Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on June 25, 1973 · Page 12
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 12

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, June 25, 1973
Page 12
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Moriday, June 25; 1973 Saturday Morning Fire Guts Second Floor in Abingdon ABINGDON - The tfow of rfihe Ihrame of Mr, Ura. Glen Adains on Front ShPeet was gutted by life Sat* Uirdiay rniorninig. The Abingdon Fine Depart* meant responded to rtihe alarm which was called in about 10 a.m. According to Fine Chief J. 0. Simms, the Adams' fovo grand- ehaldipen ages about 8 and 10, wore trying fo> find a cat. They ligniited a piece of paper to use as a torch to enable them to see better, and the fire was started. Tlie children were in the second blouse alone at the time the fire sterted, and they went to the home of a neighbor for help. Simms said the delay that ensued afawed the fire to gain headway before firemen arrived. Tlie home sustained water damage in the tost floor, but the ifiine was confined to the upper floor. The home was re* pointedly covered by insurance. No damage estimate had been set this morning. Members of Berean Baptist Church will meeit at the home of the pastOT, iRev. Joseph Wiser, for a Bible study and Antique Car Winners Listed KNOXVILLE - First place winners at the weekend antique car show were: Walt Kostelecky, 1925 Chevrolet (early 20s category); L. V. Pringle, 1929 Model A (late 20s category); John Huff, 1931 Model A (early 30s category); and Bill Burgland, MG (classic category). Each winner received an antique brass horn. Other winners in the 2-day car show and flea market sponsored by the Knoxville Business Assn. include: Terry Duncan, 1937 Ford, aid Don Rice, 1931 Model A, second place. Mrs. Batty Pitts took first place in the people's choke category with her 1913 Model T. Paul Lkigwall took second with a 1926 REO (related story on page 2.) Einar Hansen was voted chauffer of the show with his 1908 International Harvester. The cars paraded through the streets Saturday and a stew supper was served during the evening in the park. A street dance followed. On Sunday the 102nd Illinois Voluntary Infantry Regiment was sworn in by Col. Hanner of Moline. ABINGDON MRS. GERALDINE BAUER CORRESPONDENT Home Address: RED St. Augustine, 111. Ph. 462-24?? prayer service Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Cameron of Nevada, Mo., are visiMng (this week alt the home of his parents,. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Cameron Sr. Mrs. Bent Brock is spending the week at the home of her parailbs, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Pemren, Neelyville, Mo. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Beardsley dirove to Aurora Saturday to bring home their son, David, Rod Thomas and John Mangier! The. boys had attended a football camp there for the past week. Miss Monica Mangier! visited Mends ait Blioomington Sunday. Mrs. Patricia Bauer, Manito, a tamer Abtogdon resident, is spending the week alt the home of her son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mi's. Pat Bauer. A weekend guasit at the home was Mrs. Manly Urish of Green Valley. $139 Million Okayed for Flood Control The Knoxville High School Class of 1940 held its annual reunion Saturday at the Holiday Inn in Galesburg. Co-chairmen of the event were Mr. and Mrs. Russel Carlson and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Anderson. Among those present were Mr. and Mrs. Willard Swigert; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Anderson (Margaret King); Mr. and Mrs. Walter Simpson, Galesburg; Mr. and Mrs. Herman Wilson (Kaitherine Huff) Frankfort, fold.; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Peterson (Named Gates) Galva; Mr. and Mrs. Dean Johnson and Mr. and Mrs. Phil Eklund, Gilson. Circles of the United Method- KNOXVILLE ANNABEL PETERSON CORRESPONDENT Home Address: 210 N. Timber St. Phone 289-2816 I I STEIN'S For COSTUME JEWELRY Calesburg's Most Complete Selection of Earrings — Bracelets — Pins — Necklaces — Costume Rings Leo Stein & Sons, Inc. JEWELRY DEPT. 349 E. MAIN ST. — Downtown Galesburg ist Church will meet Wednesday. Sarah English will be 10 a.m. at James Knox Park Rebecca Giles will meet at p.m. at the home of Mrs. Mary Baugbman; Judith Hawks will be at 1:15 at the church .to go to the home of Mr. Kenneth Witherell; and the Faith Morning Circle will meet at 9:30 at the home of Mrs. Dean Simkins. Fire Department Fails Fire Test LIMA, Mont. (UPI) - The first miajor blaze in 18 years hit this little northwestern Montana comunity over the weekend— and the fire department flun ked. ( The siren didn't work and the extinguishers were empty when the department tried to quench the blaze which partially destroyed Bnamlett's Cafe. Logical Solution LONDON (UPI) - With Britain embroiled in another controversy over nationalizing industries and losses in those already state-owned, the following letter—quoted in full—from Lt. Col. W.E.C. Peititman appeared today in The London Times: "Sir, why not nationalize crime? Then it won't pay." The first fleet of motorized taxis in the United States made its debut in New York in 1907 FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE. Is Pleased To Accept Your TAX For Knox County In Our Drive-In, Walk-Up and Main Bank or By Mail, THE FARMERS AND MECHANICS BANK GALESBURG, ILLINOIS MEMBEfl OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION • The . bloodmobile will be in Knoxville Wednesday from 12-6 p.m. at the Legion Hall. "WASfflNdtM (UPI) - The House Appropriations Commit tee today approved $139 million —$29 million more than Presi dent Nixon re^uesbed-for flood control projects along the Mis sissippi River and its tributaries. The projects approved by the committee as part of a $4.7 public works appropriations bill for fiscal 1974 exceeded the fis cal 1973 appropriations for this purpose by more than $27 mil lion. Wiiile the administration made its requests in a budget proposal submitted to Congress late in January the committee acted in the wake of record spring floods that caused an estimated $494'million damage. The committee noted that the spring torrents flooded an esti mated 13.6 million • acres of land and forced more than 50,000 persons to flee from their homes. But the levees and other flood controls the Army Corps of Engineers already has completed in parts of the river system are estimated to have prevented, an additional $7.4 billion damage toll, the committee said. in a report submitted to the House along with the new ap- propiriatlons bill the committee said It had learned that "certain main line levee grades" In this protection system "have been found deficient." The report said: "Within funds provided, the corps is urged to initiate work to correct deficiencies in levee grades on the main line levee system, Including work on Mfa-liniillion slssippi River levees, Atchafalaya (basin, Tensas basin - Red River backwater area, lower Red River—south bank and old river." The committee also suggested; that the engineers begin studies to determine what modifications may be needed to meet threats of heavy floods in the future The committee approved $94.5 Church Drops Sexist Words ST. LOUIS (UPI) - The-Unit ed Church of Christ became the first major denomination to eliminate sexist language from its constitution and bylaws Sunday night. The more than 700 delegates to the biennial convention approved changing "chairman" to "chairperson" and "he" to "he or she" throughout the 38-page document. Delegates to the convention also planned to picket Teamster Union headquarters here and join Cesar Chavez's United Farm Workers picket line in California today. The legislative body of the 1.9 million - member church voted late Saturday to demonstrate the church's support of the farm workers' cause and a jurisdictional dispute with the Teamsters Union. The delegation of 95 persons left St. Louis Sunday night and planned to return tonight to report to the convention. Accident Fatal CARROLLTON, 111. (UPI) Larry Hill, 24, Roodhouse, died during the weekend when the car that he was driving went off Providence Road a half mile east of here and overturned several times. READ THE WANT ADS! <iu ...«m for planning and construction of added protections, $42.9 million for.maintenance of existing facilities, and $1.5 million for general Investigations of other needs. Among the larger items approved for construction and planning were: Mississippi River levees $11.5, channel improvements $40.5 million, St. Francis River basin $14 million, West Tennessee tributaries $1.4 million, Boeuf and Tensas rivers $1.9 mlllfotti Red River backwater $2.6 million, and Atehafalaya basin $15 million. LOSE WEIGHT THIS WEEK The Odr/nex Plan can help you become the slim trim person that you would like to be. Odrlnox has been used successfully by thousands ell over the country for 14 years. Get rid of excess fat and live longer. Odrinex Is a tiny tablet and easily swallowed.Contalns nodangerous drugs. No starving. No special exercises. Odrinex Plan costs $3.25 and the large economy size $5.25. You must lose ugly fat or your money will be refunded. No questions asked. Accept no substitutes. Sold with this guarantee by.- LEGAL NOTICE TO ALL PRESENT AND FORMER ANNUAL RATE REGULAR POSTAL EMPLOYEES AND THE REPRESENTATIVES OP . DECEASED ANNUAL RATE REGULAR POSTAL EMPLOYEES REGARDING POSSIBLE ENTITLEMENT TO BACK WAGES This notice is published in conformity with a Consent Order entered August 26, 1971 by the United States District Court for the District of Columbia in settlement of Civil Actions Nos. 3593-69 and 3595-69. Its purpose is to bring this settlement to the attention of all persons who were full-time annual rate regular employees of the United States Postal Service (as used herein the term "Postal Service" includes the former Post Office Department) at any time between approximately March 4, 1966 and January 7,1972, as well as representatives of such employees who are now deceased. The settlement involves the recovery of back wages for overtime under Public Law 89-301, for temporary re-scheduling under the conditions set forth under paragraph I-A below. This, notice is intended to advise such persons of their rights regarding this matter. It should be read carefully. The lawsuits described aboye were filed on December 19, 1969 as "class actions" on behalf of all such present and'former annual rate regular postal employees. The named plaintiffs in these suits are certain individual postal employees and the following postal -labor unions':' American. Postal Worker! Union, AFL-CIO; Mail Handlers Division of the Laborers' International Union, AFL-CIO; and the National Association of Letter Carriers,. I. SUMMARY OF THE CONSENT ORDER ENTERED IN THE "CLASS ACTIONS'^ The Consent Order establishes rules regarding the payment of back wages to those present and former postal employees (or the representatives of deceased postal employees) who were entitled to, but did not receive, time and one-half for work performed outside of their, regular schedule as a result of a required temporary schedule change as set forth below; A complete statement of these rules is not set forth in this notice. The following rules represent only the basic conditions which apply to'claims. Detailed Operating Instructions and the Consent Order "will be available to potential claintanis, as indicated in'para­ graph B below. A. Qualification, for Back Wages under."Class Action" Consent Order ' .;!..>..-. 1. For the period from approximately March 4, 1966' to January 7, 1972, annual- rate regulars were entitled to overtime wages under Public .Law 89-301 for work performed during days or hours outside .of their regular schedule as a result of a required temporary schedule change, unless 'the schedule change occurred while' they were occupying any of the following positions: (1) postmaster;-'^) rural carrier; (3) postal inspector; (.4) road duty employee (as defined in 39 U.S.C. Sec. 3581 (1962)); (5) substitute employee; (6) hourly rate regular employee; (7) annual rate regulars who,-between March 4, 1965 and July 29, 3 966,'were in salary level PFS-8 and above; (8) annual rate regulars who, between July 29, 1966.and October 6, 1967, were in salary level PFS-11 and above; (9) annual rate regulars who, after October 6, 1967, were in salary level PFS- 12 and above or equivalent levels. 2. Any temporary schedule change on the part of an annual rate regular which was not made at his request for his convenience is a "required schedule change" for which the employee is entitled to overtime compensation for, work performed put- side of his regular schedule^ without regard to the nature of the work performed under the temporary schedule. Temporary schedule changes made at an employee's request for his convenience-are not compensable at the overtime rate. B. Claims Procedure under "Class Action," Consent Order • 1. The Consent Order establishes procedures for the filing of claims by present employees, former employees and the representatives of deceased employees who assert entitlement to overtime back wages under paragraph A above. 2. Claims Procedure for Present Employees (a) As soon as practical after July 30,1073, all present employees will be notified by their installation head that their time records are available for examination. In most cases these records date back to the first pay period in which regular work schedules were assigned under Public Law 89-301, and end with the pay period terminating on January 7,1972. (b) Each present employee is entitled to be excused from his normal tour of duty for up to one hour to review his time records and will be compensated for that hour at his straight time, rate of compensation. In addition, he may remove his records from the installation for the purpose of such review, (c) Special claim forms will be available in all postal installations. It will be necessary for the employee to indicate on the claim form those hours for which he believes he is entitled to recover overtime back wages. '(d) An employee's failure to file a claim, with his installation head within 90 days of receipt of notice that his time records are available for inspection will waive his right to present a claim. However, upon good cause shown, the time for filing a claim shall be extended. (e) An employee may submit a claim even though his time records are no longer available. (f) After an employee has submitted his claim, the local installation head will review it to determine whether the claim should be approved for payment. If the claim is denied, the employee will be entitled to appeal. 3. Procedure for Former Employees and the Representatives of Deceased Employees Essentially, the same rules apply to claims by former employees and representatives of deceased employees, with the following exceptions: (a) The Postal Service will attempt to notify former annual rate regulars of their rights in this matter by forwarding a. copy of this notice to their Jast known address on JiJe with the United States Civil Service Commission or the appropriate Postal Service Data Center. (b) Any former employee, or the representative of a deceased employee, who receives this notice from the Postal Service by # mail must request access to the employee's time records in Writing within 60 days of receiving such notice or waive his right to-present a claim. (c) Any former employee, or the representative of a deceased employee, who does not receive a copy of this notice from the Postal Service by mail must request access to the employee's time records within three years of July 1, 1973, or waive his right to present a claim. (d) The time records of former employees are located at the post offices and postal installations where these employees worked. Accordingly, a former employee or a representative of- a >, deceased employee may request-access to such records (1) ,by visiting, or writing 1 directly'to, the head of each post office or postal installation where the employee- was employed, or (2) by asking any local postmaster for assistance in obtaining such records. When making the request, a former employee must identify himself as a. former postal employee who is requesting access to his time records under the "Consent Order Procedure," and must state his name, social security number, and the post office(s) or postal installation (s) where he worked. The representative of a deceased employee should- follow the same procedure with regard to the deceased employee involved and must also indicate on what basis he or she is acting as the deceased employee's representative. (e) Upon receiving notice from the Postal Service that the records are available for examination, a former employee or the representative of -a deceased employee must submit his claim as provided in paragraphs B2(c)-(f) of this' notice. C Notification of Determination of Claims 1 «• The installation head or his designee will notify the claimant in writing of the disposition of his claim within 90 days of the date the claim is filed. Failure to notify the claimant of a determination of the claim within 90 days will constitute automatic approval of the entire claim. If a claim is denied, the decision will state the reason(s) for denial.. 2. If, within 30 days of receipt of the written de- . cision regarding the claim, the claimant fails to advise the Postal Service official who signed the decision that he either (1) accepts-the decision in full, or (2) rejects the decision in full, he will be deemed to have accepted the decision in full. 3. If the. claimant rejects the decision, he may appeal in accordance with the procedures set forth in the Operating Instructions. 4. Employees who remain part of the class and also remain represented by counsel for the named plaintiffs shall be bound by such counsel's decisions regarding the settlement or other disposition of claims. X>. Payment of Claims When a final decision has been made to pay the claim, the claimant will promptly receive payment from the Postal Service in accordance with the decision. E. Additional Information Additional information regarding the contents of this notice may be obtained from Donald M. Murtha, Esquire, counsellor plaintiffs, Department P, Suite 703, 1828 L Street,. N.W., Washington, D.C. 20036, A copy of the Consent Order may be obtained by writing to Mr, Clyde Wilson, Claims Administrator, Room 3532, U.S. Postal Service Headquarters, 12th & Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20260. The Operating Instructions and claim forms will be available in postal installations when the claims procedure is implemented. If. ELECTIONS AVAILABLE TO MEMBERS OF THE CLASS The Consent Order declares that the named plaintiffs are proper representatives of the entire class of present and former postal employees entitled to recover overtime back wages under Public Law 89-301. Under the Consent Order and Rule 23 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, members of the class are entitled to be advised that the following elections are available to them: A. Any person who claims entitlement to overtime back wages under Public Law 89-301, but does not wish to participate in this "class action" litigation will, it he requests exclusion, bo excluded by the court from the class action insofar, as his individual claim is not within the reach of Rule 23(b)(1) or (2), Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Such exclusion must be reqaestcd by letter addressed to the undersigned at P.O. Box 978, Ben Franklin Sfation, Washington, D.C, , AFL-CIO. 20044, postmarked not later than rnidnight, July 15,1973. Any person who does not elect to be so excluded will be fully bound by the settlehjent in this litigation. A person who elects to be so excluded from the class will be free, subject to .the adjudication of issues within the reach of Rule 23(b)(1) or (2), Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, to pursue whatever individual legal remedies he may have: If he should independently recover back wages under Public Law 89-301, he may nevertheless be required under law to pay attorney fees to the counsel who.initiated, these "clsss set ions ^ v 1 * B. If a person does not so request exclusion from the class hy July 15, 1973, he will automatically be included in the class, and his entitlement will be detennined under the Consent Order and any subsequent orders the court may enter in the matter, and he will be bound thereby. , t . C. If any such person does not request exclusion from this "class action" litigation, but elects to be represented by his own counselrather than by counsel for the named plaintiffs, his cpunsel must enter an appearance in this litigation not laler 4han July 15,1973. m -FINALHEARTNG PRIOR TO THE COURT ENTERING PARTIAL FINAL JUDGMENT The Consent Order referred to under I abovo was entered into with a view to effecting the expeditious processing of all the individual claims involved in this, class-action.litigation. The Court has now preliminarily entered (in accordance with Rule 23(d), Federal Rules of Civil Procedure) a further Order and Decision implementing the Consent Order, which (1) approves the detailed operating instructions under the Consent Order; and (2) determines several legal issues incident to implementation of the Consent Order, as to which parties were unable to reach agreement. (The detailed operating instructions under the Consent Order have now been designated "Back Pay Claims Instructions, etc.") The Court will conduct a Final Hearing on all issues which have been decided by the Court in this litigation, in Courtroom 22, United States Court-House, 3d Street and Constitution Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C. at 10:00 am. on July 30, 1973. Any person claiming to be a member of the class who wishes to be heard in this matter .by an attorney other than the attorneys who represent the original plaintiffs in this litigation, will bo afforded due opportunity to be heard thereat by his attorney, provided his attorney so notifies the undersigned Clerk of Court in'writing prior to' July The Court will upon conclusion of that hearing enter an order effecting partial Final Judgment disposing of all issues which have been decided as of the date of such Final Judgment, subject to the Court, upon being advised by the parties that all aspects of the controversy have been settled, entering the Final Judgment contemplated by "the Consent Order, as heretofore amended. The parties have reached agreement to submit to final and binding arbitration, individual disputes remaining upon conclusion of the U.S. Postal Service's processing and decision as to the individual claims, in lieu of court proceedings thereafter. The Consent Order and Implementing Order and Decision and the parties' agreement for final and binding arbitration as finally approved by the Court upon conclusion of the indicated Final Hearing will govern the processing of all individual claims, including any arbitration proceedings. IV. COUNSEL FEES AND EXPENSES The matter- of counsel fees and expenses 'for services heretofore rendered by counsel bringing this action, and of counsel fees and expenses for services which may be rendered hereafter by original or other counsel will be determined by the Court after the date of the Final Hearing. V. COMMUNICATION WITH COURT TO BE ONLY B Y PLEADING OR MOTION Any person wishing further information about this litigation may communicate with Donald M. Murtha, Esq. counsel for plaintiff*, whose address is set forth under IE above. All communication with the Court shall bo by formal pleading or motion, with copies thereof served upon coumd for the parties. PLEASli DO MOT WRITE OR CALL THE COURT, James F.Davey t. WMM Clerk, United Stales District Court C> * for the District of Colurnbiit Date: June 8,1973

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