway 45 also was blocked Highway 50S was open to the east Warer began receding slowly after 'noon today In Kinsley rainfall totaled only Barracks Mo is now enrolled in an ad-vane flight training course at Macalester college St Paul Minn A graduate of East high he completed one semester at KSAC at Manhattan before enter- the service He is a member of DeMolay and the Presbyterian church Eugene II Blue 19 son of Mr condition Radio $550 excellent radio Barn owned RICE OUNTY Phillips Petroleum com any's No 1 Volkland in the ne-ne-sw-27-18-9w in the Chase area at last reports was making hole at around 1300 feet STAFFGiRD COUNTY Sinclair Prairie Ol No Smith In the sw-ne-nw-3-25-15w in the neu Farmington pool south of Macksv lie Is dry 4nd abandoned 1 1 1 '40 CHEVIE 8uper Deluxe Coach Good Va dean ear Good rubber Priced to sell See any time 348 Washington is und at 4495 fet in the Arbuckle topped the company points nit that dne of at 4455 fe it its directors two yefars ago hlled Atlantic'! No 1 Hoffman a wild attention to the ned for 1 Igher cat in the csw-ne-2-2i-13w north io: east of Hazel pool at last re- prices to stimulate txploratl good Jones before returning to the Union Pacific headquarters in Omaha Neb In his letter Jeffers told Mr Roosevelt: "The problem of taking care of the requirements of the armed forces and keeping the country on income tax rubber meanwhile conserving the Ef01101 Lurn" reasonable nation's stock pile of natural crude TT Is well in hand though there is a or present and prospective shortage of tire fabric which is the responsi- will board and a small ch bility of the war production board boy undtr s- "Ml mb KASTSIDEMuMrarmgarten clil-i PLYMOUTH SPECIAL aii oi rne major sjntnetic ruo- tOT moers worh Oer plants the construction of' shop Equipped play roni Fen which Ls under the jurisdiction of yard 4-653i the office of rubber director are income tax frepa red either completed or substantially 15 with the exception of three! Practically all of the material is! available for the completion these three (He did not name the plants) Shortly before the White House announcement Jeffers talked with reporters who came to check reports he was leaving He told them he wanted to go back to hell of a big railroad that needs my When he was asked whether he would consider taking another government job in Washington he replied with an explosive Master Deluxe excellent heater good 4-ply tires Call 3303 Ash 3-0073 I '37 PONTIAC 4-dpor convertible and heater new 'paint Good tires 601 Hillside 1941 HUDSON Commodore Sedan 6 condition good tires heater 26000 miles 2414 4-2253 after 5 1941 Ford DeLuxe CoUpe Good condition Oood tires Low mileage Privately 620 West 2nd El Dorado Kn Cl-an extra rood tires low ed: mileage 1724 Market 1939 V-V FORD Tirea In condition S750 00 cash John Mulvane Kansas MADAME ZORA Gifted reader Readli 1938 4-door sedan 4 new tires Bodv perfect Applv 3178 Oreenwqv Brd 41 CHEVROLET Special Deluxe Town Radio heater Runs anil looks new Excellent tires 1808 8 Broadway '43 OLDS '76" Radio fine condition throughout 81305 WHITE MOTOR CO 1021 2-9152 Takes a FOR SALE 1041 Ford station wagon 18000 miles 35T Oreen The company conjpared sorje oU ports was coring with Blue 1633 Burns left about an inch producers with a stpre-keepe: who: 3691 feet in the Arbuckle tapped ws8 selling his merchandise jat a at 3683' eft profit on Its cpst tp him bid not gthigh enough pi Atlantic is deepening gt the No 2 Hiss a Rothgam pool test in the cne -se-10-21-13w after last month for air Considerable corps training at! the flooded Miami Beach Fla planted wheat was formerly planting employed as poultry was lest in area and some newly fields will need re-He retread at ilaoe ucer sedan like Rosie life Riveter at Roeing Plants heater ID Douglas ENSIGN WILLIAM DUSTIN 23 son of Mr and Mrs Dustin 439 South Volntsia recently home on leave has been sent to Newport Rhode Island where he expects to be assigned to a PT boat crew Dustin graduated from El Dorado junior college and UCLA in Los Angeles from where he went directly to USNR midshipman's- school at Northwestern university He was commissioned an ensign August 20 In college Dustin majored In music He specializes on clarinet saxophone and piano tires eer- tabulating operator at Cudahy's Blue is a graduate of North high! where he was a member of the swimming and il track teams He tended Wichita university last winter He is an Eagle scout and was active In sea scouting is being forced to 11 it was said The company declkred the ltus-tion cannot be me: as has beep suggested by impoits of oil and added that it coul not ad acafe that the nation uld depe: ta time of war on imports of a jjveri table sinew of war The argument tha a hlghei ceil lng would be inflatonary wap described as beside thi aspects of war are nature inflationary Germany has leaned that indispensable whatever the our country also mpst con possess adequate supplies te hill bua- one gt Hon of oil and two gallons of wa ex' per hour at 3599 feet In the At uckle cut at 3585 feet At last remits tools were at 3630 feet wherp a test probably will be made Gulf Ol company la fishing at 3045 feet total depth at the No 1 Andrea in the center of the line ne-s -4-23-12W north of the Bedford ol Buchanan and others are attemptini to regain circulation which was lost at 3140 feet at the No 1 Lan a wildcat in the center of he north line nw-se-23 22-12w a ie and one-half miles east of th Spangenberg pool Bartlett and No 1 Klsner in the center of the east half se-ha-3-22-13w one mile south of the Gates pool is drilling below 2200 feet RUSSELL Ohio OU company It building derrick for the No 1 Bender- a newly staked test gi hr mail 8100 Write Wichita Basle aj 176R Telephone 3-4573 iAppoIntmei only '40 CHEVROLET Special deluge 3-door Heater 5 General dual 0 tires maroon finish Iow mileage 1808 8 Broadway 3-7451 50 Milas to Work COFFEE READING Clear up troubles by Oerfrude 11 4-7561 836 8 Emporia 1 43 CHEVROLET Fleetline Aero sedan Likp new fully equipped Would trade for cheaper car No Sunday calls 201 8 Minnesota 5-4001: 5-1707 Spiritual rAdvlscr Rea d- JYdSllcl lng DaliS Circle i- dex at 8 pi Formerly 341 Mathewson now 205 Yolutsia Texas Leads ii Output for Hal LATE '38 Convertible black sedan Fine radio and heater fair tires gcod condition Call at 538 Fountain 1936 FORD 84 4 door sedan very clean 1938 Ford tudor fair -condition good tires 1S32 Ford model tudor good condition Corner 9th and Broadway LADY LEEl i lU in 1937 PLYMOUTH Oood condition $395 425 Ellis Wallace Land son of Mr and Mrs Lean Land 1709 Parker Is stationed at the army air field at Amarillo Tex Wallace graduated from the Norwich high school In 1942 and attended Wichita university the past school year He was a member of the ROTC at the university Wa 1 la worked in the as-countlng department of Wilson and company prior to entering the service on August 17 UNDERGOES OPERATION Ralph Briggs 3130 Maple street is convalescing from a knee operation at St Francis hospital Gifted life reader true medium She ai no questions but tells exactly what wish to know: the truth good or bad 11 affairs of life love marriage court ahlp divorce health and btilnesa trai i actions Everybody welcome! No readli by mail Daily and Sunday 1127 BROADWAY rii So lone RBdr' JLV mvt0 Sunday by the center of the south for oil in ALASKAN SEALSKIN DISPLAY AT WALKER'S It's a far aivav jaunt indeed from the fog-bound islands of the Pri-bilofs in the Bearing sea to the smart shops in the United State to Walkers in Wichita And yet the denizens of these remote Arctic isles find their keenest appreciation thousands of miles from their northern breeding grounds The tireless voyaging so characteristic of Alaska seals throughout their span of life is in a sense- kept up by their pelts finally trans mitted to the softest and most beautiful fur garments worn in every fashionable quarter of the globe For every woman who loves luxury loves Alaskan sealskin For a full week period Walkers are showing the natural Alaska sealskins in a display worthy of attendance The production also includes the finished garments in a glorious array at styling for winter wear line sw-sef-21-15-14w in the Trapp area FOR SALE OR Model A Ford For what have you 3-8B2S 1925 8 Washington HOUSTON TEX oil producjtlon in Jumped last week parrels daily to production for the States the Oh We The lower gulf doSst of Pexqs was up! 10300 banels the upper I gulf coast increased Texas field was up West Texas wss cr Kilted wi an increase of appro: Imately 42300 barrels nited appointment 027 Broadway Ph 3-3Z28 1934 FORD Deluge sedan good rubber must sell 1050 Emporia 2-0074 Owner VIOLET JACKSO Readings si 1135 8 Spiritual Adviser Hydraulic- 3-5610 1040 Coach ra-alo heater new paint recently over-30000 miles 8890 4-753Z 8015 Dougloa Eekard POLIO CREASES IN CHICAGO CHICAC Sept WV-Twexity-two new cases and one additional death fro infantile paralysis in the last 4 hours increased Chicago's epic emlc total since July to 447 cases i nd 44 deaths the health department reported today WANDA olTe names datea a on business gyve or fam I 'rouble Removes obstacle If In trouble consult her 931 8 Broad woj( xete resul Ode visit heti For sale 1936 Plymouth coupe cheap Apt 4 249 Vs Main jroductloi by average Daily states: BROWN HAIRED blue eyed Adeline Rose O'Malley is Boeing-Wichita's original the Dubbed the name when she begun work there as a riveter's helper nearly two years ago she still never hears her real name at the factory Boeing employes like to think the song the was written for her 7B Travel Opportunities SeptT 8 AT iBept BUYS ULTRAMODERN APARTMENT 1940 Chevrolet Tudor Good condition 41 radio and acenorln Breadvlcw for csh' LXAV7NO 4 fhr Colorado Springe for 1 waek can ta paesenters round trip on one wav I e-tore 0:30 a or after 3-QT 3 Transportation far two lad to Loi Angelei Calif goon Share peases References Call 4-8483 1080 Sedai in Arkansan California Colorado Illinois Indians Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Mlchiian Mississippi XClssouri Montana fN edraska radio and Beater very clean good rubber Call after 3pm 8-5300 PITTSBURG TEACHERS OPENING IS DELAYED Week Ending Sept 78400 787400 7350 310350 14750 348300 33050 365000 58800 1000 OS 23650 1050 309150 14050 0050 334050 43300 30 1731100 nos 1040 A-1 condition throughout Good tires 509 Pjatt 3 Deluxe Coupe Radio and exeellent pro-waxPtlrea 8379 3301 8L Broadway 5-5910 Feck I Indlng i ug 3a 78308 733106 7009 313480 13490 307000 33400 353150 53100 24U0 5 33090 1900 105 MO 14100 000 370200 11713300 474059 -371169 130190 iao9oo 73090 17000 29X460 140700 UN 10 DOING AN UNUSUALLY good Job as a farm wife Ethel Hopkins still finds time to do a war Job at the Boeing Airplane company a 50-mile round-trip to and from her job at the Boelng-Wlchita she's a primary home near Clearwater helps to maintain a -1 RUSSIA MAKES BRIEF INVASION BROApCASlT MOSCOW Sept OtV-Thetlr it pews of the British-Canadian lam -ings in southern Italy was broadcast to the Russian people near the i repo of the regular t041 Super 4-door Extra PITTSBURG Sepfc JPh-President Rees Hughes of the State Teachers college here announced today the opening of the fall terms at the state school scheduled for next Tuesday had been until September 201 328-acre farm She makes each day work On the plants assembler At she 4: ln PCmq Unar Fluid! drive 8edon brougham 13000 miles Radio Uk last night Near Mexico Wew York Otilo i Oklahoma Pennajlrania TenneaseO Tisai Upper Gulf Coast East Texas Field Beat of East Texas lover Gulf Coast Southwest Texas South Central Texas 1 West Texas North Texas Panhandle- trialT West Virginia 470350 370300 130350 100400 73750 loolosS 140750 7050 00060 'v original the is Adeline Rose 0Malleyf who has been employed at the local Boeing plants since January 1942 Rosie who doesn't even have a chance to use her first name at Boeing has always been Adeline to the folks in her home town Scam-mon Kan Then the war began and Rosie came to work at Boeing She was hired as a riveter's helper but it long before her aptl tude resulted in her becoming a full-fledged the first woman riveter in her department The minute she hit the sheet metal-assembly department her foreman dubbed her the Riveter" The rest of the department took up her new Some months later everyone started humming snatches of a new tuns dedl-! cated to women in Industry It i swept the country that the Riveter Boeing employes automatically dedicated it to a little brown-haired blue-eyed five-footer named Rosie has never lived down her nickname or the snatches of I it reach her ears every day I 900 13X00 IW4t 4134213 UISAU 103 GULF OFFIC AL DIES V'V'v TULSA OKLA 1 Sept 4 A-JPh Howard It Aerswall SI issiistant a Pmiperintendent of production for Gull Oil corporation died a 1 few minute after he suffered a 'heart attack while playing golf at Vth Oakhurst Couitiy dub here this afternoon Hf was al past it president of the THIS ULTRA-MODERN 8-tmlt brick court apartment at 125-135 East X7th was feuiehased recently by Mr and Mrs Leo Harris from DiL Cole The sale was made by Wilson of the Wood-tide Brqs realty The Woodside Bros say that property of this type Is In desnand at1 this time I'- i -duh' i I'.

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